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See a collection of humorous drawings by Canadian soldier, Jim Lauder, interned in a German Prisoner-of War camp in World War II.

TITLE: Annapolis Royal, indenture

Accession Number: 75-1021
Description: This item is an indenture between the Duke of Marlborough and Robert Wroth, for supplies received from regimental stores to aid in tracing deserters. Wroth was adjutant to Governor Phillip's regiment.
Inclusive Dates: 14 Mar. 1719
Extent: 2 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Allen-Bellamy fonds

Accession Number: 14-016
Description: Fonds consists of correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, greeting cards, diplomas, certificates, maps, pamphlets, reminiscences, genealogical materials, and memorabilia pertaining to the Allen and Bellamy families.
Inclusive Dates: ca. 1880-2007
1.4 m of textual records. -- ca. 1000 photographs. -- 1 drawing.
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Bark family photographic fonds

Accession Number: 81-020

Description: The fonds consists of original photographs taken and collected by the Bark family. It includes: a photograph album of Lieutenant George S. Gray depicting World War I aircraft training scenes; pictures of area in and around Meaford and Collingwood, Ontario; photographs of "Lingerlonger Lodge" located south of Minden, Ontario, on Moore Lake; Sea scout and military photographs; and photographs of a road survey crew north of Dorset, Ontario (field work students from the School of Practical Science, University of Toronto.)
Inclusive Dates: 1910-1958
Extent: 13 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Leslie Barker fonds

Accession Number: 97-018
Description: This fonds consists of three notebooks filled with newspaper clippings which reflect the exploits and accomplishments of three generations of the Barker family, and which incidentally reveal much of contemporary life. The first notebook dated 1860-1905 speaks mainly of the life of Dr. Edward John Barker, founder and editor of the Kingston newspaper "The British Whig", and later the daily "Whig." Dr. Barker's son, R.W. Barker, postmaster, and later postal inspector in London, Ontario, is the second figure of consequence in this volume. R.W. Barker apparently had a good voice and the record shows his participation in entertainment on many occasions. The second notebook deals primarily with the life of Captain R.K. Barker in the Boer War. It covers dates 1899-1901 (& some later), and reveals in significant detail the involvement of the Canadian contingent in the Emperial campaign. The third book, 1915-1919, recounts the Canadian contribution to World War I as revealed in newspaper articles (primarily Toronto newspapers), with some references to Lt. Col. R.K. Barker and his brother Capt. W.D.P. Barker.
Inclusive Dates: 1860-1919
Extent: 3 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Reverend Frank Beazer fonds

Accession Number: 94-014
Description: This fonds consists of correspondence and photographs of the Reverend Frank Beazer, his wife Gertie and his brothers Fred and Jack, as well as notebooks of study helps and sermon notes of the Reverend. There are also published records regarding World War I, the Masonic Lodge, Orange Lodge and Loyal Order of the Moose.
Inclusive Dates: 1862-1960
Extent: 13 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Richard Birdsall fonds

Accession Number: 75-1026
Description: The fonds consists of photocopies of correspondence, petitions, drafts of same to be sent, letters received relating to Birdsall's efforts in organizing a volunteer militia in 1838, and relations regarding the 7th Provincial Battalion. The fonds also includes a few materials relating to surveying. The photocopied records date from 1837 to 1839.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [ca. 1975]
Extent: 38 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Underwood & Underwood stereographic collection

Accession Number: 83-1009
Description: This collection consists of a number of stereographs produced by different publishers with the majority published by Underwood & Underwood. There subject matter of the stereographs are the Boer War in South Africa from 1889 to 1902; the Timothy Eaton Company including store interior shots; views of Niagara Falls and the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, Ontario.
Inclusive Dates: 1872-1903 ; predominant 1900-1901
Extent: 84 stereographs
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Kathleen Bowley fonds

Accession Number: 20-008
Description: Fonds is comprised of photographs, letters, speeches, articles, newspaper clippings and historical research notes related to the life of Kathleen Richmond Barclay Bowley. Much of the fonds relates to Bowley’s interest and experience in the Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service and her participation in the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) Peterborough Club. Also included are dozens of Barclay family ancestral letters (description to be added at a later date).Inclusive Dates: 1943-2008
Extent: 32 cm of textual records; ca. 110 photographs
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Boyd family fonds

