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RG 4

Note: RG 4 also includes accession 80-018 (extent: 38 cm).

Extent: 7.5 m

Access: Restricted.


In 1966 and 1967, there was both a Dean of Arts and a Dean of Science. In 1967, Professor Thomas Nind became Dean of Arts and Science and, in concert with a number of Associate Deans, this position has existed until the present, sometimes under the name Dean and Provost. In 1996 the responsibilities of the Provost and Dean of Arts and Science were divided between Vice-President Academic and Dean of Arts and Science. The office of the Dean of Arts and Science has been filled by the following incumbents: Thomas Nind, Walter Pitman, David Cameron, George Hamilton, David Gallop, David Morrison, Robert Campbell, John Syrett (acting), and Colin Taylor (current).

The records of the office of Dean of Arts and Science were forwarded to the Archives in c.1977, 1979, 1989, and 1994. Included are the records of various Decanal Search Committees. Some of these were accessioned as 80-018. Boxes 22 to 24 were forwarded from the office of the acting Dean, Prof. Colin Taylor, in July 1989, and include course and curricular materials. Boxes 25 to 29 were forwarded in November 1994, and consist of records arranged alphabetically by department for 1986 and 1987. The contents of boxes 22 - 29 are unlisted. To date, the records forwarded cover the years 1965-1987.

Box 1

Formula Revision

Calendar 73/74

Chamber of Commerce

Trent 's brief to CUA

D.B.S. statistics

Trent Development Fund

Educational research

Field trips

Introductory seminar 69-73

Last minute course changes

Library - general

Meteorological station

Municipal taxation re: Universities

National Council for the Social Sciences Conference

National Survival Institute

Otonabee Region Conservation Authority

Ontario Welfare Council

Overseas students

Patent Policy

Personnel policies and procedures

Peterborough Centennial Museum

Peterborough Cable T.V.


Planning Officer

Political Candidacy Committee

President Report 1967 73/74


Quarterly of Canadian Studies Editorial Advisory Committee

Recruitment - Selection Procedures

Registrar's Office


Rent Review Board


Royal Commission on Book Publishing

Rubidge Hall


Scholars in Residence Program

Scientific Stores Operating Budget

Secondary School Drop Outs

Service for Admission to College and University (Bulletin)

Special Students

Staff Publications

Student Choice Analysis Oct 73

Students Handbook


Box 2

Budget 1973-74

Canadian General Electric

Chemical Physics

D.R.B.- Forms

D.R.B. - Defense Interests

- Applications

- General Correspondence

- Regulations

Department of Mines and Technical Surveys

Fisheries Research Board


Foundations - Canadian National Sportsman Show

- Ford Motor

General Research Information

G.S.C. - Research Grants

Howe Memorial Foundation Fellowships

Imperial Oil Company

Interdisciplinary Studies

N.R.C. - 1972-73

- General Information

- Development Grants

- Experimental Psychology Guidelines

- Major Equipment Grant Forms

President's Supplementary Grant from N.R.C.

National Science Foundation

Northern Institutions

University Aid to Research in the Arts; 1967/78 through 1974-75

University Aid to Research in the Sciences; 1967/78 through 1974-75

Box 3

Ontario Commission on the Legislature

Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation

Post Secondary Education (General)

Part-time Studies - General (up to May 74)

Part-time Studies - Summer Session 73

Part-time Summer Bilingualism Courses

Part-time Summer Evening Courses 1973

Part-time Summer Session 1973 Overseas Courses

Purchase Orders



Scott R. Val

Senator Pitman

Senate 74-75

Senior Students

Retired Citizens in Residence 1973

Requests for Report on Second Conference

Supervisees - General


Trent-Peterborough Community Projects

Teacher Education

Trent/Queens Teacher Education Program

Box 4

Allocation of Space 1970/71

Association of the Teaching Staff




Classes with Small Enrollment

Convocation Oct 73

Convocation June 73

Course Faculty Evaluation

Deans of Arts and Science of Ontario

Education and Cultural Exchange Programme

Education Week 1972

Expense Accounts

Faculty Handbook 72/73 Revisions 1971

Faculty Publications

Final Examinations 1970 and Prior to 1970

Indian Studies Conference ( Scarborough Board of Education)

Indian - Eskimo Association of Canada



Mundialization of Peterborough

Non Academic Staff

Nursing Education

Box 5

Academic Organization Committee

Committee on Academic Standing, Scholarship and Awards

Admissions Committee

Animal Care Committee

Appointing of Fellows

Audio-Visual - General

- Budget

- Hamilton/Eldon Subcommittee

- Reorganization and Operations

- Reports

Budget Review - Library

- Staff/Student Projections

C.U.A. 1970 Meeting

Computer Services Committee

Departmental Committee

Design Committee

Discipline Assessment

Graduate Studies - General

- Academic Planning

- Appraisals of A.S.A.P.

