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RG 43

Extent: 24 cm

Access: Box 1 only Restricted.


The Ashley Fellowship was established at Trent University in 1976 with a bequest from the late Charles Allan Ashley. Proceeds from the endowment are used to bring a visiting scholar to reside in one of the university’s five colleges in order to participate in lectures, seminars and informal contacts with students and faculty. Those eligible to receive the fellowship are persons who have made significant achievements in their field. They do not necessarily hold an academic appointment, but are required to contribute broadly to the academic and collegiate life of the University.

The records in Box 1 cover the years 1985-1997 and were forwarded to the Archives by the Dean’s office in 1998.

The records in Box 2 were received in approximately 2012 via the Audio-Visual department.

Box 1


1. Norma Miller, 1985-1986

2. Percy Smith, 1986-1987

3. Mihaly Vajda/Yasuyiki Yag, 1987-1988

4. William Taylor, 1988-1989 

5. Wildred Cantwell Smith, 1989-1990 

6. Bernard Blishen, 1990-1991 

7. D.J.W. Geldart, 1991-1992 

8. David Brooks, 1992-1993 

9. Robert Bringhurst, 1993-1994 

10. Jil (Ker) Conway, 1994-1995 

11. Myrna Kostash, 1995-1996 

12. Roseanne Armitage, 1996-1997

Box 2

1980 (3 reels)

  • [Elizabeth Sewell, Poet] Ashley Lect. [Bata] Library Film Theatre. April 2 1980
  • Rene deVilliers, Ashley Fellow. Lecture on South Africa: People and Policies. October 23 1980. 1 of 2.
  • Rene deVilliers, Ashley Fellow. Lecture on South Africa: Press Freedom and Civil Liberties. October 24 1980. 2 of 2.

1981 (2 reels)

  • [W.A.C.H. Dobson, Sinologist] Ashley Lectures. Rec. For Tony Story. [Bata Library Film Theatre]. January 28 1981
  • The Ashley Lectures. W.A.C.H. Dobson. “Chinese Culture and the Future”. Otonabee College Junior College Room. February 18th 1981.

1988 (4 reels)

  • [Mihaly Vajda]. Ashley Fellowship Lecture. Cultural Studies. February 8 1988.
  • [Mihaly Vajda]. Ashley Fellowship Lecture Vol. II. SCLH. Monday February 15 1988.
  • [Mihaly Vajda]. Ashley Lecture. Traill College. March 21 1988.
  • [Mihaly Vajda]. Ashley Lecture. TCLH. March 28 1988.

1998 (1 cassette)

  • Mel Watkins. Ashley Lecture. LEC LH. October 21 1998.