Isolated Manuscripts

A Caveat... We occasionally receive single items, maps, drawings, individual letters or very small groupings of letters and documents. As these do not comprise fonds, they are minimally processed and described. There are many important records and documents received in this manner and researchers should not overlook them. Please be aware that these are listed separately here and are not reflected in our "Index to Finding Aids" or in the list of "Subject Guides."

1. The Age of Beauty: Women for Flood Relief, 2005-2006. "Celebrating the Spirit of Peterborough" calendar.
Note: located in Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 35.
(Donated by Marie Doyle, 10 May 2005).

2. Fred De la Fosse letter of introduction for father of Mrs. Mary S. Rogers, Peterborough. Dated 5 April 1917 and addressed to Brigadier-General Bond, C.B., The War Office, Pall Mall.
(Donated by Mrs. Mary S. Rogers, 4 May 1992).

3. Quentin Brown correspondence from cousin, Price Erichsen-Brown, who was a Toronto lawyer. Four letters dated 1991. Letters informative about a water mill built in Millbrook, ca. 1840 by the Needler family.
(Donated by Quentin Brown, 22 September 2004).

4. USSR Leninist posters: post-Russian Revolution era propaganda posters, reproductions, text in Russian. Moscow, 1987.
Note: Located in Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 35.

5. "A Simple Life: The Taylor Mainstream with its Tributaries" / by Aileen Winifred Taylor. Compiled and printed copy of Aileen Taylor's genealogical research on the Strickland family.
(Donated by Aileen Taylor, 2004).

6. Professor Marco Adria tapes. Taped interviews undertaken by Adria of: Peter Gzowski (1992; 2 audio cassette tapes); Mel Hurtig (1992; 1 audio cassette tape); Ted Byfield (1993, 1 audio cassette tape).

7. DVD History of Peterborough "Days Gone By." Production by Wally Macht for the Centennary of the City of Peterborough, 2005.

8. Materials relating to the "Committee for an Independent Canada" including issues of the Independencer 1972-1981. Includes limited edition Duncan Macpherson cartoon (3 copies). Note: Latter items located in Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 47).

9. Correspondence (1961-1998) between friends Wayland Drew and H. Allen Brooks; Drew's remarks at Trent convocation when he received Honorary degree in 1991; cards and notes; conversations about writers and writing and publishing woes; obituaries and memorial remembrance of Drew. Includes 2 photographs of Drew. An important addition to the Wayland Drew fonds 99-012. Materials were donated by Prof. Brooks in 2004.

10. Map. Canada Company Plan of Upper Canada [Winearls 69 (2)] . "A Map of the Province of Upper Canada and the Adjacent Territories in North America" Compiled by James C. Chewett. 1826. Note: Located in Map Cabinet Drawer 17.

11. Map. "Map of the Counties of Northumberland, Durham, Peterborough and Victoria compiled from Actual Surveys and Re-Surveys." E. C. Caddy, P.L Surveyor & C. E. Cobourg 1861. Map is in four separate sections and was donated to Trent University by Hugh Anson-Cartwright in memory of Alf Cole in 1997. Note: Located in Map Cabinet Drawer 17.

12. Watercolour paintings (2) by the Rev. Michael A. Farrar. Smaller watercolour (18 cm x 27 cm) has inscription on the back " M.A. Farrar. Probably done in Wales in the 1850s." Larger watercolour (47 cm x 31 cm) has inscription on the back "Watercolour by the Rev. M.A. Farrar, John Grover's great-grandfather. Believed to be of Loch Lomond, Scotland (See his journal in Trent University Archives)". Paintings were donated to the Archives in 2005 by Rachel Grover. See also our Farrar papers: 98-020, 89-1063, 95-1017 and 96-1002.  Note: Located in Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 35.

13. Brant/Johnson family genealogy: miscellaneous research materials (includes references to Pauline Johnson, Joseph Brant, etc.). Materials were acquired from the estate of Jean Shearman in 2005. See also our Pauline Johnson fonds: 89-013.

14. Stewart family sketches & map (Note: sketches located in Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 46; map located in Maps Cabinet - Drawer 12):
- 8 pencil sketches of people, flowers, & farm animals: 2 unsigned; 3 signed "M.E.R." (one of these dated 1845); 1 signed "Bessie"; 1 signed "S.E.R."; 1 signed "F.B." and titled "Kate & Pompey in the stable & the other Pompey mending the first Pompey's collar" (Note: "the other Pompey" according to Stewart Brown is his grandfather, T.A. Stewart Brown (1852-1936)
- 1 ink sketch unsigned
- one envelope addressed to Bessie Lydia Stewart, 1846
- Also included is a linen-backed map of Ireland "published under the superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge," 1838 (note: Sir Francis Beaufort, relative of Frances Stewart, is known to have been involved in the preparation of such maps/atlases published by the above Society)
These materials were donated by Stewart Brown in 2006.

15. Christmas greeting card, from Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Stratton, 1905. Card depicts a photo of "Strathormond," 751 George St., Peterborough, known today as "Sadleir House." James Stratton was owner and publisher of The Examiner and a political figure in the liberal party.
This card was acquired from Gzowski College Office via Christine Diaz in 2006.

16. The Marriage Act, Schedule D, 1896. Affidavits of John Brown (groom) and Mary Jane Bigelow (bride), both of Clarke Township, Durham County. Married 9 June 1897 in Bowmanville.
This document was acquired from Gzowski College Office via Christine Diaz in 2006.

17. Letters: Maria Edgeworth, Edgeworthstown, Ireland to John Cumming, Dublin dated 13 October 1839; & attached letter by Cumming to Robert Cadill, Bookseller, Edinburgh on same sheet of paper dated 18 October 1839 re problems concerning shipment of Maria's copy of the volumes of memoirs of Sir W. Scott (Source: unknown).

18. Reverend Lloyd J. Delaney materials relating to his 1983 publication, Small but Bountiful: Rice Lake Story, Gore's Landing, Ontario.
Folder 1 of 2: Materials consist of 14 photographs including St. George's Church, Gore's Landing; Richard C.P. Brown; Col. Robert Brown; Frederick William Barron; Hariette Sarah Barron; Hariette Sarah Gore (1818-1893); Thomas Sinclair Gore (1819-1854); John & Lizzie Muskrat, Hiawatha Indian Reserve; Rathburn's drive of logs on Rice Lake, 1898; Cookery and sleeping crib on Trent River, Rathburn's drive; Boat going through saw logs on Trent River; "White House" Rice Lake Hotel, Henley Sorby - Rice Lake canoeing; "Glenavy", Gore's Landing, ca. 1880; Archibald Lampman (photographic reproduction).
Also included are 4 original sketches: 1. [original] Gore homestead at Gore's Landing, Ontario - a watercolour from memory by T.S. Gore Jr.; 2. "Hazelbank, Rice Lake"; 3. "Mavis Bank, Rice Lake' by J.T. Mercer (cottage); 4. "Plan of St. George's Church Yard, Rice Lake". Also, an original Christmas greeting card with sketch from Gerald & Ivy Hayward, New York, 1924; photographic reproductions of Rice Lake sketches by Charles Fothergill and an offprint of a photo of Fothergill; miscellaneous sketches and notes.
Folder 2 of 2: Colonel Robert Brown scrapbook (Col. Brown was a colonel of the Royal Scotch Fusiliers. Thomas Traill and J.W.D. Moodie were in his regiment). The scrapbook includes newspaper clippings pertaining to his interest in USA relations, campaigns abroad, and matters relating to colonial affairs in Upper Canada; it also includes several original paintings of noteworthy soldiers with whom Brown had come into contact. Also included is a painting of a native aboriginal woman entitled "One of the Indian Women who received His R.H. the Prince of Wales... 7th Sept. 1860."
(Source: Paul Delaney, 2006). Note: For related materials see 96-004 and 05-008 and 14-012 (Box 1 Folder 12).

19. Map: "Amérique Russe, Nouvelle Bretagne et Canada," [1825] (identified as Plate 24). A map of Canada with country boundaries outlined in colour
Located in Map Cabinet - Drawer 12

20. Watercolour painting of Champlain College bell tower by artist Oscar Schlienger. He was commissioned to do this painting at the time the university opened. Schienger was born in Switzerland and lived in L'Amble, Ontario. For a number of years he taught art at Peterborough Collegiate Institute. He was an associate of the Group of Seven and often painted with them.
Located in the Trent Cabinet Drawer 2. (Note: a Trent greeting card depicting this watercolour is located in an Accession 19-004 scrapbook).

