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RG 7

Extent: 1.75 m

Access: Restricted.


Peter Robinson College was opened in 1964 as an all-male college. Masters were Richard Sadleir, Ian Chapman, Ian McLachlan, Andrew Wernick, John Milloy, Theresa Topic, Jan Fialkowski (acting), George Nader, and Peter Lapp (acting). The College was closed in the early 2000s.

Box 1


1. Endowment funds for Colleges

2. Senate Executive 1973-1974

3. Admission letters 1973-1974

4. Cleaning and maintenance 1965-1971

5. Renovations 1965-1976

6. Meal charges

7. Academic committee (PRC)

8. Print Shop originals 1964-1976

9. Printing advisory committee

10. Literary and cultural committee

11. Part time students

12. Fellows 1970-1974

13. Fellows 1964-1970

14. Food services

15. Council by-laws

16. Canadian Intercollegiate Sailing Association

17. College repairs

18. Committee on Lady Eaton College meeting minutes and correspondence

19. Canadian Service for Overseas Students

20. Subcommittee for the planning of the Physics Building

21. British universities

22. Inter Universities

23. Library, PRC 

Box 2


1. World University Service of Canada

2. K Vice – Master

3. Purchasing department

4. Furniture

5. Liaison committee

6. Miscellaneous PRC correspondence

7. as above

8. College brochure

9. Correspondence regarding dons

10. Man and Survival

11. as above

12. as above

13. PRC – alternations and renovations, 1966

14. Teaching methods and curriculum subcommittee reports

15. Health service committee

16. Professor Chapman, general

17. Information to Mr. Leishman

18. Professor Chapman, general correspondence

19. as above

20. as above

21. Miscellaneous PRC invitations, notices to students, etc., 1964-1968 

22. List: undergraduate members of PRC 1966-1967

Box 3


1. Peterborough Kinsmen Club – documents found on Peter Robinson College property

2. Public Library – minutes and correspondence dealing with Peterborough Public Library

3. 406 Aylmer Street

4. Miscellaneous documents found on PRC property – includes family names, Boyd, Sheehy, Adair, Trambley, Sauve, Shaughnessy (documents include land deeds, wills, passports, and separation papers)

5. as above

6. College VI – part time studies draft proposal

7. Report on the committee on the role of colleges

8. Committee on colleges

9. as above

10. Senate reports

11. as above

12. Development

13. Admissions committee

14. Ad hoc committee College V

15. College V

16. Science policy programs: “Proposal and Comments”

17. File

18. 723 George Street

19. Site Development Master Plan review

20. Drug information group

21. Report on the committee on research 

Box 4


1. Trent Pollution Colloquium

2. Foreign students 1971

3. Correspondence re townhouses

4. Planning committee College V

5. as above

6. Master College V

7. Committee on colleges

8. Brian McManus (1951-1998) dedication plaque (“This Junior Common Room is in Dedication to Brian McManus”) 

Box 5

NOTE: received from Professor Jim Struthers, 2005

Files: PRC closure, etc.

NOTE: received from Christine Diaz, May & June 2006

- Historical file: includes 1988 PRC constitution, 1989-90 meal steward’s manual, invitations, etc.

- PRC Executive Committee meeting minutes, 1978-1987 (scattered)

- College Review, 1993-1994

- Master position: correspondence, etc., 1973-1993 

Box 6

Reaction to Hansen Report, 1981

Space issues; Site Development, 1984-1988; “The Cottage” space concerns, 1995

New building proposal; renovations, 1988-1989

Cabinet: minutes (scattered), related correspondence, etc., 1965-1978, 1983-1985

Council of Fellows: minutes (scattered), 1979-1982 

NOTE: Box 7 PRC Library materials received from Jodi Aoki, February 2001

Box 7

McClelland & Stewart W.O. Mitchell donation, 1993

Correspondence, 1983, 1993-1999

Student monitors, 1984-1986, 1992-2001; Monitor’s Manual [1999]

Library reports, 1979-2000

PRC Library Advisory Board minutes, 1965-1971

Requests to College Cabinet for funding, 1969-1987

Recon project, 1993-1994

Culling project, 1997-1998

Library relocation discussion, 1997

Book sale, 1998

Library subcommittee meeting minutes & membership, 1997-1998

Library policy, 1999

Book donations, 1993-1994

4 note books listing books circulated and acquired

2 record books listing books catalogued for PRC Library

Book example with “Harry Hobbs Memorial Library, Peter Robinson College” stamp

History of PRC Library (re naming after “Harry Hobbs”); also history of PRC 

NOTE: Box 8 received from Christine Diaz, September 2006.

Box 8

PRC Cabinet: minutes & correspondence, 1990-1998

PRC social events, 1990-2000

Proposal: “Beautification of Peter Robinson College Club Proposal: Tree and bush planting within the “quad” of townhouses, n .d.

Proposal to establish a “Peterborough Transient Centre” using the facilities of Denne House during the summer, 1970

PRC Architecture, renovations, maintenance:

            Floor plans for PRC buildings [1982-1985]; n.d.

            Five Bay Garage [former coach house]: drawing & renovation costs, 1968

            Sound control between dining room & servery: plan & costs, 1970

            Sketch of proposed canopy over main entrance to 733 George St., 1969

Trent’s 25th anniversary birthday carnival, 1989: notes re events

Barnardo historic plaque installation, 1999


- letter of commendation from P.A.C.A.C. to PRC for renovations and maintenance of integrity of Sadleir House, 1991

- Hansen Report discussion at PRC, 1981

- working paper on the future composition of the town colleges, 1969

- recommendations for students sharing residence accommodation

Material added May 2007:

Published article: "Judicial Review in the Community of Scholars: A Short History of Kulchyski v. Trent University" / Daniel A. Nelson (Education Law Journal, April 2004. Vol.13, Issue 3)

NOTE: Boxes 9 & 10 received from Lindy Garneau, September 2015.

Box 9

Bob Selling's Stained Glass, 1984-1989

Brief to the Development Committee, Peter Robinson College, [1967]

Senior Common Room, 1979

College floor maps and room numbers, 1982

PRC floor and building plans, 1997

PRC publicity information, 1979

Space committee, 1997

Prizes and awards (several folders)

Various: convocation, residence agreements, memos to staff, etc. 1990s

Ashley Fellowship, 1985-2000

PRC events, 1999-2003

Fellows (PRC), 1989-1995

Box 10

Student lists, 1996-2000

Scholars, 1995-2002

Artist in residence, Donnell Leahy, 1998

Vogrie Committee (re PRC), 1995

Award plaque: Peter Robinson College Introductory Seminar Week Amigee Group Participation Award, 1989-2001

Materials added in 2021, received from Jodi Aoki (former librarian of PRC)

Peter Robinson College Library, 1992-2003

Closure of Peter Robinson College, 2000-2002