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Julian Blackburn College was established in 1975 to facilitate part-time studies at Trent University. It was officially opened on October 24, 1975 in a ceremony held in the Wenjack Theatre. JBC was named in honour of the late Professor Julian Blackburn who provided counsel and advice in the planning of Trent University, and in its formative years contributed greatly to the development of a program of part-time studies.

Director of Part-time Studies: 1967-1968 Walter Pitman (acting). 1968-1974 Hal Hooke, Principal of Julian Blackburn College: 1976-1977 Hal Hooke, 1977-1978 Erica Pipher, acting), 1978-1981 Erica Pipher, 2009-current Robin Lathangue.

Vice-Principal and Director of Off Campus Courses: 1976 Erica Pipher

Vice-Dean Arts and Science and Principal of Julian Blackburn College : 1981-1985 Lionel Rubinoff

Associate Dean and Director of Julian Blackburn Centre for Continuing Education: 1985-1986 Michael Treadwell (acting), 1986-1988 Michael Treadwell, 1988-1990 George Nader.

Associate Dean of Arts and Science and Principal of Julian Blackburn College: 1990-1994 George Nader, 1994-1996 John Syrett, 1996-1998 Jackie Tinson (acting), 1998-1999 Murray Genoe (acting), 1999-2002 Beth Popham.

Associate Dean of Arts and Science (Continuing Education and Part-Time Studies) / Principal, Julian Blackburn College : 2002-2009 Murray Genoe; 2009-2011 Robin Lathangue, and others. 

For further information about part-time studies, its governing bodies, its relationship to Trent's Durham GTA campus, and its administration, see A.O.C. Cole, Trent: The Making of a University, pp. 126-129; D'Arcy Jenish, Trent University: Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence, 2014; RG2; and the course calendars (available in the Archives Reading Room).

Box 1: Correspondence, documents and records. 1963-1969

Box 2: Correspondence, documents and records. 1969-1972

Box 3: Correspondence, documents and records. 1971-1975

Box 4: Correspondence, documents and records. 1974-1984

Box 5: Correspondence, documents and records. 1985-1995

Box 6: Correspondence, documents and records. 1995-1996; JBC Advisory Board Minutes, 1975-1981; Continuing Education Committee, 1985-1993; JBC Academic Council Minutes, 1982-1985; Part-Time Studies Minutes, 1971-1972; Part-Time Credit Studies Minutes, 1971-1972.

Materials added in 2011 (received at the closing of JBC)

Box 7:


1. Administrative Assistant. 1989 – 2002. Job description and correspondence relating to this position.

2. Associate Dean JBC. 1998 – 2004. Job description and correspondence relating to this position.

3. JBC Personnel – Old Job Descriptions. 1975 - 1983

4. Advertising Information. 1974-1994 Print advertisement proofs and cost.

5. Newspaper clippings, advertising and publicity 1976-1982 Relating to Continuing Education in general and the establishment of Trent in Oshawa.

6. Ancillary Fees 1982-1983, 1995.

7. Awards: J&S Grant for Inuit students. 2010 (Jon and Shelagh Grant)

8. Awards Convocation JBC. 1992-2011 Correspondence and financial.

9. Scholarships Bursaries Prizes. 1988-1998. Correspondence.

10. JBC Scholarships. 1982-2008 Correspondence, honoraria details for scholarships, and guest lecturers including Mike Johnson, My Student Loan and Naomi Klein.

11. Julian Blackburn himself. 1969-1991. Biographical material written by his daughter, Hilary Richardson and an uncredited summary; Convocation speech by M.G. Fry, 1973; and obituary 1974.

12. Grand River Proposal: Native Management and Economic Development Program. 1997-1998 Trent program developed with the Grand River Polytechnic for Six Nations members of the Grand River territory.

13. J.B.C. Constitutional Information re: Associate Dean, J.B.C., Senate representation. 1976-1980.

14. J.B.C. History. 1975-2007.

15. JBC History: Personnel. 1973-1974. Organizational Charts, staffing correspondence.

16. JBC History: Early Non-Degree 1971-1982. Non-credit, Continuing Education programs and reports, policy and procedures papers. Minutes and correspondence.

17. History – JBC – Non-degree/Continuing Education reports. 1984-1990. Annual reports by A. J. Barry.

18. JBCSA Bursary: 2008. Letter from Diane Lister and Endowed Fund Stewardship Report.

19. Unnamed folder. JBCSA. Julian Blackburn Student Association. 1995 - 2006. Constitution, April 2001. Correspondence, budgets, meeting minutes, awards, College activities and events. Articles from the UOIT's ”Chronicle”. New JBCSA Executive Information Package.

20. JBCSA Cabinet. 1977-1980. (also called JBC Cabinet). Committee minutes, correspondence, questionnaires, program for COPUS conference – 1980 held at Trent, material relating to the “Caretaking Committee as well as discussion of a bursary. Name of note: Dr. Bette Stephenson.

21. JBC Cabinet. 1981-1994. Committee minutes, correspondence, including adding a JBCSA member to the ISW committee; cabinet members and events.

22. Part-time studies report. 1981-1984. Proposals for restructuring, reports and summaries.

23. Newspaper clippings. 1983-1998.

24. Julian Blackburn College Office – Organization, Staff etc. 1982-1984.

25. JBC Reorganization – Fall 1977

26. Restructuring of J.B.C. – Winter 84/85. 1984-1985. Newspaper clipping, Drawings of office and furniture layout, SC231. Proposals.

27. JBC Reorganization – Fall 1980. 1980. Correspondence, Senate minutes concerning the “ Report of the Presidential Advisory Committee in the Organizational Structure of JBC ”.

28. Reports to Senate – November 1982. 1980-1994. Reports, data and statistics, responses to reports, correspondence.

29. Statistical Data – Julian Blackburn College . 1976-1992.

30. Statistics – Number of courses on/off campus. 1976-1983.

31. Non-Credit – Statistics Canada . 1977-1983. Ministry of Education, Ontario and Statistics Canada, data collection.

32. Non-credit Business Program Report. 1993. “Proposed Julian Blackburn College Non-Credit Courses”. Prepared by: Susan Comello, Jennifer Steen, Kim Whittick. April 7, 1993. Requested by JBC to determine training needs for the Peterborough business community.

33 JBC Student Surveys. 1982-2007.

34. Testimonials from Students. [1986]-1992.

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Box 1

Materials received in 2016 via Tracy Milne, Trent Central Student Association
Minutes, 1972-2011: Julian Blackburn College Student Association (JBCSA) - 6 binders
Minutes, 2010-2014: JBCSA (2010-2011); Trent Part-Time Student Association (TPSA) (2011-2014) - 1 binder
Financial Statements (unaudited), 2012-2014: TPSA

Box 2

Enrolment, 2009-2010
JBC dinner ("The Last One"), 2009
Part-time at Traill, 2011-2013
Part-time Student Survey, 2005-2008
Annual General Meeting, 2012, 2013, 2014
Constitution, 1980-1989; 2007
Referendum proposal, 2013-2014
Correspondence, reports, 1971-1974
Correspondence, reports, 1985-1991
Correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings, 1981-2013
Financial statements, 2010-2011