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William Standen fonds

Diary: April 1893 - November 1894

Note: Capitals, periods, and commas have been added or eliminated in some instances for clarification purposes. Square brackets [ ] indicate indecipherable text, or a section that in the original is comprised of dashes, taken to mean that the missing text is identical to the text that is directly above on the page. Also, occasional misspellings appear in the original and these misspellings have been maintained (examples of some of the common misspellings are "intrest" for "interest,", "feild" for "field," "staid" for "stayed,"and "tomorow" for "tomorrow")

Note: Beginning 5 June 1894, numbers 4,5,6 and so on appear sporadically in the margins beside the weather account. Significance unknown.

1893: April

6. Thur. 6 April 1893. I went up to corner and got a peck of Alsike clover seed and we finished sowing No.2 N. and just a peck of Red clover seed and a peck of Timothy on the wheat against the bush (No.1 N.W.). We got through before 11 A.M. so the snow which fell last night gave us cleaner footing. Afternoon I did some reading. Two lambs came last night and one died today. Fine & sunny but chilly S.E. wind.

7. Fri. 7. A heavy S.E. gale with sleet and some rain. After choring I took the forenoon reading & Andrew split wood. After tea I rode up on horseback and called at Wm. de Geer's leaving [ ] and saw Miss Bremner. G'ma R. keeps about the same - very slow improvement. S.E. gale with sleet, A.M. Calmer & milder, P.M.

8. Sat. 8. Andrew and I cut up a lot of cornstalks and straightened up round the barn workshop, etc. The young folk intended going down to see the flood, but a heavy gale came on from N.W. so Andrew just drove up with buggy taking a few things that were needed. Balmy & warm, A.M. S.E. wind. Feirce N.W. gale, P.M. Thunderstorm last night.

9. Sun. 9. S.S. & meeting as usual. J. Johnston read XVI - Mathew. Mr. Bremner IX. John decided to send what money was on hand to China I.M. besides the collection to Mr. Gilmour. I got home to dinner and drove over to Josephine with buggy. I read Duet 3 ch. (Moses could not take people over Jordan - Joshua - did). Also VIII ch. Rom. 3 ver. "weak through flesh" - Saw Mr. Budd. Not so well. Mama went up to corner at night. Fine but chilly N. wind.

10. Mon. 10. We are trying to doctor a sick ewe. We got up some parsnips and John came down bringing some bags and he and Andrew bagged up 21 bags and took a load of turnips up to the corner. Cloudy but fine. Rather chilly N. wind.

11. Tue. 11. I went to Barrie with the parsnips but could not sell many so I put 14 bags on a car. J.J. Brown was loading with potatoes. I asked at all of the hotels and lunch houses but they were all supplied. I got $20.00 from J.J. Brown on the hay and $19.00 from Wm. Hubbert for the calf ram & young ram that we took back from Mr. Bremners. I think it was not quite enough but he should have weighed them and then we may both have been better satisfied. I was rather late home. Fine but chilly S.E. wind. Threatens rain.

12. Wed. 12. We found the ewe that has been ailing since Sunday was dead this morning so we skinned and opened her - finding another lamb besides one Andrew got away yesterday. I got out potatoes and mended and marked some bags A.M., and afternoon Andrew went up to the corner and helped John to clean up the goose wheat and put a notice up in the store that we had about 24 bushels for sale. I pruned some apple trees and did a lot of other choring. Strong S.E. wind & some showers of rain, A.M. Fine, P.M.

13. Thur. 13. Andrew and I fixed up a lot of fence gaps and hung gates and took the pump up to get the rod which was broken & I drove up with buggy about 11 A.M. and did some business at the corner and staid to the funeral of Mr. Lewis at the river. Mr. Dunlop preached a very good practical address "as many as received Him." 1 ch. John. A letter from T.B.S. G'ma Standen is not well so Mama came down with me. Thunder shower last night. Clear & cold with high N.W. wind today.

14. Friday 14 April 1893. Andrew and I fixed the pump so it would work and then he took a small load of hay up to the corner on the waggon box, but it slipped over on the hill. John had come down and went back with him and helped him on again. They were taking a box of butter up to ship to Toronto but were too late so Andrew drove over to the station afternoon with it. Sow had 9 pigs, 1 dead. Mr. Lochead came down and stayed to tea. Eliza came down at night to see G'ma S. She is getting better. A ewe had 2 lambs, 1 blind and malformed. Cloudy & cold. A N.W. wind.

15. Sat. 15. Four inches of snow this morning. I had intended going to Barrie but decided to wait till Tuesday as the snow is still falling. We found the lamb that was blind last night was dead. Another came. We just chored and did some reading and sleeping. Took Maggie Crawford home at night. Snowing most of forenoon. Fairish, P.M. N.W. wind.

16. Sun. 16. S.S. & meeting as usual. G'pa went up with us and Mama went to Josephine with me afternoon. I read the 100 Ps. and 2 ch. Eph. Called at Mr. Budds and Mr. Teesdale. Took 6 Bibles down to the Sunday School. Bright & sunny. Wind N. westerly and snow about gone.

17. Mon. 17. I had a broken night last night. We found a very poor little ewe had 2 lambs and I had a big job to get them to suck. She has very little milk. We cleaned up barley for seed, A.M. and afternoon went back to T.B.S. and took the shed to peices which blew down last summer. Cloudy. S.E. wind. Some rain but cleared off 11 A.M. with N.W. wind.

18. Tue. 18. I took Democrat up to corner and then got the other waggon and 10 bags of goose wheat. I sold at 55 c. after considerable trouble. J.J. Brown took it and I got 18 bushels of golden vine pea's off him at 65 c. leaving just 75 c. coming to me. I am sorry I did not get the money for the baled hay but he promises to send it as soon as he gets the returns from the party he shipped to. I must not sell in this way again for I need the money. I spoke to J. Galbraith about trading for Jack and also to Bailey. I came home again by the corner leaving the peas and getting the Democrat. Annie went with me. I took in the sheepskin. Sold at 75 c. Cold and chilly. N.W. wind. Some sunny spells.

19. Wed. 19. Another single lamb this morning but good and strong. I started Andrew up to the corner with stuff to chopp and to help John to run through the wheat screenings that are up there and get them chopped, and also to run the peas through the mill, but he came down afternoon to say that the land up there was fit to sow, so he went back again with horse feed and the cultivator and Johns team and brought down Dick & Nell. I painted gates. Clear and sunny but rather cold N.W. wind. Changed to S.E. wind at night.

20. Thur. 20. A very high S.E. wind increasing to a gale. Andrew and I got up the pump to see why it lost its priming. Took out a small peice of gravel but it is just the same again. We cut off the ends of rails that stuck out too far in the fence we built last spring with straight stakes. I wrote to W. Collins. S.E. gale with hail & snow after noon.

21. Fri. 21. Andrew went up to corner and got 12 bags of the chopp and Mama came down with him. I did a lot of chores and afternoon John brought Mr. & Mrs. Urquhart down. They have been to Chicago. John took them up again at night and Mama went up after dark to change with Maybeth for tomorow. Some snow squalls from S.W. Wind S. again tonight.

22. Saturday 22 April 1893. John came down and got Democrat to go to town and Mr. Urquhart went with him to see Aunt Bessie and Aunt Jane. John got a barrell salt, wire, nails and staples for wire fence, and brought out a calf from Uncle Alf's. I went up to the corner and did some choring there and took Mrs. Urquhart down to station at 4 P.M. and as I came back I saw Wm. Clayson whose sister stays at W. Orchards and he agreed to come for $12.00 till the 1st June. Andrew went up after tea taking some turnips and bringing down Democrat and calf & salt. Cold drizzle from N.W. Some warmer at night.

23. Sun. 23. S.S. and meeting as usual. F. Foysten spoke on 1st John 2 ch. 1 ver. G'pa went up with us, and I walked over to Josephine afternoon and after meeting I went to see Mrs. Griffin. She is very ill. Cold damp N.W. wind.

24. Mon. 24. We did a lot of choring, fixing calf stables, wire fences, etc. John came down and got some wheat for A. Armstrong and some sheep feed for ourselves. Wm. James Clayson came down to stay till the 1st June for $12.00. Afternoon Andrew & he took down the line fence between G. Lawsons place where J. Phillips lines and our N.W. boundary. I went up to corner and did up some business. Let off some water and looked over the feilds. They are not hardly fit to work on yet. Hard frost last night. Sunny today.

25. Tue. 25. I helped Andrew & W.J.C. to lay up the fence and afternoon Andrew went up with drill and began putting in peas in No.2 E. W.J.C. and I got a lot of stakes cut and sharpened. I went up at night taking Maybeth and bringing Mama down. G'ma is not well. Hard frost last night. Sunny today. N.W. wind with S.E. wind at night.

26. Wed. 26. I left W.J.C. fixing stakes and I went up to corner after fixing up Bonny. She calved this morning - heifer calf. I sent a P.C. to Dr. McCarthy to come out and see G'ma S. as she seems to be failing. Sent P.C. to T.B.S. as well. I came down afternoon calling to see Mab de Geer. She is very sick. Lord bless them all. After getting home I helped at the stakes for fence and after choring at night I went down to station to send a telegram to Dr. McCarthy not to come as G'ma is better. I had to wait till night train as the station agent was away. Saw McLean. Hard frost last night and very cold . S.E. gale today. Not quite so feirce at night but a light rain.

27. Thur. 27. Cannot work on the land today so John and Andrew came down and drew wood and did a lot of choring & took up a load of turnips for the young cattle. Some showers from N.W.

28. Fri. 28. Andrew and John at the seeding at the corner farm. I did a lot of choring and started W.J.C. to drive stakes. Fine.

29. Sat. 29. John & Andrew putting in oats at the corner farm, N.1 E. I put things in order after breakfast and then drove to Barrie with Dick & buggy. Mrs. P. Dunn went with me from the Tavern. I saw J.J. Brown and he gave me $75.00 on the hay so I gave C. Bennett $40.00 on the Bull. Gave G'ma R. $10.00 & left $25.00 for Mr. Young for the cutting box I got from Mr. Cody. I got home about 5 P.M. thankful to pay so much debt off. Cold. N.W. wind & cloudy most of the day.

30. Sun. 30. S.S. & meeting as usual. Glad to get a vestry full of young folk. G'pa S. & Mr. Moore were there, also B. Tracy. I read XLIII Isiah & B. Tracy spoke too. I walked over to Josephine afternoon and called on Mrs. Griffin. She is better. Chilly & cloudy, A.M. S.E. wind. Rain at night. 1893: May

1. Monday 1st May 1893. Rather wet but the boys Andrew & W.J.C. ploughed in No.4 S. I got Dick at 11 A.M. and went up to corner taking Mama as a Mr. Hockley, a friend of G'ma R., came by noon train. I staid and chatted with him & G'ma R. till 4 P.M. and then came down home to do chores. Dr. McCarthy came to see G'ma S. He is not hopeful that she will recover. She has something like eyerisipilis on the face. Thick mist with showers at times from S.E. Heavy rain through the night.

2. Tue. 2. We cut up a lot of cornstalks. Moved sow and pigs from calf stable to pigpen. Got down the last of hay, and then Andrew & W.J.C. ploughed. I cleared away the pigpen out of calf stable and chored generally. Mr. Griffin came to get me to buy a yearling steer but I sent him to I. Downey who bought it off him for $6.00 and a bag of flour. I drove up afternoon expecting Mr. Hockley would go to F. Foystens with me but he is not well. Cloudy with N.W. wind. Shower 8 A.M.

3. Wed. 3. Andrew got J. Chapple's cultivator and got cultivating No.1 S. W.J.C. finished ploughing No.4 S. and then we bagged up 9 bags of barley & peas & 2 bags of oats and some cut stuff and went up to the corner. I left W.J.C. up to harrow the oats No.1 E. and help John to get in the wheat. John is cultivating land accross sideline for goose wheat. I walked down home and let off a lot of water, No.4 & 5 S. G'pa had a sick spell and severe vomiting. Mama came down and Maybeth went up. Cloudy and chilly but warmer on the whole. N.E. wind.

4. Thur. 4. G'pa had a bad night but seems a little easier this morning. Andrew began cultivating but had to quit for the land is too wet & a driving N.W. rain came on. We docked 18 lambs. Byron came down and afternoon Andrew went down and brought Aunt Eliza but G'pa seems better though they staid all night. I wrote to T.B.S. and took a sleep, P.M. Driving N.W. wind with cold rain.

5. Fri. 5. Andrew took Aunt Eliza home and W.J.C. came down bringing the chopp. We did some choring. A pedlar came and got some old iron and rags. Mr. Hockley came down and staid dinner. He has to leave by the morning train tomorow. Afternoon Andrew & W.J.C. drove stakes and wired and ridered some of the north line fence. I took a box of butter down to the station. Cleared off with cold N.W. wind. Cloudy at night.

6. Sat. 6. Andrew & W.J.C. working at northwest line fence. I helped odd times, and afternoon John came down and helped lay up the fence south of the fall wheat, No.1 N.W., and Andrew drew enough rails and stakes to finish it. The land has dried up a good bit today. Cold N.W. wind. Cloudy and some drizzles of rain.

7. Sun. 7. S.S. & meeting as usual. Francey and Annie staid up to answer questions for $ prize this afternoon. I went over to Josephine and staid tea with Mr. Armstrong and call on Mr. Budd & Fostor as well. Clear & fine. Frosty nights. N.W. winds.

8. Mon. 8. We ploughed in front of house & got manure hauled away from the pitts. I went up to the corner & cut off lambs tails. Got Dick shod. Called on Mab de Geer but did not see her. She is better and G'ma Ronald is improving. John finished putting on goose wheat south of sideline. Andrew went up to Isaac Downeys and exchanged 5 bags of oats. Clear & fine. Warmer & springlike. Frost at nights. N.W. winds.

9. Tue. 9 May 1893. Andrew harrowed front of the house. W.J.C. cultivated till John came down about 10 A.M. and then he cultivated. Andrew drilled "Banner Oats" and W.J.C. harrowed. I did some fixing at fences. Afternoon a pedlar came and I gave him the old reaper and 2 old ploughs for $3.00 and some other truck for tinware, etc. John went up with team again at night to feed up. The cattle down here are out for the first time since last fall. Warm & springlike but light frost at night.

10. Wed. 10. W.J.C. finished cultivating No.1 S. and then went to plough No.4 S. for barley. When John came down he hitched to plough too. Andrew finished drilling oats and then harrowed. I fixed fresh hinges on gate west of T.B.S. and fixed up a lot of fence too. I worked at odd jobs till 5 P.M. and after tea I went up to the corner and fed up the things taking snowball bushes & high bush cranbery for A.R. Warm & springlike. N.W. winds. [Warm & springlike. N.W. wind].

11. Thur. 11. Mr. Orchard came and grafted over a lot of trees to N. Spys and Kings. I sowed some carrots, beets & parsnips and went up to the corner again at night to feed the creatures. Warm & springlike.

12. Fri. 12. I got off the storm windows upstairs and down and then Ruth helped me to start the cattle down home. I had some difficulty separating them from road cattle but got them right at last. Old Mr. Jacobs came and castrated 13 lambs and 2 pigs. The boys finished the barley, No.4 S. and began ploughing a peice in No.5 S. for peas. The rest of the feild is for corn and roots. I burned some stump heaps, No.6 S. and afternoon worked in the front garden. Cloudy with a sprinkle of rain. S.E. wind turned to west wind, P.M.

13. Sat. 13. I went to town with buggy taking Maybeth. John fixed fences and Andrew & W.J.C. put in the 3 acres of peas in No.5 S. I saw J.J. Brown and got $50.00 and he promised to make up a statement and send me out the ballance next week. I gave G'ma R. $35.00 and have to send $21.00 to Mr. Dixon for interest. Should have been paid 2 months ago. Fresh S.E. wind & rather warm. A thunderstorm eastward and a few drops here.

14. Sun. 14. S.S. and meeting as usual. Jas. Johnston not there so Herman opened School. I read XXX ch. Proverbs and IV Hebrews. Mrs. Henry Tracy came down to see G'pa. I went over to Josephine on foot and staid to Mr. Teesdales to tea & call on Mr. Budd too. He is not so well. 139 Ps. IV Hebrews. Omniscience of God. Fine & pleasant.

15.Mon. 15. John, Andrew, & W.J.C. ploughing No.6 S. I did a lot of choring and got some potatoes out of the pit. They are badly spoled with water getting in from the flood when the snow went so fast 24th March. Misses Foysten & Parker came to tea. Mr. Parker has no seed sown yet. Fine & pleasant. N. winds.

16. Tue. 16. Rainy so we cleaned up the peas till 9 A.M. and as it did not rain much the boys went out and finished ploughing No.6 S. & W.J.C. harrowed ready for drilling. I did a lot of choring and helped J. Richardson with A. Malcolm's cow. I tied the bull in and kept him in as the rain came on very heavy so we could not do much but choring. Rainy, A.M. Heavier, P.M. Continuing all night.

17. Wed. 17. I got John & Andrew to open out furrows in No.1 S. a horse apeice, and I did some shoveling with longhandled shovel for the water is standing in every hollow. W.J.C. split wood and when it faired off after tea he and Andrew took Fatty sow up to W. Orchards.

18. Thursday 18 May 1893. John & W.J.C. fixing fences. I helped Andrew away with 11 bags of grain, oats, wheat, peas & barley to get chopped and when he came back we drew some rails to finish up the fences. I did some cleaning to the cow stable and we finished picking up peices left from fixing fence and also some stones off the meadow. Cool N.W. wind. Drying fast. Frost at night.

19. Fri. 19. John, Andrew & W.J.C. up to the corner to pick up stones off meadow. I looked after cattle and pruned currant trees, etc. and took a box of butter, 48 lbs., down to the station for W. Hutcheson, 49 Grange Ave., Toronto. Clear & cold. N.W. wind.

20. Sat. 20. John at the corner, I expect at the summer fallow. Andrew & W.J.C. putting in peas, No.6 S. I did some shoveling to let off water, picked up sticks, and got out some potatoes and afternoon sowed broadcast the half of No.6 S. being the last of grain seeding down here. It is rather soddy and rough. Rather hot, A.M. and a thunderstorm to the north.

21. Sun. 21. S.S. and meeting as usual. I took Annie over to Josephine, P.M. with buggy and had to leave the horse at Mr. Fostors and so came back there to tea. Annie went home with Miss McCrea when she went to the R.B. meeting at Minesing at night. Cool & pleasant.

22. Mon. 22. After choring up W.J.C. & I went up to corner with team and ploughs & harrow and we ploughed and put in the two gardens with peas, getting home about 6 P.M. John ploughing fallow, No.3 W. at corner and Andrew opened furrows in peas down here, No.6 S., and ploughed some root ground. A. Malcolm came down to see if he could find any use for T.B.S.'s house. It is going to ruin very fast. Bessie calved, heifer calf. Rather warm. S.W. winds. W.E. sometimes.

23. Tue. 23. Andrew & W.J.C. ploughing root ground, No.5 S. I did a lot of garden choring & got out some more potatoes and afternoon we planted what was left of the front garden with potatoes. G'pa is rather more poorly than usual. Two thunder showers, A.M. Cold W. N.W. wind, P.M.

24. Wed. 24. Queen's birthday. I did some more garden choring and fixed a lot of fence which was blown down and put a fence round the orchard at T.B.S. Andrew went to a picnic at the river, P.M. and W.J.C. took a holiday and Annie F. had a party of girls. Rather dull and cloudy but fair warm, P.M.

25. Thur. 25. W.J.C. harrowing root ground. Andrew ploughing fallow, No.3 N. I pruned a lot of trees in T.B.S. orchard and took down a lot of old picket fence by G'pa's orchard. It is to be fallow this year. Vic Hart came to see me about a new mower. Cold high N.W. wind. Sprinkles of rain, A.M.

26. Fri. 26. Andrew went up and got W. Orchards roller to roll the oats and barley. W.J.C. harrowed the root ground over again and then ploughed in the fallow till noon. John came down about 11 A.M. and we picked up the stuff left from fixing the line fence north of fallow, No.4 N., and ploughed P.M. & W.J.C. & I picked potatoes but John had to help us at last to make up 16 bags for Barrie tomorow. Fine but rather chilly S.E. wind, P.M. Threatens rain.

27. Sat. 27. Andrew rolled awhile & John ploughed till about 9 A.M. when a heavy rain came on. I started for Barrie with potatoes but a light shower came on so I run the load into the barn and did a lot of choring and wrote to T.B.S., Fred., & Lizzie and began to write to Aunt Baldwin. Cloudy & showery till afternoon. Fairish, P.M. but cloudy & cold N.W. wind.

28. Sun. 28. S.S. & meeting as usual. V Levitians sins of ignorance. V ch. Heb. F. Foysten spoke & B. Tracy. I went over to Josephine but very discouraging. Good Lord guide. Very fine. A light frost last night.

29. Monday 29 May 1893. John ploughing fallow. Andrew rolling and marking out root ground. W.J.C. and I picked over the rest of the potatoes from pit and then sowed carrots and mangels. Keil Lapham came to get a house to rent. Fine but howling south winds.

30. Tue. 30. John & W.J.C. ploughing fallow. Andrew and I went to Barrie taking 16 bags of potatoes. They weighed 17 bags, 40 lbs. and sold at 80 c. per bag, $14.05. J.J. Brown got them and gave one $10.00 more on hay account. I got S. Beet seed and [shangles] and 1 box of tomatoes, $2.30, I think. I got wire for door, 60 c., 2 yds. small chain, 10 c. Frame of door, 90 c. Andrew expences, $3.00. Gave Aunt Bessie on beef account for fish, $1.00. Lemons, 15 c. Arrowroot, 25 c. We got home about 6 P.M. Got Nell measured for collar. Fine but rather cold. N.W. wind.

31. Wed. 31. John & W.J.C. ploughing fallow. Andrew & I sowed mangels forenoon and we took up 17 bags of chopp afternoon and staid and picked off the stone from No.1 E. Warm & springlike or summerlike. 1893: June

1. Thur. 1st June 1893. John & W.J.C. ploughing fallow. Andrew and I grubbed up some useless apple trees and drew them up to a pile against pine stump. We pruned a lot of others and straightened up for the plough and got some of the rubbish burned. Cool S.E. wind & a few sprinkles of rain.

2. Fri. 2. Andrew went up and got some of the chopp. I pruned some more apple trees, etc. Afternoon Andrew and I cut potatoes for seed and John & W.J.C. finished ploughing fallow. Warm & rather thundery.

3. Sat. 3. We got the potatoes all planted by eleven oclock and then took the 16 sheep down to the creek and washed them. After dinner W.J.C. and I went up to the corner and got the other 12 sheep and we washed them and left them down here. We just chored around afternoon for it was showery. Mother was very feverish since noon and when we went to light the lamps about half past eight we saw she was not as usual and we found the end had come. John and Andrew had gone to Mrs. O.F. Wrights so I sent W.J.C. down for Eliza and she & Sam were soon here and helped us to do what was necessary for the poor wasted body. We did not get to bed till nearly 2 A.M. Lord help and bless. Mab de Geer died about 5.30 P.M.

4. Sun. 4. We were up in good time and started Uncle Sam & John off to Barrie. They sent telegrams to T.B.S. & Fred and Fanny, and brought back a coffin with them. Andrew took Aunt Eliza home and asked F. Foysten to take charge of the Bible class in the vestry. I went over to Josephine and asked Miss McCrea to attend to the Sunday School and to say that I could not come over in the afternoon. I staid beside Father most of the day and a number of friends called. Warm or rather hot with N.W. wind.

5. Mon. 5. I sent John to Barrie again to exchange the coffin as some things about it did not suit. I went up to the corner and wrote to Aunt Baldwin and sent a P.C. to Lizzie and Louisa. I saw Mr. Baker and made some arrangements for the funeral. Telegrams from T.B.S. & Fred. They cannot come. I got home after dinner and then came back to Mab de Geers funeral. Aunt Fanny came. Very hot with heavy thunder shower, P.M.

6. Tuesday 6 June 1893. John and I went up to the burying ground taking the [shelb] and we marked out the place for the grave. We went from there to Peter Knapps and he agreed to bring down Mr. Bremner. We went from there to Mr. Foystens and he agreed to bring his Democrat and carry the bearers. We got home as soon as we could and fixed the steps to get into buggy by the gate. Uncle Sam came about that time and was well satisfied with the exchange of coffins. About 1 P.M. the people began to gather and after a short service at the house by Mr. Baker we left for the burying ground soon after 2 P.M. where we left the body in its last resting place and from there we went to the church where Mr. Baker, Mr. Payne, Mr. Lochead & F. Foysten took part in the service which was very good. "Rest." A few friends staid to tea. Mr. Bremner and Mrs. Coles and our Annie staid with Grandpa for he was not able to go. Lord bless and comfort. Bright, cool & pleasant. A strong N.W. wind.

7. Wed. 7. W.J.C. harrowing fallow. John ploughing land for corn and turnips. Andrew took potatoes up to the corner for Mr. McKinley, 4 of seed, 60 c., 2.80 & 4 of good ones at 80 c., 3.20. $5.60/00. He brought down chopp and afternoon did some sowing of beans and mangels and then took Aunt Fanny down to the station and posted the letters I had written to Lizzie, T.B.S., Fred & Louisa. Maybeth wrote to Alice and Mama to Mr. Hutcheson. Fine & pleasant. A light frost in spots last night. Much warmer, afternoon.

8. Thur. 8. John ploughing turnip land & fallow ploughed last fall. W.J.C. harrowing. Andrew went up for the sow to J. Downeys but did not get her home. We planted the corn west of barn & then began shearing sheep and got them done about 6.30 Fine & pleasant.

9. Fri. 9. Andrew, W.J.C. & John all working on fallow and turnip ground. I did a lot of hoeing and planted some corn. Had a look at the cattle, etc. Fine but rather hot.

10. Sat. 10. We are hoeing and choring today, fixed chains on the bulls horns, etc. and putting in a gateway in the lane by the barn. Fine but threatens rain.

11. Sun. 11. We did not any of us go out this morning for there was a steady downpour of rain. John & Maybeth went down to Geo. Campbells, afternoon, and the young folk went up to be ready for school. Heavy rain till 11 A.M. Cleared off after. Fine.

12. Mon. 12. John took harrows and went up to corner to harrow fallow and took 2 bags potatoes to S. Jacobs'. Andrew and W.J.C. getting out a big pine stump in fallow. I looked after cattle and arranged for the putting in of Statute labour & wrote to Mr. Gilmour, A.M. Afternoon I took Dick & Dan up to the corner and got them shod and did some other chores and business. Mama went along. Fine & pleasant but rather warm.

13. Tue. 13. John came down and got the other waggon and he & W.J.C. are hauling out dung on to the fallow at corner, No.3. W. Andrew helped them up with the sheep to pasture down the lane & other spots and then he finished harrowing fallow down here and got W. Orchard's waggon to haul gravel on road tomorow. Mama & I went to town taking the wool and 3 bags of potatoes. We sold the wool at 17 1/4 c. per lb. and potatoes, 65 c. per bag. We were late home for we stayed tea with Aunt Bessie. I did not get squared up with J.J. Brown as he did not get to Barrie till I was coming out. Fine but rather warm.

