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TITLE: Account book

Accession Number: 89-1022
Description: This item is an account book which is bound in pigskin.
Inclusive Dates: 1777-1793
Extent: 1 vol
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Port Hope sundries business account book

Accession Number: 89-1046
Description: This item is an account book from a Port Hope business containing entries for socks, hose and mitts, as well as some entries as to who purchased what. The entries start in 1909 and end in 1910.
Inclusive Dates: 1909-1910
Extent: 1 item
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Peter Adams fonds

Accession Number: 97-1031
Description: This fonds consists of three papers written by Peter Adams (one with B.F. Findlay and B.E. Goodison) concerning snow. It also includes his speech notes for a Peterborough Social Planning Council meeting, and two annual reports written in his capacity as M.P.P.
Inclusive Dates: 1976-1990
Extent: 6 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Aikenhead Hardware Company fonds

Accession Number: 89-014
Description: This fonds consists of a retail day book of the Aikenhead Hardware Company for July 10, 1835 to September 5, 1839, with the currency being recorded in pounds, shillings and pence. The fonds also contains wholesale price lists of the Aikenhead Company from 1895 to 1899; a commemorative booklet of the company for its 100th year and a 9 page history of the company.
Inclusive Dates: 1835-1969
Extent: 13 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Alcohol and sundry recipe notebooks fonds

Accession Number: 89-1001
Description: This fonds consists of three small notebooks: Volume 1 containing information on duties and freight rates for beer and gin from approximately 1897; Volume 2 containing recipes for alcoholic beverages and Volume 3 containing recipes for assorted chemists' balms, perfumes, cleaning products and medicine.
Inclusive Dates: [ca. 1897]
Extent: 1 folder
Restrictions: N

TITLE: "Alternatives" fonds

Accession Number: 88-024
Description: This fonds consists of essay submissions, correspondence and financial records which relate to the "Alternatives" magazine when it was published at Trent. There are layouts, original artwork and subscriber information for several issues. Conserver Society Notes, which amalgamated with Alternatives, also has material in this collection.
Inclusive Dates: 1971-1985
Extent: 10 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: People and places photographic collection

Accession Number: 83-1016
Description: This collection consists of a number of photographs depicting various people such as Queen Victoria, William Lyon Mackenzie King (May 22, 1948 in Ottawa), two brass bands of which one is from Cobourg, Ontario and two photographs of a wood bee at Salem, Ontario, January 25, 1899, photographed by F. B. Jones of the Dominion Photo and View Co., Brighton, Ontario. There are also 4 photographs of unknown people.
Inclusive Dates: 1850-1950
Extent: 10 photographs
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Attack on the people's depository for Ontario / People's Depository for Ontario

Accession Number: 97-1003
Description: This item is a 16 page compilation of letters and excerpts from letters gathered in response to an attack on the Department of Education contained in a 24 page pamphlet written by G. Mercer Adam, a bookseller in Toronto. The first section contains three letters by Rev. Dr. Egerton Ryerson. The second section contains replies from public school inspectors, while the third section contains responses by J. George Hodgins, manager of the depository, and remarks and opinions of school trustees.
Inclusive Dates: March 1874
Extent: 1 item
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Sarah Barclay fonds

Accession Number: 97-1002
Description: This fonds consists of assorted letters, notes, and receipts, some with respect to travel to Japan, and some referring to possible railroad development. Also included is material related to the British Columbia fur trade.
Inclusive Dates: 1885-1896
Extent: 17 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Baulch family fonds

Accession Number: 76-1013
Description: The fonds consists of two ledgers and loose items relating to the business of the Baulch Family: one cash book, business at Hampton, Ontario, 1881-1890; ledger, R. Baulch and Son, Port Hope, 1889-1904 and 1916-1937. The loose items include agreements between Joseph H. Baulch and various others to lease property from Baulch; tax notices and receipts; and a letter from Will Baulch. Also included is one photograph (tintype) of unidentified male.
Inclusive Dates: 1881-1942
Extent: 4 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: John Bee fonds

Accession Number: 86-028
Description: This fonds consists of day books, account books, miscellaneous invoices, and photographs relating to the John Bee family who operated a saw mill near Port Hope in the 1850's.
Inclusive Dates: 1848-1853
Extent: 12.5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: John E. Belcher letter book

Accession Number: 74-020
Description: This item is a large letter book kept by John Belcher, architect, of which only 296 pages are written on. The correspondence relates mostly to the design, specifications and construction of bridges, schools, hospitals, and industrial buildings. The letters give insights into Tory patronage in Peterborough, and Tory/Grit political dealings. The fonds is accompanied by alphabetical index to the correspondents and statements of account are included.
Inclusive Dates: 4 July 1907-3 Nov. 1913
Extent: 2 inches, 296 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Belmont municipal telephone system minute book

Accession Number: 76-1006
Description: This item is a minute book of commissioners', subscribers' and annual and special meetings of the Belmont Municipal Telephone System, preceeder to the Bell Telephone Company and the Havelock-Cordova Telephone Company.
Inclusive Dates: 1922-1954
Extent: 205 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Benson Mills day book

Accession Number: 71-1002
Description: This item is an original day book from the Benson Mills (also called Creek Mills and Peterboro Mills) which describes work done, for whom work was done, and value of work done.
Inclusive Dates: 1 June 1848-28 Dec. 1849
Extent: 122 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: John Bertram & Sons, Dundas, Ontario, daily journal

Accession Number: 89-1032
Description: This item is a ledger used by John Bertram & Sons to keep track of daily transactions and orders.
Inclusive Dates: 1918-1920
Extent: 1 folder
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Better Bait Catalogue Co

Accession Number: 89-1048
Description: This item is a broadside from the Better Bait Company of Peterborough, Ontario which was owned and operated by Perce Dyer. The broadside notes the seasonal limits for various kinds of fish.
Inclusive Dates: [ca. 194?]
Extent: 1 item
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Richard Birdsall fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 91-1020
Description: This item is a photocopy of a lumber notebook of agreements with various people giving permission to cut timber on lots held in various townships (by Richard Birdsall for Canada Company). There is also a listing of lots held by the Canada Company in 40 or more townships and a listing of prices of various woods and staves. There are entries at both ends of the notebook dating from 1831 to 1832.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [between 1971 and 1991]
Extent: 53 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: John Merton Bowes fonds

Accession Number: 20-013
Description: This fonds contains records of John Merton Bowes’ 70-year career as a real estate agent in Toronto and Peterborough. The records include photographs, reports, advertisements, and other paper records of his professional career beginning in the 1950’s up to his retirement in 2020.
Inclusive Dates: 1950-2020
Extent: 64cm of textual material; ca. 40 photographs
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Boyd family fonds

Accession Number: 88-011
Description: This fonds consists of records encompasing three generations of the Boyd family of Bobcaygeon. The fonds has been divided into the following series: photographs and glass negatives; Reverend Henry C. Avant; Mossom Boyd; Mossom Martin Boyd (Mossie); Lillian de Grassi Boyd; the De Grassi papers which are records of Dr. Alex De Grassi, Lillian Boyd's father, a physician from Lindsay, Upper Canada; Gardiner Cust Boyd; Mildred Boyd; Winnett (Brownie) Boyd; Laurence Chadwick Boyd; Mossom de Grassi Boyd; A. Sheila Boyd; stamps; artifacts; business which deals with the Boyds interests in lumbering; agricultural papers which deal with the Boyd's farming interests in buffalo and cattle; and, estate papers. The strength of this fonds lies in its completeness. Nothing was thrown away and there are grocery lists, laundry lists, staff salary books, furniture receipts, party and wedding invitations, school report cards, ship and railway timetables, diaries and approximately 20,000 pieces of correspondence. This has resulted in a remarkable record of a large household from the 1880s to the 1980s and an invaluable source for social and business historians.
Inclusive Dates: 1857-1982
Extent: 20 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Sheila Boyd fonds

Accession Number: 75-1025
Description: The fonds consists of photocopies of the following memoirs of settlement in the Bobcaygeon Area. a) Reminiscence of Mossom Boyd, written down by M.M. Boyd, 1875-1877, typescript copy, 5 pages. b) Manuscript copy of J.W. Bicks "Reminiscences and Memorandum on Coming to Canada in 1837 and Dunsford family in 1838;" gathered 1891 (January 9) 5 pages. c) George Dunsford Reminiscences, taken down by H.J. Wickham, 1894 in Miss Boyd's hand.
Inclusive Dates: 1875-1894
Extent: 15 pages
Restrictions: Not for publication outside of undergraduate essays.