21. Quentin Brown Research Collection. Notes and photocopied materials relating to Brown's research projects - John Huston, D'Arcy Boulton, Elections in Upper Canada of 1836 and 1841.

22. Research Notes on the Chelsea Pensioners of Dummer Township (Jean Cole).

23. Photograph of the First Parliament of Canada, 1870. Framed. Photograph was given to Walter Howell (Sr.) by his law partner Mr. Francis Kerr, and donated to Trent University in 2007 by Walter Howell, chair of Trent University Foundation and member of our first Board of Governors.
Located in Large Materials Cabinet: Drawer 47.

24. Maternity and its Rituals in Bang Chan / Jane Richardson Hanks. Cornell Thailand Project Interim Reports Series Number Six, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, 1963. (excerpt, p.3: "The purpose of this study is to set down the ethnographic data concerning childbirth in Bang Chan, following out the economic, social, religious, and cosmological aspects as needed to clarify the behavior and the psychological attitudes noted.")

Singapore and Malaysia / Milton E. Osborne. Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, 1964. (excerpt, p.v: "...the People's Action Party's decision to contest the Malayan elections in April 1964 appears to have been an important turning point in Malaysian politics... This survey seeks to describe and analyze the events between the assumption of power by the People's Action Party in Singapore in 1959 and that party's decision to contest the Malayan elections in 1964.")

These two publications were donated by Rosemary McConkey, who, previous to her career as Dietitian at Peterborough Regional Hospital, was an Assistant Professor, Department of Preventive Medicine, Ohio State University. A member of the medical team, she was Team Nutritionist for the surveys to Malaya, 1962, and Nigeria, 1965, of the Interdepartmental Committee for Nutrition in National Development, of the National Institutes of Health, Health, Education & Welfare, Washington, D.C.

25. Images (photocopied) of Peterborough Hospitals (Civic and Nicholls) courtesy of Lorna Whittaker, scanned March 3, 2008. Photos include:

Ambulance at the back door of Nicholls Hospital, 1920

Nurses Residence, Argyle Street

Kaledon Residence, 813 Water Street

Nurses Residence, 800 George Street

Nurses Residence, Civic Hospital, 1950

Nurses Residence, 784 George Street

Nicholls Hospital, 1942

Nicholls Hospital, 1890

Queen Mary Isolation Hospital, Hilliard and Langton Streets, 1911-1950

26. Traill Family Collection (11 microfilm reels). Microfilm. Set 48.
The Traill Family Collection microfilm was acquired through the courtesy of Library and Archives Canada (LAC reference: MG29-D81, reels H-5 to H-15). The reels and an accompanying guide are available for research and are located in the Archivist's office. If making copies from these reels, researchers must cite the source (Library and Archives Canada) and record the full citation immediately on the copies. Also, if quoting from or using the material in any manner, the source must be cited similarly. The material includes correspondence, journals, notebooks, manuscripts, scrapbooks, and a deed to Polly Cow's Island. Correspondents include Catharine Parr Traill, Katharine Agnes Strickland Traill, Harriette McKay Traill, Mary Traill, James George Traill, Rev. Walter J.S. Traill, William Edward Traill, Harry Strickland, Thomas Strickland, Samual Strickland, Robert and Caroline Strickland, Jane Strickland, Agnes Catherine Vickers, Catherine Vickers, Mary Agnes FitzGibbon, Agnes Chamberlin, Sir Sandford Fleming, A. Llewelyn Roberts, Sarah Gwillym, Goldwin Smith, Annie Traill Fotheringhame Atwood, Florence Atwood, Kate Atwood, Mary Muchall, Hargrave Henry Muchall, Carrol Muchall, Eva Muchall, William Briggs, E.S. Caswell, James Caswell, John Lowe, Susanna Moodie, John W. Dunbar Moodie, John William Todd, Frances Stewart, Frank Stewart, Ellen Dunlop, Anna Hay, Bessie Brown, Katherine Brown, and others.

27. "Voting History - Peterborough Ridings". A chart depicting the voting history of Peterborough, Ontario ridings from 1867 to 2005. Includes individuals' names, parties, dates, total votes, etc. This item was donated by Jean Murray Cole. Located in Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 47.

28. Deed of land, 1919 - "Stoney Lake", Smith Township, Peterborough County - "Garnet Lawrence Galley, et ux, to J.C. Budreo" (received through the courtesy of Paul Leatherdale, Law Society of Upper Canada).

29: Several plays, articles, and reviews by or about Robertson Davies were received through the courtesy of Hugh Anson-Cartwright in 2007. They are listed: 29a (items 1 to 25) and 29b (items 1 to 19).

box 29a.

(1). Question Time: A Play by Robertson Davies. Note inside by Herbert Whittaker states that Pierre Elliott Trudeau read this particular copy.

(2). Hunting Stuart: A Comedy By Robertson Davies. Note inside by Robertson Davies recording how the play was received in 1955.

(3). “When Newsies Were Loud Presence Downtown.” An article written by Robertson Davies in July 1994 for Toronto 's The Outrider newspaper.

(4). “Telling Tales out of School.” Robertson Davies article on his school experiences in Upper Canada College . Includes stories from other Upper Canada College alumni such as: Conrad Black, Ted Rogers, David Gilmour, Michael Wilson. Published in Toronto Life magazine in October 1994, page 36.

(5). “ Stratford 's Festival of Man.” Article written by Robertson Davies for Saturday Night Magazine in August 1964, pages 21 - 23. Davies reviews Stratford plays of Richard II, Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme, and King Lear.

(6). “Keeping Faith.” Article composed by Robertson Davies for Saturday Night Magazine in January 1987. Davies writes about religion and faith in modern Canadian society regarding mainly Christian denominations.

(7). “ Canada 's Literary Ambassador.” Robertson Davies article in the Toronto Star's Saturday Magazine, August 27, 1988, M12. Davies writes about his upcoming novel The Lyre Orpheus, and talks about the state of Canadian Novels. Includes a Reader's Guide to the works of Robertson Davies.

(8). “Mr. Churchill is Not Far From Chatham . . . An Historian Evaluates A Prime Minister.” Book review by Robertson Davies for Saturday Night Magazine, February 28. 1942, pages 4-5. Includes also a notification of Robertson Davies leaving Saturday Night Magazine to become the editor of the Peterborough Examiner on page 1.

(9). “Mind, Body, and Dr. Hullah.” New York Times book review of Robertson Davies book, the Cunning Man, February 5, 1995.

(10). “Davies Casts a Cunning Spell with Mix of Pomp and Mischief.” Globe and Mail book review and interview with Robertson Davies at his house in Caledon , October 5, 1994. Davies talks about his book The Cunning Man, religion, and his health.

(11). 2 Photographs of Robertson Davies at Massey College, University of Toronto

(12). “Magic, Myth, and Marchbanks, too.” Biography of Robertson Davies in Toronto Star's Centennial Magazine, 1993, page 60.

(13). Flyer Advertising 21st Toronto Antiquarian Book Fair May 28 - 30 1993. Robertson Davies promoted as being guest speaker.

(14). “The Double life of Robertson Davies.” Interview and Biography of Robertson Davies life written for Liberty Magazine, April 1954. The article talks about his reason for leaving Queen's University for Oxford and his development as a writer.

(15). “Davies Shares his Sublime Sense of the Ridiculous.” Toronto Star Interview, November 17, 1985.

(16). “Farewell Ghost Story Has a Vinegary Touch.” Globe and Mail article on the retirement of Robertson Davies from Massey College , December 24, 1980

(17). Obituaries: Robertson Davies. London Daily Telegraph, December 5, 1995.

(18). Obituary: Robertson Davies, December 18, 1995

(19). “Canadian Literature: Robertson Davies.” Athabasca University Magazine interview with Robertson Davies 1986. Discusses Canadian Literature, Nationalism, Canadian Identity.

(20). Brochure Advertisement for Robertson Davies book The Merry Heart: Selections 1980 - 1995.

(21). “Chapter 13: Dark Hamlet With the Features of Horatio: Canada 's Myths and Realities” Robertson Davies chapter on Canadian myths and differences between America and Canada . Published in: Voices of Canada : An Introduction to Canadian Culture, 1977

(22). “Master of Learned Wit: Robertson Davies,” Article on Robertson Davies Children's book, Animal U, and his contributions to Massey College at the University of Toronto. University of Toronto Magazine in Spring 1996,

(23). “Them or U.S. : The Case For Being Canadian,” Article written by Robertson Davies and published in Town and Country Magazine, November 1983.

