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RG 15

Note: RG 15 also includes accession 91-009 (extent: 5.4 cm).

Extent: 1.5 m

Access: Restricted.


The Association of the Teaching Staff was created in 1967 and existed until the union was formed in 1981. The purpose of the Association was to promote scholarship, the welfare of the University and of its academic staff, and in affiliation with the Canadian Association of University Teachers and with the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations, to contribute to the advancement of the standards of the Canadian University community. (taken from the Constitution, RG 15 Box 1 Folder 1). In 1981, certification was granted, and in 1983 the ATS became the Trent University Faculty Association (TUFA).

Early records were forwarded to the Archives by ATS. Further additions were forwarded by TUFA in later years.

Also included is the 1991 faculty strike collection, accession 91-009. 



Extent: 15 cm

Access: Open

At 7 a.m. March 4, 1991, members of the Trent University Faculty Association (TUFA) set up picket lines and began the first strike by Trent faculty since the university opened its doors for classes to students on September 21, 1964. TUFA's previous three-year contract had expired on June 30, 1990 and they had been in a legal strike position since March 1.

An immediate result of the strike was that David Morrison, the provost and dean of arts and science, immediately cancelled all classes for the university's 5,498 students -- 3,642 full- time undergraduates, 1,775 part-time undergraduates and 81 graduate students -- for the duration of the 23-day strike. Library, college, residential and food services, however, remained open for students throughout the strike. Part-time faculty, who belong to a separate bargaining unit, Local 8 of the Canadian Union of Educational Workers (CUEW), and were under contract to teach, were laid-off. Trent University Staff Association (TUSA) members and Non-Affiliated Group (NAG) members were directed to continue working, as were senior academic administrators -- the president, vice-presidents, dean, associate deans, university librarian and college heads.

This is an artificial collection of materials with a variety of provenances. The collection is organized in a series format -- A through S -- and contains such original records as TUFA strike bulletins and information sheets; TUFA parity strike buttons; communiques from the Trent Student Union and the ad hoc student occupation groups Students FEAT and A.N.S.W.E.R.; relevant copies of the student newspaper ARTHUR; strike-related bulletins from the university communications office; and a copy of the new three-year collective agreement between TUFA and the Trent University Board of Governors ending the strike.

Series A:  TUFA Strike Information Sheets and Bulletins, February-March 1991.          

Series B:  University Communications Office Bulletins, February-April 1991.  

Series C:  Trent Fortnightly issues dealing with strike, March-April 1991.

Series D:  Strike-related memorandums from the Trent University Department of Human Resources, January-March 1991.

Series E:  Strike-related communications from Trent University President and Vice-Chancellor John Owsley Stubbs, February to April 1991.

Series F:  Transcripts of TUFA strike information sessions for students at Artspace, March 1991.

Series G:  Mediator's press release announcing end of strike and copy of the new three-year collective agreement attached.

Series H:  Communiques from Students For Education At Trent (Students FEAT), who occupied the Registrar's Office between March 13, 1991 and March 19, 1991.

Series I:  ALUMNUS, Volume 23, Number 2 (Spring 1991)

Series J:  Communiques from Apathy? No! Students Working for Employment Resolutions (A.N.S.W.E.R.), who staged the longest occupation in Trent history from March 17, 1991 to March 25, 1991 in the president's office, A.J.M. Smith Conference Room and university switchboard areas.

Series K:  LILITH, March 5, 1991 (annual special womens' edition of the Trent student newspaper produced  by women from ARTHUR) and ARTHUR, Volume 25, Issue 21 (March 12, 1991), dealing with strike-related issues.

Series L:  Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA) FORUM and Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) BULLETIN editions dealing with Trent faculty strike, February-April 1991.

Series M:  Strike-related communications from College Heads.                   

Series N:  Miscellaneous Administrative and Staff strike communications.

Series O:  Miscellaneous ephemera. TUFA Parity Buttons. Business card of Dr. C. Hamori-Torok, Department of Anthropology, Trent University, received during faculty-student impromptu strike victory party at Red Dog Tavern, March 25, 1991.

Series P:  Non-transcribed audio-cassette containing 15-minute March 14, 1991 CBC Radio Noon interview with SSHRC Canada Research Fellow Professor Stephen Brown, Trent University Department of English Literature, on "informal" teaching during the strike.

Series Q:  Trent Student Union communique and strike poster.

Series R:  Miscellaneous Student Posters and Documents.

