Archives: Pamphlets

The collection of pamphlets in the Trent University Archives are generally Canadian in scope and there is a special emphasis on items that relate to the Peterborough and Trent regions.  

Note: All pamphlets in this collection are designated by the symbol "P", i.e. P1, P2, P3, etc.

Note: We have a separate collection of pamphlets related to camps and camping. They are designated by the symbol "C"

1: Birds of the Peterborough Area (3rd edition) / by Doug Sadler, 1973 (2 copies)

2: Peterborough Centennial Museum and Archives: The First Twenty Years... / by Helen Rutherford Willcox, 1987 (3 copies)

3: History Made Enjoyable by Heritage Peterborough / produced by Heritage Peterborough, n.d.

4: Uniting Three United Churches / an address by William T. Gunn, 1923

5: Rogers Building 1856 / Quaker Oats Company, copyright 1988 (original plus photocopy)

6: The Peterborough Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee: Its Objectives and Accomplishments / by Martha Ann Kidd, 1985 (2 copies)

7: The Hydraulic Lift Lock, Peterborough Canada / n.d.

8: Peterborough Lift Lock / Parks Canada, n.d.

9: Peterborough Lift Lock / Department of Transport, n.d.

10: The Hydraulic Lift Lock at Peterborough / Parks Canada, n.d.

11: The Peterborough Hydraulic Lift Lock / edited by Jean Murray Cole, 1987

12: A Centennial History of George Street United Church Peterborough 1875-1975 / edited by C.A. Bullock, 1975

13: A Supplement to A Centennial History of George Street United Church Peterborough 1975-1985 / edited by C.A. Bullock, 1985

14: Year Book 1893-1894, Parish of Peterborough, St. John's Church, South Ward Mission (3 copies)

15: Parish of Peterborough, St. John's Church and South Ward Mission Year Book 1894-1895 (4 copies)

16: St. John's Church, Peterborough, Statement of Vestry and Building Accounts from... April 10, 1887 to... April 1, 1888

17: Saint John's Church, Peterborough, Statement of Vestry Account from... April 1888 to... April 1889 (2 copies)

18: St. John's Anglican Church Peterborough… Dedication of Chapel and Parish Hall Addition… 1957

19: Centenary History: St. John's Church, Peterborough 1827-1927 / edited by F.M. Delafosse, n.d.

20: St. John's Peterborough: The Sesquicentennial History of an Anglican Parish 1826-1976 / by Elwood H. Jones, 1976

21: Some Facts from St. Luke's Past 1825-1986 / edited by Simon J. Connell, 1987

22: Little Lake Cemetery: Its Rules, Regulations… Act of Incorporation… / 1852 (2 copies)

23: Little Lake and Highland Park Cemeteries / [Peterborough], n.d.

24: Peterborough and St. Joseph's Hospital: An Historical Appreciation / by Alan Wilson, 1990

25: Peterborough: A Tentative Guide Prepared by The Historical Society of the City and County of Peterborough / n.d.

26: Historic Trent-Severn Waterway / Parks Canada, n.d. (2 copies)

27: Trent Canal System 1946: Improved Natural Waterway Connecting Lake Ontario and Georgian Bay / Department of Transport, 1946

28: Peterborough and the Kawartha Lakes: 1988/89 Economic Impact Analysis / 1989

29: Souvenir of Fenelon Falls / n.d. (photocopy)

30: A Short History of Marmora with Pebbles and Twigs from Marble Point / by W.R. Freeman, n.d. (photocopy)

31: Diary of a Journey Through Upper Canada and Some of the New England States 1819: John Goldie / forward by Willman Spawn, n.d.

32: Early Canadian Sketches / by Mrs. Jameson, 1958

33: Cobourg 1798-1948 / by Edwin C. Guillet, 1948

34: Selected Poems of William Telford / by Smith Township Historical Society, 1992

35: The Irish Emigrant Settler in the Pioneer Kawarthas / by Howard T. Pammett, 1978

36: History of the Post: Smith Township / by Robert Bowley, 1990

37: St. Thomas Anglican Church 1885-1985 Millbrook, Ontario / by Jocelyne Daw, 1985

38: Ishpeming Stony Lake 1900 / by I.H. Amys, n.d.

39: The Canadian Register of Heritage Properties, First Annual Report, 1992.

40: Peterborough Folklore & Folklife Vol. 1 / interviews by high school students, [1985]

41: Visual '67 Photographs of Centennial Celebrations: Peterborough and County / introduction by Robert J. Hatton, 1967

42: A Driving Tour Through Smith Township / Smith Township Archival and History Committee, n.d.

43: Southern Ontario Ready Reference 1931, Canada British Empire Reference Series Part II, 1931 edition

44: Chemong Park Story / by Helen Rutherford Willcox, 1986

45: The Trent Valley Navigation Company's Kawartha Lakes Sailing Trophy / 1903

46: "The Electric City" Peterborough Province of Ontario Canada: Views of City and District with Information from Official Sources / compiled by J.A. McElhiney and E.R. Hensley, n.d.

47: Peterborough Library Association and Mechanics' Institute, Constitution, By-Laws and Catalogue, Established 1853 (photocopy)

48: By-Laws of the Peterborough Branch No. 52 of the Ontario Provincial Command of the Canadian Legion / n.d.

49: Dedication of Memorial Plaques and Book of Remembrance in the Peterborough Memorial Community Centre, September 7th, 1958

50: Peterborough Normal School Year Book 1940

51: Yellow Directory… Norwood, Havelock, Trent River, Hastings, Campbellford / 3rd edition, 1989

52: The Kawartha Scene / presented with the compliments of Bowes & Cocks Realtor, n.d. (2 copies)

53: Kawartha Lakes / Grand Trunk Railway System, 7th edition, 1903 (2 copies)

54: The Kawartha Lakes / Grand Trunk Railway System, n.d.

55: Artspace: A Centre for Art, Performance and Communication in Peterborough Square / n.d.

56: Peterborough Cause: Community Assist for an Urban Study Effort / A Program of the Ontario Association of Architects, 1983

57: Visitor in Peterborough and the Kawarthas: Free Map and Tourist Info / n.d.

58: Facts About Peterborough / by The Development Department of the City of Peterborough, [1979]

59: Peterborough Tour 1987

60: Illustrated Souvenir of Peterborough / n.d. (2 photocopies)

61: Souvenir Program: Peterboro Old Boys 1903

62: A 30-Year Program for Development: Peterborough 1946-1976 (2 copies)

63: Kawartha Lakes Bright Waters & Happy Lands / The Canadian Pacific Railway, 1911

64: Yellow Directory of Kawartha: Peterborough - Lindsay - Port Hope - Cobourg & Surrounding Area / 1978-79 edition

65: The Grove Chronicle: Lakefield Preparatory School 1959-1960, Vol. 52, No.1

66: Stratton's Address to the Electors of the Riding of West Peterborough / [1907]

67: Special Form of Service in Commemoration of His Late Majesty King George the Fifth… to be used in All Saints' Anglican Church Peterborough and St. Paul's Presbyterian Church Peterborough on… / 1936

68: Reasons for Wesleyan Belief and Practice, Relative to Water Baptism… / printed by R. White, Peterboro', 1862

69: Programme: 21st Anniversary of the Resuscitation of Otonabee Lodge… No. 13, I.O.O.F…, Opera House, Peterborough, 1903

70: Programme of Winter Meetings of the West Peterborough Farmers' Institute… 1900

71: Peterborough and Ashburnham Union Memorial Service to Our Late Sovereign Queen Victoria… 1901, in St. Paul's and George Street Churches

72: Thirty-Eighth Annual Report of the Peterborough Workingmen's Building and Savings Society… 1926

73: Constitution, By-Laws, Rules of Order, Etc., of Warriner Lodge, No.75, I.O.O.F…. Instituted at Port Perry, Ont., June, 1871 / (2 copies: 1888 printing & 1891 printing)

74: One Hundred and Fifteenth Annual Report of the Loyal Orange Grand Lodge Province of Ontario East: Report of Proceedings Held in the City of Belleville, April 19th and 20th, 1974

75: One Hundredth Anniversary Carleton L.O.L. No. 838, Moneymore, Ontario / [1957]

76: The Nicholls Hospital Trust Peterborough By-Laws, Rules and Regulations Revised May 9th, 1936, and Approved January 11th, 1937 (2 copies)

77: The Peterborough Collegiate Institute and Vocational School Announcement 1929-30

78: The Peterborough Collegiate and Vocational School Commencement Exercises 1929

79: The Peterborough Collegiate Institute and Vocational School Commencement Exercises 1954

80: Miniatures: Trenton, Ont. / n.d. (miniature reproduced photographs)

81: Lindsay Collegiate Lecture Course Seventh Series 1903-1904

82: Church of St. John the Evangelist Peterborough, Ontario… Daily Intercessory Prayers / n.d. (Note: prayers refer to war)

83: Peterborough Woodlots Water Wildlife and Wilderness / Peterborough Field Naturalists, n.d. (2 copies)

84: Constitution of Peterborough Lodge, No. 111, Independent Order of Odd Fellows… Instituted at Peterborough, May 7, 1873, Revised May, 1881 / 1881

85: Classified Statement in Detail of the Receipts and Expenditures of the Township of North Monaghan for the Year Ending December 31st, 1899 / 1900

86: The Calendar of Trinity College School, Port Hope, for the Year of Our Lord 1898-99 / 1898

87: By-Laws of Court Peterboro' No.29, Canadian Order of Foresters Peterborough, Ontario, Adopted September, 1897 / 1898

88: By-Laws of Faithful Brethren Lodge, A.F. and A.M., No.77, G.R.C., Lindsay, Ontario, Canada, Approved at Toronto, 26th April, 1877

89: By-Laws of Peterborough Lodge No. 155, A.F. & A.M. Peterborough, Ontario, Adopted December, 1888 / 1889

90: By-Laws of Corinthian Lodge Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons No. 101, G.R.C., Peterborough, Ontario / 1907

91: Auditors' Report of the Township of Haldimand 1912

92: Peterborough Centennial and Old Home Week Official Programme, June 29th to July 7th, 1929

93: A Gentle Lady / written for the Catharine Parr Traill Chapter I.O.D.E. Lakefield, Ontario by Eileen M. Gariepy, n.d.

94: "Two Centuries of Change": United Counties of Northumberland and Durham 1767-1967 / 1967

95: Stony Lake Year Book 1908 / issued by Stony Lake Cottagers' Association, n.d.

96: Echoes and Reflections of Flora M. Morrison 1912-1981 / 1984 (also, loosely inserted is an typed untitled paper dated May 16, 1982 and signed in ink by Mary L. Northway)

97: Peterborough Day: Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto, August 30, 1971

98: Leeds Agricultural Implement Works, Gananoque / n.d.