14. Wed. 14 June 1893. John & W.J.C. hauling out manure at corner farm. Andrew drawing gravel on the hill. I went up to corner and hung wire door and did a lot of choring, getting home after dinner. A letter from A.E.S., also from J.J. Brown and on looking over accounts I find I have only $2.00 coming to me. I wrote to Woodbridge - Elia - De Laporte & Mr. Sneath. On going out to the yard I found Blanch's tail had bled a good deal from a nick I gave it yesterday when cutting off dirty hairs. I washed her off and tied up the tail with some cloth and binding twine. Very hot & close. Threatens rain.

15. Thur. 15. Andrew took up Johns team to help drawing out manure at the corner. I finished digging the garden and did other chores. Andrew & W.J.C. came down at night. Dick's shoulder is sore so they will change teams. Fine, but rather hot. A N. wind.

16. Fri. 16. I am laid up with a billious attack. Andrew went up with buggy to take John down to a bee at Uncle Sams barn. The heavy thunderstorms last night have made the ground wet. Heavy thunder storms last night. Some today.

17. Sat. 17. Andrew & W.J.C. on the road today putting posts on the hill side. I am a little better today and able to eat a little. John came down at night. He was cutting thistles out of oats, No.1 E. today. Fine but rather hot & close.

18. Sun. 18. S.S. & meeting as usual. I read 22 Gen. & VI Hebrews - Gods promise & oath. I staid in this afternoon and read a little. John & Herbert Johnston went up to the Catholic Church at Phelpston. Lord do "Thou direct in thy loving kindness & compassion. G'pa went with us to meeting, A.M. & Mama stayed up to dinner with her mother & Maybeth came down. Fine & pleasant N.W. wind.

19. Mon. 19. John, Andrew & W.J.C. off to the corner to draw out manure. I went back to look after cattle and took a rest. I am not well. A. Foysten came down and got 2 pigs for $5.00. H. French came & I set him hoeing carrots, P.M. and I drove up and did a little business at the corner and butchered a calf at night. Very fine & pleasant. Rather hot on the whole.

20. Tue. 20. Andrew ploughing at corner and John & W.J.C. drawing out manure. They got done by night and Andrew came down and got the box on waggon to go to Stayner for lime for Mr. Parker. I went to town with buggy taking 2 hind qrs. veal & skin, 45 c. Sold 1 qr., 22 lbs., at 6 c., $1.32, and left the other qr, 20 lbs., with A. Morren on the beef account. I had a note from Peter Knapp for Bonny, $45. I got it cashed at the Bank of Commerce, $1.35 due 1st Oct., 1893 and sent $45.00 up with Andrew at night for G'ma R's rent. I squared up with J.J. Brown to date, $2.00. Saw E. Travers and he gave me $1.00 [ ] earnest that he would pay the ballance on the load of hay we took him 2 years last March. Lord bless him. I got cultivator tooth, 60 c., 2 plough points, 75 c., 6 [ ], 13 c., stewamers repair, 50 c., fee, 10 c. Uncle Sam got 16 lbs. veal, fore qr. to be returned same kind. Mr. French hoeing. Very hot, 98 in shade. A little breeze from North & South at times.

21. Wed. 21. Mr. French cutting wood, etc. I had a lot of choring to do. Andrew went to Stayner for lime and started John off to meet Andrew as he has the colts and the roads are slippery. I fixed up two gates accross the lane by G'pas barn to keep the cattle back. Thunder shower, 8 A.M. More later on.

22. Thur. 22 June 1893. John & W.J.C. ploughing fallow at corner. Andrew and Mr. French spread manure but Andrew came down at noon and we run the cultivator through the roots in the garden in front of the house. Andrew took Mama up to see G'ma R. as she is not well and John came down with them to go to Guelph tomorow. Fine, but a few sprinkles of rain. Cold at night.

23. Fri. 23. Andrew is working Johns team ploughing fallow with W.J.C. at corner. John and I got away to Barrie (Annie went in with us) and from there to Guelph but were a long while on the road. Did not arrive till 12.30 P.M. We got a substantial lunch and then took a good look at things generally but we had to leave before 5 P.M. to be in time for the train to Barrie where we arrived about 10.30 P.M. and got home 12.30 A.M. Very fine & pleasant. N.W. winds.

24. Sat. 24. Andrew and W.J.C. ploughing fallow at corner. John and I run cultivator through roots, corn, etc. Andrew & W.J.C. came down at night. A letter from Mr. Gilmour. Fine, but thundery all round.

25. Sun. 25. S.S. and meeting as usual. J. Johnston read 1st John, 3 ch., F. Foysten 15 Ps. & V Gall. B. Tracy & Mr. Bremner spoke. Mama staid up with G'ma R. and we all took a rest at home afternoon. Andrew went to R.C. church, Phelpston, in the morning and staid at the corner till night. G'pa went out to meeting. Fine & pleasant.

26. Mon. 26. W.J.C. cultivating fallow down here. John went up to finish the fallow up at corner and Andrew went along to move some stone heap and get out some snaggs & bring up the new mower from station. I did a lot of chores and some letter writing. Andrew came down about 2 P.M. bringing Ab Hayter and I engaged him till 1st Sept. for $52.00. They went down to the station and got the mower and then hoed till night. I pulled the mustard in the fall wheat against [Lawstons] bush. It came from flaxseed sown with oats 2 years ago. A letter from Lydia saying that Tom is worse & S. Jacobs came down to see if I would go over to see him. We concluded to wait till we hear again or till next Saturday for the cheap Boat trip. Cloudy with drizzling rains. Rather cold but warmer at night.

27. Tue. 27. Andrew cultivating fallow. W.J.C. & Ab moving manure in the barnyard. I expect John will finish ploughing fallow at corner today. Cloudy & rather close, A.M.

28. Wed. 28. I mowed odd spots round G'pas garden and chored generally till noon and then John came down and Mama & Jane bringing a letter from Uncle Fred wanting me over to Chicago as Tom is very low with his neck and expecting to go to the Hospital so I started off to the station and sent a telegram telling him I was coming and to use his judgment about the operation. I got down to Toronto by eight P.M. and found a train leaving at 11.30 P.M. I went up to Mr. Wadds and then got down and away to Chicago. The ticket for return from Allandale was $19.95, good for 1 month. Fine and pleasant. Rather warm, P.M.

29. Thur. 29. When I looked out at 4 A.M. I was at Lucan on G.T.R. The country is very pretty but rather flat. About 7.30 we came to the Sarnia tunnel and in about 3 minutes of darkness put as to the light on Uncle Sams Dominions. The country rather flat and uninteresting. I got a lunch at Battle Creek and got the Breakman to put me off near Clarkdale Station 12 miles from Chicago, 5 P.M. [continued, next page] Thur. 29 June 1893. I had to walk back about 2 miles to Evergreen Park where I found that Alice Baller was there and that Uncle Fred and Aunt Mary had gone with Uncle Tom to the Hospital. They got back about 7.30 saying that he had stood the journey very well, that there would be a consultation on the morow as to the best thing to do. I got a good nights rest. Fine & rather hot.

30. Fri. 30. We went to the city and then after doing a little business to the Hospital and found that after consultation it was thought best to try the operation tomorow afternoon. Uncle Tom is as well as we can expect and willing to go on with the operation as the only means we can use at present. We got back to Evergreen Park at night. A few sprinkles of rain. Warm. 1893: July

1. Sat. 1st July 1893. I went with Fred to the city and we met Vio & Emma & from there we got a good breakfast at Siegle & Coopers, and then went off to look for a good boarding place which took us all forenoon, having decided on the Gilmore House, cor. [corner] Palmer Ave. & 75 St., about a mile from the Fair ground. We then went over to the Hospital and soon after the chair came to take Uncle Tom away and we did not see him again till 6 P.M. He survived the operation pretty well but it was not very satisfactory as some of the lump was not taken out but he will have relief for the present. I got leave to stay with him all night and Aunt Mary staid too and I was able to wait on some of the other patients. Fine but rather hot.

2. Sun. 2. About 7 A.M. the day nurses came on so Aunt Mary & I went and got some breakfast at a restaurant and then she went to get a sleep in a room we had taken for her across the road from the Hospital. Fred, Emma, Vio, and cousin Mary came about 10 A.M. and I went with them to the 4th Baptist Church and after seeing Tom again we all went to Evergreen Park. I wrote an account of yesterdays experience to be mailed home tomorow and got a little sleep and attended a Christian Endeavour meeting and then a service in Methodist Church. Fine but rather warm. Thunderstorm last night.

3. Mon. 3. Fred, Emma, Vio, Alice Baller, & I went to the city, telephoned the Hospital and got word that Uncle Tom was doing pretty well and then got over to the Gilmore House to dinner and from there to Worlds fair ground but did not get much satisfaction as we soon got tired and glad to get back to the Gilmore House about dark. The sights are bewildering. Fine & some cooler.

4. Tue. 4. It was 10 A.M. before we got on the grounds and as it was the National celebration the crowd was immense. We took a general survey & a promenade down the Midway Plais[ ] and about 4 P.M. Uncle Fred had to go to meet Alice's sisters, Blanche & Ruth, so I had the care of Emma, Vio and Alice. We went into the California State building and got lunch on the top of it and from there made our way through the Mining Building to the front of Manufactures & Liberal Arts where the crowd seemed to focus - but we had promised to meet Fred there by the Music stand so we tried to get there, but after a vain attempt we were glad with much tribulation to get back to the building and view the fireworks display from there. We had some difficulty finding Fred but I at last caught sight of him and we got together once more with Ruth & Blanch as well and got to Gilmore House about 12 A.M. and to bed about 1, thoroughly tired. Cloudy & misty but cleared off. Fine & pleasant.

5. Wed. 5 July 1893. We got on the grounds and took in the sights in several buildings. Took lunch in Illinois where we got beautiful water and about 1 P.M. I took leave of them all and went over to the Hospital where I found Uncle Tom progressing favourably on the whole. Mary was there and went back with me to Evergreen Park. Found letter from home. All well. Fine but threatens rain.

6. Thur. 6. Cousin Mary & I went down to the Moody Institute and heard some good singing & a lecture from Dr. Gordon & J. McNeil. Then we got a dinner at a restaurant and went to the Hospital where we met Fred & Emma & then I had to say good bye to Uncle Tom & at the Dearborn Depot bid farewell to Fred, Emma, Vio, Alice, Blanche & Ruth, and cousin Mary & I made our way to Evergreen Park wehre I got tea with all the cousins and packed up my things and got to the station about 7.15 P.M. and went on to Blue Island Junction where I waited till 9.10 P.M. and got a through train to Sarnia tunnel where we arrived about 7.30 A.M. Fri. Fine & pleasant.

7. Fri. 7. We got through the tunnel to the Canadian side about 7.35 & found we had to wait till 1.35 P.M., six hours. I did some reading & had a chat with the S[ ]. Lieutenant who used to know Emily Wadds. We got away on time and I saw the farm I used to work on 38 years ago near Malton and we arrived at Toronto about 8 P.M. & I went direct to Mr. Dixon where I stayed for the night and enjoyed the quiet of a good bed. Fine & pleasant.

8. Sat. 8. I slept till nearly 8 A.M. and after a good breakfast and a chat I went down to Front St. on St. cars. Saw G. Ronald and left my baggage & from there to De La Porte where I sold the car load of straw we pressed last winter at $5.50 per ton on track Toronto. Called on Annie Wallis & from there to Hutcheson, Grange Ave., and from there to G. Ronald on Front St. where I got my bundle & left it at the parcel room at Depot and then went with Geo to tea and had a chat for an hour and got down to Depot again just in time to get my train for Allandale wehre I arrived about 8 P.M. & at Minesing about 9.30 where John was waiting & I was glad to get home and rest by 11 P.M. weary but thankful. Fine, A.M. Heavy thunderstorm at 1 P.M. Fine afterward.

9. Sun. 9. S.S. & meeting as usual. Afternoon I took Mama down to see Mrs. Kent and tell her about Uncle Tom & Aunt Mary. From there we went to Aunt Elizas to tea and gave a report there. Then home where old Mr. & Mrs. Coles were awaiting to hear the news. Tired tonight. Fine & pleasant. N.W. wind.

10. Mon. 10. I found the boys were well on with the work and had quite a bit of hay cut and some in and the roots pretty well hoed once over. Alb and Andrew ploughed fallow No. 3 & 4 N. John & Will hoed roots, A.M. I wrote to T.B.S., A.E.S. & Wm. Collins and drove up to mail with a line to Woodbridge & J.J. Brown. I got home soon afternoon and we all got in all the odd spots we could and John finished cutting No.1 N. Fine. Cool & pleasant. N.W. wind.

11. Tue. 11. Andrew, Alb & Will getting in hay & John cut a slice of No.5 N. I mowed some fence corners & Aunt Eliza came down to get G'pa. Afternoon we got in all the hay that was fit by 5 P.M. and then the boys hoed mangels till night. Fine but threatens rain.

12. Wed. 12 July 1893. All forenoon choring. Alb got his horses shod (Dick & Dan). I salted the young cattle and did some reading. Earnest & Sydney English came and afternoon the boys all went to hoeing and I went up with Democrat and brought G'ma Ronald down. Heavy rains with thunder, A.M. Fine, P.M.

13. Thur. 13. G'pa's birthday (85). Andrew, Maybeth, and Jane went to Barrie for a sail on the Lake with Francey. Maybeth will stay in town for awhile. John cut a little more meadow and Alb & Will & I hoed mangels till 9.30 and then we all went to work at the hay in No.1 N. and got a little of it together, but rain came on at noon, so Alb & Will threw some dung out of the sheep pen and John took a sleep and I did some reading. Heavy mist and dew. Clear for 2 hours & then rains with thunder. Fair at night.

14. Fri. 14. John & Will hoeing mangels. Alb & Andrew ploughing fallow. I paris greened potatoes. Afternoon we got in all the hay in No.1 N. that was not in cock and 4 loads from No.5 N. Fine but threatening. Very hot at times.

15. Sat. 15. We got the two load put off in G'pa's barn that were not unloaded last night and And. & Alb ploughed a while. John, Will & I did some choring, hoeing, etc. then we all turned hay in No.5 N. It was raked up yesterday but not cocked and afternoon we got all cocked and 4 loads in, 1 of them from No.1 N. Letter from Aunt Mary, Uncle Tom not so well. Heavy rains from 4 A.M. till 6. Fine after but very hot.

16. Sun. 16. S.S. & meeting as usual. Jas. Johnston read XIV Rom. H. Coles, 2 ch. Col. 3 v. We all rested afternoon but young folk went out at night. Fine but rather hot.

17. Mon. 17. The weather looked rather dubious so we all went at drawing in and got in all but 3 loads by noon. Afternoon Andrew and Alb went to the corner to draw the baled straw to the station. John finished a peice of cutting in No.5 N. and Will & I cut fence corners & did other chores. A telegram from cousin Mary. Uncle Tom paralyzed. I drove Mama down to S. Jacobs's to see if he could go and we concluded to telegraph Woodbridge & see if Fanny could go. I sent a telgram to Chicago to that effect. Weather faired off. Getting cooler.

[small note loosely inserted]: July 18 1893. From W.J. Standen, Minesing, Ontario Canada. Hardly able to travel. Have telegraphed Woodbridge. Fanny may come. To Mrs. T.B. Standen, Evergreen Park, Cook County, Illinois, U.S.A. [reverse side: account balances relating to food purchases, May to September]

18. Tue. 18. John went up to cut at the corner farm. Will & I did some hoeing at mangels. Andrew & Alb got the car loaded by noon and then Andrew run the cultivator through turnips & Alb, Will & I got some hay in. Andrew's mare took sick so he went for Henry Fuller & got a telegram on the way telling of Uncle Toms death this morning. We gave the mare 2 tablespponful of turpentine, 2 of ginger, 1/2 lb. Salts, & soon after the same of turpentine, 8 spoons of whisky, 2 of castor oil, in warm water. Andrew came with Henry Fuller soon after but she got better right away. It was Flatulent Colic. I did not go to church meeting as Andrew had to take Henry home again and I had to watch the mare. Fine haying weather and not so warm.

19. Wed. 19. Uncle Tom is to be buried today. I am thinking of them all the time. We finished up all the hay that is cut here and got up to the corner and began drawing in there. It is very heavy hay but not as bulky a crop as down here. I came home after tea to attend to the milking, etc. Fine haying weather.

20. Thur. 20 July 1893. John finished all the cutting up at the corner by 8 A.M. and we all got at the drawing in. It will take us tomorow and most of Saturday. Fine with N.W. breeze.

21. Fri. 21. We all got drawing in as soon as we could but my going home every night hinders us some. John went down home & cut some in No.3 S. Uncle George & Aunt P. [ ] with little George came & went back to Barrie at night. Young folks gathering at corner. Fine but rather windy from N.W.

22. Sat. 22. We all got at the hauling in as soon as we could. Andrew got all the raking done by 2 P.M. and went down to E.H. soon after and got what John cut yesterday raked up & some in cocks by night. It kept us busy all day to finish at the curner but we got through in good time and home to do some chores. Very high N.W. wind. A thunder shower went round about 11 A.M. Cool after.

23. Sun. 23. S.S. & meeting as usual. I read 31 Jeremiah, "I will put my laws in their heart" and VIII Hebrews. Dr. Bremner was there and spoke. Also old Mr. Wright. Mama staid at Aunt Annies for little Woodsworth got badly kicked yesterday. I rested afternoon. Fine & cool & pleasant.

24. Mon. 24. We got hauling in & cutting but Andrew had to go to the river to take a load of cheese from Factory to the station. I am not very well but manage to do a little. A letter from cousin Lydia telling of Uncle Toms funeral. God bless the widow & fatherless. I sent P.C. to Henderson about twine. P.C. to Mr. Hoover & Dixon about Uncle Toms death. Fine but threatens rain.

25. Tue. 25. We got at the hay as soon as we could for it threatened rain but cleared off about 10 A.M. so John cut some more and afternoon the wind was so high that we stopped hauling in and Will & Andrew hoed turnips & Alb & I cleared out the old log stable at G'pas barn to hold hay from the bottom for we do not need it for a stable now. After tea we drew some more in as the wind had fallen, but looks like rain. Cloudy, hot and threatening but cleared off about 10 A.M. with increasing N.W. wind. Calmer after 5 P.M. and rather thundery looking.

26. Wed. 26. A light thunder shower through the night. We got at the hay again till noon but then had to stop for the high wind. So I took Democrat and went to Barrie and got binding twine and a casting for the machine. Gave Hubbert 4 chickens that I took for Andrew at 90 c., but he only gave me 50 c. as I had no change. I got a barrel of salt off J.J. Brown to be paid next time I go to town for I am short now. We went by the 7th Con. and met Mr. Fostor who had been for a Dr. for Fannys little boy, Lachlin Cameron. We came back by the 5th Con. getting home about 9 P.M. John & Andrew away to a Garden Party in T. Livingstons barn & if twine is paid for in 2 weeks, 8 c. & 9 c., 1/2 cent added if not paid till 1st Oct. Rather dubious but cleared off with a high N.W. gale lightening up north, 8 P.M. and light shower.

27. Thur. 27. We all got at the hay till noon and then John took Binder to cut wheat at the corner farm. The rest of us kept at the hay till teatime and then Al went up with Democrat and got 20 bushels of oats from Neil Livingstons and staid up to shock wheat. Fine with rather high cold N.W. wind.

28. Fri. 28 July 1893. I found out yesterday that our 2 colts were over at J. Phillips's so we took one of the horses over and got them coaxed back again which hindered us awhile and then we got at the hay as fast as we could getting all in but about 3 acres of rakings by teatime when a light shower came on. I went back to let the young cattle into fresh pasture and found that a young heifer had calved but could not find the calf so I brought her down & after tea Will & Andrew went back and found the calf dead & partly eaten. I fixed up doors round the old barn. Cloudy & threatening with a light shower at 5.30 P.M., getting heavier towards night.

29. Sat. 29. Andrew harrowing fallow down here, Will thinning turnips. I walked up to the corner and did some choring getting home at noon and helped Will thinning turnips till teatime. Andrew took Mama up to Aunt Annie's after tea & got Maud shod & Will raked up the 3 acres that was left yesterday. Cloudy a while but cleared off fine with N.W. wind.

30. Sun. 30. S.S. & meeting as usual. James Johnston read XI Hebrews & Dr. Bremner spoke on 3rd ch. Collossions. I rested awhile afternoon and then took G'ma R. up to W. Orchards to stay a day or two. Fine & pleasant.

31. Mon. 31. John & Alb at the fall wheat, No.2 N. Andrew harrowing fallow. Will got away with the cow to Barrie about 5.30 A.M. & I followed after I had got through with the milking with Dick and buggy and caught up to him on the Sunnidale road. Mrs. Balf paid me the $20.00 & I got $30.00 of what was in the Bank of Commerce. I paid Mr. Henderson $7.82 c. for Binding twine that I got last Wednesday. Got Creamer fixed, 10 c., and sauce pan, 25 c., pens & paper, 30 c., reaper guards, 60 c., Rennet pellets, 15 c. Willie Morren came out as far as 8th Con. to stay with Henry Fuller, & I came by the P.O. to get mail & see if Mrs. Bennett's letter with $10.00, the last payment on the Bull, had gone, but as it was still where Maybeth left it, I drove down with it myself, letting Will walk down from the corner. I paid N. Livingston $7.00 for oats Alb got last Thur., and called at S. Jacobs's on the way back and saw G'pa. Home about 4 P.M. Some showers, A.M. Fine, P.M. with N.W. breeze. 1893: August

1. Tue. 1. August 1893. John & Alb at the fall wheat, No.1 N.W. Andrew, Will & I went up to the corner with 2 waggons & horse rake. We left the old waggon to get tires set at Mr. Youngs and got drawing in fall wheat, No.2 W. and got the last load in by night and Andrew took the one waggon down to the hill for Mr. English's folk to use and got the other from the shop. I spent the evening at Mr. Bremner's. Fine harvest weather.

2. Wed. 2. John & Alb ploughing fallow No.3 & 4 N. We got all the wheat in but 2 loads. Aunt Eliza took G'pa home & I walked down to stay with him as he needed a little attention. Fine harvest weather.

3. Thur. 3. John & Alb ploughing. I went up with Mr. Jones when he came for the milk and we finished the getting in of the wheat in sheaf but left the raking and got down to E.H. and we drew in with both teams till evening leaving about 6 loads out hardly fit to come in. The girls gave the calves water after noon and at night we found Strawberys calf deaf from bloat. Fine harvest weather but rather hot.

4. Friday 4 August 1893. John, Andrew, Will & Alb up to the corner to cut fence corners, pull peas, rake wheat stubble, etc. I burried Strawberys calf and went back and burried the one the heifer had against the bush and dug out the springs for the young cattle and then got two stone boats of light wood that was lying round the old barn at G'pa's. Afternoon I did some turnip thinning, butchered the calf A. Morren's heifer has been suckling. Fine & very hot southerly wind at times.

5. Sat. 5. Andrew, Alb & Will got down about 8 A.M. and then they all drew in wheat till noon when John began cutting barley, No.4 S. A rain came on 3.30 P.M. which stopped him but the wheat was in all right. I went to town with Dick & buggy taking the two calf skins & 3 qrs. I sold the 2 hind qrs. at 6 1/2 c., 2.64, skins $1.00. I got 9 lbs. pork, $1.10 c., 2 sections for binder, 20 c., shirt for Alb, 50 c. Home about 4.30 and Andrew went off to the Cheese factory for the money and got $18.68, $1.32 to go back for change. Fine but rather hot. A thunder shower about 3.30 P.M.

6. Sun. 6. S.S. & meeting as usual. I read IX Hebrews & spoke on the ages. Dr. Bremner spoke on Mark - "to every man his work." Afterward I made a breif refference to Uncle Toms work. Fine but a few light drizzles.

7. Mon. 7. John cutting barley, No.4 S. Will shocking - (shocking). Andrew raked wheat stubble, No.1 N.W. Alb & I breaking the fallow 2nd time. It is very tough but the lower end is all right. John went up to the corner when he got through with the barley, 4 P.M. & Andrew went up after tea with waggon & took the old cutting box that Mr. Young gets with old mower. Fine with cool N.W. wind.

8. Tue. 8. Will finished shocking barley & Alb & I finished the fallow & then I started them off with the sow to take to the corner farm. I drove up a little after and found John & Andrew pulling peas as the oats were on the green side so Will & Alb joined them and I came down home and wrote a letter to Mr. Jacobs thanking him for his kindness to Uncle Toms folks. I did a lot of choring afterward. Fine & some warmer.

9. Wed. 9. I ground up an old scythe and went back and cut the fence corners round the wheat, No.2 N.W. & then cut thistles till teatime. The girls got Dick & buggy to go to Mrs. G. Campbels. The boys got the peas at the corner all pulled and John cut a few more oats, No.1 E. Fine but very hot.

10. Thur. 10. They are hauling in peas at the corner & John got done cutting oats & down here with machine by noon. I put in the morning hoeing in front garden. Afternoon John cut oats No.1 S. till teatime and then shocked up. I gathered up the fence corners round the wheat, No.1. N.W. and did some shocking. Fine but very hot.

11. Fri. 11. John & I unloaded a load of wheat that was in the barn and then went up to the corner and helped to get in the peas. We got all done and down here about 3 P.M. and got in 5 loads of barley before rain came on enough to stop. Fine but hot till 4 P.M. After that some thunder showers.

12. Sat. 12 August 1893. Andrew went up to corner to harrow fallow. John cut the rest of oats in No.1 S. and Alb harrowed till noon at fallow here and then shocked up oats. Will & I hoed turnips, etc. but after 3 P.M. Will went up and pulled the peas that were in the 2 gardens at the corner. Cool. High N.W. wind.

13. Sun. 13. S.S. & meeting as usual. H. Coles spoke on 37 Psalm. Geo. Hindle & Hannah came down and Hebert Johnston and Andrew drove up again at night. Alb got the horse & buggy to go home. Fine & pleasant.

14. Mon. 14. We all made ready to go to the corner and get in the oats there but in getting the few peas that were in the gardens, John fell on the picket fence & hurt himself so he could not work. I got up with the sheep soon after and came down to get the buggy to bring him home but he waited a while to rest and Mrs. Ashcroft (Mrs. Day) got wet cloths which relieved him some. Andrew came down home again and worked on fallow with gang plough. I did a lot of tinkering jobs & helped unload and we got through and home about 9 P.M. Fine but rather too hot to be pleasant.

15. Tue. 15. We got hauling in as soon as we could. John is able to pitch & we finished the barley by noon and then began at the oats. Mr. Balf came and looked at the steers & bought Brindles calf (to be kept 2 weeks). Vic Hart came & I gave him a note for $51.00 payable 1st Nov. inst. Fine but rather hot.

