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Art Collection - Fine Arts

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Artist Title & Accession Numbersort ascending
Commanda, Robert World of Peace Dreamcatcher (Accession No. 2001.109.1)
Bartlett, W.H. Wigwam in the Forest (Accession No. 2000.065.1)
Bignell, Isaac Westward Watch (Accession No. 2001.116.1)
Matthews, Marmaduke, R.C.A., P.O.S.A. (1837-1913) Western Canadian Railway Encampment (Accession No. 2000.025.1)
Richard Henriquez West Elevation - Trent University Environmental Sciences Building (Accession No. 2001.158.1)
McMaster, Gerald Weetigo (Accession No. 2013.005.1)
Greenaway, Roy Waterloo - The Last Charge of the Old Guard (Accession No. 2000.105.1)
Shaqu, Mannumi (E7 - 824) Walrus (Accession No. 2000.142.1)
Urquhart, Tony Wall and Apparition (Accession No. 2001.022.1)
Onley, Toni Veach (Accession No. 2001.099.1)
Millard, Charles Stuart, R.C.A, O.S.A. (1837-1917) Untitled, Houses in a Mountainous Landscape (Accession No. 2000.008.1)
Kakegamic, Josh Untitled (twobirds) (Accession No. 2001.007.1)
Kakegamic, Josh Untitled (The Cycle) (Accession No. 2019.008.1)
Bedwash, Richard Untitled (bird/figure) (Accession No. 2018.003.1)
Gordaneer, James Untitled # 18 (Accession No. 2001.027.1)
Gordaneer, James Untitled # 13 (Accession No. 2001.026.1)
Blastorah, Joan Untitled (Accession No. 2001.059.1)
Wilkinson, Thomas Harrison Untitled (Accession No. 2000.036.1)
Matthews, Marmaduke, R.C.A., P.O.S.A. (1837-1913) Untitled (Accession No. 2000.020.1)
Wilkinson, Thomas Harrison Untitled (Accession No. 2000.037.1)
Parypre Untitled (Accession No. 2001.083.1)
Atkinson, William Edwin Untitled (Accession No. 2000.071.1)
Belanger, Lance Untitled (Accession No. 2006.004.1)
Unknown Untitled (Accession No. 2009.004.1)
Belanger, Lance Untitled (Accession No. 2006.006.1)
Kaunak, Louisa (E9 - 1818) (b.1948) Untitled (Accession No. 2000.139.1)
Chavignaud, George, O.S.A. (1865-1944) Untitled (Accession No. 2000.040.1)
Matthews, Marmaduke, R.C.A., P.O.S.A. (1837-1913) Untitled (Accession No. 2000.073.1)
Belanger, Lance Untitled (Accession No. 2006.007.1)
Fisher, A.G. Untitled (Accession No. 2009.072.1)
Hannaford, Michael Untitled (Accession No. 2000.024.1)
Unknown Untitled (Accession No. 2001.011.1)
Wilson, Richard Dinnis Untitled (Accession No. 2008.001.1)
Unknown Untitled (Accession No. 2000.141.1)
Bell-Smith, Frederic Marlett Untitled (Accession No. 2000.009.1)
Belanger, Lance Untitled (Accession No. 2006.008.1)
Wilson, Richard Dinnis Untitled (Accession No. 2008.002.1)
Belanger, Lance Untitled (Accession No. 2006.009.1)
Handley, Arne Untitled (Accession No. 2010.001.1)
Martin, Thomas Mower, R.C.A., O.S.A. (1838-1934) Untitled (Accession No. 2000.027.1)
Wilson, Richard Dinnis Untitled (Accession No. 2008.003.1)
Wickson, Alfred Morton (1882-1947) Untitled (Accession No. 2000.043.1)
Belanger, Lance Untitled (Accession No. 2006.010.1)
Tully, Sydney Strickland Untitled (Accession No. 2010.002.1)
Palmer, Murray Untitled (Accession No. 2000.162.1)
Katz, Mickey Untitled (Accession No. 2001.090.1)
