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William Standen fonds

Diary: November 1881 - 5 January 1885

Note: Capitals, periods, and commas have been added or eliminated in some instances for clarification purposes. Square brackets [ ] indicate indecipherable text, or a section that in the original is comprised of dashes, taken to mean that the missing text is identical to the text that is directly above on the page. Also, occasional misspellings appear in the original and these misspellings have been maintained (examples of some of the common misspellings are "intrest" for "interest,", "feild" for "field," "staid" for "stayed,"and "tomorow" for "tomorrow")

1881: November

3. Thur. 3. Took 2 more loads of potatoes down to the Station, A.M. Cleaned up 29 bags of wheat, P.M. The price has fallen from $1.30 ct. per bus. to $1.12 ct. Fine.

4. Fri. 4th. Went down to E.H. & picked over the potatoes. Put them in a pit & covered them & the carrots. Some snow squalls. Cold.

5. Sat. 5th. Heman drawing dung for Grandma R. I went to Barrie with 14 bags of wheat, 33 bus., 25 lb. Sold at $1.15 ct., $38.40. Brought 400 brick home for the A.R. Had a long talk with Pastor Smith. Mothers Birthday. Soft snow falling. Cold & chilly.

6. Sun. 6th. Meeting as usual. Went down to see Mrs. Taylor & S. Webber. Fine.

7. Mon. 7th. Went down to E.H. & began stumping the feild south of fathers, N.4. S. We fired some. They burn pretty well. Church meeting at night. (Lord do thou appear for us. We are very low). Fine but looks like rain.

8. Tue. 8. Brindle. Went down to E.H. & stumped what we could. Another fine day. Will put us through with 8 acres, No.4. S. Fine, rather warm.

9. Wed. 9th. Light rain last night but we went at the stumping again. Would have finished but broke the doubletree about 4 P.M. Fine.

10. Thur. 10th. Heman & I at T. Stokes's threshing. Fine but cold.

11. Fri. 11th. Finished threshing at Stokes's by noon. I went down to E.H. & swept out the house again. It wants scrubbing. Heman hauled wood for A.R., P.M. Fine, not quite so cold.

12. Sat. 12th. Heavy soft snow falling. We went down to E.H. & I scrubbed the upstairs & Heman scraped the downstairs over again. Fine after 3 P.M.

13. Sun. 13. Meeting, A.M., as usual. Mr. Smith came out from Barrie, P.M. No meeting at night. Squally.

14. Mon. 14. Heman helping McDonalds to thresh. I scrubbed downstairs in the house except the front room. Snowy, A.M. Fine, P.M.

15. Tue. 15. Heman straightened up at corner & then went to E.H. & rigged up pigpens. I went to town with 31 bus., 45 lb. Wheat sold at $1.20 ct. ($35.10). Agreed to load a car at that rate at Minesing Station. Late home. Snow storms, A.M. Cold, P.M.

16. Wed. 16. Heman, Lizzie, Bell & I went down to E.H. Heman finished up pigpen & cleaned out the stables, etc. Lizzie scrubbed out the house again & I fixed shelves in pantry, etc. Cold. Freezing.

17. Thur. 17. Cleaned up a lot of wheat, but the car is not come yet. Warmer.

18. Fri. 18. Went down to E.H. Heman cleaning out stables, henhouse, etc. I painted the stairs & dining room floor. Cold. Snow.

19. Sat. 19. Got word last night that the car was come. Sent Andrew down to see if Uncle T.B.S. would come & help haul wheat. W. Webber came & helped [ ] to clean up & we got 261 bus., 17 lb. delivered by night. Roads bad. Soft snow falling.

20. Sun. 20th Nov'r 1881. Meeting, A.M. "Fret not." Not much meeting, P.M. Went A.R.'s to tea. Fine.

21. Mon. 21. I finished loading the car. 408 bus. 22 lbs. Have 16 bags left. Thank the Lord. Fine. Cold.

22. Tue. 22. Heman whitewashing the stables at E.H. I fixed up some stalls & patched up generally. Cold, some snow.

23. Wed. 23. Began moving down to E.H. Heman whitewashing stables & helped Grandpa to butcher a pig. Slept down here at night but the children are all scattered about. (Oh spread Thy covering wings around). Pleasant.

24. Thur. 24. Fed up the animals & got another load of truck down, A.M. Snowstorm, cold.

25. Fri. 25. Got down the old sow & 6 pigs & another load of truck, P.M. Heman began for Grandma. Went up to the corner & brought down the stoves. It took me all afternoon rigging up. Cold & wintry.

26. Sat. 26. Rigged up stables down here. I have rather much stock. Cold & wintry.

27. Sun. 27. Meetings morning & afternoon. Mr. Smith not there. [Cold & wintry].

28. Mon. 28. I went up to the corner & boarded up the barn shed to keep the sheep in this winter. We took them up in the morning. 13 ewes & 13 ewe lambs. (Great Shepherd Keep). Wintry.

29. Tue. 29. Went to Barrie with 11 bags of wheat, the last there is at the store farm. 25 bus., 40 lbs. at $1.14 ct., $29.25 ct. Got the money for the car load I put on at Minesing, $484.00. Gave T.E. Jackson $202.50 ct. being all I owe him. Gave Grandma R. $200.00, Herman $30.00, & left for Knapps at the store 23.55, payment for lumber & shingles I got for the house. Late home. A rapid thaw set in last night & the sleighing is done.

30. Wed. 30. Got down hay & straw from Grandpa's barn to do me till I can thresh. M. Papineaus baby died this morning so he cannot come till Monday. Cloudy. Some rain. Soft.

1881: December

1. Thur. 1 Dec'r 1881. Did some chores A.M. Went up to corner intending to clean up stuff to be chopped at the Mill tomorow, but found man from Oton's at A.R.'s so he came down & fixed my spouting which did not run right. Some snow squalls. Cold.

2. Fri. 2nd. Went up to corner. Got some stuff cleaned up & took it to mill. Got it chopped & back with me and a grist that T.B.S. took for me last Sat. Got 6 bags (410 lbs) oats ground for Grandma R. Fine.

3. Sat. 3rd. Got down some more hay & straw from Grandpa's barn. Sold the 5 sheep to B. Tracy. He gets them one at a time. Brought down Engine from Papineaus. Drizzling.

4. Sun. 4. Meeting in morning as usual, but Mr. Dixon would not officiate so it fell to me. (Balaam). A church meeting was called for tomorow night. Letter read from W.J.C. asking chapel for Marshall. Mr. Smith came afternooon. Mama came up with me. Roads very muddy. Warm.

5. Mon. 5 Dec'r 1881. Started threshing in good time but the engine would not work. Had to let off the steam & water which hindered a good deal. The thresher does not run well either. Warm & muggy.

6. Tue. 6. Finished threshing the wheat & oats and put through about 18 bus. peas forenoon. Took the machine down to J. Parkers afternoon. The roads are at their worst. 1.90 bus. wheat, 160 oats. Warm & muggy with snow.

7. Wed. 7. Straightened up round the barn & house & driving shed. Very cold N.W. wind.

8. Thur. 8. Fixed up ties for calves, cut wood, spread manure, etc. Cold, calm, & cloudy.

9. Fri. 9. Finished spreading manure in garden. Cut wood & chored generally. Cold & stormy.

10. Sat. 10. Went up to corner farm & made a rack for the sheep. Cleaned up some peas that W. Webber threshed. He has the job of threshing them all at 8 ct. per bus. Wintry.

11. Sun. 11. Meeting as usual. We have no meeting now at night. (T. Stokes, A.M.). (Smith, P.M.).

12. Mon. 12. Helped Grandpa to butcher a pig. Cut some wood. Got bags down from corner & cleaned up 13 bags of wheat. Soft, some rain.

13. Tue. 13. Intended to go to town today, but it rained heavily so I put in the time cutting wood, etc. Fine, P.M.

14. Wed. 14. Cut wood & did some other chores. Paid Papineau $16.00 for threshing. Cold N.W. wind.

15. Thur. 15. Chored. Killed chickhens. Put handle in the axe & maul. Cold & snowy.

16. Fri. 16. Chored & threshed peas. Paid Stevenson for plastering the last. Fine, rather mild.

17. Sat. 17. Mama & I went to Barrie taking 7 chickhens, butter & 13 bags of wheat. Sold at $1.18, 30 bus., 45 lbs ($36.30 ct.) Paid taxes $20.40 ct., Mr. B. int. 37.50, children their money on the potatoes etc. Frost last night, soft today.

18. Sun. 18. Meetings as usual. (Charity, A.M.). (Moses blessing, P.M.). Fine but soft.

19. Mon. 19. Got horses & sleigh shod. Mama's birthday. [Fine but soft].

20. Tue. 20. Worked at straightening the shed. Put some shelves in pantrys. [Fine but soft].

21. Wed. 21. Went up to bush & chopped a little. S.S. meeting at night. Clearing ready for sawing. T.B.S. helped to saw awhile, P.M. Warm & close.

22. Thur. 22. Threshed peas, A.M. Sawed awhile up at bush, P.M. Heavy rain last night & this A.M. Misty, P.M.

23. Fri. 23.Mary Collins birthday. Children gone to it. Threshed & cleaned up peas. Wrote to W. Holmes, Mrs. Geo. [Crawford]. Clear & cold.

24. Sat. 24. Butchered bullock & 2 pigs. Cold & wintry.

25. Sun. 25. Meetings as usual. Very fine & pleasant.

26. Mon. 26. Went up to store & posted some letters. Came down to Grandpas to dinner & tea. Had a great gathering. Fine.

27. Tue. 27. Cut up & salted pork, A.M. Sawing in bush, P.M. Warm.

28. Wed. 28. 1881. Went up to elections of trustee for school, A.M. Sawed wood at bush, P.M. Trustee meeting at Church at night. Soft but raw.

29. Thur. 29. Went up to corner & cleaned up stuff for mill tomorow. A. Marshall gave a gospel address in Church. Small attendance. Fine.

30. Fri. 30. Froze last night. Went to mill with 9 bag of stuff to chop. Could not get it back. The roads are rough but solid. Got a load of wood from bush. Warm in sun.

31. Sat. 31. Threshed peas & cleaned them up. Heman brought down store horses. I had to take Netty up to Grandpa's stable for I am full down here. Cold & snowed all day.

1882: January

1. Sun. 1st Jan'y 1882. Meeting & S.S., A.M. (No night) as usual. No meeting, P.M. Went up to Presbyterian meeting at night. The beginning of week of prayer. Cold.

2. Mon. 2. Choring, A.M. Went up & gave my vote for councilmen & brought down Grandma R., Aunt Annie & Bellsmiths, to spend the New Years day. Cold & snowy.

3. Tue. 3. Fixed floor in Gips stall etc., A.M. Went to Phillips threshing, P.M. Very cold & stormy.

4. Wed. 4. Thirteen years married today. Split wood, A.M. Sawing, P.M. Clear & cold.

5. Thur. 5. Drew down all the wood that is sawed, A.M. Split & chored, P.M. Milder.

6. Fri. 6. T.B.S. & Grandpa helped me to butcher 6 pigs. Busy all day. Mild, snowy.

7. Sat. 7. Went to town with the six pigs. Sold 2 (351 lb.) at 750., $26.32 ct. Sold the other 4 at $7.30 ct., $56.55 ct. Hide of the bullock I killed day before Xmass, $2.75 ct. Paid Ball for flooring, $32.40, Sulivan, $3.00, Otton, $9.54 ct. Called at mill & got chop. Good sleighing. Mild.

8. Sun. 8. Meetings as usual (Mr. Smith, P.M.). I went to Presbyterian church at night. A Mr. Geddes is preaching there now. Close & cloudy & drizzling.

9. Mon. 9. Straightened up round the barn & house. Got out potatoes. Snow squalls.

10. Tue. 10. 39 years old today (Ebenezer). Split wood & chored, A.M. Took the children up to W.M. S.S. tea party, P.M. Snowy.

11. Wed. 11. Got horses shoes fixed & made a little table, A.M. Finished splitting all the wood that is in the shed, P.M. Mild.

12. Thur. 12. Went up to store farm & helped Webber's to clean up the peas they have threshed. Wm. helped me to take up a load of hay for old Charllie at the corner. Mama's charms kept me at home at night. Mild.

13. Fri. 13. Threshed a floor of peas, A.M. Cleaned up & fixed fanning mill, P.M. Snowy.

14. Sat. 14. Went out to Antern Mills. Paid $12.87 ct. for lath I got last fall & 2 plank for hay rack. The boys helped me to move some straw, P.M. Wintry.

15. Sun. 15. Meeting as usual, A.M. (Kingdom). Looked over S.S. prize books at night. We have some more to get. Pleasant & mild.

16. Mon. 16. Jan'y 1882. Mr. Jones came down & I helped [him] off with hay. He gave me $15.00 for 30 cwt. Snow squalls.

17. Tue. 17. Helped Jones away with two more loads of hay. He has more than [ ]. (Lord help him). Wintry.

18. Wed. 18. Alexander came from Antern mills & I sold him 2 mows of hay at $10.00 per ton. Take one load this afternoon. Sunny & squally.

19. Thur. 19. Took another load of hay to mill. Calm & wintry.

20. Fri. 20. Took a load of hay to A. Ronald for his cow, & put a load ready for mill. Mild & snowy.

21. Sat. 21. Took the load to mill. Father is sick so I did up the chores for him. Soft & snowy.

22. Sun. 22. A frightful snowstorm with bitter N.W. gale. Did up chores here & at Fathers & then went on foot to meeting. Only 5 there. Got some medicine for Father & asked the Dr. to come down as soon as the weather got calmer. He came down about 9 P.M. on foot & I went up with hm to see father. The land is badly drifted and it is very cold. Father is not so well.

23. Mon. 23. Did chores here & at Fathers & then hitched to the sleigh & broke the track up & down the lane, A.M. Went down to get Eliza to stay with Mother & sent the Dr. down again as father is no better. I got ties for the cattle & put them in the old stable. Extremely cold.

24. Tue. 24. All day choring & fixing. T.B.S. went to fetch Louisa. She did not know father was sick. Still very cold.

25. Wed. 25. Chored, A.M. Went up to corner afternoon & helped Webbers to clean up peas. Went down to station at night thinking Aunt Bessie may be there but she has hardly had time yet. Milder.

26. Thur. 26. S. Webber came & I started him off to mill with hay, and as a rapid thaw has set in he went again, P.M. Warm, rain.

27. Fri. 27. Went down to station at night & met Aunt Bessie. Froze last night leaving the roads very icy so I let S. Webber go up to the store to draw the wood that Heman cut last month. Father is a good deal better but it takes me all my time to do chores. Cold & squally.

28. Sat. 28. S. Webber at store. Aunt Fannie came to see father. Fine, warmer.

29. Sun. 29. Very stormy, A.M. but we went to meeting as usual. Mr. Smith came out, P.M. Mr. Urquart came last night so he came to dinner with us & S. Webber took him to Barrie at night for the morning train. Calmer tonight.

30. Mon. 30. S. Webber hauling wood at store, I chored. W.M. protracted meeting at night. Fine winter weather.

31. Tue. 31. [S. Webber hauling wood at store, I chored. W.M. protracted meeting at night. Fine winter weather].

1882: February

1. Wed. 1st. S. Webber finished hauling wood at the store by noon & got the horse shoes shapened, P.M. The roads are very slippery. W.M. Special meeting at night. Fine winter weather.

2. Thur. 2. Started S. Webber off to the mill with hay. He went again, P.M. I got two poles from the bush to keep the cows out of the strawpen. Meeting at night. Fine through the day, squally at night.

3. Fri. 3. S. Webber to mill again. I chored. Wintry.

4. Sat. 4. Went to town taking 14 bags of peas from store farm, 34 bus. 10 lb., $25.96 ct. Annie & Bessie went with me. I had a lot of truck to bring home which made me late. Pleasant wintry weather.

5. Sun. 5. Meetings as usual. Mr. Smith, P.M. Snowy but mild.

6. Mon. 6. Mr. Downey came down to look at the horses. He offered $90 cash for Punch or Pansy. I went up to the store & saw Grandma R. about it as Punch belongs to her. We let Punch go at his offer & T. Stokes is thinking about getting Gip & Doll. Chored. Plesant winter weather.

7. Tue. 7. Chored. Got Gips front shoes fixed. Soft & rainy.

8. Wed. 8. Took Aunt Fanny, Mama & baby down to Aunt Lou & Eliza's. Fine & sunny.

9. Thur. 9. Went to Antern Mills with a load of hay. Soft & sunny.

10. Fri. 10. Very windy & cold. T.B.S. helped me to butcher the sow. Wintry.

11. Sat. 11. Went to mills with another load of hay. Soft & sunny.

12. Sun. 12. Meeting as usual. Col-111-3. [Soft & sunny].

13. Mon. 13. T.B.S. took Aunty Fanny & M.L. down to station. Found a letter for her after she was gone in Andrews school books, so I went after her on horseback. Got just in time. Went over to S. Tracy's with 10 cwt. of hay. Soft & sunny.

14. Tue. 14. Went up to corner & laid up fence that is blown down. [Soft & sunny].

15. Wed. 15. Chored, A.M. Helped T.B.S. to saw, P.M. Mild.

16. Thur. 16. [Chored, A.M. Helped T.B.S. to saw, P.M.]. Drizzling rain, P.M.

17. Fri. 17. Went to mill with 4 bags of chop for cows. Cold thin wind.

18. Sat. 18. I got the boys to help me to move straw off the hay in fathers barn. Cold S.E. wind.

19. Sun. 19. Meetings as usual. Mr. Smith, P.M. Pleasant.

20. Mon. 20. Went up to corner and cleaned up the last of the peas that W. Webber threshed, putting 16 bags on the waggon for town tomorow. Hitched to Grandma R's waggon & went down to station for store goods, P.M. Got a barrel of oatmeal for ourselves. Pleasant.

21. Had a bad night with neuralgia in my head. S.E. wind with hail, A.M. Cannot go to town today. Chored & threshed a few peas. Snow & hail squalls.

22. Wed. 22. The sleigh runs today so I took over the last of the hay to Antern Mills. Snowy.

23. Thur. 23. Went to Barrie with the peas I cleaned up on Monday. Sold at 76 ct., 37.55 bus., $28.80 ct. Staid to afternoon & evening meeting held by Mr. Owers. Grandma R. went along, sleighing. Fine.

24.Fri. 24 February 1882. Cleaned up a load of wheat & split wood [B. Mis] meeting at night. Soft.

25. Sat. 25. Went to town with wheat, 38 bus. at 1.15, $43.70. Staid to afternoon meeting. Late home. Staid at store and spoke to W. Orchard. Went with waggon. Mild.

26. Sun. 26. Meeting as usual. Col 111-4-. Staid dinner at Grandma R with Mama. Tea with Andrew & Grace. Children drove home & came back for us. Mama had a fall. Soft.

27. Mon. 27. Father helped me to clean up another load of wheat. Mama is some better from her fall. Went up to see Mr. Orchard about the corner farm at night. Soft & cloudy.

28. Tue. 28. Went to town with 18 bags of wheat, 40 bus., 35 lb., at $1.15 ct., $46.85. Sent $58.20 off to Green Bros & Co. for the machines. I have one payment yet. Warm with S.E. wind. Rain at night.

1882: March

1. Wed. 1. Father helped me to clean up another load of wheat & I chored around generally. Warm & springlike.

2. Thur. 2. Took half ton of hay up to T.B.S. for a man that is getting out ties. Took a ton over to A. Malcolm's, P.M. Roads desperate. Very warm & springlike.

3. Fri. 3. Very bad with my face this morning. Cold N.W. wind today.

4. Sat. 4. Went to town with 16 bags of wheat., 36 bus., 55 lbs. at $1.16, $42.82 ct. Agreed to send 50 bus. peas down to Minesing Station at 75 ct. per bus. Bought a bedstead, $1.75. Went up to see Mr. Bremner. Late home. Fine.

5. Sun. 5. Meeting as usual. Mr. Smith, P.M. Stormy, A.M. Soft, P.M.

6. Mon. 6. Got T.B.S. to go with me up to corner. Took a ton of hay up to A.R. stable. Sent 54 bus., 38 lbs. peas down to station. W. Collins got 20 bus. & Dougherty got [ ], & I brought about 30 bus. down home, leaving 4 bags yet up there. Soft, some rain.

7. Tue. 7. Chored, A.M. Went out to Mr. Sneaths, P.M. with Wesley Orchard to draw up his lease for the farm at the corner. Sunny but cold N.W. wind.

8. Wed. 8. Mr. Papineau came down & bought 30 cwt. of hay so I went up to the corner & weighed out half a ton & we guessed the rest. Fine, but cold wind.

9. Thur. 9. Helped Papineau to butcher a pig, A.M. Got a bit of hay down from old barn. T. Stokes came down, P.M. & I sold him the old team & their harness for $135.00 to be paid on 1st Jan. 1883. I feel sorry to part with them but I think it is for the best. Snowy.

10. Fri. 10. Hitched up Pansey & Netty & drove up to corner & got 4 bags of peas that I left last Monday. Came down with them & then took Mama & baby up to store. From there we went to see Ada Morren. She is some better, thank the Lord. Brought the children home from school. J. McEwen came down & I let him have 10 bus. of wheat at $1.16 ct., $11.60. The filly seems tired tonight but she went very well & I think will make a quiet beast to work. Quite good sleighing today. Snow, A.M. but mild.

11. Sat. 11 March 1882. Took the young cattle from Fathers yard up to the corner to eat some chaff & coarse hay, brought the sheep down & took two cows up to Fathers yard. Went to Mrs. Rose's funeral, P.M. (Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord). Snowy but soft.

12. Sun. 12. Meeting as usual, A.M. (I am ' ). Took Bessie to see Ada Morren, P.M. Grandma R. is at Toronto. Soft & snowy.

13. Mon. 13. Father helped me to clean up the last of my wheat, 11 bags. I took the store waggon up to A. Malcolms to get some repairs done before I take it to G. Kerfoots sale. Got Pansy shod on her front feet. Soft & snowy. Cold N.W. wind.

14. Tue. 14. Went to mill with the wheat, 25 bus. Could not get it back. Fixed up sheep yard, doors, etc., P.M. Hot sun but cold N.W. wind.

15. Wed. 15. Took wagon, plough, harrow, fanning mill, etc. that belong to the store farm down to G. Kerfoots sale. Sold all but fanning mill. Late home. Raw S.E. wind but sunny.

16. Thur. 16. Helped T.B.S. with sawing machine. Chilly N.W. wind.

17. Fri. 17. Grandpa helped me to clean up 10 bags of stuff to chopp. I took it out to mill, P.M., waggon, & brought the grist back that I took on Tue. Raw S.E. wind.

18. Sat. 18. Went to town taking John, Maybeth & Janey Pitt, waggon, & got a new set of harness, $25.00, as Grandma R. harness is all sold. Mrs. B. got a chest of drawers for Maybeth. Had a good many things to get for store, so I was late home. Raw S.E. wind all day. Heavy rain after 5 P.M.

19. Sun. 19. Meeting as usual. Mr. Smith, P.M. Fine with fresh N.W. breeze.

20. Mon. 20. Chored. Got out some carrots, etc. [Fine with fresh N.W. breeze]. Warmer.

21. Tue. 21. Snowy, A.M. Oiled & greased the harness & then went down to see Aunt Lou, sleigh. Snowy.

22. Wed. 22. Went out to mill, A.M. Cleaned up 22 bus. oats for [ ] & got the chopp that I took out last Fri., sleigh. Cold.

23. Thur. 23. On the 23 Mar. 1881, the house was burned last year. What is before me for this year (Thou Knowest). Chored & cleared up 10 bus., 25 lbs. oats for "Charlie" at store. Took them up, P.M. & went down to the station with 3 boxes for Grandma R. Sent a telegram to Waterford enquiring about the money order I sent from Barrie on the 28th Feb. Paid Dixon for horse insurance & bought grindstone from store. Soft & slushy.

24. Fri. 24. Came on cold & snowy through the night. Split wood all day. Stormy, cold.

25. Sat. 25. Took Grandpa, Grandma, & Alice, down to Dobbins. Hitched up Prince colt. Soft, snow nearly gone.

26. Sun. 26. Meeting as usual. (What we have in Jesus). Left Mama at T. Stokes, P.M. Went for her at night. Soft, A.M. Rainy, P.M.

27. Mon. 27. Packed away pork, & chored around, A.M. Helped T.B.S. to butcher, P.M. Rainy.

28. Tue. 28. Threshed peas. They are very full of thistles. Cold, N.W. wind.

29. Wed. 29 March 1882. Finished threshing the peas. Got the note from Green Bros. Hard frost last night. Soft & rainy today with thunder.

30. Thur. 30. Cleaned up the peas, about 12 bus. Heman Coles came down & I agreed with him for six months at $20.00 per month. He will come about the middle of April. Went down to see P. Fuller about oats. Did not get them. Cold.

31. Fri. 31st. T.B.S. came down & we took a load of hay, 1/2 ton, over to A. Malcolm & then brought down 2 load to Fathers barn from the old stable at the store farm. W. Orchard has some cattle up there so I will get mine home soon. T.B.S. got 1/2 ton down for himself. Sunny but cold.

1882: April

1. Sat. 1st April 1882. T.B.S. got another 1/2 ton of hay from corner. I saw Wesley O. and agreed to leave the cattle a while longer. Childrens B. of H. meeting afternoon. Mr. Thom was there. Warm & sunny.

2. Sun. 2. Meetings as usual. Mr. Thom, A.M. W. Smith, P.M. [Warm & sunny].

3. Mon. 3. Got out carrots. Cleaned out pigpen, A.M. Mended table leg. Fixed axe handle, etc. Fine & warm.

4. Tue. 4. Helping T.B.S. with sawing machine. Some heavy showers.

5. Wed. 5. Chored, A.M. Mr. Thom came down. Went up to store farm & brought down the young cattle, grindstone, etc. Fine.

6. Thur. 6. Chored, A.M. Went to school examination, P.M. Rainy.

7. Fri. 7. [Chored, A.M.]. Mr. Bennett came down & bought 6 of the young cattle for $125.00. I helped him down with them to Kerfoots & then went down to W. Collins to see him about some of his cattle, but he does not care to sell. Went to school meeting at night about dividing the section. Late home. Fine.

8. Sat. 8. Sowed grasseed on the fall wheat, No.3 S. Childrens meeting afternoon. Fine.

9. Sun. 9. Meetings as usual. Mr. Thom preached in Presbyterian Church at night. Intends leaving tomorow. Fine but cold N. wind.

10. Mon. 10. Chored. Surveyed road accross Papineau. Went to see Mr. Dobbin, A. Morren, W. Finlayson. Mr. Thom left. Very cold with some snow.

11. Tue. 11. [Chored]. Mama went to see Papineaus, Orchards, & Phillips. [Very cold with some snow].

12. Wed. 12. 3 in. of snow this morning. Took children to school in sleigh & piled wood in the shed. T.B.S. is drawing it down in sleigh. Got a calf from Mrs. Taylors. Cold wind but thawing.

13. Thur. 13. Went to Barrie riding Pansy for the first time. She ws pretty quiet. T. Kronie offered me $110.00 cash for her but I don't see how I can sell. I paid Mr. Bremner $236.00, $200 on note & 36 intrest. Gave him a note for 200 payable in a year. May the good Lord enable me to pay & owe no man anything but [love]. (Cold N.W. wind).

14. Fri. 14. Had a bad time with neuralgia. Cannot do much today. Cold.

15. Sat. 15. Very bad with cold in the head. Did some chores round the house. Warmer.

16. Sun. 16. Meetings as usual. Mr. Smith, P.M. Aunt Besie & Annie came down. Sunny but cold wind.

17. Mon. 17. Helped T.B.S. with some hay from the corner. He brought down a small [ ] for me. I think I shall have enough now. Fine but cold N.W. wind.

18. Tue. 18. Found a calf that was (operated on) yesterday dead this morning, so I skinned it and buried it in the garden. Got out some carrots. Heman Coles came down afternoon and we began hauling rails to put a fence on the west side of No.4 S. It is very rough & knolly, but the stumps are pretty well out. Fine, warm.

19. Wed. 19. Began laying fence, No.4 S. but came on rain, so Heman split wood & I wrote to Lizzie & took the letter up to mail. Pruney calved, also 2 more lambs. Heman went to help T.B.S. afternoon. Rainy.

20. Thur. 20. Heman began chopping the peice I want to clear this summer. I went over to H. Tracys & got a little sow pig & chored awhile. Went up & laid some fence, No.4 S. The land is rather wet. Cold & blustering, A.M. Rainy, P.M.

21. Fri. 21. Heman chopping. I went up to T.B.S. & got some shorts & then laid up fence in No.4 S. Went up to hear R. Irving give a gospel address. Cold N.W. wind.

22. Sat. 22. Heman chopping. John, Andrew & I went over No.2 S. picking off all sticks. I am about used up with a cold. Cold N.W. wind.