16. Wed. 16. I went to Barrie and drew the ballance of money that was left of the $75.00 put in I think last of Feb. 92, and sent $45.00 to John McKinley, Rosemont P.O. I saw Dr. McCarthy and he gave me medicine for G'ma R. I had dinner with A. Morren & then made for home. Jane went in with me & I left her with her Aunt Jane as Lizzie & Sidney Fletcher wanted to come out with me. I got home 3 P.M. and helped the boys to get in the last of the oats. Alb is sick this afternoon. John & he got some choring done, A.M. Rather hot with southerly winds & a sprinkle of rain. Heavier at night.

17. Thur. 17. Alb took 1425 lbs. hay to E. Jones's (at $7.50) and brought the waggon back which he took up to have tires set yesterday. John gang ploughed & Andrew took Annie Wadds down to station & then he & Will hoed. I did all sorts of chores as usual. Afternoon Alb, Andrew, & Will drew out manure to No.1 S. as we want the barn yard clear at one end to thresh. Cleared off. N.W. wind. Cooler.

18. Fri. 18. John & Will at J. Phillips's threshing. Alb & Andrew getting out manure and afternoon we got in the oat & barley rakings. I horse raked some after going to the corner to do up some business. The oat rakings got a shower but we drew them in. Fine till 3 P.M. Some sprinkles after.

19. Sat. 19. Alb & Will clearing out barnyard. Andrew harrowing fallow after 3 P.M. He drew wood & water for the engine and Will, Alb & I graded up the barnyard, etc. Some sprinking rains.

20. Sun. 20. S.S. & meeting as usual. I read L Isaiah - XL Ps. & X Hebrews (do I come to do Thy will). Hy Coles spoke (Canticles). We agreed to get a bible for H.J. (about $4.00 or $5.00). We rested afternoon and the young folk went out at night. Mr. Alexander preached in Baptist church - Judgements. Showery. Some heavy rains.

21. Mon. 21 August 1893. We got threshing 7 A.M. and got through about 5 P.M., 250 barley, 150 oats, & 300 bushels wheat, about. Alb moved the machine to Wm. Johnstons and Andrew took home barrels & got down some chopp from A. Malcolms. John, Will, & I cleared up the debris. Fine & pleasant. N.W. wind.

22. Tue. 22. Alb, Andrew & Will pulling peas. John & I went up to the corner & cut the goose wheat accross the sideline. We got through about 3 P.M. & then John came down & helped pulling peas & I chored up. Mrs. O.F. Wright sent $16.25, the ballance due for the wheat she got last winter. Fine & pleasant.

23. Wed. 23. The boys are all at the peas & I tinkered up the old barn roof and the pump at G'pa's. Fine but rather hot.

24. Thur. 24. We got hauling in peas with both teams and had about all in that were ready by night. Maybeth away to Y.P.S.C.E. convention at Orillia. Fine but rather cloudy & very hot.

25. Fri. 25. John away to threshing at J. Downey's, A.M. & W. Orchards, P.M. I helped Alb, Will & Andrew to finish pulling peas, No.6 S., A.M. and afternoon Alb went to help Mr. Young to thresh & Andrew, Will & I went up to the corner and got in the goose wheat. Got it raked, etc. A letter from Evergreen Park. Dry but cloudy & cleared off at noon with brisk N. wind.

26. Sat. 26. John went up to help finish threshing at W. Orchards & got through 9.30 A.M. We got drawing in peas with both teams after and finished about 3 P.M. & I feel like singing the Doxology. It has been good harvest weather and we may well be thankful for the good crop. We fixed the pump in the barnyard well so as to get more water and Alb went up and got his team shod. Fine but rather cloudy & hot.

27. Sun. 27. S.S. & meeting as usual. James Johnston read 2 ch Collossians and refered to Uncle Toms broad platform for Church membership. F. Foysten spoke too and I read the dying thiefs confession. Walter Bremner came down for the afternoon and I rested awhile. Mama staid with G'ma R. and Francey went up at night to let her come down. Fine on the whole but some light showers with thunder.

28. Mon. 28. Alb went away picking berries so Will harrowed with his team & Andrew harrowed as well at the fallow. The top is very lumpy and I put in most of the forenoon breaking clods with axe. John is ganging No.1 S. E. Jones got 2 bags of oats, 96 lbs. & 88 lbs, 184 lbs in all - nett. Warm with some light showers. Cooler at night.

29. Tue. 29. Rained nearly all night. John went up to corner and got his horses shod and then ploughed in No.1 S. where Andrew & Will were spreading manure this A.M. Andrew ploughed there too, P.M. and I helped Will to finish spreading the manure. Alb is ganging barley ground. I wrote to Louisa, Fred, Fanny, Lizzie, and Mr. Hall too at night. Cleared off with cold raw N.W. wind.

30. Wed. 30. Andrew went up to corner farm to harrow fallow and get ready for fall wheat. John is ploughing No.1 S. It had part of it to be single ploughed to turn in the manure. Alb is ganging barley stubble and Will & I chored and hoed some weeds out of the roots. Mama is up at the corner as G'ma does not seem well. A light frost this morning. Fine today and a little warmer.

31. Thursday 31 August 1893. John & Andrew at corner farm ploughing for wheat. Alb ganging pea stubble in root feild. Will away to W. Grahams to threshing machine. I hoed and pulled weeds in garden, A.M. & got out some pine snags in fallow, No.4 N. Fine & pleasant. N.W. wind. 1893: September

1. Fri. 1st September 1893. Alb finished ganging pea stubble in root feild & then helped me with the 2 pine stumps till noon and then went to help thresh for English's. I expect John and Andrew are ploughing at corner farm. Will is threshing too. Gave Alb $12.00 & Will $5.00. Fine with fresh southerly breeze - sudden change to N.W. and rain at night.

2. Sat. 2. Will & Alb asked for the horse & buggy to go to Barrie so as they had been pretty good boys I did not refuse them, but I went to Englishs threshing in their place till 10 A.M. and then did a lot of choring. John & Andrew ploughing at corner farm. Will did not get home till 9 P.M. which I do not like. John came down at night but Andrew staid up. A blustering N.W. wind with a smart shower 9 A.M.

3. Sun. 3. S.S. & meeting as usual. I read part of 2 chap. Habbakuk and IX Hebrews and spoke on Faith. We all rested afternoon and the young folks drove up at night. Fine & some warmer.

4. Mon. 4. I started John off with drill & other things and then went up to W. Orchards and got his roller and started Will rolling the top end of the fallow. It is very lumpy. I burned up the last of the stumps again, there is not much left, and burned up the brush in front from the Orchard. Let the 2 pigs into pea stack and went up at night & got down the lambs from the corner leaving the ewes up there. Fine & warmer. Southerly winds.

5. Tue. 5. I took Francey down to the station and saw her off to Toronto. She has not been there before. (Great Shepherd keep - 121 Ps.). After I got back we drew off some stone & stumps and did a little harrowing at the fallow & then I started Will ploughing, and I did a lot of choring and some little burning in the slash. John & Andrew finished at the corner and got down here about 6 P.M. Fine with cool N.W. winds & rather cloudy.

6. Wed. 6. Will, John & Andrew ploughing fallow, No.4 N. I did some choring and then started for the corner to clean out the furrows in the wheat the boys finished yesterday but I met Mr. Balf who bought a calf of us some time ago & he wanted to see the steers so I came down with him again and did not get back to the corner again till noon. I finished up the furrows and got down about 6 P.M. Fine but fresh southerly wind.

7. Thur. 7. Will has agreed to go to a timber shanty in Muskoka with W. Knapp. I strongly advised him not to go but he wanted to try it so he started off right after breakfast. There came on a storm of hail & rain with thunder about 6 A.M. and it cleared off so that all got ploughing about 9 A.M. and got a good lot done though there is a lot of choring to do. Heavy thunderstorm with hail about 6 A.M. Cleaned off soon after 7 with cold N.W. winds, P.M.

8. Fri. 8 September 1893. B. Tracy came over and helped to clean out the barnyard well. John helped us awhile and then went on ploughing and we all got at it after dinner. I gave B. Tracey $1.00. Fine & cool. N.W. wind.

9. Sat. 9. John harrowing and Andrew started drilling and just finished the Bronze wheat by night. After choring up I ploughed all day & John & Andrew went to a party at Mrs. Hindles (too late home). Fine but rather hot.

10. Sun. 10. S.S. & meeting as usual but G'pa is not feeling very well so he did not go and Mama & John staid in with him. We all took a rest afternoon and Mama went up with the boys tonight to stay with G'ma Ronald as she is failing too. Uncle Sam & Aunt Eliza came down. Fine & rather summery.

11. Mon. 11. John harrowing, Andrew ploughing. I drove up to corner to cut some wood and do other little chores and then came down and ploughed, getting all done but the headlands by night. Fine but fresh E. wind.

12. Tue. 12. We got all ploughed and sowed by noon and afternoon Andrew took a load of hay over to E. Jones's, and John & I went back to the stash and piled and burned till 6 P.M. McKinley sent money for potatoes got last June. Fine but fresh S.E. wind & rather hot.

13. Wed. 13. Late up so did not get milk sent to Factory except last nights. Andrew is away to Toronto to do the Fair with Frances. Agnes Wadds is to be married tonight. John opened out furrows in fall wheat and I went back to fire some heaps in the slash & staid piling and burning as it threatens rain and the stuff is dry and burns well. John took a load of wood up to the corner afternoon and 6 bags of grain to chopp. Fine but cloudy with fresh S.E. wind.

14. Thur. 14. The wheat I sent to Guelph for came yesterday so we began getting up the potatoes in front of house to put the wheat in there to experiment with. The ground is very dry. A few drops of rain. Fresh south wind.

15. Fri. 15. We finished getting up all the potatoes in the front orchard and got the wheat put in according to directions, 5 varieties, 1st Early Genesee Giant, 2nd White Leader, 3 Dawsons Golden chaff, 4 Surprise, 5 Jones' Winter Fife. Charlie Jeffery came just as we finished bringing Francess & baby. We went back to T.B.S. and fixed a box in one of the springs for the cattle to get water which kept me late. Thunder & lightening last night but no rain. Fine today. Westerly winds. Rain at night.

16. Sat. 16. We expected Wesley Tracy to help us today but he did not come so John & I worked at the slash alone. The rain last night made it rather damp for awhile but it is fine & cool to work. Cold N.W. wind, almost a gale.

17. Sun. 17. S.S. & meeting as usual. I read part of XIX & XX ch. of [ ] - and XII ch. Hebrews. There was not many out. Lilly Johnson is sick & Mr. Bremner too. Mama staid up with G'ma afternoon and Maybeth came down and they changed again at night. Cold high N.W. wind. Calmer at night.

18. Mon. 18. Wesley Tracy came and John & he drew out dung after about 9 A.M. from barnyard to the front feild as it was rather too wet to hand pile in the slash. I finished cleaning out furrows in fall wheat, A.M. and did a little at the slash, P.M. Andrew & Francey got home all right. Thank the Lord. Drizzling rain from south. Cleared off slowly after 8 A.M. Much warmer at night.

19. Tue. 19. September 1893. John and Andrew drew out manure, A.M. I went up to the corner and did some choring. Mr. Bremner very urgent to get a team to plough this afternoon so Andrew went up and John did some scraping in the back feild to fill up a swaley spot & I did a little at the slash, P.M. Letter from Lizzie. Rain last night. Cleared off. Warmer southerly winds.

20. Wed. 20. John got away to the corner to plough pea land. Cherry cow is sick. Andrew is ploughing for Mr. Bremner. Wesley Tracy came and we worked at the slash, A.M. and I went down to see Henry Fuller about the cow after noon and then drove to the Cheese Factory and got the money for the milk for July & August, getting home about 6 P.M. Cold N.W. wind but fine.

21. Thur. 21. John & Andrew ploughing pea land at corner for wheat. Wesley Tracy went to D. Woods to threshing machine. I went up to corner on horse back to leave word if A. Morren should be in to come down and see the cow. She is very sick. I got home about 10.30 A.M. and went back and fired some of the heaps in the slash. Afternoon, I took G'ma Ronald home and then got some more heaps fired but they do not burn very well. A rain came on at night. Fresh S. winds. Rain at night.

22. Fri. 22. W. Tracy spreading manure. John came down and got seed wheat and drill to sow up at the corner. I chored attending to the cow & mending bags, etc., afternoon. I drove in to Barrie and got advice from A. Morren and did not get back till after dark. I gave the cow 1 lbs. salts & 1 teaspoonful of Nux Vom and a mustard plaster down her back. I heard that several cows were sick in the same way. Letter from Will Clayson. Cleared off with high N.W. wind.

23. Sat. 23. Wesley Tracey at Peter Knapps threshing. I did some choring and cut the corn west of barn - but could not finish for a heavy shower came on. Afternoon the boys finished putting in 5 acres of the pea land at the corner and got home about dark. Cloudy with southerly winds.

24. Sun. 24. Sunday School and meeting as usual. G'pa staid up at the corner and Mama too. After dinner John and Maybeth went out to see Alb Hayter who has been sick and found them going out to Midhurst meeting so went along. I sent a letter to be left at C. Wattie's for A. Morren about the cow, but John did not call on his way home to see if he had been out. The cow is getting better. Thanks to Him who "preserveth man & beast." Fine and pleasant.

25. Mon. 25. Andrew away to A. Johnsons to threshing. John and I mended the fanning Mill and then cleaned up 21 bags of wheat, A.M. After, we got the colts home that had got over to J. Phillips's and then John got the team and we drew down a load of mangels for the cows and got a load of wood for here and took on up to the corner. Heavy shower last night. Cold raw N.W. wind.

26. Tue. 26. John, Andrew & I drawing out manure to the front feild, No.1 N., A.M. and the back feild, No.6 S., P.M. I think we shall be done by noon tomorow. The cow keeps improving. Fine but often cloudy. Cold N.W. wind.

27. Wed. 27. We all worked at the manure and finished about 3 P.M. and then cleaned up another load of wheat and fixed waggon box, etc. Let cow out but she is not so hearty tonight. Cool N.W. wind. Fine.

28. Thur. 28. September 1893. John & I went to Barrie with 20 bags of wheat - each sold at 48 c., 5430 lbs., $52.50/00. I saw A. Morren about the cow & I brought out some more medecine, 65 c. I came home by the corner and paid G'ma R. $30.00 which I think settles the rent. Gave A. Ronald $20.00. Showery most of the day & very cold N.W. winds.

29. Fri. 29. John harrowing. Andrew & I cleaned up 38 bags of wheat leaving about enough for grist. I do not like selling at 58 c. but I am owing the money and cannot sell anything else conveniently. Andrew got up beans, cut corn, etc. I went up to the corner and got Dan shod, cut some wood & chored generally. Fine with cool N.W. winds.

30. Sat. 30. John chored and did some harrowing. Andrew & I went to town with the wheat and sold at 59 c. & 60 c., $50.80 c. I saw A. Morren about the cow and he advised injections so I got a large syringe at Hendersons, $1.50, and then got the gunsmith to put a nossle on, 25 c. This kept me late getting home. The cow is no better. N.W. winds. Fine & not quite so cold but sharp frosts at night. 1893: October

1. Sun. 1 October 1893. S.S. & meeting as usual. I read a few verses, 18 Gen. (entertaining strangers) and XIII Hebrews. Heman Coles read 25 Psalm. A Church business meeting tomorow night. We came home bringing G'pa after a weeks visit to the corner. We rested awhile, P.M. and then woke up to do chores. Fine & pleasant. N.W. winds.

2. Mon. 2. John & Andrew cleaned up the last of the wheat and then began at the potatoes, No.5 S. I went up to the corner and did up some business & chores getting home about noon. Afternoon I went back to look at the young cattle and then helped at the potatoes. Fine & pleasant. S.E. wind.

3. Tue. 3. John and Andrew at the potatoes most of the day and they burned off some heaps in the slash. I went to Tollendale with 9 bags of wheat to grist, 20 bus., 30 lbs. Daniel Jones took in A. Morrens heifer. I saw a yearling ram which Hubbert has for sale and spoke to A. Morren about the cow but he does not know of anything else we can do for her but keep on giving stimulants with gruel, and injections. Fine & quite warm & summery. Roads dusty. S.E. wind.

4. Wed. 4. We all worked at the potatoes and got through about 3 P.M. John harrowed some at the pea & barley stubble, No.4 & 5 S. and Andrew spread some manure, No.1 N. Heavy shower last night. Cooler today. N.W. wind.

5. Thur. 5. John at Grants threshing. Andrew & I went to the slash and got out a lot of logs, cedar, ash, etc. Fine but S.E. wind.

6. Fri. 6. Andrew & I got out some more logs from the slash, A.M. and afternoon we went up to the corner and got things ready for threshing tomorow. Andrew staid up. Strong S.E. gale. Some rain about 4 P.M. Cleared off again.

7. Sat. 7. Threshing at corner. A fork went through the maching hindering over 2 hours. Grain a very poor yeild. I went up about 10 A.M. & staid till 4 P.M. Very few peas threshed. Will have to set the machine again. Cleared off with cold N.W. wind.

8. Sun. 8. S.S. & meeting as usual. J. Johnston read part of 12 ch. Luke and began a sort of experiance meeting. Several spoke. Mama staid up with G'ma. She is rather poorly. Fine & pleasant.

9. Mon. 9 October 1893. E. Jones came to help me to build the roothouse so John went with him to the station and got a load of lumber. Andrew and I got a load of wood from the slash and took to the corner and cut up a lot getting home about noon. The boys ploughed in No.6 S., P.M. & I helped E. Jones with the roothouse. A very high N.W. gale & rather cold.

10. Tue. 10. John & Andrew ploughing and I worked with E. Jones at the roothouse. There is a lot to do at it yet and we are short of lumber. Hard frost last night. Fine today. S.E. wind.

11. Wed. 11. John and Andrew ploughing. E. Jones & I at the roothouse. They finished the field about 5 P.M. and got a load of peas in straw hut in for the pigs and a load of mangels down for the cows. There is not much grass. Hard frost last night. Fine today and warm S.E. wind.

12. Thur. 12. I took up a load of posts for the fence between A. Ronald and G'ma's farm south of sideline. The posts were 8 ft. long but too short for the job. Mr. Collins & Alb Orchard are doing it. I saw Mr. Bremner about his ram that he bought lately. I am too busy to look out for one just now. I sent $20.00 up to J.W. Clayson and his store bill, $9.50, receipted. $8.80 due yet. The boys are logging in the slash. I squared up with E. Jones at noon, $4.30 due me yet. He went home after dinner and the boys & I worked at the slash. Fine today & rather hot with a S.E. wind.

13. Fri. 13. We are all working at the logging. It is encouraging to get the land cleared up. I quit work at 5 P.M. and got ready to go with Mr. Lockhead to Midhurst. A rain came on so there were not many out but the Lord was there and gave [ ] decisions. May the Great Shepherd nourish and keep them from evil. I did not get home till 12. Fine but cloudy. A S.E. wind & threatens rain. A heavy shower.

14. Sat. 14. Heavy rain all last night and showery today so we all went up to corner and put in the chaff. Cut wood, cleaned up some peas & did other chores getting home about 4 P.M. Showery, A.M. Heavy rain, P.M. Cold N.W. wind.

15. Sun. 15. S.S. & meeting as usual but not many there on account of rain. I read 80 Ps., last Habb. & XV John. We had a good time. Praise the Lord. May He indeed Revive His Work & give us souls for His Names sake. We rested P.M. and none of us went out at night & only Francy & I, A.M. Shower, A.M. Heavy N.W. storm with rain all day.

16. Mon. 16. John ploughed, A.M. & he, Maybeth & Francey went to an entertainment in Barrie at night. Andrew and I butchered a pig and did other odd jobs and I went up to the store and helped J. Hindle to [ ] up & clean stove pipes. Got in cooking stove, etc. and then I went down to Mr. Crawfords to see about a ram but George was away. I got home about 4 P.M. Andrew went to W. Orchards threshing, P.M. Fine & drying. N.W. wind not so cold.

17. Tue. 17. John & Andrew at W. Orchards till 3 P.M. and then Andrew followed it over to I. Downeys and John came home and got down a load of mangels. I put in the day at all sorts of jobs, spreading manure, No.1 N., etc. and wrote to Aunt Baldwin at night. Fine & pleasant. Light N.W. wind.

18. Wed. 18 October 1893. John ploughing No.1 S. Andrew threshing at I. Downey's till 2 P.M. and then he ploughed too. After choring I went up to the corner and got Mr. Collins to help me down with eavetrough and pump house over the old cistern and then I worked at uncovering the earth off the top for it has caved in. I had to quit at 4 P.M. & go home for I had promised to go with Mr. Lockhead to Midhurst. I spoke from 121 Ps., & God be merciful to me the sinner. Did not get home till 11.30 P.M. Weary & warm. Lord bless. Fine & sunny but a chilly N.W. wind.

19. Thur. 19. John & Andrew ploughing No.1 S. I went by the corner and got the 13 bags, 31 bus., 15 lbs., of peas that were cleaned up last Saturday & took them to town. Sold at 51 c., $15.95 c. I saw Dr. McCarthy about Annie & got medecine. Went up to see Mr. Bremners ram at Mr. Balfs but it is in Medonte. I got a barrel of Portland Cement to fix up the cistern but had to come right home as it was late. Fine & sunny with S.E. wind & threatening rain.

20. Fri. 20. John & Andrew ploughing No.4 S. (barley stubble). I went down to Mr. Crawfords and got the Shropshire Down ram lamb giving $7.00 for him and came home about noon. Mr. Coles brought a Mr. Douglass down to dinner so I had to talk with him after dinner and then took the buggy up to A. Malcolms to be fixed. We got in the corn from No.5 S. Fine but occasionaly cloudy. Warm at night & a sprinkle.

21. Sat. 21. John and Andrew ploughing No.4 S. I looked over some logs for covering of cistern at corner. Filed saw and did some covering to roothouse, A.M. Afternoon I got the boys to help me to cut and load the logs I looked up this morning and I took them up but do not think there will be enough. Fine & pleasant.

22. Sun. 22. S.S. and meeting as usual. J. Johnston read XII Hebrews & F. Foysten & Heman Coles spoke, also Mr. Bremner. Miss Parsons & Herbert Johnston came down to dinner. The young folk went out at night. We did not get to Mr. Douglas meeting, 3 P.M. Fine & pleasant. S.E. wind.

23. Mon. 23. John ploughing No.4 S. Andrew drew 2 loads of sand for the cistern at the corner and got a load of big cedars from J. Lumleys. I went to town taking Annie to the Dr. and took Jack & Dan thinking I might get them sold but they did not suit. I left Annie at Aunt Janes for the Dr. to see at night. I got home about 6.30 P.M. Fine but threatens rain. S.E. wind.

24. Tue. 24. We all began getting up mangels and putting them in the roothouse in the barnyard but we began topping them in the feild after dinner thinking it was the quicker way. I am not well tonight. Fine but cold high N.W. wind, afternoon.

25. Wed. 25. We all worked at the mangels but there are several odd jobs to do as well so we hardly get a full day at it. Fine & warmer, afternoon.

26. Thur. 26. We worked at the mangels till about 2 P.M. when a rain came on from the east and we had to quit. Fine but high S.E. gale, A.M. Showery, P.M.

27. Friday 27 October 1893. We are at the mangels again but Andrew had to take some grain to chopp to the corner and took a load of mangels as well and when there drew over a load of rails for the fence between A. Ronald and G'ma R.'s land south of sideline. I wrote to Uncle Fred at night. G'pa's hand is gouty. Some showers A.M. from N.W.

28. Sat. 28. We got in the cooking stove and seperated 2 sows from the other pigs to keep for breeding and then worked at the mangels till 5 P.M. A. Orchard and Mr. Collins came down to see about clearing a peice on T.B.S.'s farm so I went over it with them but did not do anything definate at present. Rather rough and squally N.W. wind after 9 A.M. Colder with snow at night.

29. Sun. 29. S.S. & meeting as usual. T. Coles spoke on Mission work in Chicago. Harry spoke too & Heman & Mr. Bremner. I read 1 ch. Collossians. S. Coles came down with us to see G'pa. Sam starts for Iowa tomorow on S.S. mission work. Lord bless. Blustering snow squalls.

30. Mon. 30. We all went up to the corner taking wood and bringing down chopp. Afternoon we cleaned up 41 bags of wheat at the corner and I staid up at night and John too for town tomorow. Rather wintry. N.W. wind.

31. Tue. 31. Andrew is at J. Phillips threshing. John & I went to town with the wheat, 96 bus. at 56 c. I did not get unloaded before noon so did not get settled for my load as J.J. Brown was away at a funeral, afternoon. John looked at a beast that [ ] would trade for Jack, but concluded to keep Jack so he went home by the corner and staid to plough tomorow. I got home about 6 P.M. and found Andrew had got home in good time from threshing and had most of the things fed and was going out to Midhurst to an entertainment. Fine but fresh S.E. wind. Hard frost last night. 1893: November

1. Wed. 1st November 1893. Young Dan'l Jones came and we all worked at the roots - finished the mangels and began the carrots. Fine but rather cold.

2. Thur. 2. D. Jones is drawing milk today so Andrew and I worked at the roots alone. John is ploughing at the corner farm and Andrew and I ploughed out 14 rows of sugar beets. They are not as bulky a crop as the mangels. Uncle Sam came down to see G'pa as he is not able to be up. I gave him $24.00 and a bill of a load of wheat that J.J. Brown got and as he was going to town tomorow he will lift the note I gave to Vic Hart for the mower. It is at B. of Commerce. Fine weather for getting up roots. Frosty at nights & S.E. winds.

3. Fri. 3. D. Jones came rather late but we got the sugar beets topped and began at the turnips. Fine.

4. Sat. 4. D. Jones here and we finished up all the roots in good time and I got the roothouse covered with boards to be finished off with more felt paper and saw dust. Fine.

5. Sun. 5. G'ma S.'s birthday. Had she lived she would be 84 years. S.S. & meeting as usual. J. Johnston read 28 Math. Mr. B. emphasised the words of the Angel and I spoke from the last clause, "Lo, I have told you." Mr. & Mrs. G. Campbel came down to dinner. Fine & pleasant.

6. Monday 6 November 1893. T. Culfort brought his engine last Friday and came today and we cut up all the oatsheaves. Our cutting box did not run well on account of a bent shaft so we had to get W. Orchards. We finished about 4.30 P.M. and Andrew towed the engine up to the burying ground. Fine but fresh S.E. winds.

7. Tue. 7. D. Jones came again and we got the potatoes picked over and drew them down to the patch against the barn and pitted them there leaving 11 bags to go up to the corner. Fine & pleasant S.E. wind.

8. Wed. 8. Andrew began ploughing No.5 S. I did a lot of choring, got up beets and some celery. Afternoon, I took up the team and 11 bags of potatoes to put in the cellar for winter use and John helped me to clean up 21 bags of wheat. I went over to Mr. Bremners and spoke to him about his ram. He is willing to exchange and wants me to bring his out tomorow. Fine & mildish. Warm at night.

9. Thur. 9. John ploughing at corner farm. Andrew at Evergreen Home. I went to town with the wheat, 48 bus., 25 lbs. at 56 c., $26.70 c. I got stuff for vest, $1.50, oysters, 10 c., other expenses & barrel salt ($1.05), $1.15 c), 2 lambskins, 50 c. Fine but cloudy. S.E. wind.

