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RG 22

Note: RG 22 also includes accession 80-019.

Extent: 1 m

Access: Restricted.


The Department of Geography at Trent University was established in 1968 and consisted of two staff members: Professor H.M. Helleiner and Professor W.P. Adams. There were two courses offered that year: Introduction to Geography, and Geography of Canada. The total student enrollment was 144. Over the years, the Department has grown in terms of faculty, courses offered, and enrollment of students.

Records were forwarded to the Archives in 1980 and were accessioned as 80-019. A 1987 addition is located together with the 80-019 accession. These two accessions cover the years 1967-1981. Later additions are comprised of records received in 1989, 1990, 1993, 1994, and 1998 and are accessioned as RG 22. The records were forwarded to the Archives by members of the Geography Department including Professor Al Brunger and Professor Fred Helleiner.



Extent: 12 cm

Access: Restricted. Administrative use only with the permission of the University Archivist and the current Chair of the Department of Geography.

Box 1


1. "Geography at Trent" - includes correspondence, background to program development and 5 year budget projections, 1967-1968

2:  Departmental minutes - includes correspondence and memoranda, sometimes filed out of chronological sequence; a "history of geography at Trent", and lists of faculty/courses offered, 1968-1971

3: Departmental minutes, 1971-1973

4: Departmental minutes, 1973-1974, plus manuscript index, 1968-1974

5: Departmental minutes, 1974-1975

6: Departmental minutes, 1975-1976

7: Departmental minutes, 1976-1977

NOTE: Included in Box 1 is an addition received in 1987.

 RG 22


Note: The contents of boxes 1-3 were transferred to the Archives by Professors Al Brunger and Fred Helleiner in 1989, 1990, 1993, and 1994.

Box 1

Administration files including: workloads 1977-1986; Trent-Africa committee; department correspondence with the Dean; department correspondence with the registrar’s office; cross-listed courses; records of committee on undergraduate standings and petitions; ADC; Ontario Universities. Committee of Presidents. Heads of Ontario Geography Departments

Box 2

Administrative files including: Bata map department; Geography 210a surveying and remote sensing; science chairs; bookstore orders; student correspondence; honour student correspondence; library holdings; Geography 201 information; Andrew Webster; Trent’s financial crisis 1973

Box 3

Administrative files including: department minutes of meetings and related correspondence 1970-1990; departmental correspondence 1980’s

Note: Box 4 was transferred to the Archives from the Department of Geography in 1998

Box 4


1. Field trips, 1969-1970, i.e. Labrador/Ungava, Schefferville

2. Knob Lake trip

(plus green binder re Knob Lake trip)

3. Inter-University Link, 1976-1977

4. O.A.G.E.E. fall conference, 1980

5. International geography field trip, 1986

Box 5

Materials forwarded by Prof. Alan Brunger, February 2009: re Trent Fleming GIS project and the Peterborough Geography Teachers' Association.