We have a collection of books  and periodicals and digests pertaining to camping.


Note: Following is a partial listing only. Check TOPCAT, the library catalogue, for access to records of all camping-related books held at Trent University. The collection of camping books held in Special Collections is designated "CP".

100 to Dinner, Middleton, Elspeth and Muriel Ransom (1948)

A Camping Manual. Drought, Alice R. (1943)

A Guide for Trainers of Girl Scout Leaders. Kelly, Kathleen (1953)

A Log  of Canada’s Centenary Journey. Gillis, Sandra (1971)

A Manual for Group Hiking on the Bruce Trail.  Stacey, Allen (1982)

A Manual of Cooking for Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts of America (n.d.)

A Philosophy of Camping. Ontario Camping Association (n.d.)

Abc’s Of Campcraft. Hammett, C.T. (n.d.)

Abingdon Song Kit: Songs for Fun and Fellowship. Leisy, James (1967)

Abitibi Adventure. Hambleton, Jack (1950)

Administration of the Modern Camp. Dimock, Hedley S. (1950)

Adventuring in Nature. Price, Betty (1939)

Alert: Aquatic Supervision in Action.  Palm,  Jocelyn (1974)

Algonquin Sketches. Eastaugh, W. J. (n.d.)

Algonquin Story. Saunders, Audrey (n.d.) (x2)

Appraising the Summer Camp: Character Education in the Summer Camp V. Hendry, Charles E. (1937) (x3)

Appraisal of the Social Development of Children at a Summer Camp. Northway, Mary L. (1940) (x2)

Astronomy Simply Explained for Girl Guides. Murray, Fred W. (n.d.)

At Home in the Wilderness. The Wanderer (1867)

At Home in the Woods. Angier, Vera and Bradford (1951)


Backyard Roughing it Easy. Thomas, Dian (1980)

Baden-Powell: The Story of his Life.  Reynolds, E.E. (1956)

Baldhead Mountain Expedition. Evers, Alf (1959)

Bella Coola-Kwakiutl-Nootka-Salish. Jackson, Elizabeth (1972)

Beulah Land: Pleasant Bay Bible Conference Grounds. Cairns, Ken (1995)

Blackie Thorne at Camp Lenape. Saxon, Carl (1940)

Blue Lake and Rocky Shore: A History of Children’s Camping in Ontario. Ontario Camping Association (1984) (x3)

Bob Hunt in Canada. Orton, George W. (1924)

Bob Hunt at Camp Pontiac. Orton, George W. (1924)

Book of Indian Life Crafts. Norbeck, Oscar E. (1958)

The Book for Junior Woodsmen. Mason, Bernard S. (1945)

The Book of Indian-Crafts and Costumes. Mason, Bernard S. (1946)

Boy Behavior. Burger, W.H. (1919)

The Boys’ Book of Canoeing. Jessup, Elon (1927) (x2)

Boys’ Book of Outboard Boating. Parsons, Tom (1959)

Boy Scouts’ Camp Book. Carrington, Philip (1948)

Boys’ Work Advances. Gregg, Abel J. (1934)

Brass Tacks for Councillors. Bentley, Walter H. (1944)

Buckskin Cookery. Lewis, Gwen (1957)


Call of Algonquin: A biography of a Summer Camp. Hamilton, Mary G. (1958) (x2)

Camp Allsaw: Conservation Activities. Koeslag, Johanna (n.d.)

Camp Aquatic Program.  Bearse, Richard and Sidney C. Hazelton (1949)

Camp-craft ABC’s.  Hammett, Catherine T. (1945)

Camp Counselor. Johnson, Walton (n.d.)

Camp Counsellor’s Book.  Northway, Mary L. and Barry G. Lowes (1963) (x3)

Camp Cookery. Kephart, Horace (1924)

Camp Counselor Course Outline. American Camping Association (1962)

Camp Councellor’s Handbook. Blackstock, Brian and John Latimer (1984) (x2)

Camp Counselor’s Manual. Ledlie, John A. and Francis W. Holbein (1951) (x3)

Camp Directors’ Manual. Milks, A.W. (n.d.) (x2)

Camp Director Trains his Own Staff.  Hammett, Catherine T. (n.d.) (x2)

Camp Fire Cookery. Kellogg Company (n.d.)

