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The Department of Biology has been in operation since the University opened in 1964. Programs of study lead to single and joint-major, three-year and four-year science degrees. Many students do joint majors in Anthropology, Chemistry, Environmental and Resource Science, Geography or Psychology. Faculty members of the Department also supervise graduate students in the Watershed Ecosystems Graduate Program within which one may study toward an M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree. (taken from the Department of Biology internet site, September 14, 1998).

This collection of papers was received from Professor Roy Edwards in 1987. Most of the materials concern the boat Turtle Two which was owned by the Biology Department at Trent University and used for river-based experiments. The word Turtle was derived from Trent University Research and Teaching Laboratory for Exper­imental Work. The materials cover the years 1968-1973.

Box 1

Volume #1: Logbook, 1969 including work-ups of craft itself

Volume #2: Logbook, 1970

Volume #3: Logbook, 1971

Volume #4: Logbook, 1972 and 1973


5: File of correspondence re licensing, etc.

6: Biology Department Visitors Register, 1968

7: 16mm. film, Sept. 7, 1968, subject unidentified