TITLE: Mossom Boyd last will and testament

Accession Number: 75-1024
Description: This item is a photocopy of the last will and testament of Mossom Boyd, written May 7, 1880 and probated August 27, 1883.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [ca. 1975]
Extent: 15 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: W.T.C. Boyd fonds

Accession Number: 01-019
Description: Fonds consists of 27 diaries of William Thornton Cust Boyd dated 1878 through 1917. Five of the diaries, 1884-1888, include financial records. The diaries recount the private and public life of Boyd, and include references to his wife, Meta, and their children, and social activities with family and friends including boating excursions and picnics. He refers throughout to Richard Birdsall Rogers (1857-1927), superintending engineer of the Peterborough Lift Lock, in social and business terms, and the two often conduct business relating to the Trent Valley Canal. Activities which Boyd participated in regularly include yachting and boating (on the "Calumet", "Ogemah", and "Ajax"), curling, hunting, gardening, tree planting, playing cards, skating, canoeing, and attending the theatre. He recounts details of the illnesses, deaths and funerals of acquaintances and family members, including his step-brother, Mossom (Mossie) Martin Boyd. Boyd recounts in detail the building of his house by John E. Belcher ([184-]-1915), architect, civil engineer, and surveyor. This house is now operated as Case Manor Nursing Home. The diaries speak of local and federal politics, World War I, and the activities of the church. They also detail the activities of the Lindsay, Bobcaygeon and Pontypool Railway Company, the Trent Valley Navigation Steamship Company, and the day-to-day operation of the family lumbering and cattle/buffalo enterprises.
Inclusive Dates: 1878-1917
Extent: 14 cm of textual records
Restrictions: N

TITLE: W.T.C. Boyd fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 02-014
Description: Fonds consists of diaries, notebooks, and "cash books" of W.T.C. Boyd relating primarily to business matters, with occasional references to personal matters. Also included are photographs of family members; letters written during WWI by Boyd's son, Thornton; letters and documents related to the building of Boyd's house by architect, John E. Belcher; and letters and documents relating to the family cattle/buffalo cross-breeding enterprise.
Inclusive Dates: 1863-1917
Extent: 12 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: W.T.C. Boyd fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 04-003
Description: Fonds consists of photographs of Boyd's family, postcards, a notebook, and a book entitled Canada in Khaki: A Tribute to the Officers and Men now serving in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1917.
Inclusive Dates: 1889-1917
Extent: 6 cm of textual records; 8 photographs
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Winnett Boyd fonds

Accession Number: 99-008
Description: This fonds consists of correspondence, drawings, reports, press clippings, biographical material, photographs, maps, slides, manuscripts, publicity materials and certificates relating to the aeronautical engineering, nuclear engineeering, consulting engineering and political career of Winnett Boyd.
Inclusive Dates: 1907-1983
Extent: 5.25 m, plus 4 large materials folders and 85 rolled drawings, plus 1 maps folder
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Brighton photographic fonds

Accession Number: 87-010
Description: This fonds consists of various photographs relating to the town of Brighton, Ontario. Walter Nichol Davidson, a Brighton merchant and other people, businesses and activities including store interiors from Brighton are included in this fonds.
Inclusive Dates: ca. 1910
Extent: 2 volumes
Restrictions: N

TITLE: David Brown Collection

Accession Number: 98-015
Description: This collection consists of miscellanous ledgers and legal documents of businesses, doctors, etc. in Peterborough, surrounding counties and areas in southern Ontario.
Inclusive Dates: 1826-1967
Extent: 2 m & 1 large folder
Restrictions: N

TITLE: J. Brown letter

Accession Number: 76-1001
Description: This item is a photocopy of a letter of J. Brown to his nephew Archibald Brown of Kittley, near Smith's Falls, Canada West, dated December 30, 1845. Comments on family matters, crops, number of shops, saw mills and foundries in Peterborough are written in the letter.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [ca. 1976]
Extent: 4 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: William Brownscombe photograph

Accession Number: 97-1015
Description: This photograph shows Brownscombe at his potters wheel shaping a large stone jug with a narrow neck. Another jug stands on a shelf to his left.
Inclusive Dates: [1860]
Extent: 1 photograph
Restrictions: N

TITLE: W. Burnett letter book

Accession Number: 75-010
Description: This item is a letter book containing correspondence relating to the management and operation of the China Hall store in Cobourg, Ontario, and personal business.
Inclusive Dates: Jan. 1909-July 1913
Extent: 5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Business journals fonds

Accession Number: 88-014
Description: This fonds consists of ledgers, day books and other record books, mostly unidentified as to exact name and location of the business. All were situated in the Peterborough/Cobourg/Norwood/Marmora area.
Inclusive Dates: 1846-1962
Extent: 46 cm
Restrictions: Item #19 is restricted until 2035.

TITLE: Business records collection

Accession Number: 86-020
Description: This collection consists of one cash book, 1865-1869 and one day book, 1865-1867
Inclusive Dates: 1865-1869
Extent: 12.5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: C.E. Smith Boots and Shoes account book

Accession Number: 96-1001
Description: This item is an account book which appears to have been that of a Peterborough area shoe retailer, C.E. Smith Boots and Shoes. Loosely inserted in the book is a letter dated 1913 from Hastings written by J.F. McCarthy to C.E. Smith, esq., regarding an order for a pair of shoes. Several of the accounts itemized in the book are with shoe companies. Glued in the book is a "Bank of Montreal, Peterborough" bank slip.
Inclusive Dates: 1911-1915
Extent: 1 volume
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Cameron family fonds

Accession Number: 78-010
Description: The fonds consists of personal and business correspondence and papers for several members of the Cameron family who lived in Peterborough, Upper Canada. It includes correspondence between Charles Cameron and his wife Sophia (Barron) Cameron, 1852-1881; business correspondence, invoices, receipts, and accounts for McKeller and Cameron Dry Goods Merchants, 1861-1870; Charles Cameron business correspondence, invoices, receipts and cancelled cheques from his years as an insurance agent, 1871-1903; Alfred Cameron personal and business correspondence, 1886-1908; Alfred Cameron survey reports for various townships, towns and villages in Peterborough County, the United Counties of Northumberland and Durham, Simcoe County, Nippissing District, and Cochrane District, 1894-1931; Alfred Cameron insurance policies; and a Chas. E. Goad fire insurance plan of the town of Peterborough and the village of Ashburnham, 1882, revised 1889. Genealogical resource.
Inclusive Dates: 1852-1931
Extent: 0.9 m
Restrictions: Y No copying of the fire insurance plan without permission of the University Archivist. No reprinting of the fire insurance plan without the permission of the Underwriter's Association.

TITLE: Canada Company fonds

Accession Number: 76-038
Description: This fonds consists of 12 microfilm reels of records from the Canada Company located in the Archives of Ontario. It includes correspondence, 1824-1904: letter books, correspondence with Commissioners, shareholders, H.M. Government, etc.; Minutes, 1824-1869: Court of Directors and committee minutes; and Reports, 1841-1864: as well as reports on tracts of land.
Inclusive Dates: Microfilmed [before 1976]
Extent: 12 reels
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Canada. Parks Canada Transcripts fonds

Accession Number: 80-017
Description: This fonds consists of photocopies of 43 interview transcripts of residents of the Trent Valley area. The interviews were conducted by Daniel Francis under contract, in 1979, to Parks Canada and focus on such themes as transportation, commerce, settlement, tourism, and resource development. They relate to the section of the Trent-Severn waterway stretching from the mouth of the Otonabee River to Bobcaygeon.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied 1980
Extent: 25 cm
Restrictions: Permission from the interviewees is required to quote from interviews.