Camp Health Care.  Casey, Mary I.  (1993)

Camp Interest Group Suggestions: Arts. C.G.I.T. (1954)

Camp Interest Group Suggestions: Crafts. C.G.I.T. and Jessie Scott (1954)

Camp Interest Group Suggestions: Puppetry. C.G.I.T. and Ada Adams (1954)

Camp Management: A manual on Organized Camping. Gibson, W.H. (1923)

Camp Maple Rock on Trial. Ontario Camping Association (1995)

Camp Mettawa’s Song Book. Camp Mettawa (n.d.)

Camp Nagiwa Song Book. Camp Nagiwa (n.d.)

Camp Northway: The First One Hundred Years. Prewitt, Brookes (2006)

Camp Nursing Guidelines for RNs and RNAs. College of Nurses of Ontario (1990)

Camp and Outing Activities.  Cheley, H. F. (1920)

Camp Program Book. Hammett, Catherine T and Virginia Musselman (1956)

Camp Recreation and Pageants. Hofer, Mari Ruef (1927)

Camp Site Development. Salomon, Julian Harris (1948)

Camp Staff Training Series: Camp Maintenance Supervisor. Gary Robb (1979)

Camp Tanamakoon Songs. Camp Tanamakoon. (n.d.) (x12)

Camp Theatricals.  Simon, Sylvan S. (1935)

Campfire and Council Ring Programs. Macfarlan, Allen A. (1951)

Campfire Programs with Jack Pearse. Pearse, Jack (1980) (x2)

Camps and their Modern Administration. Allen, Hazel K. (1938)

Camps and Camping. Lehman, Eugene H. (1929)

Camper’s Guide. Cheley, F.H. and P.D. Fagans (1933)

Campers’ Handbook. Wallace, Dillon (1936)

Camper’s Own Book. Bryan, S. George (1913)

Camping. Kephart, Horace (1927) (x2)

Camping and the Community: Character Education in the Summer Camp. Dimock, Hedley S. (1942)

Camping and the Future: Character Education in the Summer Camp. Dimock, Hedley S. (1948) (x2)

Camping and Character. Dimock, Hedley and C.E. Hendry (1929) (x2)

Camping and Education. Mason, Bernard S. (1930)

Camping and Guidance. Osborne, Ernst G. (1937)

Camping and Picnicking. National Capital Commission Gatineau Park (n.d.)

Camping and Woodcraft. Kephart, Horace (1927) (x2)

Camping Clues. Ontario Camping Association (n.d.)

Camping for Boys. Gibson, W.H. (1922) (x2)

Camping in a Democracy. Dimock, Hedley (1940) (x2)

Camping in the Muskoka Region. Dickson, James (1960)

Camping Out. Bridges, Victor and Baden-Powell (1909)

Camping Out: A Manual on Organized Camping. Playground and Recreation Association of America (1924)

Camping skills for Trail Living. Ledlie, John A. (1954)

Camping with a Purpose. Cortell, Marie Lafferty (1950)

Canadian Camping Association: Attitude and Market Research Program. Ipsos Reid (2001)

Canadian Camping Association: Woodsmanship Leaders’ Guide. Wipper, Kirk A. (1979) (x2)

Canadian Birds. Synder, L.L. (1947)

Canadian Council for Cooperation in Aquatics: Elements of Aquatic Leadership.  Palm, Jocelyn (1977)

Canadian Nature Annual for 1949. Audubon Society of Canada (1949)

Canadian Nature Magazines 1944 – 195. . Audubon Society of Canada

Canadian Savage Folk: The Native Tribes of Canada. MacLean, John (1896 reprint 1971)

Canadian Standard Efficiency Tests. Canadian Standard Efficiency Tests Committee (1914)

Canadian Standard Efficiency Tests. Canadian Standard Efficiency Tests Committee (1916)

Canadian Yachting Association: Rules of the Road. Weber, William (1972)

Canadian Youth Hymnal. United Church of Canada (1939)

Canoe Camping. Evans, Heberton G. (1977)

Canoe. Pinkerton, Robert E. (1923) (x2)

Canoe Country. Jaques, Florence Page (1945)

Canoe Cruising and Camping. Frazer, Perry D. (1897

Canoe Ontario Handbook 1986-87. Mitchell, Ron (1987)

Canoe Routes of Ontario. Parks and Recreational Areas Branch (1981)

Canoe Routes: Quetico Provincial Park. Department of Lands and Forests (1962)

