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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 92-005


Ontario Camping Association fonds.Additions. -- 1951-1992. -- 2 m of textual records. -- 31 photographs.

Biography / History

In 1900 A.L. Cochrane established the firstprivate camp in Ontario. By 1925, the number of private campsin Ontario had increased to only six or seven. The camps establishedduring this time period (1900-1925) were mainly for boys overthe age of thirteen. Co-ed camps were unheard of at this time.As of 1925, the private camps were making headway in their developmentand agency camps, such as the Y.M.C.A., were opening up acrossthe province. The leaders and directors of these camps, wantingto keep abreast of new trends, began to regularily attend theAmerican Camping Association conventions, due to the absence ofa Canadian or Ontario camping association. This situation, althoughhelpful to the evolution of camps in Ontario, was not ideal. Issuesrelevant to Canadian camps, and camp leaders and directors, werenot being addressed by the American association. As a result,the camp leaders in Ontario decided to form their own group. Inthe first few years, the meetings were informal, and held in privatehomes. The first members were A.L. Cochrane, H.E. Chapman, MaryEdgar, Mary Hamilton, Fern Halliday, and Taylor and Ethel Statten.One of the main topics of discussion centered on the need fora camping association in Ontario. In 1933, this group of privatecamp leaders and directors formally founded the Ontario CampingAssociation. Taylor Statten was made the first chairman of theAssociation. It was decided by the founding members that the Associationwould not just be for private camps, but would be open to anyoneengaged in any aspect of camping. The interests of the foundersof the Association encompassed the development and maintenanceof high camping standards in the field of camping for childrenand an appreciation of the wider aspects of the camping movement.They believed that through discussion and consideration of commoncamping policies and problems, and by the mutual exchange of ideasand knowledge, better camping would be achieved. The Ontario CampingAssociation was responsible for the development and implementationof standards for Ontario's childrens camps, and, in 1941, in conjunctionwith the Provincial Department of Health, made the licensing ofall camps mandatory. The headquarters of the Association are locatedin Toronto, Ontario.

Custodial History

This fonds was created by and in the custodyof the Ontario Camping Association before it was donated to theTrent University Archives.

Scope and Content

This addition to the fonds consists of materialpertaining to the Ontario Camping Association such as brochures,membership records, camping standards, financial records, photographsand committee minutes.


Title based on creator of fonds.

This fonds was donated by the Ontario CampingAssociation.

Some of the records are in French.

Restrictions: N

Finding aids: Y

Further accruals are expected.

This fonds along with 78-006, 82-009, 84-019,85-014, 86-018, 88-066, 89-015 and 93-021 is an addition to 72-007.

For related records see: See the CanadianCamping Association, the Quebec Camping Association, the Societyfor Camp Directors and Windy Pines.

Finding Aid


Box 1


1: A

Adanac, n.d.

Adventure, 1990

Allsaw, 1985, 1986

Arowhon Pines, 1988

Arrowhead, 1986, 1988, 1989

2: B

Bark Lake, 1992, n.d.

Big Canoe, 1992

Big Doe, 1986

Blue Heron, 1983

Bolton, n.d.

Bon Echo, 1980s

Brebeuf, 1988

3: Ca

Calumet, 1980s

Can-Ski, 1986

Canadette Sports Camp, 1978, n.d.

Canadian Adventure Camp, 1971, 1974,

1976, 1977-1986, 1989, 1991

Canadian Sports and Fitness Camp, n.d.

Caravan, 1987

4: Ce

Cedar Ridge, n.d.

Celtic Sports & Arts Centre, 1986, 1987,1989

Cherith, 1986, 1988, 1989

Chetwynd, 1980s

Chikopi Canoe Tripping Camp, 1983

Chipiwa Lodge, 1972, 1973

Circle R Ranch, 1989

Circle Square, 1987

Combermere Lodge, 1972, 1972

Couchiching, 1992

Country Club Day Camp, 1988

Crystal Springs, 1986

5: D-E

Davern, n.d.

Easter Seal Society, n.d.

Etobicoke Parks and Recreation Services,


Explora Camp, 1986

6: F-H

Fraser Lake Camp, 1988, 1992, n.d.

Frontier Trails Camp, 1980s

Fundale, 1988

Gay Venture, 1985, 89

Glen Bernard, 1988, 1989, n.d.

Glen Mhor, 1980s

Glenbrook, 1992, n.d. (see also Fraser

Lake Camp brochure, n.d.)