TITLE: Canadian Copying House

Accession Number: 05-1008
Description: Item is an advertisement of the Canadian Copying House by Ford & Coleman, Ameliasburgh, Ontario. The general office is specified as being located in Belleville, Ontario, and the advertisement claims that first-class artists have been secured and that the company is able to copy pictures and photographs. It is also a wholesaler and retailer of frames, stereoscopes, engravings, etc. The advertisement is mounted on a piece of wood.
Inclusive Dates: [ca. 1900]
Extent: 1 item
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Canadian Land and Emigration Company collection

Accession Number: 77-023
Description: This collection consists of transcripts of minutes of the Board of Directors' of the Canadian Land and Emigration Company, 1868-1885, and annual reports of Bronson and Weston, lumber merchants, 1876-1884, with whom the Company did business. Also included are excerpts from the diaries of Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Stewart, agent for the company in Haliburton, and their son Charles E. Stewart, 1865-66 and 1870.
Inclusive Dates: Transcribed [between 1967 and 1977]
Extent: 5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Karen Carter-Edwards fonds

Accession Number: 18-005
Description: Fonds consists primarily of research material for the book, Cornwall Electric: 100 Years of Service, published in 1987 by Karen Carter-Edwards. The records focus on Cornwall and the history and development of Cornwall Electric; they also cover broader issues such as the development of public education in Ontario, municipal ownership of public utilities, and the development of provincial policies related to public health in the areas of sanitation and fluoridation.
Inclusive Dates: ca. 1980-1987
Extent: 1 m of textual records; ca. 40 photographs
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Anthony Cekota fonds

Accession Number: 97-1035
Description: This fonds consists of a copy of an address called "World Leadership in Business", given by Anthony Cekota to the Foreign Trade Club of Detroit on January 21, 1954. Also included are two pieces of correspondence concerning a visit Cekota made to Trent University and the donation of the above paper to Trent University Archives.
Inclusive Dates: 1954-1989
Extent: 3 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: William Chirpaw fonds

Accession Number: 94-1004
Description: This fonds consists of correspondence, invoices and receipts of William Chirpaw who ran a hotel and a lumber business at Victoria Road, Bexley Township in Victoria County.
Inclusive Dates: 1898-1920
Extent: .5 inches
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Choate family fonds

Accession Number: 77-026
Description: The fonds of the Choate family consist of day books, journals and accounts of the Choate family general merchandising business, 1850-1910, at Warsaw, Canada West and Ontario; records of the Warsaw Division of the Sons of Temperance Fraternal Society, 1849-1858; a general record of registered letters, Warsaw post office, 1884-1889; and a family day book, a scrapbook of clippings, and photographs.
Inclusive Dates: 1849-1910
Extent: 90 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: George Cobb tapes

Accession Number: 82-006
Description: This fonds consists of oral history tapes made by George Cobb. Topics covered on the tapes include: Trent Canal, lumbering, early medicine and dentistry in Peterborough County, native studies, mills and so forth. Also included are composite tapes on the subjects of "The Story of the Peterborough Lift Locks", "Logging in the 1890's", "River Boating on the Otonabee River, Rice and Stoney Lakes", "Early Life in Rural Ontario", and "Medicine, Dentistry and Cures of the Backwoods."
Inclusive Dates: 1962-1967
Extent: 86 tapes
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Cobourg area broadsides collection

Accession Number: 95-1011
Description: This collection consists of an undated broadside of furniture and house furnishings of Disney Bros., Bowmanville, and an undated broadside of ladies' and children's clothing, Hardy's: The Hewson store in Cobourg, Ontario. It also contains a broadside detailing conditions of sale of the Innes Mill near Grafton dated 1876. With this broadside is an original bill of sale, signed by purchaser George Fowler and dated December 12, 1876.
Inclusive Dates: [ca. 1876-191-?]
Extent: 4 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Cobourg Foundry fonds

Accession Number: 77-019
Description: This fonds consists of the records of the Cobourg foundry. It includes journals, ledgers, correspondence, accounts, pay lists, bills, receipts, contracts and specifications of jobs done as kept by James Davidson, founder and machine shop operator. There is also some correspondence from A. Munson of Oil Springs, Canada West relating to the oil industry, as well as correspondence from Henry Fowlds with regards to work done and payment of accounts.
Inclusive Dates: 1859-1865
Extent: 61 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Thomas B. Collins day book

Accession Number: 76-012
Description: This item is a day book of T.B. Collins. It has daily entries from June 27, 1884 to August 22, 1885 showing the sales of general merchandise, as well as several entries "to cash". From October 1885 to November 1903, entries are in the form of accounts, are not daily, and deal mostly with cash exchanges. Also included are entries relating to mortgages; details of expense accounts for building barns, houses and other buildings and items. In the back of the book, entries are headed "Pump Business:, December 1884-October 1885.
Inclusive Dates: 1884-1903
Extent: 15 cm (1 volume)
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Tinney family fonds

Accession Number: 95-1001
Description: This fonds consists of a blacksmith's account book belonging to John Tinney of Cavan, Ontario and a small pocket diary kept by a soldier, Hector Tinney who served overseas in World War I. Also included in the fonds are a number of post cards of Belleville, Ontario, Trenton in Ontario as well as a photograph of Hector Tinney and the Tinney blacksmith shop.
Inclusive Dates: 1891-1894; 1918
Extent: 11 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: G. Wilson Craw collection

Accession Number: 86-003
Description: This collection consists of records collected by G. Wilson Craw such as school histories, Peterborough County; Barnardo's Canadian Homes Almanac 1901; a list of Peterborough Utilities Commissioners 1902-1965; biographies of Peterborough residents; deeds and mortgages; North Monaghan voters list 1883-4; 76 photographs of industries, schools and churches and sporting groups, as well as a history of Springville, North Monaghan. Genealogical resource.
Inclusive Dates: 1818-1965
Extent: 12.5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Harley R. Cummings fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 01-009
Description: Fonds consists of maps and plans of the Ottawa and Haliburton areas, time-books of Bronsons and Weston logging firm, and photographs of the building of a railway, and of the Haliburton area. Included also are research material and manuscripts relating to books which Harley R. Cummings wrote about schools in the Ottawa area, and on the history of Haliburton. Included are notes on John Strachan and a transcript of his diary.The fonds also includes several genealogical charts of the MacCallum family.
Inclusive Dates: 1864-1999
Extent: .5 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Davidson family fonds

Accession Number: 77-003
Description: The fonds consists of 19 documents including deeds, conveyances, and a map of the mill and water power property of Samuel Dickson and relating to land in the Water/McDonnel/Hunter Streets and river area of Peterborough, Ontario (Upper Canada and Canada West). Also an 1823 grant of Lot 1, Communication Road, Smith Township collected by the Davidson Family.
Inclusive Dates: 1823-1913
Extent: 10 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Deloro Mine Collection

Accession Number: 98-018
Description: This collection consists of technical plans and details of the Deloro mining processes, labour relations and union papers, medical information concerning arsenic poisoning, historical material regarding Deloro and the village of Marmora, maps, and plant photographs, layouts, and site plans.
Inclusive Dates: 1918-1963
Extent: 18 cm & 5 large folders
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Deloro Mine collection. Additions

Accession Number: 07-007
Description: Collection consists of employee records, plant and engineering operations, and photographs of Deloro village and the Deloro mining and smelting site.
Inclusive Dates: 1917-1959
Extent: 24 cm of textual records; 8 photographs
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Denoon family fonds

Accession Number: 86-014
Description: This fonds consists of ledgers and an order book dating from 1896 to 1910. The books relate to "Mrs. Welliam Denoon who was a butchor or dealer in all kinds of fresh and salt meats".
Inclusive Dates: 1896-1910
Extent: 12.5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Upper Canada diaries collection

Accession Number: 84-018
Description: This is a microfilm collection of farmers diaries from Upper Canada dating from 1799 to 1894.
Inclusive Dates: Microfilmed Nov. 1957
Extent: 8 reels
Restrictions: Not to be reproduced without the permission of the Ontario Archives.