(24). Davies, Robertson. The Lyre of Orpheus. 1988 Note: Copy of this book is uncut and unbound

(25). Tulsa Philharmonic Programme of To the Wind's Twelve Quarters. A music piece inspired by the writings of Robertson Davies.

box 29b.

(1). “ Canada 's Leading Novelist Celebrates Over 40 Years of Folio Membership,” A Robertson Davies advertisement from the Folio Society.

(2). “A Fond Farewell to ‘Rob' Davies.” McLeans Magazine, December 18, 1995. Peter C. Newman writes about Robertson Davies life and love of Canada . Also includes Robertson Davies obituary.

(3). “Secretaries of the Rich and Famous: Robertson Davis and Moira Whalon,” Article Published in Chatelaine Magazine, January 1993. Includes transcript of the interview with Robertson Davies conducted for Chatelaine.

(4). “The Indiscreet Charm of Robertson Davies,” Interview of Robertson Davies by Michael Coren for Saturday Night Magazine, October 1994.

(5). “Lifetime Achievement Award: Robertson Davies,” Toronto Life Magazine, 1986

(6). “Literary Giant, Robertson Davies Dies,” Toronto Star, December 4, 1995. Pages A1 -- A6. Article describes his life, and his cause of death in an Orangeville, Ontario hospital

(7). “Davies Gift Enriched Us All,” The Globe And Mail, Arts Section, December 4, 1995. Article written by friend Douglas Gibson, and tells of the personality of Davies.

(8). “The Acts of Robertson Davies: Michael Peterman Recovers from Surprise,” Article on the media coverage of Robertson Davies death in Canada and America , and his lasting importance to literature. Published in the Books in Canada Magazine, February 1996.

(9). “Obituary: Davies' Wondrous World,” Published in the Quill and Quire Magazine, February 1996. Includes excerpts from speeches given in Robertson Davies honour.

(10). “The Mystery of Samuel Marchbanks' Alter-Ego,” Article on Myths of Robertson Davies and talks about Davies family history. Published in Aloud Magazine, September 1991.

(11). “The Myth and the Master,” Time Magazine Article on Robertson Davies, November 3, 1975. Includes Photograph of his mother.

(12). “Obituary: Canadian Conjurer,” Time Magazine, December 18, 1995.

(13). “Davies: Man and Masks on CBC Dec. 6,” Information of Robertson Davies life in Peterborough , and information on his television biography. Published in the Peterborough Examiner, December 5, 1996

(14). Advertisement for Harbourfront Reading Series with Robertson Davies, October 7, 1994

(15). An illustration of Robertson Davies on a Book City bookstore paper bag

(16). “Canadian Nationalism in Arts and Science,” Robertson Davies Essay, Published in the Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada , 1975. Personal Note to Donald Creighton from Robertson Davies on essay

(17). Book Review of For Your Eye Alone: Letters 1976 - 1995 by University of Toronto Bookstore Review, Winter, 1999.

(18). Robertson Davies Plays: Stratford Programme 1992, World of Wonders play: Based on Robertson Davies Novel; Canadian Opera Company's Performance of the Golden Ass, libretto written by Robertson Davies.

(19). Stratford Festival Brochures 1953 – 1959 and 1953 - 1965

30.  Slides, shells, medals and a magazine article referring to Charles Bedford, malacologist. The few examples of the shells are displayed in the Treadwell Reading Room. Collection received courtesy of Roy Bedford (son of Charles) in 2007. The entire shell collection amassed by Mr. Bedford is preserved in the Sunshine Coast Museaum, British Columbia.

31. Hibakusha Collection. Letters, pamphlets, testimonies and petitions pertaining to 80 Hibakusha who wanted to make a presentation to the U.N. in June 1982 opposing the proliferation of nuclear weapons but were denied entry to the United States. "Hibakusha" are victims of the atomic bombs which destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August, 1945. Letters and documents in this collection were translated by Naomichi Aoki, Peterborough, Ontario. Note: We have added a DVD purchased from the National Film Board of Canada entitled "No More Hibakusha!"

32. Scrapbook: assembled by Eliza Hayes Crawford, Spring Dale, Cobourg, November 1865. Cut-outs of art, homilies, poems.

33. Scrapbook: assembled by an unknown person, unknown date. Clippings suggest mid-Victorian period.

34. Scrapbook: newspaper clippings, pro-Laurier. 1916-1919.

35. "Warrants of Distress" Hamilton Twp. Canada West, 1850 (4) and 1857

36. Photographs of Harley Richard Cummings (2), Jean Evelyn Graves (2) and one photograph of Shirley Cummings and Jean Graves.

37. Two notebooks one of which seems to be records of the South Monaghan [Agricultural Society ?], 1882-1908, plus a notebook of clippings regarding compensation for flooding of the area farm land by the Trent Canal system, 1915. Also, one portrait (unidentified) of a woman, ca. 1890. These items were discovered in a farm house in South Monaghan by Mr. and Mrs. Jaan Meier who purchased the farm in 1963. Items were donated to the Archives courtesy of Mrs. Elsa Meier in 2008.

38. Diary of William Lech whio emigrated to Canada and established a furrier business. Lech was born in 1825 in East Prussia and died in 1903 in Peterborough, Ontario.

39. Historical map of North York Ontario. Reproduction with settler names as at 1878, plus sketches on edges of churches and other landmarks.

40. Mary Stanton photographs of Camp Franklin on Georgian Bay, 1934. Also includes a New Testament given to Stanton while at Camp Camperdown, 1922. Stanton was at that time a 17 year old student at Havergal College in Toronto. The names of staff at Camperdown are signed in the front of the bible. The camp director was most likely Millicent Payne.

41. Carl Sandburg Flat Rock Ballads, sung and played by Carl Sandburg (cassette tape). 1972.
(Item donated to the Archives courtesy of Rosemary McConkey).

42. Broadside advertising the auction of a farm from the estate of Byron Williamson, North Monaghan Township, n.d.
Note: This item is located in the Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 52.
(Item donated to the Archives courtesy of Professor Alan Brunger).

43. Broadside advertising the Ontario Fast Circuit Oshawa Horse Races, n.d.
Note: This item is located in the Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 52.
(Item donated to the Archives courtesy of Professor Alan Brunger).

44. Plan of the subdivision of a part of the north easterly quarter of lot number one east of Communication Road in the Township of Smith, Peterborough County, 1906.
Note: This item is located in the Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 52.
(Item donated to the Archives courtesy of Professor Alan Brunger).

45. Transcripts and photocopies of letters received courtesy of Professor Ross Irwin:
David Hooey of Port Hope to Robert Kelly of Cootehill, County Cavan, Ireland: 26 April 1834, 6 March 1835, 24 January 1839 (3 letters - transcripts only)
Rainy Armstrong to brother of Grass [Gross], County Cavan: 12 April 1852 (photocopy of original plus transcript)
Robert Maxwell to his brother: 26 December 1878 (transcript only)
Henry Maxwell of Oshawa to his brother, Patrick Maxwell: 14 December 1881 (transcript only)
Robert Maxwell (b. 1806) to his brother Henry Maxwell: 7 July 1882 (transcript only)
Photocopies of the postmark and postal markings for miscellaneous letters (period 1841 to 1850)

46. "Sketches of the Past" / Susan Burnham Greeley, Lot 2, 2nd Concession Haldimand, County of Northumberland. Dictated at the age of 92 years, in the presence of and on the request of R.Z. Rogers, Grafton, Ontario, 1901.

This paper is comprised of the family reminiscences of Susan Greeley, focusing on stories of the settlement of the Rogers family in New Hampshire in the mid-1700s and later immigration to Canada. The concluding paragraph reads as follows: "The foregoing has been written by me and is a statement of facts within my recollection and from what my mother has told me, she having been a member of the first party of U.E. Loyalists that settled on the Bay of Quintie in June 1784. Dated at Haldimand this 27th day of Decr. 1901. [Signed] Susan B. Greeley."

47. Items in this small collection include illuminated poems by Richard Outram; many signed and illuminated single poems; a special edition of Canadian Notes & Queries (2003) dedicated to Barbara Howard; a memorial card of the service held in memory of Richard Outram and Barbara Howard at the Arts and Letters Club, April, 2005. Please see for a biography of the poet. This collection was donated to Trent University through the courtesy of Prof. John Burbidge. It accompanies many of Outram's books which are located in Special Collections and Rare Books.

