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Eugene Forsey

Eugene Forsey

Eugene Forsey (1904-1991)

The Honourable Eugene A. Forsey was born in 1904 in Newfoundland. He attended McGill University, and Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. In the 1930s, Forsey drafted the Regina Manifesto, the C.C.F.'s founding declaration of policy. After a fraught career in teaching at McGill University (1929 to 1941) where his left-wing sympathies were not always appreciated, he became Research Director for the C.C.L and then for its successor, the C.L.C. He held these posts from 1942 until 1966 and then went on to direct a project on the history of unions in Canada. He served on a committee which founded the journal "Labour/Le Travail". Forsey taught labour history at Carleton University and the University of Waterloo. He was appointed to the Senate in 1970, remaining until mandatory retirement in 1979. He was named to the Privy Council in 1985. He was named a Companion of the Order of Canada in 1988. Forsey received numerous honorary degrees, including one from Trent University in 1978, and was chancellor of Trent University from 1973-1977. One of the stellar figures in Canadian labour history, Eugene Forsey was author, professor, constitutional analyst and political commentator. His books include How Canadians Govern Themselves (now in its sixth edition) and Trade Unions in Canada, 1812-1902. A complete list of Forsey's publications can be found here. Trent University Archives received a selection of materials from the library of Eugene Forsey in 2006. We have compiled a list of these and invite researchers to come to the Archives to use this collection. See also a related accession: 99-1004.

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TITLE: Alternatives fonds

Accession Number: 88-024
Description: This fonds consists of essay submissions, correspondence and financial records which relate to Alternatives magazine when it was published at Trent. There are layouts, original artwork and subscriber information for several issues. Conserver Society Notes, which amalgamated with Alternatives, also has material in this collection.
Inclusive Dates: 1971-1985
Extent: 10 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Robert George Barclay fonds

Accession Number: 75-002
Description: This fonds consists of the working papers of R.G. Barclay including correspondence, notes and drafts relating to a history of unemployment insurance which was written by Barclay; correspondence, memoranda, press clippings regarding guaranteed annual wage plans and health insurance; correspondence and clippings regarding pensions; miscellaneous correspondence and papers; and photographs of Unemployment Insurance Commission staff and landscapes. The fonds also includes correspondence, memoranda, memorabilia and photographs regarding the "'53 Varieties".
Inclusive Dates: 1932-1961
Extent: 20 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Department of Labour fonds

Accession Number: 79-005
Description: Microfilm copy of portions of R.G. 27, volumes 55-61, in the National Archives of Canada. It includes scrapbooks of clippings on the Winnipeg General Strike and the sedition trials which followed from 1919 to 1920.
Inclusive Dates: Microfilmed 29 Apr. 1975
Extent: 3 reels
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Deloro Mine Collection

Accession Number: 98-018
Description: This collection consists of technical plans and details of the Deloro mining processes, labour relations and union papers, medical information concerning arsenic poisoning, historical material regarding Deloro and the village of Marmora, maps, and plant photographs, layouts, and site plans.
Inclusive Dates: 1918-1963
Extent: 18 cm & 5 large folders
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Deloro Mine collection. Additions

Accession Number: 07-007
Description: Collection consists of employee records, plant and engineering operations, and photographs of Deloro village and the Deloro mining and smelting site.
Inclusive Dates: 1917-1959
Extent: 24 cm of textual records; 8 photographs
Restrictions: N


TITLE: J. Gainey fonds

Accession Number: 72-003
Description: The fonds consists of records of several of the early Peterborough Unions. Included are: Moulders' Local 191, Journeymen Tailors 23, Bricklayers 17, Painters and Decorators 370 and 725, United Brotherhood of Carpenters 672, Barbers 402, Pattern Makers, Machinists 286 and Operating Engineers 690. Original correspondence from sister unions in Canada is included as well as large volumes of correspondence from the American headquarters of each local. In addition there are several original minute books, secretaries' books, and treasurer's reports for the locals. Published material includes circulars, by-laws, rules of order and constitutions. There are also records dealing with the Peterborough Trades and Labour Council (1902), the Labour Educational Association of Ontario, the Trades and Labour Congress of Canada and the American Federation of Labour, material from the latter two being mostly in the form of circular-type letters.
Inclusive Dates: 1882-1937
Extent: 2.9 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: H.H Stevens reconstruction party letter