TITLE: Dickson family fonds

Accession Number: 94-1005
Description: This fonds consists of letters from Hugh Munro, Edinburgh, to his son Samuel Munro and daughter-in-law Emma Davidson Munro as well as letters to Samuel Dickson from his mother in Ireland. There are also photographs and newspaper obituaries of Laura Davidson, President of Peterborough (Dickson) Lumber Company from 1934 to 1957; photographs of the Dickson home on Dickson Street, Peterborough and typescript histories of the Dickson Lumber Company.
Inclusive Dates: 1853-1957
Extent: 1 folder
Restrictions: N

TITLE: L.N. Easterly account book

Accession Number: 76-011
Description: This item is an account book of L.N. Easterly, showing each customer's account for the years 1913 and 1914, noting service performed and the cost.
Inclusive Dates: 1913-1914
Extent: 3 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Fairdale Cheese Company fonds

Accession Number: 74-018
Description: The fonds consists of a cash book, dated April 1, 1871-January 3, 1883 and an account book, dated 1881-1882 of the Fairdale Cheese Company.
Inclusive Dates: 1871-1883
Extent: 1 folder
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Bernhard E. Fernow letter

Accession Number: 77-1008
Description: This item is a photocopy of a typescript of a letter from J.B. McWilliams to Dean B.E. Fernow at the University of Toronto giving a very detailed account of timber licences in the Trent Valley (first licences, abandoned or cancelled licences) and of the amount of lumber taken out in 1872-3 as opposed to 1912. His concerns were conservation and failing that, reforestation of the area. He also describes the Trent system of forest conservation. The letter is dated December 16, 1912.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [ca. 1977]
Extent: 23 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Fisher Gauge Limited collection

Accession Number: 04-005
Description: Collection consists of 20 cassette tapes of interviews with Fisher Gauge Ltd. founder, Bill Fisher, and early executives, Tod Wilcox and Eric Graham. Also included are annotated notes on the interviews.
Inclusive Dates: 1997-2000
Extent: 1 folder textual records; 20 cassette tapes
Restrictions: None

TITLE: Flavelles Limited fonds

Accession Number: 92-003
Description: This fonds consists primarily of business records of Flavelles Limited. It includes the charter, by-laws and minutes, ledgers, account books, audited statements, stock books and journals. There are also brief historical accounts of the family and the enterprises.
Inclusive Dates: 1892-1980
Extent: 61 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Fletcher account book

Accession Number: 96-007
Description: This item is an account book, from 1902 to 1903, of a furniture factory owned by Frank Sanford of Fenelon Falls. Also, at the end of the book, several pages are filled with grain accounts. Throughout, many pages are covered with pasted-in pictures from magazines, and a child's drawings. There are also three pages of notes relating to British colonies.
Inclusive Dates: 1902-1903
Extent: 1 item
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Fowlds family and business fonds

Accession Number: 72-001
Description: The fonds consists of family and related papers of Henry Fowlds and his family including James S. Fowlds and H.M. Fowlds. It also includes business correspondence, invoices, some journals and cashbooks, mortgages as well as deeds regarding the business of Henry Fowlds, Jas. S. Fowlds and Bros. and H.M. Fowlds.
Inclusive Dates: 1838-1935
Extent: 2.74 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Gavin A. Gibson fonds

Accession Number: 76-010
Description: The fonds consists of an account book of the general store of G.A. Gibson, Kent Street in Lindsay, Ontario for the period of May 1888 to December 1888; four diaries, May 1898 to July 1906, in which Gibson records the chores performed daily by himself and his family as well as money received (for the sale of produce) and money spent. The fonds also contains one additional diary, January 1910 to April 1914, which records chores and events on the farm. It is possible that the diary was written by Gibson's wife, Alice, but written as if Gibson had written it himself.
Inclusive Dates: 1888-1914
Extent: 8 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: George Stevens advertisements

Accession Number: 05-1007
Description: Items include two George Stevens flyers and one envelope that advertise the export of Canadian unleached hardwood ashes, to be used as plant food.
Inclusive Dates: [194-?]
Extent: 3 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Gordon Mackay and Company fonds

Accession Number: 80-010
Description: This fonds consists of minutes, correspondence, balance sheets, and financial records of the Gordon Mackay Company, its subsidiaries and some of its officers. It includes photographs, maps, plans, annual reports and newsclippings.
Inclusive Dates: 1860-1977
Extent: 3.7 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Duncan Graham fonds

Accession Number: 89-1004
Description: Hon. Duncan Graham was an Independent Liberal Member of Parliament for Ontario North from 1897 to 1900. His papers contain a form letter from the Canadian Pacific Railway dated April 3, 1900; a letter dated October 10 from S.A. Cunningham threatening to withdraw his support for Graham in the next election and a cancelled cheque from Graham and Dougall McQuaig to E.H. Henry dated October 10, 1899.
Inclusive Dates: 3 April 1900-10 Oct. 1900
Extent: 1 folder
Restrictions: N

TITLE: G.C. Gross fonds

Accession Number: 89-1050
Description: This fonds consists of correspondence and 75 shares in the Peterborough Gas Company; correspondence from the Ontario Bank and by-law no. 8 from the Ontario Ladies' College at Whitby, Ontario.
Inclusive Dates: 1879-1894
Extent: 1 file
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Dr. Edwin C. Guillet fonds

Accession Number: 74-003
Description: This fonds consists of the original and collected papers of E.C. Guillet, relating to his works and research on the Trent Valley/Peterborough/Kawartha area. Included is correspondence, primarily with George M. Douglas and Helen Marryat; maps (photocopies); newspaper articles regarding above area; collected manuscripts of historical authors; photographs; and Guillet's own unpublished manuscript of Canadian Literary Pioneers.
Inclusive Dates: 1632-1970
Extent: 45 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Gummed Address Company fonds

Accession Number: 89-1044
Description: This fonds consists of coupons from the Gummed Address Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.
Inclusive Dates: 1892
Extent: 0.5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: H.H Stevens reconstruction party letter

Accession Number: 92-1006
Description: This item is a photocopy of a letter written by H.H. Stevens January 11, 1968 to a student in History/Political Science 301 in response to questions posed. Stevens writes about the Report of the Price Spreads and Mass Buying Commission, 1934-35, The Canadian Manufacturers Association's complaint, R.B. Bennet's refusal to act, Bennet's removal of Stevens from Conservative Party and the elimination of sweat shop conditions.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied between [1990 and 1992]
Extent: 1 file
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Howard Borden Hamilton fonds

Accession Number: 02-011
Description: Fonds consists of family and business records pertaining to Howard Borden Hamilton and his company, "Howard Hamilton", later known as "Hamilton Holiday Homes", located in McCracken's Landing, Ontario. Included in Box 1 are company financial records, wage records, time logs, inventory records, building permits lists, etc. (1937-1981). Included in Box 2 are business receipts (1979-1981); George Wade bills, etc. (1961-1962); deeds and property documents (1937-1974); Gwendolen Hanley documents relating to various shares, and to the Parkside Motel, Otonabee Township, Ontario, and Forest Plaza Hotel, Mount Forest, Ontario (1963-1972); and Herczeg, Perlus, and Okany building plans (1971). Also included are miscellaneous family records, and a folder of local business receipts issued to William Crowe of Stoney Lake, Ontario, and Jordon Crowe (1883-1924), a "Pathmasters" list, and "Heart Receipt", a recipe for heart ailments. Located in the Large Materials Cabinet are building plans for cottages, homes, and decks at properties belonging to [Keith McKerracher] (1965), Order of the Eastern Star (1972), Clementi Lodge House, Lakefield (1973), D. Bell (1976), Domal-Marine Div. (1980), Marvin McDermot (1982), and J. Webster (1982).
Inclusive Dates: 1883-1998
Extent: 30 cm of textual records ca. 7 building plans
Restrictions: N 

