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The Chair in Northern Studies, established in 1986, is supported by a $250,000 endowment from the Secretary of State’s Centre of Specialization Fund and an equal amount raised through the Fund for Excellence, and is associated with Trent’s Frost Centre for Canadian Heritage and Development Studies (taken from Fortnightly, Vol.16, no.12, Feb.13, 1986). The first occupant of the Chair was Hon. Thomas R. Berger.

The records of the Northern Chair consist of committee minutes, taped lectures, correspondence, records related to Thomas Berger, Dennis Patterson, Mary Simon, William Taylor, etc. and cover the dates 1986-2003. The records were forwarded to the Archives in 1993 by Peter Kulchisky, in 1996 by John Milloy, and in 1998 by Bruce Hodgins. A further addition of tapes, reels, and videos was received from the Audio-Visual Department in approximately 2012 and added to existing boxes.

Box 1

Files pertaining to Northern Chair lectures, re:

Terrence Armstrong

Thomas Berger

George Calet

Louis Fillion

John Parker

Dennis Patterson

Dr. Fred Roots

Peter Scledermann

Mary Simon




Committee membership

Potential holders


Handbook for Research in NWT

Secretary of State

Publishing and press information

Miscellaneous records

Box 2

Lecture tapes, videos, and reels:

  • 1986, Thomas R. Berger
  • 1988, Terrence Armstrong

Posters from Northern Studies Lecture Series

Material re Dennis Patterson (public address, government position statement, environmental impact assessment)

GNWT economic strategy team

Slide presentation (slides and binder)


Lecture tapes, videos, and reels:

  • 1989-1990, Dennis Patterson
  • 1991-1992, John Parker
  • 1993, Mary Simon
  • 1994, [Jill Oakes and Rick Riewe]
  • 1995, Allan Penn, Harvey Feit, Matthew Coon-Come, [Boyce Richardson, Dan Ashini, Zebedee Nungal, Mary Ellen Turpel]
  • 1997, [Chris Burns, Leonard Barrie, Ian Stirling, Rob Macdonald, Robert Conover]
  • 1999, Paul Wright, George Blondin, [Elizabeth Mackenzie, Leo Norwegian, Tom Andrews, Joanne Barnaby]
  • 2003, Naomi Klein
  • 22 unmarked cassettes

Box 3

Textual records (1984-1995)

Northern Chair proposal

Northern Studies Committee

Northern Studies at Trent University (3 files)

Note: Box 4 was forwarded to the Archives by Bruce Hodgins in 1998.

Box 4


1. Mary Simon: lectures in printed format and on disk, correspondence, etc., 1993-1994

2. On The Land: correspondence, advertising, etc., 1995

3. Miscellaneous correspondence, etc., 1994-1995

4. Northern Chair lectures re James Bay, 1995

5. Peterborough Review contract, 1995

6. Boyce Richardson 1995

7. “Introduction” by Bruce Hodgins and Kerry Cannon, [1995]

8. Zebedee Nungak, 1995

9. Matthew Coon-Come, 1995

10. Harvey Feit

11. Daniel Ashini, 1995

12. Rick Riewe and Jill Oakes, 1993-1994

13. Miscellaneous correspondence, minutes, notes, etc., 1993-1994

14. Northern Quebec and Labrador Boundary and Self-Determination Brief Bibliography/ Bruce Hodgins and Kerry Cannon, minutes, correspondence, etc., 1995