Archives: Maps

While there are hundreds of maps located within the collections of Trent Archives and some of them are unique, copies of many of the maps are readily available elsewhere. Nevertheless, some of our map holdings are rare and these are featured in the fonds listed below.  Amongst them, note especially the maps of North America and the polar region dating from the mid-sixteenth century to the nineteenth century which comprise part of the Robert Hunter fonds 87-001 and 99-004.  Included are a number of maps of Canada and and the fonds especially emphasize historical maps of Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.  
We also have an extensive collection of GoadFire Insurance Plans for the City of Peterborough, surrounding towns and villages, and other municipalities throughout Canada. Our holdings also include a copy of the Sir Sandford Fleming 1846 Plan of the Town of Peterborough fonds 93-008 Map 3 and, through the generosity of the Peterborough Centennial Museum and Archives, a copy of Romaine's Map of the Town of Peterborough and Village of Ashburnham, 1875 fonds 01-1024.
Note also our collection of Miscellaneous Folded Maps. Many of the Peterborough maps and plans are in the Miscellaneous Map Collection. There is also an assortment of Canadian and Ontario historical atlases located in the Archives Reading Room.
TITLE: Deloro Mine Collection
Accession Number: 98-018
Description: This collection consists of technical plans and details of the Deloro mining processes, labour relations and union papers, medical information concerning arsenic poisoning, historical material regarding Deloro and the village of Marmora, maps, and plant photographs, layouts, and site plans.
Inclusive Dates: 1918-1963
Extent: 18 cm & 5 large folders
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Leslie M. Frost fonds
Accession Number: 77-024
Description: This fonds consists of the personal and collected papers of the Honourable Leslie M. Frost, former Premier of Ontario. It contains correspondence; letter books from World War I through his legal and political career to post-retirement phase of public and private directorships; scrapbooks of Leslie Frost and his wife Gertrude; and historical files on various subjects, including the Frost family, the Carew family, various political figures, and Victoria, Peterborough and Haliburton Counties. The fonds is especially valuable for the study of Conservatism and it includes collected campaign material from 1891 to 1971, material on federal and provincial elections, and original and copied historical material on many individuals and events. Also included in the fonds are photographs, miscellaneous graphic materials, and audio visual materials.
Inclusive Dates: 1798-1973
Extent: 36.6 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Robert Lloyd Hunter fonds
Accession Number: 87-001
Description: This fonds consists of petitions, proclamations, printed acts, correspondence relating to British North America, Hudson's Bay Company, and the governance of British North America by the British crown. There are records relating to the Red River Settlement, the British Columbia Act and Oregon Territory. Many early maps are included in the fonds.
Inclusive Dates: 1556-1881
Extent: 30.5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Robert Lloyd Hunter fonds. Additions
Accession Number: 99-004
Description: This fonds consists of printed Acts of the Government of Canada; guides and pamphlets of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Grand Trunk Railway; and early maps, plans, and promotional brochures of locations throughout Canada.
Inclusive Dates: 1775-1976
Extent: 30 cm & one map folder
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Miscellaneous map collection
Accession Number: 93-008
Description: This collection consists of miscellaneous maps of Upper Canada, Canada West and Ontario. The maps consist mostly of the Peterborough area and include Sir Sandford Fleming's 1846 map of the City of Peterborough.
Inclusive Dates: 1846-1949
Extent: 35 maps
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Francis J.A. Morris fonds. Additions
Accession Number: 80-034
Description: This addition to the fonds consists of records created by Frank Morris. The fonds is arranged into the following series: correspondence, manuscripts and typescripts; postcards of the British Isles and Canada; photographs and negatives of botanical species from field trips; glass lantern slides of flowers, fine arts, museums, and scenes of Europe; and maps, mostly of Great Britain and Ontario.
Inclusive Dates: 1869-1949
Extent: 2 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Munro family fonds
Accession Number: 79-006
Description: This fonds consists of the family and personal papers of William Hamilton Munro, his brothers Reid and Alan and his sister Effie. The materials in the fonds make reference to World War I; Peterborough County; hydro-electric companies in Canada and the third world; photographs, postcards, maps and plans of the Trent Canal; City of Peterborough; and locations in Bolivia, Europe and North America.
Inclusive Dates: 1856-1975
Extent: 4 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: William Hamilton Munro fonds. Additions
Accession Number: 80-033
Description: This addition to the fonds consists of maps, correspondence and related documents of the Bronson Company, the Gatineau Power Company, and the Ottawa Power Company collected by William Hamilton Munro.
Inclusive Dates: 1877-1964
Extent: 32 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: L.V. Shier fonds
Accession Number: 77-022
Description: This fonds consists of World War I trench maps and general maps of the war area. Included are maps of Lens Canal, Passchendaele and general maps of France and Belgium. Also included in the fonds is a bound photocopy of Lieut. L.V. Shier's service diary, 1917-1918.
Inclusive Dates: 1915-1918
Extent: 30 maps; 1 book
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Romaine's Map of the Town of Peterborough and Village of Ashburnham / Robert Romaine
Accession Number: 01-1024
Description: The item is a map entitled Romaine's Map of the Town of Peterborough and Village of Ashburnham. It was published by Robert Romaine at the "Peterborough Review" office in Peterborough, Ontario, 1875.
Inclusive Dates: 1875
Extent: 1 map
Restrictions: N