23. Sun. 23. Meeting as usual. (Abide in Him). Grandma R came down & Mary Pitt. Heman took them home again. I am some better today. Fine but cold with frost at night.

24. Mon. 24. Went up to corner & got a new pair of iron harrows from Mr. Rose. Began harrowing No.1 N. that T.B.S. ploughed last fall. He is ploughing No.4 S. for me this spring & Heman is picking up. There is a lot of rubbish on the feild. Fine but cold N.W. wind.

25. Tue. 25. Heman picking up. I finished hearrowing No.1 N. & began ploughing No.2 N. It is sod & the first ploughing I have done with the filly (Pansey) so I had an awkward job. Hope she will do better tomorow. Fine but cold winds.

26. Wed. 26. I drew some rails from No.4 S. & then went on ploughing. Pansey goes better today. Heman is chopping again. Got word of Aunt Sarah's death. Fine but cold wind.

27. Thur. 27. Heman is gone to help G. Tracy to load some cars. I ploughed till 5 P.M. when I noticed that Pansey was going lame. I am afraid it is in her shoulder. Some rain.

28. Fri. 28. Cannot work the filly today so I pruned the apple tree near Grandpa's & picked up on No.4 S. Heman is gone to a raising at the river this P.M. Cold N.W. wind with some rain.

29. Sat. 29th April 1882. Heman went to H. Tracy's & got an old mare from him so I went on ploughing & he chopping. Fine but cold.

30. Meetings as usual. "Supposed" to be Mr. Smiths last day. Fine.

1882: May

1. Mon. 1st 1882. Ploughed till about 3.30 P.M. when it came on to rain & then a heavy fall of snow. Heman chopping. Cleaned up 9 bus. oats. Showery.

2. Tue. 2. Still very cold with gleams of sunshine. We got down a small load of hay from the old barn & cut up a lot of pea straw for the cows. The spring threatens to be backward & feed is getting scarce. Heman ploughed awhile, A.M., chopping, P.M., & I ploughed. Freezing hard tonight.

3. Wed. 3. A. McDonald got 86 lbs peas. When the wind fell last night I sowed a few oats on the peice that T.B.S. ploughed, No.4 S. Sowed a few more this morning & finished ploughing No.2 N. & ploughed a few rounds in No.1 N. but it is too wet yet to work well. I turned the old mare I have from H. Tracy out to get a bite of grass & hitched Pansy up again & harrowed some of the oats in on No.4 S. Warmer.

4. Thur. 4. I finished harrowing No.4 S. & ploughed awhile in No.1 N. Pansy got her foot cut in some way & I am afraid she will be lame. I went up to the corner & got a calf from A. Malcolm. Heman chopping. Fine & cool.

5. Fri. 5. I ploughed in No.1 N. Pansy is stiff on her leg this A.M. but she can manage to plough. Heman is chopping. Sent money $10.00 to [McMurich]. Fine & cool.

6. Sat. 6. Pansy's leg badly swelled this morning so I hitched Prince up & harrowed a little with him in No.2 N. but he soon tired out so I finished the peice that I had sown with Netty alone. Spotty calved heifer calf. Band of Hope, P.M. Heman & boys picked sticks off No.3 N. Fine.

7. Sun. 7. I am sick with a pain in my bowels & cannot go to meeting today. Mama & children went up & father helped at the service. Fine.

8. Mon. 8. Some better this morning. Heman sowed the rest of the oats in No.2 N. & harrowed with T.B.S.'s team. I ploughed awhile in No.1 N. but it came on to rain about 3 P.M. so we had to quit. Fine, A.M. Warmer.

9. Tue. 9. I ploughed all day. Some of the land is very wet & the colt is very fretful at it. Heman is chopping today. Very warm, rather close.

10. Wed. 10. Cold S.E. wind this A.M. Found Pansy lame this morning. Worked her awhile but had to unhitch her and put her in the stable. I finished the harrowing of the oats that we sowed on Monday with Netty. T.B.S. came with his team afternoon so I sowed some peas & I helped to harrow them in with Netty. We have the wettest of the feild in. Heavy rain after 4 P.M.

11. Thur. 11 May 1882. Heman is helping G. Tracy to load some cars. I did some chores. Put the cattle out for a while but it came on cold & wet, so I brought them in again. Cold & windy.

12. Fri. 12. Heman is splitting wood in the shed. I let some water off No.1 N. & did some other chores. Wrote to G.T.R. Cold S.E. wind with rain.

13. Sat. 13. Pruned some trees & planted some seedlings that were growing in the garden. Let off some water from front garden. Heman chopping. Cold with a little rain.

14. Sun. 14. Meeting as usual. Mr. Smith not out today. Mama & I stayed up to dinner with Grandma R. Fine & some warmer.

15. Mon. 15. Heman chopping. I did a few chores, am not good for much. I find I must rest often. Went to parsonage trustee meeting at night. Fine drying weather.

16. Tue. 16. Elija's birthday. Got word that Louisa had given birth to twins a boy & a girl last night so I took Mama & Grandma to see her. They are doing well. Heman chopping. Fine drying weather.

17. Wed. 17. Heman chopping. I sowed some peas & barley for Father. Went up early in the eveining & saw Dr. Reeves. He thinks I need a little medicine for my stomach & a rest & change. (Sought not to the Lord but sought to physicians - 2nd Chron. XVI-12). Fine.

18. Thur. 18. Heman got T.B.S. horse & finished harrowing in Grandpas seed with him & Netty & then finished ploughing No.1 N. & we got some more peas sown after tea. Pansy is still very lame. Fine & warmer.

19. Fri. 19. Finished No.1 N., A.M. Went up to the corner afternoon & took about 4 cwt. of hay over to A. Malcolm's & 100 cwt. to A.R.'s stable for Charlie & brought about 6 cwt. down here for our own use. Got down a bit of straw from Grandpa's barn for bedding. Took away the clay that came out of the well and put it on the garden. Grandma R. got a letter from Mr. Urquart telling her that he can arrange for me to get a trip to the old country. So I must think about going for I am not much good here. "Lord what wouldst Thou have me to do." Fine & springlike.

20. Sat. 20. Heman is gone to help T.B.S. I ploughed the front garden, A.M. Got out the potatoes, carrots, etc. & planted some strawberries, P.M. Fine & warm.

21. Sun. 21. Meetings as usual. (Nahum 1-7-). Fine, cloudy. P.M.

22. Mon. 22. Heman helping T.B.S. I wrote to Mr. Harvey about coming to minister to the church for a while. Wrote to Mr. Thom. Got T.B.S.'s horse to work with Netty & rolled Grandpa's crop. Rainy, P.M. Planted beets, parsnips & [ ] carrots. Fine, A.M. Chilly, rain, P.M.

23. Tue. 23 May 1882. Got T.B.S. horse & went up to corner & hitched him & Charlie to the buggy & took Mama & Bessie & Annie, F. to Barrie. got a few things for my intended trip. Sold 3 bags of potatoes at $1.20 ct. per bag. Brought Emily Wadds home with us & left Aunt Annie at Barrie. Very cold & [ ].

24. Wed. 24. Chored, A.M. Went up to corner, P.M. & ploughed the garden for Grandma R. Went to the picnic ground & had a talk with the folks. Got a letter from Mr. Harvey. He is coming next Monday. (Lord bless). (Netty foaled filly [ ]). Rather chilly but fine.

25. Thur. 25. Went over to Antern Mills to see Mr. Anderson about services next week. He was away. His wife will speak to him about it & he will write. Tired this afternoon. Heman is about done chopping. Fine, warmer.

26. Fri. 26. Sowed white carrots in front garden and did other chores. Fine.

27. Sat. 27. Worked around the house and garden hoping to get word from Mr. Urquhart that I shall not have to go. No word came. Fine. Continued April 1884. [Note: no apparent reference to April 1884 entries??]

28. Sun. 28. Went up to meeting. Got a telegram from Mr. Urquhart. The vessel I am for, is to sail on Wednesday.

29. Mon. 29. Heman took us down to the station and I started on my journey. I saw Mama waving her handkercheif for a long while. Sent a telegram to Mr. Urquhart from Colwel that if he did not want me to send me word to Toronto by noon. I arrived at Toronto 3 P.M. No word from Mr. U-. Went to see Annie Wallis and called at Mr. Galbraiths to see Geo. Ronald but he was out. Got my pass for Montreal and started about 7 P.M. Fine & warm.

30. Tue. 30. Fine. Travelled all night and got a cup of coffee about 6 A.M. Arrived at Montreal, 8 A.M. Went to Mr. Urquharts. Took a rest. Went out with James to look for a watch and see the sights. Weary tonight.

31. Wed. 31. James took me with him and introduced me to M. Doreo, a retired jeweler. He went with me to a wholesale store and got me a good watch for $14.00. On my way back I met Mr. Urquhart. The vessel sails at noon and I must hurry and get ready. He introduced me to the steward (Mr. Stewart) & Mr. Kenedy whose cattle I am to tend. He promised me a trifle. I got on board just as the vessel was clearing. I am to help in caring for 99 cattle & 240 sheep, I think, & so get my pass both ways free and a trifle allowed for expences. The other men who should have the main work were too late so I had to get another fellow to help me to tend to them all. We dropped down the river slowly and arrived at Point Levis about 9 A.M., Thur. 1st June, and anchored in the river waiting for more cargo. We put into the other side at night and began loading with plank. Fine till evening. Came on steady cold rain. The other men who are to help with the cattle arrived by train about 2 P.M. & I agreed to be night watch.

1882: June

2. Fri. 2nd June 1882. I got a little sleep and then took a walk through lower Quebec. Got my hair cut. The load with plank still goes on. I got napps through the day, ready for night. Warm. It is 26 years since we landed here, 2nd June 1856. Ebenezer - .

3. Sat. 3. Finished loading 6 A.M. and started down the river. I slept odd times and took some looks at the beautiful river scenery. We got to Father point 11.30 P.M. and sent up rocketts far off. Pilot, a boat came and I sent a letter home, the last chance till we get to Glasgow, and now we are fairly off. The weather is fine.

4. Sun. 4. In the Gulf. The "Nova Scotian" and "Peruvian" came abreast about 6 A.M., 1/2 mile to the south. They had a lively race but the Peruvian beat and we in the little "Lucerne" were soon left by both of them to plod our weary way. I got a good sleep. My meals I get in the pantry. Fine.

5. Mon. 5. A good bit of ice. Some large bergs. I dozed odd times but am very nervous and somewhat sick. Cannot eat. I hear all that is going on in my soundest sleep. I am to watch the cattle and sheep at night which is my share of the work. Saw the last light on Cape Race about 10 P.M. Fine.

[Note: For the period June 6 to July 28, it is not possible to exactly transcribe dates to correspond with events described, as this time period is reflected as one long entry; this long diary entry, which covers several weeks, is a description of William Standen's trip to his homeland, Scotland]

[6th June (Tue.) - 28th July (Thur.)]
Fairly out at sea. A good bit of ice which makes it cold. I am very sick but stick to my watching, hope soon to be better. Am not easy enough to keep a diary. I began to get better about my stomach on Thur. or Fri. Began to fancy some nice radishes and salt. I have anything I wish and when we got about a week on the road I began to eat in good earnest. We passed a little fishing smack about 500 miles from land with just one man and boy on board. The weather got rough soon after. They followed us as long as they could see us. We got near Tory island on Wed. about 2 A.M. We hove to and took soundings, the weather keeping very rough. Passed the Mull of Cantyre about 11 A.M. and about eight oclock we were sailing up the Clyde and very soon after we dropped anchor off Greenock. Waiting till morning for a tug and Pilot. We went cautiously up the river and were safely moored near the Canadian Cattle yard (Glasgow) about 12 noon. A gang of men came on board and smashed down the stalls and drove the cattle off and my work was done. I took a good wash and rigged up and packed up my old clothes, etc. and got a cab and drove to 42 Hope St. I met Mr. Wm. Kerr who made me sit down at once and write home just in time for the mail to Canada. I went down to the cattle yard to see the agent about the money I should have had but he was to be the next day so I went down to Kilmalcolm to spend the night with Mr. Kerr. I had a good sleep and went up to Glasgow with him again. In the morning I went down to Canadian cattle yard again but the agent had not my name so I could not get my money. I then took train for Birmingham where I arrived 11.30 P.M. Slept in nearest hotel and got up at 6 A.M. and went off in search of Lizzie but the number of the house I had forgotten to put down, but I found it at last and she was delighted to see me. We went to Aunt Baldwins that P.M. Went to church with Lizzie the next day. Spoke to the S.S. children. I spent the most of the week looking up cousins and old friends and chatting with Lizzie and going out to tea with her to friends. On Sun. she went with me to a Baptist Chapel, the first time she had ever been to a dissenting place of worship. I was not pleased with the Minister (Platten). I taught a class in St. Cuthberts S.S. P.M. & went to a little Baptist chapel at night. On Mon I went to [ ] to see cousin Tom Standen. On Tue. looked round town with Lizzie or went to cousin Janes, I forget, & on Wed. I went to see cousin Charlie Standen. He is keeping hotel. I tried to get him to give it up. I got back to Lizzies (311 Heath St.) at noon and at 5 P.M. Mr. Bourne (Lizzies husband) & I started for [Wigan]. Got there about 9 P.M. Spent the night at Bradley Hall with Mr. Benj. Fisher, Mr. Bournes son in law. In the morning we went through some of his coal mines and after dining he saw me off to Manchester where I arrived safely about 5 P.M., 160 City Road. Wm. Bremner & Janey met me at the door. Was delighted to see me. I staid here spending a pleasant time till Mon. 10 July when Jane followed me to the station and I started to Liverpoool where I arrived at Wm. Ronalds about 1 P.M. Miss Kate went with me down to his office and about 6 P.M. he went with me to Birken Head. We spent a while and got tea at Mr. McDonalds (Jessie Dobbie). Got back to Wm. Ronalds about midnight. I staid with him till evening when he saw me off to Glasgow on the steamer Princess Royal. We got to Greenock on Wed. 3 P.M. and I took the train there for Glasgow where I arrived about 5 P.M. at 42 Hope St. Got some letters. Went to Mr. Quarriers store. Saw D. Findley who introduced me to Mr. Quarrier. I went with him down to Bridge of Men. Badly used up with a gumboil. Got it bathed there and a good rest. Left next A.M. with Mr. Q. for Glasgow. Saw the steamship agents and found that I could get in the Buenos Ayrean next week to Quebec. I think I went then to see Mr. Q's home in James Morrison St. Came back and went to Mr. Christie's for evening. From there I took train to Catrine at 2 P.M.

Conclusion of Diary of trip to old country

Fri. July 14 - 1882. Left Glasgow station St. Enochs, 2.30 P.M. Arr. at Mrs. Finneys, Catrine 4 P.M. Staid for evening, going to see old Mrs. Hamilton. Next morning started for [S-]. Suffered a good deal with gumboil but Mrs. Finney was very kind. Arr. at Mrs. [D-], [S-], 11.30 A.M. Mr. Wm. Furguson, Grandma Ronalds brother had missed me so I waited till 1 P.M. and then left for [C--ock] where the train leaves for Lanark at 3 P.M. I had just got in sight of station when Mr. Furguson with some of his family caught me. They had driven hard to catch me. He saw me off to Lanark and I promised to accept of his kind invitation and spend a day with him in Hellensburg if I could. I got to Lanark and to Mr. Murrays, Graces fathers, about 6 P.M. Suffering with gumboil. I spent the night there and the next day and Mon. we went along the Clyde to see the Falls. He took me to 2 auctions of cattle and sheep and saw me off to Glasgow at 3 P.M. Arr. about 5 P.M. and went down to the shipping office & found I could not go in the "Buenos Ayrean" but had hopes of the Grecian next week (The Egyptian war is altering my plans). I spent one day with Mr. Furguson at Helensburg, one day with Mr. Christies and most of my other time at Mr. Q's home at James Morrison St. excepting one day at the Highland cattle show. When I went down to the shipping office I found that I could not get in the "Grecian" as she was booked for Egypt but the "Lucerne" was expected so on Thur. 27th I went to the office and got my pass secured. Mr. Quarrier going with me. I said fare well to all the kind friends. Spent Thur. evg. I think with Mr. Christies, Fri. evg. at the tent with D. Findlay and slept with Mr. Corbetts. Sat. morning I got on board about 9 A.M. having delivered a letter that Mr. Urquhart gave me to Johnson, the [ ] who bespoke good accomodations for me. We dropped down the river and lay at Greenock till 8 P.M.

[29 July 1882]

29. Sat. 29th July 1882. We left Greenock about 8 P.M. I have good quarters. God is good. Went to bed early.

30. Sun. 30. Up at 7. Had a good sleep. What shall I do today. A little sick, 9 A.M. Lost sight of land tonight. Getting rough.

31. Mon. 31. Very stormy and rough. I am quite sick. Cannot eat anything.

1882: August

1. Tue. 1st Aug. 1882. Still fearful rough. I cannot get out much. The deck is flooded most of the time. I cannot eat much. A man washed overboard.

2. Wed. 2. Still shipping water. Feel sad about the lost man. God use it in savnig souls, & give me power. Calmer, P.M. I am able to get about and eat some. Steaming pretty well. Head wind.

3. Thur. 3. Wind more favourable tho' cold. Sailing fine, A.M. Foggy, P.M. Frequent use of whistle. Vessel rolls, but sea pretty calm.

4. Fri. 4. Still foggy with rain, A.M. Steaming pretty well. I feel better this morn than I have done since I came on board. Wind cold and chilly. Rather [ ]. Large sailing vessel crossed our bows about 5 P.M. Sea calm tonight.

5. Sat. 5. Sea calm but ship rolls heavily. Dense fogs came on with light rains. Warmer, P.M. with S.W. wind. Ship steadier. Weather a little clearer at 3 P.M. Foggy with more rain tonight. About 1400 miles on the road.

6. Sun. 6. Colder this A.M. with N. wind. Fog clearing off. Sailing well. Sea calm tonight. Wind ahead. Very chilly. "Open thy mouth wide & I will fill it."

7. Mon. 7. Belle isle in sight. Beautiful sunrise. Number of icebergs which makes it cold. Sea calm. Wind ahead. Passed steamer Polynesian, 5 P.M. Calm and warmer in Straight of Belle isle.

8. Tue. 8. Lost sight of land last night. Foggy, A.M. Slow sailing. Warm, head wind. Cleared 10 A.M. Anticosti, 2 P.M.

9. Wed. 9. Mainland in sight. Misty weather. Magdalon lighthouse, 7 A.M. Some heavy rains, 11 A.M. Foggy, P.M. Clear sundown. Father Pt. 11 P.M. Pilot, 11.30 P.M.

10. Thursday 10 August 1882. Diary continued. We got our Pilot last night at 11.30 P.M. and we are steaming up the river finely. A most beautiful day. Scenery delightful. Occasionaly mists came down and obscured the veiw, not P.M. Moored at Point Levis at 4 P.M. I got my baggage all over to the G.T.R. depot, having passed the customs officials. I wrote to Minesing and waited patiently - till 9 P.M. when the train left for Montral. A very unpleasant ride all night.

11. Fri. 11 Aug. Arrived at Mr. Urquhart's 7 A.M., Montreal. Rested awhile. Went out in the evening and saw some friends of Mr. Urquharts & he saw me off on the train at 10 P.M. for Belleville. Pleasant riding tonight.

12. Sat. 12 Aug. Arr. at Belville 6.30 A.M. Went to Marchmont Home but found Miss Bilborough was away. Spoke to children, and got down to train at 10.30 A.M. for Toronto where I arr. about 9 P.M. Saw Annie Wallis and then went to G. Ronalds for night. Found all well.

13. Sun. 13 August 1882. I went with George R. to Alexander St. Baptist Church, A.M. Went to see R. Darley, P.M. & Mr. Holmes. Had tea with his freinds. Saw Mr. Murray on Church St. and back to Georges for night. Near Home. Nearer Home.

14. Monday August 14th 1882. Left George & Phemie on Front St. They intended going to Minesing, but could not stop as their train was an excursion to Penetanguishene so they stayed with Jane in Barrie. I got my baggage over from the G.T.R. side & checked for Woodbridge where I arrived safely about 9.30. Found all well. Staid with them till 4.30 P.M. & then Wm. drove me over to Thornhill and I got the train for Minesing. Mama met me at Allandale and I got fairly home about 11 P.M. Tired but happy to find all well. The weather is rather hot.

15. Tues. 15. G. Tracy, G. Kitchen, & T.B.S. helped to finish drawing in my wheat & then G. Kitchen went home & I turned in & helped in with fathers. Just got done when a heavy thundershower came on. I am sorry as T.B.S. has 24 acres of wheat & barley out yet. I took Mama up to the store after the shower was over. Aunt Annie & G. Bremner were down, also Grandma, Grandpa & T.B.S. & we divided the presents out. The weather is rather too warm to remain fine long. Hot.

16. Wed. 16. Wrote to Lizzie & then doctored the filly's legs which are not quite well yet. Hunted up some young cattle which were missing. Mended up the old cradle, etc. Up to prayer meeting at night. Warm.

17. Thur. 17. Went up to store. Wrote to Mr. Urquhart & Fanny, and did some other business. Chored, P.M. Rain last night. Fine today. Cooler.

18. Fri. 18. Heman & I helping T.B.S. to get in wheat. Fine & cool.

19. Sat. 19. Finished the wheat, A.M., 9 oclock. Heman went on helping in with his barley & I pitched to the Reaper & cut fathers barley & after tea took Mama & Grandma to see Mrs. Livingston. Mrs. Livingston died about 2 oclock, A.M., aged 76. Bright, warmer.

20. Sun. 20. Meetings as usual, A.M. Mrs. Livingston's funeral, P.M. (Lord comfort the bereaved). Mr. Gay & Annie came down with us to tea. Fine but rather close.

21. Mon. 21. Heman & I went up to help T.B.S. with his barley. Came on rain about 2.30 P.M. I wrote some letters, W. Kerr, D. Findlay, Witness, Mr. Baldwin.

22. Tue. 22. Took Andrew, Aunt Annie & Grandma R. down to station. They are away to Toronto & from there to Montreal by boat for a rest. Andrew is to stay with C. Ashdown at Toronto till Monday when he is to go to Woodbridge for awhile. Heman hoed in garden till I came back & then we went down to the flats & looked for the young cattle which had got out of the field. Found one heifer (Blanche) in H. Fullers place. Heman raked wheat stubble, No.3. S. after. Weather moist & warm.

23. Wed. 23. Mother very sick. T.B.S. to Barrie for Doctor. I went down for Eliza, got home 10 A.M. & raked up the rest of No.3 S. Heman began cutting oats in No.4 S. I cut what I could with the reaper in the afternoon but it is a very rough field. Heman went to Barrie for more medicine for mother. Heavy rain last night. Like fine weather today.

24. Thur. 24. Heman and I got in the rakings from No.3 S. & then went up to help T.B.S. with his barley. It is very thistley. Fine.

25. Fri. 25. Heman & I helping T.B.S. till teatime & then we got in 3 loads of barley for Grandpa. Mother seems better. Fine, warmer.

26. Sat. 26. T.B.S. is threshing at Papineau's for me. Heman & I got in Grandpa's barley, brining 3 loads to this barn. Got done about 5 P.M. Bound a load of oats & got them in from No.4 S. Fine. Hot.

27. Sun. 27. Meetings as usual. (Lev. XIV - A.M.). (Ambassador's, P.M.). Fine. Hot.

28. Mon. 28. Heman cut road round oats No.2 N. and then went on cutting No.4 S. I bound some. We expect to thresh on Thursday. Helped to get in fathers rakings & one load for T.B.S. Mr. & Mrs. Wadds came. Fine. Warm.

29. Tue. 29. Finished T.B.S.'s rakings & covered stack by 10 A.M. Afterward T.B.S. & Heman worked at No.4 S., oats. I took reaper & began cutting No.2 N., oats. Finished about 6 P.M. Warm.

30. Wed. 30. Heman, T.B.S. & I binding oats in No.4 S., A.M. Drew in 2 load afternoon and then bound some in No.2 N. I took Eliza down home. Mother is better. I staid to prayer meeting. Very warm.

31. Thur. 31. A. McDonald came with threshing machine about 11 o'clock last night. We threshed all day but they left about 1/2 load of wheat and the floor in a bad mess. Barley 35 bus., oats 45 bus., wheat, 2.80. Warm, some rain.

1882: September

1. Fri. 1st September 1882. Heman & I at Phillips threshing, A.M. T.B.S. helped us to bind the oats in No.2 N., P.M. Warm & close, a little rain.

2. Sat. 2. Heman at T. Stokes's threshing. Grandpa & John helped me to shock the oats in No.2 N. and then we cleaned up barn floor & 3 bags of wheat for T.B.S. and 4 of wheat & 3 of chess etc. to be chopped for ourselves - Warm & close.

3. Sun. 3. Heavy rain last night. Went to meeting as usual. Mr. Gay & Jeany Pitt came down to dinner & tea (Abraham offering Isaac, A.M.). (Isaac's marriage, P.M.). Fine.

4. Mon. 4. Heman & team helping T. Stokes. I fixed the gully bridge & straightened up the barnyard, A.M. Pulled some peas, P.M. T.B.S. took grist to mill. Fine today, cooler.

5. Tue. 5. Heman & I pulling peas. John helped. Cool & fine.

6. Wed. 6. Pulling peas, A.M. I got out the reaper & cut the lower part of the feild, P.M. And Heman & T.B.S. drew in oats from No.2 N. Fine, hot.

7. Thur. 7. T.B.S. at his own harvest. Heman, John & I got in all the oats from No.2 N. and all but one load from No.4 S. Fine harvest weather.

8. Fri. 8 September 1882. Got in the last of the oats & 2 load of peas for Grandpa, A.M. Cool.

9. Sat. 9. Finished getting in the peas. "Harvest Home." Thank the Lord. Went down to the station at night expecting to meet Grandma, Aunt Annie & the children but Annie only came. Grandma R. & children come on Ten - next. Fine.

10. Sun. 10. Meetings as usual. Maybeth has been ailing some time. If not better I will get the Dr. in the morning. We think it is rheumatic fever. Fine.

11. Mon. 11. I went up to the corner & fixed the church doors. Waiting for Dr. McCarthy who came out to see Mrs. Bellsmith. He could not come down but gave me some medicines & told me to send in for more tonight. Came home & helped T.B.S. with his oats. Heman harrowed the fallow. Worked Pansy & Charlie this P.M. & took Netty to Barrie for medicine at night. Mabeth seems better. Fine.

12. Tue. 12. Heman began rigging up No.3 N. I helped T.B.S. in with the last of his oats & to cover the stack & then took his team to station & met Grandma R., A. Baller & Andrew. Brought home a plough for T.B.S. Fired some heaps in No.1 N. and wrote to the Globe. Fine. Warm.

13. Wed. 13. Heman ploughing with Netty & Pansy. I took Charlie to Barrie. Saw Dr. McCarthy & asked him to come out & see Maybeth. She had a bad night of it. I left the buggy at the mill as I went and rode in on horseback. Saw Jane. She does not look well. I called at the mill again as I came back and brought home the chop that T.B.S. left Monday week. Got home about 2 P.M. Grandma R. came down with me. Rainy, P.M. Rain about 1.30 P.M.

14. Thur. 14. Heman ploughing. I saw Phillips about seed wheat. Handpiled in the fallow. Cleaned up 7 bags of wheat at Phillips, 14 bus., 6 lbs. for myself & 2 bus., 47 lbs. for Father. Threatened rain in the morning but cleared off with very high wind, N.W. Scattered the straw all around and leveled some fence. Wrote to W. Bremner & Fannie. Cool.

15. Fri. 15. Heman ploughing. I began gathering up the straw but need more help. I cleaned up the barn floor & helped Heman down with the wheat from Mr. Phillips. Worked in the fallow till teatime & then took Pansey and went to see Wm. Johnston about renting his place so as to be handy for the children going to school, but he has agreed with G. Tracy. I went to Mr. Coles's to try and get Harry for a week to help clearing up the peice I am handpiling, but he is busy. Saw Downey about drilling in the wheat but he cannot come till Monday. Fine, not so windy. Maybeth is better.

16. Sat. 16 September 1882. Heman ploughing the piece for Grandpa. I got the boys to help me to gather up the straw that was blown around on Thursday and then hoed in the garden till noon. Worked in the fallow, P.M. Fine, warmer.

17. Sun. 17. Meetings as usual, but I staid home at night with Maybeth. The Dr. came out this A.M. He thinks her knee will be some time before it is well, but the Great Physician knows best. Fine, rather warm.

18. Mon. 18. Heman plowing No.1. N. Wm. Downey came down with the drill & put in No.3 N. I handpiled in the fallow, butchered a lamb & did other chores. Very hot & sultry.

19. Tue. 19. Heman is harrowing the field that was put in yesterday. The boys & I began getting up the potatoes in the patch against Grandpa's No.4 S. Heavy thundershower at noon, cooler afterward. Hot forenoon.