TITLE: Mrs. W. George Hankinson letters

Accession Number: 75-1015
Description: This fonds consists of a letter and postcard of W.G. Hankinson to his wife at Deloraine in Manitoba, discussing personal matters and the establishment of his men's shop in Cobalt, Ontario.
Inclusive Dates: 2 Sept. 1909-6 Sept. 1909
Extent: 5 pages plus cover
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Havelock Electric Light and Power Company Limited letters patent

Accession Number: 76-1000
Description: This item is a letters patent incorporating the Havelock Electric Light and Power Company, dated March 21, 1903 and recorded by the Deputy Provincial Registrar on March 25, 1903.
Inclusive Dates: 21 Mar. 1903
Extent: 2 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Miscellanea photographic collection

Accession Number: 91-1025
Description: This collection consists of a number of photographs which include John Butcher, sexton of St. John's Church in Peterborough. There is one photograph of his family outside their home as well as one photograph of John at age 34. There are also a number of photographs of the Hastings Lock, Healey's Falls and steam logging and boat with log boom. There is also one photograph of William Dawson's house in South Monaghan from 1910; a photograph of "Strathormond" in Peterborough and the Champion soccer team of Fairview School from around the 1970's.
Inclusive Dates: 1884-1979 ; (predominant 1884-1910)
Extent: 14 photos
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Indian Crafts Foundation of Ontario fonds

Accession Number: 91-010
Description: This fonds provides a full view of the history of a well-intentioned but short-lived organization involving native peoples, government and the commercial world. It consists of early plans, minutes and correspondence of the board of directors, the development of a constitution and bylaws, correspondence with government and native groups, craft training experience, inventory and accounting processes.
Inclusive Dates: 1968-1973
Extent: 81 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: William H. Ives letter book

Accession Number: 75-009
Description: This item is a letter book related to carpentry, contracting and building activities in the Colborne, Ontario, area. It contains some interesting material on house construction in terms of methods and materials. It also contains some information on Colborne area churches. The letter book has a partial index to the correspondence of William Ives.
Inclusive Dates: 1894-1899
Extent: 5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: A. Jeffrey & Son fonds

Accession Number: 88-018
Description: This fonds consists of one ledger and one letter book of A. Jeffrey & Son of Cobourg, Canada West and Ontario. These are excellent records of who supplied goods to merchants in Canada West and how they were shipped.
Inclusive Dates: 1861-1869
Extent: 13 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Lakefield Heritage Research collection

Accession Number: 12-004
Description: Collection consists primarily of photocopies and emails with information pertaining to various aspects of Peterborough's history, from both the city and the county. Brief history of the town of Lakefield is also included.
Inclusive Dates: 2003-2012
Extent: 32 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Langford business fonds

Accession Number: 83-017
Description: This fonds consists of 16 bound journals, day books and cash books pertaining to William Langford, a Peterborough builder. Also included is one folder of loose receipts and price estimates.
Inclusive Dates: 1892-1921
Extent: 30.5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Leggott family fonds

Accession Number: 12-006
Description: Fonds consists of correspondence, legal and financial documents, newspaper clippings, photographs and memorabilia relating to the Leggott family of Lakefield Ontario.

Inclusive Dates: 1863-1980
Extent: 12.0 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Professor David Macmillan fonds

Accession Number: 90-001
Description: This fonds consists of correspondence, research notes and original documents which were collected by Professor David Macmillan during his research. Items such as voters' lists for Victoria County, Ontario and a series of broadsides advertising land in Victoria County; documents from the Hudson's Bay Company, East Indies; minutes from the Barbados Board of Legislative Council, a Sydney Australia Company, and the Sydney Australian Committee of the New Steam Company; letter and share books from the Scottish Australian Investment Company; and a number of reproduction engravings and prints are included in the fonds. Also included in the fonds is a copy of Macmillan's 1964 Ph.D. thesis: "The Scottish Australian Connection..." and assorted pamphets relating to New South Wales. Genealogical resource.
Inclusive Dates: 1757-1978 ; predominant 1821-1870
Extent: 91 cm
Restrictions: Permission of University Archivist

TITLE: Professor David Macmillan fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 94-002
Description: This addition to the fonds consists of correspondence, research notes and photographs as well as manuscripts of Professor David S. Macmillan while he was researching topics and papers for publication or lectures.
Inclusive Dates: 1712-1960
Extent: 46 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Enid Mallory fonds

Accession Number: 82-003
Description: This fonds consists of 18 audio cassette recordings on local history topics made primarily by Enid Mallory. Ms. Mallory interviewed people throughout Peterborough County, many of them descendants of pioneer settlers. The topics include pioneer settlement, Riel Rebellion, Cavan Blazers, Warsaw, early stores (Choate, Lakehurst, Buckhorn), farming, cheese factories, Young's Point, Keene, the lumber industry, and the Chemong Bridge.
Inclusive Dates: 1978-1981
Extent: 18 tapes
Restrictions: Permission of the interviewee required for written use.

TITLE: Helen Marryat fonds

Accession Number: 69-001
Description: The fonds consists mostly of Helen Marryat's (nee Helen Fowlds) personal experiences as a nurse in World War I, and her activities as a local historian. There are clippings of her articles in local newspapers, historical maps (drawn by Gerald Marryat) and other materials relating to settlement of Hastings and district such as education and nursing. Also included are the correspondence and photograph collections of her brothers, Donald and Eric (mostly from World War I), and material on Frederick Marryat (1792-1848), navy captain and novelist.
Inclusive Dates: 4 Feb. 1912-21 Nov. 1964
Extent: 1.7 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: John R. Marshall collection

Accession Number: 97-1025
Description: This collection consists of a photograph of John R. Marshall, possibly in his late 30's or early 40's, and newspaper clipping memorials to Marshall at the time of his death in April 1952.
Inclusive Dates: [192?] 1952
Extent: 3 items, 1 photograph : b&w ; 47cm x 34cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Martyn's mill and dam fonds

Accession Number: 96-1011
Description: This fonds consists of four maps, from between 1875 and 1905 which depict: Martyn's Mill on the Otonabee River; land flooded by the Otonabee River in Smith Township; the Otonabee River between Dickson's and Martyn's Dams; and the acreage between Catchacoma Lake and Gull Lake.
Inclusive Dates: 1875-1905
Extent: 4 maps
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Mary Jane Moncrief's mathematics school book

Accession Number: 91-1019
Description: This item is a mathematics work book which belonged to Mary Jane Moncrief in 1861. In it there are samples of decimal currency, reductions of weights and measures, compound addition and subtraction, percentages and many other mathematical exercises.
Inclusive Dates: 5 Jan. 1861
Extent: 1 book
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Eliza Jane (Hughes) McAlpine fonds

Accession Number: 97-1037
Description: This fonds consists of a two-volume biography of Eliza Jane (Hughes) McAlpine, 1854-1938, written by her grandson, Wallace McAlpine, fifty years after her death. The biography contains the Hughes family history from the Napoleonic era, follows Eliza's parents to Canada in the 1840's, describes the marriages of her siblings, and gives a fine sense of life in Durham County in the early years of Canada's nationhood. Eliza's battle with spinal meningitis is recounted. The volumes trace the events, joys, and sorrows of the sizeable Hughes family, the accomplishments of Eliza's husband, Dr. John McAlpine, and the experiences with horses and subsequently automobiles. The extraordinary impact of Hardy's "Tess of the D'Urbervilles" is described. The famous Sir Sam Hughes was Eliza's brother and some of his exploits are described. Eliza's tour of Europe is described as it took place just before the outbreak of World War I. Lt. A.A. MacLeod's story is told. There is an account of Lt. Col. Cyril D.H. McAlpine's fateful expedition in the Arctic; a biographical sketch of J.W.L. Foster who painted a portrait of Eliza; an account of M.P. Tom Stinson's visits with Eliza; Eliza's disgust with Vicki Baum; her pleasure in talking with Chief Paudash; and finally her death and its aftermath. The volumes provide a wide, varied sketch of the times in which the events transpire. Attached to the pages within the volumes are approximately 30 photographs, most of which are portraits, and are both in black and white, and colour.
Inclusive Dates: [1988]
Extent: 2 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Rosemary McConkey collection

