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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 93-011


Professor Kenneth E. Kidd fonds. Additions. -- 1935-1991. -- 10 m of textual records.

Biography / History

Professor Kenneth E. Kidd was born July 21, 1906 at Barrie , Ontario as the son of D. Ferguson Kidd and Florence May Jebb. He was educated at Victoria College at the University of Toronto (B.A. 1931 and M.A. 1937). He also attended the University of Chicago from 1939 to 1940. He married Martha Ann Maurer in October, 1943. In 1935 he joined the Ethnology Department of the Royal Ontario Museum where he worked until 1981 in various positions, starting as an assistant and ending as Curator of Ethnology. He directed the excavation at Ste. Marie I, the site of a 17th century Jesuit Mission near Midland, Ontario , which was the first excavation of an historical site using modern techniques, in North America. In 1964, Kidd joined Trent University as a professor of Anthropology and in the following year he established and chaired the Native Studies Program which was the first of its kind in Canada . He retired from Trent University in 1972, and in 1973, Professor Kidd was named Professor Emeritus of Anthropology. Throughout his career, Professor Kidd was honoured with many awards. Some of these awards include the Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship, 1951-52; the Cornplanter Medal, 1970; Award for Eminent Service, Trent University , 1983 (See the Trent Fortnightly Volume 13, Number 21, Thursday, May 19, 1983 . Trent University Archives Reading Room); J.C. Harrington Medal, Society for Historical Archaeology, 1985; and an Honorary Degree from Trent University , 1990. He published "Canadians Long Ago" and with Selwyn Dewdney published "Indian Rockpaintings of the Great Lakes". Professor Kenneth E. Kidd died February 26, 1994 , at the age of eighty-eight in Peterborough, Ontario

Custodial History

This fonds was created by and in the custody of Kenneth E. Kidd before it was donated to the Trent University Archives.


This addition to the fonds consists of correspondence, research notes, newspaper clippings, art catalogues, manuscripts relating to Paul Kane; anthropological research, Irish literary personalities, native art, culture and artifacts, cutlery and trade beads. Also included are personal records of Professor Kidd and his career at the Royal Ontario Museum and Trent University . Transcriptions of tapes made by George Cobb of interviews with Curve Lake natives are included. Digital copies are available.


Title based on creator of fonds.

Includes photographs, microfilm and audio cassettes.

This fonds was donated by Kenneth E. Kidd.

Some of the records are in French.

Finding aids: Y

This fonds along with 92-007, 95-009 and 95-024 is an addition to 80-030.

For related records see: 80-030, 92-007.

Finding Aid

Box 1

Research Materials (xerox or tear sheet)

Rice Lake Indian Reserve Accounts 1889-1898

Report on Montagnais Villages 1879

Macdonnell Diary c.1790

Lt. Ware (or Warre)--Notes c.1844

Quetton St. George--Selection of Papers

Robert Schuyler: Images of America

Spittal, D.: The identification of animal food resources, Feast of the Dead

at Ossane, 1636

Massicotte, E.Z.: Le sieur La Frennaye de Brucy

G.B. Nash: The Quest for the Susquehanna Valley

Collection of Documents re. Cartier-Brebeuf Park 1959

Pipes de Gouda 1942 (in Dutch and French)

Paul Kane: Wanderings of an Artist (pp. 1-149)

Paul Kane: Wanderings of an Artist (pp. 150-329)

Rod Lacey: A Glimpse of the Enga World View 1972

F. Jennings: The Indian Trade of the Susquehanna Valley 1966

Jane Grigson: The Cultivated Potato

A. Banting: Indian Treaty Payments 1915

Indigenous Theatre Celebration-Final Report 1980

Curve Lake Profiles: Tapes made by George Cobb - see 82-006.

Transcripts are available: see links below.