20. Wed. 20. Heman finished No.3 N. and went on ploughing No.2 N. The boys & I are working at the potatoes. They are very scabby. Cooler, & cloudy.

21. Thur. 21. Heman ploughing. The boys & I at the potatoes, A.M. Firing brush, stumbs, etc, P.M. Threatens rain. Cool S.E. wind.

22. Fri. 22. Steady rain last night & till 10 A.M. Cleared off then. Heman went to the plough. I made a gate for one the horses broke last night & then we went at the potatoes. Fine, cool.

23. Sat. 23. Heman harrowing No.1 N. The boys & I finished the potatoes. McKinlay & Flemming came down and I sold him Spotty, Flora, Blanche & the two heifer calves and a sow for $125.00. Would have soon have kept them but it is their value. I went down to see Mr. Crawfords ram, so if I do not get a better chance next week at the show, I will get him. I left an offer with Louisa for two of her cows. Rather late home. Fine, cool, sunny.

24. Sun. 24. Meeting as usual. As I was coming home just before I got to the gully bridge I noticed the neckyoke had slipped along the tongue. I could not stop the buggy in consequence, so it run on to the horses and at [least] 3 of the traces unhitched and the tongue fell out & following a water rut in the road upset the buggy over the bridge. The hook the other trace was attached to broke & the horses got clear. I landed on to the bridge and stopped the horses and then went back to gather up those who were pitched out. Mrs. Taylor was on the bank with a sprained ankle. Andrew was all right but shook up. Grandma R. & Annie F. were under the buggy but not seriously hurt. Mr. Papineau's folks were just coming out of the gate so they came to help. Took Mrs. Taylor & Grandma R. home. We got the buggy up again and hitched to it and got home thankful no lives were lost nor bones broken. After dinner I took Mama up to see Mrs. Taylor and Grandma R. I hope they will soon be all right again. Psalm XCI-10-11-12. Fine, cool, sunny.

25. Mon. 25. Heman ploughing. John to school. Andrew & I helping up Grandpa's potatoes. Fine.

26. Tue. 26. I got word last night that the cattle Flemming bought on Sat. were to be shipped this morning, so we got off early. John & Andrew helping. Heman went to the hill with us. I went on to Barrie to get some Dr's advice about Mabeth McCarthy. Wells & Morton were all out so I went up to Dr. Morgan & he gave me two prescriptions. I got them made up at Woods & got home about 5 P.M. Mr. Bremner rode with me and the renting of his farm at the corner was mentioned. Heman ploughing. The Good Lord direct me in all things. Fine, cool, sunny.

27. Wed. 27. Took Netty & the buggy today again. The boys & Fannie went to Barrie with me to see the county show. It was not very grand. I got a Cotswold Ram lamb, $10.00, and brought him home with me. Heman ploughing. Cool, fine, sunny.

28. Thur. 28. Heman ploughing. I went up to corner & looked at the corner farm. Mr. B not very favourably impressed. (Lord guide me by thy counsel). Came home and cleaned up seed wheat. Heman finished ploughing and began drilling about 3 P.M. I picked up in the field against the fallow and fired the stumps. They burn well. Fine. S.E. wind. Cool S.E. wind.

29. Fri. 29. Heman finished drilling about 3 P.M. & took the drill home. Harrowed the rest of the day. I worked around the fallow. Fine. S.E. wind.

30. Sat. 30. Heman finished No.1 N. I worked at the fallow. Boys picking up. We all worked in the fallow, P.M. so as to begin logging on Monday. Fine.

1882: October

1. Sun. 1st October 1882. Meetings as usual. I staid home at night. Fine & sunny. Heman went in with a note to the Dr.

2. Mon. 2. Heman went with old Jenny to Lumleys. T.B.S. is helping us at the fallow. We got done along the line. I am tired tonight. Church meeting. Cloudy.

3. Tue. 3. Logging again today. Slow work. Heman & I alone. Fine & warm.

4. Wed. 4. [Logging again today. Slow work]. G. Tracy is helping Orchard to thresh for me. Close.

5. Thur. 5. G. Tracy is helping today which makes it better. Very warm.

6. Fri. 6. Logging. No help today. Hot and sultry.

7. Sat. 7 October 1882. Finished logging but there is a good deal to do yet, a bit of logs lying around to be burned and a good bit of picking up to do. Hot.

8. Sun. 8.Meetings as usual. Dr. McCarthy came out and saw Mabeth at the corner. She went up to S.S. and intends staying with Grandma R. all week. Fine.

9. Mon. 9. Stumping, branding, punching up and firing heaps. Very high wind, N.W. A few drops of rain. Cooler.

10. Tue. 10. Heman & I picking up, etc. Wind lower. Cool.

11. Wed. 11. Rain last night. Heman & I cleaned up 4 bags of wheat for grist & 5 to chop. Went out & did a little stumping till 11 A.M. and then I went down to the station expecting to meet Fred & his wife & little one but they did not come. W. Orok came down and bought 6 lambs & 2 ewes for $35.00. I went at the stumping again till night. Fine & pleasant.

12. Thur. 12. We branded up the heaps in No.4 S. & some in the big field, No.5 & 6. Afternoon Heman went to mill taking another grist for H. Tracy. Uncle Fred, Emma & Violet came so I spent the P.M. with them. Cool. Misty.

13. Fri. 13. Heman & I picked up & burned up rubbish on the fallow, N. 5 & 6. W. Orok came & got the sheep. High W.E. wind. Rain tonight.

14. Sat. 14. Heman & I cut up cedar railcuts & then he hauled some ready to split & pile out of the way. I & the boys worked at getting up potatoes. Uncle Fred with Emma & Vio left this afternoon. Heman went to mill & got the grist. Fine, sunny.

15. Sun. 15. Meetings as usual. J. McLeod went over to see Mrs. S. Tracy. Andrew & Grace with their children came down. Fine, rather warm.

16. Mon. 16. Heman & I branding in the fallow. Hard work. [Fine, rather warm].

17. Tue. 17. [Heman & I branding in the fallow. Hard work]. Finished the branding. Some picking up to do. Rain last night, drizzling, A.M.

18. Wed. 18. We rigged up a skidway & drew up all the firewood logs, about 76. Uncle T.B.S. fell through his shed roof and hurt himself pretty badly. I helped W. Tracy to haul water for his threshing tomorow. Fine, warm, sunny.

19. Thur. 19. Machine came at noon. We dug potatoes in the new patch, A.M. Threshed in Grandpa's barn, P.M. T.B.S. seems better, tho' unable to be up. Cold N. wind.

20. Fri. 20. Finished threshing in Grandpa's barn and moved up to T.B.S. by 11 A.M. Threshed till dark. Cleaning out the barn, 2 stacks yet to thresh. Cold. S.E. wind. Hard frost last night.

21. Sat. 21. Finished threshing about sundown. Heman took the machine away to Y. Armstrong's. John went up to bring the horses back as he is going home. His time was out on Thursday. He promised to come back and help me to get out the manure. I have lots of work to do and wish he would stay longer. Fine, with S.E. wind.

22. Sun. 22 October 1882. Meetings as usual. Fine.

23. Mon. 23. Went up to the corner & took over the buggy, gig & 2 cutters & Fannill to Wm. Johns[-] to a sale to begin at 1 P.M. I got home as soon as I could & picked out 8 ewes & 5 ewe lambs. The boys & W. Tracy drove them up & I led Charly Prince 2[-] & Pink 12 up. Came back again and got Netty & Pansy & the little filley sold. Pansy at $120.00 cash to be taken to Barrie on Sat. S. Coles got Prince at $100.00, years credit. J. Johnston got Pink at $60.00 cash or $65. credit. The sheep sold for $52.00 (years time) and the lambs to be paid within 2 weeks, $25.30. I bought Charly at $60.00 (years time). Late home. Lord help me that I owe no man anything but love. Rainy, A.M. Cold & rain, P.M.

24. Tue. 24. J. Phillips & J. Richards came down & cleaned up wheat. I took 3 loads to the station. Andrew went with me the second time & we brought home a heifer and calf. I gave Wm. Dobbin $20.00 for her. She seems quiet. Fine.

25. Wed. 25. Grandpa helped me to clean up another load of wheat and I took it down to the station, 163 bus., 34/60 in all. Got home as soon as I could and found Andrew & Lizzie at the potatoes in the new patch. I went out and helped them but it was showery. But we got them all up by dark. Fine, A.M. Showery, P.M.

26. Thur. 26. Went up to R. Burrows and bought a sow & eight pigs, & a cow & calf. $23.00, pigs. $35.00, cow & calf. Got home as soon as I could & went at the white carrotts. Got all up and into the barn by dark. Did a good many chores after tea. Fine but cold.

27. Fri. 27. We got down the cow, calf & pig. [ ] the load of carrots in the barn. Got down a load of turnips from the new potatoe patch and a load of potatoes afternoon. Fenced the pits that is left so as to be able to let the cattle in. Fine & sunny.

28. Sat. 28. Started Mama & John off to Barrie with the heavy wagon & 12 bags of potatoes. I took Pansy with saddle. Parkhouse got her. He gave me $100.00 & promised to give $10.00 more if he got the swelling off her legs by spring. I sold the potatoes at 55 cts. a bag, making 11 bags in all, $6.05 ct. I got the money from Mr. Wadds for Brindle & $143.90 from Brown for the wheat. Mr. Bremner took $152.20 of notes less 10 per ct. so I gave him in all $538.50 being all I owe him on Miss Corbetts. I was too late to get the discharge. We took Maybeth to Barrie with us & let the Dr. see her. We left her with Aunt Jane. I am thankful to be able to pay off so much money. Lord help me that I owe no man anything but love. Fine but cold SE wind.

29. Sun. 29. Meetings as usual. I staid home at night for I have a sore foot where a colt trod on it. I hope to be able to get a shoe on tomorow. Annie is broken out with a scarlet rash, is very feverish and sick. Fine. Rain last night.

30. Mon 30. Heman came this morning and we went for the dunghauling lively. Annie seems better. Fine but cloudy, mild.

31. Tue. 31. We finished our barnyard and got a few loads out of Fathers. I do not expect to get anymore out this fall as I want to get some ploughing done. Fine, warm.

1882: November

1. Wed. 1 November 1882. Went over to help H. Tracy to thresh. The machine broke down so it took us all day. Fine, dry weather.

2. Thur. 2. The boys are both at home on account of Annie's fever, so we got the Roots all up and I started John raking up the stubble, No.4 S. We got it burned & I butchered a pig, (T.B.S. helping), & did some other chores. Went up to Mr. Gay's at night. Cold & windy but dry.

3. Fri. 3. Very hard frost last night. I began ploughing No.4 S. Sunny but cold.

4. Sat. 4. Ploughing. Hard frost last night. Wm. Jeffery came at noon. [Sunny but cold].

5. Sun. 5. Meetings as usual. Fine & pleasant.

6. Mon. 6. The boys helped me to pick over the potatoes that grew in the new patch & then I ploughed. There is not many potatoes. Cold. S.E. wind.

7. Tue. 7. Mama went to town with me. I took 4 bags of potatoes, sold at 55 ct. per bag. (70 ct., 75 ct., $1.35 ct) ($2.80). I got the discharge from the Registry Office. We brought Maybeth home. A light drizzling rain, A.M. Fine, P.M.

8. Wed. 8. Late up. Ploughed in No.4 S. The boys finished spreading the dung. Fine.

9. Thur. 9. Ploughed, A.M. Went to Thanksgiving service, P.M. Cloudy & warm.

10. Fri. 10. Took out 8 bags of barley for T.B.S. & left it as I came back from the mill at G. Tracy's. Took 8 bags of chess & small wheat for myself. Fine, warm, cloudy.

11. Sat. 11. Mabeth's birthday, 11 years old. I ploughed No.4 S. The boys are picking up and burning on the fallow. I. Downey came down and paid me for the 3 calves, $21.00. I paid him for drilling, 3.50. Fine & very warm.

12. Sun. 12. Meetings as usual. Heavy rain last night & till 10 A.M. Another shower. Fine after 1 P.M.

13. Mon. 13. Heavy rain again. Cleared up 8.30 A.M. I hung the gate against the pigpen. Fixed some cattle ties, & then ploughed. Cold tonight & some snow.

14. Tue. 14. Went with a load of wheat to station for T.B.S. Car not there so I ploughed afternoon. Finished headlands in No.4 S. & began in N.2 N. Cold.

15. Wed. 15. I went with Wm. Jeffery down to the station to make some enquiries. Found the car was come for T.B.S. We went to Mr. Dixons to dinner, and then I came down home & took a load of wheat to station for T.B.S. Chilly & some rain.

16. Thur. 16. Took two loads of wheat for T.B.S., A.M. Butchered a calf & chored, P.M. Snowy.

17. Fri. 17. I went on the road to open it across Papineau's. Old Mr. McDonald & F. Papineau helping. We got a fence moved & things in a pretty good shape. 3 in. snow on ground. Fine, cold.

[Entries for November 18th through December 18tH missing].

1882: December

19. Tue. 19 December 1882. Mama's birthday. We went to town taking Andrew & Annie. I sold the 8 bags of peas at 63 ct. per bus. 19 bus., 30 lb., $12.35. Brought the chopp back from the mill that I took out on Thur., 7 ct. Raw, foggy, cold, S.E. wind.

20. Wed. 20. Grandpa helped me to clean up a load of oats & I took them out to Antern Mills, 54 bus., 15 lbs. I walked up to meeting at night. Cold S.E. wind. Looks like a thaw.

21. Thur. 21. Straightened things up round the barn. Helped T.B.S. on with a load of hay. Soft with some rain.

22. Fri. 22. T.B.S. & I drew up two loads of straw to Mrs. Hindle. Afterward I got a small load of wood down form the pile & then took the Horsepower from McDonalds up to Mrs. Hindles. They expect to saw tomorow. Soft with some rain.

23. Sat. 23. I took the team up to help with the sawing. The track got very soft. We got through about 1.30 P.M. Splitting wood & choring rest of the day. Soft.

24. Sun. 24. Meeting & S.S. afternoon. Mr. Gay came down. He intends leaving on Thursday. Snowy.

25. Mon. 25. Christmas day. A family gathering at Grandpas, with lots of Christmas cheer & a Christmas tree. Grandma R., Aunt Annie & E. Wadds came down. Soft.

26. Tue. 26. I took Mama up to the store to help Aunt Annie to prepare for the afternoon when she is to become Mrs. Orchard. I went down to the station to meet anyone who may be coming to the ceremony. I only got Cecilia Bremner. The young couple went off to Barrie & from there to Collingwood I believe. (May Gods richest blessing rest on them from this time forth for evermore) Amen & Amen. And let His presence be the stay of the widowed Mother she leaves behind. Wrote to C.B. Robinson & F.H. Revell for S.S. papers. Snowy with some sunshine.

27. Wed. 27. I went down to the station with two loads of furniture for Mr. Gay, A.M. Went to tea meeting for the S.S., P.M., after helping T.B.S. on with a load of hay. Pleasant.

28. Thur. 28. Went up to corner, A.M. Taking Mama to help to straighten up after the tea meeting. Mama stays up to help fix up Aunt Annies house. I got home 1.30 P.M. Split wood, etc., afternoon. Fine weather.

29. Fri. 29. I rigged up the sliegh and drew up 4 loads of rails for the new road across to the ninth Conces. Helped T.B.S. on with a load of hay. Fine.

30. Sat. 30. Drew two more loads of rails which makes more than the 700 I promised with what I took up in the fall. I took them from the fence on the north side of No.5 & 6 S. I butchered a little pig, afternoon, one of those I got from Richard Burrows. It weighed 52 lbs., about 3 months old. Pleasant.

31. Sun. 31st. Meeting, P.M. (1 cor-). Very few out. Wintry, some snow squalls. Church meeting announced for Monday week. May our coming year be one of Unity and blessing. Lord take us as we are.

1883: January

1. Monday 1st January 1883. "The earth is the Lords & the fullness thereof." Let us not rob Him of His own this year but give Him the first fruits of everything. I took it easy forenoon & went to a New Years party at Grandma R's, P.M. Wesley Orchard is sick with a sore throat. G.R. & Phemie are up. Wintry.

2. Tue. 2. I split wood, A.M. & Mama & I went down to see Mrs. Dobbin, P.M. She is very sick. I do not think she will live long. (God bless them all). Heavy snow forenoon. Wintry.

3. Wed. 3. Grandpa helped me to clean up a load of oats & I took them to Antern Mills, 55 bus., 25 lbs., afternoon. I did not see Anderson so could not get the money. I stayed at the store coming home & had a chat with James Crawford. Very cold & stormy. Cold & stormy.

4. Thur. 4. Fourteen years married today. I chored & cut wood. Willie & Mary & Charlie Jeffery came up in a cutter. They missed their way last night & had to stay at a tavern in the Pinery. They are all well but chilled through with their journey. Mama, Mabeth, Andrew, & I went to see Aunt Bessie afternoon. Mrs. Morren is lonely. Cold & wintry.

5. Fri. 5. T.B.S. came down & helped me to butcher the cow I got from R. Burrows & 2 pigs. It kept us buisey all day. Cold wintry weather.

6. Sat. 6. I went to town with 2 hind qrs. of beef & 2 pigs & the hide. Sold beef at $6.50, 127 lbs., $8.25 c., 129, $8.38 c., ($16.63), hide $6.00 per cwt., (57 lbs., $3.42 c.), 1 pig, 370 lbs. at 8 c., $21.60 c., & 180 lbs at $7.50, $13.50. Left $91.00 at the store for Heman, what I owed him on last year - 1881 -. I got a barrel of salt, $1.40. Very cold raw S.E. wind, A.M. Milder, P.M. Went to dinner to Mr. Bremners.

7. Sun. 7. Meeting as usual, P.M. (T. Stokes, "Laodocea"). Warmer but snowy.

8. Mon. 8. Got out potatoes, A.M. Paid Alonza Knapp $8.00 for threshing. Chored. Mild but cloudy. Church meeting at night. Helped T.B.S. on with a load of hay.

9. Tue. 9. Split wood & chored. Mrs. Day came down with James Day, Miss [ ] Grace. I spent the P.M. with them. (Week of prayer. Held tonight in W.M. Chapel. Pleasant.

10. Wed. 10. 40 years old today. Have a severe pain in my bowels, but got better by noon. Drew some dung to cover the potatoe pit. Got down a load of wood. Went up to tea to A. Ronald's. Prayer meeting in the Chapel tonight. Cold & wintry.

11. Thur. 11. Not able to do much today but better, P.M. Meeting in Presbyterian Chapel tonight. Very cold.

12. Fri. 12. I went out to Antern Mills & got 10 bags of oats & peas chopped. Got a cheque from Anderson for the 710 [ ]., 6 [ ] oats I took to Alexander ($44.6 c.). Very cold S. wind.

13. Sat. 13. Got horses shod on hind feet.

14. Sun. 14. Meeting & S.S., P.M. as usual. (11 ch. Acts). I went up to Presbyterian meeting at night. Very stormy.

15. Mon. 15 Jan'y 1883. Chored, A.M. Went down to see Mr. Jacob's folk. Spoke to Lizzie & Frank. God bless them and make them what they should be. Mama went with me & we stayed to the W.M. tea meeting. Wintry.

16. Tue. 16. At Isac Downey's threshing. W.M. S.S. tea meeting at night. Willie & Mary & Charlie Jeffery went home today. Very cold, A.M. Pleasant, P.M.

17. Wed. 17. Threshing at Downey's again. Got through about 2 P.M. Very stormy, A.M.

18. Thur. 18. T.B.S. & Grandpa helped me to butcher 3 pigs. Sent to Briggs [ ]. Heavy snow, A.M. Fine, P.M.

19. Fri. 19. I went up & helped T.B.S. to butcher 3 pigs. Very stormy, A.M. Milder, P.M.

20. Sat. 20. I cut up & salted the pigs I killed on Thur. Split wood, etc. Soft, rain at night.

21. Sun. 21. Meeting & S.S., P.M., as usual. Cold blustering N.W. wind.

22. Mon. 22. Helped Grandpa to butcher & cut up his pig. Got a sawlog loaded & out to the yard. Brought down a load of wood. Extremely cold west wind. Bright & cold.

23. Tue. 23. Went to Knapps Mill twice with sawlogs and helped T.B.S. with hay. He upset twice. Very cold west wind but clear & bright. Intensely cold.

24. Wed. 24. Went up to the corner and helped T.B.S. with the hay. He left part of it yesterday as the wind was very high. I got 2 more logs to mill today. Not quite so cold. Some snow.

25. Thur. 25. Daisy. Sent after Alice's ring to Washington. Went down to Lumleys with Daisy & took a log to mill, afternoon. Intensely cold.

26. Fri. 26. Cut wood and did other chores. Got down a load of wood & took Mama, Mabeth, Ruth, & Grandma R. down to Mr. Roe's. Coldest morning this winter. Finer, P.M.

27. Sat. 27. Went to mill with a log this A.M. Not very well, P.M. Mild but windy.

28. Sun. 28. Meeting & S.S. as usual, P.M. Mild & pleasant.

29. Mon. 29. Chored, A.M. Took Mother & Mabeth down to see Mrs. Dobbin, P.M. She is very weak. May the good Lord help & bless. Mild & pleasant.

30. Tue. 30. Chored, A.M. Talked to Annie & Bessie who came down P.M. Went up to corner at night. Took Mama up to see Mrs. Papineau. The little one is very sick. Mild & pleasant.

31. Wed. 31. Helped T.B.S. with hay & did other chores. Salted pork again, A.M. Took Miss Tracy & Mama & Annie F. to see Mrs. S. Tracy & Mrs. [Fostor], P.M. Mrs. F. was not at home so did not stay long. Wintry.

1883: February

1. Thur. 1st Februry 1883. I helped T.B.S. with a load of wheat. Sarah Roe came down with Eliza Jane & at night John Roe brought Emma. Mr. Bremner stayed with us all night. Very stormy & cold.

2. Fri. 2nd. Went to mill with the grain I put up yesterday. Could not get it back, so I got home as soon as I could & drew 3 load of wood. Wintry weather.

3. Sat. 3rd February 1883. I helped Father to fix the shoes for the boys hand sleigh. Split wood & got down a load. Heavy snow last night. Milder.

4. Sun. 4th. Meetings in the afternoon as usual. Wesley & Annie came down in the evening. More snow. Some drifting, colder tonight.

5. Mon. 5. I went out to the mill & got the grists I left last Friday. Got home about 1 P.M. Went with Mama to see T. Livingston & wife, also Neil & wife & Eliza. Uncle Sam is not home from Toronto yet. Squally, some sunshine.

6. Tue. 6. I got down some more wood & got it all piled up in the shed & took Mama up to see Mr. Orchard who is sick. Calmer today.

7. Wed. 7. Got a few more loads of wood down & piled in the shed & helped T.B.S. with a load of hay, the last of his & a bit of mine. Mama went with me to see Mrs. Dixon afternoon & got to prayer meeting at night. Sunshine & squalls.

8. Thur. 8. Not very vigorous today. I took some logs off the strawpen. Fixed a back to the stone fireplace & did some other chores. Sunshine & squalls, drifting.

9. Fri. 9. I started Mama & the boys off to the corner but they had to come back. Could not get any farther thean [Stokes's]. I got down 4 more loads of wood and piled it in the shed. Heavy snow, afternoon. Winter weather.

10. Sat. 10. I went up to the corner twice & broke the road on the top of the drifts. Drew wood afternoon. No mail since Wednesday. Sunny.

11. Sun. 11. Meeting & S.S. as usual, P.M. (Ebenezer). Mild today, snowstorm at night.

12. Mon. 12. I drove up to the corner taking the boys to school. The roads are not much worse for the storm last night. I got the rack fixed on the sleigh & put on a load of hay, A.M. & went to the mill with it afternoon. The roads are drifted full, but I got along all right. Bright & sunny. Mail got in for the first since last Wednesday.

13. Tue. 13. Chored & got a load of hay on, A.M. & went to the mill with it afternoon. The roads are drifted full, but I got along all right. Bright & sunny.

14. Wed. 14. I got the horses shoes set on their front feet & helped T.B.S. to fix the pump in Grandpa's barnyard & did other Chores. Cloudy, freezing.

15. Thur. 15. I took another load of hay to the mill & did other chores. Cloudy, mild.

16. Fri. 16. Came on a heavy rain till noon. Thawing very fast all day. I got out two barrels of potatoes and a bag of carrots, parsnips, turnips, etc. Still thawing, heavy fog.

17. Sat. 17. Came on cold about daylight with high N.W. wind and snow. I looked at the chimneys in the garret, fixed the fastenings of some doors, tightened up a bedstead, split wood & did other chores. Not quite so wild tonight.

18. Sun. 18. Meeting & S.S. as usual (Math VI-6) T. Stokes. Pleasanter today. Wintry.

19. Mon. 19. I got two load of wood down & took a load of hay to the mill. Wrote to Mr. Urquhart & Uncle Fred at night. Snowy, A.M. Sunny but cold, P.M.

20. Tue. 20. Snowy today. Chored. (Wasted). Intended going to S. Tracys. Stormy at night.

21. Wed. 21. We locked up the house and all went to Barrie. Got all our photos taken in a group. I bought 6 bags of peas for seed off J.J. Brown. Left them there till I go in again. 80 ct. per bus. ($12.00). Late home. Some snow squalls, but on the whole pleasant. Got cheque cashed for hay, $124.00.

22. Thur. 22. I took another load of hay to the mill, the last in the west leanto. They are full at the mill now so I cannot take anymore till next week. Wintry.

23. Fri. 23. I went down to Mr. Roe's & got ten bags of oats, 26 bus. I paid 46 ct., $12.00 on them & if they are more when he goes to town tomorow I have to give him the difference. Did other chores, P.M. Fine & sunny.

24. Sat. 24. Cleaned up oats, peas & barley & put away in boxes. Mild.

25. Sun. 25. Johns birthday, 13 years old (Lord let his life be wholy thine). Hail & rain last night. Colder today with snow squalls. Meeting as usual.2nd Psalm.

26. Mon. 26. Took a load of hay to the mills. Very cold & stormy. Wrote to Waterford.

27. Tue. 27. I got some hardwood poles that were round the strawpen & cut them up. They are better wood than we cut with sawing machine. Went up to the corner & gave my vote (Rom XIII-1). Fine.

28. Wed. 28. Cut wood & did other chores. Went up early to the corner to take tea with Aunt Annie but she was out on a collecting tour. So we (Mama & I) stayed at the store. Fine & sunny.

1883: March

1. Thur. 1st March 1883. Split some wood & took a load of hay to the mill. Took some books for Mrs. Knapp & call to see Mrs. John McLeod. Fine, warm & sunny.

2. Fri. 2. T.B.S. helped me to butcher two of the pigs I got from R. Burrows last fall. They are not very good. Mama & I went down to see Mrs. J. McLeod. She is in trouble. (The good Lord comfort). Cold N.W. wind with some snow.

3. Sat. 3. I went to town with the two pigs & 6 fowl. Lost one hen on the road. Sold the two pigs at $6.50 ct., $9.45 ct., the fowl (5) $1.35 ct. I brought home the seed peas from J.J. Brown & 1/2 bus. Timothy & peck of clover. Paid Barrand Bros. for the photos. Got home about 6 P.M. Fannie went with me. ([last]). Some snow squalls. Some sunshine.

4. Sun. 4. Meetings as usual. Staid tea at Aunt Annies. Cold & stormy with some sunshine. Cold & stormy.

5. Mon. 5. (Grandpa Ronald). I helped T.B.S. to butcher 3 pigs & then split the rest of the blocks left from the sawing machine. Cold but sunny.

6. Tue. 6th March 1883. I split some wood and took Mama to help them at the store as Emily is sick. T.B.S. helped me on with a load of hay and I took it out to the mill. They are filled up so I cannot take any more this week. I called to see Mrs. J. McLeod. The things are all seized & he is away. (Lord help). Snowy, A.M. & softer. Cold at night.

7. Wed. 7th. A fierce wind has been raging all night and it is very cold & seems more boisterous today. The boys cannot go to school. I fed up the creatures and made them as comfortable as I could.

8. Thur. 8. T.B.S. helped me to shovel out the lane & I got through with the horses once by noon. Mama & I went down to see Mrs. McLeod afternoon & stayed tea with Aunt Eliza. The townline is badly drifted. I wish I had done hauling hay. Fine but cold.

9. Fri. 9. I helped T.B.S. to butcher three pigs & then drew 2 loads of wood and went over to S. Tracys in the evening. He is anxious about Mrs. McLeod. Milder, threatens a storm.

10. Sat. 10. The boys helped me to get 2 loads of hay down from Grandpas barn. Split wood, P.M. A soft snow is falling.

11. Sun. 11. "Wiggins Storm" today. I could not get out of the lane with the horses so I walked up to meeting, P.M. No S.S. Calmer tonight.

12. Mon. 12. T.B.S. H. Tracy & his men helped to clear out the lane. They broke a road through the fields. I split wood, P.M. Am better of the cold I got last week. Sunshine & storm.