Accession Number: 92-1006
Description: This item is a photocopy of a letter written by H.H. Stevens January 11, 1968 to a student in History/Political Science 301 in response to questions posed. Stevens writes about the Report of the Price Spreads and Mass Buying Commission, 1934-35, The Canadian Manufacturers Association's complaint, R.B. Bennet's refusal to act, Bennet's removal of Stevens from Conservative Party and the elimination of sweat shop conditions.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied between [1990 and 1992]
Extent: 1 file
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Howard Borden Hamilton fonds

Accession Number: 02-011
Description: Fonds consists of family and business records pertaining to Howard Borden Hamilton and his company, "Howard Hamilton", later known as "Hamilton Holiday Homes", located in McCracken's Landing, Ontario. Included in Box 1 are company financial records, wage records, time logs, inventory records, building permits lists, etc. (1937-1981). Included in Box 2 are business receipts (1979-1981); George Wade bills, etc. (1961-1962); deeds and property documents (1937-1974); Gwendolen Hanley documents relating to various shares, and to the Parkside Motel, Otonabee Township, Ontario, and Forest Plaza Hotel, Mount Forest, Ontario (1963-1972); and Herczeg, Perlus, and Okany building plans (1971). Also included are miscellaneous family records, and a folder of local business receipts issued to William Crowe of Stoney Lake, Ontario, and Jordon Crowe (1883-1924), a "Pathmasters" list, and "Heart Receipt", a recipe for heart ailments. Located in the Large Materials Cabinet are building plans for cottages, homes, and decks at properties belonging to [Keith McKerracher] (1965), Order of the Eastern Star (1972), Clementi Lodge House, Lakefield (1973), D. Bell (1976), Domal-Marine Div. (1980), Marvin McDermot (1982), and J. Webster (1982).
Inclusive Dates: 1883-1998
Extent: 30 cm of textual records ca. 7 building plans
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Indian Crafts Foundation of Ontario fonds

Accession Number: 91-010
Description: This fonds provides a full view of the history of a well-intentioned but short-lived organization involving native peoples, government and the commercial world. It consists of early plans, minutes and correspondence of the board of directors, the development of a constitution and bylaws, correspondence with government and native groups, craft training experience, inventory and accounting processes.
Inclusive Dates: 1968-1973
Extent: 81 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: T.D. Johnston scrapbook

Accession Number: 75-1002
Description: This item is a scrapbook of clippings compiled by T. Eversfield (27 Paton Road), on Ontario politics; the United Farmers of Ontario government, hydro, agriculture, public accounts, labor, elections and other items. There is a brief subject index at the beginning of the scrapbook.
Inclusive Dates: 1923-1924
Extent: 200 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Labour posters collection

Accession Number: 95-1010
Description: This collection consists of thirty-five labour posters printed in London, England and Budapest. There are also three charter certificates, one dated 1919, and two dated in 1937, which were issued to the Canadian Brussels Carpet Weavers Benefit Association and to the United Textile Workers Federal Union, both of Peterborough. Also included in the collection is a photograph entitled "Delegates to Twelfth Convention of the P.M.L. of N.A."
Inclusive Dates: [ca. 1909-1937]
Extent: 35 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Lakefield Heritage Research collection

Accession Number: 12-004
Description: Collection consists primarily of photocopies and emails with information pertaining to various aspects of Peterborough's history, from both the city and the county. Brief history of the town of Lakefield is also included.
Inclusive Dates: 2003-2012
Extent: 32 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Charles Latimer fonds

Accession Number: 95-010
Description: This fonds consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings and miscellaneous documents. The creator of the fonds, Charles Latimer is nephew of Donald Sheridan who was a member of the Industrial Workers of the World. Along with nearly 100 associates, including correspondents represented in this fonds such as David Ingar and Richard Brazier, Sheridan was sentenced to Leavenworth prison for anti-capitalist, anti-militarist opinions during World War I.
Inclusive Dates: 1946-1972
Extent: 5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Leggott family fonds

Accession Number: 12-006
Description: Fonds consists of correspondence, legal and financial documents, newspaper clippings, photographs and memorabilia relating to the Leggott family of Lakefield Ontario.
Inclusive Dates: 1863-1980
Extent: 12.0 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Bruce Mickleburgh fonds

Accession Number: 98-009
Description: This fonds consists of pamphlets, correspondence, journals and reports concerning the International Peace Movement, socialism and communism. The fonds originated with Bruce Mickleburgh, a teacher, journalist and activist.
Inclusive Dates: 1939-1963
Extent: 36 cm
Restrictions: None.