Series S:  Trent Student Union Strike Posters.  

Additional folder of material received from Janice Millard, 2006.  

Additional cassette tapes (14) received from Audio-Visual Department, 2011.      

 RG 15


Box 1

Series A


1. Constitution and bylaws

2. Minutes

a) executive committee

b) meetings of the general membership

c) other committees and subcommittees of the executive

3. Membership lists and related materials

4. Material relating to elections

Box 2

Series B


1. Correspondence

a) chairman's files of correspondence and records

b) secretary's files of correspondence and records

Series C

1. Briefs, statistical reports, newsletters, etc., including annual reports to members, salary briefs, reports on grievance procedures, questionnaires and their results

 2. Chairman's, or executives', issue files. These are files created to deal with specific issues, such as collective bargaining, a grievance case, etc. This series will also be found to contain correspondence and reports.

Series D

1. Financial statements and treasurer's reports

Box 3                           

Series E

1. Materials received from the CAUT

Box 4                       

2. Materials received from the OCUFA

Box 5                           

Series F

1. Contract negotiations

Box 6                           

Miscellaneous materials added February 1994 (Association of Teaching Staff and TUFA)

Records received in May 2001 from Professor John Syrett:

1993 negotiations

1996 negotiations

Box 7

Financial Records of ATS, 1975-1981

Boxes 8-17: Records received in February, 2007; 10 boxes dated 1980s and 1990s.

Box 8

File Folder "A,B,C"

Academic Development Committee (From 1982-83 up to 1988-89)

Ad Hoc Senate Committee on Programs and Departments

Administrative Assistant

Appointment Booklet 1986-87

Administrative Assistant - OCUFA Workshops

Administrative Assistant: 1987-88 Salary Negotiations

Administrative Assistant: 1987-88 NEG. TUSA Job Evaluation System

Administrative Assistant

Board of Governors

Bovey Commission - OCUFA Brief to...

Bovey Commission

Budget - Trent University 1982-83

Budget - Trent University 1978-79

TUFA Bursary Correspondence

Committee on Academic Personnel (COAP)

Correspondence - General 1983-84

Correspondence - General 1981-82

Correspondence - General 1980-81

Correspondence - General Jan-June 1980

Correspondence - General Aug-Dec 1979

Correspondence - General Jan-July 1979

Box 9

Minutes - General Meeting 1998-99

Minutes - General Meeting 1997-98

Minutes - General Meeting 1996-97

Minutes - General Meeting 1995-96

Minutes - General Meeting 1994-95

Minutes - General Meeting 1993-94

Minutes - General Meeting 1992-93

Minutes - General Meeting 1991-92

Minutes - General Meeting 1990-91

Library Matters 1991-92

Library Matters 1990-91

Librarians - From 1994-2002

Library Matters 1992-93

Library Matters 1989-90

Masters of all Mailings 1991-92

Masters of all Mailings 1989-90

Appointments 1993-94

Appointments 1992-93

Appointments 1991-92

Appointments 1990-91

Appointments 1989-90

Membership - Bargaining Unit 1991-92

Membership - Bargaining Unit 1990-91

Nominations 2005-06

Nominations 2004-05

Nominations 2003-04

Nominations 2002-03

Nominations 2001-02

Nominations 2000-01

Nominations 1999-2000

Nominations 1998-99

Nominations 1997-98

Nominations 1996-97

Nominations 1995-96

Nominations 1994

Nominations 1993

Nominations 1992

Patents and Copyright

Patents and Copyright - re: Film property B. Cummings

Personnel Files

Personnel Files IV.8

Personnel Files - Freedom of Information Material

Policy on Privacy Protection and Freedom of Information (Trent University)/Act

Peterborough & District Labour Council

Preventative Mediation - Ministry of Labour

Proxy Voting

Research - Overhead Charges for research contracts (Policy)

Research Funds - Purchase of Equipment with...