13. Tue. 13. I took a load of hay to the mill. Split wood etc. Bible society meeting. Fine & sunny.

14. Wed. 14. I drew wood from the pile. Very soft and sunny.

15. Thur. 15. Alice Ballars birthday (13). I stayed in the house reading most of the day. Stormy.

16. Fri. 16. I finished drawing the wood from the pile. Fine, sunny.

17. Sat. 17. I cleaned out the chimneys & stove pipes. Took a load of hay out to Antern Mills, and a load of straw from Alvin Johnsons to Mrs. Bells. Late home. Soft but cold wind.

18. Sun. 18. Six lambs this morning in consequence of the two ram lambs getting with the sheep 22nd Oct. The weather ws mild last night but came on very cold and stormy through the day. We went to S.S. and meeting as usual and I took Miss Tracy over to S. Tracys after meeting. The road accross the flatts is good now. Very stormy all day.

19. Mon. 19. The lambs are all alive but I have to keep one ewe tied for she will not own her lambs & one of them will not suck. The other 2 ewes with their 4 lambs are doing pretty well. I cleaned out the pens & made them as comfortable as I could. Cold & stormy.

20. Tue. 20. I did some chores around the house and barn. I feel sort of lazy. I wonder if I shall ever be different and be vigourous again. (Lord help). Cold, bright & sunny.

21. Wed. 21. I got away early to Knapps Mill and drew in the 6 Hemlock logs. I brought home a load but did not get it till afternoon expecting to meet J. McLeod. Not there. Went to meeting at night. Sunny but cold.

22. Thur. 22 March 1883. I went to Knapps Mill & got the lumber away from the building & brought half of it home. Not very well, P.M. Wrote to J. McLeod the children. John, Andrew & Mabeth went with Uncle T.B.S. to a scientific entertainment at night in the Hall. Late home. Bright but cold.

23. Fri. 23. T.B.S. helped me on with a load of hay and I took it to Antern Mills & brought back a load of lumber for Andrew Malcolm from Knapps Mill. The children went to another entertainment at night. Cloudy, milder.

24. Sat. 24. John helped me to get wheat and oats bagged up ready for the mill. Afternoon the boys went up to fetch Mr. Finlayson & family down to spend the afternoon. I took them home at night. Mild & sunny.

25. Sun. 25. Meeting as usual & S.S. A letter from J. McLeod was read. Decided to accept his confession & tender our forgiveness. (Lord help). Grandma & Aunt Bessie & Aunt Annie with Alfred & Wesley came down to tea. Sunny & pleasant.

26. Mon. 26. Old Mr. Livingston came down this morning. He is not satisfied with J. McLeod. I agreed to call and get Mr. Stokes & go down to see J. McLeod with him, getting the old gentleman on the road. I got a load of hay from Grandpa's barn & then got the last that I have to take to Antern Mills. I saw J. McLeod & agreed to see him Tuesday evening. I brought home the last of the hemlock lumber from Knapps Mill. Late home. Mild & sunn, A.M. Cloudy, P.M. Some snow, soft.

27. Tue. 27. Did some chores & then went to see J. Johnston about "McLeod's" case. Got home & did some chores & went down with T. Stokes & old Mr. Livingston. We saw John McLeod. The old gentlman had not much to say. J. McL. is to be at one quarterly church meeting. May the good Lord guide us all for His names sake. Cold N.W. wind, wintry.

28. Wed. 28. I went out to the mill with 8 bags of wheat & 9 of oats. I left them & brought back T.B.S.'s grist. Went up to prayer meeting early & called on Mrs. Hindle. Bright, sunny.

29. Thur. 29. I took Mama, baby, Franc & Annie up to the store and then went over to see Emma Tomlinson who is very sick. I came back and got Mama & the children & went down to Phillip Fuller's to dinner, Mr. Crawfords to tea & then called for a few minutes at Aunt Louisa's for Fannie & Annie & came home about eight oclock. (God bless them all). Bright & sunny day, frost nights.

30. Fri. 30. Grandpa helped me to clean up the oats. I put by plenty for my own use & find I have only 39 bus., 10 lbs. to sell. H. Tracy gets them.

31. Sat. 31. Andrew went to Barrie with me. I saw Mr. Bremner & got $125.00 off him & gave him a note for $325.00 payable on 5th April 1884. I gave Heman $106 which I owed him & Mr. Bremner $16.00 intrest. May the good Lord help me to pay all off next year. I sent a telegram to Waterford but got no answer. I sent away 9 of our photos & got the grist home. Got a plough point. Gave Father his rent. Bright & sunny, but cold wind, N.W.

1883: April

1. Sun. 1st April 1883. Meeting & S.S. as usual. Fine and sunny but cold wind.

2. Mon. 2. I did some chores & drew some of the logs that were left from the sawing machine. I will get some one to help me to cut them with a croscut. Hard frost at nights, sunny days.

3. Tue. 3. Mama, Mabeth & I started off to Elmvale about 7.30 A.M. We got there about 11 A.M. and stayed with Mr. Malcolm till 4 P.M. We then called to see Mr. & Mrs. C. Johnson. He is a complete invalid. May the good Lord help. We left there about 5.40 P.M. & got home about 9. The roads are getting very bad & the horses are tired. Fine & sunny, warmer.

4. Wed. 4. I did up chores & then went to see the parties who promised rails on the new road. I think they will put them on. I put the pork in the barn & began to pack it in salt, but Mr. & Mrs. Roe came down and I did not get it finished. It looks like a thaw. Soft snow with rain. Finer, P.M.

5. Thur. 5. I went up to help T.B.S. to cut some spruce logs to take down to the station for H. Tracy. I took half of it down for him, P.M. Soft & slush, rain at night.

6. Fri. 6. I drew down 6 more logs to cut for firewood, A.M. and took Mama & Ruthy to see Aunt Eliza, P.M. She has a son. Stayed tea with Mrs. Taylor. Sent $4.00 to Mr. Roe. Sunny but cold wind.

7. Sat. 7. I went up to help Mr. Orchard with sawing machine. Snowy, A.M. Fine, P.M.

8. Sun. 8. S.S. & meeting, P.M. as usual. (1 Sam. XXII-). Mama staid up to see Mrs. J. Johnston & walked home at night. Church meeting announced for tomorow night. Mild & sunny.

9. Mon. 9. I got a shoe put on Charlie and did other chores, A.M. T.B.S. helped me to saw some of the logs I drew on Fri. Church meeting at night. Soft & sunny.

10. Tue. 10. Not very well, A.M. T.B.S. helping me to saw, P.M. Wrote to H. Johnson, Stratford. Warmer.

11. Wed. 11. I took up the floor at the end of wood shed & put in two more sleepers. Cleaned out rubbish, etc. Split wood. Colder with high N.W. wind.

12. Thur. 12. Split wood. Mr. Jacobs came down and we [ ] the pigs, A.M. T.B.S. helped me to saw, P.M. The weather is getting warmer.

13. Fri. 13. I took the horses up to the fallow & got 3 more sticks of wood to saw. T.B.S. helped me to cut, P.M. Fine.

14. Sat. 14. I split wood that T.B.S. helped me to saw, A.M. & in the afternoon I helped T.B.S. to saw some wood for Grandpa. Went over to look at the road across Papineaus. The snow is nearly all gone. Burying ground meetings at night. Much warmer.

15. Sun. 15. S.S. and meeting as usual, P.M. Went up with waggon. Warm, with some rain.

16. Mon. 16 April 1883. I let off some water in the fields and split the rest of the wood that T.B.S. helped me to saw. Put away the sleighs, etc. Fine & springlike.

17. Tue. 17. I drew all the railcuts off the fallow except those that were left against the fence last fall. I put them in the cane & against Granpas garden fence. About an acre of the lower end of the fallow is under water and the rails that are on it will be wanted for fencing the west line. High N.W. wind. Fine.

18. Wed. 18. I went up to the new road across Papineaus expecting to have H. Fuller to help me to lay up fence but he did not come. Mr. Phillips & Angus McDugal went to work at it and I laid the worm. T. Stokes laid up the peice against Mrs. Hindles clearing because he did not haul his rails for the road to their right place on account of drifts in winter. Came on rain, P.M. so I did not go up till 3.30 when I took 3 peices of cedar for the culvert & the plough. I rigged up the bridges & ploughed a peice ready for scraping. Wrote to Lizzie. Fine, A.M. Rainy, P.M. Warm.

19. Thur. 19. I went up to the new road & finished staking & ridering the fence we were at yesterday. I got it done by noon. Then I took a load of rails across to the ninth concession on the new road. There is a feild to fence across as the man there [ ] has rented it off Papineau & is putting in crop. Papineau has sold the west hundred of his farm to a man called Inglis. He is moving in today. I did the scraping and made the road passable at this end & then took a load of rails across to the ninth that had been left at this end in the winter. Cloudy with some rain, drizzling, P.M.

20. Fri. 20. I took another load of rails across to the new road from here & took one from this end of the road, A.M. I took another load from here again, P.M. It is the last of the fence that used to be on the south side of the lane between Grandpa's barn & T.B.S.'s house. I took another load from the west end of the road. I must get them laid up tomorow. Fine & sunny but cold N.W. wind.

21. Sat. 21. I took John with me and we laid up the fence. I had about 15 left which I put on Jones's side for his fence. Afternoon we worked on the fallow near Uncle T.B.S.'s. Got out stumps, made some brand heaps, etc. Sunny but cold N.W. wind.

22. Sun. 22. S.S. & meeting as usual, P.M. (Malachi). Sunny but cold S.E. wind.

23. Mon. 23. I drew up 4 loads of broken rails, maple poles, etc. that were scattered over the fallow. I took the plough out, P.M. and made a start but there is a good bit of picking up & chunking up to do at brand heaps. Very cold N.W. wind.

24. Tue. 24. I went out to plough but a very heavy snowstorm came on so I got home & put in the cattle & sheep & sowed some grasseed after it cleared (Tue. 24 April 1883 cont'd) off. 3 bands nearest the road & 2/3 rd of the 4th No.1 N. ploughed, No.6 S. afternoon. Snow nearly gone, but very cold wind.

25. Wed. 25. Ploughing. Went up to corner at night. Took Mr. Bremners bag of potatoes that I brought out from Barrie and got down some glass for hotbed. Clover seed. Cold N. wind.

26. Thur. 26. I had a bad time with toothache last night. Ploughed a while, A.M. Light rain at noon so I went out and finished sowing No.1 N. with grassseed. Mostly clover on the west side of the field. Came on heavy soft snow so I went up for the children. Got a letter from P. Master Waterford (says Green Bros. are a reliable firm). Chilly with snow & rain.

27. Fri. 27. I went up to the corner & spoke to Orchard, Young, Jacobs, Morren, & F. Foysten about the Band of Hope for 24 May. Agreed to ask a public meeting for Sat. night week. Got home 2.30 P.M. after dining at Mr. Foystens. Dr. McCarthy came down to see Alice B. so he looked at Maybeths knee. Says it will be some time getting quite well. I went out and ploughed awhile but broke the doubletree, so had to quit. Snowy but thawed away by noon. Cold wind.

28. Sat. 28. I ploughed all day. Grandpa made me another doubletree. Do not feel vigourous. Cold N. wind.

29. Sun. 29. S.S. & meeting as usual (1st John.. 1 & 2 ch..) Cold N. wind.

30. Mon. 30. Ploughing. Much troubled with toothache. Warmer.

1883: May

1. Tue. 1st May 1883. Ploughed, but had a good bit of picking up. Fine.

2. Wed. 2. Ploughed but am used up for want of sleep with my teeth. Light rain.

3. Thur. 3. Rainy. I got Nettys shoes set. Did not do much. I am afraid I shall be laid up with my face but the weather looks like more rain. Cold raw S.E. wind.

4. Fri. 4. I am having a bad time with my face. Cannot do anything but the ground is very wet so I hope I shall be well by the time it is fit to work again. Ex-XV-26. Dull heavy weather, with heavy thundershower at night.

5. Sat. 5. The swelling in my face run last night so I am better today. I helped the boys with the chores, A.M. & fixed up Rheubarb bed. Got the roots out of the pit & straightened up the yard, fixed gates, etc., P.M. Dull but warmer.

6. Sun. 6. S.S. and meeting, P.M., as usual. (Ex XV.26). Fine, warm, sunny.

7. Mon. 7. I did some chores, A.M. T.B.S. and G. Hindle helped me to make some brand heaps and put railcuts into fencecorners on No.5 S. We got done about 5 P.M. Some heavy rains, A.M. Finer, P.M. Nelly heifer is ailing. Gave her salts & castor oil, ginger, etc. Warm. I wrote to Waterford, & castrated calf.

8. Tue. 8. I ploughed today but it is very wet in spots. Cool

9. Wed. 9. [I ploughed today but it is very wet in spots. Cool].

10. Thur. 10. I ploughed, A.M. Came on heavy rain about 2 P.M. so I did some chores. The weather is warmer but the ground is very wet snow.

11. Fri. 11th May 1883. I finished ploughing the field for oats. Most of it is new & never was ploughed before so it has been a rough job. Fine.

12. Sat. 12. I sowed the 8 acres I ploughed last fall, No.4 S. with barley. The boys harrowed it. I did some ditching at the bottom of No.5 S. Fine.

13. Sun. 13. S.S. & meeting as usual. Grandma R's birthday. I staid up to tea. Fine but cold.

14. Mon. 14. I did some more ditching in No.5 S. The boys harrowed in No.4 S., A.M. Afternoon ploughed the garden in front of the house and began planting strawberries. Some rain.

15. Tue. 15. I began sowing oats in No.5 S., Russian whites, that I got from Mr. Roe. I sowed some black oats at night when the wind fell. Picked up most of the day. The boys are harrowing and working in the garden. Fine but cold N. wind.

16. Wed. 16. Eliza's birthday. I finished sowing oats and picked up the biggest of the sticks and roots. John harrowed & Andrew went to school. Fine but cold N. wind.

17. Thur. 17. I got the rough peice harrowed and began going over that which the boys harrowed. Tomlinson came over and begged help for raising a barn so T.B.S. & I went over about 4.30 P.M. I harrowed a little after I came home. Warm & springlike.

18. Fri. 18. I finished the oats harrowing, about 15 acres. Some of it very poor land and about an acre at the lower corner to wet to touch yet. I began ploughing No.2 N. about 10.30 A.M. with T.B.S.'s plough. Soft, S.E. wind.

19. Sat. 19. I am badly tired today so John ploughed some and I planted carrots, parsnips, etc. in the garden. T.B.S.'s plough runs with a wheel & is easy to hold. Some thunder showers, warm.

20. Sun. 20. S.S. and meeting as usual, P.M. (All the Way). Dent VIII-2. Staid to tea with Mrs. Doeg at A.R.'s. She is gong to the Old Country. Cold.

21. Mon. 21. Ploughed all day. I am pretty well. Some light rains fell. Cold.

22. Tue. 22. Steady rain till 11 A.M. Ploughed till noon & then went down to see W. Collins. He has lost a fine young mare but he has about done seeding so it is not quite so bad a loss. Drizzling rain. Cold.

23. Wed. 23. I sowed grasseed on the new land which is very rough and sandy in spots, and run over it with a bush, afternoon. Wm. Jeffery & Fanny came at noon having got an excursion ticket. I went to prayer meeting at night, the first for three weeks. Fine, but some drizzles.

24. Thur. 24. Not very well. I fixed some fence but slept some of the forenoon. Went up to the picnic, afternoon, and down to see Eliza & bring Wm. Jeffery & Fanny home. Fine, sunny.

25. Fri. 25. I finished ploughing No.2 N., A.M. & sowed & harrowed P.M. T.B.S. took Wm. J. & Fanny to the station. Andrew harrowed till I had done sowing. John has a sore toe. Fine but sultry wind.

26. Sat. 26. Heavy rain forenoon. I slept till nearly 2 P.M. Do not feel well. I went out to the rough peice of new ground & hoed round stumps. Cut up thistles, [burze], etc. Unsettled & like more rain.

27. Sun. 27 May 1883. S.S. & meeting as usual. Some heavy showers.

28. Mon. 28. I picked out hte best potatoes for using & cut up the rest for seed. Some showers.

29. Tue. 29. I began harrowing No.2 N. The second time it is rather wet but the peas are sprouted so I cannot wait any longer. I got done about 2 P.M. and opened out some of the furows with one horse. Planted a few potatoes. Fine but cool.

30. Wed. 30. I ploughed up a little corner of No.3 N. where the wheat was killed & put in barley. Planted potatoes till teatime when it came on rain but it clered off and I went up to prayer meeting but it rained heavily most of the night. Chilly, S.E. wind, rain at night.

31. Thur. 31. I got the boys to help me to fix up the straight fence south of No.2 & 3. S. It is badly racked & will have to be built over again soon. Afternoon I went over to Jones's. He wants rails to fence his crop against the new road. I went up to the corner & saw A. Ronald who has promised $2.00 & A. Malcolm, $2.00. They both agreed with me to put on rails for htem & place the ammount to my credit. Young has agreed with Jones to put on rails for his $2.00. Cold. N.W. wind.

1883: June

1. Fri. 1st June 1883. A.M. The boys are planting potatoes & I took 100 rails over to Jones which will answer his purpose for the present. P.M., the boys fishing & I cleaned stable lofts, W.C., etc. Got a P.C. from H. Johnson about "Waterford". Warmer today & fine.

2. Sat. 2. I went to Barrie. Got my certificate of office signed before Mr. Bremner. I got 3 bags of potatoes, $1.50, from him. Got saddle mended, 50 ct., pair of gaiters $1.75, hats, 98, barrel salt, $1.40, dwarf beans, 10 ct., mending shoes, 35 ct. Brought home some things for Grandma R. & S. Late home. Warm with S.E. wind.

3. Sun. 3. S.S. & meeting as usual. I staid up to T.B.S. Meeting at night. Nelly calved. Fine, springlike.

4. Mon. 4. I hitched to roller & rolled No. 4 S., barley. It is rather far on. I began the oats, No.5 & 6 but quit at 4 P.M. and went down and washed the sheep. Fine but cool.

5. Tue. 5. I finished the oats in No. 5 & 6 S. and then rolled the peas in No. 2 N. I got through about 2.30 P.M. & then planted potatoes. Came on rain about 7 P.M.

6. Wed. 6. I finished planting potatoes. Planted beans. Took the light waggon up to Mr. Youngs to be built over. Some thunder showers afternoon. Warmer.

7. Thur. 7. I picked up some sticks on the oats, No.5 S. Planted corn in garden. I took Mama, Grandma R. & Aunt Annie down to see Mrs. McKinley. She is very low. Mama staid all night. Fine.

8. Fri. 8. I hoed in the garden. John helped me, A.M., as there is no school today. I sheared 9 of the sheep, P.M. Letter & P.C. from Waterford. Fine.

9. Sat. 9. I went to Barrie on horseback. I got the note from Green Bros. & Co., Waterford, at the Bank of Toronto. I paid it and got home about 1 P.M. The boys had the sheep in so I finished the shearing. Warned out the men for Statute labour. Some rain all day.

10. Sun. 10 June 1883. S.S. & meeting as usual. I went up to T.B.S. Meeting at night. Dull, A.M. Fine, P.M.

11. Mon. 11. I pruned and fastened up grape vine. Boarded round under verandah & began working at the big pine stump in the garden. Fine but cloudy.

12. Tue. 12. Worked awhile at the stump, a tough customer. Came on some heavy rains so I got some sleep. Filled up schedule. Fine, A.M. Rain, P.M.

13. Wed. 13. I finished triming all round the big pine stump. Ploughed the garden and run a furrow in No. 2 S. pasture to let off some water.

14. Thur. 14. I went on to the road to put in statute labour. We have not many hands this year. We made a bridge on the new road by the spring. Tore up the crossway that was on the concession and used the best of it for the bridges. We tore up the gully bridge which was very rotten and dangerous, and built it culvert fashion. The men worked well. Fine, rather warm.

15. Fri. 15. We got some more timber from Mr. English's slash, and finished the gully culvert, and then J. Phillips & J. McDonald began to cover with the scrapers & fill up the big gap that used to be covered with the bridge. We got it so as to be passable by night. I put in post for guards, etc. H. Fuller, B. Tracy & Phillips have been working on the stoney ridge new road. Fine, rather hot.

16. Sat. 16. I got T.B.S.'s light waggon and Mama & Andrew went with me to town taking the wool. Sold at 15 c., 15 c., & 24 c. per lb. Late home. Tired. Very hot. Very hot.

17. Sun. 17. I took Netty and went down to see old Mrs. Knapp. She is very ill, and feeble. I called at Campbells, P. Knapps, & J. McLeods. Got up to meeting & took the LXVI Psalm & c. Psalm for subject. Weary tonight. (Lord bless thine own word).

18. Mon. 18. Rain through the night and some A.M. I got Netty shod on front feet. Went up to corner & found Grace, Andrew R's wife, was very anxious to go to Avening so as I was going, A. Morren offered me the buckboard, and she and the 2 children went along. We got to Avening about dark, being detained on the road by a heavy thundershower. Netty seems a little lame. Hot & sultry till about 3.30 P.M., then thundershower, cooler after.

19. Tue. 19. R. Murray went with me down to Avening where I met the Norman Percheron horse. He is a fine animal. I hope Netty is in foal. We spent the afernoon at T. Murrays. I felt tired at night.

20. Wed. 20. I left R. Murrays about 8 A.M. Grace and children came with T. Murray to Stayner. We got to Minesing about 2.30 P.M. I am tired tonight. Fine.

21. Thur. 21 June 1883. I do not feel very vigourous but hoed strawbery patch. It is very wet yet from Mon. & Tue. rains. Fine.

22. Fri. 22. I fel better today. Hoed carrots. Fired the big stump in the garden and went up to night meeting to see about Dominion day. There was not many there but it was agreed to have a picnic. Fine, rather warmer.

23. Sat. 23. I got Charlie shod and then the boys helped me to draw away the crossway that was tore up in statute labour and place it at the side of the hill where the water is washing. Afternoon we put in hoeing. The land is getting dryer but wet enough. Hot & close.

24. Sun. 24. S.S. and meeting as usual. Some heavy showers, P.M.

25. Mon. 25. Some very heavy thunder showers. Wrote to R. Graham. Filed saw. Made neck yoke. Worked at pine stump.

26. Tue. 26. T.B.S. helped me to cut some cedar for stakes & I split 200. I saw some cattle on T. Stokes's crops, and put them out. The heavy rain last night has made our land as wet as [when] the snow went away. I went down and laid some more rails on Mr. Kents fence. He does not seem to care for anyone but himself. Very warm & close & thundery.

27. Wed. 27. I drew over some rails from the pile that was left at this end of the new road (125, I think) to make up Jones's fence. I took over 200 stakes as well & I think there is enough now to finish his fence as far as he has cleared. I got through, 7 P.M. Showery most of the day.

28. Thur. 28. I went down to J. Kerfoots and got the promise of $7.50 on the road to finish covering the bridge we were working at on the 15th. I met him on the road so I went over to see Louisa and her little son. I got home about noon & saw Phillips who promised to come on afternoon. I went up & put things in working order, to keep the water from spoiling our work. Warm, heavy shower at 1 P.M.

29. Fri. 29. I went up with the waggon & drew 4 loads of stone to protect the side of the bridge. Phillips worked till noon with the scraper & then James McDonald came on with his team. I had to go up and mend the scraper, P.M. Butchered the [ ] calf. Very warm close weather.

30. Sat. 30. I went to town with 2 hind qrs. of veal, 46 lbs. & 4 ducks for Grandma S. Taking all the oat straw I could get on the waggon for Mrs. Wadds. I sold the veal at 7 ct. per lb., $3.22, skin, 90 c., ducks, 25 c. each. John met me on the market with Mrs. Bremner. He has been with them since Wed. to attend the examinations. We went up there to dinner. A. Morren came over about 2.30 A.M. & got Mama to go and stay with Bessie. A little son was born 3.45 A.M. so I took this news with me to Barrie. I brought out some things for Grandma R. & brought Mama back home with me. Cool & pleasant.

1883: July

1. July 1st 1883. S.S. and meeting, P.M., as usual (1st Rev.) Warm, threatens thunder.

2. Mon. 2nd. I cut what thistles and [burze] there were on my section of road and afternoon we all went up to the picnic except Mama who is with Aunt Bessie. We got home about 8 P.M. Thunder shower, A.M. Fine, P.M.

3. Tue. 3. I rigged up the mower and cut Fathers hay except some fence corners. John went up with the horses and took all the strawberries that were picked up to the corner & Mama came home with him. Sold the berries at 10 c. qt. Very hot & thundery.

4. Wed. 4. Very heavy thundershower last night. Ground all soaking today. I went up to Fathers and began mowing fence corners but it looked so much like rain that I quit. I went on the road and straightened a little, P.M. Church meeting at night. Thunder shower, P.M.

5. Thur. 5. I went up to Grandpa's and turned over some hay but it is very green yet and the weather threatening, so we left it. W.H. Phillips came down and I made him an offer for harvest, $65.00 for 2 months. It is heavy wages but I do not feel able to face the work alone. I went down on horseback to meet old Mrs. Knapp's funeral. The minister did not come so the work devolved on me. Very hot & thundery.

6. Fri. 6. W.H.P. came down this morning & I started him mowing Grandpa's fence corners. We got word from R. Thomas that his mother died yesterday & would be buried today, 2.30 P.M., so I went out on horseback to represent the two families. I got home about 9.30 P.M. Hot with heavy thundershowers at 1 & 6 P.M.

7. Sat. 7. W.H.P. clearing out pigpens, stables, etc. I planted out celery, picked strawberries, etc. The weather still keeps showery.

8. Sun. 8. Meeting & S.S., P.M., as usual. T. Stokes not there. (Rev 2nd Ch.). Went to tea to Aunt Bessie's. She is getting on nicely. (Lord bless). Bright & clear.

9. Mon. 9. W.H.P. mowing fence corners for Grandpa. I went down to Lumleys with Pruney & picked some strawberries, A.M. Raked up the hay in the orchard & turned over the rest. Got in 2 loads after tea. (Pruney). Fine.

10. Tue. 10. Hoeing potatoes, No.2 N. & mowed the orchard & fence corners round garden. John raked up Grandpa's hay with horse rake and we got in all but the rakings, afternoon. Fine. Fine.

11. Wed. 11. Hoed potatoes till teatime & then got in Grandpa's rakings & what was in the orchard here & fence corners. I took up three pail of berries on horseback at night. Fine.

12. Thur. 12. We hoed potatoes till about 4 P.M. when a heavy thundershower came on. Thurlow came & got 4 lambs, 3 at $3.00 & 1 at $3.50. The land is all flooded again. Fine, A.M. Heavy rain, P.M.

13. Fri. 13 July 1883. We got out 2 pine stumps in No.2 N. and trimmed the other, and got them piled up snug by 4 P.M. Fixed waggon rack, & hoed potatoes, went up at ngiht to see Mr. & Mrs. Murray. He is very frail. They will stay for a change. Drizling, A.M. Fine, P.M.

14. Sat. 14. I wrote to Jacques & Hays about Geo. Baker & we hoed potatoes the rest of the day. Aunt Eliza brought word that Aunt Bessie was threatened with a bad breast so Mama went over. Fine.

15. Sun. 15. Meeting & S.S., P.M. as usual. Hot thundery weather. Some rain about 1 P.M.

16. Mon. 16. W.H.P. hoeing potatoes. I began cutting No.3 S. but stopped as it looked like rain.

17. Tue. 17. The weather cleared off cool and so I finished cutting No.3 S. W.H.P. mowed fence corners. The weather looks settled now. (Thank the Lord). Fine.

18. Wed. 18. W.H.P. mowing fence corners in barley field, No.4 S., A.M. After we got some hay together & drew in 3 loads. It is rather green yet. 2 loads in old stable loft, 1 down here. Fine, cool.

19. Thur. 19. W.H.P. mowing fence corners, No.3 N. We all began turning the hay over in No.3 S. & got in 2 loads after tea and got a few loads together. 1 in stable loft, 1 down here. (Old Mr. Palmer died). Fine, cool.

20. Fri. 20. Drew in 3 loads and John is raking while we got dinner. We got in three afternoon & 3 after tea & T.B.S. drew in 2. It is rather green yet. J. & T. Hindle helped spread, P.M. Cloudy, threatens rain.

21. Sat. 21. Looks like rain. T.B.S. came down and we each drew in 3 loads afternoon. T.B.S. began cutting his hay & we got in the last 2 loads in the feild & started Andrew raking over again. We gathered some fence corners & one load of rakings. Very hot & close. Heavy rain about 10 P.M.

22. Sun. 22. S.S. and meeting, A.M. instead of P.M. Afternoon I walked down to see G. Campbel who is very sick. I am tired tonight.

23. Mon. 23. W.H.P. mowing fence corners. I helped awhile & spread the rakings that got wet on Sat. night. We hauled them in afternoon & after tea John ploughed the piece of land that is lying fallow below No.2 N.