Herb Irons (Transcript)

Dow Taylor (Transcript)

Mrs. Mary Johnston (Transcript)

Christopher McKue (Transcript)

Tall Tom Taylor (Transcript)

Short Tom Taylor (Transcript)

Learned Societies Papers

Maya Notes of D.S. Davidson, etc

R.I. Inglis: Report on Work Done at the Krieger Site

W.R. Adams: Preliminary Report on Excavation of Rice Lake Serpent Mounds

Robert L. Gordon: The Charleston Lake Rock Shelter

Box 2

Irish Poets and Artists (Clippings)

Louis MacNeice

Padraig MacPiarais


Constantia Maxwell

Rutherford Mayne

Thomas McGreevy

Michael McLaverty

George Moore

Thomas Moore

Maud Gonne MacBride

Seosamh MacCathmaoil

Donagh McDonagh

Stiofan MacEnna

Michael MacLiammoir

Edward MacLysaght

Francis MacManus

Brinsley MacNamara

Patricia Lynch


Francis Ledwidge

Sir John Lavery

Maura Laverty

Patrick Kavanagh

Denis Johnston

Denis Ireland

Norah Hoult

Joseph Hone

Frederick Robert Higgins

Stephen Gwynn

Barney Heron

Richard Hayward

Barbara and Patrick Mullen

Kate O'Brien

Francis Hackett

Bernadette Murphy

T.C. Murray

Douglas Hyde

Padraic O. Conaire


Flann O'Brien

Sean O'Casey

Frank O'Connor

Peadar O'Donnell

Eimar O'Duffy

Sean O'Faolain

Roibeard O'Farachain

Liam O'Flaherty

Margaret O'Leary

Earnan O'Maille

Conal O'Riordan

Donal O'Sullivan

Sean O’Sullivan

Seumas O’Sullivan

Charles Stewart Parnell

Robert Lloyd Praeger

Forrest Reid

Lennox Robinson

W.R. Rodgers

AE (George William Russell)

Desmond Ryan

Stephen Rynne and Alice Curtayne

George Shiels

Irish and British Artists (Clippings)

James Stephens

L.A.G. Strong

Francis Stuart

John Millington Synge

Pamela Travers

Katherine Tynan

Maurice Walsh

Patrick Welch

Robin Wilson

Ella Young

Miscellaneous (1)

Bronte (Emily, Charlotte and Anne)

Miscellaneous (2)

Miscellaneous (3)

Robert Lynd

James Hanley

Globe and Mail-Nov. 2 1950

Frank Fay

Advertisement Signs for Public Lectures

Irish stamps and postmarks: historical research materials

Box 3

Allemagne, H.D.--Notes from

Cutlery Notes

Cutlery Ms.--Correspondence and Replies to Queries


Mss. on Paper of History of Ethnology Department at Royal Ontario Museum

Photos Returned to K.E.K--Not Used in Book

Portion of Cutlery Mss.

Cutlery--Tables of Measurements

Illustrations--Foldings Knives--Sheffield Museums


Knives, Forks and Spoons--Miscellaneous Illustrations and Notes

Lists of Cutlers--French and English

Lists of Cutlers and Marks

List of Illustrations for the Book

Museum Notes Without Illustrations

Miscellaneous 1966-67

T.F. McIlwraith

Razors--Illustrations--Arranged Chronologically


Spoons--Illustrations and Notes

Table Knives--Illustrations--Arranged Chronologically



Historical Archaeology--Cutlery--Drawings of Specimens in N.M.C.

Butcher Knives and Other Knives--Notes

Cutlery Paper--Bibliographic Notes

Manuscript for Cutlery Paper

Mss. Original Text as submitted in 1972

Correspondence re Cutlery Research 1971-72

Table Cutlery of the French Regime in Quebec

Box 4

Historical Artifacts Research (photocopies)

Paul Sebillot: Legendes et curiosites des metiers

les chapeliers (hat-makers)

les dentellieres (lace-makers)

les forgerons (blacksmiths)

les chaudronniers (tinsmiths, moulders)

les tisserands (weavers)