99: Report on the Most Eligible Route for a Canal Between Lake Simcoe and the Rice Lake… by R.N. Baird / n.d.

100: Cavan United Church Report for 1949

101: St. Andrew's United Church Millbrook, Ontario Annual Report 1950

102: St. Andrew's United Church, Millbrook, Ontario - Cavan United Church Cavan, Ontario Annual Report for 1952

103: St. Andrew's United Church, Millbrook, Ontario - Cavan United Church, Cavan, Ontario Annual Report for 1953

104: St. Andrew's United Church, Millbrook, Ontario - Cavan United Church, Cavan, Ontario Annual Report for 1954

105: St. Andrew's United Church, Millbrook, Ontario Annual Report for Year 1957

106: St. Andrew's United Church, Millbrook, Ontario Annual Report for Year 1958

107: Financial Statement of the Methodist Church on the Cavan Circuit for the Year Ending May 1, 1924

108: Financial Statement Cavan Pastoral Charge, The United Church of Canada, for the Year Ending Dec. 31st, 1946 (2 copies)

109: Canadian Agriculturist and Home Magazine / published at Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, August, 1891

110: The Guide / Holiday Number, [published in Port Hope, Ontario, ca 1904]

111: By Lake and Lock: A Guide to Historical Sites and Tours of the City and County of Peterborough / edited by Alan Brunger, 1987

112: The Heritage Designation Handbook / Peterborough Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee, 1991

113: Hatfield Hall Magazine / June, 1944, Volume XV (Hatfield Hall School for Girls, Cobourg, Ontario)

114: City of Peterborough Municipal Manual 1979 / compiled by the City Clerk

115: Silver Jubilee, The United Church of Canada Bay of Quinte Conference, George St. United Church, Peterborough, Ont., May 30th, 1950

116: George Street United Church, George at McDonnel, Peterborough, Ontario / n.d.

117: St. Andrew's Church, Niagara-on-the-Lake / by E.R. Arthur, 1938

118: Harwood Co-operative Creamery Company Limited Thirty-Fifth Annual Report, 1954

119: A Facsimile Copy of the First By-Laws of the Town of Peterborough Printed in the Year 1850

120: Norwood Congregation, Presbyterian Church in Canada: The Annual Reports for the Year Ending 31st of December 1891 / 1892

121: The Presbyterian Church and What it Stands for To-day / by Alfred Gandier, n.d.

122: A Century of Presbyterianism: The Story of St. Paul's Congregation, Peterborough / (A Souvenir of the Fifty-Ninth General Assembly, Peterborough, 1933) by Richard Lees, [1933]

123: History, Year Book and Church Directory: St. John's Church, Port Hope, Ont. / Rev. A.G. Emmet, 1932

124: Year Book and Church Directory: St. John's Church, Peterborough, Ontario / Rev. R.C. Glagrave, 1931

125: The History of St. Luke's Church, Ashburnham, 1876-1902 / compiled from Vestry Records and Other Sources by Rev. E.A. Langfeldt, Rector, [1902] (2 copies)

126: History of St. Anne's Parish, Peterborough, Ontario 1956-1969 / by Edgar J. Boland, [1969]

127: St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Williamstown, Ontario: Report of Centenary Celebration August 25th to September 2nd, 1912 / 1916

128: Report of the Commissioners of the Quebec, Montréal, Ottawa and Occidental Railway on the Operations of the Commission… of the Works Done up to the 1st December 1877 / 1878

129: Catéchisme des Caisses Populaires: Sociétés Coopératives d'Épargne et de Crédit… / 1918

130: The Municipal Guide / Vol.1, No.1, January, 1902, published monthly at Peterborough, Ont., Canada

131: Commercial and Industrial Edition of Port Hope, Bowmanville, Orono and Newcastle, Ontario… / n.d.

132: Premiums Given for Quaker Coupons, Number Seven / Department "P", The Quaker Oats Company, Peterborough and Saskatoon, Canada, [1935]

133: Report of the First Annual Meeting of the Canadian Forestry Association Held at Ottawa, March 18, 1900

134: The Farmers' Daily: Some Points About the Origin, Construction and Opportunity of the Enterprise Launched by The Farmers' Publishing Company Limited… Toronto (Memorandum to Supervisors and Club Secretaries) / n.d.

135: Dominion Association of Fire Chiefs 25th Silver Anniversary Convention, Peterborough, Ontario, August, 1933

136: Security for Farmers: Your Stake in Farm Marketing / [1948]

137: Historic Prince Edward: Your Souvenir Guide / Prince Edward Historical Society, n.d.

138: Picturesque Port Hope / n.d.

139: Tourist's Road Guide to the Maritime Provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island) with Map / n.d.

140: American Armed Intervention in Korea: Statement by A. A. Gromyko / (A Soviet News Booklet) published by the Soviet News, London, 1950

141: Shvernik Replies to Truman: Text of Reply to the President of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and the Resolution of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of August 6, 1951 / (A Soviet News Booklet) published by the Soviet News, London, 1951

142: Program of the Young Communist League of Canada: World Situation / 1923

143: The Chartist Movement / (published for the Marx Memorial Library and Workers' School) by Salme A. Dutt, n.d.

144: Kenya: What are the Facts? / by Philip Bolsover, May, 1953

145: Long Live the First of May! - "Workers of the World, Unite!", May Day, 1921 / (Long Live the Russian Soviet Republic!)

146: Labor Stands for Peace! May Day Manifesto / National Committee, Communist Party of Canada, May 1, 1960

147: May Day, 1886-1961: Peace, Jobs, Canadian Independence! / May 1, 1961

148: May Day - 1963: For Labor Unity and Independent Political Action: Statement of the Communist Party of Canada / 1963

149: 'Solidarity Forever': Stop Union Raiding / by William Kashtan, 1962

150: May Day 1965 / National Committee, Communist Party of Canada, 1965

151: Why Canada Should Quit NATO / by William Kashtan, 1969

152: The Astro-Magnetic Almanac, for 1843 / by H.H. Sherwood, 1843

153: Influence of the History of Science upon Intellectual Education / by William Whewell, 1854

154: Petroglyphs in British Columbia / C.F. Newcombe, 1907

155: The Log Shanty Book-Shelf for 1898: The Pioneer's Predecessor, the Red Man of North and South America / 1898

156: Poems composed by Mrs. Sarah Davidson McPherson, Peterborough, Ontario Canada / 1913

157: The Peacemaker / by James E. Le Rossignol, n.d.

158: Winter Ascending / by Dorothy Livesay, n.d.

159: The Otonabee School / by Alec Lucas, M.B.M. Monograph Series Number One, 1977

160: Digest of the Rulings of the Speakers of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick from 1869 to 1919 / compiled by Direction of Hon. J.E. Hetheringon, 1920

161: The Hudson Bay Route: Western Canada's Short Outlet to the Markets of the World: Progress and Possibilities, No.1 / 1928

162: L'Eveil de la Race: Un Épisode de la Resistance - Franco-Ontarienne (Pembroke, 1923-1927) / by Alfred Longpre, 1930

163: Two Addresses by Rt. Hon. Robert Gordon Menzies, Prime Minister of Australia / Ottawa, 7th May, 1941

164: Am I My Brother's Keeper? / by M.J. Coldwell, CCF National Office, [1948]

165: The Conspiracy Against the Members of Local 598: Opening Argument: Malcolm Robb / [1962]

166: It's Up to You: How You Can Be an Active Citizen Through the CCF / by Grace MacInnis, [1964]

167: Les Histoires de M. Sulte: Protestation / by J.C. Taché, 1883

168: Report of E.B. Borron, Stipendiary Magistrate, on the Part of the Basin of Hudson's Bay Belonging to the Province of Ontario / 1884

169: Report of E.B. Borron, Esq., Stipendiary Magistrate, on the Part of the Basin of Hudson's Bay Belonging to the Province of Ontario / 1885

170: Le Patriotisme par Mgr Laflèche: Faits Sociaux / (L'École Sociale Populaire No. 124, Publication Mensuelle), [1924]

171: Manitoba and North West Territories: Letters / by James Trow, M.P., 1878

172: Imperial Federation League in Canada: Report of the First Meetings of the League in Canada, Held in Montréal, Saturday, 9th May, 1885 / [1885]

173: Provincial Politics: Hon. Oliver Mowat, to His Constituents, Tavistock, January 15th, 1890… / 1890

174: Toronto Water Works: Report on Proposed Enlargement and Improvements / by E.H. Keating / 1893

175: Hostilite Démasquée: Territoires du Nord-Ouest, Ordonnance Scolaire No. 22 De 1892 et ses Néfastes Conséquences / by Reverend Père H. Leduc, 1896

176: The Machinery of Government / by The Hon. J.S. McLennan, The Senate, march 20th, 1919

177: Le Pays, le Parti et le Grand Homme / 1882

178: An Autobiographical Sketch / by Captain Charles Rubidge, Peterborough, 1870
For a digital copy, see: .

179: Dominion Houses of Parliament, Ottawa: A Dominion Series View Book / [1920]

180: Record of the Celebration of the Centenary of the Talbot Settlement Held in the Year of Our Lord 1903 / The Elgin Historical and Scientific Institute, 1910

181: All Along the River / by Mrs. R.F. McWilliams, Winnipeg, 1930

182: W.M.B. Echoes of the Millbrook Continuation School Literary Society / Vol.I, Nov. 5, 1919; Vol.II, Jan. 14, 1920; Vol.III, March 10, 1920 (three volumes in one; first edition)

183: History of Gibson Reserve / as compiled by Philip Laforce, Bracebridge Gazette Scribe, n.d.

184: The Hospital and the Lamp / Oshawa General Hospital, Oshawa, Ontario, 1956

185: Times Gone By / Dyson & Freeborn (re: Downeyville, Cambray, Kirkfield and Cameron, Ontario), n.d.