Canoe Trip Camping. Perry, Ronald H. (1953) (x2)

Canoe Trips in Canada. Department of Transport (1938)

Canoe and White Water. Franks, C.E.S. (1977)

Canoe and You. Perry, Ronald H. (1948) (x3)

Canoeing for Beginners. Perry, Ronald H. (1967)

Canoeing. American Red Cross (1956)

Canoeing. Boy Scouts of America (1931)

Canoeing Wilderness Waters. Evans, Heberton G. (1975)

Canoeist’s Manual. Stringer, Omar (1975) (x3)

Catching Up with Our Children: New Perspectives in Sex Instruction. Rich, John (1968)

Ceremonials of Common Days. Graham, Abbie (1953)

Challenges to Youth Organizations: Book 2. Galloway, Howard P. (n.d.)

Challenging Camp Behaviour. Toole, Carl (n.d.)

Chansons des Scouts de France. Sevin, Jacques (1930)

Chantons, Les Scouts! Regrettier, E.-J (n.d.)

Chants pour les Terrains de Jeux. Bonne Chanson (1948) 

Character Education in the Summer Camp.  Dimock, Hedley (1930) (x2)

Character Education in the Summer Camp II. Dimock, Hedley S. (1931) (x4)

Character Education in the Summer Camp III. Dimock, Hedley S. (1935) (x2)

Character Dimension of Camping. Doty, Richard S. (1960)

Charting the Counselor’s Course. Northway, Mary L. (1940) (x3)

Chats with Mentors: The Story of Joe’s Success. National Boys’ Work Board (1928)

Children’s Camps in Canada. Linton, Marilyn (1982)

Clouds on the Clothesline and 200 other Great Games. Pearse, Jack (1982)

Come Camping. Benson, Dorothy E. (n.d.)

Come and Get It! The Compleat Outdoor Chef. Martin, George W. (1942)

Come on Let’s Sing! Nova Scotia Camping Association. (n.d.)

Complete Guide to Canoeing. Monk, Carl and Jerome Knap (1976)

Complete Outdoorsman’s Handbook. Knap, Jerome J. (1976)

Cookbook from the Kitchen of Camp Ambassador. Camp Ambassador (n.d.)

Cooking Out of Doors. Girl Scouts (1946)

Cookery for Kids Kamps n’ Kicks. Stewart, Helen E. (1969)

Cookout Manual. Whitney, Sue (1979)

Conservation Illustrated. Whittemore, A.R. and Mary Light (1947)

Council Fires. Jaeger, Ellsworth (1949)

Creative Camping. Lieberman, Joshua (1931)

Creative Play Acting. Burger, Isabel B. (1950)


Day Camp Manual Administration.  Government of Ontario (1983)

Day Camp Manual Campers. Government of Ontario (1983)

Day Camp Manual Program.  Government of Ontario (1983)

Day Camp Manual Staff.  Government of Ontario (1974) (x2)

Day Camp Manual The Camper. Government of Ontario (1974)

Day Camp Program Book. Musselman, Virginia W. (1963)

Day Hikes. Girl Scouts (1945)

Decentralized Camping. Goodrich, Lois (1982)

Developing Camp Sites and Facilities. Y.M.C.A. (1960)


Easy Pocket Star Guide for Beginners.  Kingston, H.R. (1929)

Echoes and Reflections of Flora M. Morrison.  Northway, Mary (1984)


Family Camping. Department of National Health and Welfare Canada (1965)

Family Camping Handbook. Jerome and Alyson Knap(1975)

Family Book of Games. Kraus, Richard (1960)

Feeding Fifty Campers. Department of National Health and Welfare Canada (1954)

Field Naturalists’ Club Toronto: Check list of Plants in Four Toronto Parks.  Anon. (1968)

Fifty Cases for Camp Counsellors. Ure, Roland W. (1935)

Firelight Entertainments. Soifer, Margaret K. (1944)

Fit for Fun: A Swedish Message. Brattnas, Berit and K.W. Gullers (1970s)

Folk Songs of Canada. Fowke, Edith Fulton and Richard Johnston (1954) (x2)

Folk Songs of Canada: Choral Edition. Fowke, Edith Fulton and Richard Johnston (1954) (x2)

Folksong Festival. Silber, Irwin (1969)

Folksongs of Quebec.  Fowke, Edith Fulton and Richard Johnston (1957)