- Fees

- Inter-University Cooperation

- Reports

- Support for Graduate Students

Institutional Research

Junior Academic Titles Committee

Master Plan Review Committee

Box 6

Academic Development Committee - Honours - General

- New Departments

- Mid-term Tests

- Professional Development

- Timetables and Organization of the Academic Year

- Academic Goals and Plagiarism

- Academic Organization

- Grading, Examinations and Invigilation

- Academic Term

- Agenda

- College and Departments

- Course Enrollment Limitation 1972-73

- New course offerings 1973-74

- First year Programmes

- Experimental Programmes

First Year Subcommittee

- Reports to Senate 1972-73

File - 1974

Regional Development

Research Animals

Scientific Stores - Users of Committee

Select Committee on Economic and Cultural Nationalism

Shell Oil

Student Recruitment

Summer Reading Lists 1968-72

Student Participation


Travel Grants

Teaching Loads

Teaching Awards - O.C.U.F.A.

Teaching Holiday Exchange

Television Council

Trent Experiment - J.N. Blackburn

Trent University Congress of College


Water Resources Research Support Programme

World Population Society

Wright-Slater Report

Women's Studies

Box 7

Nominating Committee 1970-71; 1971-72

Part-time Studies Committee

Press Release 1963-69

Public Lectures Committee

Religious Programmes - General

Research Committee - General

- Research Reviews

- Annual Report

- Research Grants from Trent

- Science Secretariat

Secretarial Arrangements


- meetings

- 1974-75

Senate Executive - General

Site Development - Administration Offices

- Air-conditioning

- Agenda

- Athletic Facilities

- Bookstore

- Traill College

- Champlain College

- General

- Academic Teaching Space

- Otonabee College

- Day Care Centre

- Dean's Office - Champlain

- Lady Eaton College

- Forecasts

- Landscaping

- Maps

- Master Plan

- Parking

- Peter Robinson College

- Science Building

- Service Building

- Ski Hill

- Space Inventory

- Theater

Social Science Building Committee

Special Appeals 1970-72

Box 8

Atomic Energy of Canada

Canadian Studies Committee

Course Enrollment 1973

Faculty Complement 1972-73, 73-74

Special Review Committee 1973

Teaching Methods Committee

Technical Services - Advisory Committee

- Classification and Salary

- General

- Workshop Subcommittee

- Scientific Support Staff

Ten Year Forecast

Undergraduate Studies Committee

Committee on University Affairs

Vehicles, Land Rovers, Use of

Box 9

 Catherine Parr Traill College

- Academic Committee - General

- Minutes

- College Course

- General

C.P.T.C. Council - Minutes

Champlain College

- Courses

- Lectures

- College Lecture Committee

- Planning Committee

- Fine Arts Committee

- Visitor-in-Residence

Lady Eaton College Council - Minutes

Lady Eaton College - General

- Co-educational

President Advisory Committee on the Principalship of L.E.C.

Lady Eaton College Courses

Otonabee College

- College Courses

- Native Arts Program

- Theater Arts

Athletics Department


Canadian Conservation Institute

Canadian Exploration Group

Community Action Group

Enquiries - General

Environmental Studies

Exams 1973-76

Marks Books

Finance Officers

- Task Force B

Joint Chiefs


- Community Education

- Director

Library Services Committee

- Branch Libraries

- Archives

- Audio Visual Liaison

Ministry of Correctional Services

Ministry of Treasury Economics and Intergovernmental Affairs

Ontario Shade Tree Council

Opportunities for Youth

Part-time Studies

- Credit Studies

- Community Education

- Long-range Timetable

Publishing Conference 1975

Ryerson Radio

Box 10

Classical Studies

- General

- Courses and Curriculum

- Minutes

- Honours

- Planning


- General

- Budget

- Planning

- Honours

English Lit.