186: Early Days in Marysburgh / by Pat Elson, 1976

187: 50 Years an Editor: Series of Installments / by Lindley B. Calnan, Managing Editor, The Picton Gazette, Picton, Ontario, [1971]

188: Secret Confession to the Priest Exposed / by Margaret L. Shepherd, Brockville, 1892

189: Heaven: Where and What? / by Mrs. Blanche (Read) Johnston, Barrie, Ontario, [1904]

190: L'Eglise et l'Éducation au Canada: Précis Historico-Juridique / 1909

191: Petit Catechisme Electoral: A l'Usage du Peuple / Le Père M.A. Lamarche, Saint-Hyacinthe, 1916

192: Pioneers in Methodism in Orillia 1832-1924 / compiled by Mrs. Wm. Todd, 1924

193: Driving Out the Money Changers / broadcast by Rev. Charles E. Coughlin, Detroit, Michigan, 1933

194: Trifluviennes: 1634 - 1934, Les Trois-Rivières / [1934]

195: Eastern Pentecostal Bible College: The 25th Class Torch 1966 / Peterborough, Ontario

196: St. Paul's Church, Peterborough: Annual Reports for the Year Ending 31st December 1896

197: By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of the Peterborough Water Commissioners / adopted and passed April 2nd, 1904 (2 copies)

198: City of Peterborough Building By-Law No. 2404 / passed 8th May, 1922

199: A By-Law to Provide for Government of the Fire Department of the City of Peterborough: By-Law Number 1620 / 1911

200: By-Law Providing for the Government of the Fire Department of the City of Peterborough / 1907 (Note: includes a loose insertion)

201: Municipal Debt Statistics of the Principal Cities and Towns in Canada / 1905

202: Constitution and By-Laws of the Canadian General Electric Company, Peterborough: Employees' Mutual Benefit Society / 1903 (Note: includes loose insertion entitled "Suggested Amendments to By-Laws of C.G.E. Benevolent Society")

203: Plumbing By-Law of the City of Peterborough: By-Law No. 2299 / passed October the 4th, 1920

204: Plumbing By-Law of the City of Peterborough: By-Law No. 1147 / passed May 16th, 1905

205: By-Law No. 1616 of the City of the Corporation of the City of Peterborough to Regulate the Granting of Licenses to Milk Vendors / passed the 27th day of June, 1911 (Note: includes loose insertion, i.e. a petition)

206: By-Law Number 1163: A By-Law to Regulate the Exposure of Food Stuffs in the Town of Peterborough / passed the 19th day of June, 1905

207: Town of Peterborough, Province of Ontario: Report on Proposed System of Sewerage / by Alan MacDougall, 1892

208: The Official Law List / edited by H.R. Hardy, 1890 (published under the authority of the Law Society of Upper Canada)

209: Peterborough Utilities Commission: By-Laws and Rates of the Water Works Department / 1921 (Note: includes loose insertion)

210: Catalogue of the Books in the Library of the Peterborough Law Association with an Index of Subjects / compiled 1919

211: Rules of Order of the Municipal Council of the Town of Peterborough / passed the 8th day of March, 1886

212: A Digest of the Statutes of the Late Province of Canada, and of the Statutes and Certain Proclamations of the Province of Ontario, Relating to the Town of Peterborough, 1847-1901 / compiled by William Henry Moore

213: A By-Law to Regulate the Owners of Trucks and Carts: By-Law No. Three of the Police Commissioners of the City of Peterborough / 1906

214: A By-Law Relative to Cabs and Other Vehicles: By-Law No. Two of the Police Commissioners of the City of Peterborough / 1906

215: By-Law No. 612: The Building By-Law of the Town of Peterborough / passed August 11th, 1890

216: A By-Law to Request the City Trust Commissioners to Erect a Rest Room and Lavatory on the Market Square [Peterborough] / 1929

217: A By-Law to License and Regulate Second-Hand Shops: By-Law No. One of the Police Commissioners of the City of Peterborough / 1906

218: By-Laws and Contracts of the Town of Peterborough Relating to The Peterborough Water Company / [1887]

219: The Consolidated By-Laws of the Municipal Council of the County of Peterborough / 1900

220: The Consolidated By-Laws of the Municipal Council of the United Counties of Peterborough and Victoria / 1862

221: The Orange Pole and Papist White Boy: A Wonderful Retribution / dedicated to the Orangemen of Canada, by Erinensis, 1871

222: Orange Directory for County of Peel 1930: Orange Centenary Year 1830-1930 / [1930]

223: History of the Orange Association in the Dominion of Canada, No. 1, One Man's Loyalty: Background of First Grand Master Ogle R. Gowan, Rebellion Echoes, When Orange and Green United, Annexation Squabbles, 1830 / 1953

224: The Sentinel Orange and Patriotic Song Book / n.d. (Note: includes 2 copies of loose insertion entitled "Religious Liberty in Quebec. Is it Menaced?")

225: The One Hundred and Thirty-Second Annual Report of the Grand Orange Lodge of British America / 1962

226: Eightieth Annual Report of the Loyal Orange Grand Lodge, Province of Ontario East: Report of Proceedings, Sessions Held in the Town Hall, Lindsay, April 12th and 13th, 1939

227: Ninety-Eighth Annual Report of the Loyal Orange Grand Lodge, Province of Ontario East: Report of Proceedings, Sessions Held in the Town of Brockville, April 10th and 11th, 1957

228: One Hundredth Annual Report of the Loyal Orange Grand Lodge, Province of Ontario East: Report of Proceedings Held in the Town of Napanee, April 15th and 16th, 1959

229: The Lake Temiscamingue District, Province of Ontario, Canada: A Description of Its Soil… Information Pertaining to the Sale of Public Lands / by C.C. Farr, 1893

230: Diamond Jubilee Report 1946-1947 / Lyceum Club and Women's Art Association of Canada, Toronto, [1947] (Note: includes loosely inserted newspaper clipping about Mrs. Dignam, n.d.)

231: The Undergraduate 1936 / Vol. VI, No. 1, 1936 (published by The University College Literary and Athletic Society and The Women's Undergraduate Association [Toronto])

232: The Green Tree / by J. Patrick Byrne, 1940

233: Observer / by J. Patrick Byrne, 1940

234: Alien / by J. Patrick Byrne, 1941

235: From the Balcony and Other Poems / by Kate Seymour MacLean, 1904

236: Follow the Gleam: A Centennial History of St. Andrew's United Church, Millbrook, Ontario, [1982] (donated by Quentin Brown / Friends of the Bata Library, 2004)

237: Ontario Agricultural College 1874-1947: Semi-Centennial of the College, June 1924 / [1924]

238: [Massey-Ferguson] 1847-1972: Heritage, One Hundred and Twenty-Fifth Year / [1972]

239: A Sketch History of Hunter Rose 1860-1960 / Toronto, [1960]

240: Ethnographic Filming and the Netsilik Eskimos / by Asen Balikci and Quentin Brown / 1966

241: The Canadian Exhibitor / [1886] (Note: includes article about Peterborough)

242: Journal of Education for Upper Canada / Toronto, Vol. III, No. 11, November 1850

243: Quebec Gazette / Thursday, December 1791 (Note: consists of one article only entitled "Alured Clarke. George the Third" in both French and English)

244: The Shoshonees Illustrated Almanac for 1873 / published by J.C. Chamberlain, Conway, Ontario

245: Prize Winning Recipes: Quaker Natural Bran / The Quaker Oats Company, Peterborough - Saskatoon, Canada, n.d.

246: Norwood Fair Prize List / Norwood, Ontario, October 5, 6 & 8, 1962

247: Norwood Fair Prize List / Norwood, Ontario, October 11, 12 & 14, 1963

248: Norwood Fair Prize List / Norwood, Ontario, October 9, 10 & 12, 1964

249: Norwood Fair Prize List / Norwood, Ontario, October 7, 8 and 10, 1966

250: Norwood Fair Centennial 1867-1967 / Norwood, Ontario, October 6, 7 and 9, 1967

251: Norwood Fair Prize List / Norwood, Ontario, October 11, 12, 14, 1968

252: Norwood Fair Prize List / Norwood, Ontario, October 8, 9, 10, 1977

253: Norwood Fall Fair / Norwood, Ontario, October 6, 7, 8, [1979]

254: Peterborough Exhibition 1984 Prize List

255: Millbrook Frontier Week: 10 Big Days / June 8 to 17, [19--]

256: Millbrook Agricultural Society: 126th Annual Spring Fair / Exhibition Grounds, Millbrook, Ontario, June 21st, 1975

257: Millbrook Agricultural Society: 128th Annual Spring Fair / Exhibition Grounds, Millbrook, Ontario, June 10, 11, 12, 1977

258: Millbrook Agricultural Society: 130th Annual Spring Fair / Exhibition Grounds, Millbrook, Ontario, June 8, 9, 10, 1979

259: 133rd Millbrook Fair, June 11, 12, 13, [1982] / Millbrook, Ontario

260: 137th Millbrook Fair, June 13, 14, 15, [1986] / Millbrook, Ontario

261: Stepping Out: A Guide to Walking Routes in Peterborough / [199-]

262: Equipment for the Trail / published by the Greb Hiking Bureau, n.d. (2 copies)

263: Footcare for the Trail / published by the Greb Hiking Bureau, n.d.

264: Hiking Trails in Canada / published by the Greb Hiking Bureau, 1965

265: Peterborough Kiwanis 33rd Music Festival: Official Programme April 17-28, 1979

266: Statement of Presbyterian Church Association to all Presbyterians… / Toronto, August 1st, 1924

267: "Bishop" Peters / by A.H. Young, [1923]

268: Trinity College: A Causerie delivered in the Convocation Hall of the Old College, on Saturday Afternoon, March 14th, 1925 / by A.H. Young

269: From the Auction Block of Slavery to the Rostrum of Quaker Ministry: The Life of William Allan, the Negro Missionary Preacher of the Society of Friends / [Aurora, Ontario, 1938]

270: Some Notes on the Clergy of the Church of England in Upper Canada Prior to 1840 / by J.J. Talman, 1938

271: 14-15 George V., Chap. 100: An Act Incorporating the United Church of Canada / assented to 19th July, 1924

272: Peterborough Pollution Control Plan: 1988 Progress Report / City of Peterborough

273: The Task Force on Sustainable Development for the Peterborough Area: Report / [198?]

274: Mao Tse-Tung on Art and Literature / Foreign Languages Press, Peking, 1960

275: Mao Tse-Tung: Problems of War and Strategy / Foreign Languages Press, Peking, 1960

276: Mao Tse-Tung on Coalition Government / Foreign Languages Press, Peking, 1960

277: Mao Tse-Tung: The Chinese Revolution and the Chinese Communist Party / Foreign Languages Press, Peking, 1960

278: Mao Tse-Tung on Practice / Foreign Languages Press, Peking, 1960

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(Note: Pamphlets 390-402 were donated by Ross Irwin)

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(Note: Items #650 - #664 were donated by Quentin Brown / Friends of the Bata Library, 2004)

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690: Leahy in Lakefield / Kawartha Lakes Chamber of Commerce Eastern Region, 2004

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692: The Love Light / Jean Little, 1993
"Why Not?"
Said Tirzah / Jean Little, 1993
A Mantle of Praise / Jean Little, 1993
"Listen," Said the Donkey, 1993
Gruntle: The Legend of a Literary Piglet, 1993
(all copies are signed; unpublished) - (donated by Mrs. Eleanor Ewing)

693: Dealers' Price List of Farm Machinery, effective April 1st, 1923. Manufactured by The Peter Hamilton Co., Peterboro, Ont. (photocopy)

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736: The School Question of Ontario / by The Archbishop of Ontario, 1931.