Death: a Reflection (In Loving Memory of Allan Robb Fleming, January 1978)
Darkness Invisible
Arrows of Desire (A paper read at the Round Table, Hart House, 13 December 2000)
Final Soliloquy of the Interior Parmour (2 copies)
Stardust (A Paper Read at the Literary Table of the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, December 1998)
Rage and Outrage: Poetry & the Media (A Paper Read at the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, 19 February 2002)
Barbara ( A letterpress print of the dedication to Barbara Howard in Man in Love, 1995)
Funambulist (a note at the bottom by Outram states that of all the poems he wrote to Barbara Howard, this was her favorite)
The History of England From the Accession of Queen Amanda
Some Thoughts on Thomas Babington Macaulay
Mirror of Meaning
Ms Cassie & Seat of the Buddha
Philosopher: for Peter
Rowan Williams...
What Makes a Poet Tick? Talk!
Three Poems (2 copies)
Quotation from John Donne, Sermon cxlvi
A Touchstone (quotation from Northrop Frye)
Two Poems on an Anniversary (one poem was written one year after the death of Barbara Howard). Outram has subtitled the page "Our First & Last Poem"
Recollection: Above the Lake (decorated with a replication of a Barbara Howard work, untitled)
Two illustrated Richard Wilbur poems.

48. Drawings of James William Lauder (1918-1979), a Canadian soldier, from a German prisoner-of-war camp in 1944. Also, added in 2019, a copy of Hard Tears & Soft Laughter by James William Lauder (Tellwell Talent, 2018); the manuscript for this book was written by James William Lauder and published posthumously by Lauder's son, Jimmie Arthur Lauder, in 2018. Book received through the generosity of Bernadine Dodge.

49. Photographs of the demolition of Peterborough Civic Hospital and the building of the new Peterborough Regional Health Centre, 2004-2009. The photographs (1,233) are on 5 c.d. disks. They were taken by Mr. William Martyn who lives on Alexander Ave. in Peterborough, Ontario, next to the hospital. Over the years, whatever the weather, Mr. Martyn produced a complete chronicle of the building/demolition process. Many hours too, were spent arranging and compiling the photographs on the disks into a comprehensive slide show.

50. Christmas card, ca. 1918, sent to friends by Annetta J. McKay, Teeswater, Ontario. (Note: found by staff member in Bata Library stacks area, 2010).

51. Scrapbook pertaining to the life of Colonel Agnes Campbell Neill, O.B.E., R.R.C., LL.D. Matron-in-Chief, R.C.A.M.C. 1941-1946: includes newspaper clippings, correspondence, programs etc. related to Neill, a WW II nursing sister who lived in Peterborough. Neill died in 1950. Received from J. Alex. Edmison. (Note: genealogical information re Neill added to this file July 2016; received through the courtesy of Greg and Mary Conchelos)

52. Canadian Brussels Carpet Weavers' Benefit Association Travelling Cards (4 identical items). Cards were found during renovations of a house in Brantford, Ontario. Donated by James McDougald, 2010. The Canadian Brussels Carpet Weavers' Benefit Association was in operation from 1919 to 1935. It was an independent union with local organizations in Guelph, Peterborough and Toronto.

53. A formal photograph of 78 men in business suits. "Peterborough Dec 10/37" is inscribed on the reverse. (Note: located in the Large Material Cabinet - Drawer 52). Photo acquired from Nancy Draper in 2009.

54: "Memorial to Mungo Park & Richard Lander, the Great Explorers of the Niger." Royal Geographical Society, London, [ca. 1923]. A one-page document outlining the accomplishments of the two explorers and requesting support for the construction of a memorial in their honour at the Nigerian Pavailion at Wembley.

55. Sharry Wilson, "A Shakey Education," Broken Arrow, 2010. A two-part article published in Issue 117 (February 2010) and Issue 118 (May 2010) and based in part on research of the Scott Young fonds, Trent University. Received from the editor of Broken Arrow, 2010.

56. "Don't Put Johnny Down" by John Grube, 1975. Screenplay typescript donated by Gilbert and Stewart Bagnani.

57. "Frederick Hagan's Camp Pine Crest Mural": a reproduction (34 cm x 121 cm) of an original two-piece mural painted in 1941 by artist Frederick Hagan (1918-2003). The mural depicts various camp activities; reproductions were made in recognition of the camp's 100th anniversary celebrated in 2010. The copy in Trent University Archives was donated by Tony Fry in 2010. A biographical sketch of the artist and a history of the mural accompanies this donation. Copyright is owned by the artist's family. To be used for private research purposes only. Located in the Manuscript Room on top of the Large Materials Cabinet.

58: Commemorating 100 years of Hydroelectricity on the Trent. Campbellford, Ontario. September 12, 2009. Parks Canada. Includes enclosures re the 100th anniversary of the Auburn Generating Station, located in Peterborough, Ontario, on the Otonabee River. Donated by Gordon Young.

59: Petition of Thompson & Co., and others, Booksellers of Canada, regarding the the operations of the Educational Depository and the interference of the Chief Superintendent of Education; presented to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada, 1858.

60. Roy Studio photographs (10 poster-size reproductions, approx. 6' x 3'). Titles include:
Funeral Procession, Circa 1915-1920
Children in Garden, Circa 1930
Robert Neill Shoe Store, Circa 1930
Jackson Park, Circa 1905
Gillespie Garage, 1917
Central School, Circa 1910
J.W. Browett Optical Specialist, Circa 1910
Installing Pipes in City, Circa 1905
Gull Lake, 1918
George Street, Visit of Prime Minster William Lyon Mackenzie King, 1924

Donated by Peterborough Museum and Archives via Cindy Colford, 2011. (Note: Posters are rolled and located inside a tube on top of Large Materials Cabinet, Manuscripts Room).

61. Meta Incognita Project: Stephen Alsford records.
Included is a CD with various documents relating to the Project:
- a draft of a chapter by Alsford published in Tom Symons: A Canadian Life, 2011;
- Meta Incognita Project Steering Committee minutes after 2000;
- plus several other Project documents
Also included is a copy of "Recommendations for a Management Plan for Kodlunarn Island and Related Historical Sites in Outer Frobisher Bay", 2000.
Material donated by Stephen Alsford, 2011.

62. Margaret Laurence letters, 1983-1986, addressed to Kim and Kate Krenz of Lakefield, Ontario. Also, several newspaper clippings, many of which are obituaries published at the time of Laurence's death in January 1987. Material donated by Kim Krenz, and received via Paulette Nichols, English Department, Trent University, July 2011.

63. Robertson Davies letter to Margaret Laurence, n.d.; written on Massey College letterhead (Note: this letter was found loosely inserted inside a 1966 edition of At My Heart's Core & Overlaid by Robertson Davies, located in the Special Collections "Margaret Laurence collection". Davies writes: "Dear Margaret: Here is the play about the Peterborough ladies - & another short one from the Peterborough district. - Many thanks for last night's delightful conversation! Rob").

64. "Plan of the Mill Property Belonging to Samuel Dickson Esq in the town of Peterborough. Registered in the Register office Peterborough the 31st December AD 1867. Scale - 100 feet per inch." An original hand-coloured Dickson Mill property plan donated by Lois Davidson, October 2011. The plan has been passed down by descendents of Samuel Dickson through several generations. It is framed with acid-free materials; framed dimensions 66 cm (h) x 104.5 cm (w).
(Located in Map Cabinet - Drawer #13). For related records see the Dickson family fonds.

65. Boyd family glass negatives and genealogy: three unidentified glass negatives depicting a house, boat, and a group of people. Also, handwritten genealogical details relating to the Mossom Boyd family of Bobcaygeon.
Material donated in 2011 by Mrs. Norma Orgill.

66. Letter from Douglas M. Gibson, managing editor of Doubleday Canada Limited, addressed to Scott Young, 1973, re Gordon Donaldson's Battle for a Continent - Quebec 1759. Letter donated by Ruth and Ken Skolnik, 2011.

67. The Chair: September 28 to October 16, 1996. A publication by Michael Cullen, Trent Photographics, 1996. This copy includes signatures of many of the faculty and staff of Trent University who were photographed for the publication. Item donated in 2012 by Sybil Nunn.

68. "Peterborough Medical Association." Central Ontario Medical Association. Peterborough Medical Society 1902-1922. Compiled and written for the Peterborough Medical Association by Frank H. Dobbin, 1921-1922.
An original typscript of biographies of doctors who served in the Peterborough area from 1821 to 1921. The document also includes photographs of some of the doctors and appendices comprised of several papers on medical subjects. This item was donated by Peterborough Public Library in 2012.

