Archives: Camp Pamphlets

We have a collection of pamphlets pertaining to camps and camping. They are designed by the prefix "C", i.e. C1, C2, C3 etc.

Note: We have another collection of pamphlets which generally emphasize Canada, Peterborough and the Trent Valley region.  Pamphlets in this collection are designated by the prefix "P", i.e. P1, P2, P3 etc. 

1. Useful  Knots and How To Tie Them / One of a  Series of Plymouth Data Books For Rope Users. Plymouth Cordage Company, 1946.

2. Songs For Freedom / Edited by Music Subcommittee of National Board of the YWCA’s. New York : The Woman’s Press.

3. Sailing Standards and Graded Classifications / developed by the Committee on Sailing of the New England Section of the American Camping Association. Chicago : American Camping Association.

4. 2002 Awards Program / The Ontario Camping Association.

5. How To Camp and Leave no Trace / by Gerry Cunningham. [Denver, Colo. ] : Gerry, Division Outdoor Sports Industries Inc., 1971.

6. Gerry Goes Anywhere… wilderness Trips You Can Enjoy / by Gerry Cunningham.  [Denver, Colo.] : Colorado Outdoor Sports Corporation, 1971.

7. How To Keep Warm / by Gerry Cunningham. Denver, Colo : Gerry, Division of Outdoor Sports Industries, 1971.

8. How To Enjoy Backpacking / by Gerry Cunningham. Denver, Colo. : Gerry, Division of Outdoor Sports Industries, Inc., 1971.

9. Check List of Plants in Four Toronto Parks / compiled by members of the Botany Group of the Toronto Field Naturalists’ Club, 1968.

10. Leadership / from the Human Journey Series. London, ON : London Life.

11. Once There Was a Camper : Rhymes and Drawings / by Mary S. Edgar. Toronto : G.R. Welch Co., 1970. (2 copies)

12. A Treasure Book of Songs : Songs From the British Isles / Words Edition. (2 copies)

13. Nature Program. Algonquin Provincial Park / Ontario Department of Lands & Forests. Hon. H.R. Scott Minister & F.A. MacDougall Deputy Minister.

14. Let’s Take a Closer Look : A Videotape Program To Assist In the Training of Camp Counsellors in the Area of Risk Management. A Leader’s Guide /  Toronto : Published by the Ontario Camping Association, 1992.

15. The Harveian Oration : Nature The Old Nurse / Sir Cyril Clarke,  delivered  before The Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians of London, 1979.

16. Monsters and Mini-Beasts One Combining Language With Nature Study / Daniel G. Stoker, 1980.

17. Social Work With  Boys / Kenneth H. Rogers. Reprinted From the Canadian Public Health Journal. August 1940.

18. Songs  For  The School Year : A Song Cycle For Choir of Unchanged voices / by Alexander Tilley. Halifax, N.S. : Nova Scotia Music  Educator’s  Association, 1982.

19. Wilderness Survival : A Guide for the Sportsman / Campbellford, ON : National Wildlife Survival Inc.  

20. Wilderness Survival : A Guide for the Sportsman / Amethyst /mini Outdoor Library. Toronto : Amethyst  Publications, 1978.

21. Tent Tips for the Camping Family / by Shirley Teasdale. Amethyst/mini Outdoor Library. Toronto: Consolidated Amethyst Communications, 1979.

22. Paddy Orphan of the Wild / R.D. Lawrence. Condensed from “Paddy: A Naturalist’s Story of an Orphan Beaver” 1977. [From the book section Reader’s Digest]

23. Stu Hodgson : Umingmak of the North / by Lois Neely. [From Reader’s Digest]

24. You Never Know / Bill Ince, Collecting Minerals. [From Reader’s Digest]

25. Blossom Time in the Arctic / condensed from Audubon, Stephen J. Krasemann. New York : The National Audubon Society, 1976.

26. Canoe Routes : Quetico Provincial Park / Department of Lands and Forest, Parks Branch, 1962.

27. Your Son Goes To Camp / by F. W. Holbein. New York : Association Press, 1948.

28. Song Sampler : Notes. 1956.

29. Chats With Mentors : The Story of Joe’s Success /  prepared by The National Boys’ Work Board of the Religious Education Council of Canada, 1928.

30. Nature Games / William Gould Vinal (“Cap’n Bill”) Nature Guide School Geneva , NY, 1936.

31. Survival Hints For The Sportsman / compiled by The RCAF Rescue Co-ordination Centre, Eastern Area, Trenton, Ontario.

32. An Easy Pocket StarGuide for Beginners: A Key to the Sky for Every Night in the Year / compiled by H. R. Kingston. London, ON : University of Western Ontario,1929.

33. Day Hikes / by Girl Scouts. New York : Girl Scouts, National Organization, 1945.

34. Sing High! Sing Low! : For Singers From Seven to Seventeen Years Old / compiled by Mary A. Sanders. New York : Mary Alison Sanders, 1946.

35. Camping and Picnicking in Gatineau Park : Fees and Regulations / National Capital Commission.

36. Beulah Land; The History of Pleasant Bay Bible Conference Grounds 1962 – 1995 / by Rev. Ken Cairns ; map and illustrations by Jack Head.

37. Introduction to Orienteering : a Handbook for Instructors / prepared by the Educational Committee of the Ontario Orienteering Association. Toronto : Canadian orienteering Service, 1971.

38. The Camp Counselor  / by C. Walton Johnson.

39. Hymns From Songs for Worship: Suitable For Use in Boys’, Girls’ and Young People’s Meetings, Conferences, Conventions, Institutes, Camps / Published by The Religious Education Council of Canada.