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740. The Old Doctor: A Backwoods Sketch by Catharine Parr Traill.

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753. Legend of the Roman Line: The Donnellys of Biddulph. Pamphlet written by Leslie John in 1980. In the front of this pamphlet is the program for a performance of "The Donnellys" by the Peterborough Theatre Guild, 1982 and a newspaper clipping pertaining to the CBC filming of "The Donnellys of Biddulph" by Ray Fazakas February 27, 1982.

754. How We Got To Camp in Days Gone By, A Research project by the Archives Committee of the Ontario Camping Association. Project was conceived and directed by Peter Gilbert. There is a complete history of how the project was managed and financed at the start of the publication. Funding came from the Ebbs Fund at Trent University, from the Ontario Camping Assoc. and from private donors.

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NOTE: Pamphlets 769 - 778 were received through the courtesy of Professor Ross Irwin.
769. Ontario Farm Drainage Association: History / R.W. Irwin, University of Guelph, [198?]

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779. Northumberland County Waste & Recycling Collection Calendar, 2008 (note: located on top of boxes)

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786. The Educational System of the Province of Ontario. John Millar B.A. (Toronto: Warwick & Sons, 1893). Pamphlet has 114 pps. and shows all collecgiates and universities in Ontario as etchings. Included are curriculum, teacher lists, and histories of all the educational institutions. Sections on Libraries, Mechanics' Institutes and Art Galleries. Also sections on Model Schools etc.

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NOTE: Pamphlets 865 to 942 were donated by Hugh Anson-Cartwright. These rare Canadian pamphlets were accompanied by detailed descriptions; the descriptions have been included below. Numbers in square brackets reflect a numbering system in use prior to acceptance by the Archives.

[1543]. Relation de ce qui s'est passe au Siege De Quebec, et de la Prise Du Canada: Par une Religieuse de l'Hopital General de Quebec: Adressee a une Communaute de son Ordre en France. [Quebec]: Inprime [sic] au bureau du Mercury rue Buade, 1855. First issue of second printing. 12mo. (18 x 11 cm), pp. 24 + 1 copperplate scene of Quebec, engraved and published by Robert Weir (Glasgow). Original pink printed paper wrappers. Covers soiled, stitching is loose, spine paper is split though covers still holding, damp-staining to upper and lower edges of wraps. Scarce first issue, with the copperplate, of the second printing. First printed by the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec in 1840. Text in French. Written by a nun of the L'Hopital General, it describes events during the siege of Quebec in 1759. TPL 297; Sabin 69257.

[1601]. Baddeley (Lieut.)] - Literary and Historical Society of Quebec. Transactions of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec. Vol. III, Part II. April 1833. [On the Magdalen Islands, Being the Substance of Four Reports by Lieutenant Baddeley, R.E.]. Montreal: Literary and Historical Society, Printed by A.D. Arnoux, 1833. First Edition. Original Wraps. Octavo (8 1/2" x 5 3/4"), pp. 97-192, [1] - Errata. With Geological Outline, and de Barres 1778 folding chart reproduced on superb thin paper watermarked 'J. Whatman 1829.' Original printed blue wraps, sewn binding, top edge only trimmed, others deckled, some pages unopened. Pages 97-127 consists of the second half of Mr. Sheppard's 'Notes on the Plants of Lower Canada,' Baddeley's 'Reports on the Magdalen Islands' are from p. 128-190, p. 191-2 contains an extract from a communication by Mr. C. Varley on 'Pigments of Canada.' Except for a small 1" tear to the paper covering the lower end of the spine and an 1/8" chip at the top, this scarce copy is in near fine, collectible condition.

[1695] Fleming, Sandford. Engineer-in-Chief. Report Addressed to the Honourable The Minister of Public Works Canada. 1879. Report in Reference to the Canadian Pacific Railway.. Ottawa: Printed by Maclean, Roger & Co., 1879. Original Wrappers. Octavo (24.5 cm x 16.5 cm), pp. 142. Large colour fold-out (47.5 cm x 64.5 cm) "Map of the Prairie Region, 5th April, 1879" at rear. Sewn and gutta percha binding, printed, salmon-coloured paper wrappers. Slightly soiled, chipping along the spinestrip with some loss, gutta percha dry and brittle, the sewing however, is quite tight, else very good copy. Lowther 556.

[1729] Spence, Thomas. The Prairie Lands of Canada; Presented to the World as A New and Inviting Field of Enterprise for the Capitalist and New Superior Attractions and Advantages as a Home for Immigrants Compared with the Western Prairies of the United States. . Montreal: Printed at the Gazette Printing House, 1879. First Edition. Octavo. Original Wraps. (21.3 cm x 14.7 cm), pp. 56, [8] adverts. + advert. to rear cover, original printed paper wrappers, sewn binding. Adverts include those from The Saskatchewan Express, the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, and Emigration information. Mild tanning around the edges, slight chipping at the spine head & tail, else very good plus copy in the original wrappers. Contents include: Canadian Pacific Railway; Beauty and fertility of the country; Comparison with the Western States; The Soil and its Agricultural capacities; Frosts; Inducements offered by our Prairie Lands to Settlers; Building, Timber, Fuel and Fencing; Information on Tree Culture; Coal and Peat; Mineral Resources; Farming; Utilizing the Buffalo; Fruit; Flax; Hemp; Bees; The Colony System of Emigrating; Outfit and Prices; Routes; Private Lands; Homestead and Tree Planting; among others. Peel (3) 896.

[1752] United States. President Martin Van Buren (1782-1862). 25th Congress, 2nd Session, House of Representatives Executive. Doc. No. 302. Steamboat Caroline: Message from the President of the United States, transmitting the information by a resolution of the House of Representatives of the 21st ultimo, respecting the Capture and Destruction of the Steamboat Caroline, 29 December last [1837]. [n.p. - Washington, D.C.: n.p. - Thomas Allen, printer, n.d. - April 1838], Octavo, pp. [1] - 63. Disbound offprint, top-edge trimmed, others deckled. Offsetting to a few pages, else very good, clean copy. Contains a 5-page letter from Sir Francis Bond Head, who some consider responsible for the Upper Canada Rebellion of December 1837.

[1776] [Mossom Boyd & Co., Bobcaygeon, Ontario]. Pure Bred Polled Aberdeen-Angus Cattle, The Property of Mossom Boyd and Co., Big Island Stock Farm, Bobcaygeon, Ontario To be sold by Public Auction at Dexter Park, Chicago May 23rd and 24th, (1888). Col. J.W. and Mr. C.C. Judy, Auctioneers. Toronto: Printed at the Mail Job Dept., n.d. [c.1888], 8vo. (22 cm x 15 cm), pp. 56, blue printed paper wraps, stapled binding, 4 illustrations with illustration of bull on lower cover. Some fading at the spine with a bit of rust to the upper and lower covers at the staples, else very good, clean copy. In the Intro, Mossom Boyd & Co. explain their regret in getting out of the business, and would only be keeping one bull and five or six females to form the nucleus of a future herd. 65 lots for auction, in groups of Females and Bulls with the pedigrees of each animal.

[1779] [The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada]. Mess Rules The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada Home Station Officers' Mess Calgary, Alberta. Ottawa: The Queen's Printer and Controller of Stationery, 1959. (16.5 cm x 10.5 cm), pp. 12. Typed text, copied and reduced in size, printed card covers with double staple binding. Two punch holes to fore-edge of rear cover, covers lightly soiled, else very good copy.

[1783] [City of Wetaskiwin]. City of Wetaskiwin. Unveiling of the Memorial to commemorate the work of The Reverend Father Lacombe and Reverend John McDougall "The Peace Makers" In the City Memorial Park on Thursday 23rd July 1936. Wetaskiwin, Alberta: Wetaskiwin Times Presse, n.d. [1936], Very Good (21.5 cm x 14 cm), single fold, printed paper brochure. Gently soiled, else very good copy.

[1784] [The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada]. Dedication of Stained Glass Window St. George's Chapel Currie Barracks Calgary, Alberta 12 June 1966. N.p. [Calgary]: n.p., [1966], Printed card covers (23 cm x 18 cm), 8 pages (20.5 cm x 17 cm). Typed and copied, inserted into card covers with single staple. Trifle browned around the edges, else very good.

[1876] Bengough (Illus.), and Edited by An Ex-Minister [W.H. Fuller]. FLAPDOODLE. A Political Encyclopaedia and Manual for Public Men. Edited by an Ex-Minister. Illustrated by Bengough.. Toronto: Printed for the Publisher, 1881. First Edition. Original Printed Wrappers. 8vo., pp. 28, 3 plates by Bengough, original printed paper covers, sewn binding. Front cover detached but present, tiny chip to upper left corner, else good, clean copy. Neatly contained in a mylar wrapper.

[1938] Shantz, J.Y.. Relation d'un Voyage a Manitoba ... Accompagnee d'une Analyse de L'Acte concernant les Terres de la Puissance et d'un extrait du Pamphlet Publie Par le Gouvernement at Sujet de Manitoba.. Ottawa: Le Departement de L'Agriculture, Printed by Robertson, Roger & Cie., 1873. Octavo (22 cm x 15.5 cm), pp. 30 + [1] Notice from the Departement des Travaux Publics, original printed green paper wrappers, with title-page reproduced in frame on front cover, sewn binding. Covers dust soiled, remnant of a postage stamp affixed to rear cover, 1 cm chip to spinestrip at both the head and tail. Contents very good, clean and bright. Peel (3) 650. Title of the English Version: 'Narrative of a journey to Manitoba: Together with an abstract of the Dominion Lands Act, and an extract from the government pamphlet on Manitoba.' Shantz was sent out to inspect land for the Russian Mennonites who subsequently settled in southern Manitoba.

[1941] Galt, Sir Alex. T.. Church and State. Montreal: Dawson Brothers, 1876. Octavo (22.3 cm x 15 cm), pp. [vi], 41, original grey printed paper covers with title-page reproduced in frame, pamphlet stitch binding. Dust soiled, nicks to head & tail of spine, light water stains (tide lines) to upper and lower cover edges and very lightly to title-page and rear blank, otherwise, except for mild toning to the edges, interior is clean and bright. Overall a very good copy.