69. "The Brothers Frost: The Life and Times of Leslie and Cecil Frost" / by Brian McFadzen; original full length manuscript dated March 2012. Donated in 2012 by the author. Permission of the author required to photocopy.

Added in February 2015: the final version of the above manuscript, now titled: "The Frost Brothers: The Lives and Times of Les and Cecil Frost". This version was donated by the author and has been catalogued as part of the Trent Collection (FC 3075.1 .F7 M34 2014). A memory stick containing the final version is located in the Archives donor file. Note: the author has indicated that the original manuscript contains several errors; he advises that researchers use the final version. Copyright applies as per the rules of copyright law.

Added in April 2015: revision pages added by Mr. McFadzen to the final version located in Special Collections (FC 3075.1 .F7 M34 2014). Also, a memory stick dated 22 April 2015 which included the entire document with the revisions and the embedded images; this memory stick is located in the Archives donor file. Copyright applies as per the rules of copyright law.

70. Deed between Robert Archibald Morrow (1st part), Harriet Josephine Gilchrist (2nd part), and The Reverend Mark Burnham and Charles Alexander Weller (3rd part), Peterborough, Ontario, January 23, 1865. An original five-page document donated in 2012 by Mr. Bob Enns. The donor received it in 1985 from Mrs. Mary Collins of Peterborough, stepdaughter of H.A. Morrow who was the son of Robert Archibald Morrow.

71. The Holy Bible, 1860, previously owned by H.F. Strickland, Bobcaygeon, Ontario. Handwritten inscription on inside cover: "Katharine Strickland from her affec'te Husband Sam Strickland, Douro, May 21st, 1863." Also glued-in death notice for Samuel Strickland. (Note: item was previously catalogued as part of Special Collections).

72. Hon. Leslie Frost materials:
Composite photograph, Osgood Hall Law School Final Year, 1921;
Province of Ontario certificate: Commission appointing Leslie Frost "to be one of Our Counsel learned in the Law for Our Province of Ontario", 1933.
These items were donated by The Hon. Mr. Justice George F.W. Inrig. Items are located in Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 52.

73. Camp Kalalla scrapbook comprised of photographs, postcards, and signatures of camp members, ca. 1956. Also a booklet titled "Twenty-fifth Anniversary of C.G.I.T. Camping in the Ottawa District 1930-1954. Donated in 2013 by Heather Woodley.

74. Trent University Radio Service, Broadcasting Board, Peter Robinson College: minutes and correspondence, 1970-1971. Donated by David James, former chairman of the Board.

75. Quaker pamphlets and newsletters (scattered issues only), donated by Quaker Archives and Library of Canada. A common theme in this material, dated 1971-1985, is the concern of the Quakers with Indigenous Peoples. This material was forwarded by Jane Zavitz Bond, Archivist, Pickering College, via Ruth Kuchinad, 2013. (2 folders)

76. Camp Gay Venture, Haliburton, Ontario: correspondence written by camp director, Mrs. Pickles; also camp form letters, applications, etc., 1961-1962. These items were purchased at a flea market by an anonymous donor and donated to Trent University Archives in 2013.

77. Alice Beaudin family papers: printouts of digitized letters, photographs, and transcripts pertaining to the Prouse family of Little Britain, City of Kawartha Lakes (formerly part of Mairposa Township), Victoria County. Family names represented in the papers include:
Margaret and John Prouse (note: Margaret Ann Brownson Prouse, great grandmother of Alice Beaudin, is mentioned in the Edwin Zimmerman Yerex diary (02-1000) located at Trent University Archives);
Dennis Patrick Sears (1970s correspondence - see 83-011 for material pertaining to Dennis Patrick Sears located at Trent University Archives);
Lawson Orser (1970s correspondence);
Broad family members;
Joseph Dix; and others.
A printout of the "History of the Dix Family" (1 May 1897) by Joseph Dix is also included.
This material was donated by Alice Beaudin in 2014.

78. Sister Helen L. Fowlds: A Canadian Nurse in World War I. Story Developed by Glenys Smith, R.N. March 2014 (unpublished paper created for the "purpose of dramatic monologue presentations to educate the public on the contribution of medical personnel in World Wars I and II.")
This paper was donated in digital format to Trent University Archives in 2014 by the author; a hard copy was made for preservation purposes and is filed as Isolated Manuscript #78.

79. "Statement of Apology - to former students of Indian Residential Schools," signed by The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, 11 June 2008 (framed). Transferred to Trent University Archives from the President's Office, July 2014. (Located in Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 54).

80. Victoria Trust, Lindsay [Ontario] account ledger, 1 February 1932 - 26 September 1944. This item was donated anonymously to Trent University Archives in 2014.

81. Miscellaneous publications related to Indigenous Peoples; pertaining especially to Project North (1975-1987). Acquired from Quaker Library & Archives, Pickering College. Donated by Jane Zavitz-Bond via Ruth Kuchinad in 2014.

82. Bound volume: "In the Court of Appeal, Theodore McWilliams and The Dickson Company of Peterborough, Limited. Appeal Book... 1906." Donated in memory of Samuel Dickson, pioneer lumberman and founder of the Dickson Company Ltd. (Peterborough Lumber Co. Ltd.), by his great grandson William Angus Davidson.

83. Pat Bolger (nee Johnston) materials:
- annotated copies of The Echoes, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951 (yearbook of Peterborough Collegiate and Vocational School);
- photograph of Pat Bolger, n.d.;
- newspaper clipping re Bolger winning a PCVS scholarship (date unknown);
- reproduction of a [19th-century] pencil drawing titled "County Court-House and Jail, Peterborough"
These materials, donated in 2014 by Pat Bolger's nephew, Dalton Nyberg, are an addition to the Pat Bolger collection (08-017).

84. William Horsley research material. A folder of copy research material documenting the life of William Horsley (1809-1878) and his family, Murray Township, Northumberland County. The research was conducted by Susan Butler, a professional genealogist, for a descendent of the Horsley family, Yvonne A. Green and donated by Green in 2014.

85. Family photograph album with "C.S.G." engraved on the cover, presumably belonging to the Grieve family of Lakefield, Ontario, ca. late 19th century. Album contains approximately 100 cartes-de-vistes and cabinet photographs taken by professional photographers in such places as Toronto, Torquay and Oxford (England), Edinburgh, and Buenos Aires. There is a family connection to the Stricklands of Lakefield (for details re the family genealogy, see the "Lucille Strath" gift form in the Donor file). Donated by Lucille Strath in 2014.

86. Publication: Scribner's lumber & log book; for ship builders, boat builders, lumber merchants, farmers, and mechanics. Being a correct measurement of scantling... by J.M. Scribner. Revised, enlarged and improved by Daniel Marsh. Toronto: Wm. Warwick, & Son, 1852. Custodial history: Bill Twist received this publication from Lois Keller; it was subsequently forwarded to Christ Church Community Museum and then to Lucille Strath who donated it to Trent University Archives in 2014.

87. Shakespeare Club fonds. Additions: Materials pertaining to the Shakespeare Club of Peterborough, Ontario. Donated in 2014 by Lucille Strath. An addition to 95-013.
Included are items which had originally been folded and loosely inserted in sleeves in a binder titled "Shakespeare Club Memorabilia." These items include photographs (ca. 15), newspaper clippings, cards and letters, etc., 1972-2012; they have been unfolded and maintained in their original order in a folder. Also included is a black binder of Shakespeare Club minutes dated 9 January 2006 - 7 June 2010.

88. Carmichael family photograph album: this album was in the custody of Kathy Hooke before it was donated to Trent University Archives in 2014. Kathy Hooke received it from Don Carmichael of Lakefield, Ontario, author of The Doctors & Nurses Carmichael, 1854-1994, a book about his family of medical practitioners. Don Carmichael's grandfather, Dr. Duncan Nevin Carmichael (1854-1932), practiced medicine in Peterborough. His wife, Jessie Eliza (Bolster) was a nurse and their three children along with later descendents were also in the medical field. The album contains approximately 150 photographs pertaining to the Carmichael and Bolster families. A copy of The Doctors & Nurses Carmichael, 1854-1994, also received from Kathy Hooke, is located in Special Collections (R 464 .A1 C37 1994 (TC)).

89. Roy Studio composite photograph: Peterborough Normal School, Seventh Session, 1915. This photograph was donated by Donna Kathleen Patterson (nee MacDonald), daughter of Lulu Winifred Mutton (1894-1989); Mutton was a member of the 1915 graduating class. A biographical account of Ms. Mutton, compiled by her daughter, is included. (Located in Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 54).