10. Fri. 10. I looked up lumber from fences & old buildings and got it ready to haul down & took Dick & buggy up to corner but was too late to get Mr. Young to take a box of butter to station so I went down with it afternoon and then the girls, Maybeth & Annie Wallis, went down to see cousin Francess Coles. I cleaned out water furrows in wheat that had been forgotten. Did some choring among pigs & brought 2 old sheep down to fatten. John ploughing corner farm, N.2 W. & Andrew down here, No.5 S. Fine but cool & cloudy. S.E. winds. Frosty nights.

11. Sat. 11. Maybeth's birthday. Andrew ploughing here & John at the corner. I went over to Mr. Budds to see about lumber and after getting back I took Jack & Dick and got a load of lumber from the station 500 ft. plank and 700 ft. inch, getting home about noon. Afternoon I got down a lot of old boards from T.B.S.'s and a load of truck to burn. Fine & pleasant. S.E. winds.

12. Sun. 12. S.S. & meeting as usual. I read 2nd ch. Collossians. H. Coles spoke & Mr. Bremner. Afternoon I rode over to see Mr. Fostor and found him very much better. Fine & warmer.

13. Mon. 13. John & Andrew off hunting. I did a lot of chores and cleared off chaff to make a stable at south end of west mow in the barn. Afternoon Andrew ploughed and I took up the floor of the mow ready for more sleepers. A letter from Aunt Baldwin enclosing £1.00 for expences of enquiry after Thomas Baldwin who was drowned in Philadelphia in Delaware river. Some showers from N.W. Colder.

14. Tue. 14. John hunting again. Andrew ploughing. I did up chores and booked out sleepers & overways for the stable. Afternoon Andrew helped me to draw them up and I shifted some of them that were under the barn to suit for the stable and made up the first row on the roothouse. Cold N.W. wind with light showers of snow & rain. Hard frost at night.

15. Wed. 15 November 1893. I have been expecting E. Jones over to help me at the stable but he did not come but sent his boy over to say he was sick yesterday. So Andrew helped me to hew the sleepers and put them in. Two men came down to buy cattle but Hubbert promised to come out to see the steers so I did not close with them yet. Cold N.W. wind with flakes of snow.

16. Thur. 16. [--mouth] brought out a little mare to trade for Jack and left her to try. Andrew & I took the young cattle up to the corner farm for winter. A foot of snow fell last night so we just chored and got out the light sleigh & Andrew drove up to the corner afternoon and helped John out with the bobsleighs coming back by E. Jones's and found he was too sick to work. So I must get someone else to help me with the roothouse and stable. Heavy snow last night. Rather wintry today & more snow.

17. Fri. 17. John came down and he & Andrew went over to the station and got some sawdust for the roothouse but the snow was gone too much by noon to get any more so we all went up to the corner and put up G'ma R.'s coal stove which kept us most of the afternoon. Soft & snow going very fast. Colder at night.

18. Sat. 18. Andrew choring & ploughing down here. John ploughing at corner. I went to town with Democrat and did some business. One of the men who came to see the steers met me and made me an offer of $120.00 for the 4 - but I think they are worth more so I did not close but agreed to meet him again on Monday. Francey went with me and we brought out 350 lbs. of coal for G'ma R. coming home by the corner. Cold & wintry. N.W. wind.

19. Sun. 19. S.S. & meeting as usual. Jas. Johnston read 111 Gal., Mr. Bremner spoke and some others and the advisability of having a party for the S.S. children was discussed. At night I drove to Barrie taking Maybeth and Hannah Hindle. We went to an advertised Temperance lecture but it was a poor affair. Maybeth staid with R. Thomas & I staid at A. Morrens & Hannah at Mrs. McNeils. I put the horse up at the Queens Hotel. Cold & wintry. Snow squalls at night.

20. Mon. 20. I went down town and after enquirey found that there was to be a gathering of Temperance workers at the Baptist Church but there was no meeting in the morning but a tolerably good one, afternoon. The man Quinline saw me again about the steers. He will not give more than $120.00 for the 4. I promised if we took it to have the steers in on Wednesday noon. We came home by the corner. Heavy snow last night. Softish today. S. winds.

21. Tue. 21. John got up a load of wood from the station for A. Malcolm. Andrew got a load of sawdust from Josephine & John & he both got another load afternoon. I chored and went up to the corner afternoon to get A. Armstrong to help me at the roothouse & stable and had to go to the station to post a [ ] to Mr. Gilmore for S. Jacobs shipped a box of chickens up there today and a letter came from him at noon asking us not to send [ ] till the [28th]. John took 19 bags of barley up to chopp. Softish but some snow fell.

22. Wednesday 22 November 1893. A. Armstrong & W. Adair came and we got working at the roothouse and had it nearly finished by night. Andrew took the biggest sow up to Isaac Downey's and got some chopp down at night. Mildish. Snow about gone.

23. Thur. 23. Andrew and I finished up the outside of the roothouse & got overways & studding up for the stable. John brought down the binder & ploughed afternoon at the corner. I took Francey up to the Bible Society meeting at night. Thanksgiving service in Pres. Church. Got colder & N.W. wind. Some snow.

24. Fri. 24. We worked awhile at the stable and afternoon Andrew took the other pig up to I. Downeys and then went on to the corner and cleaned up 15 bags of wheat bringing down more chopp. Fierce N.W. snowstorms.

25. Sat. 25. John choring at corner. Andrew off to town with the wheat. Sold at 55 c., $17.40. Got overshoes, felt socks, horse blankets, etc. - in all about $9.00. Brought out 1100 lbs. coal for G'ma R. I worked odd times at the stable. G'pa very sick. Cold & wintry. More snow.

26. Sun. 26. S.S. & meeting as usual. A good time. Praise the Lord. Annie is not improving in her health so Andrew drove Mama into Barry, P.M., to consult Dr. McCarthy, getting home 7 P.M. Aunt Eliza came down to see G'pa. He is some better. Cold raw S.E. wind. Cloudy.

27. Mon. 27. Andrew & I got the pigs down from I. Downey and then he got some peas & barrells from the corner. I worked awhile at stable. John came down for a load of wood. Rather soft & raining.

28. Tue. 28. Andrew helped me to finish up the stable and we got the cattle in to their quarters, afternoon, and other odd jobs done. Mr. Collins and Albert Orchard came down to cut wood. John choring at the corner. G'pa is better and I think Annie is too. Praise the Lord. Softish. Snow going fast. Some rain.

29. Wed. 29. A. Orchard & Mr. Collins cutting wood. Andrew went up to corner to see if he could plough but found it too wet. John came down at noon to help split wood that A. Orchard & Mr. Collins is cutting. A man came to buy the steers but he did not give the price I asked so I suppose they are not sold. I put in the forenoon straightening things up for winter. Andrew helped me to plough some furrows west of the barn to let the water away quick in the spring & the man who came to get the steers this morning came again & I agreed to give him 3 of them for $105.00 to be delivered on Friday at Penetanguishene Road. His name is Andrew Quinline. Annie Wallis and Aunt Annie came down to tea. Annie Wallis is staying tonight. Our Annie not quite so well. G'pa able to be up awhile. A soft snow falling and the air rather warm & getting warmer at night.

30. Thur. 30. John threshing peas I think at the corner. Andrew went up and got some down to feed the fattening pigs. I went to town with buggy and saw Dr. McCarthy about Annie and he thought it best to come out which he did in the evening. I got the money order cashed that Aunt Baldwin sent, $4.07 c., and posted a letter to J.W. Clayson, enclosing $9.00, the last of his [ ]. I got cloth gaiters & overshoes, 2.70 c., other expenses, 35 c. Home, 4.00 P.M. 1893: December

1. Fri. 1st December 1893. John came down in good time and he and Andrew started off with the 3 steers to A. Quinlines on Penetang Road. I got all the chores done and then carried Annie down stairs and into the sleigh and took her and Mama up to the corner and brought Maybeth down as far as the new road and then went out to meet the boys calling at E. Jones's to look at a cow he has for sale. I met the boys about a mile on their way home and we got to Minesing soon after 3 P.M. & Andrew & I got home and straightened up things there. G'pa has been sick again. Annie was pretty well shook up but got calmer after she had laid awhile. Fine & sunny till 9 A.M. Heavy snow after and rather colder. N.W. gusts.

2. Sat. 2. John choring down here and John at the corner. I went to town and paid taxes, $39.15 and called at the B. of Commerce and Mr. Stewart on some business for G'ma R. I agreed to take 15 lambs in to Hubbert on 12th Dec'r. Got bells for cutter, 40 c., comb at Woods, 25 c., got E. Jones's medecine, $3.85 c. Home by the corner. Found Annie some better. Mama is staying up with her. Good sleighing. Some snow, A.M. Finer, P.M. but wintry.

3. Sun. 3. S.S. & meeting as usual but not many out on account of snowstorm from S.E. J. Johnston read X ch. Romans and spoke on confessing Christ publicly. Miss Bremner came down to see G'pa. He is better. Snowstorm from S.E.

4. Mon. 4. Andrew drawing sawdust for roothouse. I did a lot of choring and posted a letter to Lizzie enclosing $5.00 for G'pa for Christmass and brought down some nails & glass. Afternoon I took Francey up to the corner and then went over to see Jones as he cannot go out. He gave me his statement of milk drawing and I went down to J. Kerfoots but there was a difference in accounts so I did not get his money but just my own for the milk of September, $13.25. Fine & sunny but cold in the shade & wintry.

5. Tue. 5. John and Andrew both got at the sawdust hauling and just got done by night, Andrew bringing the last load to finish while John went up to do his chores at the corner. I put in 2 panes of glass at the south end to give us light in it and fixed fastenings for the two stable doors and put the single roof of boards on the roothouse above the sawdust. G'pa is better and so is Annie. Praise the Lord. A cold raw S.E. wind & cloudy. Threatens storm.

6. Wed. 6. Andrew helping W. Orchard to butcher. John went to town afternoon to get medecine for Annie. I fixed doors round barns, etc. & went up to the corner, P.M., and took some wheat and barley to chopp. Wm. Johnston called on his way home from Grenfel. He wants me to go over with him and some others on Friday evening to organize for the Plebiscite Campaign. Some snow squalls from N.W. Wintry.

7. Thur. 7. Andrew & I got earth for the south roothouse and filled up the gaps & then drew horse dung to cover the roof for the frost is getting in. Afternoon we hitched Topsy up for the first time. We had two [Riking] scrapes and then she went all right but rather slow. Wintry but sunny at times.

8. Fri. 8. John came down and W. Orchard and we butchered the 5 pigs by 2 P.M. They are nice pork. I was to have gone to Grenfel to organize for Plebiscite but G'pa took a severe pain at the heart so the party went over without me. I heard afterward that there was no opposition. S.E. winds with some snow.

9. Sat. 9 December 1893. Andrew and I put in the day cutting up the pigs & salting, making sausage meat, etc. G'pa is better and Annie a little but she is very weak. Wintry, A.M. but thawing & raining at night.

10. Sun. 10. S.S. & meeting as usual. I read IV ch. Colossians & XX ch. Mathew 1st part (Masters) & servants. Mama came down afternoon but went up again at night. Annies improvements do not last long. Great Healer help. Softish but grew rapidly colder. Blizzard at night.

11. Mon. 11. Andrew and I got in a peice of the strawstack nearest the barn, A.M., and afternoon we were all at John Phillips's sale but we did not buy anything and things were rather dull and the horses I think did not sell at all. Cold & wintry. S.E. winds. Some snow.

12. Tue. 12. I helped Andrew away with 15 lambs to Hubbert and then fixed up some windows round the house and chored generally. John came down to dinner and took a gang over to cut wood for Mrs. John Cameron on Mr. Fostors place. Uncle Tom's birthday. Easterly winds with snow. Rather cold.

13. Wed. 13. Andrew took the old bobsleigh up to get the tongue mended and when he came back he told me that Mr. Young wanted to sell 3 steers so Andrew and I went back and after looking at them he agreed to take $51.00 for them in 2 months so John helped Andrew to start them down and I met him by Mrs. Grants. Cold & wintry.

14. Thur. 14. Andrew and I went back to the 11 Concession and made a track in to the swamp to get at the wood, intending to go back afternoon and got some down but Grandpa took sudden pains at the heart after dinner which got worse so I sent Andrew down for Aunt Eliza and Mama but he died about 15 minutes before they got here. "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints." I sent telelgrams to Chicago, Bloomington & Columbus (Ohio), and [ ] to Woodbridge, and Uncle Same came down at night and helped me to dress the body. "It is well." Wintry with frequent snows from the S. & S.E. & S.W.

15. Fri. 15. I went to Barrie and got the coffin. I had a good many other chores to do which kept me till after dark getting home. Uncle Same was down and we put the body in the coffin. We all feel sad but we cannot mourn as those who have no hope. Telegrams from Chicago & Bloomington - "can't come". S.E. gale with heavy soft snow all day.

16. Sat. 16. I went up to the corner taking the shell of the coffin with me and saw Mr. Baker about the service on Monday and made other arrangements for the funeral. Aunt Fanny & Uncle Wm. Jeffery came at noon and I brought them down with me. No word from Uncle Fred. The wires down with the gale & snow yesterday. Andrew went down to the station at night but got no word from him. Softish till noon. N.W. squall after and cold.

17. Sun. 17. S.S. & meeting as usual. Afternoon several friends came down to see G'pa. The body does not seem to be changed much. Andrew took cousin Frances home and Aunt Fanny went along but came back again. Annie would like to come down but she is not able to stand alone so we persuaded her to give it up. Rather wintry but some sunshine, afternoon.

18. Mon. 18. I went up to the corner to finish up arrangements for the funeral and about 2 P.M. we had a short service at the house by Mr. Baker and then we went to the cemetry and from there to the Church. We had a good service. Several friends spoke. After supper John brought Mr. Bremner down and he read Father's will. He leaves the farm to me and I have to give each of the others & Alice Baller $50.00 within 2 years. He was too kind and considerate to me. We shall miss him sorely. Wintry with frequent snows.

19. Tue. 19. Mama's birthday. Andrew took the young sow which is not in [ ] up to the corner to fatten with the one there. I mended the churn dasher & did other chores, A.M. Afternoon I wrote to Louisa, Lizzie, Fred, and Tom's folk, and Andrew took Wm. Jeffery and Fanny down to the station. There should have been a Temperance meeting but the storm was too bad for many to venture out. John went to town & got coal. Rather stormy. Cold N.W. winds, A.M. Blizzardy & colder, P.M.

20. Wed. 20. We bagged up 16 bags of barley and I took it up to the corner and helped John to clean up the peas that he had threshed and mixed 6 bags of peas with the barley I took up and put some 4 bags wheat screenings with barley and peas and took over to A. Malcolms to chopp, 25 bags in all. I got home about 4.30 P.M. and wrote to Aunt Baldwin at night. Rather cold and wintry but not stormy. 11 below zero.

21. Thur. 21. Andrew off to town with the turkeys. Maybeth & Ruth went along. Sold the turkeys at 9 c. lb. and bought a robe for the sleigh. They got home about 6 P.M. and Andrew took Francey up to meeting at night. I cleaned the stove pipes, fixed fastenings on feed lids, etc. Soft but cloudy. A slight thaw.

22. Fri. 22. After doing chores Andrew and I went back to the 11 Con. and got 2 small jags of tamarck for wood but the snow is deep and the crust on the top is the worst to break track through I ever saw. Soft with slight drizzle of rain.

23. Sat. 23. It is too soft to go to the bush today so Andrew and I did a lot of choring. Put coal oil on the cattle, etc. and cut up one of the jags of wood we got down yesterday. John came down and got the cutter and went to town taking Jane along to see the Christmass markets. T. Thomas with his two daughters came last night. He has a lonely life and needs sympathy. Soft and very fine. Snow going fast. S. winds.

24. Sun. 24. S.S. & meeting as usual. God bless His own Word. We all went to meeting for there is no one to stay in for now down at this home. We all went to the Baptist meeting tonight. Two young men are holding special services - this is the first of the series. God bless. Soft with some heavy rains [ ].

25. Mon. 25. Christmass day. God bless the poor today and the little ones who have no kind friends to care for them. T. Thomas went back to Oro last night. I went to see Jas. Johnston and Mrs. Hindle. They are sick with influenza. Young folk went to Presbyterian entertainment. Clear & some cooler. Freezing hard at night.

26. Tue. 26. We were late up this morning. After doing chores Andrew went off skating and then up to corner to tell others to come. I wrote to Mr. Gilmour and Mr. Dixon, A.M. and afternoon took Dick up to be shod and went over to the Bible reading and down to S. Jacobs to tea & then to the Gospel meeting at night. Fine but cold N.W. wind & few flakes of snow.

27. Wed. 27 December 1893. After doing chores Andrew & I took the team back to the swamp near the 11 Con. and we got a good load of dry tamarack. It is much easier getting around now that there is less snow. Afternoon we got the frozen straw of a part of the stack so as to get bedding for the things easier and then cut up the load we brought down, A.M. Fine. Pleasant winter weather. A few flakes of snow falling.

28. Thur. 28. Andrew and I went back to the swamp and got a load of tamarack, A.M. John brought down a load of young folks to skate and Mama came along, so she went over with me to Josephine to see Mr. & Mrs. Budd. Mr. McKinley was there too and coming back his horse ran away throwing him out and damaging our cutter a good bit, but I am thankful no one was hurt. We took it up to A. Malcolm's at night to get fixed and went to the meeting too. Annie seems better. Praise the Lord. Rather wintry but not very cold.

29. Fri. 29. I had to write out an obituary for the Montreal Weekly Witness and then took it up to mail and afternoon Andrew went up to help Geo. Grant with the Press. I drove up to meeting at night. Wintry with a few light flakes of snow.

30. Sat. 30. Andrew is helping at Grants to bale hay and got through before noon. I split wood and did a lot of choring and afternoon we drew out horse manure to cover the potatoe pit and cut some of the logs we brought down on Thursday. Rather a hard frost. A few flakes of snow.

31. Sun. 31. S.S. & meeting as usual. Mr. Armstrong, one of the young men who are holding meetings, took my class and I took a smaller one. Jas. Johnston was not able to be out so I opened the meeting and got Mr. A. to speak awhile. H. Coles took up some time but I do not think very profitably. (Lord help. I came down at noon and did up chores and then walked up to the corner again and had a talk with Aunt Grace. (Great Shepherd guide). I staid till after meeting at night. Wintry but fine & pleasant. A snow squall at night. 1894: January

1. Mon. 1st January 1894. We did up the usual chores. John came down for mangels & cut feed so I rode up to the corner with him and went to see Wm. Johnston who is very sick. I took G'ma R. over to vote and then drove her down to see Aunt Annie. The young folk are down to Mr. Doghertys to skate so I came down home with them to chore & then back to meeting at night. Fine & pleasant. Winter weather.

2. Tue. 2. We went back to the woods and got down 4 loads of tamarack logs. Andrew went down to Mr. Doghertys with a party to skate. John took up a load of wood at night and is coming down again tomorow to help us to get some more timber out for the snow is going very fast but we can get into the woods pretty well. Very fine & pleasant. Rather too warm for the snow.

3. Wed. 3. John came down and we got 5 more loads of logs down which will put us through till spring I think, but we will get out some more for the Engine for pressing and threshing. I am not going to meeting tonight for I must remember the Secret prayer Circle. God bless the gospel everywhere but especially in Minesing. Fine & rather soft. Roads getting bare.

4. Thursday January 4 1894. John came down to help saw up the logs we brought down from the woods but the two young men who are holding special services came down and we spent a pleasant time with them and I trust profitably. We all went up to the meeting at night. Soft rain last night. Freezing again tonight.

5. Fri. 5. Andrew and I sawed wood, A.M., piling it in the shed. Afternoon, he, Maybeth, Francey and John went down to Geo. Campbels to tea, coming up to meeting again at night. I did up the chores, salted the pork again & then went up to the corner to tea, but was rather late. Steady snow fall but not windy.

6. Sat. 6. I attempted to get up this morning but was seized with dizziness and vomiting. I think it was eating my supper too hurriedly last night at the corner. I was real sick all day and Andrew had all the chores to do. Wintry & snowy.

7. Sun. 7. I am not able to go to meeting. I had asked Mr. Armstrong to take my Bible class for me so I had my mind at ease on that score. The Great Shepherd will see that His sheep get fed and the lambs cared for. Mama came down afternoon but went up again at night. Francey took a note to Mr. Locheed telling him that I could not arrange for the Week of Prayer. Cold & wintry.

8. Mon. 8. I am better this morning, thank the Lord, and am praising the Lord for Andrew. I drove up to the corner to stay for awhile and John is coming down to Evergreen Home. There was a Baptist Missionary meeting at night (very good), but the testimony meeting before led by Hy. Coles was better. Hallelujah. Sunny but rather cold N.W. wind.

9. Tue. 9. John went to town to fetch out cousin Lizzie Fletcher & a young friend of hers, Miss Lowe. I did not do much but wrote a letter to Mr. Urquhart, I think? and attended to the stock. Meeting in Methodist Church. Fine but wintry.

10. Wed. 10. The boys came up and we butchered the pigs, 1 young sow & one old one - getting through about 3 P.M. Milder. S.E. wind.

11. Thur. 11. I went to town with pigs and calf. Sold calf at $6.00 and old sow at $6.00 per cwt. 270, & young sow 6.30, $25.90. I paid undertaker $18.00, got watch fixed, fur coat mended, $28.30 for G'ma R. from Mr. [Stewart]. Came home to the corner and took a Lions share at Endeavour meeting in Pres. Church. God bless the people. Tired. Mild & fine, A.M. Blustering, P.M.

12. Fri. 12. I did not do much today. A good meeting at night in Baptist Church led by Heman Coles. Peter Knapp asked me over to his house to propose a Union of the two Baptist Churches. I spoke to Jas. Johnston about it but the idea does not recommend itself to me. Lord do Thou direct and makes us willing to be led in the right way. Feirce N.W. storm, A.M. Calmer, P.M.

13. Sat. 13. I put in the day choring and splitting and carrying wood into church., patching up shed, etc. I took G'ma R. down to H. Traceys and spoke to John, Mary & Sarah about the application for church membership. Lord bless & guide. Fine & pleasant afternoon.

14. Sun. 14 January 1894. S.S. & meeting as usual but better than usual. I had a talk with Aunt Grace afternoon. (O for the Spirit of Truth). The meeting at night was a disappointment. Fine but wintry.

15. Mon. 15. I put oil wash on the cattle, split wood and chored generally. John came up afternoon to start school. A church meeting at night - rather late but agreeable. May we all be led in the right way and be willing to be let. Soft & slushy. Frequent showers.

16. Tue. 16. I did a lot more choring, A.M. so as to leave things handy for John. I saw Wm. Johnston and went across to A. Johnsons to dinner and took G'ma R. down to see old Mr. & Mrs. Adams afternoon. They are very frail. I saw H. Tracy as I came back and Hubbert called about the steer but I did not decide to let him go. I came down home about 5 P.M. to help to look after things here. Young folk came down. Fine & pleasant. Rather soft & slushy. Freezing at night.

17. Wed. 17. After doing chores Andrew & I went up to the corner taking 9 bags of peas and barley to chopp. We staid up and cleaned up the peas that John had threshed, about 50 bus. getting back home afternoon. The young folk went off skating and I did a little reading and went down to the Methodist Church, Edenvale, to hold a Gospel service for Mr. Lougheed. Uncle Same went along. There was a good gathering and good attention but no decision that I know of. Our young people had a party for their Barrie friends which made it 1 o'clock before we got to bed. Threatened snow, A.M. from N.E. Finer, P.M. and a beautiful moonlight night.

18. Thur. 18. Andrew went up and got the chopp while I chored. A clock mender came in who knows 7 languages and we had a lively talk over the scriptures. Afternoon Andrew and I cut up some lgos that we brought from the bush and I drove up to the Christian Endeavour meeting at night and Heman & I interviewed John, Mary, & Sarah Tracy. Lord bless and keep. Threatened rain but cleared off at night.

19. Fri. 19. After choring we butchered Andrews sow. Maybeth is away to collect for the Baptist Missions [Telagn.] with May Knapp. Afternoon we cut up some engine wood at the old barn. Young folk skating at night. Mildish S.E. wind.

20. Sat. 20. Andrew away to town with his pig in Democrat. The 2 Barrie girls, Lizzy Fletcher & Miss Lowe, went with him & John too. He only got $5.25 for the old sow but got home in good time. I split some of the engine wood. We sawed yesterday and chored generally. Fine but cold S.E. wind. Milder at night.

21. Sun. 21. S.S. & meeting as usual. Jas. Johnston read 17 John. Hy. Coles spoke on being ashamed of the Gospel, Rom. 1 ch., 16 ver. I said a few words on the "power of an endless Life." We drove up to the Baptist meeting at night, (rather slow) and flat. Soft with rain, A.M. Colder, P.M.

22. Mon. 22. I started Andrew off to Barrie with the fat steer and then did up a lot of choring. I took Jack up afternoon and got hind shoes put on for it is very slippery. Andrew paid Dr. McCarthys bill, $42.00 and I paid A. Malcolms $5.60. I have promised to go to Edenvale tomorow night. Cold N.W. wind with snow.

23. Tue. 23. Andrew and I split up the rest of the engine wood at G'pas old barn and some down here for house use. I went down to Edenvale. A good attendance but no move that I could see. Fine but cold N.W. wind.

24. Wed. 24 January 1894. We did a lot of choring, cut wood and so forth and afternoon we went up to the corner and cleaned up 17 bags of wheat for gristing. Young folk had a gathering at night. Rainy, A.M. Cold N.W. wind with snow, P.M.

25. Thur. 25. Uncle Sam came down and got G'pas chest of drawers and 4 chairs. All that was his is pretty well scattered now. Andrew took Annie McKinley up to school for she was in the party last night and could not go home. Afternoon we went back to the bush and got a load of tamarack for engine wood. Andrew went to a S. [ ] meeting at Edenvale. I took a load of wood up to the corner and had a talk with Aunt Grace & J. Johnston on church matters. Wintry with occasional fleecy snows. Rather cold at night.

26. Fri. 16. We went back to the woods and got another load of wood, A.M. and cut some afternoon. Wm. Campbell came to see me about a stone for G'pa & G'ma's grave. Wintry with occasional snows.

27. Sat. 27. Andrew went to Tollendale with 17 bags of wheat to grist. I put in the day doing a lot of chores. John came down and got a load of wood and a load of roots & cut stuff. Wintry but fine.

28. Sun. 28. S.S. & meeting as usual. I read part of IV & V ch. of Thesalonians. Hy. Coles spoke on the Gospel - power of it - Mr. Bremner on Parliament of Religions Worlds Fair - "Lady MacBeths little red right hand" - who can sweeten it? I expected Jas. Lumley down afternoon but he did not come. We all went up to the Baptist meeting at night. Wintry but fine.