24. Tue. 24. W.H.P. & I mowed at fence corners, and then hoed in carrotts. After tea I went down to see George Campbel, he is better, & stayed to say good bye to Mr. Murray. He intends leaving tomorrow morning if he is able. He is very weak. Fine.

25. Wed. 25. Hoeing in front till 4 P.M. & then we gathered hay in fence corners. Fine.

26. Thur. 26. W.H.P. helping T.B.S. We hoed till noon & then gathered the rest of the fence corners & hauled them all in. Lost part of one load off & it hindred us some. John is good help for his age. Fine.

27. Fri. 27. Hoeing in garden till noon when we unloaded a load of hay that was on the waggon & then we all went up to help T.B.S. with his hay. Fine.

28. Sat. 28. We all helped T.B.S. all day. Fine but some showers went over.

29. Sun. 29. S.S. & meeting at 10 & 11 A.M. T. Stokes not there. I called on the way home. Also at Hindles & McDonalds. I am weary tonight. Fine & cool.

30. Mon. 30 July 1883. W.H.P. & John & I helping T.B.S. James DeGeer brought down the calf I went to see last Fri. morning. It is a poor thing. I think I paid too much for it, $4.00. Fine & cool.

31. Tue. 31st. Light shower this morning. We began fixing the horsestable floor, laying plank on the old floor, A.M. Afternoon we all went up to help T.B.S. finish his hay. Fine, P.M.

1883: August

1. Wed. 1st August 1883. We finished the stable floor & did other chores. W.H.P. went up to help T.B.S., P.M. Mr. & Mrs. Finlayson came down and I spent the afternoon with them. I went up at night to get the light waggon from A. Malcolm's but it wants a little alteration in the tongue so I left it for tomorow. Very close & warm.

2. Thur. 2. W.H.P. & John went to help T.B.S. with his roots. Andrew & I took Jenny & Nelly down to Lumleys, A.M. I went up afternoon and got the light waggon down & went to see Herbert Johnston who is very sick. I burned what I could at the pine stump in the garden. Close & warm, A.M. High N.W. wind, P.M.

3. Fri. 3. W.H.P., John & I worked at the pine stump till we got it out of the garden. We worked on the wet piece of new land that I could not put in crop last spring. It is grown up with weeds & is rather too wet to plough yet. Butchered a sheep. W.H.P. split rails. Cold N.W. wind, dry.

4. Sat. 4. John, Fannie & I started off to Barrie taking 2 hind qrs. of mutton & skin & some ducks & eggs for Grandma S. Sold the mutton at 9 c., $2.20, skin 35 c., 3.25. I got 2 horseraketeeth & the money for the work done on gully bridge & brought some things out for Grandma R. John got tooth pulled. W.H.P. helping T.B.S., A.M. Splitting rails, P.M. Cold N.W. wind, dry.

5. Sun. 5. S.S. & meeting, P.M. Mr. Stokes not well. A company of us went down to J. McLeods. May the Good Lord heal & bless. We got home about sunset. Fine but cool.

6. Mon. 6. I went to see old Mr. McDonald. He is very sick. Went up to corner & posted a letter to Mr. Tapscott, & then went on to see Aunt Bessie & Alfred M. Had an earnest conversation about Baptism. Came back and called to see Eliza Orchard. I have not seen her since her baby was born. I got home about 2 P.M. & went out and cut weeds on the low wet peice below the oats, No.6 S. Burned some heaps, etc.W.H.P. is helping his father. Fine.

7. Tue. 7. T.B.S. helped us to make some log heaps against the west side of the low peice & we got some rails hauled & laid up, A.M. We finished drawing off the rails and began ploughing. The boys are carrying off the rubbish. W.H.P. at home. Fine.

8. Wed. 8. I went up to the wet piece & finished ploughing and got John harrowing. I picked up & sowed grasseed, 6 lbs. Timothy & 1 lb Alsike clover. W.H.P. & T.B.S. ground cradle scythe & cut road round No.3 N. (wheat). Afternoon we got out the reaper & cut in No.3 N. John cut a piece off his finger with sickle.

9. Thur. 9. T.B.S. & G.H. helped us today. We finished No.3 N. and the ripest of Grandpa's & cut roads round N.2 N. Fine, rather warm. Warmer.

10. Fri. 10 August 1883. T.B.S & G.H. helped us till teatime & we finished No.1 N. & they cut road round his wheat. Hot & dry. Good harvest weather.

11. Sat. 11. W.H.P. & I helped T.B.S. through with his wheat though it kept us till nearly 9 P.M. I am very weary tonight. Very hot.

12. Sun. 12. S.S. & meeting as usual. T. Stokes not there. Letter to Mr. Tapscot received & reply a Post Card. Expect him next week. (Joshua 14. 5 Kings. Upper & Nether Springs). Hot & close, rain at night.

13. W.H.P. & I rigged up the pump in the woodshed & gorund up cradle scythe & reaper sickle, A.M. Cut fathers wheat & began my barley, No.4 S., P.M. Cloudy & cool.

14. Tue. 14. I finished cutting barley, No.4 S. W.H.P. cut some fence corners against the oats & then bound barley. T.B.S. & George H. helped bind, P.M. Fine, cool.

15. Wed. 15. T.B.S. & G.H. came & we drew in with 2 teams. We got in all the wheat but 2 loads from No.1 N., 12 loads off No.3 N. & 4 off No.2 N. Fine harvest weather.

16. Thur. 16. We got in the last of our wheat and then got in 3 loads for Grandpa & then 3 loads of loose barley from No.4 S. W.H.P. is gone tonight to meet his wife at Buffalo. Will not be back till Sat. night. Fine weather, hot.

17. Fri. 17. G.H. came from T.B.S. and helped us haul in barley. John loaded & grandpa helped us in the mow. I went down at noon and met Mr. Tapscott. He is going to stay awhile.

18. Sat. 18. Thunder shower about 5 A.M. I took the scythe and mowed what lodged stuff I could on No.4 S. Fixed fence along west side of oats. Thunder shower at night. Muggy hot weather.

19. Sun. 19. S.S. and meeting, A.M. as usual. Mr. T. (like precious faith) preached, P.M. from 2nd Eph. (Rich in mercy). Very hot & close.

20. Mon. 20. G.H. helped us haul in barley but we had to turn it over so I went up to see A. Knapp who was threshing at Orchards. He cannot thresh for me till 10 days. We got in all the loose stuff by about 2 P.M. & then raked up & got in 2 loads of rakings.

21. Tue. 21. W.H.P. helped us off with the load of rakings & then went to help T.B.S. John & I worked at hauling in the sheaves. Grandpa helped us unload. We got through about 4 P.M. & then I cut the bit of barley in the corner of No.3 N. where the wheat killed out, after tea. John raked at the barley field after tea. Very hot but windy.

22. Wed. 22. John started raking but I got him to quit and we got in a [jag] of loose barley for T.B.S. when a sharp thunder shower came on. After he raked again and we tried to get in the loose barley but it was too windy so a little [continues below]

[new page of diary begins]

22. Wed. 22 August 1883. was left out. We bound the bit of barley that I cut yesterday, pried up the pine stump in No.2 N. and made it ready for burning. Butchered a lamb after tea but a frightful storm of wind & rain made it so dark that I had a fumbling job of it. Began to make another grain bin in the barn. W.H.P. helping T.B.S. till about 9 P.M. & afternoon till 7 P.M. Storm. Hot & windy & a severe storm, 6 P.M.

23. Thur. 23. W.H.P. working at the grain bin till noon and then to J. Downey's to thresh. The boys went up to the corner to fetch Aunt Jane & family to spend the day and helped me to drive old Jenny down to Lumleys. Afternoon I helped T.B.S. to haul in barley and took Jane & family up to corner at night & got 5 bags of barley from W. Orchard to get ground for horse feed. Fine, cooler. (Old Jenny).

24. Fri. 24. W.H.P. helping T.B.S. forenoon. I took the barley out to mill & got it back about noon, with [ ] lb. of flour [ ] from W.H.P. & I went to thresh at Phillips's, P.M. Fine.

25. Sat. 25. We got through threshing at Phillips's about 11 A.M. W.H.P. helped T.B.S., P.M. to get in Grandpa's barley & his rakings. I finished the grain bin & John & Andrew helped me to get in our rakings from the wheat & barley. I fired some stump heaps in the barley stubble, No.4 S. Fine, cool.

26. Sun. 26. Meeting & S.S. as usual, A.M. Mr. Tapscott was there. VIII. Romans. 1-4 ver., P.M. IX John. Fine.

27. Mon. 27. W.H.P. threshing at Foystens for I. Downey. Pulling peas for Father, P.M. I took Mr. Tapscott to the station & spoke to him of coming back to us again. (Lord lead). I got back and rigged up plough & began to turn over No.4 S. Cool & pleasant.

28. Tue. 28. W.H.P. pulling peas for Grandpa. I moved some stump heaps & went on ploughing. John is helping a little while. I fired some heaps in No.6 S. Cool.

29. Wed. 29. I ploughed. W.H.P. finished Grandpa's peas about 3 P.M. & then began cutting oats in No.6 S., the peice of new land. They are very heavy. Fine.

30. Thur. 30. Ploughing. W.H.P. cut all the oats that were ripe by noon and began pulling peas in No.2 N. Fine harvest weather.

31. Fri. 31. I went up to the corner to see about the machine. They are coming down tonight. I bespoke some hands on my way home & finished ploughing No.4 S. W.H.P. pulling peas, A.M. Afternoon W.H.P. bound some of the oats that were cut & I got water & wood ready for the threshers & rigged up the strawpen. Hot.

1883: September

1. Sat. 1 Sept. 1883. We began threshing in good time and were done soon after 5 P.M. 270 bus. barley, 215 wheat. Less than half last years yeild of wheat. We took the machine up to English's.

2. Sun. 2. Meeting & S.S. as usual. I spoke to the Church about Mr. Tapscott. They would like to have him but rather halfhearted. T.B.S. at night.

3. Mon. 3. Sept. 1883. I wrote to Mr. Tapscott giving him the sense of the Church meeting yesterday. W.H.P. at English's threshing. I got the mower and cut about 2 acres of grassy stuff in the pea feild, N.2 N., afternoon. W.H.P. & I pulled peas and John harrowed the barley ground. Cool & windy.

4. Tue. 4. John harrowed, A.M. & W.H.P. & I finished the peas about 2 P.M. Afterward we got in 3 loads of peas for Grandpa, but a heavy rain storm came on about 5.30 P.M. Windy.

5. Wed. 5. I got T.B.S. waggon & we began hauling manure on to the feild where the peas are, leaving it in the furrows. I took Nelly down to Lumleys, P.M. G. Hindle helped. Cool & windy, some squalls of rain.

6. Thur. 6. We worked at the dung till noon & then W.H.P. bound up the oats that were left & John & I with G. Hindle to help drew in the rest of Grandpa's peas & two loads of ours. John, Andrew & I cleaned up 3 bags of wheat & 3 of barley after dark. John & Grandpa are getting the currant trees planted in the garden. Fine, cool, windy.

7. Fri. 7. W.H.P. cutting oats, No.6 S. John & I drew in those that were cut. Threatens rain. I tried to grub up the potatoes in No.2 N. with T.B.S.'s cultivator but it wouldn't do. So I took the plough. Came on a heavy rain about 4 P.M. G. Hindle took out the grain that we cleaned up last night to mill this A.M. Wrote P.C. to Wm. Lawson. Finished planting currants. Chored after 4 P.M. Dull with light rain till 4 P.M. Heavy rain after.

8. Sat. 8. W.H.P. splitting rails. G. Hindle & the boys & I getting up potatoes. W.H.P. has his time in tonight. I have to give him $64.00, $1.00 I paid him before. Cold fall weather. Some showers.

9. Sun. 9. S.S. & meeting as usual. XCI Psalm. Very cold.

10. Mon. 10. Getting up potatoes, A.M. & til 3 P.M. G.H. here. I got in 2 loads of peas from No.2 N. Cleaned up 12 bags of wheat. Hard frost last night. Cool.

11. Tue. 11. Potatoes, A.M. & till about 4 P.M., then got in 2 more loads of peas. G.H. here. Went up to R.B. meeting at night. T.B.S. took in 12 bags of wheat, 23 bus. 52 lb., $27.40 c. (95 c). Frost last night. Warmer.

12. Wed. 12. John & I got two loads of grassy feed where the peas drowned out & then we finished the potatoes which leaves the feild clear. Prayer meeting at night. Warmer.

13. Thur. 13. I run out furrows for ridging up in No.4 S. Gave W.H.P. $29.00. & then went to work at the oats. They are a bad mess. Came on rain about 3 P.M. Cloudy, A.M. & close.

14. Fri. 14. I began ploughing No.2 N. for wheat. John spreading manure. Afternoon we went at the oats & cut roads for the reaper, but it is very rough. Very hot & close.

15. Sat. 15. Ploughed, A.M. Cut with reaper, P.M. It is very tedious job. Hot.

16. Sun. 16. S.S. & meeting as usual. ([ ] tongue of learned). Hot, some rain, P.M.

17. Mon. 17. W. Tracy came & I started him cradling oats. Moore came about 10 A.M. & I started him binding. I ground up reaper sickle & ploughed, A.M. Afternoon I went to work with the reaper at the oats, but broke the cam & washer about 5.30 P.M. I think Grandpa can mend it. Cool.

18. Tue. 18. W. Tracy shocking and binding. Keast came & I started him to help. I ploughed, A.M. & cut oats with the reaper, P.M. Grandpa fixed it first rate. Warmer.

19. Wed. 19. G. Hindle came & I started him with the other men (W. Tracy & Keast). I ploughed, A.M. & afternoon cut oats with the reaper. Leaving about 1 3/4 acres to cut yet. Good harvest weather.

20. Thur. 20. Looks like rain so G.H. & I drew in, Grandpa & John helping to unload. We got in 6 loads & then rain came on about 4 P.M. so we turned to and bound & shocked all that was cut. It did not rain much til after dark and not long then. Close & cloudy. Rain, P.M.

21. Fri. 21. I sowed about 4 acres of No.2 N. with wheat. Part of it is very rough and dry & needs rain. G.H. came afternoon and I finished cutting with the reaper. W.T. & Keast are cutting the new land with scythes. G.H. & I took in a load after I got done cutting. Rather warm & close.

22. Sat. 22. G.H. here & we drew in as fast as we could, Grandpa helping to unload. W.T. & Keast got done cutting & bound that which I cut with the machine yesterday. I will try & do without them again. I have to pay them $1.50 per day. I hope to get help from T.B.S. on Monday if it keeps fine & I think that will finish. Warm & summery.

23. Sun. 23. S.S. & meeting as usual, A.M. T.B.S., P.M. (E.W. & A. Wadds came down). (Aunt Annie has a son). Somewhat cloudy. Warm.

24. Mon. 24. We got in 4 loads of oats. G.H. helping. Came on rain at noon so T.B.S. came & we ploughed a little but the showers came heavier so we quit about 5 P.M. G.H. & John mowing lodged spots in oats. Mully I think.

25. Tue. 25. T.B.S. came about 9 A.M. & we ploughed No.2 N. by 2 P.M. & then started No.4 S. It is very soft & mucky but No.2 N. is hard but the better of the rain. Cold. Rain squalls from N.W.

26. Wed. 26. I sowed the rest of No.2 N. J. & Andrew harrowed till noon. I went over the whole feild again & run out the water furrows. T.B.S. ploughing No.2 S. Fine & cool.

27. Thur. 27. John & I got in 2 loads of oats in sheaves & then we began getting in the loose ones. We got them all turned over & drew in 3 loads when a wind & rain came on. We are stacking the loose oats we covered with lumber. T.B.S & G.H. helped at the oats, P.M. T.B.S. ploughed, A.M.

28. Fri. 28. I finished No.4 S. T.B.S. is working at home today. Fine, cool.

29. Sat. 29. I sowed No.4 S. Andrew harrowed till noon when a light steady rain came on. I harrowed all afternoon finishing the feild. Fine, A.M. Rainy, P.M.

30. Sun. 30. S.S. & meeting as usual, A.M. (Irving with T.B.S., P.M.) Fine but cool.

1883: October

1. Mon. 1st October 1883. I run out the furrows in No.4 S. & then started John horseraking the oat stubble & Andrew & I turned over the loose oats. Keese came, P.M. & we got in all the loose oats and put them in a stack against the barn. Was very late by the time we got the stack covered with lumber, but I went up to Church meeting. Heavy frost at nights. Warm & sunny, P.M.

2. Tue. 2. Ploughed & harrowed a land for laying a fence on the south side of the lane between Grandpa's barn & T.B.S.'s. Drew some rails from the top of the fence between the barley & oats stubble to make the fence on the north side of No.5 & 6 S. Rain last night, fine today.

3. Wed. 3. We got the fence made, 6 rails high & cleaned up 17 bags of wheat & butchered a lamb ready for town tomorow. Went up to Evangelistic meeting at Hall in evening. Cold N.W. squalls.

4. Thur. 4 October 1883. I went to town with 17 bags of wheat, $35.95, 3 lambskins, $2.00, & 2 hind qrs. 8 c., $1.76 c., 4 chickens, 60 c, dull market. I got the horses collars lined, pair of shoes for Andrew, who went along with me. I got other small chores as well. Fine but cold.

5. Fri. 5. Grandpa helped me to clean up grain all day. I sent John & Andrew to Cundles Mill with 8 bags of wheat, 4 of barley & 2 of small seeds. I expect to get it tomorow. We cleaned up 17 bags of wheat putting it through twice & put away in bins about 45 bus. of wheat for gristing, which is all the wheat I have. The boys got home about dark. Cold.

6. Sat. 6. I went to town taking 17 bags of wheat, $39 [ ], 50 lbs. Sold at 95 c, $37.52 c. Market very dull. Took 3 hens & rooster to Cundle's. Sold for $1.00. Brought home the grists that the boys took in yesterday. W. Jeffery came at noon. He wants to buy cattle & sheep. Gave Keast $8.00 wages, oats. Cloudy, threatens rain. Chilly.

7. Sun. 7. S.S. & meeting as usual. (T.B.S. & Irving at night). (Lord bless). Still dry. Balmy.

8. Mon. 8. Still dry. I went with Wm. Jeffery to look after cattle. (Came on rain about 3 P.M.). He got some & went to order a car. I got home about sundown. Chilly rain at 3 P.M.

9. Tue. 9. Warm & balmy this morning but the wind howls. I fixed up a gate & fence by Grandpas barn for a lane for T.B.S., A.M. Went with W. Jeffery to buy cattle, P.M. Staid at Grandma R's to tea . I stopped up to meeting at hall. Heavy thunder shower at night. Close & thundery. Heavy rains at night.

10. Wed. 10. Intended going to Barrie fair but rained heavily till 9.30 A.M. so we got away about 10. It was a very good show but the roads were sloppy & we were late home. Alice B., John, Maybeth, Andrew, & Annie went & we called at the corner & got Emily W. I took Annie to the dentist & got two rotten teeth out. Took 4 hens. $1.00. Rainy, A.M. Cold & cloudy, P.M.

11. Thur. 11. We went down to the station & helped W. Jeffery to load his car with cattle. He bought my 3 2-year old steers & 1 from T.B.S. & 2 yearlings. He started off all right. I got home as soon as I could & butchered a lamb. I bought 2 2-year old stears off W. Armstrong. He keeps them 2 weeks. Afternoon we raked up the oat stubble & got in one load of it & run it into Grandpa's barn. Cloudy, threatens rain.

12. Fri. 12. Rainy, A.M. so we cleaned up the wheat screenings that was left & the barley that was in boxes in the stable. I took it all to the mill, afternoon, 16 bags & half bag of wheat to be cracked. I could not get it done. I borrowed T.B.S.'s waggon as mine is loaded. Rainy, A.M. Warm & cloudy, P.M.

13. Sat. 13. I took T.B.S.'s waggon home & then the boys & I got at the picket fence north of the house. We got all ready for putting on the pickets by night, one length past the little gate. Gave W. Tracey $9.00 wages [ ]. Drizzling & cloudy. Rained hard at night.

14. Sun. 14. S.S. & meeting as usual. (T.B.S. & Kase at night). There seems to be an awakening. God grant it may be genuine. Afternoon, T.B.S. baptized 4 of his daughters and Emily Wadds. May the Good Sepherd ever keep them in His love and grant that soon others may follow ["in" crossed out] the good way. Cloudy & chilly.

15. Monday 15 October 1883. John & I nailed on the pickets as far as the little gate by noon and then turned over the oat rakings that we did not get hauled in & began branding up ready for ploughing. A good many snags & stumps come out which will make it far easier to cultivate. We went up to a gospel meeting in the Hall. Had a good time. Hard frost last night. Sunny today.

16. Tue. 16. Annie Furgusons birthday, 6 years old. (Lord bless with new birth). John & I did some more branding, A.M. Afternoon raked up oat rakings & drew them into a stack against the barn. They are not good for much but better there than in the feild. Harder frost last night, sunny.

17. Wed. 17. I went to T. Stokes's to help him to thresh. John raked the oat stubble again & burned the stuff off. Very hard frost last night. Cold raw east wind all day. Cold & very windy.

18. Thur. 18. I helped T. Stokes again. Machine goes to H. Fuller, A.M. Here, P.M. High S.E. wind, warmer.

19. Fri. 19. I got Keast to go to H. Fuller to thresh for me & I butchered a lamb. Drew wood & water and got ready for the machine. I fetched it up at noon & we threshed the two oat stacks outside the barn & began at the oats inside. The stacks were wet & bad to do & what is in the barn is tough. Very warm with some showers. Old Jenny to Phillips's.

20. Sat. 20. Came on cold with a few flakes of snow. We went on threshing but it is slow work. We got the oats done about 3 P.M. so as it was not worth while starting at the other barn. We threshed the peas & got through about 4.30 & moved up to Grandpa's barn ready for Monday. The oats are about 650 bus. but about 50. are damaged with wet peas, about 50 bus. I had for help: W. & A. Orchard, on Fri. & Sat., I. Downey, J. Phillips, L. Burkholder, J. Hindle from T. Stokes, H. Tracy & Man., T.B.S. & G. Hindle. On Sat. Mr. Orchard came instead of W. & A. Orchard. Cold N.W. wind.

21. Sun. 21. S.S. & meeting, A.M., as usual. (Issacher, burden). T.B.S. & Kaise at night. Fine.

22. Mon. 22. At Grandpas barn threshing for him & T.B.S. got done & moved up to T.B.S. and threshed awhile. I drove up to Hall meeting at night. It is Mr. Kaise's last evening. May the Lord bless His own word. Cold & cloudy but dry.

23. Tue. 23. We finished at T.B.S.'s about 1.30 P.M. I helped them up the hill with the machines & then I went out to the mill & got the chopp I took out on Fri. 12th. Keast has been helping me to thresh at 1$ per day. Fine but rather cloudy.

24. Wed. 24. John & I cleaned up the barn floor putting the damp oats over the grainery. J. McDonald got the loan of 667 lbs. of oats. Afternoon we cleaned up the peas. They are only about 13 bags. Did some other chores. Cloudy but fine. Warmer.

25. Thur. 25. The boys & I picked over the potatoes and put them in a pit. There are a few to do yet but I think we can use them in the house. Wesley brought Aunt Annie down & got 9 bus. & 10 lbs oats. The young girl of Tomlinsons is buried today & about 9 P.M. Mama took sick & I had to drive round most of the night. About 11.55 P.M. a little girl was born. She is strong and hearty. Thank the Lord. W. Orchard went for Dr. Pleasant & balmy.

26. Fri. 26 October 1883. I got home from Barrie after taking the Doctor home about 8.20 A.M. & brought Miss Tracy down to stay a while with Mama. After breakfast I took Mrs. Pattendon home. Saw R. Burrows at the corner and gave him $25.00 for a cow and calf I got from him last year. Gave Grandma R. $60.00 for old Charlie. After I got home I took a sleep for a couple of hours & then drew in a load of carrots to the barn floor. I went up to the first Union prayer meeting in the Hall at night. Lord do Thou bless. Warm, sunny days, frosty nights.

27. Sat. 27. I slept soundly last night. Fixed the back door fastening & then we worked at the carrots. We have all the white ones up & I covered the potatoe pit. Mama & baby are doing well. (Lord make the young life thine in her early days. H. Tracy got 11- 2 [11.20?] peas, 11.25 oats. Sunny days, frost nights.

28. Sun. 28. S.S. & meeting as usual. (Isaiah. LVIII). I staid in at night & let Miss Tracy & Lizzy go out to T.B.S.'s meeting. (Lord bless Thine own word). Warmer, threatens rain.

29. Mon. 29. Light rain last night, heavy this A.M. Finished topping the white carrots, butchered a pig & began clearing out the potatoes from west end of henpen. Putting them in bags. Carried them over to the house that were big enough to cook. Had 7 bags of small ones & 3 bags of medium size for seed. Heavy rains most of the day, warm.

30. Tue. 30. We cut up the pig & then got up carrots & parsnips & turnips for house use, pitting some. We got up the rest of the turnips & put them where the potatoes were against the henhouse. They are not a very good crop. I wrote to Mr. Thom. & George R. Cleared off with high N.W. wind. Cold.

31. Wed. 31. John & I branded & stumped the oat feild & moved the big pine stump we got out of the garden to a safe distance from the fence & buildings & piled some rubbish around it. Went up to prayer meeting at night. "Good time." Cool fall weather.

1883: November

1. Thur. 1st November. I began ploughing oat stubble but continuous showers of rain & sleet came on so John & I moved the wheat that we had put away in the stable and put it away in the barn. Cleaned up the oats that were in the box stall & made it ready for the calves. We got them in at night & the rams into the sheep pen. I am thankful all is snug for winter. Had application from T.B.S. for his 4 girls for church members. High N.W. wind with rain & snow.

2. Fri. 2. Ploughing. John picked up, A.M. & chored round the garden, P.M. Some snow squalls.

3. Sat. 3. Was out to Union prayer meeting last night and am suffering from a billious attack today. Very weak & cannot do anything much.The boys got up the celery & did other chores. Am some better tonight. Fine but howling wind.

4. Sun. 4. S.S. & meeting as usual. I am much better today. Isaiah LVIII - & Eph. III. T.B.S. on baptism at night. Mentioned the girls application & they were examined in the vestry after the night service. (Lord bless). Fine.

5. Mon. 5. Grandma S.'s birthday. I ploughed & John went to help T.B.S. with his roots after doing the morning chores, to Grandma's to tea. (Mon. 5 November 1883 cont'd). We heard that a detachment of the Salvation Army are coming out this week. (The Good Lord guide. Holy Spirit keep all right. Fine.

6. Tue. 6. Ploughing. John helping T.B.S. with his roots. Cold high N.W. wind but fine.

7. Wed. 7. Hard frost last night. I ploughed all day & walked up to prayer meeting at night. No male members there but a company of young folks came in. Lord bless. Fine & sunny.

8. Thur. 8. Thanksgiving day. Lord forgive our ingratitude & make us in truth thankful. I ploughed. John & Andrew helping T.B.S. till 3 P.M. Daisy calved. Cloudy but fine.

9. Fri. 9. Ploughing till about 11 A.M. when a heavy rain set in so I ground up the cuttingg box knives, seperated the lambs from the ewes & put the ram amongst them. If Wm. Jeffery does not get the ewe lambs I will take 2 of fathers. Went to Union meeting (Good time). No. S.A. there. Rainy most of the day.

10. Sat. 10. Fine today but cloudy. I ploughed & John & Andrew chored.

11. Sun. 11. Maybeths birthday, 12 years old. ([ ] daughter). (Lord give her a second birth before another year.) S.S. & meeting as usual. Emily Wads came down with us & Mrs. Taylor & Minnie walked down about 4 P.M. Came on a heavy N.W. gale with rain & snow. We went up to meeting & I took Mrs. T. home. Mama is pretty well but not gaining very fast. (Lord heal). Pleasant, A.M. Heavy storm at night.

12. Mon. 12.Storm increased, very cold N.W. wind with driving snow. Everything in winter quarters (thank the Lord). We butchered Grandpa's old South Down ewe & kept things as comfortable as we could. Fierce storm.

13. Tue. 13. The storm abated. We cleared snow out of backitchen & battened some of the worst of the cracks on the north side. Cleaned up some oats that were put over the grainery to dry. The snow blew all over the barn. Wintry, cloudy, snowy.

14. Wed. 14. Very heavy falling snow. I did up some chores & then went to Mrs. Hindles taking some of the old South downs liver heart & the head. Thought to see G. Hindle about wood but he was not home. I went over to see Mr. Stokes but found he had gone to Pickering. Had a fine talk with Jesse Castor & DeWitt Armstrong (Good Lord bless). Got home about noon. Cleared away snow from road gate. Split wood etc. Went up to prayer meeting early so as to cut some wood. Only Grandma R. was there. Lord let not the enemy triumph. Heavy snow, A.M. Drifting, P.M. Cold & clear at night. Sleighing.