Research - Human Research and CAUT response to the Tri-council Code of Ethics

Research - Professional Expenses Fund (IV.4 of the C.A.) University Guidelines

School of Education

Newsletters - Sept. 81-March 82

ATS Newsletter N.s 1-13 June 5, 1978 to March 26, 1979 (almost complete)

Second Set Newsletters (missing some)

Trent Fortnightly 11.22 March 1981-13.14 Feb 1983

CAUT - Dues 1999-2000

CAUT - Dues 2000-01

CAUT Defense Fund - Dues 2001-02

CAUT Defense Fund - Dues 2002-03

Meetings/Workshops 2001-02

Meetings/Workshops 2000-01

Meetings/Workshops 1999-2000

Meetings/Workshops 1998-99

OCUFA - Dues 2002-03

OCUFA - Dues 2001-02

OCUFA Fees 2000-01

Box 10

Government - Correspondence

Correspondence to ALL from Administration 2002-03

Correspondence to ALL faculty from Administration 2000-01

Correspondence to ALL faculty from Administration 1999-2000

Correspondence to ALL faculty from Administration 1998-99

Correspondence to ALL faculty from Administration 1997-98

Correspondence to ALL faculty from Administration 1992-93

Correspondence to ALL faculty from Administration 1991-92

Correspondence to ALL faculty from Administration 1990-91

Correspondence to ALL faculty from Administration 1982-1989

Correspondence with Administration 2000-01

Correspondence with Administration 1999-2000

Correspondence with Administration 1998-99

Correspondence with Administration 1997-98

Correspondence with Administration 1995-96

Correspondence with Administration 1994-95

Correspondence with Administration 1993-94

Correspondence with Administration 1992-93

Correspondence with Executive 1999-2000

Correspondence with Executive Committee 1998-99

Correspondence with Executive Committee 1997-98

Correspondence with Executive Committee 1995-96

Correspondence with Members 2000-01

Correspondence with Members 1999-2000

Correspondence with Members 1998-99

Correspondence with Members 1995-96

Correspondence with Members 1997-98

Correspondence with Other Faculty Associations 1998-99

Correspondence with Other Faculty Associations 1997-98

Correspondence with Other Faculty Associations 1995-96

Correspondence with Other Faculty Associations 1994-95

Correspondence with Other Trent Unions (General Corresp. & Information)

Council of Ontario Universities (COU)

CUPE - Certification

CUPE Arbitration Award Re: Jurisdiction Limit TUFA as Intervener

CUPE - Hearing Re: TUFA Certificates

CUPE - Interface Agreement

CUPE - TUFA - Jurisdiction Limit

Day Care

Personnel File

Personnel File

Debit Cards at Trent

Department/Programme Chairpersons 1986-87

C/A - Discrimination/Harassment (1.2.4)

Discrimination & Harassment - Mailing of amendments to membership

Harassment & Discrimination Procedures Draft

DURHAM University Center 1998-99

Emeriti Professors & Professional Librarians

Employment Equity

Employment Equity - Coordinating Committee

Employment Equity - Regulations to accompany the EE Act

Employment Insurances New Legislation - 1 Jan/97

Excellence Fund

Executive, Members of the (address list, telephone codes) 2005-06

Executive, Members of the (address list, telephone codes) 2004-05

Executive, Members of the (address list, telephone codes) 2003-04

Executive, Members of the (address list, telephone codes) 2002-03

Executive, Members of the (address list, telephone codes) 2001-02

Executive, Members of the (address list, telephone codes) 2000-01

Executive, Members of the (address list, telephone codes) 1999-2000

Executive, Members of the (address list, telephone codes) 1998-99

Executive, Members of the (address list, telephone codes) 1997-98

Executive, Members of the (address list, telephone codes) 1996-97

Executive, Members of the (address list, telephone codes) 1995-96

Executive, Members of the (address list, telephone codes) 1994-95

Executive, Members of the (address list, telephone codes) from 1977-1994

Executive Honoraria - Other Faculty Associations

Executive - Release Time 2004-05

Executive - Release Time 2003-04

Executive - Release Time 2002-03

Executive - Release Time 2001-02

Executive - Release Time 2000-01

Executive - Release Time 1999-2000

Executive - Release Time 1998-99

Executive - Release Time 1997-98

Executive - Release Time 1996-97

Executive - Release Time 1995-96

Executive - Release Time 1994-95

Executive - Release Time 1993-94

Executive - Release Time 1990-92

Executive - Release Time 1989-90

Executive - Release Time 1988-89

Faculty Board

Faculty Council - Constitution

CAUT Academic Freedom & Tenure Committee Nomination

Fire Safety in University Buildings

Fundraising Campaign 89-90

Personnel File

Government Information

Graduate Programs - Procedures for the appointment of core faculty

Health and Safety Committee - Terms of Reference

Health and Safety Committee Annual Report to the BOG 1997-98

Health and Safety Committee Annual Report - 1986-87, 88-89

Personnel File

Personnel File

Human Rights - Trent

Human Rights Advisor - Trent 1992-94 & 1997-2000

Human Rights - AIDS, CAUT Draft Statement

Human Rights - Complaint Forms

Health and Safety Committee - Misc.