40. Camping Clues / [Ontario Camping Association].

41. Senior Adult Camping / written, edited and compiled by Constance H. Armstrong. Martinsville, IN : Published by the American Camping Association, 1979.

42. Shaping Up For Out-Tripping : Special Information for Camp Directors. Camp Guide / Researched by Aniko Varpalotai and compiled by Blima Dreezer.   PARC Physical Activity Responsibility Centre.

43. Good Medicine : Life in Harmony With Nature / Adolf Hungry Wolf, c1970.

44. How to Start a Synchronized Swimming Club. August 1981.

45. Nature Activities / contributors : J. A. Partridge,  [et al.]  Toronto : Canadian Nature Magazine, 1945.

46. Program Suggestions for Tuxis Boys / Toronto : National Boys’ Work Board.

47. Mushrooms Ferns and Grasses : Companion Volume to “ Some Familiar Wild Flowers.” / compiled by Magistrate James Edmund Jones. Toronto : National Boys’  Work Board.

48. Sing It Again : 100 Songs From 21 Countries. Nashville, TN : The Service Department, The Board of Education, The Methodist Church.

49. Sing Along The Way.  New York : The Women’s Press. (2 copies)

50. Sing Along. New York : National Board YWCA. Revised 1957.

51. Leads for Mentors : Program Suggestions for Trail Ranger and Tuxis Leaders / prepared by The National Boys’ Work Board of The Religious Education Council of Canada.

52. Girl Scout Pocket Songbook / Girl Scouts of the United States, 1956.

53. The Emotionally Disturbed Child / Florence Schill.

54. Talks To Counsellors / Algonquin Park, ON : Published by Taylor Statten Camps, 1928.

55. Cook Book From the Kitchen of Camp Ambassador.

56. Look To This Day : A Camp Director’s Guide to Keeping Archives. / OCA Ontario Camps Association, 1992.

57. Camp Interest Group Suggestions : Art [and] Camp Interest Groups Suggestions : Crafts [and] Camp Interest Groups Suggestions : Puppetry  / C.G.I.T. Committee, The Canadian Council of Churches Department of Christian Education. [Three pamphlets in folder].

58. Help Yourself to Health :Trail Cookery For Girl Scouts / distributed by Kellogg Company.

59. Part-Time Wage Survey : Parks and Recreation Services 2001 / Parks and Recreation Ontario, 2002.

60. Program Helps for Camp Leaders  Packet  No. 1 / Margaret Chapman … [et al.]   Pleasantville, N.Y. : The Rafter Crafters, 1947.

61.The Philosophy of Camping / Ontario Camping Association. [and] How To Teach Counsellors Their Relationship To Program Activities / by Barry Lowes. [Two pamphlets in folder].

62. Camp Mettawas Song Book.

63. Tanamakoon Songs = 100 Tanamakoon Songs (6 copies).

64. Camp Tanamakoon Songs : Algonquin Park (6 copies).

65. Camp Tanamakoon Algonquin Park : Songs 1974.

66. Tanamakoon 60th Anniversary 1925-1984.

67. On the Beam 1952 (with accompanying letter).

68. Brass Tacks for Councilors / by Walter H. Bently 3rd ed. 1944.

69. Camp Nagiwa Songbook: Hymns From Songs For Worship.

70. Recipes from Y.M.C.A. Camp Stephens / compiled by Laurie A. Macintoch [Camp White Bear].

71. Conservation Activities / by Johanna Koeslag [Camp Allsaw].

72. Northland Singing: A Book of Camp Songs from the First International Camping Convention hosted by the Minnesota Section of the American Camping Association and The Canadian Camping Association at Minneapolis, Minnesota February 19th to 24th, 1979. /  Canadian Camping Association. (4 copies)

73. Indians of Ontario (An Historical Review) / Indians Affairs Branch, January 1966.

74.  Indian Council Ring / by W. J. Eastaugh. The  Taylor Statten Camps.

75. Feeding Fifty Campers / prepared by Nutrition Division, Department of National Health and Welfare by the Authority of the minister, The Hon. Paul Martin. Revised 1953.

76. It’s Wise To Supervise / compiled and edited by  Alan Klein and Irwin Haladner. Toronto: Canadian Camping Magazine Company. (2 copies).

77. Understanding Your Teen-Ager / Ottawa:  Metropolitan Life Insurance, Canadian Head Office, c1953.

78. A Camp Director Trains His Own Staff: suggestions for pre-camp and in-camp training  /  Catherine T. Hammett. Martinsville, Ind.: American Camping Assoc., [194-]. (2 copies).

79. Guide for Trainers of Day Camp Directors / Girl Scouts of the United States of America.

80. Camp Counselor: Course Outline Camp counselor course outline for colleges and universities / The American Camping Association. Martinsville, Ind.: The Association, c1962.

81. Camp Nursing Guidelines for RNs and RNAs. Toronto: Colleges of Nurses of Ontario, 1990. (2 copies).

82. Camp Nursing: Responsibilities of RNs and RNAs. Toronto: College of Nurses of Ontario, 1987.

83. The White-Tailed Deer in Ontario / by H. G. Cumming and F. A. Walden. Fish and Wildlife Branch. Department of Lands and Forests.

84. Camping News / New Brunswick Camping Directorate. Spring 2001.

85. Harassment Update / Abuse and Harassment Alliance for Sport & Recreation. January 2001.

86. News & Views: Canadian Christian Camping Magazine. Fall 1978