Wilson, Richard Dinnis Untitled (Accession No. 2008.005.1)
Barr, Robert Allan Untitled (Accession No. 2010.003.1)
Wilkinson, Thomas Harrison Untitled (Accession No. 2000.029.1)
Wilson, Richard Dinnis Untitled (Accession No. 2008.006.1)
Elliott, George Untitled (Accession No. 2012.001.1)
Wilkinson, Thomas Harrison Untitled (Accession No. 2000.013.1)
Halliday, Edward Irvine Untitled (Accession No. 2010.004.1)
Rolph, Joseph Thomas, O.C.A., A.R.C.A (1831-1916) Untitled (Accession No. 2000.030.1)
Belanger, Lance Untitled (Accession No. 2008.007.1)
Delgrosso, R. Untitled (Accession No. 2010.005.1)
Forster, John Wycliffe Lowes Untitled (Accession No. 2010.006.1)
Belanger, Lance Untitled (Accession No. 2008.008.1)
Matthews, Marmaduke, R.C.A., P.O.S.A. (1837-1913) Untitled (Accession No. 2000.032.1)
Belanger, Lance Untitled (Accession No. 2008.009.1)
Edson, Aaron Allan, R.C.A., O.S.A. (1846-1886) Untitled (Accession No. 2000.016.1)
Belanger, Lance Untitled (Accession No. 2008.010.1)
Matthews, Marmaduke, R.C.A., P.O.S.A. (1837-1913) Untitled (Accession No. 2007.004.1)
Raynor, Gordon Untitled (Accession No. 2001.098.1)
Foster, Frederick Lucas Untitled (Accession No. 2000.034.1)
Unknown Untitled (Accession No. 2000.150.1 - 2000.150.2)
Pattuelli, Norma Untitled (Accession No. 2000.051.1)
Beam, Carl Untitled (Accession No. 2001.004.1)
Matthews, Marmaduke, R.C.A., P.O.S.A. (1837-1913) Untitled (Accession No. 2007.005.1)
Browne, Joseph Archibald Untitled (Accession No. 2000.003.1)
Brigden, Frederick Henry Untitled (Accession No. 2000.019.1)
Labrecque, Pierre Unknown (Accession No. 2000.069.1)
Unknown Unknown (Accession No. 2001.082.1)
Bignell, Isaac Unknown (Accession No. 2001.117.1)
Unknown Unknown (Accession No. 2001.162.1)
Kakegamic, Roy Unknown (Accession No. 2000.195.1)
Bignell, Isaac Unknown (Accession No. 2000.054.1)
Cheechoo, Shirley Unknown (Accession No. 2000.196.1)
Garcia, Danna Unknown (Accession No. 2001.183.1)
Saggashi, Fred Unknown (Accession No. 2004.004.1)
Nind, Jean Unknown (Accession No. 2007.011.1)
Unknown Unknown (Accession No. 2001.105.1)
Saggashi, Fred Unknown (Accession No. 2000.214.1)
Kennedy, John de Navarre Unknown (Accession No. 2001.030.1)
Unknown Unknown (Accession No. 2001.070.1)
Unknown Unknown (Accession No. 2000.184.1)
Unknown Unknown (Accession No. 2001.087.1)
Durie Unknown (Accession No. 2001.152.1)
Unknown Unknown (Accession No. 2001.153.1)
Weissman, Lawrence Unknown (Accession No. 2001.033.1)
Caluky ? Unknown (Accession No. 2001.125.1)
Knott, Norman Unknown (Accession No. 2000.202.1)
Gilchrist, Grant Unknown (Accession No. 2001.073.1)
Kennedy, John de Navarre Unknown (Accession No. 2000.082.1)
Thomas, Jake Unknown (Accession No. 2000.203.1)
Brown, Wendy Unknown (Accession No. 2001.155.1)
Kennedy, John de Navarre Unknown (Accession No. 2000.083.1)
Nind, Jean Unknown (Accession No. 2002.007.1)
Nind, Jean Unknown (Accession No. 2000.064.1)
Lander, J. Unknown (Accession No. 2000.128.1)
Irqumia, Juanisialu Unknown (Accession No. 2002.009.1)
Nind, Jean Unknown (Accession No. 2007.001.1)
Thom, Ron Unknown (Accession No. 2001.079.1)