Human Rights - International Campaigns

Human Rights

Information Sources

Insurance - Kanantia

Joint Committee - 1988-89

Johnson Insurance

Julian Blackburn College from March 1995 to 1996

Julian Blackburn College 1977-1994

Box 11

Grievances and Complaints 1996-2005

Several Personnel Files


Grievance - External Assessment

Grievance - Merit Awards, Eligibility

JBC - Stipends Payment of - During Duration of Strike

Insurance Coverage Re: Benefit Entitlements - 21 Oct/96

Grievance - Miscellaneous: 1988-90

Grievance - Miscellaneous: 1988-90

Pension Plan - Employer Contributions 21 Oct/96

Grievances - Pension Maximum Benefits (Filed May 93)

Arbitration Award on the Overload, Summer and Chair Stipends Grievance concerning honoraria reduction

Grievance - Chairs: Social Contract Reductions

Grievances - Overload and Summer Stipends: Reductions

Spousal Appointments Policy Grievance (Sent to the GCP January 2000)

Reduced Stipends & Course Cancellations - Minimum Enrolment 1996-97

Grievances 87-92

TUFA Joint Committee 1997-98

Box 12

Masters of all Printer and Xeroxed material, except Minutes 1986-87

Masters of all Printer and Xeroxed material, except Minutes 1987-88


Academic and Administrative Appointments 1988-89

Academic and Administrative Appointments 1987-88

Membership - Bargaining Unit 1989-90

Membership - Bargaining Unit 1988-89

Membership - Bargaining Unit 1987-88

Membership - Bargaining Unit 1986-87

Membership - Bargaining Unit 1985-86

Membership - Associate - Other than Part-Time Faculty

Membership - Appointments Interchange (NMEDP)

Minutes - General Meetings - 1989-90

Minutes - General Meetings - 1988-89

Minutes - General Meetings - 1987-88

Minutes - General Meetings - 1986-87

Minutes - General Meetings - 1985-86

Minutes - General Meetings - 1984-85

Minutes - General Meetings - 1983-84

Minutes - General Meetings - 1982-83

Minutes - General Meetings - 1981-82

Minutes - General Meetings - 1970-1973 (From Feb 1970-March 1973)

Minutes - General Meetings - 1971-1981 (Agendas and Notices)

Minutes - General Meetings - 1977

Minutes - General Meetings - 1978-79

Minutes - General Meetings - 1979-80

Minutes - General Meetings - 1980-81

Minutes - General Meetings - Rough Copies 1981-82


Personnel files (3)

Negotiation Papers Received from I. Sandeman (1984-85)


Native Studies - Personnel Committee Representation

Negotiations- Senior Negotiators Conference, Forum, etc.

Newsletters - May 79-June 78 (Contains Minutes of General Meetings)

Nunavut Arctic College

1984-85 Negotiations - Initial Proposals

Negotiating Council 1978-80

Negotiations 1984

Negotiations - Salary Negotiations 1981 Side Table VIII. 15

Negotiation Papers 1984-85

Box 13

Negotiations 1980

Negotiation CAUT 1972-80

Negotiations 1980 Newsletters

Negotiation 1980 March. 2 Meeting

Negotiations - TUFA Memos/Missiles

Negotiations - Board Memos/Missiles

Negotiating CTE Minutes 82-84

Red Oak Negotiations - 1980

Arbitration Negotiations - 1980

Merit Award


Documents Prior to 1978/79

Nominations/Elections 1991

Nominations/Elections 1990

Nominations/Elections 1989-90

Nominations/Elections 1988-89

Nominations/Elections 1987-88


OFS (Ontario Federation of Students) Paper on Campus Union Alliances

Office and Secretarial Arrangements

Office Supplies - 1983-84

Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB)

OPSEU - Certification

OPSEU - General Correspondence

Personnel File

Personnel Office - Presidential Advisory Committee on University Personnel Policy 1978

Personnel Office - Re: Personnel

Personnel Recommendations

Presidential Review 1983

Presidential Task Force on Daycare (1989-90)

Presidential Advisory Committee on Planning (PAC-PAASAS) 1988


Press Releases

Promotion - Article III.8

Public Services Coalition

Printing and Xeroxing Charges 1985-86

Privacy Act and Access to Information Act (Brochures from the Treasury Board of Canada)