Encyclopedie des sciences, tome quatrieme, etc. 1772




A Collection for the Improvement of Husbandry and Trade 1694-1697

Tobacco-Pipe Clay

Glass Making

Glass Makers

Saddle Hardware, Stirrups, Buckles, etc.

van den Heere: Alle de Wercken-Jacob Cats 1726

Cutlery and Cutlers of Sheffield-English Illustrated Magazine 1884

L'art du coutelier en ouvrages communs 1772

Les metiers et corporations de la ville de Paris 1892 (various sections)

History of the Cutlers' Company-excerpts

Transactions of the Hunter Archaeological Society Vol. 7 1957

Sheffield Cutlery

Giacomo Lumbroso: La forchetta da tavola in Europa

Box 5

Trent University

1. Native Studies--Minutes of Faculty Meetings 1969-73

2. Native Studies Archives Proposal

3. Native Studies

4. Catharine Parr Traill College

5. Native Studies--Briefs, Proposals, etc

6. Native Studies--Report to Academic Development Committee on Native Studies Diploma Program

7. Native Studies--Faculty Meetings Minutes

8. Native Studies--General

9. Announcements of Events

10. Catharine Parr Traill College --19th Century Club

11. Symbols and Ceremonials Committee

12. Trent-Kanawa Museum

13. Course Bibliographies--Canadian Studies, Anthropology 201, English 220

14. Catharine Parr Traill College Council Minutes

15. Comptroller

16. Hurley

17. Native Studies--Library Committee--Agenda and Minutes 1975-76

18. Native Studies--Library Committee--Miscellaneous

19. Native Studies--Minutes of Faculty Meetings 1974-75

20. Native Studies--Calendar Material

21. Native Studies--Comptroller's Office

22. Native Studies--The Chairman

23. Native Studies--Diploma Course

24. Native Studies--Elders

25. Native Studies--Enrollments

26. Native Studies--Equipment and Supplies

27. Native Studies--External Correspondence

28. Native Studies--Finance Committee

29. Native Studies--Library

30. K.E. Kidd--Personal

31. Native Studies--Courses and Syllabi

32. Native Studies--The Administration

33. Native Studies--Academic Committee

34. Black Studies

35. Native Studies--Bookstore

Box 6

1. Newspapers Clippings re. Trent University (Removed to Trent University Newspaper Clippings)

2. Trent University --Anthropology--Archaeological Sites and Field Work

3. Charleston Lake

4. Peterborough Petroglyphs

5. Quakenbush Site

6. Trent University --Archaeology--Serpent Mounds

7. Trent University --Anthropology--The Scott Site Excavation

8. Archaeology Survey 1966--Mr. D. Kettel

9. Archaeology Survey 1967--Mr. D. Hakas

10. Applications for Field Work 1966-67

11. Archaeology--Equipment

12. Anthropology--Enrollment

13. Reading Lists

14. Anthropology--Guest Lecturer

15. Trent University --Anthropology--Trent Severn Waterway

16. Trent University--Anthropology Department--Miscellaneous

17. Trent University --Anthropology 310 and 420

18. Trent University --Anthropology Club

19. Trent University --Anthropology--Graduate Course

20. Trent University --Anthropology--Latin American Project

21. Trent University --Anthropology--Tape Recording Program

22. Trent University --Anthropology--Syllabi

23. Anthropology--Telephone Record

24. Trent University --Archaeology

25. Trent University --Anthropology Faculty Meetings--Notices and Minutes

26. Trent University --Anthropology--Minutes 1978-82

27. Trent University --Anthropology--General

28. Memorabilia

29. Canada --Department of Northern Affairs

30. Trent University --Correspondence, etc.

31. Trent University --Archives

32. Trent University --Directories

33. Trent University --Anthropology

34. Trent University --Graduate Dean's Office

35. Trent University --Grants and Research

36. Native Studies--Native Peoples in Literature

37. Native Studies--Practicum Development Papers

38. Native Studies--Student Correspondence

39. Native Studies--General

40. Native Studies--Minutes of Faculty Meetings 1976

41. Native Studies-Faculty Meetings--Minutes

42. Archaeology--General

Box 7

1. Clippings-- Champlain College

2. Library

3. Library--Correspondence

4. Public Lectures Committee

5. Trent University --Religion Program Committee

6. Trent University --Committee on Organization of the Academic Year

7. Trent University --Committee on the Sciences

8. Trent University --Committee on Tenure

9. Engineer's Office

10. Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT)