Accession Number: 12-002
Description: Collection consists of an inventory of land locations for early settlers and inhabitants of Ops Township from the initial survey of the township in 1825 to 1872. It includes census information and assessments of households, various voter's lists, many Ops Township documents and one map for the 1839 Assessment Roll. The collection also includes a variety of cookbooks, recipes, food preparation manuals for specific cooking devices, and research notes.
Inclusive Dates: 1825-1994
Extent: 50 cm of textual records; 1 map
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Roy Russell Merifield fonds

Accession Number: 90-015
Description: This fonds consists of draft manuscripts and research notes for the book "From County Trust To National Trust" published in 1988 by Roy Russell Merifield; annual reports for Victoria and Grey Trust and affiliated merged trust companies; company and media biographical sketches of company officers and directors; correspondence to and from company president Walter Harris 1968 to 1971; photocopies of press clippings relating to the collapse of the Atlantic Acceptance/British Mortgage and Trust Company and the Hughes Royal Commission.
Inclusive Dates: 1844-1988
Extent: 60 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Moscrip, Allan & Company ledger

Accession Number: 01-1022
Description: Fonds consists of one ledger identified as having belonged to Moscrip, Allan & Company. The business sold hardware, machinery, and farm equipment, and repaired same. Some customers were contractors, blacksmiths, wagoners; addresses of customers were Hamilton Township, Cobourg, Oshawa, Peterborough, Port Hope, and Bowmanville. Some business was carried on with schooners. Other customers included Dr. Gilchrist; Thomas Trail [Traill]; Cobourg-Peterborough Distillery; Ontario Distillery; Cobourg, Peterborough & Marmora Railway and Mining Co.; R.A. Waddell, Sherriff; and merchants and farmers. Accounts for 1867 listed Trustees of Common Schools with charges for two school bells. The ledger includes an index.
Inclusive Dates: 1853-1867
Extent: 1 cm of textual records
Restrictions: N 

TITLE: Peterborough and area business accounts

Accession Number: 04-1013
Description: Items consist of accounts issued largely to the Westwood, Ontario Brackenridge family. The accounts were issued by businesses and institutions in Peterborough, Westwood, Hastings, Bridgenorth and Toronto.
Inclusive Dates: 1917-1936
Extent: 1 folder
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Port Hope ledgers fonds

Accession Number: 89-1033
Description: This fonds contains two ledgers. One ledger apparently belonged to a person or business in the Port Hope area. The other ledger deals with a sale by Mrs. Brock and Mrs. Davy's from March 31, 1925.
Inclusive Dates: 1914-1925
Extent: 2 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Port Hope and Hope Township account books fonds

Accession Number: 89-1047
Description: This fonds consists of two account books containing accounts from the Port Hope and Hope Township area.
Inclusive Dates: 1879-1885; 1899-1901
Extent: 2.5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Workmen's time books fonds

Accession Number: 89-1029
Description: This fonds consists of five time books for men and material for boat and scow repairing at Lakefield and various places on the Trent Canal from 1889 to 1920.
Inclusive Dates: 1889-1920
Extent: 1 folder
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Gilbert C. Monture fonds

Accession Number: 97-017
Description: This fonds consists of miscellaneous personal documents relating to Gilbert Monture, including his family tree and a copy of his birth certificate. Also included are various speeches and articles by Monture, correspondence ranging from 1912-1983, newspaper clippings, miscellaneous photographs, materials relating to Pauline Johnson, correspondence and minutes relating to the Canadian Correction Association project "Indians and the Law", and documents regarding an exhibit at the Indian Hall of Fame, Canadian National Exhibition.
Inclusive Dates: 1912-1983
Extent: 47 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: J.E.R. and Helena V. Munro fonds

Accession Number: 75-1006
Description: This fonds consists of copies of papers written by J.E.R. and H.V. Munro of Peterborough, Ontario, on the following topics: The Shanleys - Pioneer Railway Builders, manuscript 14 pages, (London, Ontario); Katherine Wallis - 1945 address to Women's Art Association of Peterborough, manuscript, 9 pages; Women's Art Association of Peterborough through 60 years, 1965, 8 pages; Pioneer; A Chronology of Prince Edward County and the Early Pioneers, 1964, 28 pages; and The Village of Demorestville in the Township of Sophiasburg in the County of Prince Edward, Ontario, 1971, 23 pages and 6 pages correspondence from 1972.
Inclusive Dates: 1964-1972
Extent: 110 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: William Hamilton Munro fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 80-033
Description: This addition to the fonds consists of maps, correspondence and related documents of the Bronson Company, the Gatineau Power Company, and the Ottawa Power Company collected by William Hamilton Munro.
Inclusive Dates: 1877-1964
Extent: 32 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Newcastle District Loan Company banknotes

Accession Number: 92-1005
Description: This item consists of 2 pages of banknotes printed by the Newcastle District Loan Company in August of 1836.
Inclusive Dates: 13 Aug. 1836-27 Aug. 1836
Extent: 2 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Northway family fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 86-009
Description: This addition to the fonds consists of correspondence and financial records of various members of the Northway family.
Inclusive Dates: 1900-1962
Extent: 30 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Northway family fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 90-016
Description: This addition to the fonds consists of personal and career-related materials of Mary L. Northway such as cassettes with interviews, family wills, photographs and slides, an honorary doctorate from Trent University, correspondence and documents regarding the transfer of deed of Windy Pine property to Trent University, materials relating to camping and to Nominigan as well as copies of Mary Northway's publications. There are also business-related photographs, correspondence, etc. of John Northway, Mary Northway's grandfather. One file of papers regarding the Neathern Trust was added in 1992.
Inclusive Dates: 1882-1989
Extent: 73 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Northway family fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 80-022
Description: This addition to the fonds consists of the records of Dr. Mary L. Northway which include: household records, tape recordings regarding family genealogy, property records, records of her participation in the Ontario Camping and Canadian Camping Associations. There are also miscellaneous records concerning the winding-up of the Northway Company Limited of which Dr. Mary Northway was president.
Inclusive Dates: 1934-1979
Extent: 91 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Northway business fonds

Accession Number: 70-003
Description: The fonds consists of the personal diaries, letter books, and store notebooks of John Northway and his son A.G. Northway and the business and corporate records of the companies founded by John Northway and Son Limited, the Northway Company Limited, and their various subsidiaries throughout Ontario. They include pension fund operations, ledgers, financial statements, investment registers etc. No records exist which show the manufacturing operations of John Northway and Son Limited.
Inclusive Dates: 1892-1964
Extent: 10.5 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: North West Company fur traders licences fonds

Accession Number: 89-1069
Description: This fonds consists of fur trading licences issued to traders by the North West Company.
Inclusive Dates: 1789-1803
Extent: 1 file
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Arthur T. Ogilvy letter book

Accession Number: 89-1037
Description: This item is a letter book containing copies of letters from Arthur T. Ogilvy, a Toronto businessman, to businessmen in the Port Hope and Peterborough area, as well as family. Most of the correspondence concerns properties, deeds and mortgages in those areas
Inclusive Dates: 1882-1888
Extent: 1 file
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Oral histories : audio cassettes and transcript collection

Accession Number: 96-008
Description: This fonds consists of transcripts of interviews with Peterborough and area citizens concerning their perceptions of the social, cultural, and political aspects of life in Peterborough from the early 1900s to 1974. There are also three cassette tapes forming one interview with Lorna Cotton-Thomas.
Inclusive Dates: 1974
Extent: 6.5 cm
Restrictions: There are no written permissions to accompany this accession. Copyright remains with interviewee and researchers must contact interviewee for permission to quote.