Accession Number: 88-011
Description: This fonds consists of records encompasing three generations of the Boyd family of Bobcaygeon. The fonds has been divided into the following series: photographs and glass negatives; Reverend Henry C. Avant; Mossom Boyd; Mossom Martin Boyd (Mossie); Lillian de Grassi Boyd; the De Grassi papers which are records of Dr. Alex De Grassi, Lillian Boyd's father, a physician from Lindsay, Upper Canada; Gardiner Cust Boyd; Mildred Boyd; Winnett (Brownie) Boyd; Laurence Chadwick Boyd; Mossom de Grassi Boyd; A. Sheila Boyd; stamps; artifacts; business which deals with the Boyds interests in lumbering; agricultural papers which deal with the Boyd's farming interests in buffalo and cattle; and, estate papers. The strength of this fonds lies in its completeness. Nothing was thrown away and there are grocery lists, laundry lists, staff salary books, furniture receipts, party and wedding invitations, school report cards, ship and railway timetables, diaries and approximately 20,000 pieces of correspondence. This has resulted in a remarkable record of a large household from the 1880s to the 1980s and an invaluable source for social and business historians.
Inclusive Dates: 1857-1982
Extent: 20 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Sheila Boyd fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 97-1013
Description: This fonds consists of two certificates: a Horticultural Service Diploma dated 1952, awarded to Sheila Boyd by the Bobcaygeon Horticultural Society for "meritorious service to horticulture"; and, a Canadian Legion certificate dated 1955, awarded to Sheila Boyd as an expression of appreciation for her work with Bobcaygeon Branch 239.
Inclusive Dates: 1952 1955
Extent: 2 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: W.T.C. Boyd fonds

Accession Number: 01-019
Description: Fonds consists of 27 diaries of William Thornton Cust Boyd dated 1878 through 1917. Five of the diaries, 1884-1888, include financial records. The diaries recount the private and public life of Boyd, and include references to his wife, Meta, and their children, and social activities with family and friends including boating excursions and picnics. He refers throughout to Richard Birdsall Rogers (1857-1927), superintending engineer of the Peterborough Lift Lock, in social and business terms, and the two often conduct business relating to the Trent Valley Canal. Activities which Boyd participated in regularly include yachting and boating (on the "Calumet", "Ogemah", and "Ajax"), curling, hunting, gardening, tree planting, playing cards, skating, canoeing, and attending the theatre. He recounts details of the illnesses, deaths and funerals of acquaintances and family members, including his step-brother, Mossom (Mossie) Martin Boyd. Boyd recounts in detail the building of his house by John E. Belcher ([184-]-1915), architect, civil engineer, and surveyor. This house is now operated as Case Manor Nursing Home. The diaries speak of local and federal politics, World War I, and the activities of the church. They also detail the activities of the Lindsay, Bobcaygeon and Pontypool Railway Company, the Trent Valley Navigation Steamship Company, and the day-to-day operation of the family lumbering and cattle/buffalo enterprises.
Inclusive Dates: 1878-1917
Extent: 14 cm of textual records
Restrictions: N

TITLE: W.T.C. Boyd fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 02-014
Description: Fonds consists of diaries, notebooks, and "cash books" of W.T.C. Boyd relating primarily to business matters, with occasional references to personal matters. Also included are photographs of family members; letters written during WWI by Boyd's son, Thornton; letters and documents related to the building of Boyd's house by architect, John E. Belcher; and letters and documents relating to the family cattle/buffalo cross-breeding enterprise.
Inclusive Dates: 1863-1917
Extent: 12 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Captain John C. Boylen scrapbooks fonds

Accession Number: 77-020
Description: This fonds consists of seven scrapbooks of newspaper clippings relating to the history of the 127th Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Forces (Queen's York Rangers) which were compiled by Captain J.C. Boylen.
Inclusive Dates: 1915-1940
Extent: 15 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: 1885-1985 Batoche Fish Creek : Capt. Edward T. Brown

Accession Number: 94-1002
Description: This item is a pamphlet regarding the Brown Memorial rededication at Centenary Park in Peterborough, Ontario.
Inclusive Dates: 12 May 1985
Extent: 1 item
Restrictions: N

TITLE: John Quentin Brown fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 20-006
Description: Fonds includes letters between John Quentin Brown and family members and photographs primarily of Quentin and his immediate family. Also included is a copy of The Army’s Mister Brown: A Family Trilogy, 1941-1952.
Inclusive Dates: 1926-2005
Extent:12 cm of textual records; ca. 80 photographs
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Professor Alan Brunger fonds. Additions. 

Accession Number: 21-001
Description: This fonds consists of research in the 19th and 20th century Canadian historical geography, specifically emigration and settlement from British Isles to Upper Canada, the Trent Canal use during WWII, the environmental and cultural consequences of flooding from the Trent Canal dam in the late 19th century, and research on Bon Echo, Algonquin, and Banff National Parks. Research is also included on European migration and land settlement patterns and processes in Cape Province, South Africa in the early 19th century and in Western Australia in the early 20th century. Included in the research materials are several maps, a small collection of photo negatives, and microfilm reels. 
Inclusive Dates: 1771-2017
Extent: 224 cm of textual material; ca. 300 maps; ca. 150 photographs
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Burgess-Walton family fonds

Accession Number: 84-012
Description: This fonds consists of photographs, two charcoal portraits, land documents and biographical sketches of Lakefield, Ontario. It also includes information on the Joseph Walton family of Smith Township.
Inclusive Dates: 1819-1970
Extent: 12 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Camp X Historical Society collection