90. Bay Bell Memorial, 1985: poster titled "Second Annual Bay Bell Memorial Race at Kawartha Downs" (sponsored by The Social and Athletic Association, Trent University); also two photographs with race horses: "Hiawatha Parade", 1984; "Francis T. Return", 1985 (Note: Bay Bell was Head of Security at Trent University, 1967-1983).

91. "Typhoid Fever" sign (cardboard): script reads "Any person who removes this card, or in any way violates the law under which this card is posted up, shall for every offence incur a penalty of not more than $20.00", n.d. Source unknown.

92. "Shoemaker with a Vision: The Bata Shoe Organization under the Leadership of Thomas J. Bata (1914-2008)", published in 2014 in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Thomas J. Bata's birth (copy signed by Sonja Bata). Received in 2015 via Richard Morgan. Also included is a printout of an invitation to the 100th birthday event.

93. "Vinland Revisited" by Trent alumnus James B. Hamilton: a six-page typed account of Hamilton's experience as a Parks Canada official who assisted with the organization of an event involving the crossing of a Viking ship from Norway to North America in 1991. Professor T.H.B. Symons presided at the event in his capacity as Chairman of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada. "Vinland Revisited" is entertaining and humorously written. This item, along with a signed copy of the folio The Viking Discovery of America (SpC E 105 .V685 1991), were donated by Hamilton in 2015.

94. Goad Fire Insurance Plan (print copy): Village of Hastings, Ontario, 1911. (Located in Maps Cabinet - Drawer 13). Donated by Stewart Hamilton, 2015.

95. Elizabeth Caroline Cameron materials: photocopies of newspaper articles [1926-1927] and biography pertaining to the Lakefield poet, Elizabeth Caroline Cameron. Donated in 2015 by Lucille Strath, who received the materials from Tim Davenport.

96. Portrait of an unidentified man ("Mrs. G. Lenox, Lakefield P.O." is written on the reverse); also photograph titled "Members of L.O.L.'s 9[3]rd Battalion, C.E. [ ] Peterborough, February 12th, 1916" (Located in Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 47). Donated by Queen's University Archives via Heather Home, 2015; prior provenance unknown.

97. Two maps: reproduction titled "Great Lakes as mapped, 1741"; and map titled "Johnson's Upper Canada by Johnson and Ward" (this map is page 18 of an unattributed publication). (Located in Maps Cabinet - Drawer 13). Donated in 2015 by Margaret M. Currie.

98. Business account ledger (1880s): ledger appears to have belonged to a general store which operated in Woodville, Eldon Township, Victoria County. Donated by Wellington County Museum and Archives via Karen Wagner, 2015. This ledger was received by WCMA from the estate of Wellington County historian Stephen Thorning via Susan Thorning.

99. Stewart family papers: original, photocopied, and transcribed materials pertaining to the family of Thomas Alexander Stewart and Frances Stewart. Included are correspondence (1869-1935; 1989); a family tree and genealogical material; paper titled “Selections from “Fragments That Remain”” by Alec Wilson; probate of the will of Thomas Alexander Stewart Brown (1937); conveyance Edward T. Brown to Thomas Alexander Stewart Brown (1880); a typescript list made from a 1789 sale notice of auction items belonging to James Frood; a colour copy of a sketch and map of the original Stewart home and early Douro Township; and typescripts of articles and diaries pertaining to Stewart family history and their settlement in Upper Canada. Donated in 2016 by A.P. (Peter) Adamek. Mr. Adamek's wife, Marjorie Elizabeth Adamek, was a descendant of Thomas and Frances Stewart and sister of Trent University Professor Emeritus Stewart Brown. 

100. Date calendars, Hastings Historical Society (5), 2012-2016. Donated in 2016 by Hastings Historical Society via James Coveney.

101. South Monaghan postcard (street scene showing Post Office), 1912. Donated in 2016 by Charles Addington.

102. Trent University photographs of early Trent students (ca. 55), 1968-1969; photographer Trent student Neil Rodgers; also copy of the first Trent student handbook, 1967-68, with note attached. Donated in 2016 by Trent alumnus Michael Beswick '64.

103. Spark Photo Festival brochure, April 2016 (re Peterborough, Ontario celebration of photography)

104. Peterborough Teachers College material pertaining to the school experience of Iris E. King (later Mrs. Dean Baker). Includes correspondence, brochures, class members list; school crest drawing, newspaper clippings (1956-1957); also, 40th anniversary reunion materials (1997). Donated in 2016 by Jeff Baker, son of Iris and Dean Baker.

105. James Armstrong images and audio tapes pertaining to Alexandria Fjord, Ellesmere Island: donation pertains to the career of James Armstrong, member of the RCMP, while stationed at Alexandria Fjord, Ellesmere Island, Northwest Territories (now Nunavut) between 1958 and 1961. Included are two items created in 2015: one compact disc of 14 audio mp3 files titled “Alexander Fjord” (containing recollections of James Armstrong); and, one flash drive of copies of images taken from 1433 slides of Alexander Fjord (included are images of nine Inuit families of Alexander Fjord that were under the supervision of Armstrong; images of Armstrong himself; northern airplanes; northern scenery, etc.). Donation was in the custody of James Armstrong before being donated to Trent University Archives in 2015 via his son, Brian Armstrong. Note: In 2018, the original slides of the above digital copies were donated, as well; these are located in three binders beside the box housing Isolated Manuscripts #105. RESTRICTION: Permission of Brian Armstrong required to publish images or audio files.

106. Bound business book of Gordon Mackay & Company (Toronto); each of the 302 pages is covered with samples of glued-in typed company form letters sent to merchants. This item is an important addition to the large Gordon Mackay & Company fonds located in the holdings. Acquired from an anonymous source in 2017.

107. Photographs (mainly carte de visites) and postcards from Peterborough and surrounding area. Some are identified and dated. Donated in 2016-2017 by Calla Durose-Moya.

  • Postcards:
  1. Knox Church, Peterborough
  2. St. John’s Church, Peterborough
  3. The Armouries, Peterborough
  4. Customs House, Peterborough
  • Photographs:
  1. Image of two men. Written on back: “Ed. Doxsee sitting and Seaworth Hogg”. Roy Studio (postcard)
  2. Three men standing. Written on back: “2- Elliott boys and their uncle” (postcard)
  3. One man sitting. Written on back: “Allen McBain” (postcard)
  4. A curious baby lying down looking beside the camera. Written on back: “Emma Hutchinson about 1873”. W. McFadden, Little’s Old Stand, George Street, Peterborough
  5. Profile of man with moustache. C. Lawes, Cobourg
  6. Portrait of man with prevalent sideburns. J.H. Blomfield, Hastings
  7. Profile of young man with fur lined collared coat. Sproule, Peterborough
  8. Portrait of young woman with high and tight collar adorned with ribbon and a jewel in the middle of neck. P.H. Green “Grand New Studio”, Post Office Block, Hunter St., Peterborough
  9. Full body portrait of a couple. Woman is holding a scroll and man is sitting in chair. Sproule, 170 Charlotte Street, Peterborough
  10. A portrait of two young boys looking bored. Byers, George Street, Peterborough
  11. Image of 9 people standing and sitting in a group. 2 men, 4 women, and 3 children. Written on back: “1915”. Roy Studio, Peterborough
  12. Subset of 6 photographs said to have been taken at 61 Francis Street East, Fenelon Falls:
  • Two little boys (one tall one small) standing by house
  • A boy with a large brimmed hat and bandana with a girl in peter pan collared shirt and tartan skirt standing by house with stone and mortar wall.
  • Girl with long frilled and puffy sleeved dress standing by house
  • Girl in hat and coat and frilled dress standing on snowbank by house
  • Young boy with dog by house
  • A boy and a girl standing by small pine tree in the snow
  1. Profile of bust of lady with a large braided hair bun, small post earrings, a grand frilled collared top adorned with large necklace. Thompson, Peterborough
  2. Full body portrait of baby in white gown. W. Cowen, 170 Charlotte Street, Peterborough
  3. Full body portrait of toddler in white socks and gown looking away from camera. Roy Studio, Peterborough

108. Peterborough Normal School materials:

  • Peterborough Normal School Souvenir Book 1927-1928;
  • Peterborough Normal School Agricultural Note Book, 1927-1928.