Questionnaire from the Science Council of Canada

Refugees 1979


Research Allowance Claims

Research Fellowship

Research - IDEA Research (for reference)

Early Retirement - Working Party Report Background Papers

Retirement - Provision of Faculties (office or lab space)

Retirees - TUARP 1990-96

Retirement Planning

Retirement - Voluntary Early Retirement (VER)

Pension - (VER)

Voluntary Early Retirement 1995 - Plans from other fac. assn's

Personnel File

Mandatory Retirement

Scholarly Misconduct - new policy and background documentation

Sadleir House (Background Information)

Sabbatical Policy

Box 14

Trent University Spring Report 1982

The Collective Agreement 1981

Proposals for a Collective Agreement with the Board of Governors April 1980

Proposals for a Collective Agreement with the Board of Governors April 1980

Report of the course-faculty evaluation committee to senate T.U. Feb, 1981

Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on M.A. in Social Sciences and Humanities in Canadian and Connectional Studies Feb. 12, 1982

Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on M.A. in Social Sciences and Humanities in Canadian and Connectional Studies Feb. 12, 1982

Working Interpretation of the Report of the Committee on Rank, Promotion and Tenure by the Committee on Academic Personnel

Report of the Committee on Rank, Promotion and Tenure, July 1976

Report of the committee on Rank, Promotion and Tenure

Report of the Decanal Search Committee October, 1977-January, 1978

Brief to the Ontario Council on University Affairs March 1978

T.U. Staff Benefits Programme for salaried staff members December, 1978

T.U. Documents of the Senate 1971-72

TUFA Times

OCUFA Teaching Awards Academic Librarianship Award for 1994

The RFA Bulletin November 1994-95

TUFA Times Drafts

Employment Benefits Carleton University Academic Staff Association January, 1987

For Your Information University of Manitoba Faculty Association 1990-91

Preparing for Research /Study Leave a guide University of Manitoba Faculty Association

TUFA Guide on Preparing for Research/Study Leave

Papers Relevant for Negotiations

TUFA Negotiations Questionnaire 1987-88

Review of Negotiations January 11, 1985 Advice and Closing Reflections of TUFA Secretary on the Contract Bargaining

Collective Agreement - Language Review

Interpreting University Financial Statements - by K. Campbell

TUFA 1992-93 Calendar

TUFA Appointments 1988-89

UWOFA Appointment Booklet 1987-88

CUASA 1990-91 Calendar

Auditor's Report

Newspaper Clippings 1988

Academic Advising

Academic Development Committee: 1989-90

Academic Freedom

Academic Freedom - AUCC Draft Statement and Responses

Academic Skills Center

Personnel File

AIDS Policy and Statements (CAUT and Trent)

Alternative Career Arrangements

Personnel File


Arbitration Services - Information

Private Arbitration & Mediation Services

Executive Assistant - 2 May 2005

Executive Assistant - Agreement- 2002-05

Personnel Files (3)

COFAS 2006

COFAS 2005

COFAS 2004

COFAS 1999, 2000, 2001

COFAS 1998

COFAS 1996-97

Board of Governors, members of ...

Board of Governors - By Laws

Personnel File

COAP (Committee on Academic Personnel)

COED Workshop August, 1995

Clippings - Magazines and Newspapers

College Heads and the Bargaining Unit

Committees - TUFA Reps 2005-06

Committees - TUFA Reps 2004-05

Committees - TUFA Reps 2003-04

Committees - TUFA Reps 2002-03

Committees - TUFA Reps 2001-02

Committees - TUFA Reps 2000-01

Committees - TUFA Reps 1999-2000

Committees - TUFA Reps 1998-99

Committees - TUFA Reps 1997-98

Committees - TUFA Reps 1996-97

Committees - TUFA Reps 1995-96

Committees - TUFA Reps 1994-95

Committees - TUFA Reps 1993-94

Committees - TUFA Reps 1992-93

Committees - TUFA Reps 1991-92

Committees - TUFA Reps 1990-91

Committees - TUFA Reps up to 1989-90

Committees - Reports from Reps

Investment Advisory Committee Meeting Reports by TUFA Rep.