Pau.... Unknown (Accession No. 2001.080.1)
Paddy-Cannon, Darlene Unknown (Accession No. 2001.160.1)
Taylor, Megan Unknown (Accession No. 2001.178.1)
Jones, Ida G Unknown (Accession No. 2001.081.1)
Harrison, Spencer J. Unfinished Memories (Accession No. 2005.006.1)
Harrison, Spencer J. Unearthed Innocence (Accession No. 2011.008.1)
Van Der Vlag, Lgumaracle Twins Fighting (Accession No. 2001.172.1)
Browne, Joseph Archibald Twilight Pastoral (Accession No. 2000.015.1)
Tourbin, Dennis TV EARTH & MOON (Accession No. 2000.092.1)
Bondar, Roberta Tundra Pond (Accession No. 2005.005.1)
Bell, Robin Trophy (Accession No. 2001.129.1)
Harrison, Spencer J. Trent University (Accession No. 2000.104.1)
Harrison, Spencer J. Trent University (Accession No. 2013.001.1)
Lyndon, Greg Trent Logo (Accession No. 2000.181.1)
Murray, Robert Trent Banners (Accession No. 2001.103.1)
Murray, Robert Trent Banners (Accession No. 2001.176.1)
Murray, Robert Trent 9 (Accession No. 2001.071.1)
Murray, Robert Trent 8 (Accession No. 2001.108.1)
Murray, Robert Trent 7 (Accession No. 2001.107.1)
Murray, Robert Trent 6 (Accession No. 2001.102.1)
Murray, Robert Trent 5 (Accession No. 2001.100.1)
Murray, Robert Trent 4 (Accession No. 2001.104.1)
Murray, Robert Trent 3 (Accession No. 2001.094.1)
Murray, Robert Trent 2 (Accession No. 2001.093.1)
Murray, Robert Trent 10 (Accession No. 2001.072.1)
Murray, Robert Trent 1 (Accession No. 2001.095.1)
Odjig, Daphne Tree climbing (Accession No. 2018.005.1)
Urquhart, Tony Tree & LadderIII (Accession No. 2001.023.1)
Frye, Marie Trappers Snowshoeing (Accession No. 2005.009.1)
Beam, Carl Traffic (Accession No. 2000.212.1)
Cullen, Michael S. Tony Storey (Accession No. 2011.007.1)
Hayman, Richard Tom Nind (Accession No. 2000.095.1)
Smith, Gordon Tofino Beach (Accession No. 2001.078.1)
Robinson, Michael Tipi Cover (Accession No. 2001.042.1)
Morrisseau, Norval Thunderbirds (Accession No. 2001.002.1)
Bury, Brenda Thomas H. B. Symons (Accession No. 2000.117.1)
Tennant, Trevor This is for you Dad (Accession No. 2005.001.1)
Dark, Shayne This Column Ends (Accession No. 2017.002.1)
Harvey, Donald The Very Beginning (Accession No. 2002.008.1)
Kennedy, John de Navarre The Valley (Accession No. 2000.099.1)
Salmon, J. The Upper Pool (Accession No. 2000.045.1)
Sukornyk, Donna The Trent Zoo (Accession No. 2000.124.1)
Vickers, Roy Henry The Runner (Accession No. 2000.186.1)
Kuper, Jack The Police (Accession No. 2010.012.1)
Richards, Cecil The Parting of the Waters (Accession No. 2001.140.1)
Fowler, Daniel The Mooring (Accession No. 2000.001.1)
Hague, Lyn The Moon's a Balloon (Accession No. 2000.189.1)
Unknown The Honourable Peter Robinson (Accession No. 2000.090.1)
Forbes, K. The Honourable Leslie Miscampbell Frost (Accession No. 2000.096.1)
Murray, Robert The Heeney Banners (Accession No. 2001.146.1 - .10)
Gersovitz, Sarah The Game (Accession No. 2001.097.1)
Wilson, Lyle The Eagle and Shadows (Accession No. 2006.002.1)
Kuper, Jack The Dybbuk (Accession No. 2010.014.1)
Martin, Thomas Mower, R.C.A., O.S.A. (1838-1934) The Don River atYork Mills, Brooks Bush (Accession No. 2000.039.1)