15. Thur. 15. Did up chores & cleaned up 8 bags of barley, A.M. Split wood, P.M. Fine. Some snow. P.C. from [ ].

16. Fri. 16. I took 8 bags of barley & 4 of oats & peas to mill. Got back with them about 3 P.M. Cleaned up 7 bags of oats making 24 in all for town tomorow. Union meeting at night. Praise the Lord. 116 Ps-. Sent P.C. to [ ]. Fine. Some snow fell.

17. Sat. 17 November 1883. I went to town with 24 bags oats, 59 bus. at 31 c., $18.30. I got a barrel of salt, $1.40, pair overshoes, $1.65. Brought out stuff for Grandma R. Very fine.

18. Sun. 18. S.S. & meeting as usual. Received May L. Francis, Lydia & Alice into the church (Great Shephard keep). Had a good time at night. Mrs. Dixon & Grandma R. came down. Mrs. D. not well. Took her home at night. Letter from Mr. Thom. Fine, soft.

19. Mon. 19. John & I went down to Mr. Roe's & brought home 9 sheep being the increase of 5 he got from John 3 years ago. He gets a hive of bees to be fetched in colder weather. We tried to let the sheep on shares but not successful. John took Mama & baby out for a drive as far as Mr. English's. Snow meling fast. Fine, sunny.

20. Tue. 20. We drew some sand from the hill & put round the watering trough and gate. Mama staid at Phillips's while we drew a load, A.M. We drew manure from the pigpen, P.M. The snow is about gone. Soft, threatens rain.

21. Wed. 21. Heavy rain till 10 A.M. We worked at the henhouse making more room for them & a new roost. I went to Prayer meeting at night & had a long talk with S. Webber. Rainy & [ ] & cloudy.

22. Thur. 22. We finished the henhouse & drew some manure that was piled against the pigpens. We were a long while laying up the fences that blew down through the night. Heavy gale, A.M. Fine, P.M.

23. Fri. 23. I began ploughing again in the big west field, No. 5 & 6 S. It is not very wet. John did up chores. Union prayer meeting at night. Fine.

24. Sat. 24. Ploughing. Fine.

25. Sun. 25. S.S. & meeting as usual. (T. Stokes, G.T. & D.). T.B.S. at night. Fine.

26. Mon. 26. Heavy S.E. wind all night. Heavy rain about 8 A.M. We helped Grandpa to butcher one of his pigs & cleaned up 15 bags of barley. Got 2 bags of meal off T.B.S. 75 [lbs.] & 89 lbs. Heavy rains.

27. Tue. 27. Ploughing. Not quite finished. Fine.

28. Wed. 28. At Albert Orchards threshing. (Stormy, A.M. Fine, P.M.). Good prayer meeting at night. Lord bless.

29. Thur. 29. Threshing at A.O., A.M. T.Stokes, P.M. John threshed at O.'s while I took Sarah Jeffery down to the Station. Fine, cloudy.

30. Fri. 30. Finished threshing at Stokes's, A.M. H. Tracy's, P.M. Union prayer meeting at night and a pretty good attendance. Praise the Lord. The boys took 12 bags of barley to the mill & got ground. Wrote to J.J. Brown about oats. Home in good time. Fine but cold.

1883: December

1. Sat. 1st December. Finished threshing at H. Tracy's & went to Mr. English's but not in time to thresh. The boys brought Miss Robinson down & we got word that Mr. Thom was coming tonight. (Lord do Thou direct).

2. Sun. 2. S.S. & meeting as usual (Mr. Thom, 8th Romans). T.B.S. with him at night. Christians seem united. Lord bless, & save souls.

3. Mon. 3 December 1883. I wrote to Mr. Richardson for the S.S. & went to help English's thresh, A.M. J. McDonald, P.M. but came home about 4.30 P.M. A pain in bowels. Could not go out at night. Cold & wintry.

4. Tue. 4. I wrote to Mr. Harryat & Hindly (S.S.). John went to the threshing machine till 10 A.M. when I went & let him home. I am much better. Rigged up T.B.S's horse & cutter for Mr. Thom to run round with. I did a few chores & rested a little & went up to meeting in W.M. Chapel. Cold, hoar frost last night. Thawing.

5. Wed. 5. I am much better this morning. I did some chores, A.M. & went to Phillips to help him thresh, P.M. Meeting in Presbyterian Church at night. Fine, snow about gone. Warmer.

6. Thur. 6. Threshing at Phillips till 3 P.M. Split wood, etc. Drove up at night to meeting in our Chapel. Heard that Maybeth was trusting. Praise Him. Mr. Thom came down in the morning & went up with us at night. John took horses up to Youngs to be shod. Grandpa not well. Fine, warm.

7. Fri. 7. I have agreed to fill a car with oats at the station & Mr. Stokes will help me. We expected the car would be here yesterday or Wed., but is not come yet. John & I cleaned up 27 bags of oats & put them on the waggon. Union Meeting in the Hall at night. Mr. Thom leaves tomorow. Warm, some rain.

8. Sat. 8. I went down to station early to see why the car was not come & sent word by T.B.S. to J.J. Brown about it. Saw Mr. Thom off on the train. Came home & hitched to the scraper & filled up some big ruts on the hill & the new road, A.M. I finished ploughing, P.M. (thankful.) Warm. Fine, rather cloudy.

9. Sun. 9th. S.S. & meeting as usual. Fine, soft.

10. Mon. 10. I went down to the station with 24 bags of oats but the car was not come, but when I was on the hill going home I saw a train come in & leave one so I went back and found it was for us so I emptied the oats & called and told Mr. Stokes & got G. & T. Hindle to help us to clean up. I took two more loads down afternoon. Cold with N.W. snow squalls.

11. Tue. 11. Up very early & made 3 trips to station forenoon. Took another, afternoon, & Holland said the car was fully loaded with what was on. I drew 431 bus., 9 lbs., & Mr. Stokes 325 -. I got home about 4 P.M. & came on some heavy rains. I went to Union prayer meeting in W.M.C. Fine, A.M. Squally, P.M.

12. Wed. 12. T.B.S. birthday. We cleaned up the oats screenings off the barn floor & did other chores. I went to I. Downeys to thresh, P.M. Good meeting at night. Fine.

13. Thur. 13. At I. Downey's till 2.30 P.M. & then went down to see Louisa. He [sic] arm was broke last week. It is some easier today. I staid tea with P. Fuller and went to Union prayer meeting in Presbyterian Chapel at night. Very fine.

14. Fri. 14 December 1883. I went up to T.B.S.'s expecting to butcher but he can't manage it today so I came home & we put the old stove up in the backitchen & cleaned out the stovepipes & chimney & afternoon butchered a pig & went up to vote & staid to the Union meeting at night. P.C. from Holland asking for oats. Fine, A.M. Cold & stormy, P.M.

15. Sat. 15. I went down to station with 18 bags of oats, 45 bus., 26 lbs., $14.75 c. Got home as soon as I could & the boys & I butchered the other 3 pigs & I put some manure on the potatoe pit. Very cold. Very sharp frost.

16. Sun. 16. S.S. & meeting as usual. T.B.S. at night. Wintry. Cold. Some snow.

17. Mon. 17. I helped T.B.S. to butcher 5 pigs. Union meeting in Hall at night. Cold.

18. Tue. 18. Choring, A.M. Childrens tea meeting, P.M. Squally.

19. Wed. 19. Choring, A.M. Social, P.M. Mama went up. Mama's birthday. John went down to see McEwan & Lindsay about taking the sheep on shares. Fine.

20. Thur. 20. I went up in the morning to help straighten up the Chapel. Came down with Lindsay & gave him 4 old sheep for which he gives 4 lambs & 4 2 year old ewes. We cleaned up 12 bags of barley & put up 5 bags of wheat ready for mill tomorow. Went up to Geddes meeting at night. Wintry.

21. Fri. 21. I started off to mill in good time & got my chopp & T.B.S.'s back with me. I took the waggon, roads rough. Union meeting in Hall at night. Cold & wintry.

22. Sat. 22. I cut up & salted the 3 pigs. H. Fuller got the 4th, 190 lb. at $5 1/4, $9.99 c. I went down to see Dobbins. It is W.D. birthday. Called at Aunt Bessie at night. Cold & snowy.

23. Sun. 23. S.S. & meeting as usual. Very cold & stormy.

24. Mon. 24. Splitting wood, etc. Mild, A.M. J. McEwen came down & got 4 of Johns sheep. He gives the four back & 4 2 year old or 1 year old in 3 years time. I drove down to the station & met Grandma R. I took Andrew along & he brought the horses home & I staid up to S.S. meeting & Union meeting. Had a dull time. Am discouraged. Lord help. Mild.

25. Tue. 25. Christmas day. We spent it at Grandpa S.'s. Andrew took Lizzie Bell home. Union meeting in W.M. Chapel at night. Better. Pleasant.

26. Wed. 26. Ruths birthday. I went down to John Frelick's & agreed for some dry wood. Saw T. Stokes and agreed for some green wood from him. He is cutting it in Mrs. Hindles bush. I went over to School meeting to elect a Trustee. Made a rack for hauling wood. Cold & squally, A.M. Warmer, P.M.

27. Thur. 27 December 1883. I drew down two loads of wood from Frelicks and then spent the rest of the day at A. Ronalds. I took Mama up right after dinner when I went for the second load. Mr. & Mrs. Orchard were there and Wesley & Annie. Good Lord lead us all aright. Soft, snow, A.M. Cold & stormy, P.M.

28. Fri. 28. T.B.S. helped us to butcher the heifer from the cow I got from R. Burrows last fall. She was only 16 months old and weighs 450 lbs. I took 1 hind qr. up for Mrs. Morren. I drew another load of wood, afternoon, making 2 1/2 cords in all. I paid Frilick $5.00 for it. A good Union meeting at night. Cold & stormy, A.M. Finer, P.M.

29. Sat. 29. I went off to Barrie taking the hide, $3.40; 3 turkeys, $2.75; 2 chickens, 25 c.; & 9 lbs. butter, $1.89. Mabeth & France went along & we left Annie F. at Aunt Bessies till we came back. We were rather late & brought the grist home. I paid Mark Knapp $6.60 for some sawing he did for me last winter. Fine but wintry.

30. Sun. 30th. S.S. & meeting as usual. (at night. T.B.S. Rev. 1.) ([P o g o], A.M.) Snowy but not very cold.

31. Mon. 31. T.B.S. & I helped butcher a pig for Grandpa, A.M. He shod the horses hind feet, afternoon, and I drew down a load of wood for him from Jones's. Went to the Watch meeting at night. Wintry.

1884: January

1. Tue. 1st January 1884. I split wood and did some chores. Sent the boys with the sleigh to bring Grandma R. down. She was not quite ready, so Uncle George Ronald came down and got some dinner and then they went back for Grandma R. and Aunt Annie. I took George and his wife and little ones to the station at 4.30 P.M. Phemie is not very well. Fine & sunny, A.M. Cloudy & cold, P.M.

2. Wed. 2. I split wood. John took Mama to Aunt Bessie's. Wintry, P.M.

3. Thur. 3. [I split wood]. The children went down to Aunt Eliza's, P.M. I cleaned out W.C. and did other chores. Rather stormy.

4. Fri. 4. Fifteen years married today. I took the sow down to Phillip Fuller's, A.M. and wrote to Lizzie and Cousin Thomas Standen, afternoon. Union meeting at night. Very cold west wind. Snapping frost.

5. Sat. 5. John helped me to saw some logs that lay in the yard, A.M. and we went down to Bud's Mill, examing the road, P.M. Much milder.

6. Sun. 6. S.S. and meetings as usual. Cold & wintry. Some snow fell.

7. Mon. 7. I got out potatoes and celery and went up to corner with T.B.S. to give votes for Council, A.M. Posted letters to old country. I drew two loads of wood from Jones's for Father. Mama and baby and Ruth went to see Mrs. Stokes. I took them the first trip & brought them down at night. Mild & pleasant but freezing.

8. Tue. 8 January 1884. I did chores, salted over the pork, helped T. Kronie to put on a load of straw. I expect he will take all that is outside the pen at 50 c. per load. Union meeting at night in W.M. Chapel. S.E. wind with snow.

9. Wed. 9. Heavy snowfall last night. I did up the chores. Took Daisy up to Phillips's. Helped Kronie with his straw. Drove up to the corner to break the track for him. Did up chores, etc.

10. Thur. 10. A wild storm last night. Roads drifted. I dug snow most of the day. Drove up to the corner and broke the track from Grandpa's. Got one of Netty's shoes fixed, back for stove, stable scraper, etc. Put up 4 bags of barley & 4 of wheat for father & 5 of barley for myself. The boys did not go to school today. 41 today. Milder but freezing. Calm.

11. Fri. 11. I went off to the mill early taking John with me to school & France to Aunt Bessies. I got home about 4 P.M. bringing the children home with me. I got fathers barly back & mine. Heard that a son of Wilsons was killed. Union meeting in O.C. chapel. Roads heavy. Wild & sotrmy.

12. Sat. 12. Mrs. McDonald came over to get me to go for the Dr. for her daughter, Mrs. McClellan, who she said was very sick. So I went to Barrie but could not get Drs. to come out. Brought medecine, but found she was better when I got home. (wasted). Paid Dr. Watson $7.00 for 25 Oct. Roads very heavy. Milder but wintry.

13. Sun. 13. No S.S. today. Expecting to have examination, P.M. but postponed for two weeks on acount of the young man Wilsons funeral. Held meeting as usual, A.M. and came up to service in Presbyterian Chapel, afternoon. Crowded house, occasion not very well improved. (Lord bless Thine own Word). Mr. Brown preached in W.M. Chapel at night. I staid home & sent the young folks. Mama was up, afternoon. Snow, rather soft. Light rain at night.

14. Mon. 14. I took the children to school and brought Mrs. Bremner down to see Grandpa & Grandma. Cleaned out stables and henhouse & went up to the W.M. Tea meeting. (clear waste). Wintry, very cold at night.

15. Tue. 15. Did chores. Helped Jones to put on a load of hay. Went down to Mr. Roe's and got John's Bees. The children are staying up to Tea meeting tonight. Cold & wintry.

16. Wed. 16. Did chores & got down a load of wood for Grandpa from Jones's, A.M. 2 more loads, P.M. and went up to prayer meeting at night. (Praise the Lord.) Cold and wintry.

17. Thur. 17. Did chores and got down the last of the wood Jones has cut. There is another load to get but not cut. Mrs. McDonald came at noon to get me to take a load of hay out to Angus Morrisons. Took children to show in Hall at night. Al Jeffery came. Fine winter weather.

18. Fri. 18th January 1884. Grandpa helped me to put on a load of straw and I took it down to Budds mill on the 9th Con. near the R.R. He gave me 600 ft. of cull lumber for it which I brought back. The track broke through in several places. T.B.S. took a load of oats. Rather soft.

19. Sat. 19. John helped me to saw a log in the yard, A.M. Split wood and did other chores, P.M. Alfred Jeffery went to Barrie with T.B.S. Wintry.

20. Sun. 20. S.S. and meeting as usual. I took Mama and baby up to the store and I went over to Mr. Haryat's meeting in our Chapel, 3 P.M. I staid at Grandma R's for T.B.S. gospel meeting at night and Andrew brought Mama home and helped John with the feeding. Extremely cold but sunny, P.M.

21. Mon. 21. I split wood and did other chores. Mended the hay rack which I broke when I went to Budd's Mill with straw. Mrs. McKaa came and I agreed to take a load of straw out for them tomorow. He live's beyond G. Wattie's. Fine, milder.

22. Tue. 22. T.B.S. helped me on with the straw and I took it out afternoon & agreed to take a load of hay in about a week. Spoke to the foreman of a timber shanty about holding a gospel service. No encouragement. Wintry.

23. Wed. 23. Heavy snow last night & all day. I split wood and did other chores. Cold & wintry.

24. Thur. 24. Oliver Tracy came to get me to take over a bag of flour & a load of straw. I took over the flour to break the road and saw Bemrose about wood. He cannot cut unless he can get someone to help him. I went to Budds Mill and agreed to take a sleigh load of Christians down there next Sun, 3 P.M. to hold a meeting for gospel preaching. Union meeting at night. Lord help. Very cold and snowy.

25. Fri. 25. A snapping frost. Andrew staid at home. Grandpa helped me to put on the load of straw and I took it over. Andrew went with me and coming back we found a stange bird, something like a Loon. Clear & very cold.

26. Sat. 26. The boys helped me to get down the oat sheaves that were over the old stable at Grandpas barn & then we brought down two loads of clover, hay and part load on the sleigh to take to McKaa's on Monday. Milder, some snow.

27. Sun. 27. Meeting at eleven A.M. Childrens questions, two P.M. I brought down E. Wadds, Allie Orchard, & Hattie Tracy. And after dinner A. Hayes & I. Downey came down & T.B.S. and we went over to Budd's Mill, and held a meeting in the boarding house. A goodly number there and a good meeting at night in B. chapel. Pleasant winter weather.

28. Mon. 28. I did up chores. Helped T.B.S. on with a load of hay and took the load out to McKaa's that I put on last Sat. He is to pay me Sat. week. Union meeting at night, W.M. Chapel. Chilly wintry. S.E. wind. Snow.

29. Tue. 29 January 1884. I did chores. Cleaned out henhouse. Split wood, A.M. Drove up to the corner, afternoon and took Mama and baby. I drove Emily W. & Amanda Orchard round collecting for the Bible Society. Got back about dark. Went to Union Prayer meeting at night. Mild.

30. Wed. 30. A rapid thaw. I did up chores and put another beam in the shed by the horse stable cutting out the old one which was too low down for the horses to get under comfortably. Went up to Bible Soc'y meeting at night. Mr. Orchard unwell. Warm, some rain, slushy.

31. Thur. 31. Helped Grandpa to clean his stovepipes, A.M. Split wood, P.M. Walked up to meeting at night in Presbyterian vestry. Colder but pleasant.

1884: February

1. Fri. 1. I drove over to Bemroses to know definately about the wood. He is not going to cut it so afternoon I drove down to see Heman Coles who has cut some and I agreed to take 20 cords from him, 10 for Grandpa & 10 for ourselves. Mama & baby & Ruth went with me to the store & we brought Mabeth home. She is not well. Union meeting in B.C. (Geddes ice). Colder but pleasant winter weather.

2. Sat. 2. I got 2 load of wood from Hemans but it is a long trip, nearly 4 miles, and some of the road drifted and sidling. I get about 3/4 cord at a load. Wintry, some storms.

3. Sun. 3. S.S. and meeting as usual, A.M. Budds Mill, afternoon. T.B.S. at night in O.C.B.C. Milder, some snow.

4. Mon. 4. I went for wood again. The roads are better today. I got 2 loads. Wintry.

5. Tue. 5. Two more loads of wood for Grandpa. Softish, some snow. River meeting at night. River meeting [ ].

6. Wed. 6. [Two more loads of wood for Grandpa]. Meeting at Fastors. (encouraged). Fine.

7. Thur. 7. Wood again. 2 loads. Fine. River at night. Heman, Harry, E. Feilds, A. Will.

8. Fri. 8. [Wood again. 2 loads]. Softish. Union meeting at night.

9. Sat. 9. [Wood again. 2 loads]. Heavy soft snow falling, A.M. Fine, P.M.

10. Sun. 10. S.S. & meeting as usual, A.M. Budds Mill, afternoon. Very fine. T.B.S. at night in OCBC.

11. Mon. 11. Wood again. 2 loads. River meeting at night. Fine winter weather.

12. Tue. 12. [Wood again. 2 loads]. I have a heavy cold. Rested tonight. Sleety rain came on about 3 P.M.

13. Wed. 13. [Wood again. 2 loads]. (H. Coles. Lord help). River meeting at night (Glorius). Fine.

14. Thur. 14. Drew one load, A.M. Split wood and did other chores, P.M. Went to S. Tracys prayer meeting at night. Needed more (human) help. Lord help. Stormy, cold.

15. Fri. 15. I went to the mill taking 5 bags of wheat and 6 of barley. I got the barley back and brought Phillips's. Saw [H.] Foysten. Union Committee meeting at night. Lord guide. Wintry.

16. Sat. 16. John helped me to clean up 5 bags of barley which I owe W. Orchard and 14 bus. of seed. The Mill broke and hindred us. I shall be short of grain feed. Fine.

17. Sun. 17 February 1884. S.S. and meeting as usual. Budds Mill, afternoon. Grand Union meeting in methodist Chapel at night. (Lord bless thine own work). Pleasant.

18. Mon. 18. I took a bag of flour to S. Tracys, A.M. and fetched the grist from the mill, P.M. Did not go to meeting at night. Waited for Budds men, thinking to give them a ride. Warm.

19. Tue. 19. I got down the last of the wood from Heman Coles's. He is very miserable. I called and saw James Coles. He is sick. Split wood, P.M. Meeting at night, good. Soft & rainy.

20. Wed. 20. I did chores and then took Netty and Uncle T.B.S. cutter (Charlie is lame) and drove down to station leaving Mama at Aunt Bessies on the road. I found Mary Jeffery & Eber Kaiser there and brought them back calling for Mama. One of Alfreds colts fell & hurt itself so I helped the lad to drag it into the stable out of the cold and told him to fetch H. Fuller. Alf is sick. I spent a while with Mary J. and E.K. at Grandpa's, P.M. Union meeting at night. Very cold blustering N.W. wind. Some snow. Milder at night.

21. Thur. 21. Did chores. Sent John for Mary Bremner from store. Wrote to Willie Jeffery. Went to meeting at night. Not many out. Very cold and stormy. Moderate, A.M. Wild, P.M.

22. Fri. 22. I got out 3 bags of potatoes, A.M. Took mother up to the corner, afternoon, and left her till night. She wants to see Mrs. Morren and Mary Jeffery about rooms together. Moderate.

23. Sat. 23. I took the sleigh up to Grandpa's barn and we put on a small load of hay (1400 lbs.). Eber Kaiser came down with me and had a chat, afternoon. I got T.B.S.'s teame and took the hay out to McKee's. (Charly is badly swolen.)

24. Sun. 24. S.S. & meeting as usual. Budds Mill, afternoon. Union meeting in Methodist Chapel at night. I staid with Grandpa. He is not well. Moderate, wintry.

25. Mon. 25. Johns birthday (14). (Lord give another birth before another year). I drove old Charly over to Alfred Morrens taking Mama and Annie F. Alf is better. I came back by the corner and got H. Fuller to look at Charley. I have to use a mustard plaster bathe with hot water and cayenne peper, and give aconite. I drove Netty over, afternoon, to A. Morrens to get Aconite and doctored according to orders. Mary Jeffery & Eber went to Barrie with T.B.S. on the the way home. Some snow & rather mild.

26. Tue. 26. Did chores etc. A.M. T.B.S. came down with his team and helped me on with a load of straw and I took it to Budds Mill with his team for Charly will not work for a week. I brought back plank for the bridge over the creek. Union meeting at night. Soft with some snow.

27. Wed. 27. I did chores and then drove down to see Joseph Lumley to speak in the name of the King. (He was attentive, may the Lord bless). Went down to see Wm. Armstrong - he seems moved. Spoke to J. Hindle, Lord bless. Home about 2.30 P.M. Tired, but went to meeting at night. Some soft snow, A.M. Fine, P.M. [& drifts].

28. Thur. 28. I went over and helped H. Tracy to butcher 2 pigs. Home about 2 P.M. Tired. A frightful bitter high N.W. wind, drifting. Did not go to meeting. Very cold.

29. Fri. 29. I walked up to the corner and got the mails. A. Morren still very sick. Lane drifted, will make road through orchard. Stormy.

1884: March

1. Sat. 1st. March 1884. Storm abated but keen air and hard frost. The old black ewe that was at Mr. Roe's had three lambs. We put a fire in the back kitchen and got them there. One lamb died before noon. The others cannot stand and the ewe has no milk yet. We spent the day tending her and splitting wood. I opened the fence against the road through the orchard. Bright but cold.

2. Sun. 2. S.S. and meeting as usual. Budds mill afternoon. John took Mama over to see A. Morren who is very ill. Union meeting in Methodist Chapel at night. (Cooling, Lord help). Very cold but sunny.

3. Mon. 3. Some milder. I got the old black ewe and lambs over to the pen by the henhouse. She has some more milk and the lambs seem stronger. I split wood, cleaned out the mess the sheep made in back kitchen. Good meeting at night. Praise the Lord. Wintry keen N.W. wind, drifting.

4. Tue. 4. I hitched old Charley for the first time for a week. He seems about well. I took 5 bags of barley that I got from W. Orchard last August 22 and Mabeth rode with me to the corner. I got home about 10 A.M. Took a rest afternoon, meeting at night. (Cooling Lord Help). Wintry but some milder & sunny.

5. Wed. 5. The old ewe seems in pain and does not eat. I gave her last night 3 drops of Aconite & half teaspoon turpentine in some water. This morning I gave two tablespoon salts & teaspoon turpentine, some mollasses & [ginger] in half pint warm water. The lambs seem doing well. I threshed some oats for bed ticks. Ewe seems better. Good Union meeting tonight. Not many workers, but the Lord manifestly there. (Praise Him). Fine, some mider, S.E. wind, beautiful night.

6. Thur. 6. Late up, did chores. Went up to see Grandpa. Had talk with T.B.S. about the work at Midhurst. Do not know where to go tonight (Lord guide). Concluded to go to Anten and had a good time. Cold at night. Mild, pleasant winter weather.

7. Fri. 7. Choring, went to Midhurst at night, good time. Fine.

8. Sat. 8. I got the boys to help me to get down a load of hay and put one on to go out to McKee's. Took it out afternoon, late home. Wm. Jeffery, Fanny & Frances came up and I went and rigged up the horses for him at Grandpa's. Fine winter weather.

9. Sun. 9. S.S. and meeting as usual. Budds Mill afternoon (good time). T.B.S. not able to get out. Last of Union Evangelistic meeting in Methodist Chapel at night. Good meeting. Lord bless thine own work. Fine & pleasant.

10. Mon. 10. I did up chores and then drove down to S. Jacob's, W. Collins with Fanny & Wm. Jeffery. Got home about 4.30 P.M. T.B.S. still sick. Fine & pleasant.

11. Tue. 11. March 1884. Did chores & went to A. Morrens and fetched Francey to see her aunt Fanny. I went to Phillip's with Wm. Jeffery afternoon to get some oats for him but he has none to spare. So we went down to Wm. Armstrongs and I got oats from him that I had bought for seed and let Wm. J. have. Late home. S. Jacobs here. Rainy, A.M. Fine but soft, P.M.

12. Wed. 12. Chored. J. Bingham came and I sold him the Ram for $8.00. Wm. Downey came and I gave him 21 bus. 35 lbs. barley at 50 c. per bus. I went out to Midhurst at night. Had a good time. Lord bless. Cold & blustering wind.

13. Thur. 13. Did chores & took Miss Robinson up to corner & Mama & baby to spend a day or two with Aunt Bessie. Took a cow for T.B.S. to Phillips & cut him a bit of wood. He is still sick. Lord help. I went to Midhurst at night taking a load of folks with me. Late home. I got T.B.S. horse beside Charly as Netty is stiff. Sunny & warm but chill N.W. wind. Freezing at night.

14. Fri. 14. I went to mill taking 5 bags of barley to chopp & 2 for Father, 2 bags of wheat for S. Tracy & 4 bags for myself. I cannot get it for a day or two. Came home empty. Cloudy but fine.

15. Sat. 15. I took a load of hay up to A. Ronald and then got the seats from the Methodist Chapel back to our own. Went on to Aunt Bessies to get Mama & baby. Took some things to [Hollow] for Grandma R. John went along. We went up to T.B.S.'s & cut some wood and brought down a jag of hay. Tired tonight. Sunny & pleasant.

16. Sun. 16. S.S. and meeting as usual. Budds Mill afternoon. Meeting in B. Chapel at night (not much help but from Him). Weary. Fine & sunny.

17. Mon. 17. I went up to store and brought Fran down. She is sick not able to help Aunt Bessie. I met H. Tracy & promised to go to Midhurst at night. I met H. Tracy at 5.30 P.M. and went with him to Midhurst. A report had been spread that there was to be no one to lead the meeting so very few were present. (Geddes "green tree & dry"). (I followed). ("Grafts"). Letter from Mr. Thom. Late home.

18. Tue. 18. Did chores. Split wood etc. Drove out at night to Midhurst & brought home the stuff I took out last Fri. Late home. (Spoke Mr. Hindly about Emily). Fine. Roads getting bare.

19. Wed. 19. Keasts came over and I took him 1/2 ton of hay. Took a jag of straw up for T.B.S. Union prayer meeting in our Chapel. Poorly attended. (Help Lord). Soft, some rain.

20. Thur. 20. 2 in. snow fell last night. I did chores. Packed away the pork, etc. Took a rest and read some. Mama is not well. Baby's cough seems better. Warm.

