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This is an artificially created fonds relating to successive fundraising campaigns. Fundraising campaigns have existed at Trent as an on-going process. The earliest campaigns, Founding and Development, were succeeded by the Second Decade Fund, the Continuing Advancement Fund, the Fund for Excellence, the For Tomorrow Campaign and the Beyond Our Walls campaign. Also included is the Annual Fund.

Series A: Founding Fund

The Trent University Founding Fund was established in 1962 and ran 1963 to help take care of the monies it would take to build Trent University. Ernest C. Braund, a Peterborough businessman, became the chairman for the committee. Before 1969 the monies raised had started to run out. The target goal was placed at $1.52 million. (Taken from: Cole, A.O.C. "Trent: The Making of a University, 1957-1987." Peterborough: Trent University Communications Department, 1992.) The campaign was staffed by G.A. Brakeley & Co.

Box 1     

Final report, April 1963 (x2)

Minutes of Founding Fund Management Committee, 1962-1963

3 donation ledgers

Detailed Founding Fund Management Committee minutes with treasury & budget reports

TUFF organization handbook

Correspondence with donors, 1964-1975

Trent University Draft Planning Report on Financial Development Program, April 1966

An Opinion Analysis & Plan of Action for Trent University, 1966, prepared by G.A. Brakeley & Co.

Loose ledger sheets re personal & corporate donors, 1963

Accounts ledger

Reception, 1963

General corporations, 1963-1964

Donations, correspondence, 1962-1964

Dean T.H.B. Symons, 1963

Advance pledges, corporations, 1963

G.A. Brakeley, 1960-1963

Advisory committee, 1962

Area gifts division, 1963-1964

Campaign bulletins, 1963

Employee gifts, 1963

Labour union – electrical workers, 1963

Honorary sponsors

National corporations, 1963-1964

Notes for speakers, 1962

Loose on top of Box 1: 3 donor ledgers.

Series B: Development Fund

The Development Fund was established in 1969 and ran through 1974 with a goal of raising  5 million dollars. The campaign was supposed to culminate in 1969 but at that time had only raised about 2 million dollars.

Box 2

Correspondence with donors A-E

Correspondence with donors F-H

Correspondence with donors I-M

Correspondence with donors N-R

Correspondence with donors S-Z

Development Fund brochure

Correspondence re delinquent notices

Donors (amalgamation)

Correspondence, in-plant solicitation division

Advance donors, 1969-1971

Handbook, policies, procedures, targets, reports

Management Committee 1968-1970

Peterborough Committee minutes, 1968-1969

Annual Giving Program: notes & goals 1974

Correspondence, Peterborough Committee

Treasury, general correspondence

Correspondence, Peterborough Advance Corporation Division

Correspondence, Peterborough Advance Personal Division

Correspondence, Peterborough corporations

Correspondence, Executive Committee Peterborough Committee

Correspondence, Peterborough, general personal

Correspondence, hospital division

Correspondence, teaching division

Correspondence, municipal division

Correspondence, outside Peterborough division

Correspondence, general corporations, Peterborough

Reconciliation statements

Comparison between Founding Fund and Development Fund

Peterborough treasury reports

Gift analysis reports

Breakdown of prospects on treasury reports

National general corporations, follow-up

Other Ontario personal, follow-up

Other Ontario personal, refusals

Chartered accountants, donated

Chartered accountants, follow-up

Ottawa, follow-up

Ottawa, refusals

Montreal corporations, follow-up

Montreal personal, donated

Honorary sponsors, donated

Honorary advisors, donated

Toronto workers, donated

Toronto workers, refusals

Alberta personal, donated

Board of Governors, follow-up

Correspondence, university division

Students, donated

Alumni, donated

Corporations index & assigned canvassers 

Box 3

Leishman file, 1966-1968

Fundraising Committee: members and minutes, 1967-1969

“About Trent and the Fund”, “Newsletters”, “Final Report”, 1969-1974 

Box 4

Slides for brochure (loose in box)

