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RG 30

Extent: 2.3 m

Access: Restricted.


The Canadian Studies department at Trent University was founded in 1972. Professor Alan Wilson was founding Chair of the department serving until 1984. John Wadland was Acting Chair from 1979-1980 and became Chair in 1984 until succeeded by Christl Verduyn in 1993. Jim Struthers became Acting Chair in 1997. For further information about the Department and its leadership over the years, see A.O.C. Cole, Trent: The Making of a University, pp. 126-129; D'Arcy Jenish, Trent University: Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence, 2014; and the course calendars (available in the Archives Reading Room).

Box 1

Correspondence, 1972-1985 

Box 2

Correspondence, 1985-1993 

Box 3

Correspondence, 1993-1995 

Box 4

History and early development of Canadian Studies, files 1-3 

Box 5

Canadian Studies – Trent and Carleton Ph.D. program: proposal, development, and external appraisal (4 folders & 4 bound volumes), 1994-2000

Diploma program, 1983-1988

Canadian Studies pilot seminars in French, 1987

Operation Raleigh, 1985-1988

Appraisal of program by Alan Artibise, 1986-1987 

Box 6

Temagami field trips, 1979-2001 

Box 7

Elizabeth Orsten conference, 1992 (International Association of University Professors of English)

Anti-nuclear symposium, 1984-1988

Canadian Images, 1980-1981

Durham conference, 1989

Price of Progress conference, 1985

Conference on New Economics, 1987

Conference on Publishing, 1975

John Wadland Tribute, 1993

W.L. Morton lecture – history and development, 1980-1989

[Margaret Laurence Tribute material removed to Trent Vertical Files]

Box 8

Box added in January, 2007:

Photographs of the Wanapitei/Temagami Trips, 1989-2003. Other photographs received at the same time were added to the Trent University Photograph Collection, i.e. Alan Wilson retirement as Chair of Canadian Studies; Windy Pine

Box 9

Box added February, 2007:

Minutes of the Canadian Studies Program, 1971-1993

Journal of Canadian Studies

Temagami Field Trip

Aboriginal Education Council

Trent/Soviet Union Exchange

Room Bookings (re Conference Avancer File)

Traill Studies

Graduate Teaching Assistants, pre-2003

Course Packs and Final Reports for Summer Explorations in Canadian Cultures (SSEC) - (co-sponsored by Canadian Studies, Frost Centre and Part-Time Studies) 1999-2005

Box 10

Box of Summer Explorations in Canadian Cultures (SSEC) materials added February, 2012:


1. Promotional material, 1998-2001

2. Testimonials, thank-you notes, correspondence, newspapers clippings, etc., 1998-2001

3. Photographic slides, 1998-2001

4. Program review, 1998

5. Funding support proposal, 2003

6. Program proposal, 1994-1998


1. Photographs, 1998-2001

2. Photographic negatives, 1998-2001

Loose in Box:

Slides: Summer Exploration in Canadian Culture

Tape: master copy Trent Radio 2003

Tape: SECC 2003 Trent Radio

Video Cassette: Chex Television 5:30 News, July 2 nd , 2002: Summer Explorations (3 segments)

Video Cassette: SECC 2005 – Newswatch at 6:00

Floppy disk: SECC presentation PowerPoint

Floppy disk: 2002 Participants Communication: Bjorn Jacobson, Dr. Pabby, Dr. Vukenie, Dr. Emilio Rodriguez

Floppy disk: Polar essay/PSTU outline

Floppy disk: Orientation package 2002: Canada for first time visitors – What to pack?

Floppy disks: Untitled (4)

Container of 9 floppy disks:
Office management 2002
Budget 2002
Final report 2002
Details 2002
Community Day 2002
Program schedule
Registration packages

Container of 11 floppy disks: Summer Exploration in Canadian Culture 2004

Container of 12 floppy disks:
Speakers 2002
Web site 2002
Community day 2002
Canadian folk music night

Container of 13 floppy disks: final external report

Container of 12 floppy disks:
Grants 2002
Communications 2002
Participant communication 2002

Box of 15 floppy disks: Summer Exploration in Canadian Culture 1998-2001 files

Pack of 9 CDs:
Summer Explorations in Canadian Culture (2)
Summer Explorations in Canadian Culture web site July 25th
Summer Explorations in Canadian Culture PowerPoint 2003
Summer Explorations in Canadian Culture PowerPoint 2004
Summer Explorations in Canadian Culture photos 2004
Summer Explorations in Canadian Culture 2005
Summer Explorations in Canadian Culture 2005 1
Summer Explorations in Canadian Culture 2005 2