29. Mon. 29. I drove up to the corner with cutter and took Aunt Bessie to see Mrs. John Lennox, from there to Mrs. Lumley & from there to see old Mrs. Campbel who is very low. We had a bite there and then came back to the corner where I wrote a letter to Mr. Dunlop of Stayner to ask him about baptizing 4 young people and then I took Aunt Bessie down to their old place where Mr. Galloway lives now and from there we made a call at Mrs. Dobbins and then I saw her off on the team. Had a talk with Rob. Thomas. I came back to the corner - had a chat with John Benson. Went on down to D. Dixons and had a quiet talk with James Flethcer on the road. After a long conversation with D. Dixon, I got home - 7 P.M. Fine & rather mild, A.M. S.E. wnid. A heavy snow came on about 4 P.M.

30. Tue. 30. Andrew & I cut up what was left of the engine wood down here and split it and then cleaned up the peas on the barn floor. Afternoon I went down to see H. Tracy about T.B.S.'s house. I think he will take it as he has used 2 doors. I went from there to Heman Coles's and staid tea and from there I went across to Mr. Crawfords and had a quiet two hours with them, getting home about 10 P.M. Cold & wintry. N.W. wind drifting. Calmer at night.

31. Wed. 31. I helped Andrew away with the cutting box to get shaft straightened and then did some choring going over to see E. Jones, afternoon, and P. Knapps at night. I am not satisfied with this days work but perhaps it is all right. Wintry weather.

1894: February

1. Thur. 1st February 1894. Andrew had severe pains in bowels this morning but got easier about 9 A.M. so I went to Barrie taking Mama. I saw Mrs. S. Tracy. They are in difficult circumstances. Mama got her fur coat, $31.00. I got watch cleaned but it is not going right. I came home by the corner leaving Mama. Annie seems to be improving. Fine, A.M. but feirce N.W. blizzard, P.M. Calmer at night.

2. Friday 2 February 1894. After choring Andrew and I went up to the corner and run through 20 bags of peas for town tomorow getting back by noon. We sawed some logs afternoon and then Andrew drove down to the station to express a box of butter to Toronto staying up at the corner for town tomorow. Francey is away to collect for Bible Society with M. Lumley. I took up G'pa's overcoat & a peice of pork for Andrew to take to S. Tracy. Pleasant winter weather.

3. Sat. 3. Andrew away to Barrie with peas at 53 c. bus., 50 bus., 7 lbs., $26.55. He paid $5.00 to Henderson for Mr. Young for the steers I got 13 December. He paid for Mama's coat she got at Fraser & Clarks on Thursday (but not with any money I gave her). He brought out coal for G'ma & a barrel of salt, & got home about dark. I had a busy day cutting wood and doing other chores & at night I drove up to stay at the corner for Stayner tomorow. Some snow squalls but not cold till night.

4. Sun. 4. I got away to Stayner soon after 8 A.M. taking John, Mary & Sarah Tracy and their Aunt Sarah as well, and called for Mrs. Taylor. We got to Stayner soon after 10 A.M. and had a cordial reception at the Baptist Church. Mr. Dunlop gave an address on Baptism and then baptized 8, 4 for the O.C.B.C. & 4 for the R.B.C. We got dinner and started for home soon after 3 P.M. getting to Minesing soon after 5 P.M. I staid up to the meeting at night and broke bread with the R.B.C. - was it right? Very cold with keen north wind.

5. Mon. 5. John & Andrew are getting ready for baling hay at the corner & I had a lot of choring to do. I went up afternoon and found they had made a start but were havng more stops than usual. Fine but very cold.

6. Tue. 6. After the choring I drove up to the corner and helped them out with the hay that was put in the implement shed and got home soon after 2 P.M. and got the cattle watered and stables cleaned out. Mama went up to [ ] to Mrs. Malcolms funeral. Andrew Malcolm got our team to go. The Press was down and run about an hour tonight at G'pa's old barn. I went to E. Jones's to a meeting there. God bless Thine own word and work. Young Armstrong came down to speak with me on the prospect of a Union of the two Baptist churches. Lord guide & keep. Cold, A.M. S.W. winds. Softish, P.M.

7. Wed. 7. We did not get baleing very early for the engine had leaked her water and it took a long time to heat up again but we got all the barn floor done and the machine mved by 4 P.M. and a start at the hay in the old sale. I went up to the meeting called by the Regular baptists to see about the advisability of Union. Late home. John took both Cherry and Spotty up to "Clonmore John." Fine but softish. (Cherry & Spotty).

8. Thur. 8. We got done baling in the old stable about 3 P.M. and moved to the barn floor. The hay is weighing well and is of good quality. Fine but soft & slushy.

9. Fri. 9. We finished the baling of the hay and got down the engine to the new barn and sett ready for cutting up peas tomorow. I went down to a prayer meeting at Holsworths. Mr. Lougheed spoke on "Seek first." Soft but getting colder.

10. Sat. 10 February 1894. We were hindered a while by the cutting box not working right but we got it going all right at last and had a good lot of peas cut up by 3 P.M. and then moved the Press over to Mrs. Wrights. I went up to the corner and did up Johns chores for he did not get back from taking the Press till 5 P.M. I staid up and met Heman Coles & N. Sheepwash at Jas. Johnstons and we agreed on a definite statement on which the two Baptist churches may be one. I was late getting home. Fine but getting colder. Some snow at night.

11. Sun. 11. S.S. & meeting as usual. Mr. George was there and took part in the Bible class but left before meeting. We went up to the meeting again at night. Rather stormy.

12. Mon. 12. I helped Andrew to cut wood and do a lot of choring and then drove down to Aunt Elizas and saw Mr. Lougheed and got a letter from him to give Dr. McKay of Formosa inviting him to Minesing. I called at the corner again on the way home and got address of folk to see in Toronto and Andrew took me down to the station. I staid with A. Morren for the night. J.J. Brown says there is a drop in hay $1.40, on account of a rise in freight to shipboard. Cold raw S.E. wind. A gale, P.M. with heavy snow.

13. Tue. 13. I got away from A. Morrens before they were up and got down to the station for the 7.20 A.M. train getting to Toronto about 11.50 A.M. I saw De LaPorte about hay but advised to hold a while. I went up to Morley Fletchers for dinner and then went to see McFarland about the butter business. He paid me 22 c. for the last and wants more. I got to the Association Hall 3 P.M. and heard address on the Holy Spirit - grand - took tea with Dr. Bremner and attended convention again at night. Saw Mr. Dixon and went with him home. Cold & wintry. Good sleighing in Toronto.

14. Wed. 14. Down to Ass. Hall and had good addresses again on various subjects. Our Lords second coming by Dr. Gordon & others by Dr. Peirson. Went to dinner with Annie Wallis at M. Nasmiths and got down to the Hall in good time to hear an address by Dr. McKay opposed to Eccleasiastical machinery. Good -. Went to Glenbalie to tea and back to the night meeting in the Hall. Saw Geo. R. at meeting. P.C. from home. Mr. Dixons to sleep. Cold & wnitry.

15. Thur. 15. I went down to see Dr. Adams before meeting an decided to see him last thing before going home on Saturday. Got back to the Hall in good time and had a good time but have too much to remember. I went to "Glenbalie" for dinner and got a parcel for Mr. Hall, which I had left there and after dinner I took it to him (Hayden St.) and got back to the meeting again for afternoon session. Went up to Geo. Ronalds to tea and back to meeting at night at "Young Womans Guild," Walton of S. Africa. "Be ye also ready." Dr. Gordon on the "Highest Motive." Went to Mr. Dixons again at night. Some milder but still wintry.

16. Fri. 16. I got down to the Hall in good time and got a good seat. Had a few words with Dr. McKay. He says he will be in Barrie neighbourhood and will correspond again about a meeting. I went to G. Ronalds to dinner and back to Hall - hearing the Jew - Mr. Halls to tea. St. James Church at night. Dr. Gordon & Dr. Peirson. Went to J. Kents at night. Cold & wintry.

17. Sat. 17 February 1894. Was talking with J. Kent till 2 this morning so did not get much sleep but got to McMaster Hall about 10 A.M. to see McGreggor and had a talk about church matters. Went from there down to 28 Front St. and got a P.C. from home. I went from there to Methodist Bookroom and from there to Maitland St. and took dinner with Mr. Wm. Ashdown. From there to Dr. Adams. Got medecine for Annie. From there to "Glenbalie" and gathered up all my truck. From there to Union Station and met Aunt Fanny, cousin Charlie & Sarah, with Elsie, and had a talk with them. James Wadds went with me. Elsie came with me and I saw her in her mother's hands at Barrie station and I got to Minesing about 10 P.M. where Andrew met me. I was glad to get home for I am real tired. Mild & getting slushy in Toronto. Some colder at night at Minesing.

18. Sun. 18. S.S. & meeting as usual. Jas. Johnston read XV Acts. Heman repeated some things the "Jew" had said, "I saw Jesus & I died." I took a rest, P.M., but drove up at night and spent an hour with Annie & G'ma. Very stormy, A.M. Finer & calmer, P.M.

19. Mon. 19. After choring Andrew and I cleaned up 20 bags of peas that were cut up with cutting box. It takes a long while to put the stuff all through. Aunt Eliza came down & Byron. He has cut his foot. I went up at night and brought Mama down to see Mr. & Mrs. McLean for an hour and then took her back to the corner again for Annie & G'ma cannot do without her. Great Shepherd bless and keep & heal. Cloudy with high N.W. wind & some snow at night. Calmer after 6 P.M.

20. Tue. 20. Andrew off to Barrie with 20 bags of peas. I did a lot of choring and wrote up Diary, A.M. and went up to the corner on some business & took a box of butter down to the station, 44 lbs., to McFarland, 53 Sullivan St., Toronto. Andrew got home in good time, 53 c. for peas, $23.00. I went up to a Committee at Peter Knapps on Church Union. Lord do thou guide. Annie seems better. Snowy till 8 A.M. Fine afterward.

21. Wed. 21. It took Andrew & I all day to chore & clean up the rest of the peas. I had a good rest at night. The young folk are at Singing class. Secret prayer. Circle was remembered by me and I think by others too. God bless. Cold, cloudy & wintry.

22. Thur. 22. I went to town with the peas, 56 bus., 45 lbs., $24.77 c. I saw Hubbert and agreed to take in the two smallest steers that we got from Mr. Young for $52.00 next Wed. or Thur. I saw Mr. Stewart about the T.B.S. mortgage and he agreed to give me the use of the money for another 5 years for 6 per cent giving me the opportunity of paying off $500 within 2 years if I can. I took dinner with Aunt Bessie & called as I came back on Mrs. J. Cameron. God bless the widow & fatherless. I got home in good time. The road is much shorter that way. Cold west winds with some drifting. Stormy at night.

23. Fri. 23. Andrew and I cut wood, A.M. and afternoon he went up to the corner to clean up a load of wheat. John helping him. Uncle Sam came down to see if I would go to Phelpston next Sunday night as the Pres. Minister had given it up, so I said I would and went over to Wm. Jones's to a prayer meeting at night. Very cold with N.W. blizzard. Calm at night.

24. Sat. 24. Andrew is away to town with wheat - sold at 57 c., $25.84 c. I had a lot of choring to do. John came down and got some tamarack wood and some roots and cut stuff. He thinks of stopping going to school. 28 below zero. Calm & bright.

25. Sun. 25. S.S. & meeting as usual. I read 10 Romans and spoke on the Jews - new birth "[ ] [ ] arm sir." I got a rest, afternoon, and then took Jack & cutter and went down to Uncle Sams and he went with me to Phelpston, also N. Sheepwash. I spoke again from X Rom. A goodly gathering and good attention. Lord let me not "labour in vain and spend my strength for naught." I think colder but a S.W. wind & sunny.

26. Mon. 26. Andrew and I sawed wood, A.M., and afternoon I went up to the corner to stay awhile for John does not want to go to school again. The young folk went to Barrie at night on a skating expedition. Not quite so cold. Sunny.

27. Tue. 27. After choring I wrote to J. Kent, Wm. Clayson & Geo. Ronald. I must write to some others soon but the choring keeps me pretty busy. Fine & much milder.

28. Wed. 28. I did up chores, fixed a rack on sleighs & took a load of pea straw over to E. Jones's for Mr. Bremner. Afternoon I took down chopp & got the light sleigh and took G'ma R. & Mama down to see Mrs. Geo. Campbell, which made me late home. I went to the weekly prayer meeting in O.C.B.C. Andrew took one of the steers that I got from Mr. Young to Mr. Hubbert. Very fine & mild. Snow going fast. 1894: March

1. Thur. 1st March 1894. I finished up some odd jobs, got Jacks front shoes sett, gave J. Tracy 240 lbs. peas to be paid end of wek. I expect Andrew is taking the other little steer in to Hubbert today. They are to be $52.00. I gave $51.00 for the three last December. One is to fatten yet. I went down home afternoon and found that McKeggie had sent over to get some baled hay to fill up some cars at the station so we agreed to take some over tomorow. Soft with a howling S.E. wind. Sleighing getting bad.

2. Fri. 2. I got chores done and then went down with team and light sleigh and took over 13 bales - and 15 the next load. We cannot finish the car today so I came back to the corner again and drove down again to Prayer meeting at R. Thomases at night. Fine & softish.

3. Sat. 3. The boys are finishing loading the car - 11 ton - 1400 lbs. I think. I went to town through the flats taking Maybeth & Francey with me. Called on Mrs. J. Cameron. God bless the widow & Fatherless. I saw Mr. Stewart and agreed to come in & get the mortgage business settled on T.B.S.s place next week. I got a peice of beef from Hubbert, $1.25, paid Jeany Pitt, $6.00 interest on her $100.00 note. I got $625 lbs. coal in bags but found the sleighing was too tough so left 3 bags at A. Morrens. I was late home. A. Ronald note in B. of Commerce, $75.84. Very soft & sunny.

4. Sun. 4. S.S. & meeting as usual. Jas. Johnston read X Acts and said a few words. F. Foysten was there and spoke nicely (Lord bless). I said a few words on the motive that should actuate all Christians in all they do cheerful giving and obedience. Heman staid to dinner and I rested awhile & thought over 2nd Ephesians. Uncle Sam went with me to Phelpston. Andrew brought up the buggy this morning. I had to take it at night. Fine and sunny.

5. Mon. 5. I am rather tired today but had a lot of chores to do and went down to E.H. taking the heavy waggon and called at I. Downeys and got the loan of the churn for ours gave out. I helped Andrew to run both the waggons on to the barn floor for it looks like rain. I brought the single buggy up. Mr. Lougheed has begun special services in Presbyterian church. A Mr. McIntosh is helping him. Soft & slushy dark night.

6. Tue. 6 March 1894. I did up chores and then wrote a lot of letters, Uncle Fred, Aunt Louisa, Uncle Toms folk, Aunt Lizzie. Went to Presbyterian special services again at night but not many there on account of weather. Soft & warm. Heavy rains with wind, P.M.

7. Wed. 7. I went down to E.H. to see how John is for his cold is very severe and he has bad headaches. He is some better. Word came that some more cars were ready to load. McKeggie sent cheque for $76.84, the hay loaded last week. Meeting again at night. A Mr. Galaway who began meeting at Phelpston here. Colder with N.W. wind.

8. Thur. 8. I went down home to help the boys off with the hay and cleaned out stables & tended cattle for them getting up at night on foot, leaving the buggy & Dick for the girls, but only Francey came up and Maybeth was here afternoon so they got a lantern to light them home again at night. Fine & sunny. N.W. wind.

9. Fri. 9. I helped W. Orchard to butcher 2 pigs and then got down in time to help the boys off with their second lot of hay. One more small load. Finishes a good meeting tonight (Platform night). "Poor sinners are coming home." Fine & mild.

10. Sat. 10. I did chores and threshed a floor of peas with horses, A.M. and afternoon Andrew came up and helped me to clean up what was threshed and some wheat to be chopped at A. Malcolms for Graham bread. Fine & mild.

11. Sun. 11. S.S. & meeting as usual. I rested awhile afternoon and went up to Phelpston at night. S. Jacobs went along & read 2 chapter Gal. I spoke on Salvation, 3 aspects. Great Shepherd gather in the lost. High N.W. gale.

12. Mon. 12. Andrew brought up Democrat and finished up chores for me & Mama & I went to town where we signed papers for a renewal of mortgage on T.B.S. farm - at $6 per cent instead of 7 which we have been paying. I saw Hubbert but he cannot pay for the steers till next week. I got cheque for $75.76 c. cashed for hay and gave Mr. Stewart all that was due for renewal of mortgage, interest, etc. except $92.16 c. for which I expect a cheque for the hay and will send it in by mail. We got dinner at R. Fletchers and a cup of tea at Aunt Bessies. We brought out a churn (Leader) and I got 2 bags of coal I left Saturday week when the sleighing was so tough. I was rather late home. Pres. - special service. Fine & pleasant, A.M. Some rain squalls 6 P.M.

13. Tue. 13. I went down home taking churn, etc. and left the Democrat and double harness. The boys are cleaning up harness now. I got back to the corner at noon and got a little rest afternoon. A good meeting at night although a storm afternoon. Young Mr. Heron (Libby Wallis intended) was there. Raw S.E. wind, A.M. Rain & heavy snow P.M. Colder.

14. Wed. 14. I did a lot of choring and wrote to Aunt Baldwin, A.M. I rested awhile, P.M. and did some reading. I sent cheque for $92.15 to Mr. Stewart, Barry. Last special Presbyterian services at night. Clear & calmer.

15. Thur. 15. I did up chores and threshed a floor of peas with the horses. I rested afternoon and did some reading. Christian Endeavour at night. Cold S.E. wind with some snow.

16. Fri. 16. I did a lot of choring and went down home to get some things, A.M. Afternoon I rested awhile for I do not sleep well at nights. I went down to Wm. Jones's at night. A cottage prayer meeting. The Enemy was there and the power of the Lord also was present to heal. The Lord bless the souls who decided for Him and bring more into the fold. I was late home and did not sleep very well. Fine & springlike.

17. Sat. 17 March 1894. I did chores and threshed a floor of peas with the horses and split a lot of wood afternoon and went over at night to have a talk with Jesse Kestor but he was busy. Cloudy with some rain.

18. Sun. 18. S.S. & meeting as usual. J. Johnston read IV Coll. and Hy. Coles was there and spoke on XI ch. Math. last 2 ver-. I said a few words about the motive for taking the yoke. "He redeemed me." Calls of world flesh & devil no comparison to the precious blood of Christ. S. Jacobs went with me to Phelpston. Mr. Galoway was not there. S. read XVII Ex. I spoke on 121 Ps. - prodigal son. I will lift, I will arise, I will trust - Isaiah XII-2-. Late home. Very warm & sultry. Rains at night.

19. Mon. 19. I did up chores and then went to E.H. and from there to Mr. Budds to see him as he wrote me about hay. He is sick again. I agreed to send over half a ton, afternoon. John & Andrew are threshing peas. The sow has some pigs but she is not doing very well, 1 dead & another sick. I got Dicks shoes sett afternoon and did other chores taking Mr. Lougheed up to Phelpston at night with Uncle Sam's team. A move among the dry bones, praise the Lord. It keeps me till 12 oclock getting home. The boys took a load of hay to Mr. Budd afternoon. Cold blustering N.W. wind. Sunny, P.M.

20. Tue. 20. I got a lot of choring done and some going to and fro. Francey came up, afternoon, with the buggy & I went down to Uncle Sams again on horseback and a company went up from there to Phelpston. Hy. Coles went along. Another move. S.E. wind. Rather chilly.

21. Wed. 21. Late up. I just chored for I do not get enough sleep these times. John went down to Crawfords to get lambs for Hubbert. I took the buggy tonight as far as Uncle Sams and from there he drove with team. Harry Coles went along. S.E. wind. Rather chilly.

22. Thur. 22. I rested and chored till noon and then took buggy and took Aunt Grace down to Mrs. Geo. Campbells and got Mr. Lougheed at the townline and we went to Phelpston calling at Mr. Hicklings on the way & from there I left Mr. Lougheed at Mr. Smiths and went on alone to Mrs. Goods to tea, from there to the village and put away my horse and staid awhile at a Mr. Bakers (Mennonite). He was not home so I promised to call again on Sunday. A good meeting tonight. I staid at S. Jacob's at night. A cold S.E. wind. Occasional sleet and rain. Some colder.

23. Fri. 23. Late up. I did some reading. Got an early dinner and then Mr. Lougheed & I went up to Phelpston and after putting away the horse. We did a lot of visiting. Meeting at the church at night. A good meeting, the last special, I expect, the Lord bless the regular services to be held and the Sunday School I promised to help to organize on Sunday. Cold N.W. wind with snow squalls. Hard frost at night.

24. Sat. 24. I did a little business and sent to town for 1/2 bus. red clover seed. Split wood, etc. Cold & cloudy. S.E. wind.

25. Sun. 25. S.S. & meeting as usual. I read V c. 1st Tess. "Faithful is he that calleth you who also will do it." Andrew staid up and did the chores and I got away to Phelpston as soon as I could after dinner. We had a good Sunday School and got officers appointed at the close. I went to tea to a Mr. Bakers but he was not at home. His wife spoke about his sickness some time ago and of his relapse from spiritual life. God bless & revive him. I spoke at night from V c. 1st Thess-. Late home and badly used up with cold. Wintry. Cold N.W. wind with snow squalls. Calmer at night.

26. Monday 26 March 1894. I am very tired this morning so I just did chores and wrote to Mr. Hall and sent away to Guelph for oats & peas to experiment with and to Rennie enquiring about Joanette oats for seed. John brought up some roots and got away some clover seed that I sent away for last Saturday. I took a good sleep afternoon and felt much better & thankful for a quiet night at home. A Mr. Jones from Elmvale is to be at Phelpston tonight. Cold N.W. wind with snow squalls.

27. Tue. 27. I did chores, split wood, etc., A.M. I took another sleep this afternoon for I lost a good bit of rest last week and must try and make it up before spring. Milder but some light snows.

28. Wed. 28. After choring I took buggy and went home. Found Bessie had calved heifer calf. Strawbery is doing well. Andrew brought up chopp and John went down to station for lumber for the hay they took to Mr. Budds a week last Monday. Milder & some light snows, A.M. Softish, P.M. Cloudy.

29. Thur. 29. I did chores and got the last flooring of peas threshed. Had a little chat with F. Foysten. Sent a P.C. to Mr. Andrews (Phelpston) about cows and sent $2.00 to Wm. Rennie, Toronto, for Joanette oats. Mr. Moir called afternoon and had a chat. Fine and sunny.

30. Fri. 30. I sowed some grasseed. Cleaned up the barn floor ready for farming the peas. Went down to a sale of Mr. Budds at the station but did not buy anything. Mr. Andrews was there and went over to Evergreen Home with me to see the cows and wants Strawbery. I came up to the corner to tea and then drove Mr. A. down to the station. My cold is getting worse. Hard frost last night. Softish today and like rain.

31. Sat. 31. I got all the Saturday chores done soon after noon and then went to bed for a while to try and get over my cold. F. Foysten came and agreed to take the Bible class tomorow. Cold N.W. wind, P.M. 1894: April

1. Sun. 1st April 1894. I got chores done and went to meeting but cannot speak and I am "slow to hear." Jas. Johnston read XII ch. John, and Mr. Bremner spoke a little while. Afternoon I went to hear the Persian Missionary "Eshoo." Our morning collection went to him, $8.21. I staid in at night. Sunny but cold N.W. wind. Frosty nights.

2. Mon. 2. I am some better this morning and got Peter Knapp & J. Richardson to help me to move the coal stove and put up the wood stove in the sitting room. D. Woods called to speak about E. Jones so afternoon I took the buggy down home and got some pork and to him some potatoes, flour & some groceries G'ma R. sent. John came up to get his horses shod. Mr. Eshoo called to see us this morning. He is going out to Persia in 2 months. The yong folk are gone down to Mr. Parkers for the evening. I wrote to Lizzie this A.M. for she is in trouble and needs sympathy. Mama is trying the S.A. Nervine with Annie again. Great Physician heal. Cold high N.W. wind but sunny. Drying fast. Frosty nights.

3. Tuesday 3rd April 1894. I sowed grasseed till 10 A.M. and then did a lot of choring till noon and then hitched to the plough and ploughed till 6 P.M. Andrew came up and tried his hand at it and I went down to see H. Tracy about a difficulty between him and Isaac Downey about cedar posts that Henry had taken. Cold S.W. wind. Cloudy.

4. Wednesday 4. John came up to plough awhile but Wesley Orchard wanted to go fishing so I ploughed afternoon and let John go. The land is rather moist. I did not see H. Tracy last night so I went to see him this morning but found he was fishing so I had a quiet talk with I. Downey. Sunny but cold N.W. wnid.

5. Thur. 5. I ploughed all day leaving about half a days work yet for there is a lot of choring to do. Andrew is away to Stroud with some movings for Spencer Croley and did not get home till late. John choring at E. Home. Cold wintry winds.

6. Fri. 6. I finished ploughing by 2 P.M. (No.2 West) and then went down on horseback and got Jack and buggy back with me and after choring I went down to prayer meeting at Wm. Holsworths which made me late home. Frosty nights & cold N.W. winds days.

7. Sat. 7. The boys butchered 4 last fall pigs yesterday and Andrew came up and brought Democrat and we all went in together, Maybeth, Francey, Andrew & I. Sold the pigs for $5.30 per 100 lbs., $24.38. Andrew & I went to a Mrs. McLean 2 miles past Barrie and saw some cattle. They want to exchange for a horse but we did not decide. A horse buyer is coming out on Wednesday. We were late home. I settled with Hubbert leaving $19.60 to come next week. Sunny but cold S.E. winds. Frosty nights. Like rain.

8. Sun. 8. S.S. & meeting as usual. Mr. George & Mr. Derrick, Baptist students, were there and helped with S.S. & meeting. I read 2 ch. 1st Peter. Afternoon Mr. George called & took tea with us at the corner and said Mr. Derrick would go with me to Phelpston if I would go by Mr. Campels and call for him but when I called he seemed very much afraid to go although Mama had borrowed Mr. Johnstons fur coat so I called and got N. Sheepwash who helped me by reading and speaking a little from 2nd Ch. 1st Peter. My throat is rather sore from cold. Rather cold N.W. wind. Hard frosts at nights.

9. Mon. 9. The boys came up to begin seeding so after I had done a few chores and sowed some grasseed I came down to Evergreen Home to look after things here. Mr. & Mrs. Andrews came down from Phelpston and I promised to let them have Strawberry tomorow afternoon at $43 if there was no word from Mr. Bunker in Barrie as he wants her and if he comes out for her he agreed to take Linda at $43.00 so I went up to A. Orchards and he agreed to come down afternoon. Fresh S.E. wind. Threatens rain. Warmer a little tonight.

10. Tue. April 1894. I did a lot of choring and fixing up things and rode Dick up to the corner calling at McLeans on the road as I saw Geo. & Dan were there. I got down from the corner as soon as I could bringing buggy & then drove Geo. McLean up & he got a look at all the horses. I offered him Norm for the 6 cattle we saw on Saturday. He seemed afraid of Jack and I think intends making a deal with his uncle. I went up to church business meeting at night but only Jas. Johnston & Heman Coles there so we did not do much business. Fierce S.E. gale with snow, P.M. Calmer at night & warmer.