21. Fri. 21. I went to Barrie taking Mama baby & Francy. I left them at Mr. Bremners till next Tue. I brought home a lot of things for Grandma R. Late home. Mr. Bremner came down. Bright & sunny.

22. Sat. 22 March 1884. I took a half ton of hay to Mr. Kees and brought back some chopp that T.B.S. took yesterday. The sleighing is just done. I got a small load of hay down to this stable afternoon but had a tough time. Bright & sunny.

23. Sun. 23. S.S. and meeting as usual. No Budds mill meeting afternoon as the ice is broken up. T.B.S. at night. Warm and sunny. 3 years since the house burned.

24. Mon. 24. I rigged up the straw pen to keep the cattle out and did other chores. It is very soft and slushy. Sunny.

25. Tue. 25. I got out some potatoes and roots and went down to the station and brought Mama Francy & baby home. Saw Bessie and Alf on the hill. Cut wood etc. Wrote Aunt Baldwin & Fred & Emma. Not quite so sunny.

26. Wed. 26. I did chores. Rigged up some weak spots in the mower. Cut wood. Went up to Union prayer meeting at night (encouraging).

27. Thur. 27. Went up to T.B.S.'s with some things I brought down for him last night and spoke about getting the machine to cut some hemlock logs. Did chores. Laid up fence and shut gate against the barnyard. Sunny & soft.

28. Fri. 28. Did up chores, A.M. and got T.B.S.'s sawing maching and cut some hemlock, P.M. It seems to work slow and hard for the speed. Sunny & warm.

29. Sat. 29. Drew down 3 loads of hay which I think will be enough to do till grass grows. I went out to the mill & got money from Mr. Sneath for plank on bridge, got $10.00 from McKee and promised to take a bit more. Cold high N.W. wind. Freezing hard.

30. Sun. 30. S.S. & meeting as usual. T.B.S. at night. Very cold high N.W. wind.

31. Mon. 31. I went up to corner and got 41 bus. oats from W. Orchard at 33 c. and went up at noon and got 3 1/2 bags of peas from I. Downey at 70 c. Cut wood, P.M. and tended a ewe that has 2 lambs. Some milder & calmer.

1884: April

1 Tue. 1st April. I did chores and helped T.B.S. butcher 2 pigs. He gave me $10.00. I gave it to Grandpa and he handed it to me towards what we have from Mr. Bremner. I put it in vest pocket and it slipped into the lining. I looked up and down the lane and at last asked the Lord. I then looked in my vest again and found it, 2 c Dan - 22 ver. I cut cut wood & tended another ewe that has 2 lambs. I found that the pen door had been opened in some way and the sow had eaten one of the lambs that came yesterday. Fine and sunny again. Chilly at night.

2 Wed. 2. 3 in. of snow this morning. I cut and split some wood, A.M. Aunt Bessie came with baby & Mr. & Mrs. Dixon arrived about 3 P.M. so I spent the time between them and then we went to Union prayer meeting in Methodist Chapel at night (rather unpleasant). Winds, cloudy.

Note: No entries for April 3 through April 26.

27. Sun. 27 April 1884. S.S. and meeting as usual. I spoke to H. Coles & N. Sheepwash about baptism. May the good Lord lead us all right. Rainy at night. High S.E. & S.W. wind.

28. Mon. 28. John harrowing. I helped T.B.S. to log against my west line. Cold high N.W. wind.

29. Tue. 29. I ploughed a land to lay the fence on (west line). Harrowed, sowed barley and grasseed on it, and ploughed a short headland and put it in leaving the field all sowed and harrowed. I laid the worm and part of the west line fence. Tue. ev'g [evening] - Sow had 9 pigs, 2 dead. Cold high N.W. wind.

30. Wed. 30. I got up early and sowed grasseed on part of No.6 S. that was not seeded last year. Hitched to plough and began ploughing a peice for father but we took the roller afternoon and John rolled No.5 & 6 S. while I laid up the rest of west line fence and did other chores. N.W. wind but warmer at night.

1884: May

Note: From this point on to December 1884, the diary has an ink stain that obliterates some words along the edges of several pages. These words, some of which are partially decipherable, are depicted with square brackets.

1. Thur. 1st May. John finished rolling and I ploughed at fathers peice after 10.30 A.M. Came on thundershower at noon. I got out [potatoes]. Went out again 2.P.M. Threatened rain so came in and ploughed [in garden]. Warm & thundery rains.

2. Fri. 2. Went up to corner with 10 bus. potatoes for A. Ronald. Mama went along. I went down to see Phillip Fuller & Mrs. Coles (not pleasant, Lord help). Got home 1 P.M. Finished ploughing the garden. Cold N. wind with rains. Finer, P.M.

3. Sat. 3. I ploughed headlands in fathers peice and began again in [N 3 N] but found it very sticky at the North end so afternoon [we] moved away a fence north of fathers orchard and put [the] rails to divide No.3 S. so as to mow the south half and pasture north. Very hard frost last night. Fine but chilly wind.

4. Sun. 4. S.S. and meeting as usual. The funeral for Alvin Johnson's baby afternoon (Lord bless the sorrowing). T.B.S. at night. (The Power present). I arranged with Harry Coles & N. Sheepwash to be baptized next Sun., P.M. (Lord bless). Spring like.

5. Mon. 5. Ploughing in No. 3 N. Very warm & close, A.M. Finished ploughing the peice of fathers, afternoon, where the fence stood that we moved on Sat. Light shower early this morning. Warm & close.

6. Tue. 6. Sowed fathers peas. John harrowed. Got done about 11 A.M. I went on ploughing No.3 N. Colder. Raw S.E. wind. Some light rain. Horses tired.

8. Thur. 8. I finished ploughing No.3 N. It is hardly dry enough to harrow yet. Union Prayer meeting in Presbyterian Chapel. (Cool S.E. wind, a little rain.)

9. Fri. 9. Heavy rains through the day. We straightened things round the barn gates, bars etc. Put the sheep in No.1 S. Taglocked them. They were very dirty. Looked at wheat in No.4 S. It is very poor but I think I will not plough it up. I laid up some fence along the west line. Some heavy showers. N.W. wind. Some thunder.

10. Sat. 10. I went down to look at the creek expecting to Baptize tomorow. It seems all right. I went up to grave yard and fixed up Grandpa R's & W. R's graves. Laid up fence accross No.3 S. Fine but cold NW wind.

11. Sun. 11 May 1884. S.S. and meeting as usual, A.M. At 3 P.M. a goodly company gathered at the creek and witnessed Harry Coles & Nathaniel Sheepwash baptized. May the good Lord bless & keep them close to Himself for His own Name sake. About 6 P.M. I went to get the horses in but Netty was lying down and would not rise so I had to wait about half an hour for her to foal, a horse colt. It seems strong and vigorous. Netty went to the [Percherons] horse conqueror at Avening, Notawasaga on Tue. the 19 June 1883 so she did not go quite eleven months. Lord help me to use what Thou art giving me to Thy glory. Chilly & cloudy with high N.W. wind. Sunny, P.M.

12. Mon. 12. I went up to Albert Orchards to get a horse to harrow with Charlie. Albert ws not at home but I saw his father who said I could take the old grey so I got back home and began sowing the peas No.3 N. about 9.30 A.M. and got done about 4.30 P.M. and John got all harrowed once over. Cold with high NW wind.

13. Tue. 13. I harrowed No.3 N. over again and began rolling afternoon but came on rain so had to quit about 4 P.M. Some showers.

14. Wed. 14. Finished rolling No.3 N. and then rolled Grandpa's, A.M. Afternoon we drew out some manure and ploughed & harrowed his potatoe land. Very high N.W. wind.

15. Thur. 15. Fixed some fence. Got out potatoes turnips etc., A.M. Hard frost last night. Came on heavy rain at noon. Cleared off for two hours and then on again. Fine at night.

16. Fri. 16. I took old Charley up to A. Orchards & got his colt and light rig to go to Barrie taking Mr. Orchard and Mr. Bremner with me to a convention to arrange about canvasing for the Scott Act. We had a grand lunch and Tea in basement of congregational chapel. Enthusiastic meeting. Late home. Fine but cold NW wind.

17. Sat. 17. I went down to see Mrs. Adams about Lizzie Young. She is to be baptized. Lord bless them all as they need. Home about 2 P.M. & took a rest. Fine.

18. Sun. 18. S.S. and meeting as usual. Call to see Mrs. Hindle about Tomy at night. Fine and springlike.

19. Mon. 19. I took Netty over to A. Morrens to Black Hawk. Came home and tidyed up the peice of new land, sowing grasseed on bare spots, etc. Went to raising at D. Woods, P.M. John went to arrange about 26th Queen's birthday at night. Some light showers. Warm.

20. Tue. 20. Cut up potatoes for seed. Wrote Mr. Thom & Lizzie. Some heavy rains. Got two crooks for stoneboat and began to make it. Went up to Methodist prayer meting at night. Took T. Moore. Lord help him to trust only in Thee. Very heavy showers. Fine at night.

21. Wed. 21. We finished the stoneboat and ploughed the potatoe ground in No.5 S. I ploughed a little peice of the wheat up on No.4 S. and planted potatoes. The whole feild is very poor but I do not like ploughing it up. Fine & very warm.

22. Thur. 22 May 1884. We got the loan of Mr. English's post auger and put in some posts for the picket fence North of the garden. Came on rain at noon and I slept a long while. The boys seem to enjoy working the auger. We got nearly all the posts in. Union meeting at night. Warm & close, A.M. Heavy rains, P.M.

23. Fri. 23. We finished putting in the posts, put on scantling and got nearly all the pickets on that we have. I rigged another platform to help getting in & out of waggon. Very hot & heavy thunder shower at night.

24. Sat. 24. We finished up the fence and piled over the rails of the old fence. Straightened up round the house and barn. Cut wood, etc. Cloudy & rather close.

25. Sun. 25. S.S. & meeting as usual, A.M. At 3:30 P.M. a large gathering of people on the Willow Creek bridge and Lizzie Young, Alice Baller, Janey Pitt, Mabeth & Tho's Hindle were baptized. A very nice service. At night a large congregation in Presbyterian Chapel to hear Mr. Geddes on Baptism (it was disgusting). Very fine & warm but light mist fell, A.M.

26. Mon. 26. We hitched up Vic the 2 year old filly and drove her a few rounds in the harrow. Afterwards I went up to the funeral of A. Lindsays little boy, 4 years old. Got home about noon & afternoon went up to Picnic in honour of Queen. Got home about 6 P.M. and went up to the school house to a literary entertainment. T.B.S. & I gave ["M--"], very pleasant evening.

27. Tue. 27. We hitched up the filly & harrowed the potatoe ground, A.M. Took Netty & ploughed furrows for the potatoes, P.M. covering them with hoe. Fine & cooler.

28. Wed. 28. Finished potatoes and worked in garden, A.M. Put in the rest of the posts for the north picket fence (except 3) and spiked scantling on the top. Fine but very cold N.W. wind. Hard frost last night.

29. Thur. 29. We moved the fence against the concession, No. 1 S. We intend to fallow the feild so, as the fence was very shaky, we laid it on the road so as to plough and level where the fence should be. Very cold high N wind. Frost at night.

30. Fri. 30. I began shearing the sheep. Fine, some warmer.

30. Sat. 31. Finished the sheep, fixed some fence, etc. Very warm since noon.

1884: June

1. Sun 1 June 1884. S.S. & meeting as [normal], A.M. XX John. T.B.S. at night. Warm, sultry.

2. Mon. 2. I began ploughing Grandpa's fallow. Came on heavy rain, 1.30 P.M. so did not plough anymore. Fixed a hole in the road at gully. Jones & W. Tracy came and got up a lot of pine stumps in No.1 S. [ ]. Sultry, A.M. Heavy thunder shower, P.M.

3. Tue. 3. Mama & I went to Barrie taking the wool. Sold at 19 c., $13.75. We saw Mary Bremner off to old country (great Shepherd keep). Mr. Bremner & Mr. Hindle came home with us to a lecture on Scott Act at River. Home about 5 P.M. Tired. Hot, A.M. Cool N.W. breeze, P.M.

4. Wed. 4th June 1884. Ploughing Grandpas fallow. Wrote E. Wadds. Fine.

5. Thur. 5. Finished Grandpa's fallow, A.M. and began to harrow it with Vic & Charly, but it was so fearfully hot that we thought it best to wait a day or two. Did some chores. Went to Union meeting at night. Very hot till 4 P.M. Some cooler after.

6. Fri. 6. John & I worked at the stumps triming them off and piling the roots around them for a burn, A.M. Hoed in garden, P.M. The men finished pulling the stumps about 6.30 P.M., 39 in all. Labour list came. Very hot but cooler than yesterday.

7. Sat. 7. Keese came and we worked at the stumps, triming them off & piling the stuff round them. It is hard work. Very hot, light rain, 6 P.M.

8. Sun. 8. S.S. and meeting as usual. Spoke of the young people joining the Church. The good Lord bless & keep them. They were received unanimously. Warm & summery.

9. Mon. 9. Went to Barrie early to see the V.S. about old Charly. He says the bleeding issue from his nostril was from the rupture of a small blood vessel in the lining of the nose. I called at James Johnstons coming home & got the $1.65 c. that I paid for the Union Evangelistic meetings. I got $15.00 from Grandma R. to settle up for the stumps. Home by noon. Helped J. McDonald to straighten a ditch he is making on the Con. in his Statute labour. Saw Phillips & English about their work on the road. Took Netty over to A. Morene to the horse. (Nil). Shower, 4 A.M. Warm & close till 11 A.M. Then cooler with some heavy rains from N.E.

10. Tue. 10. Keese came & we worked at the stumps. Cool.

11. Wed. 11. [Keese came & we worked at the stumps]. Warmer. I paid him & sent the money to [J--].

12. Thur. 12. John & I finished the triming & piling to the stumps by noon. John harrowed Grandpa's fallow, P.M. Union prayer meeting at night. I got up some stumps in No.1 S. with lever. Fine.

13. Fri. 13. John went down to station for Grandma R. & then finished Grandpa's fallow by noon. After that we worked at the hemlock and hardwood stumps in No.1 S. & fired some of the pine heaps. Fine. N.E. wind.

14. Sat. 14. John & I began to handle the stumps with the horses. Got the one away from the woodshed out to a heap in the feild and the one against the orchard so we could fire it. It is hard slow work for we had to roll them, being too heavy to draw. Fine with easterly winds.

15. Sun. 15. S.S. & meeting as usual. Received Lizzie Young, Janey Pitt, Alice Baller & Maybeth, N. Sheepwash & T. Hindle into Church membership. VIII, Romans. (Great Shepherd Keep). Fine. Hot.

16. Mon. 16. John & I working at stumps with horses. Fine but hot. No wind. (Netty (Nill).

17. Tue. 17. We finished putting the stumps together about 4.30 P.M. Very hot. N.W. wind. Fired them after tea. They burned pretty well. I was punching them up till near 10 P.M. Hot. N.W. wind.

18. Wed. 18. 1884. I went down to Phillip Fuller's with the old sow. Got back 9.30 A.M. I hoed some in the garden but it was very hot. Rain about 4 P.M. Very hot, thundershower 4 P.M.

19. Thur. 19. We got to work with the horses putting the stumps together. Cooler.

20. Fri. 20. We spent the day hoeing till 6 P.M. and then fired the stumps again. Worked at them till 10 P.M. Gave an order for fruit trees to Mr. Madden, agent for Bowman. Got notified to go to Barrie on Scott act. Hot & dry.

21. Sat. 21. Started to Barrie afoot. Walked to P. Dunns hill & then got a ride with Mr. Woods. Did my business for Scott Act. Saw E. Wadds, took dinner with R. Fletcher. Came home with Mr. Woods. Tired. Hot & dry, & dusty.

22. Sun. 22. S.S. & meeting as usual, A.M. Mr. Geddes at night on Baptism. Mama staid up with Mrs. McLeod and Grandma R. (talking) Hot & dry.

23. Mon. 23. James McDonald came and we went for the dung, hauling on to No.1 S. Came on heavy rain after tea. Louisa & Mr. Collins came. Hot & thundery. Some rains.

24. Tue. 24. Dull & drizzling but cleared up 10 A.M. and we worked at the dung again. It is heavy from the copious shower yesterday. Dull, A.M. Finer, P.M.

25. Wed. 25. Had a heavy days dung hauling. (T.B.S. at night on W. Geddes, Baptism discourse). Fine & cool.

26. Thur. 26. John & I at the dung hauling alone. Slow work. We quit about 2 P.M. & then got T.B.S.'s cultivator and run over the potatoes twice, and made and fired a heap at a pine stump in No.1 S. Union prayer meeting [night]. Hot & dry.

27. Fri. 27. John & I went at the stumps in No.1 S. and we got them into 8 heaps, 4 large and 4 will be pretty easy to move after a burn. We butchered a lamb for Grandpa. Hot & dry.

28. Sat. 28. We finished up the stumps. Drew out the logs that belong to the strawpen on to the lane. Got down the plough and began ploughing No.1 S. I quit about 4 P.M. for the heat. Ploughed a little while after tea and then took Pruney to Phillip's. 72 lbs. oats from J. McD. Very hot & dry. Pruney.

29. Sun. 29. S.S. & meeting as usual. T.B.S. at night on Baptism, cont. Mr. Geddes. Hot & dry.

30. Mon 30. Ploughing. Hot & dry. Hard on the horses.

1884: July

1. Tue. 1 July 1884. Ploughing No.1 S. Cooler. Thunder shower passed over 3 P.M. W. Cain came & gave me $15.00.

2. Wed. 2. John & I took the Mooly Cow up to W.Cains. I am to get a gang plough as well as the $15.00 he gave me last night (ploughing). Cool & pleasant.

3. Thur. 3. Fine & cool for work. Well on with ploughing.

4. Fri. 4. Ploughing. Thundershower at noon. Went up for Mama at night. She has been staying with Grandma R a few days. Cool

5. Sat. 5 July 1884. Finished ploughing No.1 S. about 7 P.M. Am troubled with a pain in my back. John & Andrew are down to Uncle Sams raising & Mabeth at Barrie High school [ ]. Cool & pleasant.

6. Sun. 6. S.S. & meeting, A.M. as usual. J. McLeod and family came down & J. Coles & N. Sheepwash and spent the afternoon. Mr. Geddes lectured at night on infant sprinkling. "Old covenant & the new." Chilly & cold, cloudy.

7. Mon. 7. Andrew & I run up the potatoes with old Charley & plough & ground the mower sickles, A.M. John run the mower afternoon and I cut odd spots round trees in orchard. Finished cutting all Fathers grass by fencecorners. Cool & pleasant.

8. Tue. 8. Went to town taking 3 qrs. of the lamb. Mama and baby went along and staid at Aunt Janes. I had hard work to sell the lamb. Cundle took the 2 hind qrs. at 9 c., $1.71 c., skin 30 c. I got a gang plough for the Mooly that Wm. Cain got. 90 lbs. shorts for pigs, 90 c., harness fixing, 15 c., boots for John & myself & slippers for Mama, $1.50 c., $1.75 c., & 85 c. Brought out thing for Grandma R. Agnes Wadds came out with us. She is not well. Fine, cool. N.W. wind.

9. Wed. 9. Began cutting No.1 N. A heavy crop mostly clover. Worse to cut [than] last year. Raked up and began to haul in Grandpa's hay. Trustee meeting at night. Sold the Parsonage at $600.00 to the C. Methodists. Fine, cool.

10. Thur. 10. Cutting No.1 N. John helping. T.B.S. to get in Grandpa's hay. Got done 5 P.M. I broke the mower about 11 A.M. & see no chance to mend it so gave W. Cain order for another. I am very sorry & weary. Fine, cool.

11. Fri. 11. Cutting fence corners No.1 N. Boys turning what I cut Wed. Raked up 2 load and went to get waggon but came on a shower, 1 P.M. so hitched to stoneboat and gathered off the roots that ploughed out of the fallow No.1 S. After tea we got in 2 loads of hay. It is too green. Fine, A.M. Shower at noon. Fine, P.M.

12. Sat. 12. I hitched to the gang plough and began grandpa's fallow. Came on heavy rain, 9 A.M. so unloaded the hay. Ground scythes etc. Cut fence corners. Went up to A. Malcolms to meet a few neighbours on L. Foyston's case. Rainy, thundery, P.M.

13. Sun. 13. Grandpa's birthday. Cold N.W. wind. S.S. & meeting as usual. Num XXX11-23. T.B.S. on Baptism, P.M.

14. Mon. 14. John gang ploughing Grandpa's fallow. T.B.S. came down intending to help with hay but it is not ready. We turned the hay that was cut and after I cut the grass in the front. After tea John and I got in 2 loads from No.1 N. I went up to Church meeting about Parsonage sale. M. Jacobs. Cold & cloudy. Clear at night.

15. Tue. 15. T.B.S. came down and helped haul in. At noon we got word that the Mower was at Station so T.B.S. & John hauled in and I took our team down Tue. 15 July 1884 (cont'd) and brought it up and started cutting. John run it & I & T.B.S. hauled in all the hay that was cut in No.1 N. & one load of the hay that Keese cut on shares from No.6 S. The new machine is "Middling Betty." Fine & cool.

16. Wed. 16. John finished cutting No.1 N. by noon. I worked in the garden afternoon. Andrew cut the top 4 acres of N.3 S. I mowed fence corners etc. & gathered up the fence corner & odd spots in the garden. Keese & T.B.S. finished, P.M. Drizzling, N.W. rains till 9 A.M. Fine after.

17. Thur. 17. I helped Keese with his stack & off with a load of hay & then put Paris Green on the potatoes. Planted celery. Got 64 lbs. oats from J. McDonald. The boys hoeing strawberry bed. Union meeting. Cold. High N.W. wind.

18. Fri. 18. I hitched up Vic & harrowed Grandpa's fallow, A.M. & then we worked at the hay. We got in all of the top part of No.3 S. & the bit from the orchard, but worked till 9.30 P.M. when a heavy rain came on. Warm, A.M. Hot, P.M. Rain 9.30 P.M.

19. Sat. 19. The boys harrowing. Grandpa helped off with the last load we got in last night. I put in the forenoon choring. Afternoon we turned the hay in No.1 N. and raked it into [-rows]. T.B.S. brought a barrel of salt from town. Old Jenny calved a heifer calf from Phillips's bull. Cold N.W. wind. Dry.

20. Sun. 20. S.S. & meeting as usual. I went down with Eliza to see Mrs. F. Jacobs & Maggie J. about the late scandal. Maggie was away. I spoke to F. Jacobs & wife. May the Lord help and convince of sin, righteousness & judgement. Eliza drove home with me. I laid down & rested at night. Geddes was preaching on Baptism. Fine, cool N.W. wind.

21. Mon. 21. Keese came & we worked at hauling hay, No.1 N. Got in 9 loads & John & I got one after he left, leaving 4 yet to haul. Cloudy with drops of rain, A.M. Fine & cool, P.M.

22. Tue. 22. John, Andrew, & I hauling hay. Got in 3 loads, A.M. Fine harvest weather today. We got in the other load afternoon and then Andrew raked the feild over & John hoed in garden. I helped T.B.S. in with 3 loads and then the boys helped me to get in the rakings from No.1 N. leaving that feild clear. Fine, but hot.

23. Wed. 23. Steady rain when I got up this morning (6 A.M.). Unloaded the rakings we drew in last night and did some chores. Afternoon we began cutting the lower 4 acres of No.3 S. It is very heavy & we did not finish. Sold a ram lamb for $3.00. Rainy, A.M. Close & muggy, P.M.

24. Thur. 24. We finished cutting & then I went to help T.B.S. to get in his hay. John came to help. Afternoon he loaded for T.B.S. & I put what they did not haul into cock. I went up to Union Prayer meeting in OCB Church at night. I quit at T.B.S. teatime. Hot & close but cleared off, P.M.

25. Fri. 25. John & I helping T.B.S. haul in hay, A.M. John & Andrew turning wheat I cut on Thur. afternoon. We got in the last of T.B.S.'s about 7 P.M. and then went to the Anti Scott Act meeting in the Hall. Lee lectured, a skilful deciever. Lord prosper the right. Late home. Very tired. Fine harvest weather.

26. Sat. 26 July 1884. Late up. We turned over the rest of the hay in No.3 S. & then got it raked together. T.B.S. came to help about 9.30 A.M. and we got one load in before noon. Herbert English came and helped us afternoon and we got all in but 4 loads. It is a very heavy crop, 17 big loads off 4 acres. Warm but fine.

27. Sun. 27. S.S. and meeting as usual. Aunt Bessie came down afternoon & Miss Wallis at night. T.B.S. gave his last reply on Baptism. The Lord bless His own work & Word.

28. Mon. 28. T.B.S. helped us till noon. We got all in & what was left on waggons on Sat. night unloaded by 5.30 P.M. Afterward I got the horses shoes set & drove Miss Wallis up to Foystens leaving Mama at Albert Orchards. Eliza is very sick (Cholera Morbus). I was late home. Fine harvest weather.

29. Tue. 29. John helping T.B.S. with his roots. I harrowed the fallow, No.1 S. all over thoroughly but it wants another touch yet, and sticks picking off. Heard that Fred & family come tomorow. Fine warm.

30. Wed. 30. John helping T.B.S. I hitched up Vic & harrowed Grandpa's fallow, A.M. Came on a thundershower at noon. Afterward I hoed in the garden. T.B.S. went to the station at night and brought Fred & family. I butchered a lamb for Grandpa. Shower, 1 P.M. More rain at night.

31. Thur. 31. George Wadds who is staying here had an attack of Canadian cholera last night and broke our rest. He is better today but I have a bad spell of it & cannot hardly crawl around. I managed to get up to Grandpa's & talk with Fred. John went to Wm. Collins's & S. Jacobs's to tell them of his arrival. Steady rain, A.M. Finer, P.M. Cool.

1884: August

1. Fri. 1st August 1884. I am better today. Hoed awhile in garden. Sent John up to the corner to fetch George's wife & little ones, Mrs. Doeg & Jane & family and after dinner we had a great gathering at Grandpa's, Louisa & her little ones, S. Jacobs & family etc.

2. Sat. 2. Chored awhile & then took Fred and family down to station. Mama, Annie & Ruth went along. Got home, 1 P.M. & then John & I went over to help English's with harvest. Fine.

3. Sun. 3. S.S. & meeting as usual. 1st Pet. 2 c. Royal Preisthood. T.B.S. at night. Rev IX c. Hot. Thundery. High S.W. wind.

4. Mon. 4. We got out the reaper and rigged it up. Cut Grandpas fall wheat & began on barley, but could not quite finish it. Light rain last night. Cloudy today. Cooler.

5. Tue. 5. Hoed awhile, A.M. & then finished cutting the barley (2 acres). Cut roads through fall wheat in No.2 N. Light rain, 5 P.M. Cloudy & dubious.

6. Wed. 6. Hoed awhile & Andrew harrowed No1 S. till 10 A.M. We then rigged up reaper sickle and got down reaper from T.B.S.'s and began cutting N.2 N. Warm, dubious.

7. Thur. 7 Cut all No. 2 N. but about 1/2 acre and got most of it bound & shocked. T.B.S. helped afternoon. A good Union prayer meeting at night. Cool & pleasant.

8. Fri. 8. John finished cutting No.2 N. and then Andrew harrowed in No.1 S. We got all No.2 N. bound & shocked by teatime and then got in 2 loads of barley. Cool & pleasant.

9. Sat. 9 August 1884. We went down to the Willow Creek bridge & fixed some holes in the crossway and put some plank on the bridge. We then got in the rest of the barley by about 2.30 P.M. and Grandpa's wheat by sundown. T.B.S. is threshing at J. Downeys for me. Andrew mowed odd spots in the barley. Cool & pleasant.

10. Sun. 10. S.S. & meeting as usual. (XXII. Gen.). T.B.S. at night. (Rev. XI. XII - Ch). Fine.

11. Mon. 11. A man by the name of French came and we began cutting No.4 S. wheat. It is very poor. Was sown too late & is very thisly & rusty. Warm. Dubious, cloudy.

12. Tue. 12. John finished cutting the wheat (No.4 S.) by noon. T.B.S. threshed at A. Orchards for me forenoon and helped bind wheat. Afternoon we got it all done and partly shocked up. French took sick and did not do much afternoon. I gave him $1.50 c. & let him go after tea. Neall came & fixed the house pump, 75 c. Very hot & close. Clearer.

13. Wed. 13. We finished shocking the wheat forenoon, No.2 N. and had a good haul at it afternoon. T.B.S. helping. Fine harvest weather.

14. Thur. 14. We finished No.2 N. by noon, T.B.S. helping. Afternoon I gang ploughed in grandpas fallow. T.B.S. cut his own barley and drove up to Union prayer meeting at night. Hot & dry.

15. Fri. 15. John gang ploughed at Grandpas & I did some chores round home. (Hot & dry.)

16. Sat. 16. We got in two loads of rakings from No.2 N. & John finished ganging Grandpas wheat stubble. I helped T.B.S. in with his barley afternoon. Hot & dry.