Committee on Computer Needs (Joint) 1997

Committee on Post-Retirement Health Benefits (Joint)

Committees - Terms of Reference and Composition

Community Day of Action - Peterborough

Concordia University (3 files)

Computers/Computing at Trent

Conflict of Interest

Copyright - Bill C-32 - 1996-97

Copyright (Also see CAUT - Copyright changes in the Act)

Copyright Legislation Sample Letter

Correspondence - General from: 1992-93, 2001

Correspondence - General 1991-92

Correspondence - General 1990-91

Correspondence - General 1989-90

Correspondence - General 1988-89

Correspondence - General 1987-88

Correspondence - General 1985-86 and 1986-97

Box 15

File Folder "C-G"

Correspondence - General 1977-78

Correspondence - General 1972-73

Correspondence - General 1970-71

Correspondence with Administration 1982-83

Correspondence with Administration 1981-82

Correspondence with Administration 1980-81

Correspondence with Administration 1986-87

Correspondence with Administration 1985-86

Correspondence with Other Faculty Associations 1987-88

Correspondence with Other Faculty Associations 1980-87

The Degree Granting Bill: Bill 41 and Bill 137

Exigency, Redundancy & Lay-Offs File 2 (File No. 1 is a dead file)

External (Native Rights)

Faculty Data - Confidential

Fees and Budget

Funding - Deficits Legislation (Bill 213)

Funding - 1982-83

Funding - 1981 and earlier

Grants - (T.E.W. Nind Endowment Fund)

Grievances - Complaints

Grievances - Complaints Committee

Grievance Files

TUFA Grievances

Personnel Files (5)

TUFA Grievances

Teaching Evaluation

Old Files - Grievances 1981-82

Old Files - Grievances 1982-83

Grievances/Complaints 1982-85 Miscellaneous

Library Related Grievances

Grievance - Miscellaneous: From 1982


Box 16

TUFA Grievances (Working Notes) 1980-85

CAUT - Defense Fund 1980-88

Grievances (2 files)

Correspondence with Membership 1987-90

Correspondence with Membership 1983-87

Correspondence with other Faculty Associations - 1988-89

Correspondence with other Faculty Associations - 1989-90

Correspondence with other Faculty Associations - 1992-93

Appointments Calendar 1992-93

Appointments Calendar 1991-92

Correspondence with Membership 1992-93

Correspondence with Membership 1991-92

Correspondence with Membership 1990-91

Labour Market Development in the 1980s (Manpower)

Personnel File

Legal Services

Personnel File

Library Matters 1988-89

Lobbying - by TUFA Executive

Box 17


Bank Statements & Cheques 2003-2004

Deposits (Misc. Refunds) 2003-04

Deposits (Misc. Refunds) 2002-03

Deposits (Misc. Refunds) 2001-02

Deposits (Misc. Refunds) 2000-01

Deposits (Bank, etc.) 1999-2000

Deposits 1998-99

Cashed Certificates 2002-03

Bank Reconciliations 2002-03

Bank Reconciliations 2001-02

Bank Reconciliations 2000-01

Bank Reconciliations 1999-2000

Books & Periodicals 1999-2000

CAUT - Dues 2001-02

CAUT - Dues 2002-03

Gifts & Misc. Donations 2001-02

Gifts & Misc. Donations 2000-01

Gifts & Misc. Donations 1999-2000

D & O - Liability Insurance 2000-01

Office Insurance 2000-01

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance 1999-2000

Legal & Other Fees 2001-02

Legal & Other Fees 2000-01

Legal & Other Fees 1999-2000

Legal & Other Fees 1998-99

Meetings/Workshops 2002-03

Newsletter 2002-03

Newsletter 1997-98

Newsletter 1996-97

Newsletter 1995-96

Newsletter - Printing Costs 1994-95

Office Supplies 2002-03

Office Supplies 2001-02

Office Supplies 2000-01

Office Supplies 1999-2000

Office Supplies 1998-99

Office Supplies 1997-98

Office Supplies 1996-97

Office Supplies 1995-96

Office Supplies 2003-04

Office Supplies 2002-03

Office Supplies 2001-02

Other Expenses 2000-01

Other Expenses 1999-2000

Other Expenses 1998-99

Payroll - Members' Dues 2002-03

Payroll - Members' Dues 1999-2000

Minutes - Executive Meetings 1989-90

Travel Expenses 2002-03

Travel Expenses 2001-02

Travel Expenses 2000-01

Travel Expenses 1999-2000

Travel Expenses 1998-99

Travel Expenses 1997-98

Travel Expenses 1996-97

Trent Account 2002-03

Trent Account 2001-02

Trent Account 2000-01

Trent Account 1999-2000

Trent Account 1998-99