Accession Number: 01-1023
Description: Collection consists of a history of Camp X, a collage of photocopied photographs, and a list of Canadian Special Operations Executive (SOE) agents.
Inclusive Dates: [2000]
Extent: 1 cm of textual records
Restrictions: N 

TITLE: Campbell family fonds

Accession Number: 88-017
Description: This fonds consists of five bound volumes relating to activities of the Campbell family of Keene, Ontario. There are ledgers, diaries and a scrapbook which date from 1862 to 1929.
Inclusive Dates: 1862-1929
Extent: 18 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: 57th Regiment, Peterborough Rangers fonds

Accession Number: 73-002
Description: The fonds consists of a photocopy of the history of the 57th Regiment, Peterborough Rangers from 1914 to 1916 written by Francis H. Dobbin. It includes an index. The history from 1946 to 1970 was continued by Major D.P. Pryde.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [before 1973]
Extent: 15 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Canada. Privy Council Office fonds

Accession Number: 76-040
Description: This fonds consists of registers and indices to Orders-in-Council; registers of decisions taken by the Privy Council including number, name and subject, date of receipt in the Privy Council, date of report of committee, date when confirmed in Council and remarks; and an index (1939-1945) of the Cabinet War Committee, with minutes and documents. The records on the microfilm date from 1867 to 1965.
Inclusive Dates: Microfilmed 9 May 1974
Extent: 41 reels
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Canadian Red Cross fundraising fonds

Accession Number: 91-1031
Description: This fonds consists of a letter from the Red Cross Headquarters directing its branches regarding the sale of Princess Patricia's miniature portraits, which were used to raise funds for World War I relief.
Inclusive Dates: 3 April 1916
Extent: 3 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: George Y. Clement fonds

Accession Number: 00-1000
Description: This fonds consists of four typed manuscripts written by George H. Young for his children in [1913]. The titles of the manuscripts are as follows: "Historical Paper No. 1. Notes of 1869-70. The Red River Settlement at times spoken of as Fort Garry" (33 pages); "Historical Paper No. 2. The Fenian Raid of October 1871 into Manitoba" (21 pages); "Historical Paper No. 3. Being the first paper of the rebellion of 1885" (22 pages); "Historical Paper No. 4. Re. The half breed and Indian insurrection of 1885" (22 pages). There are references throughout to Louis Riel.
Inclusive Dates: [1913]
Extent: 4 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Tinney family fonds

Accession Number: 95-1001
Description: This fonds consists of a blacksmith's account book belonging to John Tinney of Cavan, Ontario and a small pocket diary kept by a soldier, Hector Tinney who served overseas in World War I. Also included in the fonds are a number of post cards of Belleville, Ontario, Trenton in Ontario as well as a photograph of Hector Tinney and the Tinney blacksmith shop.
Inclusive Dates: 1891-1894; 1918
Extent: 11 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Amy Cosh collection

Accession Number: 05-006
Description: Collection consists of a photograph album containing 188 photographs and newspaper clippings of soldiers from Bobcaygeon, Ontario who served in WWII. Also included is a booklet entitled "The Royal Canadian Legion, Bobcaygeon Branch 239, 1932-1992."
Inclusive Dates: 1942-1946
Extent: 188 photographs; 2 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: John Carleton Grover fonds

Accession Number: 10-001
Description: Fonds consists of correspondence and R.C.A.F. materials relating to the military career of John Grover.
Inclusive Dates: 1940-1980; 1984; 1999
Extent: 24 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Harley R. Cummings fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 01-009
Description: Fonds consists of maps and plans of the Ottawa and Haliburton areas, time-books of Bronsons and Weston logging firm, and photographs of the building of a railway, and of the Haliburton area. Included also are research material and manuscripts relating to books which Harley R. Cummings wrote about schools in the Ottawa area, and on the history of Haliburton. Included are notes on John Strachan and a transcript of his diary.The fonds also includes several genealogical charts of the MacCallum family.
Inclusive Dates: 1864-1999
Extent: .5 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Harley R. Cummings fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 02-009
Description: Fonds consists of call-up notification postcards (1874-1880) sent by Lieut.-Col. Alex. McKenzie of Barrie, Ontario, to Lieut. John Sutherland of Bond Head, Ontario regarding the Battalion being raised at Barrie for the Northwest Rebellion. Also included are genealogical records related to the Cummings and MacCallum families, a photocopy of a book written by Harley Cummings entitled "Cummings-MacCallum: A Tale of Two Families"; notes and other materials related to the teaching career of Cummings; three photographs, "Hon. Thos. Mackay's Mills, Distillery etc. and part of New Edinburgh, Rideau Falls", "New Edinburgh, from Railway Bridge", and an unidentified photo similar to the previous two; and three maps: 1. "Ontario Department of Highways Road Map of the Provisional County of Haliburton", 1952 (original); 2. "Plan of Part of York River and its Southern Tributaries, Egan's River, Hudson's Creek & Allen's Creek together with the Head Waters of the E. & W. Branches of Crow River & Buckhorn Branch of Ottanabe [Otonabee] River, Tributaries to the St. Lawrence", surveyed by John A. Snow, Hull, 1855 (in four sheets, copied from microfilm); 3. "Plan of Part of York River, commencing at the Floorwood Jam", surveyed by John A. Snow, Hull, 1854 (in three sheets, copied from microfilm).
Inclusive Dates: 1874-1986
Extent: 7 cm of textual records 3 maps 3 photographs
Restrictions: N 