TITLE: Professor Robert Paehlke fonds

Accession Number: 93-020
Description: This fonds consists of correspondence and lists of bibliographic citations on asbestos, uranium mining, hazardous and toxic chemicals, insecticide spraying, recycling and waste management as well as other environmental issues.
Inclusive Dates: 1924-1991
Extent: 5 inches
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Professor Robert Page. Mackenzie Valley Pipeline fonds

Accession Number: 92-006
Description: This fonds consists of correspondence and reports relating to the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline, the Berger Report and inquiry as well as the Committee for an Independent Canada.
Inclusive Dates: 1972-1983
Extent: 61 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Howard T. Pammett fonds

Accession Number: 77-010
Description: The fonds consists of photocopies, originals and typescripts, brought together by Howard Pammett, of newspaper articles and unpublished articles on a variety of subjects such as Mossom Boyd, lumbering in the Kawarthas, Katherine Wallis, Peterborough Canoe Company, Trent Valley Navigation Company, and steamboats on the Trent-Severn system. The newspaper articles are from the "Progress of Peterborough" series by Pammet (Peterborough Examiner, 1950-51). The unpublished articles are "A Survey of Kawartha Lumbering 1815-1965" by Pammet and "The Peterborough Canoe" by Donald Cameron. There is also correspondence of Katherine Wallis, Mossom Boyd, and the Trent Valley Navigation Company.
Inclusive Dates: 1819-1908; 1950-1975
Extent: 15 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Peterborough Light and Power Company

Accession Number: 04-017
Description: Fonds consists of photocopies of the hydro pole register of the Peterborough Light and Power Company. The register includes maps and statistical information and the originals are dated 1892-1921.
Inclusive Dates: [photocopied 1993]
Extent: 1 folder
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Platform of the Grand Association for Ontario of the Patrons of Industry

Accession Number: 91-1009
Description: This item is a one page summary in 13 points of the platform adopted by the Grand Association for Ontario of the Patrons of Industry of North America on Sept. 22, 1891 in London, Ontario.
Inclusive Dates: 22 Sept. 1891
Extent: 1 page
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Peterborough Board of Trade fonds

Accession Number: 73-003
Description: The fonds consists of a photocopy of the Charter, 1889; a photocopy of the name change Order-in-Council, April 1922; original minute books from 1893 to 1918, plus excerpted items; and the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce bulletin on the Lift Lock post-1922.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [ca. 1973]
Extent: 15 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Peterborough Business College photograph

Accession Number: 97-1026
Description: This photograph includes portraits of 66 male graduates and 62 female graduates of the 1912-13 Peterborough Business College graduating class. Also included in the photograph are portraits of six instructors and administrators.
Inclusive Dates: [1913?]
Extent: 1 photograph
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Peterborough Chamber of Commerce fonds

Accession Number: 73-1005
Description: The fonds consists of carbon copies of Surveyor's correspondence regarding a municipal drain dated November 6, 1958; and 3 undated identical maps for zoning in the City of Peterborough.
Inclusive Dates: 1958
Extent: 6 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Peterborough newspaper files fonds

Accession Number: 88-025
Description: This fonds is comprised of typescripts of newspaper articles from the Peterborough Weekly Despatch, the Peterborough Review and the Peterborough Examiner. The articles have been arranged chronologically under a number of subject headings.
Inclusive Dates: 1846-1860
Extent: 25 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Peterborough, Ontario: fire insurance plan / Chas. E. Goad Company

Accession Number: 76-037
Description: This item is a Chas. E. Goad Company fire insurance plan of the City of Peterborough, Ontario revised in 1911 from a plan of 1904, surveyed December 1893. It includes a key plan (scale 500':01"), a key to symbols, an index, and special diagrams of major buildings such as factories and schools.
Inclusive Dates: 1911
Extent: 39 sheets
Restrictions: Y No copying without permission of the University Archivist. No reprinting without the permission of the Underwriter's Association.

TITLE: Peterborough Women's Committee fonds

Accession Number: 88-023
Description: This fonds consists of records that were left when the Peterborough Women's Committee disbanded in 1987. The files provide a record of a decade of women's political concerns from a local point of view.
Inclusive Dates: 1977-1987
Extent: 2 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Grocery store photograph / [by] E.P. Wise

Accession Number: 89-1016
Description: This photograph is of two men in a grocery store circa 1910. The photograph was taken by E.P. Wise of 421 N. Tidworth.
Inclusive Dates: [ca. 1910]
Extent: 1 item
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Joseph Powadiuk collection

Accession Number: 97-022
Description: This collection consists of an eclectic assortment of documents and papers pertaining to many parts of Canada including 3 documents prepared by Powadiuk for the government, 2 of which concern native peoples; 10 prints of 19th century personalities; 1905 map of the Niagara River; papers re Indian-Eskimo Association; deeds, mortgages and trust documents from Huron and Bruce Counties; Niagara peninsula documents including Hugh Alexander's account book; Lord Selkirk letter dated 1837; Charles G.D. Roberts letter dated 1892; notes on the inception of "Evangeline." A major element in the collection relates to Mr. James Ross of East Hawkesbury, stone mason and merchant and his family. The Ross quarry appears to have supplied stone for the Carillon lock and for Fort Henry. The family was involved in the East Hawkesbury school for 2 decades.
Inclusive Dates: 1811-1976
Extent: 17 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Pugets Sound Agricultural Society collection

Accession Number: 97-1009
Description: This collection consists of a copy of the pamphlet "Deed of Settlement of Pugets Sound Agricultural Society" [printed in 1912], a photocopy of pages of an article with the title "Exile in the Wilderness" by Jean Murray Cole, University of Washington Press, 1979, which refers to this Society, and a letter dated January 6, 1994 from Anne Morton to Hugh Anson-Cartwright with enclosures which establish the date of printing of the pamphlet as approximately 1912.
Inclusive Dates: [1912?] 1994
Extent: 1 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Receipts collection

Accession Number: 91-1024
Description: This collection consists of five receipts from the 1800's. Receipts are from various places such as Port Hope and Lindsay in Ontario and Birmingham, England. The receipts are from people such as J. Huffman, Silvester Richman, The "Canadian Post", A.T.H. Williams, M.P.P. and they are for a variety of services such as parts for farmers' machinery and farm to fixing hinges on a gate and returning socks to a business.
Inclusive Dates: 1859-1882
Extent: 5 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Harold Reid collection

Accession Number: 97-1029
Description: This collection consists of a ledger dated 1880-1905 created by Robert Henry Reid which records transactions for goods sold or services exchanged for goods. The merchandise involved appears to be that of a general store or farm supply depot. Also included is a journal (and typscript) created by Frederick Reid describing his move west from Ontario to Edmonton between 1907 and 1909. A biographical note about Fred by his son is included at the end. Collection also includes a letter to Harold A. Reid from Florence Reid and two copy photographs: one of Fred and Louise Reid, 1949 and one of the school house which Frederick Reid attended, 1946.
Inclusive Dates: 1880-1997
Extent: 2 cm
Restrictions: None

TITLE: Harold R. Scott fonds

Accession Number: 97-1005
Description: This fonds consists of three certificates: the first, dated October 19, 1948 appoints the Hon. Harold Robinson Scott as Minister of Lands and Forests for Ontario; the second, dated May 4, 1949 confirms that appointment; and the third, dated May 4, 1949 appoints him as a member of the Executive Council of the province of Ontario.
Inclusive Dates: 1948-1949
Extent: 3 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Sherin family and business fonds