[1944] Dominion of Canada. Province of Ontario. [T.B. Pardee, Commissioner of Crown Lands]. The Algoma District and that part of the Nipissing District North of the Mattawan River, Lake Nipissing and French River, Their Resources, Agriculture and Mining Capabilities. Prepared under instruction from the Commissioner of Crown Lands. Toronto: Grip Printing and Publishing, 1884. Octavo (21.7 cm x 14.7 cm), pp. [5]-70, large 8-fold, 2-colour map, original printed pale green paper wrappers, stapled binding. Covers dust soiled, tanning to the edges of fist page (p.5), else very good, clean copy.

[1967] Mowat, Oliver. The Separate Schools. The No-Popery Cry. Protestantism Not in Danger. Memorandum by the Hon. Oliver Mowat, Premier of Ontario, December 2, 1886. Toronto: C. Blackett Robinson, 1886. Octavo. (21.7 cm x 14.3 cm), pp. 20 (includes upper & lower cover). Original cream printed paper, pamphlet-stitched binding. Covers dust-soiled, with browning around edges, else very good copy.

[1998] Williams, W.H.. Manitoba and The North-West; Journal of a Trip from Toronto to the Rocky Mountains, via Lake Superior, Thunder Bay, Rat Portage, Winnipeg, Qu'Appelle, Prince Albert, Battleford, Ford Calgary and Ford McLeod. And Return via Edmonton, Touchwood Hill, Etc.. Toronto: Hunter, Rose & Company, 1882. Octavo. (22 cm x 15 cm), pp. xi, [1], [9]-258. Original grey printed paper wraps, title-page reproduced in frame to front cover, sewn binding. Ink signature of prev. owner: 'R.H. Earle, Kingston, Ont.' Covers dust soiled, particularly at the spine and around edges, 2 small brown stains (2 cm x 2.5 cm & 1.5 cm x 2.5 cm) to upper cover extending within and diminishing through 24 leaves, else interior clean. Chipping to spine ends, with a very slight lean to the book. Peel (3) 1020. 'Williams, a journalist, accompanied the Marquis of Lorne, then Governor-General, through the West in 1881. He gives an informative description of the country. It appeared first as a series of letters in the 'Toronto Globe'.'

[2023] Langstaff, M.P., and others. Major J.M. Langstaff: A Memorial. Toronto: Press of Miln-Bingham, [1917?], Octavo (23 cm x 16 cm), pp. 77, 3 portrait plates on a yellow-toned paper. Original dark cream printed card covers, sewn binding, deckled fore-edge. Covers darkened primarily to the spine and around edges, else near fine, clean copy.

[2025] Seven Group Civil Affairs] Barraclough, Colonel John, et al. Cackle Magazine. [s.l. France?]: Produced in the B.L.A. by the Troops for the Troops, February 1945, First Edition. Octavo (21 cm x 15 cm), pp. 32, line-art. Original beige illustrated paper wraps with cover lettering in red on a black panel, stapled binding. Tanning to covers primarily around edges, else fine copy of the first publication of a rare World War II magazine. (Unsure if additional issues were ever published.) Contains an article by A.W. Dyas 'Why not Canada?' "At this moment some millions of men and women in the Services are wondering what life holds in store for them after the war. Can a picture of Canada, its development and openings, help to solve the problem?" - opening paragraph.

[2076] Huguet-Latour, Louis-Adolphe, (1821-1904)] -. Annuaire de Ville-Marie Origine, Utilite et Progres des Institutions Catholique de Montreal. Premiere Annee, 1863. Montreal: Eusebe Senecal, 1864. Octavo (19.5 cm x 13.5 cm), pp. [xvi], 192. Original blue printed wrappers, title-page reproduced in frame to front cover. Ink signature to head of title-page, dated 1891, else interior clean and tight. Covers soiled, primarily spine and edges, chipping to head and tail of spine, tiny nick to lower edge of front cover, otherwise a very good copy.

[2079] Spence, Thomas. The Prairie Lands of Canada; Presented to the World as A New and Inviting Field of Enterprise for the Capitalist, and New Superior Attractions and Advantages as a Home for Immigrants Compared with the Western Prairies of the United States. Montreal: Printed at the Gazette Printing House, 1879. Octavo. Original Printed Wrappers. (21.4 cm x 14.7 cm), Grey printed wraps, title-page reproduced in frame to front cover. 56 pp. + 11 publ. adverts (including rear cover), 1 map; Contemporary light pencil signature of A[lexander] Kirkwood [1823-1901] at head of upper cover. Kirkwood, farmer, author and civil servant, wrote many articles and treatises which eventually earned him a position with the Ontario Crown Lands Department where he became a senior officer. Kirkwood’s most significant work as a government promoter of agricultural expansion was an officially sanctioned book entitled The undeveloped lands in northern & western Ontario . . . (1878), written with his colleague Joseph J. Murphy. He is remembered largely for the prominent role he played in the establishment of Ontario’s first and most famous provincial park, Algonquin Park. (see DCB online article by Gerald Killan). Interior crisp and clean. Covers soiled, primarily to spine and edges, otherwise a very good, tight copy. Peel (3) 896.

[2084] Loranger, T.J.J.. Letters upon the Interpretation of the Federal Constitution known as The British North America Act, (1867,). First Letter. Quebec: Printed at the "Morning Chronicle" Office, 1884. Octavo (22.7 cm x 14.6 cm), pp. vii, 63. Original grey wrappers, title-page reproduced in frame to upper cover, sewn binding. Lightly soiled around the edges, small chip from upper outer corner, else near fine copy.

[2092] La Societe de Colonisation du Lac Temiscamingue. Colonisation du Lac Temiscamingue et du Lac Kippewa ... sous le haut patronage de Mgr L'Archeveque D'Ottawa et Mgr L'Eveque de Pontiac. Ottawa: Ministere de L'Agriculture du Canada, 1888. Octavo (21.8 cm x 14.7 cm), pp. 48. Large, two-colour, folding frontispiece map. Original grey printed wrappers, title-page reproduced in frame to upper cover, stapled binding. Slightly soiled around the edges, chipping to tail of spine, else near fine copy. (Text in French); Villeneuve 4108.

[2161] Hill-Tout, Charles. Later Prehistoric Man in British Columbia. From the Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada. Second Series - 1895-96. Volume I., Section II. English History, Literature, Archaeology, Etc.. Ottawa / Toronto / London: John Durie & Son / Copp-Clark / Bernard Quaritch, 1895. Octavo. (24.2 x 17.1 cm), pp. 103-122, 5 pages of illustrations + 1 text illustration. Gilt lettered, black cloth boards, original beige printed wrapper bound-in. Covers rubbed at tips and edges, nick to the spine, front hinge split though still tight, otherwise a very good copy with the text near fine.

[2220] Election Law - Ontario] -. Election Cases. Reports of Decisions under the Dominion and Ontario Election Acts, and the Ontario Voters' Lists Act. 1891-1900 with a Table of the Names of Cases Reported, a Table of the Names of Cases Cited, and a Digest of the Principal Matters. Toronto: Canada Law Book Company, 1901. Reported under the Authority of The Law Society of Upper Canada. No. 2, Volume II. Octavo, pp. [169] - 181, 3 [blank], [vii - includes title-page] + errata. Khaki green printed covers, title-page reproduced in frame to front cover, stapled binding, publisher's adverts on insides of front and rear covers, advert to rear cover. Text in 2 columns. Covers soiled, else very good, plus copy.

[2224] Ontario. Prepared under Instructions from the Commissioner of Crown Lands. Dominion of Canada, Province of Ontario. Information for Intending Settlers. The Farming Lands of Algoma and North Nipissing. A Short Description of those parts of the Districts best adapted to Agricultural Purposes. Toronto: Printed by Warwick & Sons, 1885. Octavo. (21.8 cm x 14.5 cm), pp. 20, largely unopened. Original, fragile, tan printed wraps, title-page reproduced in frame to front cover, sewn binding. Covers soiled, rear cover shows damp staining around margins, chipping with short tears, chipping to spine ends, else very good copy.

[2228] Canada. Department of the Interior. Handbook of Information relating to The District of Algoma in the Province of Ontario. Letters from Settlers and others, and information as to Land Regulations. Issued under the authority of the Government of Canada (Minister of the Interior), at the request of the Algoma Land and Colonization Society. Printed by McCorquodale & Co., London, England, [ca. 1893], Octavo (21.1 cm x 13.9 cm), pp. 32, original printed tan paper wrappers, map on inside rear cover, illustration to inside front cover, list of Government Agents on rear cover, stapled binding, title-page reproduced in frame to front cover. Covers tanned primarily to margins, tail of spine chipped with small split, 3 minor nicks, 2 short closed tears to lower edge of rear cover, staples starting to oxidize, else a very good, tight, clean copy. Interesting chapter on "Lands in Algoma--Where and How to Obtain Them.--Ontario Free Grant and Twenty Cents an Acre Lands and Dominion Indian (Surrendered) Lands."

[2229] Ontario. Department of Crown Lands (Prepared under instructions from Hon. J.M. Gibson, Commissioner of Crown Lands for Ontario). Northern Districts of Ontario Canada: Nipissing, Temiscaming, Algoma, Thunder Bay, Wabigoon and Rainy River. Their Climate, Soil, Products; Agricultural, Timber, and Mineral Resources and Capabilities, With information as to How to Acquire Lands. . Toronto: Warwick Bro's & Rutter, 1899. Octavo (24.7 cm x 16.7 cm), pp. 112, original printed pink paper wrappers, stapled binding, frontispiece + 20 inserted plates of photos, huge folding map of townships open for settlement, large folding map of Rainy River district. Covers dust soiled, tanning to margins of text block, with deeper tanning around margins where the folding maps are placed. Otherwise a very good, tight copy a scarce item. "These pages, while applicable in great measure to the whole of the Free Grant Territory, are intended to have special reference to that part of the Algoma District between Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury, to the part of Nipissing District bordering on the Canadian Pacific Railway, to the Temiscaming Settlement, and to the Rainy River District, including the Thunder Bay District and the Wabigoon Settlement on the C.P.R. (in connection with the Government Pioneer Farm); all of which Districts are now easily accessible by railway or steamboat."