11. Champlain Lectures

12. Trent University --Committee of the Arts

13. Trent University --Committee on Canadian Studies

14. Trent University --Curriculum Committee

15. Trent University --Leaves and Sabbaticals Committee

16. Trent University --Committees--Miscellaneous

17. Trent University --Committee on Names

18. Trent University --Admissions Committee

19. Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada (AUCC)

20. Trent University --Audio Visual Aids Sub-Committee

21. Bookstore

22. Trent University --Research Grants

23. Trent University --Student Correspondence

24. Trent University --Grants

25. Trent University--Miscellaneous

26. Trent University --Anthropology

27. Native Studies--Audio Visual Material

28. Trent University --Invitations 1964-

29. Historical Archaeology--Lecture Notes 1966-70

30. Miscellaneous Class Notes

31. Anthropology 21--Content

32. Anthropology 21--Today's Notes

33. Anthropology 21--Seminar Notes 1965

Box 8

Kenneth Kidd Manuscripts

1. A Month Among the Blackfeet

2. Obituary of Richard B. Johnston

3. The Phoenix of the North: Reminiscences of the Excavation of Sainte Marie

4. An Introduction to a Bibliography of the Historical Archaeology of Canada (a trade goods bibliography)

5. Native Requirements and the Cloth Trade in the Northeast 1500-1750

6. The Adze, Awls and The Modern Museum

7. Ste. Marie in the Jesuit Relations: A Summary

8. Thoughts on Native Education in Canada (5 drafts)

9. Book Reviews

10. Historic Sites Archaeology in Canada

11. Identification of French Mission Sites in the Huron Country: A study in Procedure

12. Three Short Manuscripts

13. Milta and Monte Alban (With Photographs)

14. Indian Rock Paintings of the Great Lakes and Rock Art in Ontario

15. The French on the St. Lawrence (2 different mss) and Indians and the French in Canada

16. French Iron Trade Goods

17. A Brief Bibliography of the Archaeology of Ontario

18. A Statistical Analysis of Trade Axes

19. Visit to see Paul Kane Sketches in Winnipeg , 1954

20. Canadians of Long Ago: Chapter 1-The Indians of Canada (partial text)

21. Reviews of Four Books Dealing with Canadian Indian Life (for the Journal of Canadian Studies)

22. Article on Preservation of Old Peterborough Buildings 1973

23. The Burden of Sisyphus (Fortnightly Club)

24. European Trade Goods as Artifacts

25. Resume of Lecture Given at Royal Canadian Institute on Ste. Marie

26. Holon Chan

27. A Study of the Mental Ability of Indian Children in the Mohawk Institute (together with copies of the test used)

28. Metalware Trade Goods for Archaeologists

29. Cutlery for Archaeologists

30. A Trial Bibliography of Trade Goods (and correspondence)

31. Royal Gifts and Traders Trinkets

32. Draft of Textiles Paper ( Montreal Merchants' Papers)

33. Glass Bead Manuscripts

34. Bibliography for Glass Bead Manuscripts (MISSING)

35. Cartier-Brebeuf Park Excavation Report 1959

36. Arts of Ancient Mexico

37. The Arts of Ancient Peru

38. The Excavation of the Cartier Brebeuf National Park

39. Book Review of George Irving Quimby's Indian Culture and European Trade Goods

40. Outline Draft of Introduction to Trade Goods Bibliography 1982

41. Bibliography of Kenneth E. Kidd (including book reviews) 1964

42. Cultural Characteristics of Canadian Indians

43. Notes on the Scattered Works of Paul Kane

44. A Peruvian Water Jar

45. It Is a Commonplace in the History of Culture

46. Problems in Glass Trade Bead Research

47. The Sources of Contemporary Native Indian Art

48. Abstract: Historic Site Archaeology in Ontario

49. The Functions of a Fur Trade Centre

50. Address at the Annual Meeting of the Ontario Archaeological Society 1967

51. Conference on Underwater Archaeology-Trade Goods

52. Some Approaches to the Problem of Identification of Historical Materials

53. European Trade Goods Distributed to the Indians of Canada

54. Ste. Marie in the Relations: A Summary

55. Notes on a Collection from Pass Lake

56. Speech given in Simcoe County

57. H.W. Howes Collection from Cactus Lake, Saskatchewan

58. A New World to Discover (speech to youths)

59. Reports of the Department of Ethnology, Royal Ontario Museum 1955, 1957-58

60. Trade Goods Research Techniques

61. Address on Ste. Marie

62. Some Observations on the History of the Ethnological Collections in the Royal Ontario Museum , especially as they derived from the old Provincial Museum of Ontario

63. Jebbs in Simcoe County

Boxes 9, 10, 11


Box 12

Folk Music Phonograph Albums (+ 5" loose on shelf)

Box 13

Correspondence A-E

Box 13a

Correspondence F-M

Box 14

Correspondence M-Z

Box 15

1. Irish Poets and Writers (Plus Dublin 1940s) (Missing)

2. Cecil Day-Lewis

3. Helen Ball (loose papers mostly signed H.B.) (Poetry: 1950s-1960s)

4. James Joyce

5. Lynn Doyle (Leslie Montgomery)

6. Elizabeth Bowen

7. The Abbey Theatre (newspaper clippings and magazine articles, poster, programmes and letters)

8. Ernest Boyd

9. Robert Q. Brennan

10. Austin Clarke

11. Lady Mary Carbery

12. Paul Vincent Carroll

13. World War II (clippings and articles re the bombing of Italy Germany and Hiroshima , particularly re bombing effects on historical, religious and artistic centres)