Haliburton Hockey Haven, 1986, 1987

Headwaters, n.d.

Hilltop, n.d.

Hollows, 1987

Hollyburn, 1980s

Horizon, 1986, 1988

Horse People, 1986

7: I-L

Illahee Northwoods, 1980s

Inn & Tennis Club at Manitou, n.d.

Kakeka, 1987

Kandalore, 1988, 1989

Kawartha, 1992

Ke-Mon-Oya, 1988

Keewaydin, 1983

Keewaytan, 1980s

Kitchikewana, 1989

Kwasind, n.d.

Lakefield Camp International, 1987

Lakefield Computer, 1984 (see Otterdale,1984 brochure)

Langskib, n.d.

Le Camp, 1989

Lorien Wilderness, n.d.

8: Ma-Mc

Manitou, 1979

Manitou-Wabing Sports, 2 postcards,program, n.d.

Maple Glen, n.d.

Matt Man Camps (Ak-O-Mak & Chikopi),1983

McKeeby Lodge, 1985

9: Me-N

Medeba, 1989

Metro Toronto Zoo, 1986

Mi-A-Kon-Da, 1985, n.d.(2)

Mini-yo-we, 1983, 1986, 1988, 1989

Mooredale Day, n.d.

Mulmur Hills, 1986

Muskoka Woods, 1980

New Frenda Youth Camp, 1980s

Northwaters, n.d.

Northway, 1989 (+ Songbook 1962) 10:

Oconto, 1988, 1992

Ojibway of Keewaydin, n.d.

Olympia, 1989

Onadaga, 1980s

Onondaga, n.d.1988

Ontario Camp Leadership Centre,

Ontario Cystic Fibrosis, n.d.

Ontario March of Dimes, 1988

Ontario Pioneer Camps, 1988


Otterdale, 1984, 1986, 1989

Ouareau, n.d.

Owl Rafting Inc., 1989

11: P-S

Pine Crest, Information, 1986, 1987,1992

Pioneer Camps, 1986

Ponacka, 1980s

Quanahar, 1988

Queen Elizabeth, 35th Season, [1992]

Quin-Mo-Lac, 1987, 1992

Rainbow Valley Ranch, 1980s

Robin Hood, n.d.

Red Pine, 1988

Richmond Hills Day Camp, 1980s

Ryerson, 1987

Scugog, 1991

Seneca College, 1987

Sports Ridley, 1980s, 1989

Swallowdale, 1986

12: T

Tamakwa, 1980s, 1988

Tanamakoon, 1986, 1992

Tapawingo, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1992

Tawingo, 1980, 1987, 1988, 1992

Taylor Statten Camps (Ahmek & Wapomeo),1980s

Taylor Statten Camps (Ahmek, Wapomeo,Outpost,), n.d.

Taylor Statten Camps, 1985

Taylor Statten Camps Newspaper Canoe

Lake Echoes, 1987

Temagami ("Announcing the FiftiethSeason..."), n.d.

Toronto Brigantine, n.d. (2)

Trailfinder, n.d. (2)

Trillium, [1990], n.d.

13: U-Y

United Church Summer Camps, 1989

Vaughan (City of), Dept. of Recreation,


Wabikon, 1980s

Wabun, 1984

Wahanowin, 1976

Walden, n.d.

Wanakita, 1989, 1991/92, 1992

Wanapitei, n.d., 1992

Wanapitei, Newsletter, 1986

Waubuno, 1926

White Pine, 1988

Willow Bluffs Area, 1992

Y, n.d. (see Camp Davern, n.d.)

YMCA Day Camps, 1988, 1992

14: Alberta


New Brunswick



15: American Camps, A-M

16: American Camps, N-Y



Box 2

Awakening, 1989

Branchton, 1990

Canadian Adventure, 1991

Catchacoma, 1990

Clover, 1990

Country Club, 1989

Dorian Bible, 1991

Etobicoke, 1990 (+ staff manuals 1989 &1990)

Galilean Bible, 1991

Ganadaoweh, 1989

Glen Bernard, 1990 (includes envelope ofundated photos)

Glenbrook, 1989

Horizon, 1990 (materials all enclosed in blackmanual)

Horse People, 1991

Humriva, 1990

Iona, 1991

Inawindawin, 1992

Keewaydin, 1991

Kemur, 1990

Kiawa, 1990

Kin, 1989 (red manual only)