- General

- Budget

- Creative Writing Workshop (McLachlan)

- Chairman

- Honours

- Minutes

- Planning

- Workloads

French Studies

- General

- Courses and Curriculum

- Exchange Students

- Honours

- Minutes

- Planning


- General

- Budget

- Honours

- Planning

Hispanic Studies

- General

- Planning


- General

- Appraisal

- Budget

- Faculty/Student Liaison Subcommittee

- Part-time instructors

- Honours

- Minutes

- Planning

- Research

- Timetable

- Three-Ring Circus


- General

- Planning


- General

- Fourth Year

- Honours

- Minutes

- Planning

- Research

- Sabbatical Arrangements


- General

- Budget

- Honours

- Minutes

- Planning

- Research

- Sociology 362th

- Office Accommodation - O.C.

Box 11


- General (1972); General (1970-71)

- Field Courses

- Huronia School Project

- Planning

- Research

- Recruitment


- Social Studies Programme , Dominica


- General

- Appraisals

- Field Station

- Planning

- Honours

- Graduate Programme

- Research


- General

- Appraisals

- Honours

- Minutes

- Planning

- Research


- General

- The Earth in the Universe

- Honours

- Minutes

- Planning

- Research

- Recruitment

- Geology

- General; Enquiries


- General

- Budget

- Chairmanship

- Minutes

- Planning


- General

- Appraisals

- Planning

- Honours

- Research

- Space Requirements


- General

- Educational Psychology (Stanford)

- Office Accommodation

- Planning

- Research

Box 12

Committee on Academic Personnel


Other Matters

Letters to Chairman and College Heads

Letters received from Chairmen


Reappointment and Tenure

Appointments Policy

Staff 1971-74

Sabbaticals 1971-74

Sabbatical Policy - Other Universities

Staff 1973-74

Salaries Policy

Box 13

Budget Review and Priorities

- 1970-71; 71-72; 73-74; 74-75

- Staffing 1974-75

- Reports to Senate

Budget 1965-67 - Capital Scientific Equipment

Budget - Financial Statements 1972-73

Budget Review - Graduate Studies

- Costs Formula

Budget Implications Committee 1971-72

Deliberations, Submissions of Faculty, Interim Reports, etc. for Committee on Leaves & Sabbatical 1968-69

Minutes and Proceedings of the Senate Committee on Leaves and Sabbaticals

Leaves Sabbaticals, Promotions and Tenure 1968-69

Requests for Leaves up to and including 1969-70

Box 14

List of Files 1979

Budgets 1974-75

Dean's Contingency 1973-74, 1974-75

Budgets: Operating Expenses 1974-75

NATO Advanced Study Institute

Nursing Education

CUBIC (Centre for University, Business, Industry and Colleges)

College Courses - General

Commonwealth Scholarships (students)

COPSE - Commission on Post-Secondary Education

Counseling Service

Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association

Canadian Federation of University Women

Audio-Visual - College V ( Otonabee College )

Audio-Visual - Photocopy Machines

Athletics Building

Department of Native Studies (Native Archives)

Alumni Council

Native Studies - General (to end of 1974)

Native Studies - Other Universities and Institutions

Native Studies - Policy

Native Studies - Reports and Briefs

Native Studies - Donner Foundation

Native Studies - Summer Programmes

Native Studies - Library Acquisition and Bibliography

Native Studies - Minutes

Native Studies - Recruitment - (Events and Affairs)