Folksongs of Quebec: Melody Edition.  Fowke, Edith Fulton and Richard Johnston (1958)

Food for Fifty. Fowler, Sina Faye and Bessie Brooks West (1945)

Fun Around the Parachute. Campbell, Wendy (1985)

Fun in Winter Camping.  Edgren, Harry D. and Gunnar A. Peterson (1967)

Fundamentals of Day Camping. Mitchell, Grace (1961)

Fundamentals of First Aid. Mustard, Robert A. (1964)


Games for Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts of U.S.A. (1942) (x3)

Getting Along with People. Wright, Milton (1935)

Girl’s Book of Physical Fitness. Vermes, Jean C. (1961)

Girl Scout Pocket Songbook.  Girl Scouts of U.S.A. (1956_

Going Camping. Schwartz, Alvin (1969)

Golden North. McPhedran, Marie (1949)

Good Medicine: Life in Harmony with Nature. Hungry Wolf, Adolf (1970)

Good Times Around the Camp Fire. Thurston, LaRue A. (1967)

Great Canadian Camp Ideas. Canadian Camping Association (1989

Group Leaders and Boy Character. Gregg, A.J. (1924)

Guide to Summer Camps and Summer Schools. Porter Sargent (1969)

Guide for Trainers of Day Camp Directors. Girl Scouts of U.S.A.  (1953)


Handbook for Camp Nurses and other Camp Health Workers. Hamessley, Mary Lou (1987)

Handbook of Day-Camping. Jobe, Mabel Lyon (1949)

Handbook of Trail and Wilderness Camping. Ledlie, John A. (1967)

High Above the Thundercloud. Pearse, Jack and Bryce Taylor (1985)

Hiker’s Guide. Solomon, Ben (1934)

History of Organized Camping: The First 100 Years. Eells, Eleanor (1986)

History of the Sheas and Birth of a Township. Shea, Bert (n.d.)

History of the Taylor Statten Camps: A Thesis. Burry, Donald (1985)

How to be a Camp Counsellor. Ross, Catherine (x2)

How to Keep Warm. Cunnigham, Gerry (1971)

How to Make Drums, Tom-toms and Rattles. Mason, Bernard S. (1974)

How to Start a Synchronized Swimming Club. Anon. (1981)

Home in your Pack: The modern handbook of Backpacking. Angier, Bradford (1972)

Humanizing Environmental Education. Knapp, Clifford E. and Joel Goodman

Hymns from Songs of Worship. Religious Education Council of Canada (n.d.)


Indian Adventure Trails. McFarlan, Allan A. (1953)

Indian Council Ring. Eastaugh, J.W. (n.d.)

Indian Crafts and Lore. Hunt, Ben W. (1954)

Indians Knew. Pine, Tillie S. (1968)

Indian How Book. Parker, Arthur C. (1954)

Indians of the Americas. Collier, John (1947)

Indians of Ontario. Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (1969)

Indian Summer. Leechman, Douglas (1947)

Inspirational Poetry for Camp and Youth Groups. Berger, Jean H. (1965)

Introduction to Orienteering. Ontario Orienteering Association (1971)
Island Hideaway. Govan, Margaret.

It’s Wise to Supervise. Klein, Alan and Irwin Haladner (n.d.) (x2)


Jack Pearse Presents Camp Tawingo’s Copy Critters. Pearse, Jack (1986)

Journal of Educational Sociology: Camping and Outdoor Education. Nash, Jay Et al. (1950)

Junior books of Camping and Woodcraft. Mason, Bernard S. (1943)


Keep your Forks: Fifty Years at Red Pine Camp. Nicholson, G.W.L. (1979)

Keewaydin Way: A Portrait 1893-1983. Back, Brian (1983)


Land and Water Trails. Jaeger, Ellsworth (1953)

Laughter in the Front Hall. Northway, Mary L. (1966)

Lead on Counsellor. Pearse, Jack Et al. (1982)

Leadership from the Human Journey Series. Anon. (1974)

Leads for Mentors. National Boys’ Work Board (n.d.)

Leathercrafts. Parkes, Jessie F. B. and S.B. Judge (1950)

Le Guide du Moniteur. Northway, Mary L. and Barry G. Lowes (1963)

Legacy to a Camper. Palm, Jocelyn (1982) (x2)

Les Chants de la Route et du Camp. Scouts de France (1924)

Let’s Sing. Camping Association of Nova Scotia (n.d.)