14. Padraic Colum

15. Reardon Conner

16. James Connolly (including some papers on Nora Connolly O'Brien)

17. Daniel Corkery

18. John Coulter

19. R.N. Currey

20. Louis Lynch D'Alton

21. Aodh De Blacan

22. Eamon De Valera

23. Lyle Donaghy

24. Lord Dunsany

25. Dublin Early 1940s (newspaper clippings especially re 1941 bombings)

26. Maria Edgeworth

27. John Eglinton

28. St. John Ervine

29. Padraic Fallon

30. Darrell Figgis

31. Patrick Gallagher

32. Monk Gibbons

33. Oliver St. John Gogarty

34. Lady Augusta Gregory

35. Robert Greacen

Box 16

1. Some N.A. American Indian Artifacts in Foreign Museums

2. Seven or Eight Short Notes on South American Cultures

3. Mss Notes on Publicity Duties of a Curator of Ethnology and on Museum Display

4. A Peruvian Quipu in the Royal Ontario Museum : Its Decipherment

5. Indian Pipe Bowls in the Royal Ontario Museum Collections

6. Indexes to Various Works on Indians of Canada

7. Plan of the Excavations of Ste. Marie

8. Accounts Relating to Work Done by K.E. Kidd at Cartier Brebeuf Park , Quebec City, August 1959

9. Checklists of Beads (mostly sent be correspondents)

10. Notes on Village Sites in Simcoe County

11. The Adze (typescript)

12. Miscellaneous Manuscripts

13. Earthworks in Ontario (notes)

14. For Article on Royal Ontario Museum Archaeology

15. Museum Notes on Clay Pipes (Iroquois)


17. Data on Ossuaries in Simcoe County

18. Comments on T.F. McIlwraith's M.A. Thesis

19. Correspondence from Laboratory of Anthropology, University of Manitoba

Box 17

1. Letter from the Society of Jesus

2. A Report on Indian Education

3. Archaeology and the Royal Ontario Museum (some text and notes)

4. Sources of Contemporary Native Art in Canada 1985

5. Diary of K.E. Kidd's Trip Through Northwestern Ontario-Itinerary 1956

6. Native Requirements and the Cloth Trade 1959 (Missing)

7. K.E. Kidd: The Rivers Murder Case 1935

8. K.E. Kidd: A Month Among the Blackfoot of Alberta 1936

9. K.E. Kidd: Letter to M.K. Sniffern Outlining the Writer's Thoughts on Inter Racial Relations 1936

10. K.E. Kidd: Notes on Blackfoot Buffalo Pound 1936

11. Martha Kidd: Trip Through Quetico Park

12. Specimens of Canadian Indian Artifacts in European and Other Museums: Sheffield Pembroke 1972

13. A Trade Goods Bibliography: An Outline 1982

14. K.E. Kidd: Notes for Papers on Rock Art in Ontario 1972

15. Reports Submitted to Royal Ontario Museum 1963-64

16. The Jebb Family in Simcoe County 1986