Native Studies - Budget

Native Studies - Source of Funds

Financial Statements 1971-72

Financial Statements 1972-1973

Undergraduate Studies Committee

Travel Grants Committee

Students 1974-75

Scientific Support Staff

Safety Committee

Part Time Studies 1971-72

National Research Council 1976

Research Programmes 1977

Canada Council 1976

Box 15

List of Files 1979

Philosophy Courses and Curriculum

Native Studies Course and Curriculum

Spanish Courses and Curriculum

French Courses and Curriculum

History Courses and Curriculum

Economics Courses and Curriculum

Classics Courses and Curriculum

Geography Courses and Curriculum

Chemistry Courses and Curriculum

Biology Courses and Curriculum

A.D.C. Anthropology

Sociology Courses and Curriculum

Political Studies Courses and Curriculum

German Department Recruitment

French Studies Recruitment

History Department Recruitment

English Recruitment

Classical Studies Recruitment

Psychology Recruitment

Physics Recruitment

Mathematics Recruitment

Geography Recruitment

Chemistry Recruitment

Biology Recruitment

Anthropology Recruitment

Sir Sandford Fleming College - Joint Admissions Counseling Centre

Select Committee on the Utilization of Educational Facilities

Peterborough Separate School Board

Otonabee College : Japanese Thought and Culture

Ontario Teachers' Federation

Sociology Recruitment

Political Studies Recruitment

Philosophy Recruitment

Native Studies recruitment

Faculty Council - Discussion and Correspondence 1972-74

Faculty - Statistics Canada Questionnaire - Autumn 1974

Council of Ontario Universities Housing

Council of Ontario Universities Formula Revision

Research Committee 1977

Faculty Council Executive April 1976

Faculty Council April 1977

Faculty Council Executive 1976

1977 Summer Session

Student Directories

College Fellows

Council of Ontario Universities - general

Ontario Council on University Affairs (Dupre Meeting)

Ontario Council on University Affairs (Ministry of C & U)

Ontario Council on University Affairs (Spring 1976 meeting)

Faculty by Department

Box 16

List of Files 1979

COU - Report on appointments policy 1974-1975

COU - watching brief on development in collective bargaining

COU - questionnaire on staff hiring and renewal practices 1974-75

Council of Ontario Universities - reports

Budgets: operating expenses 1975-76

Peterborough By-pass

Ontario Universities - Directories of Research

Educational testing service - Princeton

Convocation 1976

Convocation 1977 June

Development Fund

Examination Lists 1978

Examinations - Final 1976

COU - special Committee on Undergraduate Scholarship Policy

Council of Ontario Universities - graduate studies

Council of Ontario Universities - emergent universities

Faculty Council - response to 2nd proposal 1975

Faculty Council Minutes 1974-75

Faculty Council Agenda 1974-75

Report to the Council of Ontario : Universities on Library Science Planning Assessment

COU - Undergraduate Student Awards in Ontario 1972-73, 73-74

Presidential Search Committee

Faculty 1976-77

Faculty Council - correspondence, memos, constitution, reports, etc., 1975-1992

Box 17

List of Files sent to Archives in 1979

Audio Library Programme Advisory Committee

Cars and Parking Committee

City-University Liaison Committee

Course Faculty Evaluation Committee

Committees: creative Arts Committee

Health Service Committee

Native Studies Diploma Programme Subcommittee of A.D.C.

Recruitment - Selection Procedures

Faculty by Department - 1973-74

Faculty by Department - 1974-75

Faculty by Department - 1972-73

Faculty lists 1974-75

Audio-Visual photographic services

Audio-visual Budget

Canadian Association of Gerontology

Canadian Federation of Independent Business

Canadian Universities Society of Great Britain

Chilean Refugees

Convocation 1975

Faculty - New 1975-76

Grants Register

Julian Blackburn College Awards

Julian Blackburn College Book orders and course outlines

Richards Institute of Music Education

Visiting Professors Programme and Visiting Lectures Programme

Student Course Overseas

Native Studies meeting

Native Studies: Donner Foundation

Native Studies Diploma Programme

Postgraduate Studies Committee

Library Services Committee - General


Report of the Committee on Research

Committee on the Organization of Committees

Politics - Budget

Philosophy - Budget

Native Studies - Budget

Hispanic Studies - Budget

French Studies - Budget

Psychology - Budget

Physics - Budget

Geography - Budget

Chemistry - Budget

Biology - Budget

Anthropology - Budget

Chairmanship - Department of Anthropology 1974

Final Examinations List 1977

Budget Review and Priorities to Senate 1975

Subcommittee on Capital Equipment: Allocation of Budget Implementation Committee

Budget Implementation Committee

Computer Services Committee

Community and School Liaison Subcommittee (formerly High School Liaison)

Committee on Colleges

Academic Development Committee

Committee on Human Research

Items to be Discussed by College Cabinets, College Councils and by Departments

Summary of Instructional Expenditures

Box 18

List of Files 1979

Budget: Dean's Contingency Fund 1976-77

Budgets: Science Departments 1975-76

Budgets: Arts Departments 1975-76

Budgets: Arts Departments 1976-77

Budgets: Science Departments 1976-77

Budgets: Operating Expenses 1976-77

Budget Models 1976-77

Academic Development Committee: Academic Reform 1976-77

Employment 1976-77

A.D.C. Agendas

C.O.A.P. Agendas

Joint Committee on Arts and Science: Meetings 1974-78

Committee on Academic Personnel: Meetings 1976-78

A.D.C. Course Change Programme Proposals

Academic Development Committee: Meetings 1974-78

Box 19

NOTE: Files Transferred from the Dean's Office 1980.