Kintail -envelope containing materials,especially photographs, from 1981-1990 -brown bag,1991

Kitchikewana, 1990

Kwasind, 1990

Lakefield International, 1990

Marydale (Catholic Youth Organization),1991

Mini-yo-we (photo), 1963

Moorelands, 1990

New Moon, 1990

Nominingue, 1990

Northland - B'Nai Brith, 1990

Ontario Pioneer, 1990

Pearce Williams Christian Centre, 1991

Pine Crest (with staff manual), 1990

Quin-Mo-Lac, 1989, 1991

Robin Hood Staff Manual (manual only),1987

Ryerson, 1990

Scott Mission, 1990

Shalom, n.d. (photos only)

Sidrabene, 1991

*Sparrow Lake Camp manual (by MadeleineFerguson), July 1958

Tamakwa, 1989, 1990

Tapawingo, 1990

Tawingo, 1991 (also red staff manual

1990), (also photo of Bubby [Nashman]and Nancy Bramm, 1987)

Toronto Teen Leadership, 1991

Wabana, 1990

Wabanaki, 1990

Wahanowin, n.d. (photos only)

Wanapitei, 1990

Westcoast Connection Travel, 1990


Box 3

Receipts, Jan.-Dec. 1983 Disbursements, Jan.-Dec. 1983 Receipts, Jan.-Dec. 1982 Disbursements, Jan.-Dec. 1982

Box 4


1: (Note: The following materials were all received in large brown envelopes - the titles in parentheses are as found originally on each individual envelope) "OCA: Rough Info." [1986-1987] - paper by Ron Johnstone entitled "Ontario Camping Association Study re: Mandate and Goals for Future Development", n.d. - miscellaneous notes re: membership survey, interviews, summary of comments from member camp survey, summary of current committee responses, etc. [1986- 1987] - sponsor's mailing list 1986/1987 - lists of recreational camps

2: "Committee Survey" [1987-1988]- OCA Operational Review survey formsand related rough notes

3: "Random Sample Member Camps",1987 - OCA Operational Review surveyforms and related rough notes

4: "Personal Interviews - Non-MemberCamps", 1987 -O.C.A. Operational Review Study: Non- O.C.A.Member Interview forms

5: "Bark Lake Camp Director WorkshopSurvey", n.d. -OCA Operational Review: Individual Survey:Non Ontario Camping Association Membersforms

6: "Membership Survey", n.d.- OCA Operational Review MembershipSurvey forms

7: "Membership Survey", n.d.- OCA Operational Review MembershipSurvey forms

8: OCA Executive Meetings 1989-1990 (agenda and minutes of meetings and related materials)

9: OCA Advisory Council Meetings 1989-1990(agenda and minutes of meetings andrelated materials)

10: OCA Regional Representatives Meetings1989-1990 (agendaand minutes of meetings and relatedmaterials)

11: Old Board Member Lists, 1960-72- includes photographs of board members

12: Board Correspondence, 1967-81

13: Board Weekend, 1981 -correspondence, etc.

14: OCA Board of Directors 1989-1990(agenda and minutes of meetings andrelated materials)

15: Society of Camp Directors [1990-1991]-Society of Camp Directors' "proposalto stimulate camping research in co-operation with Trent University and theOCA", ie. in the form of writing awards(also includes related notes)

16: "Presidential Package" - 1988 -conclusions and recommendations of operational review, presidential appointments, correspondence, etc.

17: OCA Volunteers - n.d. "The Volunteer Game"; "Volunteerism: The Art of Wearing Different Hats"

18: Bethany Hills School information package- 1980-1981    


19: CCA - Correspondence 1968-1975: Correspondence and memos between OCA and CCA, Quebec Camping Association and CCA, etc.; report of the task force studying development of the CCA - 1970; CCA mailing list 1968, etc.

20: CCA - Correspondence 1973-1976:Correspondence and memos between provincialassociations and CCA; reports of executivemeetings of CCA; Canoeing School Committeereport; Archives Committee report;reports of various provincial campingassociations; annual report 1973 ofCCA president, etc.

21: CCA - Correspondence 1974-1977:Correspondence and memos; CCA NationalStandards Workshop Preliminary Session1974; CCA executive lists and provincialassociation offices lists with addresses;report of CCA executive developmentworkshop 1976, etc.

22: CCA - Aquatics 1968-1978: regulationsand correspondence (with OCA) regardinglifejackets, canoeing standards, canoeingterms; canoeing school pamphlets, etc.