TITLE: Lieutenant Colonel J. Deacon notebook

Accession Number: 77-1018
Description: This item is a notebook containing orders and correspondence of Lieutenant Colonel J. Deacon, commanding officer of the Midland Regiment, during the Riel Rebellion of 1885. Also included in the notebook are telegrams and copies of Deacon's own correspondence to General Middleton.
Inclusive Dates: 1885
Extent: 5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Eugene F. Eggleton fonds

Accession Number: 89-1007
Description: This fonds consists of a series of five documents relating to Eugene F. Eggleton. There is a sworn statement by his sister, identifying him, his honorable discharge papers from the U.S. Army, his marriage certificate with Elizabeth Ann Kelly of Peterborough, an invoice for the burial of Eugene P. Eggleton, and the notification of birth registration for their daughter Mary Patricia Eggleton.
Inclusive Dates: 1915-1924
Extent: 1 folder
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Fenian Raids scrapbook

Accession Number: 70-1000
Description: This item is a scrapbook of newspaper clippings describing the Fenian Raids made on the borders of Canada West, Canada East and the United States in 1866.
Inclusive Dates: 1866
Extent: 2 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Port Hope's Fortieth Regiment photographic fonds

Accession Number: 83-1006
Description: This fonds consists of photographs of individual members of the Fortieth Port Hope Regiment from approximately 1885.
Inclusive Dates: [ca. 1885]
Extent: 8 photographs
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Fowlds family and business fonds

Accession Number: 72-001
Description: The fonds consists of family and related papers of Henry Fowlds and his family including James S. Fowlds and H.M. Fowlds. It also includes business correspondence, invoices, some journals and cashbooks, mortgages as well as deeds regarding the business of Henry Fowlds, Jas. S. Fowlds and Bros. and H.M. Fowlds.
Inclusive Dates: 1838-1935
Extent: 2.74 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Francis Frape fonds

Accession Number: 88-026
Description: This fonds consists of records and photographs concerning the military career of Francis Frape of Peterborough, Ontario.
Inclusive Dates: 1918-1959
Extent: 5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Leslie M. Frost fonds

Accession Number: 77-024
Description: This fonds consists of the personal and collected papers of the Honourable Leslie M. Frost, former Premier of Ontario. It contains correspondence; letter books from World War I through his legal and political career to post-retirement phase of public and private directorships; scrapbooks of Leslie Frost and his wife Gertrude; and historical files on various subjects, including the Frost family, the Carew family, various political figures, and Victoria, Peterborough and Haliburton Counties. The fonds is especially valuable for the study of Conservatism and it includes collected campaign material from 1891 to 1971, material on federal and provincial elections, and original and copied historical material on many individuals and events. Also included in the fonds are photographs, miscellaneous graphic materials, and audio visual materials.
Inclusive Dates: 1798-1973
Extent: 36.6 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Leslie M. Frost and Cecil G. Frost fonds

Accession Number: 77-027
Description: The fonds consists of 173 wartime and military letters written by Leslie M. and Cecil G. Frost while on active service during World War I to their parents in Orillia, Ontario. Also included are three letter from Mrs. Frost to Leslie, telegrams relating to wounds suffered by the brothers, and maps of the Passchendale sector. Each item is accompanied by a typewritten memo by Leslie M. Frost, written in 1971, explaining certain references, or expanding on a point touched on in the letters. Both of the brothers comment on military life; politics in both Canada and Great Britain, including the 1917 Canadian conscription issue; their concerns of the welfore of people at home; and their plans, or lack thereof, for after the war.
Inclusive Dates: 1915-1920
Extent: 30 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Geale-Rogers family fonds

Accession Number: 82-022
Description: This fonds consists of the personal and business records of the Geale, Hamilton, Peck, Barker and Rogers families. There are letters relating to World War I written by Beresford and Robert Hamilton and Heber and Harry Rogers; letters, diaries, journals of Richard Birdsall Rogers (superintending engineer of the Peterborough Lift Lock); the records of Hon. Robert Hamilton, a factor at the Hudson's Bay Company stationed at Fort Edmonton. The fonds also contains stereographs, approximately 1000 photographs, and a C.E. Goad fire insurance plan for the city of Peterborough, 1882. Items of interst include a group of photographs of the Trent Valley area and the building of the canal; Rogers family pictures of the Stoney Lake area and the Juniper Island Regatta; photos of early aircraft and the Curtiss Aviation School; photos of hydraulic lift lock at Peterborough; and one letter from Catharine Parr Traill to Robert Miles Hamilton.
Inclusive Dates: 1834-1966
Extent: 3.7 m
Restrictions: Y No copying of the Fire Insurance Plan without permission of the University Archivist. No reprinting of the Fire Insurance Plan without the permission of the Underwriter's Association.