Let’s Take a Closer Look: Risk Management. Ontario Camping Association (1992)

Light from a Thousand Campfires. Webb, Kenneth B. (1960) (x2)

Lightweight Camping: A Four Season Source Book. Hatton, Michael (1980)

Lift your Voices-Again. Anon. (n.d.)

Look to the Wilderness. Burden, Douglas W. (1959)


Magic Casements. Perkins, Ruth (1927)

Make Your Own Sails. Bowker, R.M. and S.A. Budd (1957)

Maker of Men: The Kilcoo Story. Latimer, John (1999)

Manual for Leaders Pioneers. Y.M.C.A. (1919)

Mark Trail’s Camping Tips. Dodd, Ed (1969)

Marks of Good Camping: A synthesis of Current Standards.  American Camping Association (1941) (x2)

Method of Teaching Swimming to Young Children. Hazelton, S.A. (1948)

Mi-A-Kon-Da Story. Ross, Catherine D. (2004)

Mini-Yo-We Sings. Camp Mini-Yo-Wee (n.d.)

Monsters and Mini-Beasts. Stoker, Dan (1980)

Motivation and Personality. Maslow, A.H. (1954)

More Campfire Programs. Pearse, Jack Et Al. (1984)

More Folk Songs of Canada. Fowke, Edith Fulton and Richard Johnston (1967)

Mushrooms, Ferns, and Grasses. Jones, James Edmund (n.d.)

Musings by the Campfire and Wayside. Gray, William Cunningham (1902)


Nature Activities. Partridge, J.A. Et Al. (1945)

Nature Games. Vinal, William Vinal (1936)

Nature Program: Algonquin Provincial Park. Department of Lands and Forests (n.d.)

Nature the Old Nurse. Clarke, Cyril (1979)

New Brunswick Camping Directorate Accreditation Manual. N.B.C.D. (2001)

New Way of the Wilderness. Rutstrum, Calvin (1973) (x2)

Northland Singing. Canadian Camping Association (1979) (x3)

The Nurse and the Health Program at Camp. Casey, Mary I. (1978) (x2)    

(A) Nursery Revue. Fletcher, Margaret I. and Margaret Conboy Dension (1955)


Object: Lessons for Children’s Worship. Loeks, Mary Foxwell (1979)

Omnibus of Fun. Helen and Larry Eisenberg (1956)

On the Beam. Dimock, Hedley S. (1952)

Once there was a Camper. Edgar, Mary S. (1970)

One Pot Cookery. Bourgaize, Eidola J (1953)

O.C.A. 2002 Awards Program. Ontario Camping Association (2002)

Camping Guide: 2003. Ontario Camping Association. (2003)

Open Road Song Book.  Co-operative Song Service (1950s)

Organized Residential Camping in Ontario.  Elgie, Rebecca Lynne  (1990)

Outdoor Education: A book of Readings. Hammerman, Donald R. and William M. Hammerman (1968)

Outdoor Education Equipment: Plans for Easy-to-make items. Bachert, Russel E. Jr. and Emerson L. Snooks (1974)

Outdoor Education: Guidelines for Camps. Canadian Camping Association (1977)

Outdoor Survival Handbook. Canadian Automobile Association (1977)

Outdoor Survival Skills. Olsen, Larry Dean (1973)

Out-of-doors. Allen, E. Chesley ( 1932)


Patchwork Pieces: Anthology of thoughts, poems and prayers for United Church Women. Toll, Hilde (1973)

Part-time Wage Survey 2001: Parks and Recreation Services. Parks and Recreation Ontario (2001)

Path of the Paddle: Illustrated Guide to the Art of Canoeing. Mason, Bill (1980)

Ponacka: The first Fifty Years. Currie, Dan (1996)

Program Helps for Camp Leaders. Chapman, Margaret Et Al. (n.d.)

Program Suggestions for Tuxis Boys.  National Boys’ Work Board (n.d.)

Progressive Synchronized Swimming Program. Coryell, Helen M.  (1972)

Progressive Swimming And Springboard Diving Program. Arnold, Lloyd C. and Robert W. Freeman (1972)

Putting Standards into the Summer Camp. Dimock, Hedley S. (1936)


Raindrops keep falling on my Tent: Great ideas of what to do when it pours. MacKay, Joy (n.d.)

