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 Artist Information

Accession # 2001.002.01

Artist: Norval Morrisseau

Title: Thunderbirds

Date of artwork:

Object Type: Print


Height: 66.5

Width: 51.5


Description: Multi-colured, patterened stylized abstract print with birds, heads, talons etc. Framed with double mats- inner brown outer white, light copper metal frame glazed.

Artist Biographical Info: Norman Henry Morrisseau (Copper Thunderbird)

Date of Birth March 14th, 1993, Port Arthur, Ontario Canada

Residence: Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada

Artists C.V.:

 Group Exhibitions

1993 Art of the Anishnabe: Works from the Permanent Collection
          Thunder Bay, ON
1989 Woodlands: Contemporary Art of the Anishnabe
          Thunder Bay, ON
1987 A Celebration of Contemporary Native Art
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 Solo Exhibitions

2001 Canada House, Banff, AB
2000 Canada House, Banff, AB
1999 Kinsman Robinson Galleries, Toronto, ON
1996 Winchester Gallery, Victoria, BC
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1967 Pollock Gallery, Toronto, ON
1966 St. Paul De Bence, France
1965 Hart House Gallery, Toronto, ON
1963 Pollock Gallery, Toronto, ON
1962 Pollock Gallery, Toronto, ON

 Description of the art work / Artist Statement

Norval Morrisseau is well associated with the Thunderbird.  Morrisseau describes being given the name of "Copper Thunderbird" when, as a youth, he needed help to overcome an illness. The thunderbird is an image which represents a protector or a powerful guardian. The substance "copper" joined with the beliefs associated with the thunderbird results in a very powerful combination. This Thunderbird clearly radiates "power" from his eye and wing tips.

 Relevance to Canadian Art

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