TITLE: F.W. Haultain fonds

Accession Number: 75-1013
Description: This fonds consists of correspondence, a petition, and an election poster. One item, the letter of 1827, relates to another Haultain, perhaps Major-General F.M. Haultain. The remainder relates particularly to F.W. Haultain's military and political careers.
Inclusive Dates: 1827-1879
Extent: 23 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Geta Helme document

Accession Number: 98-1001
Description: This document is a photocopy of a 1914 newspaper clipping written by Geta Helme. In the article, Helme describes her adventures travelling from Bonn, Germany back to England, and includes her contacts with British, American, and German officialdom. The article was published in the "Lancashire Guardian", August 22, 1914.
Inclusive Dates: 1998
Extent: 1 item
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Sir Samuel Hughes fonds

Accession Number: 83-1014
Description: This fonds consists of 1 black and white photograph of the funeral parade of General Sir Sam Hughes taken on Friday August 26, 1927. It also consists of 1 black and white photograph of a reception and speech of Col. Sam Hughes at Lindsay, Ontario, on his return from the Boer War, on October 3, 1900.
Inclusive Dates: 1900, 26 Aug. 1921
Extent: 2 photographs
Restrictions: N

TITLE: John Huston fonds

Accession Number: 71-006
Description: The fonds consists of correspondence regarding Upper Canada politics, rebellion, papers as Justice of the Peace; militia records; survey records and lists of settlers in 1825 Irish settlement of Emily township, Upper Canada; and photocopies of Huston's survey of Verulam township, 1834, donated by H.T. Pammett. This fonds contains excellent information on the settlement of Emily Township by Irish immigrants sponsored by Peter Robinson and facilitated by John Huston. Included are provision records, location tickets, and also Peter Robinson's signed letters. Genealogical resource.
Inclusive Dates: 1818-1849
Extent: 1.5 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Keystone View Company fonds

Accession Number: 80-007
Description: The fonds consists of 100 black and white stereoscopic views entitled "World War Through the Stereograph" Volumes 1 and 2. Each stereograph is numbered and has on the reverse a descriptive text.
Inclusive Dates: 1914-1921
Extent: 100 stereoscopic views
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Stafford F. Kirkpatrick fonds

Accession Number: 75-011
Description: This fonds consists of photocopies of letters written by Stafford F. Kirkpatrick to his brother Alexander in Dublin, with a few to his brother William regarding family and friends, business matters, local news, comments on the political situation in Canada, St. John's Church in Peterborough, Thomas A. Stewart and his family, and the Rebellion of 1837. The records cover the period between April 1831 and November 1851.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [ca. 1975]
Extent: 5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Lakefield Heritage Research collection

Accession Number: 12-004
Description: Collection consists primarily of photocopies and emails with information pertaining to various aspects of Peterborough's history, from both the city and the county. Brief history of the town of Lakefield is also included.
Inclusive Dates: 2003-2012
Extent: 32 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Professor David Macmillan Collection. Additions

Accession Number: 08-012
Description: Letters from various correspondents in Britain pertaining to all political, military and trade operations of the British empire.
Inclusive Dates: 1612-1932
Extent: 1.75 m
Restriction: N

TITLE: Helen Marryat fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 84-1000
Description: This addition to the fonds includes World War I correspondence, 3 "water level" notebooks (Hastings), and typescript copies of Fowlds family correspondence, Asphodel Township, 1841.
Inclusive Dates: 1841-1945
Extent: 2.5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Helen Marryat fonds

Accession Number: 69-001
Description: The fonds consists mostly of Helen Marryat's (nee Helen Fowlds) personal experiences as a nurse in World War I, and her activities as a local historian. There are clippings of her articles in local newspapers, historical maps (drawn by Gerald Marryat) and other materials relating to settlement of Hastings and district such as education and nursing. Also included are the correspondence and photograph collections of her brothers, Donald and Eric (mostly from World War I), and material on Frederick Marryat (1792-1848), navy captain and novelist.
Inclusive Dates: 4 Feb. 1912-21 Nov. 1964
Extent: 1.7 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Lieutenant W.E. Massey-Cooke fonds

Accession Number: 80-003
Description: The fonds consists of concert and theatre programs from Millbrook, Ontario; World War I materials including prisoner-of-war post cards, and photographs; and theatre programs, menus and other material relating to entertainments which allied prisoners in German war camps devised for their own amusement and which were collected by Lieutenant W.E. Massey-Cooke.
Inclusive Dates: 1914-1952
Extent: 6 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Eliza Jane (Hughes) McAlpine fonds