Items originally belonged to student Eva Jean Murphy. Murphy was born 3 November 1905 in Dartford, Ontario. After attending Peterborough Normal School, she taught at Smithfield near Colborne, Ontario. She married Harold Charles Mallory 7 November 1934 and lived on a farm near Grafton, Ontario until her death 24 November 1960. They had one son, Carroll, born 13 November 1936. This donation and the accompanying genealogical information were acquired through the generosity of H.D. Carroll Mallory in 2017.

Four additional items acquired from Mr. Mallory in 2018:

  • two issues of "The School" (Ontario College of Education, University of Toronto: Nov. 1927 No.3 Vol. XVI, and February 1928 No.6 Vol. XVI);
  • Ontario Department of Education, Courses of Study and Examinations, revised 1924;
  • Ontario Department of Education, Courses of Study of the Normal Schools of Ontario... 1924.

109. Camp Tanamakoon photographs: these include a scenic panoramic titled "Camp Tanamakoon, Summer Camp for Girls, Operated by Miss Mary Hamilton, Algonquin Park Station, Ontario Can." (photographer: P.E. McDonald, ca. 1925) - located on top of Large Materials Cabinet. Also, a photograph album dated 1925 containing approximately 75 photographs of Camp Tanamkoon (photographs were taken or gathered by Sheila Playfair McGillivray, a senior camper in 1925; a few pertain to logging in Algonquin Park). Donation received from Ian McGillivray and Mary Glendinning in 2016.

110. Boyd family photographs: scanned historical photographs, one each of W.T.C. Boyd and Meta Boyd of Bobcaygeon, Ontario (photographs located on a removable flash memory device); also photographs of Edgewood, the W.T.C. Boyd family home, and the "Barn", taken in approximately 2006 by Barbara McFadzen and Brian McFadzen (photographs received as email attachments and located on Archives computer: C:/Archives Images General/Boyd W...). Donation received from Barb McFadzen in 2017.

111. Photocopies of research documents pertaining to W. Wand's Planing Mills of Peterborough, Ontario, and to the Peterborough Mattress Company. Donation received from Gail Corbett in 2017 via Gordon Young.

112. Dr. Catherine Anne Mathias fonds:

Two copies of Katherine E. Wallis: Canadian Sculptor by A. Roger Collins.

  • One copy is inscribed "Dear Aunt Elise with much love from "Alas!" and Alack!, Happy Memories, 1949". Elise may refer to Elise Roux (1853-1953), wife of Thomas Alexander Stewart Hay (son of Dr. Thomas Hay and Anna Maria Stewart). Loosely inserted is an unidentified photograph of a woman.
  • The second copy is inscribed "Helen Dear for the new house, Love from Alice, 1953". Helen may refer to the donor's aunt, Helen Frances Mathias who married Rod Stuart; Alice may refer to the author, Alice Roger Collins. This copy is fully encapsulated in mylar as there is evidence of mould.

Two removable flash memory devices containing Dr. Mathias' PhD dissertation as well as digital images, slides, and photographs linked to archaeology work conducted by Mathias in Newfoundland, Qatar and Afghanistan. The dissertation provides context for the images.

Donation received from Dr. Catherine Anne Mathias in 2017. According to the wishes of the donor, Trent University will hold copyright to the images while Dr. Mathias will have access and use for publication purposes.

113. Auction broadsheets announcing sales/rentals of various Peterborough and local area properties, primarily of the 19th century (located in Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 54). Provenance unknown.

114. School Exercise Book with inner handwritten title "Copied from the New Suffolk Garland 1866": contains several handwritten articles. Also, historical souvenir postcard packet of Kemptville, Ontario (undated); two "single fare" ticket stubs: Str. Empress or Majestic, and Stoney Lake Navigation Co. Donated in 2016 by Jean Murray Cole.

115. Uncorrected proof of Gentle Pioneers: Five Nineteenth-Century Canadians by Audrey Y. Morris, [1968]. Donated in 2018 by Professor John Heddle, great great grandson of Catharine Parr Traill and great grandson of "Katie" Traill.

116. Verschoyle Benson Blake journal entries pertaining to Gilbert and Stewart Bagnani, Spring 1923 (photocopy only). Entries made by Blake at the age of 23 on a trip to Greece with the Bagnanis. The original journal was in the possession of Blake's niece Elisabeth Bacque and was donated by her to the Archives of Ontario in 2009. Donation of photocopy to Trent University Archives made by Ms. Bacque in 2018. For related materials, see the Bagnani fonds: 94-016, 97-003, 08-009, and 13-006.

117. Miscellaneous documents related to Kenneth Frederick Campbell and Sybil Campbell (nee Fairbairn), donated by Sylvia Monteith in memory of Helena (Lenie) Groenendyk, 2018:

  • Sybil Fairbairn (Campbell): Ontario Department of Education certificiate (1930); "2nd Lieut (Nursing Sister) Sybil Fairbairn, Royal Army Medical Corps, Canadian Army" certificate (1943); Canadian Bible Society certificate (1991)
  • Kenneth Frederick Campbell: certificate installing Mr. Campbell as "Clan Chieftain" at  2nd family reunion, Manitoba (1990); 90th birthday cerificate issued by Jeff Leal, MPP, Peterborough (2013)
  • photographs, unidentified (4)
  • Trent University "Kenneth Mark Drain Chair in Ethics" poster and related Peterborough Examiner clippings (2007). Note: Kenneth Frederick Campbell was a friend of Kenneth Mark Drain and was Trent University's special guest at the first Endowed Chair lecture by Dr. Kathryn Norlock, 3 November 2010.

         Note: items located in Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 54.

118. Trent University Faculty Strike 1991 - DVD titled "1st Trent Strike: They're Tough, but we're TUFA", created by J.A. Forrester. Note: This DVD was converted from VHS video by J.A. Forrester and donated by him in 2019.

119. Dennis Carter-Edwards USB: one USB with a copy of a video of the wedding of Trent alumni Dennis and Karen Carter-Edwards held at Lady Eaton College, Trent University, May 1969. This donation, received in 2019, commemorates two 50th anniversary celebrations: the Carter-Edwards' golden wedding anniversary and the official 1969 opening of Lady Eaton College.

120. Northcote Farm broadside: broadside dated 1894 advertising the auction sale of Northcote Farm on Lake Katchewanooka, property of Dr. Campbell Mellis Douglas; size ca 91 cm x 61 cm. Most of Northcote Farm became part of Lakefield College School in 2007; a small part of Northcote is retained by the Gastle family. Also included in this donation are two small hand-drawn maps by George Douglas of Northcoate Farm, ca. 1909. Included as well is an accompanying document compiled by the donor William J. Gastle titled "Broadside Advertising Auction Sale of Northcote Farm in 1894, Property of Dr. Campbell Mellis Douglas: History of Donation", 2019. Donation received in 2019 through the generosity of William J. Gastle. Located in Maps Cabinet - Drawer 13.

Additional items (listed below and also located in Maps Cabinet - Drawer 13) were donated by William J. Gastle in 2020:

  • Chart: "Department of Railways & Canals Canada, Trent Canal Chart No. 13, Lakefield to Young's Point," 1923
  • Map: handrawn by George Douglas of waterway from Lakefield to Young's Point, n.d.
  • Map: "Lake Simcoe, Ontario," Department of National Defence,1940 (partial map only)
  • Map, 1984 reproduction of "1784 Canada, including that part later named Ontario Exhibiting the adjacent countries and Indian Nations"
  • Postcard: Little Lake, Peterboro, n.d.

121. Elisabeth Bacque donation re Verschoyle Blake and his mother (Ethel) Constance Marani (née Blake): donation includes 9 bxw photographs and 2 negatives of archaeological sites taken by Verschoyle Blake during a trip in Greece with Gilbert Bagnani and his mother in the Spring of 1923. Also included is a letter from Constance Marani to her friend Hester Thom dated 1 March 1926. Also, two typed pages of notes compiled by the donor and titled “Letter, March 1 1926 from (Ethel) Constance Marani née Blake, 1896-1979” with a genealogical focus, and “Verschoyle Benson Blake 1899-1971”, also with a genealogical focus. Verschoyle Blake helped the Bagnanis, Gilbert and Stewart, whose papers are located in Trent University Archives, with the architectural design of a library in their Port Hope, Ontario house, Vogrie (see Gilbert and Stewart Bagnani fonds Accession 97-003 and Isolated Manuscripts #116 for additional material related to Verschoyle Blake). Note: scans of 8 of the photographs, also received from the donor, are located in digital format on the Archives office computer C drive. Materials received through the generosity of Elisabeth Bacque, niece of Verschoyle Blake, in 2020.