Vickers, Roy Henry The Diver (Accession No. 2000.185.1)
Aziz, Philip The Dignity of Age (Accession No. 2000.166.1)
Climenhage, John The Calling (Accession No. 2018.001.1)
Burton, Ralph W. The Bullrushes (Accession No. 2000.042.1)
Warren, George The Bata Library (Accession No. 2001.114.1)
Bondar, Roberta Tanquary Fiord (Accession No. 2004.002.1)
Tourbin, Dennis T.V. Earth & Moon (Accession No. 2000.112.1)
Cullen, Michael S. T.H.B. Symons (Accession No. 2001.182.1)
Sturm, Richard Swim Said the Mama Fish (Accession No. 2019.001.1)
Taylor, Graeme Sunset on Yellowknife (Accession No. 2001.049.1)
Kennedy, Marjorie Summer Garden (Accession No. 2000.220.1)
Roberts, Arthur G. Sugar Bush (Accession No. 2000.113.1)
Bush, Jack Stripes to the Right (Accession No. 2000.169.1)
Macleod, Pegi Nicol Street Market (Accession No. 2000.171.1)
Gonzalez-Martin, Jeronimo Street Car (Accession No. 2001.171.1)
Matthews, Marmaduke, R.C.A., P.O.S.A. (1837-1913) Stoney Lake Series (Accession No. 2000.012.1)
Zednik, Jane Stoney Lake (Accession No. 2000.182.1)
Podesva, Y. Still Life WithPansies (Accession No. 2000.103.1)
Clark, Mark State of Balance (Accession No. 2005.007.1)
Sturm, Richard State Line (Accession No. 2019.002.1)
Shaqu, Mannumi (E7 - 824) Standing Seal Hunter (Accession No. 2000.147.1)
McCluey, Dorothy Spirit Song (Accession No. 2000.193.1)
Johnson, David A. Spirit Moon (Accession No. 2001.163.1)
Richard Henriquez South Elevation - Trent University Environmental Sciences Building (Accession No. 2001.151.1)
Griffith, Julius Sketching Near Yorkville (Accession No. 2009.003.1)
Nind, Jean Sketch #2 (Accession No. 2000.048.1)
Nind, Jean Sketch #1 (Accession No. 2000.049.1)
Bondar, Roberta Sirmilik Hoodoos Panorama (Accession No. 2003.003.1)
Pollock, Jack Single Print (Accession No. 2000.079.1)
Bell, Leland Sharing the Vision (Accession No. 2001.157.1)
Brascoupé, Simon Sepulveda and de Las Casas (Accession No. 2006.003.1)
Shilling, Arthur Self-Portrait (Accession No. 2001.006.1)
Williams, Saul Seagulls (Accession No. 2000.198.1)
Taylor, Louis Scott House. Catharine Parr Traill College (Accession No. 2010.016.1)
Lasenby, David Scott House -Catherine Parr Traill College (Accession No. 2001.119.1)
Warren, George Scott House - Catherine Parr Traill College (Accession No. 2001.110.1)
Debassige, Blake Sarah's Butterfly (Accession No. 2001.118.1)
Giles, Jérémie Samuel de Champlain (Accession No. 2004.003.1)
Comfort, Charles F., L.L.D., R.C.A. Samuel de Champlain (Accession No. 2001.089.1)
Sandham, J.Henry, A.R.C.A., O.S.A. (1842-1910) Sailing Schooners (Accession No. 2000.035.1)
Lasenby, David Sadleir House,Peter Robinson College (Accession No. 2001.120.1)
Taylor, Louis Sadleir House - Robinson College (Accession No. 2005.002.1)
Warren, George Sadleir House - Peter Robinson College (Accession No. 2001.111.1)
Kuper, Jack RUN! (Accession No. 2010.013.1)
Beam, Carl Rulers (Accession No. 2000.210.1)
Bartram, Ed Rock Divide (Accession No. 2001.092.1)
Kulmala, George Arthur (1896-1940) River and Landscape (Accession No. 2000.023.1)
