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Trent University was the first post-secondary Canadian institution to establish a well-defined Department of Native Studies. The Department was established in 1972, although an earlier effort, the “Indian and Eskimo Studies Program,” had been underway since 1969. Many of the early documents of the Department of Native Studies are included in the Kenneth Kidd fonds at Trent University Archives, Professor Kidd having been the founding director of the Department.

Box 1


1. Correspondence, press release, etc. 1974-1976

2. Budget 1975-1976

3. Proposals, reports, 1974-1976

4. Native Elders Conference, 1991

5. Anigawncigig Institute for Native Training, Research and Development, 1984-1990

Materials received from Christine Diaz, September 2006.

6. Department of Native Studies overviews, 1989, [1998];

Report re Native Studies Thailand Year Abroad Program, 1995;

Program & correspondence re Ph.D. Program in Native Studies, 1997-1998;

ADC report to Senate re Native Studies courses, 1998

Box 2

Historical folder "Indians and the Law" a survey prepared for the Hon. Arthur Laing, Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, 1967. The Chair of the project was Dr. gilbert Monture; project director was Gene Rheaume.

Materials pertaining to the "Indians and the Law" project added October 2009 (2 folders)

"Indians and the Law" project, 1966: correspondence, worksheets (donated by Professor Jim Driscoll)

Materials pertaining to Professor Fred Wheatley added September and December 2009 (1 folder plus 3 card file boxes)

Ojibwe language notes, donated by Professor Donald Smith and transcribed and typed by Cecil King and Cathy Littlejohn (the notes were taken by Smith in Fred Wheatley's Ojibwe course at the Native Canadian Centre in Toronto in the early 1970s - Fred Wheatley later became an instructor at Trent University)

Additional materials pertaining to Professor Fred Wheatley added 2012

Biographical information pertaining to Wheatley was donated in 2012 by Professor Smith and added to the above file.

Two cassette tapes which record Fred Wheatley and were taped by Franz Konnecke, ca. 1975, were donated in 2012 by Professor Smith and added to Box 2; the headings on the tapes are transcribed as follows:
*Fred Wheatley: Ojibwa Migrations Part I"; "Wilfrid Laurier University Lecture by Fred Wheatley, Parry Island Elder (Ontario), ca. January 1975, [taped by Franz M. Konnecke]"
* "Fred Wheatley: Ojibwa Migrations Part II & Native Music"; "Sept. 19, 96 [1996]. Fred Wheatley, Parry Island Elder ends his talk at Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, prob. January 1975, [taped by F. Konnecke] "Eagleheart Singers & Drummers"; Carlos Nakai & William Eaton. "Ancestral Voices"

Additional materials pertaining to Professor Fred Wheatley and Gloria Wheatley added 2014

Newspaper clippings (photocopies), 1954, 1968

Additional material received from Professor David Newhouse, 2019

Teeple Architects Inc. + Shore Tilbe Irwin & Partners proposal for what became Gzowski College: spiral bound booklet titled "Integrated Humanities, First Peoples House of Learning and Residential College, Trent University"

Additional material added 2019

Celebrating 50 Years of Indigenous Studies, 1969-2019: itineraries and promotional materials for celebration events; also, Keynote Address by Harvey McCue (Waubageshig) dated 1 November 2019 and focusing on the history of Indigenous studies at Trent University (16 pgs.)