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RG 39

Note: RG 39 includes accessions 80-021 (no records transferred) and 95-018 (extent: 30 cm).

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The Audio-Visual Department is an academic support department set up to provide audio visual equipment, projectionists, other technical services and a media library service to the University community. Audio-Visual activities are divided into four distinct categories: distribution of audio visual equipment; film/video bookings - media library; language laboratory operations; and audio-visual productions. (taken from Trent University Audio Visual Services Policies and Procedures brochure, n.d.). The Audio-Visual Department falls within the umbrella of the Library, and is directed administratively by the Head Librarian.

Records concerning the language laboratories at Trent University were forwarded from the audio-visual department in 1995, and cover the years [1964-1990]. The records were accessioned as 95-018.



Extent: 30 cm  

Access: Open


The language laboratory has always been part of Trent University. The first laboratory was located at Stewart House at Catharine Parr Traill College. A language lab, for students studying French, German and Spanish, was built into the first floor of Bata Library while the Library was being built.

The collection consists of information, correspondence, reports, sketches, diagrams and inventories of the various language labs that the University has had. The records are dated [1965-1980].

Box 1


1. Language lab and recording studio tenders.  Recommendations from R.J. Thom equipment reports.

2. Facility and enrolment projections for the labs.

3. Furniture, switching equipment and sketches of language labs.

4. Specifications: language labs, studios in library building and reports.

5. Stewart House, lab specifications.

6. Information pertaining to Chester Electronic Labs.

7. Chester Electronic and Trent University correspondence.

8. Language lab user correspondence.

9. Service contracts for language lab equipment.

10. Cost breakdown for language labs.

11. Various correspondence concerning specifications and cost of language lab equipment.

12. Cost estimation and schematic diagrams Electrohome equipment.

13. Language Lab: Stewart House correspondence.