TITLE: New Democratic Party fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 88-010
Description: This addition to the fonds consists of correspondence, notes, documents, newspaper clippings, and campaign records relating to the New Democratic Party in Peterborough. There are also some records relating to the party at the provincial and federal levels.
Inclusive Dates: 1967-1987
Extent: 4 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: New Democratic Party fonds

Accession Number: 83-018
Description: This fonds consists of correspondence, minutes and financial records of the New Democratic Party. Most of the material comes from and concerns the Peterborough riding but there is some provincial and federal concerns included in the material. Please note that there are margin notes by Professor Bruce Hodgins.
Inclusive Dates: 1968-1979
Extent: 61 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: New Democratic Party fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 99-013
Description: This fonds consists of campaign materials, meeting minutes, correspondence, publicity materials, and newspaper clippings relating to the New Democratic Party in Peterborough. Also included are some records relating to the Party at the provincial and national levels.
Inclusive Dates: 1987-1998
Extent: 12 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: New Left Movement fonds

Accession Number: 88-020
Description: This fonds consists of protest newspapers, newsletters, journals, essays, and 'left wing' political manifestos written and published between 1964 and 1973. The records cover Canada and the United States.
Inclusive Dates: 1964-1973
Extent: 51 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Oral histories : audio cassettes and transcript collection

Accession Number: 96-008
Description: This fonds consists of transcripts of interviews with Peterborough and area citizens concerning their perceptions of the social, cultural, and political aspects of life in Peterborough from the early 1900s to 1974. There are also three cassette tapes forming one interview with Lorna Cotton-Thomas.
Inclusive Dates: 1974
Extent: 6.5 cm
Restrictions: There are no written permissions to accompany this accession. Copyright remains with interviewee and researchers must contact interviewee for permission to quote.

TITLE: Platform of the Grand Association for Ontario of the Patrons of Industry

Accession Number: 91-1009
Description: This item is a one page summary in 13 points of the platform adopted by the Grand Association for Ontario of the Patrons of Industry of North America on Sept. 22, 1891 in London, Ontario.
Inclusive Dates: 22 Sept. 1891
Extent: 1 page
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Peterborough Common Press fonds

Accession Number: 83-1023
Description: The fonds consists of the 3 issues of the newspaper "The Peterborough Common Press" which was published in Peterborough, Ontario.
Inclusive Dates: 1976
Extent: 0.5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Peterborough Free Press fonds

Accession Number: 83-1024
Description: This fonds consists of 8 issues of the newspaper "The Peterborough Free Press" which was published in Peterborough, Ontario.
Inclusive Dates: 1968-1969
Extent: 1 cm
Restrictions: N


TITLE: Posters of the Russian Revolution, 1917-1929

Accession Number: 03-005
Description: This item is a set of 40 posters and an accompanying booklet. The posters are reproductions of posters related to the Russian Revolution and created in Russia between 1917 and 1929. They are loosely enclosed in a cover with the title, Posters of the Russian Revolution, 1917-1929, from the Lenin Library, Moscow. Also included is an accompanying booklet with the title, Russian Revolutionary Posters, 1917-1929, published in 1966 and written in English, which gives the translated titles of the posters, along with explanations and a history.
Inclusive Dates: 1966
Extent: 40 posters & .2 cm of textual records
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Elias Rendell indenture

Accession Number: 04-1007
Description: Item is an indenture stating that Elias Rendell of Shaldon, County of Devon, England agrees to become an accountant apprentice of [M-] Crawfords & Company, merchants, in St. Johns, Newfoundland. The item lays out the terms of the agreement.
Inclusive Dates: 1812
Extent: 1 item
Restrictions: N


TITLE: Toronto Trades Assembly and Toronto Trades and Labour Council fonds

Accession Number: 73-006
Description: The fonds consists of minutes of general, executive and special meetings of the Toronto Trades Assembly (February 1871-February 1878) and the Toronto Trades and Labour Council, its successor (July 1881-April 1893), broken down as follows: Volume I contains Toronto Trades Assembly minutes from February 1871 to February 1878, pages 1-359, 400. Volume II contains Toronto Trades and Labour Council minutes from July 1881 to October 1883, pages 1-30, 1-256. Volume III contains Toronto Trades and Labour Council minutes from October 1883 to September 1885, pages 1-258. Volume IV contains Toronto Trades and Labour Council minutes from October 1885 to July 1887; Volume V contains Toronto Trades and Labour Council minutes from August 1887 to April 1893, pages 1-392.
Inclusive Dates: Microfilmed 26 Oct. 1973
Extent: 1 reel
Restrictions: N