11. Wed. 11. The boys finished the goose wheat seeding (No.2 E.) yesterday and got in the peice across the road with oats. I went up afternoon with the Democrat and waited till 4 P.M. expecting a buyer from Barrie for one of the horses but he did not come. I dug between trees in the garden up by the church and I expect the boys will sow with oats tomorow. I got home and did chores and then back again to prayer meeting at night. I sent $60.10 to John [McKinley] yesterday. There is a small ballance owing him yet on the Pressing. Calmish & more springlike. S.E. winds prevail.

12. Thur. 12. Choring as usual. McLeans sheep got into the meadow No.1 N. so I put them out & laid up the fence and James came down and got a bag of potatoes. Afternoon I mended up fences, doors, etc. & took a box of butter over to the station. The girls are away to Christian Endeavour tonight. Fine & springlike. Wind round to N.W. Frosty nights.

13. Fri. 13. I did a lot of choring and dug up the parsnips and hauled them in a small waggon boxfull. The boys did not come down so I suppose they are not done seeding at the corner. I went down to Wm. Jones's to prayer meeting at night which made me late home. Warm & sunny day. Frosty nights.

14. Sat. 14. The boys came down early and begun ploughing what was left of No.1 S. from last fall. I drew out peastraw that was left of the stack of peas we let the pigs at last fall and did some more straightening up and went up to the corner after dinner and had a lot of choring todo there. Fine & sunny. N.W. winds.

15. Sun. 15. S.S. & meeting as usual. Jas. Johnston read IV Thesalonians, & Heman Coles spoke on the "one thing's" & Mr. Bremner on the "eye of the Lord being on hte righteous." I had a rest afternoon and attended the R. Baptist meeting at night but was rather late going as we have a lot of lambs coming. Fine & springlike.

16. Mon. 16. It took me about all day fixing the box & floor over the cistern and then I went down home & brought up the buggy. The boys want me to go to Furgusonvale to see about exchanging Jack for a buggy. Fine & springlike.

17. Tue. 17. I did up chores, wrote a P.C. to A. Morren & A.V. De Laport and got away to Furgusonvale with Jack & buggy about 11 A.M. getting there about 12.30 P.M. for I had some talks on the way. I priced Richardsons buggys and agreed to give him an answer by noon tomorow. I drove down home at night taking Mama which made me late home again. Fine & quite warm.

18. Wednesday 18 April 1894. I did a lot of choring and sent a P.C. to S. Croley telling him he could have the cow he wrote me about and a P.C. to Richardson telling him I would let him know by 10 A.M. tomorow about the horse. I did some digging and work in the garden & let Mr. Young have Jack & buggy to go to town as he wants a trade with Baily. Rather warm with S.E. winds.

19. Thur. 19. Mr. Young did not see Baily last night so I took Jack & Dick up to Furgusonvale and agreed to let Richardson have him & $5.00 if he would fix up a second hand buggy and put a new cover on it. I could not get the buggy back as it will be a few days before it is done. I got home about 1 P.M., found a ewe had two lambs but would not take one of them so I had to tie her up. A light shower [laying] [dust]. Cooler today. Wind getting round to the west.

20. Fri. 20. We put in the forenoon fixing up stoves and I went down to E.H. to dinner. I expect the boys will be done seeding today. I went down to cottage meeting at D. Littlejohns at night. Fine, A.M. Showery, P.M.

21. Sat. 21. I split wood, threw down part of strawstack & tended a ewe that has 2 lambs but is sick. A letter from De Laporte offering $7.00 per ton for hay if first class and as he required an answer at once I drove down to the station and mailed & went round by E.H. Found the ewe worse tonight. Showery, A.M. Colder, P.M.

22. Sun. 22. S.S. & meeting as usual. I read 3 ch., 1st Peter. & spoke on Baptism "Who then can be saved." Mr. George spoke from "She hath done what she could." I had a full afternoon tending sick ewe & looking after the lambs. Cold & raw & damp, A.M. Finer, P.M.

23. Mon. 23. I had a lot of doctoring with the sick ewe & a feeble lamb. I dug along the north end of the garden, A.M. & went down to E. Home, P.M. & helped with a sick ewe there. John & Andrew butchered Andrews 4 pigs & he brought up a load of wood and we got 12 bags of goose wheat, barley & oats & peas mixed & took over to chopp. The sick ewe seems better. Cold raw N.W. winds. Some gleams of sunshine.

24. Tue. 24. Andrew went to town with his pigs. Sold at $5.25 ($22.50 I think). John came up to roll the springrown grain but he helped to move an old building for Miss Tracy so he did not get any done. I went down to E.H. to do the chores and came up again afternoon to look after the things here. Going down again to chore up again at night. Fine & sunny but cold N.W. winds.

25. Wed. 25. I spent the day choring at both places. Andrew did some ploughing in the orchard and went to Angus McDougals raising afternoon. John rolling up here. I came up to the weekly prayer meeting at night. Wrote to De Laporte about hay and sent $21.00 interest to Mr. Dixon. Fine & some warmer.

26. Thur. 26 April. John finished rolling at corner and got home about noon. Andrew & I sowed the experimental plots of oats & peas and then Andrew rolled No.1 S. & John & I planted some strawbery plants. Uncle Alf came out and operated on 2 year old colt. I am at the corner again at night. Fine & sunny. Mr. Orchard grafting.

27. Friday 27 April 1894. I fixed up some patches of a drain from G'ma's celler and mended up the fastening of the gate in front of cottage, A.M., and afternoon mended up a gate of the church yard and fixed a stand for getting in & out of buggies. Old Mrs. McDonald came to tea so after choring I took her down the new road home and I went down to a meeting at Rob Thomas's. B. Tracy led the meeting. I ordered a hay car for I had a letter from De Laporte agreeing to take a load of hay. Fine & springlike but threatens rain.

28. Sat. 28. After choring I took all the sheep down home but 3, & 4 lambs. I have 14 sheep down there now and 20 lambs beside the Ram. John has 10 lambs and two ewes to come yet. I got back home again about 11 A.M. and afternoon I straightened up the church yard. A gentle rain most of the A.M. Finer, P.M.

29. Sun. 29. S.S. & meeting as usual. Jas. Johnston read IX ch. John (Blind man). I rested awhile afternoon and then took the oversight of the gospel meeting at night in OCB church (IX Hebrews). A number were conspicuous by their absence but a good houseful of young folk were there. Peter Knapp & Heman Coles spoke a few words. Fine & pleasant.

30. Mon. 30. I did a lot of choring up here and got things ready to go down to E.H. tomorow. Moved some brush that had been cut off cherry trees last year. John is ploughing for E. Jones near the station. I went down home afternoon and got the buggy and took a box of butter over to the station and then took G'ma R. for a short drive & after tea took Ruth down to E.H. and left the rig for I expect to take the cattle down tomorow. Fine & pleasant. 1894: May

1. Tue. 1st May 1894. John is ploughing fallow up here, No.1 E. I did a few odd jobs and then took all the cattle down to E.H. except the bull. I fired heaps, No.6 S., where Andrew is cultivating for roots and did a lot of choring. We hitched Topsy in buggy tonight and drove her up to the corner and round a little. Car is come for hay. Fine but rather warm.

2. Wed. 2. Andrew and John are hauling hay from the corner to the station. I put the young cattle all back of Uncle T.B.S.s and then let the cows out for the first time. The grass is pretty good. I went up to weekly prayer meeting at night. Dick had a touch of colic. He was out at grass today for the first time. I planted 8 soft maples, some carrots, parsnips, potatoes and did a lot of choring. Fine but rather cold N.W. wind & cloudy.

3. Thur. 3. Andrew took another load of hay down to the station which finished loading the car (11 tons, 1100 lbs.) and shipped it to De Laporte, 82 Front St. East, Toronto. He got home about 11 A.M. I looked after cattle, planted beets, fixed fences, pig troughs, etc. and took the sow from her pigs. Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Croley came. He is getting a cow from us, "Beauty," so they staid all night. The young folks are away to C.E. meeting at night. Fine & pleasant.

4. Fri. 4th May 1894. Andrew working root ground. I started Spencer off with the cow. He gave me a note payable in ten months drawing 6 per cent interest ($43.00 principal). I started Mrs. Croley after him about 9 A.M. It is about 16 miles to Stroud where they live now. I sowed the front orchard with parsnips and carrots and did a lot of choring. Went down to cottage meeting at Wm. Holsworths. Mr. Shaw went along. John ploughing fallow at corner. Light showers last night. Fine & pleasant today. Frosty at night.

5. Sat. 5. Hard frost so I carried a bundle of hay back to the young cattle and after choring as usual I drove up to the corner with Dick & did a lot of straightening up. Moved some heaps of brush out of the orchard on to the fallow to burn and had a big job cutting black knot out of the cherry trees. I got home about 6 P.M. Andrew ploughing root ground & John fallow at the corner. Hard frost last night. Warm today & a thundershower, 5 P.M.

6. Sun. 6. S.S. & meeting as usual. I read IV ch. 1st Peter. (Suffer) ("Judgments") - I took a rest afternoon and went up to Phelpston at night (IX Hebrews) (last 2 verses). Uncle Sam went along. Thunder showers hovering round. Cooler at night.

7. Mon. 7. Too wet to plough fallow at corner so John came down here and helped me to get out stumps in root ground. We got out all but two and then got 14 soft maples. John took up a load of wood at night and I got the trees stuck in which kept me late. A letter from Lizzie. Joe seems to be getting worse. Cleared off with very high cold N.W. wind. Cloudy at night.

8. Tue. 8. Andrew working root ground and I finished planting maple trees & fixed fences, A.M. John came down "out of a job," so he helped me to throw up earth against the wire fence. Mr. Balf came along and I sold him the last of the steers I got from Mr. Young. He gave me $5.00 and is to give me $20.00 more if I keep him 2 weeks longer giving him a little meal & I get $2.00 worth of meat as well. I went back to H. Tracys to see if they owned a 2 year old Holstein bull which is in with the young cattle. He's away so two of the young folk came back with me to help to get him home but it took John & Andrew to help us and when there they found a colt of I. Downeys had got into the ditch so they had a job getting her out and then John & I went up with him and got our sow home. Andrew working root ground. Cloudy with cool N.W. wind.

9. Wed. 9. John ploughing fallow at corner. Andrew marked off root ground and we put in carrots and a lot of mangels, A.M. and P.M. We got out some potatoes into bags. I went up to prayer meeting at night. Mr. Armstrong read about resurrection of Lazerous. McLeans cattle in meadow so had to draw rails and fix fence. Fine & pleasant.

10. Thur. 10. I drove up to corner with Democrat taking 4 bags of potatoes. Mama, Ruth and Jane went to Barrie with me and Maybeth staid with G'ma & Annie while Mama was away. I could only get 42 c. a bag for the potatoes as they have fallen. I gave Lawyer Stevenson $6.50 c. for [one] bill S. Jacobs gave him on G'pa's will account and left it for registration and to be copied. Francey did not come home with me but Mary Pitt did. I came round by corner bringing Maybeth home. Very high S.E. wind. Thunder shower at night.

11. Friday 11th May 1894. Andrew and I got out potatoes, 18 bags of good ones to sell and then packed away sleighs, patched up some fences, etc. and put in some more mangels. Word from De Laporte asking another car load of hay but not sending any more money so when I went down to the station at night I ordered a car. Young Mr. Armstrong, Baptist student, and Mr. Shaw, schoolteacher, went along. The prayer meeting was at D. Littlejohns. Cool, N.W. wind. Frosty at night.

12. Sat. 12. John at the fallow at corner. Andrew off to Barrie with 18 bags potatoes. I finished planting and covering mangels, A.M. Did some digging & fixing in the garden, P.M. Andrew only got 40 c. for 7 bags and 35 c. for 11 -. He went down to the station at night to meet Francey & Miss Scott. Cool westerly winds. Fine frost last night.

13. Sun. 13. S.S. & meeting as usual. Jas. Johnston read 7 ch. Romans. Mr. Bremner commented & Heman Coles spoke on (trusting). We all came home but Mama, John, Annie, Ruth & Jane. I took Mama down with me to Mrs. Geo. Campbels and Heman went with me to Phelpston. I read & commented on X ch. Hebrews. A good attendance. Praise the Lord. Fine & pleasant but cold at night.

14. Mon. 14. I wrote Mr. Gilmour, De Laporte, W.J. Collins, & Uncle Fred. John came down at noon and Andrew brought down the bull. They split wood and chored, P.M. and I took Miss Scott down to the station and went from there to see Wm. Jones who has a broken leg. I came round by the corner and carried Annie upstairs. Getting home after nine. Chilly S.E. wind with some rain & hail. Warmer at night.

15. Tue. 15. I went up to Furgusonvale on horseback and brought the buggy home that I exchanged Jack for, leaving G'ma R. at Aunt Annie's on the way down. The boys hauled some earth to level up the lawn and took a load of hay each down to the station at night. I did chores and went up to corner taking G'ma home and staid up to take Annie upstairs at night. Fine & pleasant.

16. Wed. 16. John & Andrew came up and took two trips each to the station which is all the baled hay up here, and then took another load each from E.H. making 13 tons, 578 lbs., 256 bales. Wm. Addison came down and I sold him Bessie cow for $40.00 to be paid in three months. I went up to prayer meeting at night. "Simon son of Jonas." Fine, A.M. but cloudy. Sprinkling rain, P.M. Warmish.

17. Thur. 17. I staid up till after mail and then went down to E.H. and got the exact weight and number of bales loaded yesterday and then went over to the station and shipped the hay to De Laporte & Co. from there. I went over to Wm. Jones's and staid awhile there. I made a call at Dobbins. Mrs. Dobbin is very feeble. Rather close & thundery but clear.

18. Fri. 18. I did some reading & writing, paid a visit to Moores. A letter from De Laporte enclosing $77.91 c. for the last carload of hay, $1.40 short by my reckoning. I wrote to them and Andrew R. mailed it afternoon. I had a talk with Jas. Johnston. Went down to cottage meeting at Rob't Thomas's, 1st Pet. V ch., at night. The Railways are not carrying freight now on account of coal miners strike so our hay is still at the station. Some heavy rains. Drizzling, P.M. Cold N.W. wind.

19. Sat. 19 May 1894. I got down to E.H. about 9 A.M. and helped the boys with the line fence north of T.B.S.'s place. We got most of it laid up 5 rails high by night. Putting a stone under the corners and got a lot of stakes pointed ready for driving. I took Stanley & Syd Jacobs & Johny Campbel home for a heavy rain came on and Maybeth had her class down for a good time. Cold raw N. wind. Very damp, with heavy rain at night. N.W. wind.

20. Sun. 20. S.S. & meeting as usual though not many out on account of the heavy rain. I read and commented on V ch. 1st Peter. I rested P.M. and drove up to Phelpston at night. XI Hebrews. Gods provision for us. I heard of Joe Corrigans death. Heavy rains most of the day. Lighter at night. S.E. wind.

21. Mon. 21. I went down to D. Woods after breakfast and told him about Joe Corrigans death as he had used to live with him, so he agreed to drive up at noon and go to the funeral. I went down home and got some things getting back in time to go to the funeral with D. Woods. We got back about 4.30 P.M. Heavy rains most of the day. S.E. winds. A little finer, P.M.

22. Tue. 22. I split wood and helped John to take some grain over to A. Malcolms to chopp, A.M., and spent the afternoon at J. Parkers but he was not home. I went over in the evening to W. Grahams. Cloudy & some drizzles but fine on the whole. S.E. wind.

23. Wed. 23. The boys and I fixed up the four graves, Uncle Wm. Ronalds, G'pa Ronalds, G'pa & G'ma Standens. Who will be next? Dr. Murphy came in and examined Annie and pronounced favourably. I went down home afternoon and went back to look at the young cattle and found 7 2 year olds away and spent all afternoon hunting them up and getting them back. The boys finished the fence N.W. line as far as the first feild. Cloudy, A.M. Rainy, P.M. N.W. wind.

24. Thur. 24. Queen's Birthday. I chored and did some reading till 11 A.M. and then went down home. Found E. Croley and sister had come the night before. I staid down and did all the choring and milking at night and the young folk all went up to the picnic and staid to the Christian Endeavour at night. I got up about 9 P.M. and found Aunt Phemie & Uncle George and little George had arrived. Sprinkling till 11 A.M. Finer after but a smart shower about 5 P.M. N.W. wind.

25. Fri. 25. I split wood. Had a talk with Uncle Geo. and let him have Dick & buggy to go down to see old Mrs. Kent. I came down home afternoon taking 2 bags of chopp. The boys are working at the line fence between Mr. McLean & us. I took Uncle Geo., Aunt Ph. & little Geo. down to the station and went down to Wm. Jones's again at night for meeting which was not very satisfactory. We got Mr. Armstrongs battery for Annie. Fine, A.M. Shower, 3 P.M. Warmer.

26. Sat. 26. I got down to E.H. as soon as I could and we got the line fence pretty thoroughly finished by night and I went up again to attend to Annie and be ready for morning. Fine and pleasant.

27. Sunday 27th May 1894. S.S.and meeting as usual. Jas. Johnston read 1 ch. Gal-. I staid up and Mr. & Mrs. Jas. Johnston came to spend the afternoon. I went down to see Mrs. Dobbin & speak to R. Thomas about the moving of the old school house from Josephine. I do not think it practicable & advised the boarding house at the station be utilized. Mrs. Dobbin seems worse. Heavy thundershower after & colder.

28. Mon. 28. I got down to E.H. taking the sheep and lambs which are up here ready to wash but the weather is too cold now. John took the steer we got from Mr. Young in to Mr. Balf and Andrew followed with buggy taking Francey to get teeth pulled. John got $20.00 for steer which with the $5.00 he gave me and $2.00 worth of beef makes $27. I gave $51.00 for the three last Dec. Andrew got a sett of single harness off Mr. Bemrose, $14.00. Cloudy. Cold raw N.W. wind like snow.

29. Tue. 29. I got Mr. Armstrongs Battery and waiting up till 10 A.M. to get Annie downstairs. I hope the electricity will do her good. I got down home and put in most of the day reading History of China Inland Mission. It is an inspiration. The boys are digging over the garden to keep grass down between fruit bushes. Cloudy & cold, A.M. Heavy rains, P.M. N.W. winds.

30. Wed. 30. John came up about 9 A.M. saying the yearling filly was sick so I went back with him taking medecine but it was dead in about 2 hours so we took it to the bush beside its mother, old Netty. John went up after dinner and got some oats and brought down the Democrat wheels which had been taken up to Mr. Youngs to get the tires sett but it is too wet weather. I took G'ma R. down to see Aunt Annie afternoon and took Mama down to see Heman & Jessie for she is rather unwell. We attended the weekley prayer meeting. Mr. Armstrong spoke on Cuba for Christ. A.J. [Diay] - the missionary. Cloudy & cold & some rain. A little warmer at night.

31. Thur. 31st. John went down to get Henry Fuller to set a trap for the bear that has been at the filly that died yesterday. I took Henry home after dinner and called on Mrs. Dobbin. She is failing fast. I went to Christian Endeavour at night. Cloudy & cold with heavy rains, afternoon. 1894: June

1. Fri. 1st June 1894. I got home as soon as I could - 10 A.M. and helped the boys with a workshop we are putting up N.W. of woodshed. A bear had been caught in the trap but had got away leaving 2 of its claws. H. Fuller came over and set the trap again and his dog came back and got caught in the trap. We found him and let him out with a sore leg. Heman brought his wife & little one down for a rest. Great Shepherd, bless them all. Cold N.W. wind with rains at times. Heavy at night.

2. Sat. 2. We got rafters on the workshop and some boarding in done. Andrew brought up a load of wood to the corner. Grandma S. died a year ago tonight, 3rd June 1893. Some rains.

3. Sunday 3 June 1894. S.S. & meeting as usual. A good attendance. I read 1 c. 1st Peter. I took G'ma R. down to see Mrs. Dobbin afternoon and had a small gathering in Rob Thomas's house. I attended regular Baptist meeting at night. Fine but shower 4 P.M.

4. Mon. 4. I got down to E.H. about 10 A.M. Called at Mr. Mcleans on the way & Mrs. McL. & her sister came down with me to see a bear which boys had caught this morning. We picked over seed potatoes. John went down to Dobbins to get shingles and went to see Henry Fuller about the bear and after getting back he and Andrew skinned it. Andrew went up tonight to carry Annie upstairs. Mr. & Mrs. Shaw came down for the evening. Old Mr. Richardson and Mr. McLean to see the bear. Fine & pleasant but threatens rain.

5. Tue. 5. John went to Barrie with his bear skin and took some of the carcass for Henry Fuller's dog. Andrew & I picked over some more potatoes. A letter from De Laporte enclosing $93.38 for last carload of hay. I sent P.C. acknowledging receipt and took $50 down for Uncle Sam to send to Aunt Lizzie. Heavy rain last night. Cold N.W. wind & some drizzles today.

6. Wed. 6. I got down home as soon as I could and we got working at the shop getting nearly half shingled by 6 P.M. I had to lead the weekly prayer meeting topic "Jobs comforters." Lord bless Thy word. I left $30.00 with G'ma R. on rent, $50.- yet to pay I think. Fine & pleasant.

7. Thur. 7. I waited up till after dinner for mail - a letter from "Aunt Fanny." A young son at Tecumseth. I cut potatoes for seed and the boys finished shingling workshop. I took up 3 bags of potatoes for H. Tracy. We tried the Battery for Annie at night. Some rain, A.M. Fine, P.M. & warmer.

8. Fri. 8. I split wood and chored getting down home at noon. I settled up with A. Malcolm, $2.65 c., G. Tracy, $3.00. Afternoon we washed the sheep but were rather late starting on account of H. Tracys being there first but I got away about 3.45 and going by the corner got some P.C. to post and arrived at the station just in time to get the box of butter shipped to Toronto. I saw Mrs. Dobbin. She is very low and I went from there to J. Forbes and staid till meeting time. They want another next Friday evening. Fine but rather cloudy, A.M. and light rain, P.M. N.W. wind.

9. Sat. 9. The boys finished ploughing potatoe ground and the corn patch against the barn. John & I cleared up the sawdust against the west root house and packed it down the sides and took up the sheep to the corner and castrated the ram lambs. Very warm & summery. N.W. wind.

10. Sun. 10. S.S. & meeting as usual. Jas. Johnston read X ch. John & F. Foysten spoke on X ch. 1st Cor. Mama went down with me to see Mrs. Dobbin and staid with her while I attended to the Sunday School and meeting at R. Thomases. We came home to E.H. and took tea getting up to the corner as the churches were coming out. Heman & children came down to stay afternoon as Jessie is here for a rest. She looks very low. God bless. Very warm and summery. N.W. wind.

11. Monday 11 June 1894. I got down to E.H. and we planted the potatoes, about an acre. I picked over enough for 2 bags that would do for seed and took them over for John Forbes and got back to the corner for night. Fine & summery. Rather hot.

12. Tue. 12. Andrew is drawing gravel for G'ma Ronalds road work & John came up and we sheared the sheep. R. Fletcher came out with a Mr. Thomson, conservative candidate for P. Parliament, so there was a Political Meeting in the Hall at night. Fine & summery. Rather hot.

13. Wed. 13. I filled up the extra Report for Agricultural Bureau and then got down to E.H. and put in the forenoon mowing grass round the house, hoeing, etc. Afternoon we put in a few more beans that had been soaked and then grubbed up some shrubs and plum trees by T.B.S.'s house so as to plough the feild for fallow. When I got up to the corner at night I found some of the lambs sick that had been castrated so had to open the wound again. Prayer meeting. "Character." Heman Coles led. Fine & summery. Rather hot.

14. Thur. 14. I found a lamb dead this morning and some more rather sick. I did what I could for them and got away with Mama to Barrie taking the wool. Sold at 16 c. and a skin, 60 c. Our wool came to $11.40, Johns, $5.76. I got cloth for clothes, $3.38 c. and left it at Gordon's Tailor to be made up for $8.50. Mama got a lot of truck & I brought out barrel of salt. Did not get home till late & found more lambs sick and told John to come up in the morning to help me doctor them. Patons, Political meeting at night. Rather late to bed. Fine but very hot. 98 in the shade.

15. Fri. 15. John & I had a nasty time looking over the lambs. There is 3 dead and I fear 2 more will go. I staid up and bathed them and John came up again at night and we did the best we could for them again. I went down to the meeting at the station at night. Not many there. Fine but very hot.

16. Sat. 16. John came up again and helped me with the lambs. 2 more died today, I hope the last. I staid up spudding out burdocks with spade and burned the dead lambs and burried one. Fine but very hot.

17. Sun. 17. S.S. & meeting as usual. I read 2 ch. 2nd Peter. "Coveteousness." F. Foysten went down with me to the station. A heavy thunder shower came on which kept some of the folks at home but we had a good meeting with the Sunday School. We have the use of an empty house to meet in. I took Annie out with the basket carriage after tea. Fine but very hot, A.M. Thunderstorm, 2 P.M.

18. Mon. 18. John came up and we went over the lambs again. I hope they will all get better now. I went down home and looked after things there. John finished running cultivator through mangels. Andrew ploughing by T.B.S. for fallow and both he & John ploughed afternoon and I burned brush, piled rubbish, etc. Dr. Patterson came to see Annie. Fine after 8 A.M. & cooler but still very hot.

19. Tue. 19 June 1894. John, Andrew & Francey off to the Beach. I got John Richardson to help me to look over the lambs. 1 is very sick. I sent to A. Morren for some stuff to kill maggots. I got down home soon after 9 A.M. & did some hoeing & other choring, getting back to the corner at night. Cloudy with some smart showers. Still hot.

20. Wed. 20. John and Andrew putting in statute labour for corner farm. I got down home about 10 A.M. John Richardson helped me to look over the lambs before breakfast and I used some liniment that A. Morren sent out. The one that was so sick yesterday is dead and another seems dying. I did some hoeing down at home, getting up to prayer meeting at night and coming down again as John is staying up to work at the fallow. John Corbett and S. Jacobs came down afternoon. John is much changed since 30 years. Heavy rain last night. Cool N.W. wind today. Cloudy with gleams of sun. Clear at night.

21. Thur. 21. I started Andrew off to help John at the corner and Maybeth went to Barrie soon after with Dick and buggy. John Richardson came down to help me with the hoeing and we got most of the front garden done. I walked up at night and spoke on Temperance at the Christian Endeavour. Maybeth was late back and we all, Francey, Maybeth & I came down together. Clear & hot. Not much wind. S.E. (Linda)

22. Fri. 22. John & Andrew at the corner drawing out manure. Pilkie helping. John Richardson down here hoeing. I finished up chores and then drove to corner with Dick and buggy and took G'ma Ronald to Barrie and left her at Aunt Bessies. I left my fur coat at Simmons and got the will at County Registration office, $2.50 for Registration. I called at H. Fullers on the way home and gave him a letter from De Laporte that had been waiting a reply all week. Saw Mrs. Dobbin a few minutes and then hurried home by the corner. Mrs. M. Fletcher came with her baby. Mosquitoes troublesome. Fine & rather hot but [breazy] from N.W. at times. Close at night.