23: CCA 1970-1977- Minutes of CCA executivemeeetings and board of directors meetings;membership lists of each province 1974;`Report of the President and the ProvincialAssoc. 1972 CCA', etc.

24: CCA Reports 1966-1967: -Project Report #6: Report of the CCA's NationalSeminar on Intercultural Camping, Jan27-30, 1966 - Project Report #7: Reportof the CCA's Western Region Seminaron Intercultural Camping, April 5-9,1967

25: Quebec Camping Association Inc. - letterhead paper and envelopes, n.d.    


Box 5


1: Outdoor Resources (Outdoor Education), (Environmental) Committee 1960-1969

2: Outdoor Education Committee 1980(includes "Code of Recommended Practicesfor Outdoor Education in Toronto", 1980)

3: OCA Camp Committee 1989-1990 (minutesof meetings and related materials)

4: Day Camp Committee 1972-1973 (minutesof OCA Day Camp Committee meetings;correspondence and reports)

5: OCA Day Camp Committee 1989 (minutesof meeting Nov.28)

6: OCA Conference Committee 1989-1990(agenda and minutes of meetings andrelated materials)

7: OCA Conference Steering Committee 1989-1991 (list of membersof conference steering committee 1991,agenda and minutes of meetings andrelated materials)

8: OCA Staff Placement Bureau Committee1989 (Staff PlacementBureau Bulletin #'s 1,3-11)

9: OCA Archives Committee 1990 (30photographs each with accompanying identification:..."Archives 1990 Conference BanquetPhoto"...) ...................

10: OCA Standards 1972-1973: standards committee reports; standards committee correspondence; standards volunteer visitors lists and standards visitor request forms; lists of camps to be visited by standards visitors

11: Proposed Standards & Guidelines forOutdoor/Wilderness Programming, 1979-80

12: OCA Standards Workshop for Visitors andCamp Directors 1988 - program and workbook

13: OCA Standards Committee 1989-1990 (OCA publication entitled "Guidelines for Accreditation for Residential Camps" - also draft proposal; minutes of meetings; correspondence and memos, etc. re: matters relating to standards committee)

14: Miscellaneous Committee & NominationInformation, 1959-74 15:Nominations 1972-1976: nominations for OCABoard of Directors postions, president,members-at-large, etc.; certificatesfrom University of Western Ontariofor in-service training course in recreation;correspondence, etc.    


16: Public Relations 1969-1978: press release entitled "`Endowing the Future Canadian': a speech by ...Jean Chretien... to the Ontario Camping Association ...1969"; public relations committee reports, correspondence, newspaper clippings 1969-1974; correspondence and newspaper clippings 1973-1976; `Lions International Club Officers Directory 1970-1971 - Region 7 Zone 7 Central'; public relations - newspaper clippings and magazines 1974- 1977; public relations - newspaper clippings and magazines 1976-1978; letters, minutes, financial reports, etc. from CCA in a duotang entitled "Stan Talesnick" 1978    

SERIES G: CORRESPONDENCE Series G - Subseries A: Miscellaneous Correspondence

17: Miscellaneous correspondence, etc. from "binders of material which were Hartland M. Devenney's personal files from the Ontario Camp Leadership Centre" - correspondence from Irwin Haladner, Director, [Wabi-Kon Camp], addressed to `Dear Staff Member', May-June 1948 - Pre-Camp Staff Training presentation, 1964 - OCA Canoeing Tests, November 1961 and Canoeing Test Report sheet; OCA Definition of Canoeing Terms-Section B, n.d. - memos, etc. re: Ontario Camping Association Staff Supervision Session, 1964

18: Miscellaneous correspondence, ie.- Camp Winnebagoe, 1970 -Brush Ranch (New Mexico) to Mrs. Ebbs, TaylorStatten Camps, 1970 - Camp Carolina(North Carolina) to Mrs. Ebbs, CampWapomeo, 1970 - re: Le Pere Paul Belanger,n.d. (in French) -Riding Camps - Kiniya, Vt. to "Couchie"(Mrs. Ebbs), 1972 - Integra Foundation,1972 - O'Connor-Conmee Baptist Churchto "Couchie" (Mrs. Ebbs),Taylor Statton Camps, 1972 -Camp Services Co-Operative Inc. 1978 -Camp Wanapitei to Adele and Harry [Ebbs],1987 (includes Wanapitei 1931- 1986anniversary dinner programme brochureand "A History of Lake Temagami'sSandy Inlet and Wanapitei 1891-1986"

19: Miscellaneous correspondence and Memos,etc. - 1989-1990 (correspondence,memos, notices, ie. re. election ofboard members, conference exhibitorslists, membership renewal notices,etc.; also, an obituary of F.M. VanWagner (1894-1989))

20: Provincial Leadership Development Consultation, Curtis Eastmure, 1979 (also "A Report on the Provincial Leadership Development Consultation", etc.)