Edson, Aaron Allan, R.C.A., O.S.A. (1846-1888) Reflections on a Quiet Pool (Accession No. 2000.010.1)
Mustafa, Eva Reflections (Accession No. 2001.127.1)
Bush, Jack Red Sash - New York 1962 (Accession No. 2000.168.1)
Bush, Jack Red Orange Green 1963 (Accession No. 2000.163.1)
Rudeau, Randy C. Receiving Power from the Great Spirit, to Thy Thunder Bird Spirit (Accession No. 2006.001.1)
Williams, Alice; Trent Evening Quilters Quilting Around Trent (Accession No. 2003.001.1)
Unknown Quill and Birch Bark Box (Accession No. 2003.002.1)
Knott, Norman Protecting (Accession No. 2006.012.1)
French, David Priest (Accession No. 2007.007.1)
Leeper, Cyril President and Vice Chancellor Steven E. Franklin (Accession No. 2014.002.1)
Nadeau, Marc-Antoine Premiere Neige Dans Le Sang Sutraville (Accession No. 2013.004.1)
Elliott, George Portrait of Trent University (Accession No. 2001.180.1)
Smith, Jerrard Portrait of Margaret Laurence (Accession No. 2000.120.1)
James, David Portal (Accession No. 2011.009.1)
James, David Portal (Accession No. 2011.010.1)
Lacroix, Richard Polykipe (Accession No. 2001.091.1)
Pitsula (E5 - 614) Polar Bear (Accession No. 2000.131.1)
Drenters, Andreas Pippy (Accession No. 2000.161.1)
Kuper, Jack Picture in the Hallway (Accession No. 2010.010.1)
Mellors, Terry Peter Robinson College (Accession No. 2000.156.1)
Dawson, Margaret Peter Robinson (Accession No. 2000.089.1)
Morrisseau, Norval Person with Hat (Accession No. 2001.008.1)
Lukas, Denis Peeled Mountains #3 (Accession No. 2000.106.1)
Sperling Peasant of Attica (Accession No. 2000.152.1)
Clementi, Reverend Vincent (1812 - 1899) Our Camp on an Island on Stoney Lake (Accession No. 2000.067.1)
Leak, Steven Oui, c'est vous (Accession No. 2000.165.1)
Friedel Otonabee River (Accession No. 2001.014.1)
Raab, George Otonabee Ironwood 9/10 (Accession No. 2001.025.1)
Raab, George Otonabee Ironwood 7/10 (Accession No. 2001.169.1)
Raab, George Otonabee Ironwood 6/10 (Accession No. 2001.168.1)
Raab, George Otonabee Ironwood - Study from the JCR (Accession No. 2001.054.1)
Raab, George Otonabee Ironwood (Accession No. 2001.052.1)
Unknown Otonabee Crest(?) (Accession No. 2001.159.1)
Mellors, Terry Otonabee College (Accession No. 2000.158.1)
Warren, George Otonabee College (Accession No. 2001.112.1)
Sanders, Benita Orange Saga (Accession No. 2001.147.1)
Sturm, Richard One That Didn't Get Away (Accession No. 2019.004.1)
Norton, J.P. Nude (Accession No. 2001.167.1)
Knott, Norman Northbound (Accession No. 2000.200.1)
Lasenby, David North Wing, Lady Eaton College (Accession No. 2001.123.1)
Lasenby, David North Wing - Otonabee College (Accession No. 2001.122.1)
Pilot, Robert W. North River (Accession No. 2000.006.1)
Ludwig, Margaret Florence North Peterborough (Accession No. 2002.003.1)
Unknown Nineteenth Century Peterborough 3 (Accession No. 2001.144.1)
Unknown Nineteenth Century Peterborough 2 (Accession No. 2001.143.1)
Unknown Nineteenth Century Peterborough 1 (Accession No. 2001.142.1)
Brascoupé, Simon Night Hunter (Accession No. 2000.101.1)
Bush, Jack Nice Pink 1965 (Accession No. 2000.170.1)
Beam, Carl Neoglyph 2 (Accession No. 2001.005.1)
