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Frost Centre for Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies

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The Frost Centre for Canadian Heritage and Development Studies was established to promote interdisciplinary research on many aspects of Canadian society. The first class of graduate students was enrolled in 1985 in the interdisciplinary MA program. The program was first introduced under the name Canadian Heritage and Connectional Studies. The first Chair was Prof. Sandy Lockhart of the Sociology Department. The next Chair was Robert Page (1985-1986), then Bruce Hodgins, John Marsh, and, in 1996, John Wadland, in 2000 Joan Sangster, in 2006 Jim Struthers, in 2009 Julia Harrison, etc. The department has undergone name changes. For further information about the department and its administration, see A.O.C. Cole, Trent: The Making of a University, pp. 126-129; D'Arcy Jenish, Trent University: Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence, 2014; and the annual course calendars (available in the Archives Reading Room).

The records are comprised of administrative records, and materials relating to the development of the Frost Centre.

Box 1

Conferences (programs, correspondence, local arrangements, speakers)

Business History Conference, 1983
Durham Conference, 1989
Refiguring Wilderness, 1996
Heritage & Trails, 1996
Canexus, 1996
Meta Incognita, 1997
Laurier IV, 1997
Timothy Findley, 1997
Endangered Traces – John Mulvaney, 1997
Changing Parks, 1998
Blockades and Resistance, 1999
Acoustic Ecology, 2000

External Evaluations - OCGS



One folder gleaned from records received from the Canadian Studies Department giving the history of the Frost Centre.

Box 2

Beginnings and Early History of the Frost Centre

MASSH – meeting minutes & other correspondence, 1980-1981
MASSH - meeting minutes & other correspondence, 1981-1982
Frost Centre - meeting minutes & other correspondence, 1983
Frost Centre - meeting minutes & other correspondence, 1984
Frost Centre - meeting minutes & other correspondence, 1985
Frost Centre - meeting minutes & other correspondence, 1985
History of Frost Centre, 1990


Frost Centre - correspondence, 1980s (Lockhart, Page - directors)
Frost Centre - correspondence, 1990s (Marsh, Hodgins, Wadland – directors)

Administrative Records

Frost Centre, Board, 1984-1998
Frost Centre – name change, 1999
Frost Centre – File, 1990-1995
Frost Centre – Student Liaison Committee, 1993-1996
Frost Centre – research, 1986-1990
Frost Centre – Roots Endowment, 1997-1998
Frost Centre – Native Studies cluster – reports, correspondence, 1985-1993
Frost Centre – CHDS 500 colloquium, 1986-2001
Frost Centre – CHDS 5101, 1988-1995
Frost Centre – CHDS 520, 1985-1992
Frost Centre – CHDS 530, 1985-1992

The Canadian Institute of Heritage Conservation: synopsis of Steering Committee meetings to establish the CIHC, 1995

Materials added 2010:

A copy of Dr. Alan Wilson's speech delivered November 13, 2009 at Trent University upon the receipt of an $800,000 gift to Trent to establish the Alan Wilson Graduate Entrance Scholarships “in support of Trent graduate students in the Canadian Studies Ph.D., History M.A., and Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies M.A. graduate programs.” Also, lists of dissertations completed in the Canadian Studies Ph.D. program and the Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies M.A. program (to 2009).

Materials added 2011:

"Continuing the Conversations": Celebrating Ten Years of Canadian Studies PHD Program; includes publicity material and one CD of proceedings of the tenth anniversary conference, May 14, 2011

Material added 2015 (1 folder, received from Professor John Marsh):

Science in Parks Conference, October 1992

Box 3

Materials added 2014:

Trent University/Carleton University: Brief for the Periodic Appraisal of the Joint Ph.D. Program in Canadian Studies, 2012 (Volume 1a and Volume 1b)

CDNS 6900 / Canadian Studies 6000 Carleton-Trent/Trent-Carleton Ph.D. Seminar, 2011-2012

Curriculum Vitae, Frost Centre faculty, 2011; 2012