Accession Number: 97-1037
Description: This fonds consists of a two-volume biography of Eliza Jane (Hughes) McAlpine, 1854-1938, written by her grandson, Wallace McAlpine, fifty years after her death. The biography contains the Hughes family history from the Napoleonic era, follows Eliza's parents to Canada in the 1840's, describes the marriages of her siblings, and gives a fine sense of life in Durham County in the early years of Canada's nationhood. Eliza's battle with spinal meningitis is recounted. The volumes trace the events, joys, and sorrows of the sizeable Hughes family, the accomplishments of Eliza's husband, Dr. John McAlpine, and the experiences with horses and subsequently automobiles. The extraordinary impact of Hardy's "Tess of the D'Urbervilles" is described. The famous Sir Sam Hughes was Eliza's brother and some of his exploits are described. Eliza's tour of Europe is described as it took place just before the outbreak of World War I. Lt. A.A. MacLeod's story is told. There is an account of Lt. Col. Cyril D.H. McAlpine's fateful expedition in the Arctic; a biographical sketch of J.W.L. Foster who painted a portrait of Eliza; an account of M.P. Tom Stinson's visits with Eliza; Eliza's disgust with Vicki Baum; her pleasure in talking with Chief Paudash; and finally her death and its aftermath. The volumes provide a wide, varied sketch of the times in which the events transpire. Attached to the pages within the volumes are approximately 30 photographs, most of which are portraits, and are both in black and white, and colour.
Inclusive Dates: [1988]
Extent: 2 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: McNeill photographic fonds

Accession Number: 83-1000
Description: This fonds includes three 8 X 10 inch, black and white photographs of military groups, 1 framed certificate and 1 sketch book with loose photographs in the front.
Inclusive Dates: [ca. 1916]
Extent: 5 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Medd family fonds

Accession Number: 81-001
Description: This fonds consists primarily of the correspondence of Scott Ackerman Medd to his parents Sidney Taylor Medd and Estelle Lumsden Ackerman and his sister Mary E. Medd. The correspondence covers such topics as Scott's education at Trinity College School in Port Hope and at the Royal Academy in London, England, his development as and artist, life in England, and World War II. The fonds also contains the family records of Thomas and Mary Medd consisting of emigration and settlement letters, 1819-1919; correspondence to Robert Medd, 1820-1852; and correspondence to and from Sidney Taylor Medd during World War I. Also included are photographs of various members of the Medd family and sketches and sketchbooks of Scott Ackerman Medd.
Inclusive Dates: 1819-1977
Extent: 2 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Millbrook lacrosse team and Millbrook cenotaph fonds

Accession Number: 91-1030
Description: This fonds consists of a dedication program for the cenotaph honouring the heros of the Great War (World War I) in Millbrook on June 23, 1921. There is also a photograph of the Millbrook Lacrosse Team of 1881 who were the Champions of Central Ontario. The photograph has a list of names affixed to the back of it.
Inclusive Dates: 1881, 23 June 1921
Extent: 2 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Miscellaneous graphic materials collection

Accession Number: 04-021
Description: Collection consists of miscellaneous photographs, engravings, posters, broadsides, and a newspaper supplement.
Inclusive Dates: 1830-2001
Extent: 1.2 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Munro family fonds

Accession Number: 79-006
Description: This fonds consists of the family and personal papers of William Hamilton Munro, his brothers Reid and Alan and his sister Effie. The materials in the fonds make reference to World War I; Peterborough County; hydro-electric companies in Canada and the third world; photographs, postcards, maps and plans of the Trent Canal; City of Peterborough; and locations in Bolivia, Europe and North America.
Inclusive Dates: 1856-1975
Extent: 4 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Order of Woodcraft Chivalry fonds

Accession Number: 89-012
Description: This fonds consists of a number of pamphlets and handbooks of the Order of Woodcraft Chivalry which describe the aims, goals and activities of the boys' club.
Inclusive Dates: 1917-1979
Extent: 5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Edward A. Partridge fonds

Accession Number: 93-018
Description: This fonds consists of correspondence, poetry, diaries and newspaper clippings relating to Edward Partridge. The letters include one commenting on the death of his son in France during World War I. Also included are his writings on vegetarianism and the Masonic order.
Inclusive Dates: 1914-1962
Extent: 5 inches
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Peterborough newspaper files fonds

Accession Number: 88-025
Description: This fonds is comprised of typescripts of newspaper articles from the Peterborough Weekly Despatch, the Peterborough Review and the Peterborough Examiner. The articles have been arranged chronologically under a number of subject headings.
Inclusive Dates: 1846-1860
Extent: 25 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: William Piercy fonds

Accession Number: 97-1008
Description: This item is a 1943 map used by military personnel of the Department of Poperinghe, showing territory in France and in Belgium, from Bergues in the northwest to Poperinghe in the southeast.
Inclusive Dates: 1943
Extent: 1 item
Restrictions: N

TITLE: The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada : A story of the year 1922-23

Accession Number: 93-1003
Description: This item is a 12 page account of the activities of the regiment of the Queen's Own Rifles from 1922 to 1923.
Inclusive Dates: 1923
Extent: 1 item
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Realistic Travels fonds