23. Sat. 23. John, Andrew & Reuben Pilkey drawing manure at corner farm. I burned some rubbish round the front and helped J. Richardson hoeing. I went up to political meeting at night (Coutts) which made me late home. Boys not quite done manure hauling.A few thunder showers. Very hot.

24. Sun. 24. S.S. & meeting as usual. Jas. Johnston read V ch. 2nd Cor-. I staid dinner at corner and then drove down to the station in a thunderstorm. So there were not many at the meeting but I am glad I went. I came back by the corner and helped John to look over the sore lambs and then got home as soon as I could. Mama was down here afternoon giving her parting blessing for I expect (DV) she & Annie will go to Penetang next Tuesday & I shall have to go with them to see them safely settled. Annie is not improving as we would like. Very hot & close, A.M. Heavy thuneer shower, 2 P.M. & close & thundery after.

25. Mon. 25. Andrew took a load of wood to the corner & I went with him and brought down the sheep. R. Pilkey came down with me & John Rich. & he hoed. John spreading manure at corner. Andrew harrowing fallow here. Close & hot & thundery.

26. Tue. 26 June 1894. We looked over the lambs. They seem to be getting better. Andrew harrowed the potatoe land & then helped R. Pilkey to hoe till 10.30 when he took Democrat up to the corner and took all the truck down to the station. I took Dick and buggy up to the corner. Gave my vote for Paton, J. Rich. up to Elmvale, and did a little other business & then Maybeth and I took Annie down to the station and Mama, Ruth, Annie, Lillian Johnson & I got away to Penetang. It took most of the afternoon to get settled and I took a walk round the town afterward. We are all hoping the change will suit Annie. God bless. Fine & pleasant. Not so hot. A fresh W. wind.

27. Wed. 27. I got away from Penetang arriving at Minesing about 8 A.M. & went by the corner to Express a parcel of butter to Mama which she forgot yesterday. John is ploughing fallow at corner. Andrew & Maybeth are off to Guelph - Farm - I got down home as soon as I could and looked over the lambs again and then Reuben P. & John R. & I hoed mangels, P.M., till night. I went up to the weekly prayer meeting but it is rather flat. Fine & cool. A few drizzles of rain from N.W.

28. Thur. 28. Andrew went up to corner to help John ploughing fallow. R. Pilkey spreading manure for them. J. Rich. & I hoeing. Young folk off to Endeavour at night which made them late home. Fine but S.E. wind. Rather hot & thundery.

29. Fri. 29. I woke up with Billious headache but managed to get the cows milked and then had to go to bed for the rest of the day. John Rich. looked after the things and hoed in root feild. Maybeth went up to the corner at night. The boys will be done ploughing at corner tomorow. Letter from Mama. Cleared off with brisk N.W. wind.

30. Sat. 30. I am some better this morinng but not able to work. John Rich. looked after things and hoed. The boys got down about 6 P.M. Glad to get home to "solid comfort." No more word from Penetang so I suppose they are all right. Fine & pleasant. Cool N.W. wind. 1894: July

1. Sun. 1st July 1894. I am rather shakey but I went up with the others to S.S. & meeting as usual. I read 3rd ch. 2nd Peter. after 1st Psalm - Scoffers - 1000 years as one day. I came down home again and Maybeth went with me down to the station meeting. A lot of little folks to S.S. I spoke on end of 4 & 1st of V Romans. Staid a little at Mrs. Dobbins. She is better. Got home for tea & the young folk went to evening meeting. "Too late home." Very hot. Not much wind - westerly.

2. Mon. 2. John & Andrew hoeing. John R. & Pilky not here. I did some mowing in front among currant trees. Wrote to Mama, (Mrs. Force) & McFarland and went up to post and wait for mail. No word from Penetang so I suppose all is well. Very close and hot, A.M. Thunder shower, P.M. J.R. 2 1/2 days.

3. Tue. 3 July 1894. I did some mowing in the front & helped the boys at the hoeing. John Richardson is here. Andrew cut part of No.1 N., P.M. & Maybeth went to town with Dick and buggy taking Miss Drysdale who has been here helping make dresses. I went up to church business meeting at night which made me late home. Fine with cool N.W. wind.

4. Wed. 4. John is running horsehoe and Andrew & J.R. mowing orchards, fence corners, etc. & I hoed, A.M. Sent P.C. to Mama & enquirey to Witnes. Andrew cut the rest No.1 N. I went up to weekly prayer meeting at night. "Blessing of Abstainence." I got a scythe at Jas. Johnstons. Fine & pleasant. Cool. N.W. wind.

5. Thur. 5. John running horshoe. Andrew cutting hay against bush, No.1. N.W. John R. & I hoeing. Mr. Balf came and I sold him Spotty & Brindle for $55.00 to go in tomorow morning. Afternoon we spread out the hay that was cut with scythe and raked up all No.1 N. and got half of it in cock. Young folk off to Christian Endeavour and I wrote to Byron & Mary Crawford. They are at Parry Sound.

6. Fri. 6. John and Andrew off to Barrie with the cows & I started Francey after them with Dicka nd buggy to bring them home. Vic. Tracy came & J.R. & we got all the rest of No.1 N. into cock but it rained quite a bit at the last. The young folk got home about noon & then we rigged up the horse fork ready for hauling in & Vic. T. & J.R. mowed fence corners against the bush. After tea Andrew ploughed fallow by T.B.S.'s & John drew down shingles, boards, etc. from the old buildings & Vic & J.R. tore down some old hen houses. A young man by the name of Partridge came to hire so he is to come on Monday for $20.00 for a month. Cloudy. Came on rain at 8.30 A.M. Showery all day after. Cold at night.

7. Sat. 7. John & Andrew ploughing fallow T.B.S.'s. J.R. & I went back and did a lot of fixing at fences, A.M., and afternoon J.R. mowed in front & hoed. I fixed up a lot of things & chored generally. Tired tonight. Cloudy & cool with some drizzles from N.W.

8. Sun. 8. S.S. & meetings as usual. Jas. Johnston read - VIII John - "Truth make you free." I went over to the station. John Tracy went along and we had a good S.S. but not many big folk. God bless the little ones. I staid home at night. Cool & dampish.

9. Mon. 9. Andrew finished cutting No.1 N.W. John ploughed awhile and then we turned out the haycocks on No.1 N. and spread the hay that was cut last Thursday and then they hauled in from No.1 N. Vic Tracy was here all day & J. Rich. Afternoon I raked up what was ready in No.1 N.W. Fine & pleasant. N.W. wind.

10. Tue. 10. Andrew went up to the corner to cut. J. Rich. cut fence corners & Vic. T., John & I got in the last of No.1 N. except rakings & then cocked up what was ready in No.1 N.W. I raked up No.1. N. & we got it all in & some stuff that was round the gardens. Fine but rather hot & thundery.

11. Wed. 11 July 1894. We drew in with 2 teams from No.1 N.W. putting it in the old log house which was nearly full by noon. Afternoon Andrew went up to the corner to cut and Vic. T. & I followed. Vic raked up what Andrew cut yesterday & I attended Mrs. J. Campbels funeral and after we got in all cock that was ready. John & J. Rich. hauled in to the old stable so that he could take it away alone. Very hot & thundery. N.W. winds.

12. Thur. 12. Shower last night so we worked at the roots. Andrew cut fence corners at corner forenoon & run the machine afternoon & Vic. T. & I went up and got 3 acres into cock & some fence corners cut. Ruth came home this afternoon & I expect Jane will go up on Monday. Fine but rather hot & thundery.

13. Fri. 13. Andrew cutting at corner. John & J.R. & I drew in down here & W. Knapp run the horse rake. I expect W.K. will be here till September but am not sure of J. Rich. Afternoon V.T. & I got all raked south of sideline & most of it in cock & W.K. hoed roots between loads while John & J. Rich. got the loads on. Cleared off with cool N.W. wind.

14. Sat. 14. We went up to the corner & drew in with 2 teams all day & I got a lot of raking done. We got all in that was ready. Morley Fletcher came at night. Fine with cool N.W. wind.

15. Sun. 15. S.S. & meeting as usual. I read part of 1 Gen. & 1 ch. John with 1 ch. 1st John. Miss Bremner & Ruth B. went down to the station with me. The work is more encouraging. Thank the Lord. I am tired tonight but wrote a line to Mama for Jane to take up tomorow. Young folks up to R. Baptist meeting tonight. Fine but some hotter. [Linda 2nd]

16. Mon. 16. Andrew cutting down here. The rest of us all at the corner (J. Rich., V.T., W.K., John & I). We got all raked up and cocked by 2 P.M. & got in 10 loads altogether afternoon. Morley Fletcher wife and little one are away tonight. Fine but very hot southerly wind.

17. Tue. 17. We all worked at the corner hauling in. Andrew, W.K. & I got down to tea to E.H. leaving John, J. Rich. & V.T. to finish at the corner. Andrew finished cutting No.3 S. down here & I raked up all that was cut yesterday & W.K. got some cocked. Fine & I think hotter. S. winds.

18. Wed. 18. A year since Uncle T.B.S. died. God bless the widow & Fatherless. Andrew cutting big feild west of old barn. John rowed up potatoes & then helped J. Rich. & W.K. to cock the hay. I raked up in No.3 S. I went up to the store and mailed a letter to De Laporte about the hay & a P.C. to Weekly Mail enquiring about their quotations of baled hay. I put all the Bug poison I had on the potatoes but it is not enough so Francey went up at night and got some more. We all hoed at roots afternoon & after tea John and I did some raking up and cocking hay. The weather is first rate for making hay but rather hot. Fine but very hot. N.W. winds.

19. Thur. 19 July 1894. I finished putting Bug poison on potatoes & then helped with hauling in, moving baled hay that was in the roads. Afternoon we drew in with 2 teams till tea time and then raked up and cocked hay till night. I had to borrow Mr. McLean's rake as the boxing of ours is broke. Very hot & oppressive.

20. Fri. 20. Andrew finished cutting all but the peice below the roots by noon. John, J. Rich. & W.K. drew in what hay was lying in winrows. I patched up the old barn roof & bridge over lane and afternoon I went to the corner & got a letter from De Laporte about hay and sent by young Andrew R. to order one car as he was going down to station. I saw Mrs. Foysten & she said she would tell F. to leave 5 bus. of wheat at A. Malcolms to chopp as the men folk were away. Andrew cut the patch below the roots. J. Rich. mowed fence corners. John & W.K. hoed till 3 P.M. and then Andrew & they hauled in. When I got home I raked up what was cut yesterday and after tea we got it into cock. Very hot till 9 A.M. A few drops of rain & fresh N.W. wind after. A few drops fell after tea & it is much cooler. N.W. wind.

21. Sat. 21. J. Rich. mowing fence corners. W.K. hoeing. John & Andrew ploughing fallow. T.B.S. not quite done by noon. I piled up and burned some brush that was left on fallow & then raked up on No.3 S. Afternoon we all drew in till tea time and then I raked up all that was cut and the men put it in cock. Ten acres ready to haul in. Cloudy till 10 A.M. Fine after & sunny. N.W. winds.

22. Sun. 22. S.S. & meeting as usual. J. Johnston read 2 ch. Phillippians and I spoke on going down to be raised up. Maybeth went with me to the station. S.S. & meeting afternoon and I wrote to Mama & Aunt Mary at Chicago at night. Fine & pleasant. S.E. wind at times.

23. Mon. 23. We all got at the hauling in as soon as we could and had all in but some rakings & half a load [below] the roots by night. It threatens rain. Very fine with S.E. winds.

24. Tue. 24. I wrote to some folk and went up with John & Democrat as he went to get his horses shod. G.[F.] Ronald - enclosing $5.00. I mailed letters, took dinner with G'ma at Uncle Andrews and then walked down home and got away to Barrie and got binding twine, $10.90, Fly netts, $1.50, S[ ], $1.00. Willie Morren came out with me. I called at S. Tracy's. He may come out to help a whiel & Charlie too. Got home about 9 P.M. Boys hoeing. J. Rich. nto here. Heavy rain, A.M. Fair, P.M.

25. Wed. 25. John off to corner with Binder to cut wheat. Andrew cutting Alsike & W.K. & I threw the stuff out of the track. Did not quite finish. J. Rich. went at noon to shock up. Fine but howling wind.

26. Thur. 26. We unloaded the two loads of hay that were on the waggons and then W.K. went to hoe & Andrew horserake and I went up to corner & helped J. Rich. to finish shocking up. Heard car was come for hay so John went down with Binder and begun cutting down here & Andrew got a load of baled hay on just as I got home so I went down with him and helped get car into shape and then he took down another load. I shocked up till 7.30 and then went up to help the C.E. till Mr. Frost came. China [] []. Very hot and close.

27. Fri. 27 July 1894. Andrew & John took down 2 loads apeice and then John went on cutting wheat. J. Rich. shocking. H. Burdge & T. Hindle hoeing yesterday afternoon and today which just about finished all that was in special need. Andrew took down 2 loads, P.M. which finished loading the car. I am very tired tonight. Very hot & close but breezy at times.

28. Sat. 28. John cutting wheat till tea time and then all hands drew in Alsike till dark. I went over to the station, A.M. and shipped the car of hay to De Laporte, 12 ton, 1921 lbs. I had to rest after for a while. I am suffering with piles. Still hot & close but cloudy at night.

29. Sun. 29. S.S. & meeting as usual. I read 1st John 2 ch. Maybeth went with me to the station. Not many there so I went to see why. Some to farm, some to bed, and others lounging round the creek. I rested at night & young folk went to tent meeting at Hendric. Very hot but more breezy.

30. Mon. 30. S. Tracy came this A.M. and we all got the Alsike turned & John got the wheat all cut & afternoon we all went up to draw in wheat at the corner as the Alsike we got in here is hardly dry enough. We did not get quite done at the corner so John, S. Tracy & I staid up to finish in the morning. Fine & much cooler.

31. Tue. 31. It took us till noon to finish at corner and then we got down to E.H. to help finish there. We did not get all the Alsike in for it got very dry and wasted so we drew in some wheat. Fine & cooler. 1894: August

1. Wed. 1st August 1894. We finished the Alsike all but rakings by 9 A.M. and then got hauling in wheat. It is a bulky crop of straw, rusty, and grain shrunken. I am not able to do much so I put some fence corner hay into cocks & hoed some. Fine harvest weather.

2. Thur. 2. Thunder shower last night so John, W.K. & C.T. began clearing away dung for the strawstack. J. Rich. & S. T. mowing fence corners. Andrew finished ploughing fallow (T.B.S.) and harrowed some. I went up to the corner and got prunes to see if they would relieve me. I got the old stoneboat fixed up and got 2 warped plank from J. Chapples bridge to make a new one. John went up with team afternoon to cut oats & spring wheat & J. Rich. went with him. I straightened up shocks & did other chores. Young folk to Christian Endeavour. Damp a while. Cleared off with N.W. wind.

3. Fri. 3. John & J. Rich. at corner cutting spring wheat & shocking. Andrew, Tracy & Charlie moving manure in barnyard. I did some chores and then went over to see Mr. Budd. He is very sick again and they intend leaving for Toronto on Monday. Afternoon we got in 5 more loads of wheat. S. Tracy at J. Chapples threshing. Alice & Blanche came late at night. Milton Orchard drove them over. Cool N.W. wind. A few squalls of rain after 4 P.M.

4. Sat. 4. W.[K]. & C.T. hoeing. Andrew working on fallow. John & J. Rich. at corner. They pulled a few peas and after I got up we all shocked till noon & then J. Rich went to W. Orchards threshing. S. Tracy was there all day. John finished cutting goose wheat afternoon and then went down home and they got in 3 loads of wheat. I finished shocking wheat & oats up here. Cleared off with a few light squalls of rain. Cooler.

5. Sun. 5 August 1894. S.S. & meeting as usual. Jas. Johnston was not there as Robbie got hurt yesterday and is scarcely concious. I read 3rd ch. 1st John. Maybeth went down with me to the station. Mr. Dobbin has had a bad cut on his arm. Mrs. Dobbin is better. I got home and rested for I am not well. The young folk all went to meeting at night. Fine & pleasant.

6. Mon. 6. We got in all the Alsike & wheat by night and I went up to corner at night and took a look at the oats and got some other choring done. Saw Mr. McLean about taking 1/2 a sheep. A few squalls of rain.

7. Tue. 7. Andrew at Grants threshing. S.T., W.K. & J. Rich. pulling peas in No.1 S. John & I went up to the corner and got down 2 loads of oats to thresh tomorow and got other chores done. The young folks went off to the river. Earnest English is here. Fine but rather hot. A light shower fell at times. [ ] dew.

8. Wed. 8. We got threshing but about the first thing a fork went through breaking the concave which made us nearly noon before we got going again but we got done by a big rush. The wheat is very poor. It will have to be used for feeding cattle. Fine. Cloudy at night & cooler.

9. Thur. 9. John got cutting oats, No.4 & 3 S. Andrew cut the peas No.1 S. & S.T. & J. Rich. put them out with forks. W.K. at McLeans threshing. We got in 5 loads of peas at night. Young folks up to C. Endeavour. Off to Beach tomorow. Fine. Cool & pleasant.

10. Fri. 10. Young folk all off to Beach but Ruth. J. Rich., W.K. & S.T. pulling peas at corner. Charlie helped me to butcher a sheep yesterday so that Mr. McLean could get some for his threshing but he only took 1 qr. 18 lbs. so I had to take the rest up to the corner this A.M. and sell it out in peices, W. Orchard, 10 lbs. at 7 c., I. Downey, 39 c., Mr. Young, 20 c., Aunt Grace, 7 lbs, I think, at 6 c., 42 c. I went up afternoon again to see about mail and found a letter had been lying from De Laporte since yesterday unknown to me. I got home as soon as I could and got shocking oats. Young folk late home. Very fine & pleasant. Cool at night.

11. Sat. 11. We got up to the corner and drew in with two teams getting in all of Uncle Andrews peas (for which I give him $20) and all the goose wheat but 2 loads. I got down home and shocked up all the oats that are cut. Very fine harvest weather.

12. Sun. 12. S.S. & meeting as usual. Jas. Johnston read 111 ch. John. H. Coles spoke on the Word, I on setting to his seal, & regeneration. Miss Bremner went down to the station with me. It is more encouraging. I rested at night. Fine & some warmer.

13. Mon. 13. John finished cutting oats (except Joanette). I went up with Andrew & W.K. and finished cutting the peas at corner. I went down to the station afternoon in case Mama may have come but did not expect her till tomorow but I thought a P.C. which I sent today may alter her plans. She was not there so I got home as soon as I could and shocked oats. Fine & pleasant. J. Rich. & Charlie not here.

14. Tue. 14 August 1894. We got hauling in peas from No.1 S. but had to turn them first and shock oats but rain threatened so we got in 2 more loads and then Andrew & I went down to the station and met Mama & Annie & Jane and brought them up to the corner. Andrew went on home and I staid up for the night. Fine but rather hot. Rain about 3.30 P.M. Thunderstorms 9 P.M.

15. Wed. 15. I got down home as soon as I could and we all went back & logging below T.B.S.'s house & Andrew cultivated fallow. Afternoon I threshed Experimental Fall Wheat and turned over what peas were left in No.1 S. A letter from De Laporte enclosing $2.00 omitted in the other letter for the hay. Girls away to Mrs. Lumleys. Mama came down to see how we all were and John drove her up again. Cold & cloudy. N.W. wind. cleared off at night.

16. Thur. 16. John, W.K. & J. Rich. logging. Charlie helped me to clean up the Experimental wheat and then went back to help log. Andrew cultivating fallow. I went up to corner and turned peas and did other chores getting home 5.30. John cut Joanette oats and the rest of the peas in No.1 S. Mr. Bunker & a Mr. Wilson came to buy a horse. Young folk up to Christian Endeavour. Clear, cool & pleasant. N.W. winds.

17. Fri. 17. We all got up to the corner as soon as we could and finished up the harvest there getting home about 6.30 P.M. We got in 2 loads of oats and got the Joanette oats shocked up. Fine harvest weather.

18. Sat. 18. W. Knapp has got struck with Poison Ivy while logging so I squared up with him and he went home to Doctor himself. J. Rich. cut weeds etc. round the pea stubble, No.1 S. Charly T. & I made a gangway before the west stable and fixed a trough up at G'pa's for the calves to get water. John at the corner harrowing but he came down after supper and got in two loads of oats and Andrew got in the hay that was round the fence corners and one load of oats. They are a good crop. Cloudy & [ ] fresh wind, P.M. Thundershower last night.

19. Sun. 19. S.S. & meeting as usual. I read XXX Prov. & IV c., John 1st Epistle. Jas. Johnston went with me down to the station Sunday School. It is more encouraging, thank the Lord. Mama brought Annie down to Evergreen Home in the basket carriage so we are all together again. Young folk away to evening meetings. Fine & pleasant.

20. Mon. 20. A. Orchard came down to help us haul in oats but a light rain came on so he went home again. Andrew ganged in No.1 S. & J. Richardson. John & I went back and logged. Charlie T. went up to Mr. McLeans and got an iron of the axle of horserake mended and then raked pea stubble. The weather was fine & dry by noon so we got a good spell at the hauling in oats by night. They are a good crop, the best we have ever had I think, about 5 loads, & rakings out yet. I let J. Rich. go tonight to put in the rest of his time next week. A light rain, 6.30 A.M. Cleared off fine after.

21. Tue. 21 August 1894. Andrew ganging No.1 S. John, Alb. O. & I hauling in oats. Got done all but Joanette by noon. Charlie T. horseraked till noon and was pulling down the horse fork to unload the rakings after dinner and a prong of it struck my ribs which laid me up for the rest of the day. John & C.T. cleaned up 6 bags of wheat and got in experimental peas & oats. Fine harvest weather. John [ ].

22. Wed. 22. Andrew off to town with 2 of Johns sheep which he sold yesterday and 6 bags of wheat for gristing. He got 2 sheep for I. Downey to take in to Barrie for the same party. C.T. is troubled with Poison Ivy so he went to town to get some medicine. John finished ganging No.1 S. I took 38 sheep & lambs up to the corner to stubble there & threshed out Experimental Peas, but was not well so rested awhile. Very dry but not hot. Smoky atmosphere.

23. Thur. 23. John & Andrew crossing sod fallow at T.B.S.'s. We got in the Joanette oats at night. I am not so well. Fine.

24. Fri. 24. I am not able to do much today. John & Andrew crossing sod fallow. Young folks gathering tonight which made it very late before we got to rest. Alice & Blanche are going to Barrie with Uncle Sam tomorow and Maybeth went along to see them off. Slept at the corner to get them going by in the morning. Fine but very hot & summery.

25. Sat. 25. I am not well enough to do much but chore & get in the Duchesse apples. The boys did not quite finish crossing the fallow at T.B.S. Fine & cooler.

26. Sun. 26. S.S. & meeting as usual. Jas. Johnston read XIV John. Heman spoke on the Word and Mr. Bremner said a few words. Mama staid up to be ready for Annie and I took her up after dinner on the way to the station. Miss Bremner went along. Not many there. Fine. Rather warmer.

27. Mon. 27. John finished crossing fallow and then went up to the corner to help Andrew with the fallow up there. I finished threshing and cleaning up experimental oats and peas and did other chores. Fine & cooler. A S.E. wind. Smokey.

28. Tue. 28. John and Andrew ploughing for fall wheat at corner farm. I had to get a pump rod fixed and do some other chores at the corner and afternoon I drew water and went round the maple trees that we planted against the concession & lane. They are withering with the dry weather. Fine & cooler. A N.W. wind. Still dry.

29. Wed. 29. I went to the corner to take up some things and then got home and harrowed in No.1 S. with Dick & Topsy. She got tired about 4 P.M. so I unhitched and went up to the corner and brought down the lambs. John & Andrew ploughed up there till night and then came down to haul out manure tomorow. Sow has 9 pigs, 8 living. [ ] [showers], A.M. Finer, P.M.

30. Thursday 30 August 1894. Franceys birthday. J. Richardson came down and they got hauling out manure to No.1 S. and I finished harrowing No.1 S. It is very dry and dusty. Mama and Annie came down, A.M. The young folk up to C. Endeavour at night. Cool & rather cloudy. N.W. wind. (Linda) 3

31. J. Rich. - John & Andrew getting out manure. I harrowed some of the sod fallow by T.B.S. but it is very rough and hurt my feet a good bit so I just chored, P.M., mended bags, etc. Fine & very dry. 1894: September

1. Sat. 1st September 1894. The boys finished the manure by noon and then J. Rich. went to threshing for J. Chapple (J. Hindle) and John & Andrew cleaned up seed wheat and I took 4 bags up to chopp and after we fixed the pump at G'pa's got down wood rails, etc. My feet are very sore. I did some hand piling in the slash, A.M. Close & warm, A.M. More breeze, P.M.

2. Sun. 2. S.S. & meeting as usual. A falling off in attendance on account of a popular Methodist Minister. God bless His own word by whoever proclaimed. Maybeth went down to the station with me and I took Annie & Mama up to the corner on the way. Very hot & dry.

3. Mon. 3. John & Andrew ploughing No.1 S. I spread manure for them, got down chopp & took up some things to the corner. Andrew & Francey off to Harvest Dinner at Methodist Church tonight. Dry & warm. S. wind.

4. Tue. 4. John & Andrew up to the corner to plough for fall what, No.1 E. I had a lot of choring to do and spread manure afternoon. John Rich. not here. Cloudy, A.M. Cleared off, P.M.

5. Wed. 5. John Rich. came down and spread manure. I took some things up to the corner, sifted Timothy seed and Andrew started drilling in wheat, 1 1/3 & 6 lbs. of Timothy to the acre. I got down home, drew up a barrel of water from the creek and helped John Rich. with manure. Dry & dusty.

6. Thur. 6. John Rich. at W. Grahams threshing. I got things straightened here and then hitched Dick & Topsy to Democrat and went by the corner and got Mama and went to Barrie taking 2 bags, 4 bus. wheat for S. Tracy which finished paying him. I saw E. Nealy about a new pump & he is going to be out on Monay and will bring one. We had dinner with Aunt Bessie, saw Dr. Patterson about Annie and got away for home, 4 P.M. but it was very close & Topsy tired so we did not get home till 7 P.M. John & Andrew finished at corner, 4 P.M. Rather close & warm. Very dusty.

7. Fri. 7. J. Rich. helped spread the last of manure. John & Andrew ploughing No.1 S. I did some choring & got up a barrel of water from the creek, A.M. Afternoon J. Rich. harrowed with Dick & Topsy and I went back and handpiled in the slash by T.B.S.'s house. Close & cloudy, A.M. A few drops of rain, P.M. and a heavy shower in the night.

8. Sat. 8. J. Rich. & I cleaned up seed wheat and then he harrowed and Andrew hitched to the Drill and I got some apples picked. They are falling off very fast. I went up to the corner and staid over night. Rather close, warm, cloudy, breezy, P.M.

9. Sun. 9 September 1894. S.S. & meeting as usual. J. Johnston read V ch. Ephesians. Heman Coles spoke on A[melia] XVII, E[ ]. Miss Bremner went down to the station with me & I came back by the corner to leave her and rested at home at night. Fine but rather hot.

