Archives: Professor John Wadland research files

These files contain newspaper and magazine articles, as well as photocopies of articles from books and periodicals. The materials were collected between the early 1970's and early 1990's. The subjects of the files vary greatly and deal with various Canadiana topics such as media, publishing and related issues, northern studies, native studies, land settlement and land use, arts, etc. Perhaps the most useful part of the files will be the name files.

The files will be useful as a starting place for research on specific topics. They reflect the years they were collected and are by no means exhaustive, but offer another tool for researchers to use.

Box 1



Atwood, Margaret

Berger Commission

Berton, Pierre

Birdsell, Sandra

Blais, Marie-Claire

Broadcasting: General - 1 and 2

Callaghan, Morley

Constitution: Canada - 1

Box 2

Constitution: Canada - 2

Constitution: Meech Lake

Canada Council

Canadian/American Relations

Canadiana Bibliography

Carrier, Roch

Cather, Willa

CBC - 1

Box 3

CBC - 2

Box 4


Cohen, Leonard

Cohen, Matthew

Cohen, Nathan

Colombo, John Robert

Communications Theory




Craig, John

Cultural Policy - 1 and 2

Cultural Sovereignty

Box 5


Davies, Robertson

De La Roche, Mazo


Desbarres, Joseph Frederick Wallet

Drew, Wayland

Duncan, Sara Jeanette


Education - 1 and 2

Engel, Marian

English/French Relations


Film/Video Art - 1

Box 6

Film/Video Art - 2

Box 7

Film/Video Art - 3

Findley, Timothy



Fraser, Sylvia

Freedom of Information

Frye, Northrop

Gallant, Mavis

Galleries - 1 and 2

Garrison Project

Geology, Canada

Gordon, Charles W. (Ralph Connor)

Grant, George

Granting Agencies: General

Gray, James H

Haig-Brown, Roderick

Haliburton, Thomas Chandler

Hebert, Anne

Helwig, David

Hood, Hugh

Howe, Joseph

Human Rights in Canada

Information Revolution

Innis, Harold

James Bay Project - 1

Box 8

James Bay Project - 2

King, Mackenzie

Kinsella, W.P.

Kowaga, Joy

Land Settlement: Canada

Land Settlement: Historical

Land Use: Canada

Land Use: Current

Laurence, Margaret

Leacock, Stephen

Lee, Dennis

Levine, Norman

Libraries and Archives

Literature and Criticism - 1 to 3

Livesay, Dorothy

Lowry, Malcolm

MacLennan, Hugh

Box 9

Maillet, Antoine

Mandel, Eli

McFee, Oonah

McLachlan, Ian

McLeod, Alistair

McLuhan, Marshall

Media Literacy

Box 10

Media Ownership

Metcalfe, John

Mitchell, W.O.

Montgomery, Lucy Maud

Moodie, Susanna

Moore, Brian

Moving Pictures: Canada

Mowat, Farley

Multiculturalism - 1 to 3

Munro, Alice


Music: Canada - 1 and 2

Box 11


Nationalism: Canada

Native Studies: Aboriginal Rights - 1 and 2

Native Studies: Bibliography

Native Studies: Indians of North America

Native Studies: Visual Arts

Newman, Peter

Newspapers - 1

Box 12

Newspapers - 2

North: Arctic Anthropology

Box 13

North: Arctic Sovereignty

North: Broadcasting

North: Canadian Arctic General

North: Canadian North General - 1 and 2

North: Conferences

North: Development

North: Early Arctic Exploration

North: Economic Studies

North: Environment and Development

Box 14

North: Eskimo

North: Fahlgren Report

North: Greenland

North: Indian

North: Native Education

North: Northern Settlement

North: Scientific Expeditions

North: Sovereignty

North: Wildlife

O'Hagan, Howard

Ondaatje, Michael

Ontario Arts Council

Ostenso, Martha

Periodicals and Magazines


Peterborough and District

Philosophy: Canadian


Poetry and Poets

Box 15

Publishers and Publishing: Canada

Publishing - 1

Publishing - 2

Box 16

Publishing - 3

Publishing Books


Raddall, Thomas




Richler, Mordecai

Roberts, Charles G.D.

Robertson, Heather

Rohmer, Richard

Ross, Sinclair

Roy, Gabrielle

Rule, Jane

Ryga, George

Salutin, Rick

Sangster, Charles

Scott, F.R.

Seton, Ernest Thompson

Skovercky, Josef

Smart, Elizabeth

Spicer Commission

Box 17

Stead, Rover J.C

St Laurent, Louis

St Lawrence River

Stringer, Arthur

Symons, Scott


Telecommunication Systems: Canada



Television: Canada

Television: Educational and Public

Television: Pay


Theatre: Atlantic Provinces

Theatre: Canada

Theatre: General

Theatre: Ontario

Theatre: Quebec

Theatre: Shaw

Theatre: Stratford

Box 18

Theatre: Toronto

Theatre: Western Provinces

Thomas, Audrey

Torgov, Morley


Tremblay, Michel

Underhill, Frank

Vanderhaeghe, Guy

Van Herk, Aritha

Vigneault, Gilles

Box 19

Visual Arts - 1 and 2

Weaver, Robert

Webb, Phyllis

Wiebe, Rudy


Wildlife Conservation

Wiseman, Adele

Women and Art

Women in Canada

Woodcock, George