Recipes from Y.M.C.A. Camp Stephens. Macintosh, Laurie A. (n.d.)

Recreational Programs for Summer Camps. Gibson, H. W. (1938)

Recreation. Grey, Edward (1923)

River Camping. Huser, Verne (1980)

Role and Image of Wilderness and the Aborigine in Selected Ontarian Shield Camps. Dunlop, Heather (1997)

Romance of the Canadian Canoe. Gibbon, John Murray (1951)

Roughing it Easy. Thomas, Dian (1974)

Roughing it Easy 2. Thomas, Dian (1977)

Rowing. Canadian Red Cross Society (1974)

Royal Ontario Museum of Zoology: Reptiles of Ontario. Logier, E.B.S. (1939)

Royal Canadian Life Saving Society: Handbook of Instruction. Monks, Sydney J. (1932)


Safe Boating Guide. Transport Canada (n.d.)

Sailing: A Guide for Everyman. De Selincourt, Aubrey (1949)

Sailing Standards and Graded Classifications. American Camping Association (n.d.)

Science for Camp and Counsellor. Harty, William T. (1964)

Senior Adult Camping. American Camping Association (1979)

Services for the Open. Mattoon, Laura I. and Helen D. Bragdon (1947)

Shaping up for Out-tripping. P.A.R.C./C.C.A. (n.d.)

Sing Along. Y.W.C.A. (1957)

Sing Along the Way. Y.W.C.A. (1953) (x2)

Sing High! Sing Low. Sanders, Mary A. (1946)

Sing it Again. Handy Songs (n.d.)

Sing one more time with Jack Pearse. Pearse, Jack (1983)

Sing Together. Girl Scouts U.S.A. (1949)

Sing With Jack Pearse. Pearse, Jack (1980) (x2)

Singing Fun and Games. Pearse, Jack et al. (1983)

Sixty Years of C.G.I.T. 1915 – 1975. Hewitt, Molly (1975)

Skillet Skills for Camp and Cottage. Hambleton, Jack (1947)

Skills for Taming the Wilds. Angier, Bradford (1972)

Small-Boat Sailor’s Bible. Smith, Harvey Garrett (1964)

Small Watercraft. Lewis, Richard Garwood (n.d.)

So You Want to Go Camping. Ontario Department of Lands and Forests (n.d.)

Social Work with Boys. Rogers, Kenneth H. (1940)

Some Frontiers in Camping. Dimock, Hedley S. (1939) (x3)

Song Book of Canadian Girls in Training. C.G.I.T. (n.d.) (x2)

Songs for Canadian Boys. Quebec Provincial Council of the Boy Scouts Association (1932)

Songs for Canadian Girl Guides. Girl Guides of Canada (1957)

Songs for Freedom. Y.W.C.A. (1946)

Songs of Rejoicing: Hymns for worship, meditation and praise. Worst, John and David P. Schapp (1989)

Songs for Worship. Religious Education Council of Canada (1930)

Songs for the School Year. Tilley, Alexander (1982)

Song Sampler. Song Sampler. (1956)

Source of Mini-Yo-We. Blair, Jane. (1993)

Sports and Active Games. Ontario Department of Education (1951)

Square Dances of Today. Kraus, Richard (1950)

Standard Tests of Achievement in Canoeing. Cousineau, Claude et al. (1977)

Stories from Indian Wigwams and Northern Campfires. Young, Egerton R. (1893)

‘(The) Stories We Tell:’ Locating Nature, Gender and Place in the Poetry of Mary Edgar and Glen Bernard Campers. Jessica Dunkin, MA thesis, Carleton University (2008)

Survival Handbook. Merrill, Bill (1972)

Survival Hints for the Sportsman. Royal Canadian Air Force, Trenton Ontario (n.d.)

Tales from the Cree. Bauer, George W. (1973)

Talks to Counselors. Dimock, Hedley S. and Taylor Statten (1939) (x2)

Talks to Cousellors. Taylor Statten Camps (1928)

Taylor Statten. Edwards, C.A.M.  (1960)

Teaching the very Young to Swim. DeBarbadillo, John and Marjorie M. Murphy (1972)

C.I.T. in Residence Camping. Turner, Eugene A. (1964)

The Last Purist: A Tribute to Fannie L. Case (1868-1955). Prewitt, Anne Russe (1995) (x2)

Thirty Indian Legends of Canada. Bemister, Margaret (1979)

Trail Cookery. Kellogg Company (1945)

Tent and Trail Songs. World Around Songs (n.d.)