122. Map of CANADA EAST AND WEST. NEW YORK, Published by ENSIGNS & THAYER, 36 Ann Street. D. Needham, Buffalo, N.Y. 1848. No 12 Exchange St. Drawn & Engraved by J.M. Atwood N. York. Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1848 by Ensign's & Thayer in the Clerk's office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York. Inset: 'MAP OF NOVA SCOTIA AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Showing the Route of Steamers from HALIFAX TO BOSTON'; portraits of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with a coat of arms and motto; 'Explanations' [legend]: districts, cos, capitals of districts, railways, canals; shows some roads but no railways; twps north to the base of the Bruce Peninsula and in the east north to Bexley, Somerville, Harvey to Palmerston, and Lavant to Pembroke; decorative scroll-work border; Winearls 161 [First State]. Map received through purchase. Located on top of Map Cabinet (rolled).

123. Charles C. Hill donation re Verschoyle Blake: donation includes 17 photographs of archaeological sites in Greece, some identified as Monemvasia, believed to have been taken by Blake while accompanying archaeologist Gilbert Bagnani on a dig in 1923. Also included are 21 photographs of medieval and 16th-17th century French streets and houses; it is probable that these relate to Blake’s own research or to that of Gilbert Bagnani. The items complement material located in the Gilbert and Stewart Bagnani fonds and in later donations made by Blake's niece Elisabeth Bacque. Materials received through the generosity of Charles C. Hill, a relative of  Blake, in 2020.

124. Date calendar 2020, titled: Beausoleil: Celebrating 50 Years, 150 Years with Pictures on the Whetung Homestead. Donated in 2021 by Jodi Aoki, who received it as a gift in 2019 from Mae Whetung-Derrick.

125. Dennis Carter-Edwards: paper titled "Student Life at Trent 50 Years Ago"; received from the author February 2021.

126. Work of art by John A. Wiseman, former Trent University Librarian. Title: "Suburban White", depiction of houses in a winter landscape, ca. 1998 ("oil on arches"). Received in 2021 from Heather Davis via Robert Clarke. Located in Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 48.

127. Three Canadian 1961 Pauline Johnson first day covers (postal envelopes). On 10 March 1961, the Government of Canada released a commemorative stamp celebrating the 100th anniversary of Pauline Johnson's birth. Items received through purchase.

128. Peterborough Normal School Yearbook, 1931; received through the generosity of Sheila Napier, 2021.

129. Reproduction of a 1967 painting of a house titled: "Former Landmark at Entrance to Trent University Campus, Water colour painting by R. Gynane, A.O.C.A., Peterborough, Ont." This reproduction on card stock was donated by Professor Kathryn Campbell in 2021.

130. A collection of 10 literary broadsides of printed poems by well-known Canadian poets. Dated 1972 through the late 1990s, most were published by the Hamilton Poetry Centre; also one by Flying Man Press, and another commissioned by the Harbourfront Reading Series. Poets represented include Bruce Whiteman, David McFadden, Alexander Hutchison, James Reaney, John Newlove, Joy Kogawa, Cary Fagan, Phyllis Webb, and Raymond Souster. This donation was received through the generosity of Bruce Whiteman, modernist poet, librarian and scholar, of Peterborough, Ontario. A founder of the Hamilton Poetry Centre, he is known especially for his poem The Invisible World is in Decline which comprises seven books, the latest of which was published in 2014. The broadsides are located in the Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 55.

131. "Tom Symons and Me." / Denis Desjardins, 2021. Received through the generosity of Denis Desjardins in 2021. An essay on the influences of Professor T.H.B. Symons on the life of Denis Desjardins from his early francophone education in the 1960s to his reading of Tom Symons: A Canadian Life (2011). Denis Desjardins is a Trent University alumnus. (Note: a digital version is temporarily located in the Archives 'S' drive: miscellaneous folder).

132. Photograph (bxw; 49.5 cm x 29.5 cm): Lillian Kerr (nee Pearse) in her wedding dress. Lillian Pearse (ca. 1879-1971) and Francis Dean Kerr (1872-1963) were married 26 August 1919 at St. John's Anglican Church in Peterborough, Ontario. Lillian was raised in a house located at 299 Dublin St., Peterborough, and continued to live there for the remainder of her life with her husband. Photograph donated in 2021 through the generosity of Ian Fleming, son of Jean Fleming (nee Hills) and Alexander "Sandy" Fleming, a lawyer in Francis Dean Kerr's law firm. The Kerrs and the Hills were family friends and Ian Fleming recalls the photograph being in the house until the late 1960s or early 1970s; he received it from his parents who were either given the photograph by Lillian Kerr or received it through her will. The Dublin St. house was purchased by Trent University in the 1960s; it became known as "Kerr House" and is part of Traill College. Further information about the house and the families available in the Heritage Gazette of the Trent Valley, Vol. 21, No. 4, February 2017 and Vol. 22, No.2, August 2017. Located in Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 51.

133. "Red Letter Edition of The Holy Bible... King James Version," [1913]. Presented to Pearl [McIntosh] by Gordon [McIntosh] (1892-1973), Christmas 1954. This Bible includes handwritten genealogical information with references to Peterborough and the names McIntosh, Larmer, Petrie, Seymour and Irvine. Loosely enclosed is a note: "Bible in the Memoirs of Lawrence Larmer wife: & Hazel McIntosh, Millbrook, Ontario"; also an 'In Memoriam' card re Stanley Gordon McIntosh, a photograph of a house titled "Larmer Home 1925", and a newspaper clipping regarding the immigration of the McIntosh family from Scotland in 1827. The Bible is in very poor condition; handwritten notes of a biblical nature appear in the margins of many pages throughout. Received through the generosity of Doreen (Larmer) Stewart in 2021 via Donna Doherty, Senior Development Officer, Trent University.

134. Bliss Carman letter, 17 February 1905: written on Hotel St. Francis, San Francisco letterhead and addressed to Miss Rothschild, mentioning an enclosed portrait and autograph (neither present) and thanking her for her kind words of welcome. Letter received together with a collection of Carman books purchased from Lord Durham Rare Books, 2021.

135. Stephen Leacock items:

  • Christmas card from Lill and Will Rudge, Christmas 1916; inside the card is a photo card (NY Herald) of Stephen Leacock, signed by Leacock for Aphra Miller, 1934;
  • Sheet music titled "The Junior League of Montreal Presents Aces High, the Musical Revue. By the Writers of Looping the Loop, 1922." Leacock's signature and address, dated "May 31, 1938" affixed to the verso of front cover;
  • Photograph of Leacock addressing members of the New York City Cancer Committee at a luncheon at the Plaza Hotel, 15 May 1935;
  • Signed card, received by the recipient 8 March 1943: "Stephen Leacock / With best wishes / Miss Ethel Smith."

Items received together with a collection of Leacock books purchased from Lord Durham Rare Books, 2021.

136. "The Remarkable Story of Isabella Brownlie..." / Professor Bryce Taylor, December 2021 (ca. 100 pages). Professor Taylor is a descendant of Isabella Brownlie; he writes, "This project was undertaken to recognize the contributions made by all our direct ancestors, and to mark the 200th anniversary of Isabella Brownlie Miller's birth in Scotland on February 24th, 2022." (Note: for related materials located at Trent University Archives, see: Isabella Miller fonds and Isabella Miller fonds. Additions).

137. A collection of literary pamphlets and one broadside, received from Bruce Whiteman in 2022, listed below.
(Note: also received with this donation were several chapbooks by Canadian authors, to be catalogued for Special Collections).

  • Bruce Whiteman: Zukofsky Impromptus. Sin Tax 003, 1995
  • LeRoy Gorman (ed.): Mourning Cloak Renku, 1996
  • Marshall Hryciuk (led by): The Pink of Venice, Imago Press, 2021
  • Marshall Hryciuk (led by): Carved on a Beach, 2001
  • Marshall Hryciuk (led by): Long Glances, Imago Press, 2021
  • Marshall Hryciuk (led by): Freedom Day Celebration, Imago Press, 2021
  • Marshall Hryciuk (layout by): Fading Clouds Renku, Imago Press, 2010
  • Marshall Hryciuk (ed.): Crystal Renku, Imago Press, 2005
  • Marshall Hryciuk (led by): Year of No Summer: Renku 2009, Imago Press, 2009
  • Marshall Hyrciuk (led by): Hot Pavement Renku, Imago Press, 2020
  • "You are here Acme Gallery Commerce Building 12912 Hunter Street West Peterborough!" (a broadside for Jeff Macklin's exhibition at the Acme Gallery, [2021])