17. K.E. Kidd's Manuscripts Deposited in Trent University Archives

18. Royal Gifts and Traders' Trinkets

19. Field Work and Accessions

20. Anthropology 421a Syllabus 1971-72

21. Orlo Miller: The Day Spring (manuscript)

22. News Bulletin-Cayaga Museum of History and Art

23. The Christian Mirror July 13 1843

24. Seymour V. Connor: A System Manuscript Appraisal

25. Council on Anthropology and Education-Memo

26. Cultura Totonaca

27. Dictionary of Canadian Biography-Bulletin 5

28. Letter to United Nations Commission for Human Rights

29. The Home of the Six Nations Indians

30. Official Souvenir Map of Expo 67

31. Anthropology in the Schools

32. Osteological Evidence of Disease Amongst the Huron Indians

33. Fifty Years of Anthropology

34. Hudson 's Bay Record Society

35. Letters to Friends of the Papago and Yaqui Indians

36. Preliminary Report for National Museum of Man, Archaeology Division, Contract Excavation in the Prince Rupert Harbour

37. Bibliography of Historical Archaeology in Texas 1965-67

38. A Pre-White Huron Village in Simcoe County, Ontario

39. Re Permissions to Publish

40. Royal Ontario Museum --K.E. Kidd

41. Royal Ontario Museum --Acquisitions and Blackfoot Notes

42. Museum

43. Arkviok Colouring Book

44. Royal Ontario Museum --General

45. Historical Archaeology Paper

46. The Discipline of Archaeology in Canada

47. Louisbourg

48. British Honduras Reports

49. A Report to the Director Caribbean Research

50. Meta

51. Royal Ontario Museum --General

52. Department of Ethnology

53. Departmental Reorganization

54. Archaeological Investigation in Quetico Park 1963

55. Angelique Merasty: Birch Bark Biting

56. Trent University --Correspondence to be Sorted

57. Trent University --Department of Native Studies--Program Development Studies

58. Native Studies--Correspondence with K.E. Kidd

59. Trent University --Student Correspondence

60. Trent University --Native Studies Archives Proposal

61. Trent University --Miscellaneous Correspondence, etc of K.E. Kidd

62. Miscellaneous

Box 18

Correspondence A-Z (1983)

Box 19

Correspondence A-K

Box 20

Correspondence L-T

Box 21

Correspondence U-Z

Two Boxes of Photographs

Correspondence A-D (1958-64)

Box 22

Correspondence E-W (1958-64)

Box 23

Correspondence and Other Papers A-M (1960s-1980s)

Box 24

Correspondence and Other Papers N-S (1960s-1980s)

Correspondence re Trade Goods 1950-60

Research Notes

Box 25

Art Catalogues, Monographs, etc.