Correspondence, alumni

Correspondence, Bata suppliers

Correspondence, foundations

Correspondence, Management Committee

Correspondence, Honorary Advisory Committee

Correspondence, mining division

Correspondence, Ottawa region

Correspondence, Students’ Committee

Correspondence, Toronto region

Correspondence, Toronto region, chartered accountants

Correspondence, university faculty & staff

Correspondence, honorary sponsors

Key corporations, summary of progress

Correspondence, Montreal region

Correspondence, staff

Peterborough, general corporations, follow-up

Peterborough clubs & organizations, donated

Advanced personal, follow-up

Doctors, Peterborough, donated

Doctors, Peterborough, follow-up

Dentists, donated

Veterinarians, donated

Peterborough workers, donated

Peterborough workers, refused

General personal, donated

Administration, budget report forms

Administration, list department procedures

Administration, budget reports

Administration, personnel policies

Administration, petty cash records 

Box 5

Situation reports

Administration, procedures

Administration, purchasing procedures

Rating analysis, key gifts

Administration, worker enlistment procedures

Gift range table

Team captains & canvassers

Assignments, correspondence

Correspondence, Trent

Ontario division, Tillsonburg

Miscellaneous correspondence

Replies, correspondence

Foundations, 1969

Publicity: newspaper clippings, press releases, 1968-1970

Series C: Second Decade Fund

The second decade fund merged with the Development Fund in 1974 and ended in 1980. The aim of the campaign was to raise 3.5 million dollars and the campaign actually raised 4 million. 

Box 6

Organization, goals, publicity materials, sample letters, canvassers

Projects/needs, publicity pack, report (1974) on need for Second Decade Fund, report on development directions at Trent University (1974)

Symons Fund

Management Committee, 1974-1975

Treasury report, 1974-1975

Consultant, 1974-1975

Scholarships & awards

Fundraising gifts & pledges

Fundraising, Toronto

Goldie report, “Future Fundraising”, 1978

Final report, 31 December 1980 (loose on shelf beside Box 6) 

Box 6

Series D: Continuing Advancement Fund

Memorial gifts

Correspondence, donors, etc., 1979-1981

Final report, 31 December 1981 (loose on shelf beside Box 6)

Series E: Fund for Excellence - (Future Fund)

The Future Fund (soon to be known as the “Fund for Excellence”) was launched in 1982 and was to run for 5 years with a goal of raising 5 million dollars. 

Future Fundraising Committee, 1988

Future Fund, scholarships & bursaries, 1988-1989

Future Fund, shopping list, 1988

Future Fund, pamphlets, 1989

Future Fund, Trent Valley, 1988

Future Fund, foundations, 1989

Future Fund, financial implementation, 1988-1989

Future Fund, faculty campaign, 1988

Future Fund, planning, 1988

Future Fund, Fund for Excellence, 1983-1987

Fund for Excellence, official start in 1982 to 1984 

Box 7

Fund for Excellence, CGE donation, 1982

Fund for Excellence, brochures, 1983

Fund for Excellence, organization chart, proposal

Fund for Excellence, Trent Valley phase, goals & plans, 1984 

Box 8

Series F: For Tomorrow

The For Tomorrow Campaign was launched in 1989 with a target of raising $15,000,000 and was to run to 1991.

Fundraising campaigns – national personal donations (x2) (comparisons between Founding Fund, Development Fund, Second Decade Fund, Continuing Advancement Fund, and Fund for Excellence, 1963-1987)

Fundraising campaigns – Trent Valley personal donations (comparisons between Founding Fund, Development Fund, Second Decade Fund, Continuing Advancement Fund, and Fund for Excellence, 1963-1987)

Fundraising campaigns – national corporations & foundations (comparisons between Founding Fund, Development Fund, Second Decade Fund, Continuing Advancement Fund, and Fund for Excellence, 1963-1987)

For Tomorrow campaign: campaign handbook; photos of John Stubbs & donors; press notices; publicity print material, 1990

For Tomorrow campaign: labour council presentation, 13 March 1990

For Tomorrow campaign: university campaign

For Tomorrow campaign: rowing video (30 second blurb)

For Tomorrow campaign: staff meetings, 1989

For Tomorrow campaign :official kickoffs, February 1990

For Tomorrow campaign: public launch, October 1989

For Tomorrow campaign: publications

For Tomorrow campaign: report on the kickoff news conference, February 1990

For Tomorrow campaign: executive meetings, 1990-1991

For Tomorrow campaign: executive committee

For Tomorrow campaign: CGE employee canvass

For Tomorrow campaign: Binney & Smith Ltd. donation

For Tomorrow campaign: fundraising video: 7 files: script, shortlist, drafts & final copies 

Series G: Annual Fund

Annual Fund: stationary

Materials added 2014 from Joanne Sokolowski

Box 9

Trent University United Way Campaign: Final reports, 1984-2013; photographs; certificates and awards; pledge letters 1983-2009 (incomplete)

Heart and Stroke Foundation: Trent Trailblazers Big Bike Team, 2005 (Team Spirit Award plaque with photograph)

Beyond Our Walls kick-off, October 18, 1999 (cassette tape)

Material added 2019; received from Bata Library

Wooden relief carving of Bata Library / by G.T. Warren (approx. 41 cm x 63 cm x 4 cm), with attached plaque titled "The Thomas J. Bata Library Endowment Fund" (note: located on top shelf near RG 13 boxes)