[2230] Ontario. Department of Crown Lands (Prepared under instructions from Hon. J.M. Gibson, Commissioner of Crown Lands for Ontairo). Northern Districts of Ontario Canada: Nipissing, Algoma, Temiscaming, Wabigoon and Rainy River. Their Climate, Soil, Products; Agricultural, Timber, and Mineral Resources and Capabilities, With Information as to How to Acquire Lands. . Toronto: Warwick Bro's & Rutter, 1897. Fourth Edition (with Maps). Octavo (24.5 cm x 16.5 cm), pp. 96, original blue printed paper wrappers, stapled binding, 12 inserted plates of photos, 3 maps which include huge folding frontis. map of townships open for settlement, large folding map of Rainy River district near rear, and a text map: Plan of Dryden. Covers lightly dust soiled, some fading to spine and edges, 1 cm tear at head of spine along joint (not chipped), tiny corner curl, short (1.5 cm) closed tear at bottom edge of front cover, some tanning to margins of title-page (surrounding folded map). Otherwise a very good, tight copy of a scarce item. "It is the object of this pamphlet to render better known the capabilities of those parts of our undeveloped lands which for brevity's sake we are accustomed to call our Northern Districts,--namely, Eastern Algoma, North Nipissing, Temiscaming and the Rainy River country. The statements hereafter made are drawn principally from official sources, or other accurate information, and in most cases the authority is cited." - from the Intro.

[2233] [Murray, Norman]. The Trial of Sandy Wright, Farmer, For Treason. Montreal: [Norman Murray, 1888?], Octavo. (23.8 cm x 15.7 cm), pp. 15, printed self-wraps, pamphlet-stitched binding. Covers dust soiled, covers detached but present, lightly chipped, light vertical crease down centre where pamphlet was obviously folded, tanning to text margins, else a good copy of a rare Canadian pamphlet.

[2245] Bell, Charles Napier.. Our Northern Waters; a Report presented to the Winnipeg Board of Trade regarding the Hudson's Bay and Strait. Being a Statement of their Resources in Minerals, Fisheries, Timber, Furs, Game ... Notes on the Navigation .. Meteorological and Climatic Data. Winnipeg: Board of Trade, [1884]., Octavo. (22.3 cm x 14.5 cm), pp. 78 + Contents leaf, errata to inside front cover, original printed paper wraps, sewn binding. Peel (3) 1200 notes two folding maps. This copy has two additional folding maps loosely inserted: 1) Map of the Dominion of Canada, shewing the extent and situation of its public lands, also its geographical relation to the British Isles. Published by order of the Hon. the Minister of the Interior, 1884. Coloured map, 57.5 cm x 28.5 cm. Shows great circle routes between Great Britain and Canada, including route from Liverpool to Fort York (Churchill). Light tanning to margins with faint damp stains to top margin and some nicks to bottom margin; 2) Map shewing proposed route of the Manitoba and Hudson's Bay Railway. Winnipeg: Bishop Co., n.d. In blue and white, 104 cm x 79 cm., near fine; Covers soiled, primarily to margins, dust soiling to margins of title-page and folded verso of rear map and adjacent blank. Otherwise, a very good copy enhanced by the two additional maps. In the fall of 1870 Bell, 1854-1936, travelled from Ontario to Fort Garry as a member of the Wolseley expedition. At the time of writing he was secretary of the Winnipeg Grain Exchange, and later became treasurer of the Winnipeg Board of Trade and a prominent and active member of the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba.. Peel (3) 1200.

[2248] Lovell, John (1810-1893). Statement of the Tenders for the Printing and Stationery required by the Corporation of the City of Montreal, for six years. John Lovell's Exposé of the Unfairness and Trickery of Two Members of the City Hall Committee, (...), Aided by their Chairman, .... Montreal: John Lovell & Son, 1881. Octavo. and Prompted by Patrick O'Meara, Assistant City Clerk; Alderman Allard acting as Whipper-in; George E. Desbarats, ex-Queen's Printer, Appointed by the City Hall Committee to examine Louis Perrault & Co.'s Accounts and to Certify their Correctness. Some idea may be formed of how he served the Tax Payer by looking at three of His Certificates ... John Lovell & Son Deprived of the Contract Because They Are Not French Canadians. The City Hall Committee Voted $1000, extra, of the Citizens' Money, to Patrick O'Meara, to keep Louis Perrault 'honest.' ... Montreal, Sept. 27, 1881. (22 cm x 14.5 cm), pp. 104, facsimiles, tables, grey printed paper wraps, sewn binding, 'Opinions of the Press' to rear and inside rear cover. Cover title reads: "John Lovell's Exposé of the Corporation Printing and Stationery Scandal!!!" Covers lightly soiled at the margins, pages 97-104 printed on different paper stock with tanning to the edges of this portion only. Otherwise an excellent copy of this most interesting complaint of fraud.

[2249] Hincks, Sir Francis. The Political History of Canada Between 1840 and 1855. A Lecture Delivered on the 17th October, 1877, at the request of the St. Patrick's National Association with copious additions. Montreal: Dawson Brothers, 1877. First Edition Thus. Octavo. (22 cm x 15 cm), pp. 88. Grey printed paper wraps, title-page reproduced in frame to front cover, sewn binding. Covers soiled and stained, spine ends chipped, minor nicks to corners, light damp stains to bottom of rear cover and to bottom margin of last 7 leaves diminishing within (text not affected), small spot of damp staining to bottom margin of title-page and intro page, and along fore-edge. Otherwise, a very good copy (sounds worse than it is).

[2250] National Liberal Federation of Canada] -. 7 Years of Liberal Administration Contrasted with 18 Years of Conservative Rule. [Political Pointers. No. 1]. Ottawa: s.n., Nov 15, 1903. Octavo. (24.5 cm x 16.8 cm), pp. 46. Grey printed paper wraps with etched portrait of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, stapled binding. Covers coming loose from the staples, chipped at staples, spine ends, and upper cover fore-edge, top corner of front cover detached and loosely inserted, soiling to margins, tanning to text margins. Otherwise a good copy of the first publication of this series attributed to the National Liberal Federation of Canada.

[2255] The Bishop of Ontario, [John Travers Lewis (1825-1901)]. Three Lectures delivered in the Cathedral of St. George, Kingston, In Advent 1869 by The Bishop of Ontario. Montreal: Printed by John Lovell, 1871. Octavo. (21.5 cm x 14.5 cm), pp. 60, printed khaki coloured covers, sewn binding, title-page reproduced in frame to front cover, inscribed "Epiphany 1878, Wm. A. Langton from [??] Jones." (I can't make out the name.) Langton (1854-1933) was the son of John Langton, became an architect and practised in Toronto. He was editor of a collection of his fathers letters entitled: "Early Days in Upper Canada." Lower cover and spinestrip missing, first gathering coming loose, tanning to margins of upper cover with chipping along spine edge and upper corner, front cover appears to have been repasted at spine edge to title-page, else good.

[2263] Dawson, Rev. Aeneas McDonell. The North-West Territories and British Columbia. Ottawa: Printed by C.W. Mitchell, Office of the Free Press, 1881. Octavo. (20 cm x 15.5 cm), pp. iv, 232 (adverts p. 219-232), tipped-in errata slip, tables. Rebound in grey paper covers with mounted computer printed label, title-page and preface missing piece from bottom outer corner, crude tape repair to bottom centre of p.iii/iv. P. 1-128 printed on a different paper stock which has tanned, primarily to the margins, last 4 leaves (adverts) chipped with corner pieces missing. Otherwise, a good tight, clean copy. Lowther 592; Peel (3) 978. Dawson (1810-1894) was born at Redhaven, Banffshire, Scotland, ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1835, and came to Canada in 1854. He published several volumes of verse. Besides this descriptive volume was the author a number of translations from the French, and of a history of "The Catholics of Scotland" (Ottawa, 1890).

[2275] Holden, Mrs. John Rose. The Brant Family (A Primitive Civilization). [Hamilton, Ontario: s.n., 1904?], First Edition. 'Wentworth Historical Society' running title and at head of front cover title. Octavo (22.5 cm x 15 cm), pp. 33 + 3 inserted plates, 1 folding map, grey printed wrappers, stapled binding. Covers very lightly soiled, staples just beginning to oxidize, else near fine copy. Includes information about Brant's education, his family, his work as a peace mediator, his death, and his will. Watters p. 517.

[2276] Borden, M.P., Mr. R.L.. The Naval Question. Speech Delivered by Mr. R.L. Borden, M.P. 12th January, 1910. [Ottawa: s.n., 1910?], Octavo. (22.5 cm x 15 cm), pp. 30. Original powder blue card covers, blindstamped title to upper cover (same as title-page), stapled binding, frontispiece portrait. Light fading, primarily to the edges, else near fine copy.

[2286] United Empire Loyalist Association of Ontario] - . The United Empire Loyalist Association of Ontario. Constitution and By-laws, February 28th, 1896. [Toronto: The Association, 1896?], Printed by The Carswell Co., Ltd., Octavo. (21.7 cm x 14.6 cm), pp. 8, original printed blue wraps, stapled binding. Front and rear covers detached but present, covers lightly soiled and chipped, light crease to lower outer corner throughout text, very faint vertical crease where pamphlet may once have been folded; one contemporary ink addition to p.3, and several to the list of Officers on p.7. In red ink is the addition of Dr. G. Sterling Ryerson's name as President (he became the second President of the Association after the death of John Beverley Robinson), also in red ink is a correction of the name Charles Gamble, Q.C. to 'Clarke' Gamble, in black ink is the addition of 'Southern Branch" (Rt. Hon. D. Tisdale M.P ...), and under Honorary Vice-Presidents these names were added: The Earl of Carnwath, Maj. Gen. C.W. Robinson C.B., Sir Chas. Hibbert Tupper Q.C., K.C.M.G., and Lt. Col. Chas. Crutchley, Scots Guards D.A.A.G.

[2287] McCarthy, Eugene. A Tale of Lake St. John comprising A Bit of History, A Quantity of Facts, and Plenitude of Fish Stories. Montreal: Desbarats & Co., [189-?], 12mo. Original Illustrated Wrappers. (17.7 cm x 12.7 cm), pp. 65, 66-68 adverts + frontispiece and 15 inserted half-tone photo plates. Cream, illustrated paper wraps, adverts to rear cover, inside rear cover and inside front cover, stapled binding. Covers lightly soiled, one small closed tear to bottom edge of front cover, spine chipped with 2.5 cm piece missing from tail, otherwise a very good plus copy of a fishing rarity. "To those whom Fortune has presented, from her store of gifts, the particular one most dear to lovers of the rod and gun, the desire to seek the haunts of fish and game, I dedicate this work. He who casts the fly, or he who prefers the gun, can find equally satisfying sport in the territory described." - from dedication.