1. African Sculpture-Art Institute of Chicago 1985

2. Art soudanais, tribus dogons-Librarie-Galerie Marcel Evrard 1954

3. Sculpture of the Tellem and the Dogon-Jacques Damase 1960

4. Art as an Element of Culture, Especially in Negro-Africa-Dr. A.A. Gergrands,

Leiden 1957

5. Masterworks of African Art-Furman Gallery , New York 1961

6. The Story of Sacred Wood Carvings from One Small Yoruba Town-H.U. Beier 1957

7. The Art of Ife-Nigerian Museum 1955

8. African Sculpture-State University of Iowa 1956

9. Afrikanische Bronzen-Galerie Axel Vomel 1963

10. Negerskulptur fra Vestafrika-R.J. Samling 1963

11. West African Art #5- Milwaukee Public Museum 1953

12. Sculpture from Three African Tribes-Museum of Primitive Art


13. Kunst der Uranstralier (Aboriginal)

14. Pore (Door hintels) of Human Figure Composition (Maori)-Gilbert Archey

15. The Maoris and their Arts-Margaret Mead 1945

16. New Guinea Sculptures-National Gallery of Canada 1967-68

17. Fleuve Sepik, Nouvelle Guinee 1967


18. Figure Sculpture from Polynesia-Museum of Primitive Art

19. The Hervey Islands Adzes-The Peabody Museum in Salem

20. Navda Toli Dancers-H.D. Sankalia

21. Some Ptolemaic Sculptures in Yale University Art Gallery

The Museum of Primitive Art

22. Art of Ancient Peru 1958

23. Primitive Sculpture in Metal 1958

24. Press Releases 1972-1966-1967-1968-1969 (3)

The British Museum

25. The Mildenhall Treasure (Roman silver vessels) 1955

26. The Ilbert Collection (clocks and watches) 1961

27. British Museum Replicas

Cooper Union

28. Wallpapers Produced Before 1900

29. The Stage Designs

30. Tribal-Classical-Far Eastern Works of Art-Gallery 43, London

31. The Epstein Collection of Primitive and Exotic Sculpture-Arts Council of

Great Britain 1960

32. Choreology-Benesh Movement Notation 1955

33. Afro-Asian Theatre Bulletin Vol. 4 No. 2 1969

34. From the Neck Up-Harry L. Shapiro-American Museum Natural History 1947

35. Scrimshaw, Folk Art of the Whalers-Cold Spring Harbour , New York

36. Contemporary Art of Argentina-Virginia Museum of Fine Arts 1940

37. Exotic and Ancient European Musical Instruments-Municipal Museum at the Hague

38. The Mask, All Peoples, All Times-Antwerp 1956

39. Kunsthandwerk des Orients-Munich 1949

40. Permanent Collection of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria 1964

41. The Norman Mackenzie Collection-University of Saskatchewan

42. Bell-Smith, Three Generations-Cobourg Art Gallery 1969

43. The Art of Early Photography-Charles Comfort 1965

44. Recent Paintings of Allen Sapp-Mendel Art Gallery 1969

45. Mackenzie Art Gallery-Vista Vol. 10 No. 4 1984

46. The Mag-Mackenzie Art Gallery Vol. 10 No. 2 1984

American Museum of Natural History

47. Masks of Clark Wissler 1938

48. Masterpieces of Primitive Sculpture-George C. Vaillant 1946

49. Pottery of the Southwestern Indians-Pliny Earle Goddard 1945

50. Indian Beadwork-Clark Wissler 1946

Royal Ontario Museum

51.Contemporary Native Art of Canada -The Western Subarctic 1977

Silk Screens from Red Lake 1977

Alex Janvier 1978

52. Quillwork by Native Peoples in Canada 1978

53. Contemporary Native Art of Canada-Manitoulin Island 1978

Denver Art Museum

54. Elk Antler Roach Spreaders-Norman Feder

55. Spring Quarterly 1950

56. Face to Face: Encounters with Identity-Richard Rose 1983

57. Introduction to American Indian Art (esthetic selection) 1931