21: Legislation-Water Resources Commission-Ron Johnstone, 1971 (also "PreliminaryReport on the Influence of IndustrialActivity on the Lakes in the SudburyArea" 1969-1970)

22: Ontario Forestry Association, 1962-1981

23: Ontario Department of Lands & Forests,1960-1968 24: OntarioPlace, 1972 25: Ontario RecreationAssociation, 1966-72    


Box 6


1: Conferences - 1975-1988 -programs 1975-1978, 1980-1982, 1984- 1986, 1988 -overall or summary evaluation reports of conferences in 1978, 1979, 1980, 1984 -conference committee minutes of meetings 1984-1985 and other materials related to conferences of 1984 and 1985

2: OCA Councellor Conferences 1976-1977:Councellor Conference 1976 "We're goingto be partners" booklet and subsequentreport; OCA Councellor Conference Digest1977; report on 'Camping is alive withthe sound of music" 1977 OCA CouncellorConference; Councellor Conference Committeemeeting minutes, etc.

3: OCA Councellor Conferences 1978-1988:Conference programs 1978-1982, 1985-1988; miscellaneous correspondence andnotes; list of councellor conferencecommittee members 1983, etc.

4: OCA Conferences 1977-1979: bookletentitled "The OCA Camping Association1979 Conference Salutes "The Year ofthe Child""; brochures, correspondence;OCA Program Committee and OCA ConferenceCommittee minutes of meetings; folderentitled "OCA Conference '78 "ATime to Share"", etc.

5: Directors' Conference: Exhibits, 1979-89-lists of exhibitors, correspondence, -"Sharing the Spirit - OCA Conference,January 28-30 [1988] - What's Where,Exhibitor's Newsletter" -photographof 36' Montreal Canoe

6: Directors' Conference: Exhibits, 1988-lists of exhibitors, correspondence,etc.

7: Conference Records, 1986 -listof 1986 conference committee chairmen,correspondence, etc.

8: Conference Records, 1987 -correspondence,program of events, expenses, etc.

9: Thunder Bay Camping Association Campference 1989 (OCA Regional Development) -pamphlets, notes, correspondence, minutes, financial arrangements

Folders 10-49: Skills Weekends Program:

10: General, 1986
11: Addresses, 1986
12: Outtripping, 1986
13: Evaluation, 1986
14: Common Program, 1986
15: Masters, 1987
16: Evaluation, 1987
17: Ecoskills, 1987
18: Outtripping, 1987
19: Canoeing, 1987
20: Administration, 1987
21: Addresses, 1987
22: Canoeing, 1988
23: Bark Lake, 1988
24: Evaluation, 1988
25: Food, 1988
26: Evaluation Summaries, 1988
27: Common Program, 1988
28: Administration, 1988
29: Registration, 1988
30: Ecoskills, 1988
31: Arts/Crafts, 1988
32: First Aid, 1989
33: Evaluation, 1989
34: Food, 1989
35: Canoeing, 1989
36: Addresses, 1989
37: Registration, 1989
38: Arts/Crafts Package Master, 1989
39: Evaluation, 1989
40: Arts/Crafts, 1989
41: Ecoskills, 1989
42: Bark Lake, 1989
43: Administration, 1989
44: Addresses, 1989
45: Crests, donated by Urin, Theresa, 1989
46: Arts/Crafts Administration, 1989
47: Arts/Crafts Supplies and Suppliers, 1989
48: Eco-skills registration forms, 1990
Eco-skills "Suggestion Box" forms,
[1990] & related correspondence
49: OCA Skills 1989 - 6 photos
OCA Skills 1991 - 27 plus negatives

Box 7


1: OCA Canoe Weekend - Glen Bernard Camp - 1981 (workshop for camp canoe leaders) -handwritten documents relating to the canoe weekend entitled: -1981 OCA Canoe Weekend -Activity Schedule -Philosophy and Objectives of Camp Canoeing -Being an Effective Teacher -Effective Canoe Safety Training -Organization of the Waterfront -The In-Camp Out-Trip -History and Resources -Assessment -paper entitled "A Canoeing Leadership Course for the Ontario Camping Association"