[2291] Argyll, John Douglas Sutherland Campbell, Duke of, . The Canadian North-West. Speech delivered at Winnipeg by His Excellency the Marquis of Lorne, Governor General of Canada, after his tour through Manitoba and the North-West, during the summer of 1881. Ottawa: s.n. [Department of Agriculture], 1882. Octavo. Original Printed Wrappers. (22 cm x 14.4 cm), pp. 22, side-notes, folding map, tan printed paper wraps, pamphlet-stitched binding. At head of cover: "To be ignorant of the North-West is to be ignorant of the greater portion of our Country", and below title: "The Universal Verdict - Expectations More than Realized." Covers lightly soiled, stamp at lower end of front cover: "From Depository of Emigration Literature, 33 York St., Toronto, W.R. Callaway, General Manager", address stamp to rear cover, department of Emigration plate to rear cover partially covering address stamp, else very good copy. "During the tour the Vice-Regal partly drove nearly 1,500 miles after leaving the Canada Pacific line at Portage la Prairie; hence no more reliable accounts could be obtained from any traveller than His Excellency was in a position to give, and his statements proclaim trumpet-tongued that the Land of Promise surpasses in richness of soil, grandeur of scenery, and gradations of climatology, any other country upon the American Continent." - Introduction.

[2301] Yeigh, Frank (Compiler). By Direction of Hon. A.S. Hardy, Commissioner of Crown Lands for the Province of Ontario. The Rainy River District, Province of Ontario, Canada, An Illustrated Description of its Soil, Climate, Products, Area, Agricultural Capabilities and Timber and Mineral Resources. Together with The Laws and Information Pertaining to Free Grants and . Toronto: Printed by Warwick & Sons, 1892. Octavo. Title continues: Homesteads; to Mining and to the Preservation of Forests from Destruction by Fire. (24.5 cm x 16.5 cm), pp. iv, 52 + 4 inserted plates, large folding two-colour frontispiece map (appears to have been tipped-in upside down). Original salmon-coloured printed paper wraps, title-page reproduced in frame to front cover, stapled binding. Covers lightly soiled, piece missing from upper outer corner affecting the word "District" in title, a few short closed tears to bottom edge, else very good, clean copy. Includes the 1885 Act forming the District of Rainy River, the 1890 Free Grant and Homestead Act, Forms and Affidavits referred to in the Acts, and the Act to Preserve the Forests from Destruction by Fire.

[2303] . A Sermon, Delivered on the Occasion of the Death of Cecilia, Wife of Peter White, Esq., of Pembroke. On the 23rd of February, 1852. Pembroke, C.W.: Printed at the office of the "Pembroke Observer.", 1855. (21 cm x 13.7 cm), pp. 10, plain pink wrapper, pamphlet-stitched binding. Covers slightly soiled and faded around margins, else near fine copy of a pre-Confederation funeral sermon. TPL 5563.

[2306] United Empire Loyalist Association of Ontario] - . The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Ontario. Annual Transactions. For the year ending March 8, 1900. . Toronto: The Church of England Publishing Co., 1900. Octavo. (22.2 cm x 15.5 cm), pp. 102, 3 inserted portrait plates, 1 map, 2 text illustrations. Beige printed card covers. Covers lightly soiled, with tanning to margins, chipping to spinestrip (appears to have been re-pasted), else a very good copy with obituary and historical and biographical sketches. Front cover reads: "The United Empire Loyalists' Association. Vol. III. Annual Transactions 1899-1900."

[2307] Egerton, Helen Merrill (Editor). The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada. Annual Transactions. 1917-1926. . Toronto: Telford & Craddock, 1927. Octavo. (22.8 cm x 15.2 cm), pp. 176 (includes List of Members and Index, frontispiece photo portrait + 20 inserted black & whites plates printed one-side only. Beige printed card covers, green cloth backing. Three instances of the last name only, 'Servos', have been painstakingly cut away from the Index probably using an x-acto knife, else the interior is clean and bright. Covers soiled and creased, chips to corner tips with diagonal piece missing from rear lower corner, spine rubbed with chips at spine ends, else a very good copy. The Annual Reports run from page 19 to 38 only, the majority of text is primarily historical and biographical essays. Front cover reads: "The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada. Vol. VIII. Annual Transactions 1917-1926."

[2310] Canada. Department of Public Works. [Dufresne, A.R. - District Engineer; Lafleur, Eugene D. - Chief Engineer]. Nelson River. Report upon Reconnaissance Survey, September-October, 1909. [Sessional Paper No. 19b - 1911]. Ottawa: Printed by C.H. Parmelee, [1911], Tall Octavo. (26 cm x 17.4 cm), pp. [vi], 44, large folding map at rear, 38 photos, 22 plans, tables, original printed blue wrappers, stapled binding. Covers soiled with stains to bottom edge, chips at spine ends, p.44 soiled around margins, 7 cm horizontal closed tear at centre fore-edge of p.37/38, otherwise interior very clean and bright, map fine. Overall a very good copy of a scarce item. Not in Peel.

[2314] North West Territories. Department of Agriculture. The Canadian North-West Territories. An Official Handbook Containing Reliable Information Concerning Their Resources. Compiled and published under the direction of G.H.V. Bulvea, Commissioner of Agriculture, Canadian North-West Territories. Winnipeg: The Stovel, Co., Printers, 1901. Octavo. (25.5 cm x 17.3 cm), pp. 72, double-page map, 13 full-page photographic illustrations, tables, rubricated; Purple wrappers with maroon wheat sheaf decorations, mounted oval photo illustration, gilt lettering, stapled binding. Cover title: "Official Handbook. Canadian North-West Territories. Assiniboia. Saskatchewan. Alberta." Cover margins faded, primarily along spine, staples beginning to oxidise, map (centre sheet) has become loose from the staples, else very good copy.

[2315] Laveleye, Emile de. On the Causes of War, and the Means of Reducing Their Number. Reprinted by Permission from "The Cobden Club Essays," Second Series, 1871-72. London: Peace Society, 1872. Octavo. (21.2 cm x 14 cm), pp. 55, tan printed wraps, title-page reproduced in frame to front cover, sewn binding. Pencil signature on title-page of "J. Davis Barnett 9/82," possibly the civil engineer, railway superintendent, and great book collector, who came to Canada in 1866. Covers lightly soiled, chipping to spine and front lower corner tip, otherwise a very good copy. Reprinted in The Garland Library of War and Peace, 1971.

[2316] Biggar, Lieut.-Colonel J. Lyons. Manual for use by The Canadian Army Service Corps and Quartermasters of the Canadian Militia AND Ready Reckoner for use of the Canadian Army Service Corps and Quartermasters of the Canadian Militia, Prepared by Lieut.-Colonel J.L. Biggar. Ottawa: Government Printing Bureau, 1904. Small Octavo. (19.5 cm x 13.2 cm), pp. [1], 1-98; unpaginated [51]; line-drawings, tables. Plain tan wrappers, sewn binding. Handwritten ink note on title-page "The Property of ? Copy C.A.S.C.", previous owner's ink signature to front cover, covers soiled and stained, very light tide-lines in the fore-edge margin of approximately the first 20 leaves, diminishing within and not affecting text, else very good copy.

[2322] Compiled and published under the direction of The Honourable W.T. Finlay, Minister of Agriculture. The Province of Alberta. An Official Hand Book containing Reliable Information concerning its Resources. Edmonton: Jas. E. Richards, Government Printer, 1907. Octavo. (21.5 cm x 14 cm), pp. 60, map, 58 photo illustrations, tables; grey illustrations card covers, stapled binding. Covers lightly soiled, else near fine copy. "Climate, healthfulness, educational facilities, government, fertility of the soil, natural resources and general opportunities are all matters which come under consideration by those looking to new lands."

[2324] Roman Catholic Church. [Officially issued by Luigi Fransoni, Archbishop of Turin]. Sanctae Apostolicae Sedis responsa circa lucrum ex mutuo Ab Anno 1822, ad Febr. 1833. Marianopolis [Montreal]: Apud E.R. Fabre, ex typis L. Perrault, 1835. (18 cm x 10.7 cm), pp. [iv], 44, original plain grey paper wraps, pamphlet-stitched binding. Covers very lightly soiled with minor nicks to tips, chipping to spine ends, else near fine copy of this pre-Confederation item. Text in Latin. Lande S-1984; Casey I, 1515; Gagnon 1, 3145.

[2325] Roman Catholic Church. [Officially issued by Luigi Fransoni, Archbishop of Turin]. Sanctae Apostolicae Sedis responsa circa lucrum ex mutuo Ab Anno 1822, ad Febr. 1833. Marianopolis [Montreal]: Apud E.R. Fabre, ex typis L. Perrault, 1835. (18 cm x 10.7 cm), pp. [iv], 44, original plain grey paper wraps, pamphlet-stitched binding. Covers lightly soiled, chips to spine ends, 2 cm x 0.5 cm chip on rear cover fore-edge, small bit of soiling to text pages at that spot diminishing through a few leaves, chipping to the bottom outer corner of the rear cover, else very good copy of this pre-Confederation item. Text in Latin. Lande S-1984; Casey I, 1515; Gagnon 1, 3145.

[2337] Toronto - Board of School Trustees, J.G. Beard, Chairman, G.A. Barber, Secretary. Report of the Past History, and Present Conditon [sic], of the Common or Public Schools of the City of Toronto. Toronto: Lovell & Gibson, 1859. Octavo. (21.8 cm x 15 cm), pp. 131, some unopened, original tan illustrated paper wrappers, title-page engraving by Whitney & Jocelyn, title-page reproduced in frame to front cover, sewn binding. Lacking lower cover, upper cover soiled, corners and fore-edge chipped, nicks to top-edge, first and last gathering separated but present, spinestrip chipped, a little offsetting, else contents very good. Overall, a very good copy of a rare pre-confederation pamphlet. Not in TPL; Not in Casey. "Before submitting, for public information, the statistics of the City Public Schools, for the year 1858, it has been thought advisable, as this is the first occasion when a compendious Report has been published, that the past should be referred to, before noticing the present history of our Schools; and, accordingly, the following brief narrative of the rise and progress of the City Schools, from their inception and practical commencement, in 1844, up to the present time, has been prepared." - first paragraph. The schools were: The Western Auxiliary School; Trinity Street School; The Park School; Victoria Street School; Louisa Street School; John Street School; Phoebe Street School; and George Street School.

[2341] Celtic Society, Montreal] - . Transactions of The Celtic Society of Montreal. Comprising some of the papers read before the Society during sessions 1884-85 to 1886-87. Montreal: W. Drysdale & Co., 1887. Octavo. (22.2 cm x 14 cm), pp. viii, 231, tan printed paper wraps, sewn binding. Covers lightly soiled, chipping and minor cracking to spinestrip, small pieces missing at head & tail, 10.5 cm slit at front cover joint, lower front and rear corners missing. Contents very good and clean. Among others, contents include: On the Origin and the Language of the Scottish Highlanders (Mr. Hugh MacLean); On the Early Settlement of the Lower Provinces by the Scottish Gael, &c. (Rev. D.B. Blair); The Early Settlement of Glengarry (Mr. John MacLennan, Ex-M.P.); The Literary Aspect of the Keltic Settlement in the Counties of Stormont and Glengarry (Mr. George Sandfield MacDonald, B.A.); The Celt in the North-West (Rev. Prof. Bryce, LL.D.); A Translation of the Oldest Celtic Document Extant, and of its Etruscan Companion (Professor Campbell, M.A.).