Tent Tips. Teasdale, Shirley (1979)

Trail Cookery for Girl Scouts. Kellogg Company (n.d.)

Trail Craft. Fordyce, Claude P (1922)

Trail Rangers’ Manual. National Boys’ Work Board (1922)

Trail of the Broken Snow Shoe. Govan, Margaret (1956)

Trail of the Red Canoe. Govan, Margaret (1956) (x3)

Tuxis Boys’ Manual. National Boys’ Work Board (1922)

Treasure Book of Songs. National Girls’ Work Board (n.d.) (x2)

Trek Carts and Bridge Building for B.P. Boy Scouts. Kyle, J. A. (n.d.)

Trip Camp Book. Girl Scouts of America (n.d.)

Twenty Twenty Minute Talks to Boys. McAdam, Vernon F. (n.d.)

Twice 55 community Songs. Twice 55 (n.d.)


Under Open Skies. Edgar, Mary S. (1955) (x2)

Understanding Your Teen-ager.  Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (1953)

Useful Knots and how to tie them. Plymouth Cordage Co. (1946)

Using Wilderness: Essays on the Evolution of Youth Camping in Ontario. Hodgins, Bruce W. and Bernadine Dodge (1992)


Wanapitei: Canoe Trippers’ Cookbook. Hodgins, Carol (1982)

Weather Handbook. Williams, Lou (1942)

Weiga of Temagami and other Indian Tales. Warman, Cy (n.d.)

We Don’t Sew Beads on Belts: Chikopi and Ak-O-Mak. Dawson, Buck (1993)

What is the Young Men’s Christian Association. Super, Paul (1922)

White-Tailed Deer in Ontario. Cumming, H.G. and F.A. Walden (1970)

Wilderness Survival: A guide for the Sportsman. National Wildlife Survival Inc. (1978) (x2)

Wilderness Survival. Berglund, Berndt. (1974)

Wildwood Wisdom. Jaeger, Ellsworth (1946)

Winning Dive: A Camp Story. Bonner, M.G. (1950)

Woodcraft. Mason, Bernard S. (1939)

Woodcraft and Camping. Nessmuk (1963)

Woodland Cookery. Girl Scouts of America (1932)

Working at Play in Summer Camps. Graham, Abbie (1941)


Yarns for Boy Scouts. Powell, Baden (1910)

Your Son Goes to Camp. Holbein, F.W. (1948)

Youth Club Skits and Stunts. Hedges, Sid G. (1966)

Youth Leaders Digest. Solomon, Ben (1950)

Youth Programs on Nature Themes. Schroeder, Ruth (1959)


Handy: Recreation Manual for Young People. Rohrbough, Lynn (1924)

Handy II: Recreation Manual for Young People. Rohrbough, Lynn (1931)


Handy-Kit, No.1 – 8

The “Kit”, No.9 – 16

The “Kit”, No. 17-24

The “Kit”, No. 25-32

The “Kit”, No. 33-36


The Monthly Library on Camping Vol. I – XII


The Boy and Modern Psychology. Little Loose-Leaf Library. Vol. 28.  Boorman, Ryland W.

Exploring Boy Facts. Little Loose-Leaf Library. Vol. 14. Stone, Walter L.


Self-Starters for Boy Leaders. Little Loose-Leaf Library. Vol. 2. Cheley, Frank H.

Stories for the Campfire. Little Loose-Leaf Library. Vol. 4. Cheley, Frank H.

Pep Talks for Boys. Little Loose-Leaf Library. Vol. 10. Cheley, Frank H.

Indian Lore in Camp and Club. Little Loose-Leaf Library. Vol. 24. Goodrum, Bernie L.

Selling Yourself to the Boy. Little Loose-Leaf Library. Vol. 25. Hudson, Roy and F.H. Cheley

Group Games for Everybody. Little Loose-Leaf Library. Vol. 26. Cheley, Frank H.+

Hand Craft Projects for Camp and Club. Little Loose-Leaf Library. Vol. 3. Cheley, Frank H. and others

Hand Boy Scout Test Guide and Camp Songs. Little Loose-Leaf Library. Vol. 13. Cheley, Frank H.