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Publications Based on Research Conducted at TU Archives

Updated: December 2020

The holdings of Trent University Archives are rich in scope and have provided primary evidential and informational research material for a multitude of books and articles. We have tried to capture as many of the titles as we can think of - over 100!

  1. 4th Line Theatre (Robert Winslow, playwright): Welcome Death, 2009.

  2. Algie, Susan and James Ashby (authors): Conserving the Modern in Canada: Conference Proceedings. 2005.

  3. Algie, Susan and James Ashby: Peterborough Modern. 2007.

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  6. Ballstadt, Carl, Elizabeth Hopkins, Michael Peterman (editors): I Bless You in My Heart: Selected Correspondence of Catharine Parr Traill. 1996.

  7. Ballstadt, Carl, Elizabeth Hopkins, Michael Peterman (editors): Susanna Moodie: Letters of a Lifetime. 1985.

  8. Barker, Edna (editor): A Peter Gzowski Reader: Peter Gzowski. 2001.

  9. Barker, Grace (author): Timber Empire: The Exploits of the Entrepreneurial Boyds. 1997.

  10. Beare, Margaret E. (author): Honouring Social Justice: Honouring Dianne Martin. 2008.

  11. Begg, D.J. Ian (author): “Tebtunis, 1934-1999: The Two Insulae” in Echos du Monde Classique, Vol. XLIV. n.s. 19, 2000, No. 2.

  12. Begg, D.J. Ian (author): “Greece 1921-1924 in the Bagnani Archives,” in Scripta Mediterranea, Vol. XXIII, 2002, 55.

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  15. Begg, D.J. Ian (author): "New Potential from Old Archives," [paper presented at the conference Ancient Lives: The Tebtunis Papyri in Context, 2000].
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  18. Begg, D.J. Ian (author): Lost Worlds of Ancient and Modern Greece: Gilbert Bagnani: The Adventures of a Young Italo-Canadian Archaeologist in Greece, 1921-1924, 2020.
  19. Benidickson, Jamie (author): Idleness, Water, and a Canoe: Reflections on Paddling for Pleasure. 1997.

  20. Bow, Jane (author): At the Foot of the Rapids: The Story of Peterborough. 2001.

  21. Bowley, Robert E. (author): History of the Post: Smith Township. 1990.

  22. Braz, Albert (author): “Dorothy Choate Herriman (1901-1978)” in The Small Details of Life: 20 diaries by Women in Canada, 1830-1996, edited by Kathryn Carter, 2002.

  23. Broken Arrow Magainze (Neil Young News), Issue 117 (Feb 2010); Issue 118 (May 2010).

  24. Brown, Quentin (editor): This Green & Pleasant Land: Chronicles of Cavan Township. 1990.

  25. Brunger, Alan G. (editor): Harvey Township: An Illustrated History. 1992.

  26. City and County of Peterborough (publishers): Peterborough: Land of Shining Waters: An Anthology. 1967 (includes Isabella Miller Letters 70-1001).

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  28. Cole, A.O.C. (author): Trent: The Making of a University: 1957-1987. 1992.

  29. Cole, Jean Murray (author): The Loon Calls: A History of the Township of Chandos. 1989.

  30. Cole, Jean Murray (author): Origins: The History of Dummer Township. 1993.

  31. Cole, Jean Murray (editor): Sir Sandford Fleming: His Early Diaries, 1845-1853. 2009.

  32. Cole, Jean Murray (author): South Monaghan: The Garden of Eden. 1998.

  33. Colton, Timothy J. (author): Big Daddy: Frederick G. Gardiner and the Building of Metropolitan Toronto. 1981.

  34. Compton, Anne (author): A.J.M. Smith: Canadian Metaphysical. 1994.

  35. Corbett, Gail (author): Katherine Wallis. 1997.

  36. Coughlan, Rev. Tim (author): From My Village to the Global Village. 2000.

  37. Crerar, Jacqueline (author): Of Lake, Land & River: A Genealogical History of the White Family 1784-2005.

  38. Davis, J. Madison (editor): Conversations with Robertson Davies. 1989.

  39. Delledonne, Bob (author): Nelson’s Falls to Lakefield: A History of the Village.1999.

  40. Darling, Michael E. (author): A.J.M. Smith: An Annotated Bibiliography. 1981.

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  50. Grant, Judith Skelton (author): Robertson Davies. For Your Eye Alone, Letters 1976-1995. 1999.

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  52. Gray, Charlotte (author): Flint and Feather. 2002.

  53. Grover, Rachel (author): "Michael Andrews Farrar: Pioneer Artist and Clergyman," in Journal of Canadian Studies Vol. 34.3 (Autumn 1999).

  54. Guiguet, Kristina (author): The Ideal World of Mrs. Widder’s Soiree Musicale: Social Identity and Musical Life in Nineteenth-Century Ontario. 2004.

  55. Gzowski, Peter (author): Friends, Moments, Countryside: Selected Columns From Canadian Living, 1993-1998. 1998.

  56. Heintzman, Ralph (editor): Tom Symons: A Canadian Life. 2011.

  57. Hodgins, Bruce W. and Bernadine Dodge (editors): Using Wilderness: Essays on the Evolution of Youth Camping in Ontario. 1992.

  58. Hozer, Michèle & Peter Raymont: (film) West Wind: The Vision of Tom Thomson, 2012.

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  84. Ontario. Ministry of the Environment: The Price of Gold [videorecording]. 2013. (the story of the Deloro Mine Site Cleanup Project).
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