Accession Number: 80-008
Description: The fonds consists of 100 black and white stereographs numbered, captioned and entitled "The Great War".
Inclusive Dates: 1914-1918
Extent: 100 stereographs
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Return Journey / Jean McCullough & Bob McElroy

Accession Number: 05-1003
Description: Item is a bound typescript of a description of a journey made to Europe in 1973 by a group of war veterans and their families. The group included the authors of the manuscript. Author Jean McCullough is from Gunn, Alberta, and author Bob McElroy is from Bridgenorth, Ontario.
Inclusive Dates: 1973
Extent: 2 cm of textual records
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Louis Riel letter

Accession Number: 77-1007
Description: This item is a copy and translation of a letter from Louis Riel in the prison at Regina to Dr. Romuald Fiset, thanking Fiset and the committee for Riel's defense, for what they were doing for him and outlining his activities since his return from the United States so that his attornies (Lemieux and Fitzpatrick) might have his side of the story. In the letter, Riel also voices his desire that his trial be held in Lower Canada.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [between 1970 and 1977]
Extent: 9 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Mark Robinson diaries fonds

Accession Number: 77-1022
Description: This fonds consists of photocopies of two diaries of Mark Robinson from October 8 to December 31, 1915 and January 1 to March 3, 1917. The 1915 diary deals mainly with recruiting men from Simcoe County. The 1917 diary describes an instructional tour of the trenches in France, time spent in England, and his return to Canada. Leslie and Cecil Frost are mentioned in these diaries.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [before 1977]
Extent: 40 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Henry Ruttan report

Accession Number: 92-1000
Description: This item is a photocopy of an 1840 report written by Henry Ruttan, Sheriff of Newcastle District, as a response to the circular letter of Lord Sydenham. Discussed in the letter are the militia, the roads and other internal improvements, the land granting system, the state of education; the (projected) union of the two provinces and responsible government.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [between 1990 and 1992]
Extent: 113 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: World War I Newspaper Clippings and Trent Canal photographs Scrapbook

Accession Number: 89-1018
Description: This scrapbook contains clippings about World War I and photographs of the Trent Canal and River system including Lakefield Canoe Co., Kirkfield and the Peterborough Lift Lock. The people in the photographs are unidentified.
Inclusive Dates: [between 1918 and 1928]
Extent: 1 item
Restrictions: N

TITLE: L.V. Shier fonds

Accession Number: 77-022
Description: This fonds consists of World War I trench maps and general maps of the war area. Included are maps of Lens Canal, Passchendaele and general maps of France and Belgium. Also included in the fonds is a bound photocopy of Lieut. L.V. Shier's service diary, 1917-1918.
Inclusive Dates: 1915-1918
Extent: 30 maps; 1 book
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Soldiers of the American Revolution / Center of Military History, Department of the Army

Accession Number: 01-1004
Description: This item consists of a folder containing ten published 56 cm x 43 cm pictures of American Revolution war scenes.
Inclusive Dates: 1974
Extent: 1 item
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Gladys G. Stacey fonds

Accession Number: 15-011

Description: Fonds consists of binders, notebooks, and scrapbooks pertaining to the life and career of Gladys G. Stacey. Included are Stacey's manuscripts, published articles, paintings, and sketches. Also included are family genealogical records; photographs; newspaper clippings; copies of family diaries and diary pages; correspondence; articles by Frederick Stacey; financial records; military records of Stacey children; personal family documents (i.e. passport, birth and death certificates, diplomas, etc.). Included as well are publications containing information about the Stacey and Devlin families.
Inclusive Dates: ca. 1880s-2014
Extent: .65 m of textual records; ca. 250 photographs; 4 published books
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Standen-McQueen family fonds

Accession Number: 14-014

Description: Fonds is comprised of the family papers of Sydney Helmer Standen and Euphemia Young Standen (nee McQueen). These papers include ancestral records and photographs dating from the 1860s to the 1970s and touch geographically on England, Scotland, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. They pertain primarily to the families of Standen, McQueen, Drysdale, Ronald and Bensen and include such individuals as Sydney (Sid) Helmer Standen, Euphemia (Effie) Young Standen, Philip Andrew Standen, Neil McQueen Standen, Sydney Drysdale Standen, Eric James William Standen, James McQueen, Margaret (Maggie) McQueen, and Peter Ian McQueen. Subjects include migration, settlement, farming, education, teaching, military service and war, and domestic life.
Inclusive Dates: [1850]-[1970]
Extent: 2.3 m of textual records and related materials. -- ca. 2500 photographs. -- ca. 1500 negatives.
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Alan Stewart Letters

Accession Number: 00-1001
Description: This collection consists of 32 letters. Most were written by Alan Stewart to his sister Joan stewart. Stewart served as an engineer with the Cable Section, Canadian Corps, British Expeditionary Force during World War 1 in France and Belgium. There are 3 photographs of Alan Stewart in the collection.
Inclusive Dates: 1914-1919
Extent: 32 letters
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Lieutenant Colonel R.H. Sylvester order book