A.D.C. - Course proposals 1974

- Calendar regulations 1974-75

- Agendas 1975-76

- Agendas 1974-75

- Reorganization of the Academic Year 1974-75

- Reading Course 1974-75

- Relationship with Library 1975-76

- Relationship with JBC 1974-75

- Interdisciplinary Studies 1974-75

- Incomplete Standing 1975

- Honours Programme 1974-75

- Members' Timetables 1975-76

- Cross-listed courses 1974-75

- SAFF Report general

- SAFF report 1975

- Course - Faculty evaluation 1974-75

- Relationship with undergraduate studies

Anti-inflation Board Subcommittee 1976

Budget - Implementation Committee

- Review and Planning Committee Minutes 1975-76

- Financial Statement 1975

- Dean's Contingency Fund 1975-76 financial year

Canadian Commonwealth Visiting Fellowships

CAUT Report on Leaves in Canadian Universities 1974

Leave Policies at other Universities 1974

COAP - Dual Appointment Topics 1975; also correspondence, etc. 1971-1976

- leaves and sabbaticals policy 1975-76

- leaves and sabbatical revised documents 1969

- salary review 1975-76

- special increments 1973

- special increments 1974

- special increments 1975

- special increments 1976

Canada Council - Cultural Exchange Programme 1975

- Canada/USSR Academic Exchange 1973-74

- Canada/USSR Academic Exchange 1973-74

- Killam Awards 1975

- Press Releases 1976

- Leave Fellowships 1973

- M.A. Scholarship Programme 1973-74

- Research Fellowship 1970

- Scholar-in-Residence (Traill) 1975

- Artists-in-residence 1973

Committees memberships and list 1975-76

Committee on Academic Standing 1965



DRB Extramural Grants Manual

Futures Studies Conference 1977

Grants in Aid of Educational Research Programme 1974-75

Human Research Committee

High School Liaison 1974

Introductory Seminar Committee

International Development Research Centre 1974

Institute of Public Administration of Canada 1976

Information Technology and Urban Governance 1976

Innovative Approaches to Career Selection 1977

Invitations 1975-77

Box 20

J.B.C. - Summer courses 1976

- Subcommittees 1976

- Trent-Queen's Co-operative Summer course 1972

- Transferability of credits 1975

- Canadian University in Europe 1974

- Centre for Continuous Learning 1974

- Community Invitations to Lectures 1976

- Enquiries 1976

- Hastings Project

- Life Skills Warkworth 1975

- International Summer School Committee 1973

- Non-credit Continuing Education Courses 1974

MCU - Interface Study 1975

MCU - Ontario Operating Formula Manual June 1976

National Endowment for the Humanities

NRC - Miller research Fellowships 1973-75

NRC - E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship for 1974

Registration Procedures 1976

Reappointment and Tenure, 2nd report 1972

Reappointment and Tenure , 1st report 1966

Reappointment and Tenure, Policy

Reappointment and Tenure 1971

Reappointment and Tenure July 1, 1975

Reappointment and Tenure July 1, 1976

Senate Committee and Specials 1974

Science Council of Canada

Student Accounts 1975-76

Trent Water Group 1976

University Aid to Research in the Arts 1965-76

University Aid to Research in the Sciences 1975-76

Box 21


Boxes 22 ,23, 24, 25, 26

The above consist of records of Departments up to 1987.

Box 27, 28, 29

The above were forwarded to the Archives in 1994.

Materials forwarded 2014 by Professor Heitlinger

Box 30


1. Program proposal records: Emphasis in Travel Studies, 1999

2. Program proposal records: European Studies, [1992]

3. Nursing education (Trent-Fleming): Health Studies Program - pre-cursor to Nursing Program, 1990-1993