Martin, Thomas Mower, R.C.A., O.S.A. (1838-1934) Nelson Island Coast of B.C. (Accession No. 2000.018.1)
Atkinson, William Edwin Near Toby River, Devon (Accession No. 2000.017.1)
Ennuntsiak (or Inutsiak) (E7 - 603) (b.1887, d.1967) Nativity Scene (Accession No. 2000.135.1)
Onley, Toni Mt. Cheam overHarrison Lake (Accession No. 2000.059.1)
Drenters, Andreas Moving Bird (Accession No. 2001.164.1)
Lightbody, Maya Moondog (Accession No. 2001.075.1)
Markstahler-Flynn, Christa Moon Spirit (Accession No. 2012.003.1)
Stone, Thomas Albert, O.S.A. (1894-1978) Middle Chanty Road (Accession No. 2000.041.1)
Frye, Marie Menie Store (Accession No. 2001.067.1)
Bondar, Roberta Meltwater (Accession No. 2007.008.1)
Matheson, James Mediterranean (Accession No. 2000.050.1)
Wilks, Claire (or Claire Weissman Wilks) Medallions XIV (Accession No. 2018.002.1)
College of Heralds McCrea of Ontario Crest (Accession No. 2000.149.1)
Lasenby, David Master's Lodge, Champlain College (Accession No. 2001.121.1)
Warren, George Master's Lodge, Champlain College (Accession No. 2007.002.1)
Arthur, Sean Master of the Forest (Accession No. 2001.048.1)
Parsons, W. Marshland Tamaracks (Accession No. 2000.115.1)
Lutkenhaus, Almuth Margaret Laurence (Accession No. 2000.118.1)
Thomas, Vincent Margarent Laurence (Accession No. 2002.005.1)
Mananee, Manomese (E7 - 824) Man With Caribou (Accession No. 2000.132.1)
Kaunak (Koonuk; E9-1818) Man and Whale (Accession No. 2000.137.1)
Nind, Jean Los Danzantes (Accession No. 2001.077.1-2)
Kakegamic, Josh Loon (Accession No. 2000.190.1)
Kakegamic, Roy Little Charlie Wenjack's Escape from Residential School (Accession No. 2008.016.1)
Hayman, Richard Leonard Conolly (Accession No. 2000.119.1)
Comfort, Charles F., L.L.D., R.C.A. Legacy (Accession No. 2001.106.1)
Bell-Smith, Frederic Marlett Le Sanctuaire (Accession No. 2000.026.1)
Norwell, Graham Noble, O.S.A. (1901-1967) Laurentian Landscape (Accession No. 2000.011.1)
Robinson, Michael LAST CAMP, firstsong (Accession No. 2000.053.1)
Taylor, Louis Langton House - Catharine Parr Traill College (Accession No. 2014.003.1)
Taylor, Louis Langton House - Catharine Parr Traill College (Accession No. 2009.005.1)
Snow, John Landscape with Flowers (Accession No. 2001.096.1)
Elliot, Emily Louise Orr (1867-1952) Landscape Scene (Accession No. 2000.031.1)
Pattuelli, Norma Landscape # 3 (Accession No. 2000.063.1)
Pattuelli, Norma Landscape # 2 (Accession No. 2000.062.1)
Pattuelli, Norma Landscape # 1 (Accession No. 2000.061.1)
Powsey, Clive Landscape (Accession No. 2000.058.1)
Elliott, George Landscape (Accession No. 2000.060.1)
Noftall, Arnold Lakehead Schoolhouse (Accession No. 2005.003.1)
Terry' Lady Eaton College (Accession No. 2000.159.1)
Mellors, Terry Lady Eaton College (Accession No. 2000.126.1)
Warren, George Lady Eaton College (Accession No. 2001.115.1)
Brown, Harris Lady Eaton (Accession No. 2000.183.1)
Vickers, Roy Henry Lacrosse Player (Accession No. 2000.187.1)
Philippe Lacelin (b. Philippe Bellefleur) La Côte Nord (Accession No. 2014.001.1)
Savoie, Robert Kwaidan (Accession No. 2001.148.1)