[2347] Upper Canada. Parliament. House of Assembly. Address of Assembly. To His Excellency Sir George Arthur, Knight Commander of the Royal Hanoverian Guelphic Order, Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Upper Canada, Major General Commanding Her Majesty's Forces therein, &c. &c. &c. S.l.: S.n., 1839. 21.4 cm x 13.5 cm, pp. 29, ii; Lacks original printed wrappers, now stapled into orange card covers with mounted white label, typed on label: "Upper Canada. Commission on the Public Service. 1839." Otherwise, contents very good and clean. TPL 2333; Fleming 1361.

[2383] [Ontario Government - Immigration] Hardy, Arthur S (Commissioner of Immigration) & David Spence (Secretary Immigration Dept.). Ontario as a Home for the British Tenant Farmer Who Desires to Become His Own Landlord. Issued by Authority of the Government of Ontario. Toronto: Printed by Warwick & Sons, 1886. Octavo (22 cm x 14.2 cm), pp. 32, folding coloured map. Original litho'd paper wraps by Copp, Clark Co., Toronto. Ontario coat of arms to lower cover, stapled binding. Covers lightly dust soiled, particularly around edges, nick at head of spine, else fine copy. 2-page discussion of 'The Agricultural College and Model Farm', near the City of Guelph.

[2393] United Empire Loyalist Association of Ontario] - . The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Ontario. Annual Transactions. For the year ending March, 1901, and March, 1902 . Toronto: Imrie, Graham & Harrap, Printers, 1903. Octavo. (22.6 cm x 15.3 cm), 153 pages plus frontispiece portrait, 13 inserted plates and 1 text illustration, tipped-in errata slip between pages 38-39. Light beige printed card covers. Covers lightly soiled, with tanning to margins and spine, chipping to spine tips (appears to have been re-pasted), else a very good copy consisting primarily of historical and biographical sketches. Front cover reads: "The United Empire Loyalists' Association. Vol. IV. Annual Transactions 1901and 1902."

[2394] United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada]. The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada. Annual Transactions. 1904 to 1913 . Brampton, Ontario: The Conservator Book Department, 1914. Octavo. (23.2 cm x 15.5 cm), 170 pages plus frontispiece portrait, 10 inserted plates and 8 text illustrations (1 full-page). Brown printed card covers. Covers lightly soiled, nicks to spine tips, interior lightly tanned primarily around margins, else a very good copy consisting primarily of historical and biographical sketches. Front cover reads: "The United Empire Loyalists' Association. Vol. VI. Annual Transactions 1904 to 1913."

[2395] United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada]. Sesqui-Centennial Number 1935. Transactions [Toronto Branch]. Toronto (Charter Branch): United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada, 1935. Octavo. (23 cm x 15.5 cm), 197 pages, frontispiece portrait plus 33 full-page illustrations. Yellow printed card covers. Slight lean, covers lightly soiled to margins, nicks to head of spine, else a very good copy consisting primarily of historical and biographical sketches.

[2396] National Liberal Federation of Canada] - [Wilfrid Laurier]. Political Pointers No. 3. PLEDGES REDEEMED. Platform of the Liberal Party. S.l.: s.n., Issued June, 1900. Octavo. (22.2 cm x 15 cm), pp. 16, original pink printed paper wraps. Covers detached but present, small chips to edges, piece missing from upper cover at spine end, not affecting cover text or illustration, page edges tanned.

[2407] One Who Knows [Pseudonym] . THE GIBBET OF REGINA. The Truth About Riel. Sir John A. Macdonald and his Cabinet before Public Opinion. New York: Thompson & Moreau, 1886. First Edition. Octavo. (20.2 cm x 14.4 cm), pages: 200. Illustrated with a frontispiece + 4 portrait plates from drawings. With the fragile, original printed light green wrappers, stapled binding. Large chips from the head and tail of the spine, pieces missing from the lower rear cover and lower fore-edge, frontispiece has detached (but is loosely inserted), otherwise the text-block is clean, tight and square. A very nice copy of this scarce and important work written only months after Louis Riel's execution in November 1885. Scarce in the original wrappers. (Ref.: Peel (3) 1515). "This book was first published in New York in 1886. It is a rather subjective analysis of the troubles of 1870 and 1885 accompanied by a series of newspaper articles carefully chosen to support its bitter and malevolent point of view. According to this study, Louis Riel was the victim of a well-orchestrated plot by the Canadian Orangists supported by the Canadian government. His only crime was that he defended the fundamental rights of his countrymen." - Canada Annotated Bibliography - online (Mount Allison University).

[2488] [Lacasse, Pierre Zacharie]. DIFFICULTE SCOLAIRE DE MANITOBA par Questions et Réponses a la Portee de Tous. Quebec: Leger Brousseau, 1897. First Edition. Original Printed Wrappers. 16 cm x 11.5 cm, pp. 64. Original speckled rose paper wrappers, printed in black, single staple binding. Corner tear to first two leaves, tanning to page margins, else very good copy.

[2693] Vauxcelles, Louis. - Preface. [Art Association of Montreal]. EXPOSITION D'ART FRANCAIS, January, February 1909. Paris: Henri Guiton, 1909. Octavo. Soft Cover. Pp. 39, Illustrated wrappers, sewn binding. Bold pencil signature across title-page of Antonio Perrault (1880-1955), an important Quebec lawyer, teacher and author. Both upper and lower cover detached but present, signatures a little loose but holding, spinestrip chipped, paper tanned around margins. Quite scarce. Louis Vauxcelles (1870-1945) was an influential French art critic. To him are attributed the terms Fauvism (1905), and Cubism (1908).

[S1189] Blake, William Hume, 1809-1870.. Separate Report of Mr. Blake's Speech on the Rebellion Losses.. Montreal: Higman & Donoghue, Place d'Armes, 1849. Octavo (24.2 cm x 15.7 cm), pp. 31. Original plain pink wrappers, pamphlet stitched binding. Contemporary ink signature of 'Hon. J.A. Irving' [Jacob Aemilius Irving, 1797-1856] to upper cover. Irving came to Upper Canada in 1834 and settled in the Niagara peninsula. In 1843 he was appointed the first warden for the district of Simcoe by the Governor-General, and was called to the Legislative Council of Canada. In the Council he was a supporter of Baldwin and Lafontaine. Lower cover detached but present. Wraps a little soiled and chipped, otherwise fine. TPL 2957. Blake disagreed with the Reform government's introduction of a bill to reimburse for losses incurred during the rebellion in Lower Canada in 1837-38. On Feb. 15 and 16, 1839, as Solicitor-General, "he delivered a major speech on the bill, analyzing the Upper Canadian political situation in pre-rebellion days, and taking as his theme the difference between self-serving loyalty to the person of a governor and his misguided policies and a higher loyalty to the maintenance of a free constitution." The incendiary speech resulted in several duelling challenges, one issued by John A. Macdonald. See DCB X, p. 57.

[S3491] War of 1812.. Fifth Series of Historical Documents. Published under the Auspices of "The Literary and Historical Society of Quebec".. Quebec: Printed at the"Morning Chronicle" Office, 1877., 8vo., pp. 152, original paper wrappers. Covers chipped and lightly soiled, contents very good. All the items deal with events prior to the War of 1812; from the 'Leopard' and 'Chesapeake' incident, 1807, to the declaration of War, 1812.

[S409] McLeod, Malcolm.. The Pacific Railway. Britannicus' Letters from the Ottawa Citizen.. Ottawa: "Citizen" Printing and Publishing, 1875. Octavo. (21.8 cm x 15 cm), pp. 42, original mauve/grey printed paper wrappers. Covers faded and chipped, small closed pull on front cover repaired on the verso with cello tape, tops of pages 25-42 torn with no loss of text, 2 leaves (p. 21/22, 23/24) contain closed vertical cuts without loss, else good. Passionate arguments for the building of the Pacific railway; McLeod, 1821-99, (aka Britannicus) "was concerned about the future of the Pacific Railway scheme during the tenure of office of the Mackenzie government. During those years he sought to keep the project alive with letters in the press and pamphlets." He lived to see the line completed. Rare. Peel (3) 721.

[S4140] McGee, Thomas D'Arcy - Robert D. McGibbon.. Thomas D'Arcy McGee. An Address delivered before the St. Patrick's Society of Sherbrooke, P.Q. by Robert D. McGibbon of Montreal, Barrister, March 17th, 1884. Montreal: Dawson Brothers, 1884., 8 vo., pp. 19, original brown printed paper wraps. Covers very slightly dust soiled and chipped, small portion of front wrap has adhereed to t.-p. else very good.

Boyle, David.. Fourth Annual Report of the Canadian Institute, (Session of 1890-91.) Being an Appendix to the Report of the Minister of Education, Ontario . Toronto : Printed by Warwick & Sons, 1891. Octavo. Inscribed. (24.5 cm x 16 .8 cm), pp. 89, colour plate of porcupine quill work, 162 illustrations, original printed paper wraps, title-page reproduced in frame to front cover. INSCRIBED at head of front cover "With comps. of D Boyle." Covers chipped and dust soiled, apart from minor stains contents on whole very good. Includes contributions by G.E. Laidlaw and A.F. Chamberlain. Boyle, 1842-1911, self-taught archaeologist and ethnologist became an authority on the archaeology of Ontario , and was appointed curator of the museums of the Canadian Institute and the Ontario Dept. of Education.

From the Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada . Third Series - 1911, Volume V, Section II. Traditional History of the Confederacy of the Six Nations. Prepared by a Committee of the Chiefs. Presented by Duncan C. Scott. Ottawa : Printed for the Royal Society of Canada , 1912. (24.7 cm x 16.6 cm), pp. 195-246. Brown printed paper wraps, stapled binding. Spine gently rubbed, else near fine copy. Contains the story of the 'Constitution of the Five Nations Confederacy' and 'The Ceremony Called, "At the Wood's Edge"'.

Barbeau, C.M.. Wyandot Tales, Including Foreign Elements. [Reprinted from the Journal of American Folk-Lore, Vol. XXVIII., No. CVII, January-March, 1915]. [ Ottawa ]: [Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1915], 1915. Octavo (25.2 cm x 16 cm), pp. [83]-95 (one unopened). Peach printed paper wraps, stapled binding. Covers soiled, primarily around edges, else very good copy.

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