Accession Number: 71-002
Description: The fonds consists of the Sherin family and business records such as mortgages, deeds, notebooks, correspondence and newspaper clippings from May 1, 1814 to November 5, 1970. The fonds also includes records of the general store, J.C. Sherin and Son of Lakefield; day books dating from June 6, 1860 to June 2, 1881; December 4, 1886 to September 28, 1906; and journals dating from 1860 to 1907. There are also records from the store kept by S. Henderson (J.C. Sherin's son-in-law) which are interspersed throughout the fonds.
Inclusive Dates: 1 May 1814-5 Nov. 1970
Extent: 3.6 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: State of English Language Publishing in Canada Conference fonds

Accession Number: 87-018
Description: This fonds consists of correspondence, accounts, notes, clippings and articles relating to the conference held at Trent University on January 24 and 25, 1975. There are also 3 copies of Journal of Canadian Studies edition with papers from the conference.
Inclusive Dates: 1975
Extent: 30.5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Gabriel Switzer account book

Accession Number: 76-1010
Description: This item is an account book of Gabriel Switzer showing expenses and money received from 1883 to 1884. Also included is a list of officers and directors of the Emily Branch Agricultural Society, 1876.
Inclusive Dates: 1876-1884
Extent: 40 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Thomas H. B. Symons fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 01-003
Description: Fonds consists of personal records of Thomas H.B. Symons relating to his career and to his family. Included are records of his wife, Christine Symons, his children, Mary, Jeffrey, and Ryerson Symons, his father, Harry Lutz Symons, including his father's manuscript for "Three Ships West", and his mother, Dorothy Sarah (Bull) Symons. Also included are materials relating to Professor Symons' activities on various boards and committees, addresses, articles, manuscripts, typescripts, and correspondence, documents and notes concerning Trent University, Association of Commonwealth Universities, Celanese Canada, Science Council of Canada, Department of External Affairs, Royal Society of the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, etc.. Also included are photographs of Thomas H.B. Symons, Christine Symons, and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.
Inclusive Dates: 1929-1999
Extent: 7.7 m
Restrictions: Permission of Thomas H.B. Symons and the University Archivist required. Boxes 21 and 22 closed until 2026.

TITLE: Don Tapscott fonds

Accession Number: 15-003
Description: Fonds is comprised of correspondence, published articles, photographs, slides, and CDs of speeches, interviews, and meetings pertaining to the career of Don Tapscott.
Inclusive Dates: 1981-2012
Extent: 3 m of textual records. -- ca. 60 photographs -- ca. 20 negatives -- ca. 535 slides -- 92 compact disks -- 1 VHS tape
Restrictions: Some of the material in this fonds is comprised of published articles. Copyright applies in all instances.

TITLE: Don Tapscott fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 15-013
Description: Fonds consists of correspondence, photographs, computer tapes, newspaper clippings, speeches, articles, notes, research materials, certificates, name tags, educational records, and employment records pertaining to the life of Don Tapscott both while a student and during his working career.
Inclusive Dates: ca. 1965-2015
Extent: 1.3 m of textual materials; ca. 60 photographs; 3 computer tapes.
Restrictions: Boxes 7 & 8 are restricted.

TITLE: Frederick Thompson fonds

Accession Number: 75-1027
Description: This fonds consists of statements of accounts, bills, and receipts. It also includes assessment notices, tax notices and some miscellaneous papers. The fonds contains a recipe for a diptheria cure.
Inclusive Dates: 1854-1892 1930
Extent: 73 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Tolmie collection

Accession Number: 88-012
Description: This collection consists of three ledgers of business accounts and one ledger of accounts for School Section No. 5, Mariposa Township, Victoria County. This is especially interesting as it goes from 1856 to 1907 giving teacher salaries and other expenses. Also included are 58 black and white photographs of Nova Scotia circa 1900.
Inclusive Dates: 1846-1907
Extent: 13 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Trent Valley Navigation Company (Limited) fonds

Accession Number: 75-1035
Description: This fonds consists of photocopies of: a) a minute book including the letters patent incorporating the company (October 19, 1883) and minutes of a Director's meeting, February 5, 1900; b) by-laws of the company passed in Lindsay January 26, 1884; c) document headed "by-laws" repealing previous by-laws and a list of shareholders, December 31, 1884; and d) document with signatures of shareholders, October 8, 1883, minutes of a meeting on January 19, 1884, and advertisements. The addition on April 1, 1977 consisted of a photocopy of a brochure titled "Kawartha Lakes: The Bright Waters and Happy Land" with timetables for 1907. The fonds also includes some records pertaining to the Trent Valley Navigation Company.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [before 1975]
Extent: 1 folder
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Trent Valley Woollen Manufacturing Company Limited fonds

Accession Number: 81-015
Description: This fonds consists of a 263 page scrapbook of invoices and accounts relating to the Trent Valley Woollen Manufacturing Company Limited. It also includes correspondence of the Company from 1906 to 1910.
Inclusive Dates: 1906-1910
Extent: 253 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Trotter family photographic fonds

Accession Number: 81-016
Description: The fonds consists of 25 black and white photographs (8"X10") of scenes, in and around Lindsay, Ontario, which cover such topics as parades and processions, military, industrial, social and family gatherings. The photographs were created by the Trotter family.
Inclusive Dates: 1880-1913
Extent: 3 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Dr. Henry Allan Turner fonds

Accession Number: 90-014
Description: This fonds consists of records relating to the professional and personal lives of Dr. Henry Turner (Sr.) and Dr. Henry A. Turner (Jr.), both medical doctors of the Millbrook area. The medical publications, prescription day books, office records, customer account books, transaction day books, stock books, business and domestic records and invoices, medical x-rays, and correspondence depict the lives of each man respectively, spanning the years 1872 to 1936. Also included are personal and business-related records of Alice Turner, nurse, daughter of H.A. Turner (Sr.). A Farmers and Business Directory for Peterborough and the United Counties has been removed to the Trent Collection and catalogued in OMNI.
Inclusive Dates: 1872-1936
Extent: 5 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Victoria County court records fonds

Accession Number: 90-005
Description: This fonds consists of 575 bound volumes of Victoria County administrative and financial records and court records. It includes 228 local business journals, day books, ledgers, County council material, criminal justice accounts and court documents. Genealogical resource.
Inclusive Dates: 1834-1969
Extent: 28.5 m
Restrictions: 90 restriction on Clerk of the Peace Records

TITLE: Waddell business fonds

Accession Number: 82-024
Description: The fonds consists of day books, ledger books, dry goods receipts, and records of Robert Waddell of Bailieboro, Canada West and Ontario and Hugh Waddell of Millbrook, Canada West and Ontario. The records consists of property and chattel mortgages.
Inclusive Dates: 1853-1928
Extent: 53 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: R. Waller account book

Accession Number: 77-1001
Description: This item is an account book of a business run by R. Waller which appears to be either carpentry or wagon-making. The book is dated June 1886 to June 1919.
Inclusive Dates: 1886-1919
Extent: 2 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: We-Peterborough : World Emergency Centre for Assertive Non-Violence fonds

Accession Number: 89-011
Description: This fonds consists of records dealt with by We-Peterborough, primarily the civil disobedience and cruise missile protest. Regarding civil disobedience, the fonds contains various study kits, articles and publications. It also includes articles, legal correspondence and minutes of meetings.
Inclusive Dates: 1961-1985
Extent: 25 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Williams family fonds

Accession Number: 77-005
Description: The fonds consists of correspondence and accounts of John Tucker Williams (1841-1854) and of his son Arthur T.H. Williams (1860-1885). Included are leases, deeds and lists of John Tucker Williams' land holdings; correspondence and accounts relating to the Canada Company; material relating to the John Tucker Williams' estate; material relating to the estate of Silas Williams and Company, merchant tailors; and other material relating to various members of the family.
Inclusive Dates: 1838-1900
Extent: 30 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Young's Point Cheese Factory Company minute book

Accession Number: 70-1002
Description: This item is book of minutes of the annual meetings and minutes of the directors' meetings of the Young's Point Cheese Factory Company.
Inclusive Dates: 22 Mar. 1918-9 April 1943
Extent: 2 cm
Restrictions: N