Accession Number: 77-1019
Description: This item is an order book of Lt. Col. R.H. Sylvester, officer commanding of the 45th Regiment (Victoria and Haliburton). It contains daily regimental orders while at Camp Barriefield and Sturgeon Point, Ontario.
Inclusive Dates: 1905-1911
Extent: 5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Papers concerning the treatment of German Nationals in Germany

Accession Number: 91-1011
Description: This item is a bound compilation of papers presented to the British Parliament.
Inclusive Dates: 1938-1939
Extent: 1 booklet
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Trotter family photographic fonds

Accession Number: 81-016
Description: The fonds consists of 25 black and white photographs (8"X10") of scenes, in and around Lindsay, Ontario, which cover such topics as parades and processions, military, industrial, social and family gatherings. The photographs were created by the Trotter family.
Inclusive Dates: 1880-1913
Extent: 3 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: W.S. Tucker collection

Accession Number: 91-008
Description: This collection consists of texts of papers and speeches written by William Sansome Tucker, D.Sc., A.M.I.E.E. in his particular area of expertise-sound phenomena-as well as other topics. Also included are letters patent, photographic and diagram illustrations as well as a few tear-sheets from periodicals about his work. There are also two or three papers by Dr. Tucker's colleagues.
Inclusive Dates: 1910-1940
Extent: 18 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Mary Tuer diary

Accession Number: 75-1001
Description: This item is a diary of a European tour from July 2 to September 27, 1914, and of boat trip aboard the SS Megantic (Montreal, Quebec, to Liverpool, England). There are also passenger lists, menus, and postcards included in the diary. The diary has some references to the outbreak of World War I, and the removal of British subjects from the continent. There is also one piece of correspondence included. The diary chronicles a tour through England, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.
Inclusive Dates: 2 July 1914-27 Sept. 1914
Extent: 75 pages, approximately
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Uniforms of the United States Navy, 1776-1898 / Naval History Division, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations

Accession Number: 01-1003
Description: This item consists of a 52.5 cm x 43 cm folder which contains 12 pictures of navy personnel in uniform. The item was published in 1966 by the Naval History Division, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Washington, D.C.
Inclusive Dates: 1966
Extent: 1 item
Restrictions: N

TITLE: United States. Armed Forces. Northwest Service Command: Records of the Canal Project and Alaskan Highway

Accession Number: 77-037
Description: The microfilms are of records of the United States army, Northwest Service Command and 6th Service Command dealing with the Canol Project and the Alaska Highway Project, including reports, general orders, histories, maps and charts, minutes of meetings and conferences, and demobilization plans. These records also contain international agreements between Canada and the United States. The records on the microfilm date from 1940 to 1946.
Inclusive Dates: Microfilmed 1974
Extent: 17 reels
Restrictions: N

TITLE: We-Peterborough : World Emergency Centre for Assertive Non-Violence fonds

Accession Number: 89-011
Description: This fonds consists of records dealt with by We-Peterborough, primarily the civil disobedience and cruise missile protest. Regarding civil disobedience, the fonds contains various study kits, articles and publications. It also includes articles, legal correspondence and minutes of meetings.
Inclusive Dates: 1961-1985
Extent: 25 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: World War I photograph album

Accession Number: 83-1002
Description: This album contains photographs of Canadian soldiers from World War I, the monument to Edith Cavell and a Canadian troop train.
Inclusive Dates: [between 1910 and 1920]
Extent: 33 photographs
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Recalling Hiroshima and Nagasaki fonds / Issued by the Atomic Bomb Information Center

Accession Number: 01-1006
Description: Fonds consists of a folder of 12 sheets of photographs which show the effects of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan in 1945. The 14 photographs are of individuals, and of the landscape of the area. The photographs were issued with the purpose of "calling for the issuance of a bill to protect atomic bomb survivors and calling for a total ban of atomic weapons". (Taken from the folder which encloses the photographs.) The text on the folder and the photographs is written in Japanese.
Inclusive Dates: 1981
Extent: 1 folder (12 p.)
Restrictions: N

TITLE: World War II soldiers photographs

Accession Number: 83-1004
Description: This collection contains 89 2.5" x 4" black and white photographs of soldiers from World War II of the Peterborough and Cobourg areas.
Inclusive Dates: [between 1941 and 1946]
Extent: 89 photographs
Restrictions: N

TITLE: World War II telegrams fonds

Accession Number: 91-1008
Description: This fonds consists of one shipboard dispatch relating to the meeting between Hitler and Mussolini on August 1939; a telegram from April 29, 1945 suing for peace; a telegram from May 7, 1945 regarding the signing of an unconditional surrender and two telegrams from 1946 concerning atomic bomb use from the Prime Minister of Canada, MacKenzie King.
Inclusive Dates: 13 Aug. 1939-29 April 1945
Extent: 5 telegrams
Restrictions: N