Murray, Joan Kitchen Window, 1991 (Accession No. 2001.076.1)
Rosenthal, Joe King Lear #3 (Accession No. 2019.005.1)
Nind, Jean Jungle (Accession No. 2000.047.1)
Burns, Chuck July 1 (Accession No. 2001.145.1)
Kiyooka, Roy Julep (Accession No. 2000.107.1)
Hayman, Richard John Stubbs (Accession No. 2000.094.1)
Ennuntsiak (or Inutsiak) (E7 - 603) (b.1887, d.1967) Jesus in the Temple (Accession No. 2000.136.1)
Harrison, Spencer J. It's About Belonging (Accession No. 2002.004.1)
Frye, Marie Indian Sea Wolf (Accession No. 2001.069.1)
Mani, Ioyan (Maxine Noel) Indian Prayer (Accession No. 2001.174.1)
Taylor, Rodney D. Indian Portrait (Accession No. 2000.167.1)
Frye, Marie Indian Bear Mask (Accession No. 2001.068.1)
Peti Ibis le Jongleur (Accession No. 2000.204.1)
Harrison, Spencer J. I Dream of You Often (Accession No. 2001.126.1)
Rayner, Stephanie Hymns Without Words (Accession No. 2017.001.1)
Nignuik, Davidee (E9 - 762) (b. 1925) Hunter's Wife (Accession No. 2000.144.1)
Nignuik, Davidee (E9 - 762) (b. 1925) Hunter (Accession No. 2000.145.1)
Brascoupé, Simon Hummingbirds (Accession No. 2000.100.1)
Kuper, Jack Home of the Brave (Accession No. 2010.011.1)
Edwards, Richard High Country (Accession No. 2001.173.1)
Sturm, Richard Hide & Seek (Accession No. 2019.003.1)
Bell, Leland Heart berries (Accession No. 2018.006.1)
Jamesah, Jonah Head of Woman (Accession No. 2000.146.1)
Mooney, L. and Steckly, K. Haida Bear (Accession No. 2000.215.1)
Ludwig, Margaret Florence Gzowski Portrait (Accession No. 2005.004.1)
Caibaiosai, Lloyd Grizzly Bear Song (Accession No. 2000.213.1)
Davidson, Robert Grizzly Bear (Accession No. 2001.001.1-2)
Pratt, Mary Graduation Dress (Accession No. 2009.001.1)
Dobson, W.A.C.H. Go Home Bay (Accession No. 2001.046.1)
Denise Geraniums #2 (Accession No. 2002.006.1)
Knott, Norman Gathering #2 (Accession No. 2000.194.1)
Baird, Lynda & Rob Garden Remembrance (Accession No. 2006.011.1)
Glass, Grace Ganaraska Hills II (Accession No. 2001.024.1)
Stephenson, Lionel McDonald Ft. Garry (Accession No. 2000.022.1)
Glossop, Maggie From the Source (Accession No. 2011.006.1)
Loder, Erik French Fries (Accession No. 2000.084.1)
Beam, Carl Flux (Accession No. 2000.211.1)
Frye, Marie Fitzpatrick House (Accession No. 2001.066.1)
Panamick, Martin Fishermen Fishing (Accession No. 2004.005.1)
Cresswell, William Nichol, R.C.A. Fishermen Bringing in the Nets (Accession No. 2000.028.1)
McCluey, Dorothy First Born (Accession No. 2001.013.1)
Gottlieb, Harry Figures in Rain (Accession No. 2000.148.1)
Olson, Ruth Festival Exercises (Accession No. 2001.131.1)
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Nind, Jean Carnival # 2 (Accession No. 2001.085.1)
Nind, Jean Carnival # 1 (Accession No. 2001.084.1)
Shaw, Harold V. Canadian PrimeMinisters Since Confederation (Accession No. 2000.111.1-14)
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Terry' Bata Library (Accession No. 2000.160.1)
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Ke-sha-ona-quat Awakening (Accession No. 2000.217.1)
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