58. 100 Years of B.C. Art-Vancouver Art Gallery 1958

59. Harmonic Structure of Indian Music-J.C Filhmore 1899

60. Art of the Haida-Judkins and Lowther, McCord Museum 1962

61. The Art of Nunstins-Queen Charlotte Islands Museum 1981

Plain Indians

62. Decorative Symbolism of the Arapaho-A.L. Kroeber 1901

63. Indian Art of the Great Plains 1956

64. Plains Indian Art-Art Institute of Chicago 1985

65. The Rain Cloud Callers-Museum of New Mexico 1966


66. Survival of the Eurasiatic Animal Style in Modern Alaskan Eskimo Art 1952

67. Masks of the Point Hope Eskimo-James W. Van Stone 1968-69

68. Pudlo-Indian and Northern Affairs


69. Pirva Indian Basketry-H. Thomas Cain, Phoenix Arizona 1962

70. Indian Basket Weaving-The Navajo School of Indian Basketry 1971 [1903]

71. One Pattern for an Apache Ceremonial War Basket 1903

72. Indian Baskets (announcement of book by Evans and Campbell) 1953

73. Apache Baskets-Frederic H. Douglas

74. Basketry Designs of the Maidu Indians of California-R.B. Dixon

75. Indigo-Museum of New Mexico 1962

76. Indian Cradles-Milwaukee Public Museum

77. Indian Beadwork of the North Central Plains 1953

78. American Indian Needlepoint Designs 1973

South America

79. The Art of Gold in Ancient America-Art Institute of Chicago 1985

80. Art and Life in Old Peru-Speech at Opening Ceremony 1961

81. Peruvian Folk Art-Harry Tachopik Jr. 1949

82. Ancient Treasures of Peru -Worcester Art Museum (and enclosure) 1960

83. 1500 Years of Andean Weaving-Museum of New Mexico 1972


84. Feather Working Among the Aztecs-A. Woodward 1947

85. Ceramic Arts of the Ancient Americas-Art Institute of Chicago 1985

86. Maya Treasures of an Ancient Civilization

87. Cleveland Museum of Art April 1949

88. Ballet Folklorico de Mexico

Indigenous Theatre

89. Indigenous Peoples' Theatre Celebration-Peterborough 1982 (with enclosures)

90. Liberated Theatre from Aranyak, Bangladesh 1982

91. Canadian Theatre Review Winter 1981

92. Krokodile-Leon Rooke (program)

Rock Carvings and Paintings (Petroglyphs and Pictographs)

93. The Petroglyph Trail

94. Petroglyphs Provincial Park Visitor Centre 1986

95. Agawa Rock Indian Pictographs 1978

96. Sacred Places in Lower Manitou Lake 1983

97. Expert on Indian Pictographs (near Falconbridge) 1965

98. The Quetico Pictographs-Selwyn Dewdney 1958

99. A New Pictograph Discovery at Quetico 1985

100. Indian Rock Art-Selwyn Dewdney ( Saskatchewan ) 1963

101. Rock Art in the Northwest-Washington Archaeological Research Centre 1981

102. Southwest Indian Pictographs and Petroglyphs-New Mexico 1965

103. Petroglyphs in the Susquenhannah River 1934

104. The Parkers Landing Petroglyphs Site 1966

105. Prehistoric Rock Art Studies in the Precambrian Shield and Europe 1968

106. South African Rock Pictures 1937

107. Non-Representational Petroglyphs of South Africa 1964

108. Who Made the Rock Art of South Africa and When? 1966

109. Archaeological Notes from the Northern Cape South Africa

110. Research Notes (3 file boxes loose on shelf)

111. Research Notes

112. Kane Bibliography and Slides

113. Handbook of Federal Indian Law (microfilm) 1942

114. Petroglyphs Provincial Park (binder loose on shelf)

Boxes 26, 27, 28

Files of correspondence, notes and memoranda brought in July, 1993

Loose on Shelf

2 ledgers of household expenses