10. Mon. 10. John and Andrew finished putting in the wheat, No.1 S. E. Nealy came out and put in a new pump at the house and fixed the old pump for G'pa's well. I went up to the corner and cleaned out the water furrows in the wheat, No.1.E. which took me all day. Miss Corbett, Mrs. Bremner, J. Rich. mowing oats stubble, P.M. Miss Tracy, etc. came to tea. Miss Corbett gave me a nice present - "Baptist cent[ ]." Cleared off. Cold N.W. wind. Thunderstorm last night.

11. Tue. 11. J. Rich. came and we all went back to the logging. I took a look through the bush to see if I could find the young cattle but they were not in sight. Cold N.W. wind.

12. Wed. 12. Frost last night. I had promised to leave $4.40 for Rueben Pilky at the corner but Mama & Francey went up and I forgot till Mama came home and told me he had called so I got $2.00 that was in the house and drove over to old Mr. Jones's right after breakfast and found him, Rueben, just ready to leave for Osprey. I went back by the corner and cut some wood and did some other chores and then got home and helped at the logging. We got all the wettest of the land pretty well done and so I think we will let it go now for awhile till we get some ploughing done and the rest of the fall wheat in. I straightened up with J. Rich. He wanted $1.00 a day for the harvest work but I always told him from the first that I would only give him $20.00 per month which I think is plenty. Francey & Maybeth went to town. Francey could not get her teeth fixed so she staid in over night. Frost last night. Fine today. N. wind.

13. Thur. 13. Andrew and John working at sod fallow by T.B.S.'s. I went to the slash to fire & pick up but a rain came on about 10 A.M. which put us all into the barn. We cleaned up 20 bags of wheat & got 400 lbs. oats from J. Chapple, and John & Andrew worked at fallow again after 3 P.M. and I went up and got Dick shod and cut some wood. Chill S.E. wind & rain at 10 P.M. till 12. Fair after.

14. Fri. 14. John & Andrew at fallow & they got all ploughed that is fit for wheat. I went up to corner to get Norm shod and found Uncle Andrew wanted seed wheat so young James came down with Jess & Democrat and I helped him up with wheat and got it weighed and then home and got the wheat land, No.1 S. gripped. There is only one furrow at the south end to carry off all the water. I got the oat stubble partly raked up and burned off but there is a little more to do yet. Fine. Warm & summery. N.W. wind.

15. Saturday 15 September 1894. John ganging oat stubble, No.4 & 5 S. Andrew putting in wheat on sod fallow, T.B.S.'s. I went to town with 20 bags of wheat, 45 bus. at 52 c., $23.40, paid Mr. Woods bill, $5.00 ($5.00 paid before). Sold 5 barrels of apple to J.J. Brown at $1.00 per [ ] and brought barrels out with me. Got home 7 P.M. Wet with heavy thunder shower. Warm & thundery. Heavy storm.

16. Sun. 16. S.S. & meeting as usual. I read & spoke from XXXV Numbers, "Refuge." Mama & Jane went down with me to the station Sunday School I am very tired tonight. Fine & cooler.

17. Mon. 17. Andrews birthday - 21 - I gave him the 2 biggest ewe lambs. John is ganging oat stubble and Andrew finished putting in the wheat at T.B.S.'s. I did a lot of chores and picked apples. Rather close & cloudy but cleared off at night.

18. Tue. 18. John helped me up to the corner with 2 pigs for feed and pen room is scarce here. I would rather have had the 3 bigger ones but they would not drive. We brought down 2 old sheep to fatten and then John harrowed a part of the sod fallow we did not get in with wheat. Andrew is ganging. I raked up stubble and fired it. Fine. Clear & pleasant.

19. Wed. 19. Andrew ganging. John away to Barrie with 7 barrels of apples to J.J. Brown, $6.25. I went up to the corner and did some choring there and went down to J. Lumleys and got a scraper. Afternoon I fired some heaps in the slash. It does not burn very well.

20. Thur. 20. A rainy morning so Andrew went with J. McLean to help him home with a colt from near Stayner. I wrote to Uncle Fred & afternoon John finished the ganging & began harrowing. I cut & got in sunflowers & corn from the front garden. Rainy, A.M. Fine, P.M.

21. Fri. 21. Andrew harrowing oat stubble. John & I changed the pigs, taking the 3 big ones up to the corner and bringing the 2 younger ones down again and then we begun to get up the potatoes. John went to D. Woods threshing, P.M., and Andrew helped me with the potatoes. They are a good crop. Fine with N.W. wind.

22. Sat. 22. We all worked at the potatoes. Ruth and Jane picking up and John when he got back from D. Woods threshing about 10 A.M. We did not get quite done. Fine with S.W. & W. winds. Thunderstorm at night.

23. Sun. 23. S.S. & meeting as usual. Jas. Johnston read 3 ch. Acts. Heman spoke a few words & I on "turning from iniquities." Mama went with me down to the station. Rain squalls. Cold N.W. wind.

24. Mon. 24. Rainy again but some dry spells. Andrew harrowed a little. Andrew went up to the corner at night with team to try the ploughing on Wednesday. He is to help Peter Knapp threshing tomorow. John is suffering with a cold. Sylvia heifer calved. Some heavy rain squalls from N.W. Colder.

25. Tue. 25. Andrew at Peter Knapps threshing. John and I sowed some Timothy seed on No.3 & 4 N. where the other grass is scant and then John harrowed it and I picked 4 barrells of Snow Apples. A few squalls, A.M., but cleared off fine with hard frost at night.

26. Wednesday 26th September 1894. Andrew helped Peter Knapp to finish threshing and then to plough at corner farm. John and I went on the road and did some ploughing and scraping at the gully bridge above our beat, A.M. John harrowed afternoon and I cut corn and shocked some. Hard frost. Fresh S.E. wind today.

27. Thur. 27. John finished the harrowing, sod fallow, and I finished cutting and shocking the corn by noon. Afternoon we went up & did a lot of ploughing and scraping on the hill. I have a heavy cold tonight. Fresh S.E. wind. Fine.

28. Fri. 28. John & I went up and finished on the hill by noon and brought down a Jersey sow from McLeans. John pulled the beans afternoon and I rested for my cold is bad. Fine & sunny.

29. Sat. 29. I did some chores and rested, A.M. Afternoon I took a load of wood up to the corner and John fired some heaps in the slash & we got down a load of cornstalks. Fine & very hot.

30. Sun. 30. I heard last night that little Ada Morren was dead so I arranged with Dr. Bremner to take my place this A.M. and I drove in to Barrie with Mama and came out with the funeral, afternoon. The world is full of sorrow. Aunt Bessie staid out here for a rest. Andrew took Miss Scott home in the evening which made him late home. She has been staying out here for a while. Warm with S. wind & light showers. Cleared off with cold N. wind after 2 P.M. 1894: October

1. Mon. 1st October 1894. John and Andrew cleaning up wheat, A.M. & I had to go to the corner and do some chores & get 12 bags for a lot of ours are missing. Afternoon we worked on the road which more than finishes our time. I took Mama down to see Mrs. Heman Coles. She is very sick. Cool N.W. wind.

2. Tue. 2. Andrew went off to the corner fall ploughing. John took twenty two bags of wheat in, 50 bus. at 46 c. I did a lot of tinkering and choring and running about and went to see Mark Knapp about lumber at night. S.E. wind. Sprinkled rain at times.

3. Wed. 3. John & I cleared up the barn floor and put the bins ready for threshing. Afternoon he hunted awhile and I went down to Mark Knapps and got some lumber. Andrew at corner. Heavy rain, A.M. Fine, P.M. A thundershower at night.

4. Thur. 4. John choring. I went to town with wheat, 48 bus., 35 lbs. at 47 c., $22.76 c. I sent $25.00 to Chicago by Express order and gave Bemrose $14.00 for harness and Nealy $5.00 for pump fixing. I saw Archie Watson on the road. He wants a horse. I got home about dark. Francey went up afternoon and brought Mama down. Rather chilly and cloudy. S.W. wind.

5. Fri. 5. I went down to mark Knapps Mill and got some more lumber, 560 ft., and went out afternoon. John ploughed in No.4 & 5 S. & Andrew ploughing at the corner, No.3 W. Fairish, A.M. Rain squalls, P.M. N.W. winds.

6. Saturday 6 October 1894. We drew water and did some other chores, A.M. Andrew got down from the corner by noon and we got threshing by 1.30 P.M. Finished the peas and got the machine shifted so as to put the oat straw in the mow. The peas were threshed from and got a few oats threshed by night. Cold. High N.W. winds. Fine.

7. Sun. 7. S.S. & meeting as usual. I read 139 Ps. Search. Know. Try. See. Lead. Supposed willingness to be led and that He goes before - . Miss Bremner went to the station with me and I got Annie Ferguson down with me after I got back from the station. I rested at night. Fine fall weather.

8. Mon. 8. We finished threshing down here and got moved up to the corner and started before noon. We finished up there by night except the peas which we will thresh ourselves. Andrew stayed up to plough. I sold the old buggy to James Tracy on Saturday night for $20.00 to be paid in 6 months, partly in work, threshing, etc. He was here today. Showers, A.M. Cleared off. Cold N.W. wind.

9. Tue. 9. John ploughing here. Andrew at corner. Henri French came and we worked in the slash, A.M. Afternoon we cut up some wood that was skidded out. Fine with cold N.W. winds.

10. Wed. 10. John and I picked snow apples at T.B.S.'s and got them about done, 3 P.M. and then John took a load of wood up to the corner and brought chopp down. I took Mama up to tea with Mr. Stevens (China Inland Mission) and Mr. Rutledge (Methodist Minister) at the corner as Maybeth did not like to be alone, as hostes. We had a good meeting in the Presbyterian Church but I was late home. Dull & cloudy. A few drops of rain at night.

11. Thur. 11. John & I cut wood and did other chores, A.M. He ploughed P.M. and I fixed a new fence south of barnyard. I went up to church meeting at night. Girls to Christian Endeavour. Rain squalls, A.M. Finer, P.M.

12. Fri. 12. John at I. Downeys threshing. I went down to the station with A. Malcolm and got 825 ft. plank for floor of pigpen. Henri French is here underbrushing. Afternoon I hauled in the corn and beans and did a lot of choring. Frost last night. Dull, warm & cloudy today. Rain at night.

13. Sat. 13. John at I. Downeys & W. Orchards threshing. I fixed up 2 panels of fence against the barnyard. Mended up some pig troughs and tore down some of the old pigpens. I went down to the station at noon to meet G'ma but she did not come. A telegram saying she would come on Monday. Showery and dull. Cold N.W. wind at night.

14. Sun. 14. S.S. & meeting as usual. Jas. Johnston read 1st ch. 1st Cor. & Heman Coles spoke on "Be strong." Mr. Bremner, IX Jeremiah, 2324. Mama went down to the station with me and we had a class in Rob't Thomases house for it was very cold in the other place. Cold N.W. wind with dashes of snow & hail.

15. Mon. 15 October 1894. Andrew at Grants threshing. John and I cleared away from the old pig pens, shifted eavestroughs and drew out some manure. John went down to the station to meet G'ma intending to go from there to Furgusonvale to get the spring put in the buggy and see Dr. Murphy on the road about pains in his stomach. I finished getting out the manure except some scrapings which I put in a heap out of the way and then tore down some of the old log pen which was the first stable we had 23 years ago. Mama went up to the corner and came down with John. Dull & cloudy but some gleams of sunshine at times. Colder at night.

16. Tues. 16. James Tracey came this morning and we got up cedar sills and hewed them at the house and cleared away the old log pen, A.M. John ploughed forenoon but J. Tracy afternoon and we got the sills all into place and the frame of the new pig pen mostly up by night. It is Annies birthday (17). God bless the child. Mary Johnston, May Knapp & Rosa Collins came down - also Mr. Rutledge (Methodist Minister) and the young folk all went up to Methodist prayer meeting at night. Rather cold and windy. Fall weather.

17. Wed. 17. J. Tracy ploughing. John, Andrew & I at the pig pen. We finished the frame, laid floor and got up rafters and some of it sheeted & boarded in. A man from near Stayner came with a Percheron horse with the idea of trading with Andrew for Maud but he wanted too much boot. I went up to the corner at night and got the little box stove and a lot of pipe and went down to the station and Rob Thomas helped me to put it up in the meeting house but we were short of pipe so I came back by the corner and put 5 links ready for Mr. Young to take down tomorow with mail. Very cold blustering N.W. wind. Calmer at night.

18. Thur. 18. Reuben Pilky & J. Tracy here and we got working at the mangels. Andrew drew in forenoon & John & he afternoon. They are a very good crop. We topped them in the feild. Fine & pleasant.

19. Fri. 19. We all worked at the mangels, A.M. J. Tracy went home, P.M. & I picked the Talman Sweet apples at G'pa's, 3 barrels & 2 bags. Ed & James Jones were here helping. They are to get mangels for their work. The young folk off tonight to C.E. tea at corner. Fine & rather hot, P.M.

20. Sat. 20. Jas. Tracy did not come but we all worked at the mangels till afternoon when T. Fostor came over to say he had shot a man back in the woods - so we fixed a stretcher and went back, Geo. McLean & Tom, Geo. Tracy, Andrew & I. We had a tough time carrying him out. It was Arthur Tomlinson & Joe - who were shot. Mr. Knapp was with them. I took Arthur home in the buggy but Joe walked. Dr. Brown was there but he could not manage so I went to town & sent Dr. McCarthy. I did not get home till 12.30 A.M. Sunday. Arthurs leg is broken and Joe had a shot in his arm & side. Fine. Warm & summery.

21. Sun. 21 October 1894. S.S. and meeting as usual. I read 103 Ps. Heman Coles spoke on last verses of Mathew - Baptisms. Miss Bremner went down to the station with me, afternoon. I took Annie up to the corner on the way. Fine. Warm & summery.

22. Mon. 22. John ploughing No.4 S. Andrew took up a load of mangels to corner & I went with him. Ed & James Jones were there and we got in the chaff by noon. Mama & Maybeth went to town afternoon. We finished up the mangels. Fine. Warm & summery.

23. Tue. 23. John and Andrew ploughing. I went down to see T. Culfort about getting his engine which is at J. Chapples to cut oat sheaves. He was at his father-in-laws so I had to go over there. He promised to come down on Saturday. I picked up apples, etc. afternoon. Fine. Fall weather.

24. Wed. 24. John and Andrew ploughing. I did chores and got some old lumber of buildings at G'pa's. Saw a heifer at Angus McDougals & told him if he could not do better I would give him 20 bus. of wheat. I went up to corner at night & cut some wood. Fine. Fall weather.

25. Thur. 25. Andrew off to Stroud to a ploughing match taking Francey with him. John ploughing. I got all the apples picked that we have and did some boarding in at the pig pen. Fine. Rather cloudy.

26. Fri. 26. We all got working at the pig pen and got it sheeted and bedboards and edging put on and started shingling. John went to corner at night & took up some meal coming round by E. Jones's to get the boys to help us tomorow. Cloudy. S.E. wind.

27. Sat. 27. T. Culfort came down with the Engine about 9.30 A.M. and we got cutting awhile before dinner but the reversing wheel kept catching and we had to stop and take it off and then we got along all right and finished about 5 P.M. Rueben Pilky was here & Ed & Jas. Jones. Fine. Fall weather.

28. Sun. 28. S.S. & meeting as usual. Jas. Johnston read 2 ch. Mark and Heman Coles spoke on Humilty & Byron read XV ch. John. Maybeth went down to the station with me. More little folk out. I called to see Joe & Arthur Tomlinson. They are doing all right. Joe about well again. I heard that John Tracy was very sick so I went over there after doing chores, which made me very tired. John T. has been in bed a week. Fine & very pleasant.

29. Mon. 29. John & Andrew ploughing by T.B.S. house, N.1 N.W. Rueben Pilky came & helped me to clean up a load of peas and some wheat for Mr. Evans in Barrie. Afternoon he helped me shingle on the pig pen. John went up to Phelpston to see Dr. Murphy in the evening. Francey & Andrew went up to practice for Christian Endeavour at night. Fine but strong S.E. wind. Looks like rain.

30. Tue. 30. Andrew off to town with peas & wheat. John & I shingled awhile but a steady rain came on so we had to quit and do chores. I went down to the station afternoon and shipped a box of apples to M. Fletcher and came home by the corner and cut some wood, etc. Steady rain after 9 A.M. Cleared off 2 P.M. Rain again at night.

31. Wednesday 31 October 1894. We cleaned up the rest of the peas, 16 bags, & John took up 5 bags of peas & wheat to chopp for pits. Afternoon we worked at the pig pen and the young folk got off in good time to the C.E. meeting. Miss Batty who is going out to China was there. Heavy rains, A.M. Cleared off, P.M. Colder. 1894: November

1. Thur. 1st November 1894. John away to town with peas. Francey took Maybeth down to the station and saw her off to Toronto where she is going to stay for awhile and attend Evangelistic meetings by D.L. Moody. Andrew & I finished shingling the pig pen and got it boarded round and doors hung. Andrew went up at night to plough at corner. John got home at dark bringing 8 sheep that he got from Hubbert. We are to give him lambs for them at Christmass. He got 51 c. for peas, $18.90. Fine. Rather cold N.W. wind.

2. Fri. 2. Andrew ploughing at corner. John and I worked at the pig pen and got it done enought to get them in by night. The C.E. had a farewell party for Miss Batty at night so I went up and took a cup of tea with them. We were late home. Dull & Novembery.

3. Sat. 3. John and I were busy fixing up the pig pens and hen house when Andrew came down to say James Ronald had shot himself and was dying. Andrew was going to Barrie to get Nelly Cameron who had been living with them. I took Francey up to stay till Nellie got back and after helping to wash and dress the body I went to town with Dick and Uncle Andrew's Democrat and got the coffin and we got him put in and things as straight as we could and got home again about 10 P.M. Cold rain squalls from N.W.

4. Sun. 4. S.S. & meeting as usual. W. Knapp went down to the station with me. I came back by the corner and spoke to Mr. Shaw and Mr. Orchard about the school children walking to the grave tomorow and they thought it would be well. Rather raw & chilly.

5. Mon. 5. Grandma S.'s birthday. "Blessed are the dead." I helped John down with some hay from the old barn and then went up to the corner to complete arrangements for the funeral. I ommitted sending a rig down to the station to meet any that might come and Uncle George & R. Fletcher felt slighted. I am sorry but cannot help it now. Mr. Rutledge gave out a hymn and prayed at the house about 2 P.M. and we went over to the Church where we had a short service lasting about 40 minutes and then we put the coffin into Uncle Andrews own rig and went down to the cemetry where we laid the dead away to rest. Mr. Rutledge read the service and we went back to the sorrowing house. Andrew took Uncle Geo. to the station and John took R. Fletcher & W. Orchard took Aunt Jane. I staid up to the Bible Society meeting at night and took tea with the bereaved ones. We were late home again and I am very tired. A cold N.W. wind but fine and sunny at times. Freezing hard at night.

6. Tuesday 6 November 1894. Andrew at corner ploughing. John and I butchered a sheep, bagged up 8 bags of grain to chopp and John took it up with a load of wood to the corner. Afternoon we sawed up some wood and cleaned up 12 bags of wheat. Cold but sunny at times. Snow squalls at night.

7. Wed. 7. I went to town taking Sylvia's calf and 12 bags of wheat. I left the calf with Hubbert at $4.50 and took the wheat down to Tollendale for grist so I was late home. Cold but some gleams of sunshine.

8. Thur. 8. Hard frost last night. John ploughed some in the rootland till noon and then went up to the corner to help Andrew. Francey went up at night and sent Ruth down for she is suffering with a sore throat. I covered part of the mangel pit and chored. Cold & rather wintry.

9. Fri. 9. The ground is too hard frozen to plough so after doing some choring at the corner the boys came down and cut wood afternoon and Andrew took a load up to corner at night and staid up to feed pigs and if the ground softens to plough tomorrow. I chored and went up to Peter Knapps to see the clover threshers about threshing our clover. They have to go to Ploughright - Wyles - & Craw[ ] first so it will be Wednesday before they get here. Ruth has to keep her bed with sore throat. Cold & wintry. Snowy at night and a little milder.

10. Sat. 10. Ruth is better today. We all went back to the bush and moved a peice of the fence from No.1 N.W. and began laying it up West of the peice we cleared this fall. Afternoon Andrew went up to the corner to plough and John ploughed in the Alsike feild No.2 N. I did some chores and helped Angus McDugal to clean up 20 bus. of wheat for a heifer I took from him. Lizzie Bell came. Wintry, A.M. Milder, P.M. Freezing at night.

11. Sun. 11. Maybeths birthday. God bless the child. She is in Toronto. We all went to meeting but Mama, Ruth & Annie. Jas. Johnston read 1st ch. James. Heman Coles spoke awhile. Mama went with me down to the station. Byron came to tea. He is going to Parry Sound tomorow. God be with him and keep from evil & inspire to the Good. Cold & wintry. Sunny at times.

12. Mon. 12. John away with Benj'n O'Brien to hunt. Andrew came down from the corner and we worked at hen house, A.M. He went up again at night. Milder.

13. Tue. 13. John away with Benj'n O'Brien for another hunt. Andrew came down and we finished up the hen house and got them dusted with insect powder and put into their new quarters. Andrew went up at noon to try the ploughing. The clover machine came down afternoon so I was kept busy getting things ready for it. Wintry but milder, P.M.

14. Wednesday 14 November 1894. We got threshing in good [ ] and found the clover seed was turning out better than we thought. We had Rueben Pilky, Benj'n Tracy & 2 Jones so Andrew and I got the young cattle hunted up and he took 8 of them up to the corner as it is snowing fast. Snow squalls, A.M. Wintry, P.M.

15. Thur. 15. We finished threshing about 10 A.M. and John took the machine down to G. Campbels and the rest of us worked at the roots for a rapid thaw set in and the snow was about all gone by night. Albert Orchard is getting 150 bus. turnips. Soft. A rapid thaw.

16. Fri. 16. Andrew at corner ploughing. Mr. Collins, Dan Jones & Henri [F--] helping. John & I at the roots. We were nearly through with that feild by night but have carrots at the house to get up yet and a few turnips and parsnips. Fine & pleasant. Colder at night.

17. Sat. 17. We got down the few mangels and turnips that were left in the feild and then ploughed out and got in carrots from the front. We left one load on the waggon on barn floor and got the rest thrown off on the barn floor and topped afternoon and John ploughed, P.M. Dan'l Jones helped and I gave him $2.00 which I think pays him up. I could not find the young cattle at night so they had to stay out. Uncle Fred's birthday. Cold N.W. wind.

18. Sun. 18. S.S. & meeting as usual. I read 32 Ps. and IV Rom. Mr. Wallace, Bapt. student, spoke & Heman Coles on Obedience. I got a Thanksgiving service anounced, and Fred'k Foysten went with me to the station. The folk that were there suggest the S.S. be moved for the present to Josephine and have an evening meeting through the week at the station. Lord direct. Rather wintry.

19. Mon. 19. Heavy snowstorm through the night so John & I went after the cattle & a colt that we did not get in last Saturday. We found them all right and got into winter quarters and then took up the apples to put in the celler at the corner and [6] bus. of mangels that were a little frozen on the barn floor for H. [B--] and 5 bags of flour for Uncle Andrew. 10 bus., 22 lbs. oats to Dr. Brown, $3.20 c. Cold N.W. winds.

20. Tue. 20. We chored up and topped the load of carrots that was left on the barn floor, putting them in an empty stall in the cow stable to thaw out. Andrew came down and he & John went with Benj. O'Brien for a hunt. I got ties fixed for cattle, etc. Wintry but some milder.

21. Wed. 21. We picked over some potatoes from pits and John took up 13 bags for ourselves and 9 (937 lbs.) for Mrs. Cota & 6 for Uncle Andrew. There are 2 pits to pick over yet. Mild & pleasant.

22. Thur. 22. Thanksgiving day. God give the thankful heart. "I will make all my goodness pass before thee." John & I picked over the most of the two pits of potatoes. We got 6 bags down for our own use & put the rest in a pit. Mama went with me to Thanksgiving service in our church. We heard that Wm. Johnston was dead so we went over which made us late home. Francey & I went up to C.E. thanksgiving at night. I sold 4 pigs. Stayner next Tuesday.

23. Friday 23 November 1894. John & I went back and drew some nails to fence the pits and got up a load of wood and then he ploughed while I fixed up the fence and did up a lot of chores. I went down to the station at night expecting a good turnout but there were only 3 besides myself. The shutters were not open and we thought the people did not see the light so I agreed to go down again next Fri. Andrew ploughed since yesterday 10 A.M. at the corner farm. Some very cold squalls from N.W. and a little rain. Milder & calmer at night.

24. Sat. 24. John ploughing. I cut wood, cleaned stovepipes & chored generally. Afternoon I took G'ma Ronald up to Wm. Johnstons funeral but we did not go to the house. Andrew finished ploughing at the corner except 2 headlands. G'ma staid with Uncle Andrew for the night. Calm, cloudy, mild, A.M. Blustering N.W. squalls with snow, P.M.

25. Sun. 25. S.S. & meeting as usual. Jas. Johnston read V ch., 2nd Cor. Mr. Bremner said a few words and I on being clothed upon. Mama went with me down to the station and I took G'ma R. over to see Mrs. Wm. Johnston on the way and called for her coming back and brought her down to E.H. and Mama staid up till evening and came down with John who went up expecting a meeting but there was none. Rather wintry. Some snow squalls from N.W.

26. Mon. 26. Andrew choring at corner, & we down here. I promised a Mr. Burell from Josephine on Saturday night that I would see Jas. Chapple about oats. He does not want to sell for less than 30 c. so I left word with Jas. McLean to tell Mr. Burell as he was going down to Josephine. We butchered a sheep and Andrew came down and fixed up waggon box to take pigs to Stayner tomorow. I went up to corner and registered a letter to Geo.Ronald with $11.00, the last payment on the chair carriage and spoke to A. Armstrong about a horse he wants to buy. John took the old sow up in the sleigh and stayed up to help Andrew away to Stayner in the morning. Cold blustering S.E. wind. Some snow. Milder at night.

27. Tue. 27. I got up early and went up to the corner and helped the boys to load the pigs and then came down to chore here. We fixed up root house and cleared away rubbish from old pig pen. John took the Bull up to the corner and did up chores for Andrew, and Ruth went up with buggy to get some things from store. Blustering Nov. squalls with some snow. Milder P.M. Colder & stormier at night.

28. Wed. 28. We put in the day straightening up and choring generally. There is a lot of fixing up to do and winter seems fairly on. Very stormy. Heavy snow.

29. Thur. 29. Andrew came down with sleigh and Francey went with him and cousin A.Ronald to Barrie. They expect to meet Maybeth and bring her home. John is away on some pleasure excursion in Flos. I chored at all sorts of things. Calm but wintry. S.E. wind.

30. Fri. 30. Andrew came down and set some traps for mink at the creek. John & I cut wood and began boarding and felt papering inside the workshop. Afternoon Andrew took a box of butter down to the station for Mr. Farland, Toronto, and Mama & I went to Mrs. Tho's Kerfoot's funeral. I went down to station at night but the few that met agreed to give it up. Calmer & milder.