2: Belgian-Ontario Exchange - 1985-1987 (an exchange of camp counsellors organized between `Jeunesse et Sante' of Belgium and the OCA) - (NOTE: much of this material is in French) -"Belgium-Ontario Exchange" by Martin Hunt - handwritten outline of events leading up to and including the exchange -newsletters, brochures, pamphlets, etc. of `Jeunesse et Sante' -2 publications entitled "Rapport de l'echange de Jeunesse et Sante en Ontario du 4 au 19 juillet 1986" and "Rapport de la mission exploratoire de Jeunesse et Sante en Ontario du 10 au 20 aout 1985" -correspondence and misc. notes -notes relating to a conference presentation -lists of participants in the exchange and participant contracts

3: Bolton Education Centre: Professional Leadership Development program (developed by the OCA) - Phase 1 held at Bolton Education Centre September 1977 -task force report of phase 1; brochures and information on Bolton Outdoor Education Centre, etc.

4: OCA Standards Committee - minutes 1986-1989; correspondence; OCA standardsconcerning canoeing, swimming, waterskiing, archery, camp safety, health,etc. 1966-1990; standards committeemembers list 1989-1990, constitution &by-laws 1988; Camp Allsaw accreditationmatter 1984-1988

5: Miscellaneous memos, correspondence,notices, etc. to Bolton Education Centrefrom OCA 1977-1989

6: "The OCA Binder Finder Orienteering Classic" plus photographs of workshop, n.d.  

(including related notes, memos, researchmaterials, etc.)

7: -research material and typescripts for the 50th anniversary publication to commemorate the history of the O.C.A., 1983 includes handwritten notes and chapters, memos to and from the OCA History Committee)

8: -black folder containing OCA history committee minutes and original typescripts with corrections, research materials

9: -typescripts with corrections, research materials

10: -Titles - correspondence and suggested title lists referring to the search for a title for the book commemorating the OCA's first 50 years

11: -Quotes - correspondence, expense records, etc. re: the Wintario grant used to help publish Blue Lake and Rocky Shore

12: -Book Reviews - & newspaper clippings, etc. of Blue Lake and Rocky Shore

13: R.H. Perry material for book entitled Canoe Trip Camping, 1953 -photocopy of partial book -typescript

14: Camping-related papers - 1951, 1965 -Toronto Nursery Education Association, "What About Camping for Young Children?" [1951]

-"A Camp Director Comments on T.N.E.A. Report of Camping for Young Children"

-"Some Conclusions Growing Out of a Study on Programme, and Staff Qualifications in Camps Catering to Children From Two to Six Years of Age." (This study was made available under the auspices of the Toronto Nursery Education Association, Summer - 1951)

-Brief to the "Select Committee on Youth" Province of Ontario...1965 by the Ontario Camping Association -"A Prayer for Parents", n.d.

15: Miscellaneous publications and newsletters:

- "It's Wise to Supervise" / compiled and edited by Alan Klein and Irwin Haladner (published by Canadian Camping Magazine Co. and distributed by OCA), n.d.

-"Camp Sights: Desirable Practices for Canadian YMCA Camps", 1965

- "Ontario Forests" / Ontario Forestry Association, Sept. 1971

- "National Lifeliner" / The Royal Life Saving Society Canada, Sept. 1988

-"On Record" / Family Service Association of Metropolitan Toronto, Oct. 1981

-"International Camping Fellowship Newsletter", 3 issues 1987-1989

- "Together Towards Tomorrow Times", 3 issues 1988-1989

- "Camp gives your child everything under the sun" / CCA, n.d.

16: Latimer, John R., article in Fox Valley Living magazine, March 1990, entitled "Why Send Your Children to Camp?"

17: Miscellaneous magazine articles and newspaper clippings related to camping, 1972-1991 (includes several newspaper

18: Miscellaneous camping directories, maps

- "Globe and Mail Directory of Kids Camps": two 1991 issues; Jan., Feb., and March 1992 issues

- "HMS Summer Camps" (partial listing of OCA accredited camps), n.d.

- "Butterfield & Robinson European Trips for Students. Summer 1972" (Toronto)

- Algonquin Provincial Park map [1988]

- St. Lawrence Islands National Park map, 1970