17. Sun. 17. S.S. & meeting as usual. (XXXII P's). Mama & baby staid at the corner and I came home & went to a meeting at Arch. Robertsons accross the swamp. Mr. Fostor was there & came back with me to T.B.S.'s meeting at night. Lord bless. Very hot & dry. 90 in shade.

18. Mon. 18. We got in all the wheat from No.4 S., T.B.S. helping, but we had to leave two loads on the waggons. We expect to thresh tomorow. T.B.S. helping. Hot & dry.

19. Tue. 19. T.B.S. & John at English's threshing till 2 P.M. when they came here. I fixed the strawpen, drew wood & water. The wheat threshed tough. Very hot.

20. Wed. 20. We finished threshing about 11 A.M. I had to take the machine down to James Richards, a good 3 miles. I got back about 3 P.M. and straightened up round the barn. Cleaned up 7 bags of wheat & filled up 8 bags of barley & screenings to take to mill tomorow. I took the waggon & mower up to A. Malcolms to be fixed., the mower to get a pea puller put on. Late home. Very hot & smothering though brisk S.W. wind.

21. Thur. 21. John went to mill with grists, Mama & baby up to store. Andrew got T.B.S. horse & raked No.4 S. A heavy thundershower came on 11.30 A.M. I fixed up the south barn doors. John got home 2 P.M. did not get grist. We went out to the oats No.4 S. & I cut roads round it. John & Andrew geting up a corner of potatoes in No.4 S. Hot & thundery. Shower 11 A.M. Fine & cool after.

22. Fri. 22 August 1884. The boys at the patch of potatoes got them all up by noon. I bound up the oats I cut last night & cut 2 rounds with Reaper. They are not quite so bad to cut as last year but a nasty mess. Fine cool & cloudy. N.W. wind.

23. Sat. 23. Rainy, A.M. so I went up to corner and got the Waggon & mower. I do not know if the mower will work in the peas or not. We worked on the fallow at the pine stumps till noon. After we worked at the oats, went to McDonalds & Keeses to get help, but failed. T.B.S. helping. Rainy, A.M. Fine & cool with N.W. wind.

24. Sun. 24. S.S. & meeting as usual. 2nd [Ruth] XXXVI Ps. I staid up to dinner at corner with G.R. & family. Went afternoon to see old Mrs. Tracy who arrived with Sara Tracy last night. She is very feeble. T.B.S.'s meeting at night. Rev. XIII. Fine, cool N.W. wind.

25. Mon. 25. Hard frost last night. We worked at the oats till noon. After a light rain came on and we shocked up. G.F. Ronald came down with his family so we spent the P.M. with him. Cloudy, A.M. Light rain, P.M. S.E. wind.

26. Tue. 26. I took George & family down to station. Got back as soon as I could & went at the oats. T.B.S. went out to mill & brought home grists that John took out last Thur. & helped us at the oats, P.M. We cut one way which makes it slow work. Cool N.W. wind. Fine.

27. Wed. 27. John & I worked at the pine stumps in No.1 S. We will not do any more at them this fall. We got done with them about 10.30 A.M. & John started gang plowing. T.B.S. finished cutting the oats by noon and we got them all bound & shocked up about 2.30 P.M. and then we cut Father's peas with the mower (2 acres) and made some roads round mine. Andrew & girls picking sticks on fallow with old Mag No.3 N. Fine harvest weather.

28. Thur. 28. Wm. Collins sent his man and we tried to cut our peas with the mower and the rig that A. Malcolm & Young put on it but it would not go, so we began pulling them with scythes, but it looked like rain so I sent the man back to Wm. C. about 2 P.M. & I worked alone. John gang ploughing No.1 S. Good Union prayer meeting. Fine but cloudy & threatening.

29. Fri. 29. Heavy shower last night so I started off to Knapps Mill and got [600] ft. lumber as I expect I shall need it to cover a stack with. I got back about 12.30 P.M. H. Tracy came this morning and pulled peas. I went in with him afternoon. John gang ploughing No.1 S. Dubious but fine.

30. Sat. 30. A man I spoke to J. Downey about yesterday came & H. Tracy too so we went at the peas lively. John finished gang ploughing No.1 S. I took Pruney to B. Tracys. Pruney. Fine. Very high N.W. wind.

31. Sun. 31. S.S. & meeting as usual (New heavens). T.B.S. at night (Rev. XIII). Lord bless. Showery. Some heavy rains.

1884: September

1. Mon. 1st September 1884. H. Tracy & Milton Emory both here so we finished pulling the peas by noon. Afternoon we all worked at T.B.S.'s. It looks like fine weather again. Cloudy, A.M. Fine, P.M.

2. Tue. 2. We worked at T.B.S.s till noon and then Milton Emery & I began getting in our peas. They are rather damp but drying fast. Fine harvest weather.

3. Wed. 3. We hauled away at the peas. T.B.S. & H. Tracy came to help & got one load in before tea & one after. Very hot.

4. Thur. 4. We finished our peas and got in one load for Grandpa befor dinner. We finished his & then went for T.B.S.s. They are a heavy crop this year. Very hot.

5. Fri. 5. We hauled away at T.B.S.s peas all day. Paid Milton Emery $6.00. Very hot.

6. Sat. 6. H. Tracy & Milton not here today so we worked away alone. Got in the last of the peas (5 loads) & 4 loads of oats. T.B.S. put them in a stack. Very hot.

7. Sun. 7. S.S. & meeting as usual. (XII Isiaih). Grandma R. came down. Very hot.

8. Mon. 8. Thunder shower last night & more this morning but cleared about 9 A.M. John gang ploughing pea land, No.3 N. Andrew & I cleaned up 6 bags of wheat for 1 S. Jacobs, 2 for Grandpa, 4 for ourselves for seed, & afternoon Ada Dobbin came & we cleaned up 3 bags for her. Weaned the colt. I went over the oat shocks & straightened up. Rainy, A.M. Fine, P.M. (Close).

9. Tue. 9. Scott Act trial for Halton. I gang ploughed, A.M. & afternoon T.B.S. helped me to haul in 5 loads of oats from No.5 N. They are rather damp but it is hot & threatenes for thundershower. Covered T.B.S.s stack at night. Very hot with S.W. wind.

10. Wed. 10. Heavy fog. We put one load of oats in the old stable loft and one in the barn. Got one load on the stack where we put the 5 loads yesterday. We just got one load more run into the barn and the stack covered when a heavy thunder shower came on so we did chores & fenced the stack. Very hot, A.M. Heavy rains, P.M.

11. Thur. 11. John ploughing No.1 S., I helping Mr. Stokes to thresh. Good Union prayer meeting at night. (Jehosaphat). Cool. N.W.wind.

12. Fri. 12. Ploughing. John & Andrew harrowing with old Mag, Grandma Rs mare, and 2 sections of the iron harrow. Butchered a lamb.

13. Sat. 13. Ploughing. John & Andrew harrowing with Mag by turns. Took Cherry heifer to Phillips. Fine but cold N.W. wind. Cherry.

14. Sun. 14. S.S. & meeting as usual (Unequal yoke. R.R.R.). Fine. Cool.

15. Mon. 15. I took Francess Jeffery, Alice Baller & Maybeth down to station and saw them off for Woodbridge (Great Shepherd keep). I brought back (Mon. 15 September 1884 cont'd) a load of goods for Grandma R. Got home about 9.30 A.M. John ploughing after, while I sowed & Andrew harrowed with Mag. Lord bless the work of our hands. John helped T.B.S. after 3 P.M. to get in his oats & I ploughed. Fine but like rain.

16. Tue. 16. John ploughing. I went up to help T.B.S. with 2 loads of oats. Andrew harrowing with Mag. I sowed most of the wheat in No.1 S. Finished ploughing about 3 P.M. & then put the 2 horses to harrow. I helped T.B.S. after tea. Mr. & Mrs. Brown (Methodist Minister) came. Lord bless. Cloudy but cleared off with very high N.W. wind.

17. Wed. 17. Andrews birthday, 11 years old. (Lord give new birth ere another year). I helped T.B.S. to fix up his stacks. Took old Jenny down to Tracy's. Finished sowing No.1 S. John harrowing. Afternoon I finished the harrowing & also No.3 N. pea land which was gang ploughed. [ ]

18. Thur. 18. I run out the furrows in No.1 S. & John rolled it by 4 P.M. & then I began ploughing No.1 N. pea land. Andrew harrowed Grandpas wheat in. Good Union prayer meeting at night. I sowed while John rolled. [ ]

19. Fri. 19. The boys finished harrowing Grandpas wheat & then I run out the furrows & ploughed in No.3 N. It is dry & lumpy. Hard frost last night. Rain this evening. [ ]

20. [Sat. 20]. I ploughed in No. 3 N. It is better for the rain that fell last night. Fine.

21. [Sun. 21]. S.S. & meeting as usual. (Needs). I went to dinner to Mrs. Taylor's, from there to see [ ] Jacobs but only saw her Mother. Called at Eliza's & then went down to see [A.] Johnson & wife who are sick. (Lord help & bless). Up to T.B.S. meeting at night. [ ]

22 [Mon. 22]. Ploughed a little. A heavy thunder shower came on about 8.30 A.M. T.B.S. & I went down to the RR crossing on the 10 Con. A man died of Cholerea Morbus last Sat. We held a short service with Mr. Morren and saw the funeral company away with the corpse to Elmvale on the noon train. Mabeth & Alice Baller came home. We got back about 1 P.M. I got ploughing again about 2.30 P.M. (Lord help the widow & 4 little ones). I went up to Scott Act meeting in Hall at night to organize committee, etc. [ ]

23. Tue. 23. Ploughing No.3 N., A.M. Sowed some, P.M. Andrew harrowed with Mag & John ploughed. Fine but threatens rain.

24. Wed. 24. Finished ploughing & sowing about 2 P.M. Andrew harrowed with team till about 5 P.M. when a heavy rain came on. John & I cleaned up 17 bags of wheat. Fine till 5 P.M.

25. Thur. 25. I went to town with 17 bags of wheat & 6 chickens. Sold wheat at 70 c. bus., 40 bus., $28.00, chickens 35 pr, $1- 5 c. Good Union meeting at night. Paid $15.00 note on mower. Fine.

26. Fri. 26. John went to mill with 3 bags of wheat, 4 barley, 2 screenings. Mother & Ruth went with him to see Mrs. Dobbin. Grandpa helped me to clean up 18 bags of wheat, A.M. I run out the furrows in No.3 N., P.M. Helped Keese with a load of [clover] hay he cut on shares & butchered a lamb for Barrie tomorow. Fine but threatens rain.

27. Sat. 27. Heavy rain but cleared a little about 8 A.M. so I went to town with 17 bags of wheat & 2 lambskins, $1.25 c., 41 bus. wheat at 70 c., $28,70 c. Brought a lot of goods home for Grandma R. & the Chopp that John took to mill yesterday. Had a talk with Dougall. Lord bless. Heavy rains nearly all day. Warm.

28. Sun. 28. S.S. & meeting as usual. (V Romans). (Experience). (Praise the Lord). I went afternoon to see the widow down at the crossing 10 Con. She is very delicate looking and in the dark spiritually. (Lord help). Went up to the meeting at night. Warm with some showers.

29. Mon. 29. We shoveled out the furrows in No.3 N. and then began getting up the potatoes. They are a good crop but so cheap that I think we shall have to feed them to the cows. Scott Act meeting. [Chapel]. [ ] Fine.

30. Tue. 30. I heard last night that T. Thomas's wife was dead & to be buried today. I intended to drive over but heavy rains prevented. I drove up to corner 11 A.M., Mama going with me. I took one horse from [there and] went to see Mr. Crawford who has been sick. Saw Aunt Louisa [&] asked Harry Wilde about his colt that I heard he wanted to [sell but] he wants from $75 to $80, twice as much as it is worth. Got home about 4.30 P.M. Did up some chores. Heavy rains till 11 A.M. Fine after & warm.

1884: October

1. Wed. 1st October 1884. Working at the potatoes. Mr. Crawford with his wife & sister & little ones came down. Church meeting. (Nil). Cloudy, but clearing off. Warm.

2. Thur. 2. We finished ploughing up the potatoes by noon & run [them to] the driving shed. Came on light rains at noon so we picked out the best & put them into barrels in the woodshed for present use. Fine, A.M. Rainy, P.M.

3. Fri. 3. We harrowed the potato ground & got nearly 4 bags of potatoes. We got out some snags in the peice & oat stubble & branded up. Andrew raked over the stubble with old Mag & we burned it. Fine but very hot.

4. Sat. 4. John started gang ploughing potatoe ground & oat stubble, No.4 S. I covered up potatoe pit & did other chores round the house & barn. Came on rainy afternoon so I did not get much done. Committee meeting night. Fine, A.M. Rainy, P.M. Warm.

5. Sun. 5 October 1884. S.S. and meeting, A.M. as usual. Miss Tracy and her mother came down with us and went back at night. Fine.

6. Mon. 6. I went up to see Mr. English on the Scott Act question. He will vote for it if he is at home. I got home and grubbed out some snags & stumps in the oat stubble, No.5 S. John gang ploughing. We went to hear Mrs. Yeomans lecture on the Scott Act at night in the Methodist church. Fine & cool.

7. Tue. 7. I gang ploughed & John did some chores. Church meeting at night. (J. McLeods case. Sills of the Church to be bolted). Late home. Fine.

8. Wed. 8. Expected to go to the Barrie Show but it rained till noon so the forenoon was lost. We threshed a few oats & did other chores, P.M. An Anti Scott meeting in the Hall at night (lively time). Lord give the victory. Heavy rain, A.M. Cold N.W. wind, P.M.

9. Thur. 9. I started all the family off to Barrie to the show & I went up to the corner and did all I could for the Scott Act as this is polling day. A majority in favour of the Act here, against at Midhurst. The folks were late getting home. Fine & pleasant.

10. Fri. 10. I gang ploughed, A.M. Chatted with old Mr. Forsten & chored, P.M. Had a grand praise meeting in Methodist Chapel at night. Heard that there was a large majority for the Scott Act. Old sow had 12 pigs. Praise the Lord. Fine & pleasant.

11. Sat. 11. Finished gang ploughing oat stubble No.5 S. & did Grandpa's wheat stubble & helped him to fix the light waggon springs which were broken on Thur. Fine, warmer.

12. Sun. 12. S.S. & meeting as usual. Grace & little ones came down & I went up to tea with J. McLeod, Lord open his way. T.B.S.s meeting at night. Fine.

13. Mon. 13. The boys & I went at the dung hauling. There is a lot in the yard yet, besides the 3 days hauling. We are putting it at the top end of No.2 N. Fine but cold.

14. Tue. 14. Hauling manure again. A days hauling yet. Fine but cold N.W. wind. Cold but fine.

15. Wed. 15. We cleaned up 7 bags of wheat (2 for Lizzie Bell) & I took it out to the mill with 2 1/2 bags of screenings. I expected to meet E. Tracy with a south down Ram lamb but he was not there. The Midhurst Township show opened at 1 P.M. It is rather a poor thing. Mr. Wadds & Bremner came home with me. The boys spreading manure No. 2 N. Fine. Light rain at night.

16. Thur. 16. I went over to A. Morrens with old Mag to Black Hawk (Nill) Came home & drew some stone and filled a rut in the mill washed by rains. I went to Phillips threshing, P.M. Union prayer meeting at night. Fine, cool, cloudy.

17. Fri. 17. I went over to A. Morrens & got a scraper & brought a load of gravel back & water ready for machine & filled some holes in the new road & butchered a sheep & scraped on the hill till till noon covering the stone I put in yesterday. Drew wood. Fine, windy.

18. Sat. 18 October 1884. Began threshing in good time but were hindred a little with the engine but we got through about 12.30 P.M. leaving about 5 acres of peas to thresh with flail, 95 bus. peas threshed & about 200 bus. oats. They could not thresh for T.B.S., P.M., on account of a break in the engine. Fine but windy. Cold.

19. Sun. 19. S.S. & meeting as usual. (Solomon. Choice. James 2 ch. 17.18 ver.) Fine but windy.

20. Mon.. 20. The boys took Mama, Francy, Annie, & baby up to the corner and then drove down to the station with Grandma R. & Annie. They are going to Toronto. (Lord bless & keep). I went over to A. Morrens with old Mag to Black Hawk but will have to go again. We got home & drew some rails to put on the fence against concession No.1 S. It is rather low. We shall have to fix it soon. Afternoon I ploughed & scraped on the road filling up some holes. Took the scraper back to A. Morrens & brought a load of gravel back for the hill. Fine but high W. wind.

21. Tue. 21. Threshing machine running for T.B.S. There was plenty of hands so after helping awhile I finished spreading manure in No.2 N. Mr. Harryet came down to see me about the Church rent. Fine with high west wind.

22. Wed. 22. Threshing at T.B.S.s, A.M. Helped J. McDonald awhile, P.M. & then helped T.B.S. again. Got his pea straw into the barn, etc. Reaper down to our driving shed. Heavy rain last night & some showers today. Colder. N. wind.

23. Thur. 23. A. James McDonald threshing. Got through about 4 P.M. Mr. English came down and bought a sheep & butchered it. I got a fore qr. at 6 c., $1.08 c. Wintry. Some snow squalls.

24. Fri. 24. At Mr. English's threshing. Got through about 4 P.M. Wintry.

25. Sat. 25. John went to mill taking 5 bags of peas & oats. He left them & brought back the grists that I took out on the 15th. Got home by noon. I rigged up things round the barn & driving floor and afternoon the boys & I went to work with a lever & wedges & raised the south side of the henhouse which had settled. Wintry. Some snow squalls.

26. Sun. 26. S.S. & meeting as usual. (Phillipians, Circumcision). Cold.

27. Mon. 27. We made up some cracks in the upper floor for the henhouse to keep the hens droppings from falling through as we want to keep the four yearlings in this winter. About 4 P.M. Mama & baby & I went down to spend the evening at Mr. Coles's taking Grandma R. along. Warmer but cloudy.

28. Tue. 28. We got up parsnips, red carrots, beets & some turnips for table use, A.M. & afternoon Mama, baby & I went down to see Mr. & Mrs. J. Adison. She was out so I drove to Mr. Adam's & then went back & chatted with J. Adison. Had tea with Mrs. Adams. Home about 7 P.M. Colder, some drizzling at night.

29. Wed. 29. We cleaned up some peas that were threshed with machine having a lot of weed seeds & split peas & oats amongst them. We got down a few oatsheave from the old barn. Took older mower up to Wm. Cains. Worked at [wite] carrots & turnips.

30. Thur. 30 October 1884. John harrowing Grandpas wheat stubble, A.M. I did some chores, A.M. & afternoon took Lizzie Bell home & her things & then went on to Anten Mills & got 8000 cull shingles to put outside the henhouse. Late home but went up to Union prayer meeting. Fine but cloudy. Cool.

31. Fri. 31. We cleaned up the peas that were threshed with machine, 15 bags good & 8 screenings. Went over to A. Morrens with Mag. (hit). Cloudy, A.M. Drizzling, P.M.

1884: November

1. Sat. 1 November 1884. Went to Barrie with 15 bags of peas, 19 bus., 50 lbs. at 49 c. $19.50. Left 1 1/2 bus. of wheat to be cracked. Got 50 lbs. felting, 1.50, tacks & springsnaps, .25. Dinner at Mrs. Wadds, 25. She paid me $1.96 for Mutton & tomatoes. Took in on fair day. Squally. Some snow, P.M.

2. Sun. 2. S.S. & meeting as usual. (Young man of Egypt). T.B.S. at night. Announced Church meeting. Fine.

3. Mon. 3. John harrowing No.5 S. I went over to see H. Tracy about a calf. Found him at Lumleys threshing. Intended to have gone to see J. Armstrong. He is in sore trouble with his wife but he was at the threshing. Came round by corner. Saw Mr. B. & O. about the sale of parsonage. Left $35.00 with Grandma R. Home at noon. I went up to T.B.S.s to help him with his roots.

4. Tue. 4. A heavy wet snow. We chored round the barn. Rigged up the west end of the penhouse to hold the 4 yearlings. Cleaned out the sheep pen & got in the ram with ewes. I went up to W.M. prayer meeting at night.

5. Wed. 5. Grandma S's birthday. We got down all the sheep that have to go to the ram & taglocked them all. Split wood & cut up oatsheaves. Very cold & stormy. 4 in. snow.

6. Thur. 6. Thanksgiving day. I rigged up shelves in pantry, fixed children's bed & did other chores. We drove up to Union thanksgiving meeting at night in C.M. Chapel with sleigh. Lord make grateful. Stormy, A.M. Wintry, P.M.

7. Fri. 7. John helping T.B.S. I drew out 7 loads of manure from the pigpen & by the cowstable. Snow going fast. Fine but chilly.

8. Sat. 8. We drew out some manure scrapings, A.M. John & I went over to help. H. Tracy to thresh, P.M. Fine, warm, P.M.

9. Sun. 9. S.S. & meeting as usual. (VII. Luke & [ ] ver. of VIII). Announced church business meeting for tomorow night for sale of parsonage.

10. Mon. 10. John & I helping T.B.S. with his roots. Church meeting at night. I saw W. Tracy about the report of his criminal [intmacy] with Mrs. J. Armstrong. Got no satisfaction from him so we had to expell him. I was appointed to see Mr. Sneath & then go on to Barrie to McCarthy & Pepler about the Deed of Parsonage. Very late home. Some fine spells with some pelting showers.

11. Tue. 11 November 1884. Mabeth's birthday - 13. Good Shepherd bless & keep. I went out to Mr. Sneaths on horseback but he was not at home so I came home & helped T.B.S. with his roots. John was there all day. Fine but chilly.

12. Wed. 12. I went out to Mr. Sneaths & got a look at the statutes regarding the sale of the parsonage. Went on to Barrie to McCarthy & Pepler & put the papers for transfer & sale advertisment etc. into his hands. I hope it will be all right now. Fine but cloudy & chilly.

13. Thur. 13. We went up to T.B.S.'s & helped him to finish getting up his roots. We were through about 3.30 P.M. Came home and did some chores & went up to Union prayer meeting. Fine but chilly.

14. Fri. 14. John & I working at the barnyard scaping out the dung and took it on to the peice in front of the house with the sleigh. There is no snow but the distance to haul is short & it is easier to load though it is hard work for the horses. We pulled up a lot of dead trees. Fine & sunny.

15. Sat. 15. We took the waggon to haul with today. There is a lot of manure to get out yet. We are giving the garden & orchard a heavy coat. Fine & sunny.

16. Sun. 16. S.S. & meeting as usual. (Keep thyself pure). Announced meeting to elect trustee. Mother, Fanny, baby & I with Grandma R. went to dinner with G. Tracy & G. & I walked down to J. McLeods afternoon & I staid there to tea & John McLeod came up with me to T.B.S.'s meeting at night. Lord bless. Fine & sunny.

17. Mon. 17. Freds birthday. It is cold & blustering with specks of snow from N.W. We operated on the little pigs & cleaned out the stuff that had gathered for the last few years under the floor behind the cows. We raised the floor 2 in., butchered a sheep for Grandpa, and began rigging up a new rack for the sheep pen. Letter from Mr. Gilmour. Cold N.W. wind. Some flakes of snow.

18. Tue. 18. I finished the rack & cut up oatsheaves, A.M. at Albert Orchards. Threshing, P.M. John got Netty shod & went up to A. Malcolms for Mabeth's chest of drawers. Fine but hard frost.

19. Wed. 19. I helped at A. Orchards threshing. John chored at home. Fine but cold.

20. Thur. 20. We finished hauling all the manure from the barnyard, pigpens, etc. We gave the garden & orchard a good coat except the 2 strawbery beds. Union meeting at night. Fine but cold.

21. Fri. 21. John went to mill with 7 bags of peas & 3 of oats but could not get them back. I cleaned out all the stables, pens, etc. & threshed some peas with flail & helped T.B.S. to get a heifer that died in the swamp out & burned. She had been missing 3 weeks & too far gone to skin. One of her legs was broken. Cold, dry, fine.

22. Sat. 22 November 1884. After doing chores John & I spread the manure in the garden. It is frozen and a slow job. Cloudy. Chilly but thaws some.

23. Sun. 23. A very heavy rain. I went to meeting alone (1st Proverbs). I staid with Peter Knapp & went to Regular Baptist meeting afternoon. W. Harryat not there. T.B.S. meeting at night. Heavy showers. Cold at night.

24. Mon. 24. After doing chores, John & I drew dung for Grandpa. Church meting at night. Cold N.W. snow squalls. Freezing hard.

25. Tue. 25. We drew dung for Grandpa till noon when we quit as it is frozen very hard and is slow work. Afternoon we butchered a pig. I wrote to Mr. Gilmour at night. Not quite as rough.

26. Wed. 26. After doing chores we felted & shingled the west end of the henhouse. Cold west squalls.

27. Thur. 27. I took Daisy up to Phillips's (2nd time). Threshed peas & started the shingles on the north side of the henhouse. It is a tinkering job. The doors have all to be fresh cased & hung. Heard of Mrs. Cains death. Union prayer meeting at night. Daisy. Not so rough.

28. Fri. 28. Working at henhouse. Mild.

29. Sat. 29. The boys shingled the east end of henhouse & I put in fresh windows & doors on the south side. Mild.

30. Sun. 30. S.S. & meeting as usual (XVII Psalm). Cecilia Bremner came down afternoon. George Orchard died in the evening. Snow fell last night. Sleighs running but very rough. Fine but wintry.

1884: December

1. Mon. 1st December 1884. We hitched up Vic to sleigh with Charlie & drove to store & a peice along the sideline to help Alice down to Aunt Louisa's. Got home 11 A.M. I am gently forced to go to Toronto to Moody's meeting tomorrow. (May the good Lord direct & keep). We hitched up Vic again & drove over to A. Morrens to see a colt he would trade for Charlie. We came back by the corner. Mama came down with us. She went to see Mrs. Orchard. Fine & sunny. Freezing in shade.

2. Tue. 2. I started for Toronto & got there 2.30 P.M. Called at Nasmiths & saw Annie Wallis & she told [me] to lose no time in getting to the Metropolitan the Church that Moody's convention is held in. I got there but too late to get a decent place. I staid awhile listening at the door but could not hear so I went down to see G. Ronald at [Grip] office. I could not get a ticket for night but after getting tea with George at 9 Alexander St. I went down to the church & got in with the crowd & heard a good deal of what was said. Got home to Georges about 11 P.M. & talked till 12. They are pretty well. Fine & well.

3. Wed. 3. I got down to Nasmiths in good time. Sent a P.C. to Minesing. Had a chat with Annie W. Got up to church & a pretty good place but behind the speakers so could not hear very well, but had a good time at the noon [Wed. 3 December 1884 cont'd] prayer meeting. Got some lunch at Nasmiths & talked with A. & E. Wallis. Got back in good time for afternoon. Saw Leslie Thom & enquired for his brother. Saw Mr. Dixon & went with him to tea. He lent me a special ticket so I got in all right at night & went up with him at night. ("Seek first.") Fine.

4. Thur. 4. I got down in good time & got into a good place for morning & noon meeting. Saw Mrs. Brown & Mr. Thom. Went to R. Darley's to dinner & from there to Mr. Ashdowns & got a ticket for afternoon & workers meeting at 4 P.M. Spent the evening at R. Darleys, Mrs. Ashdowns, & Georges. I did not try for the meeting for the crowd. Fine & mild.

5. Fri. 5. I made a rush for the 7.20 A.M. train for Woodbridge. T.B.S. was there. We have not seen much of each other since we left Minesing. We arrived about 9 A.M. at Jefferys & after a lunch & a little talk I went over to John Bennetts with his son, George, who came to bring his sister to get some millinery. His mother was burried yesterday but the lad is unsaved. I had a long talk with him & his father, and then met W. Jeffery & T.B.S. at the pinery farm. We looked around and got back to the house about dark. After tea we went down to old Mr. Jefferys. He is getting feeble & Sarah is far gone in consumption. After getting back I wrote a few lines to G. [Bennett]. Fine & sunny but rainy at night.

6. Sat. 6. Willie Jeffery drove us over to Thornhill station & we got home to Minesing about 1 P.M. & do not feel like doing much. Had a chat with Father & Mother. Did a few chores and got to bed early (Truly the Lord has been very good to us this week. (Help me use these blessings [ ]. Cloudy & raw S.E. wind.

7. Sun. 7. S.S. & meeting as usual (V Psalm). (T.B.S. on Noah at night). I staid up afternoon & went to Mr. Harryats meeting. (Saw the stricken one). (Lord help). Stormy at night. Cloudy. Heavy rain last night.

8. Mon. 8. Did chores & then went to help butcher a pig at Granpa's. Threshed some peas & let some water off the fall wheat, No.1 S. Wrote to Lizzie. Soft & snowy.

9. Tue. 9. Did chores & then helped Grandpa to cut up his pig. Did some fixings round the stables & began making a temporary sheep pen as the old one is too small. Wrote to Mr. Dixon. Soft heavy snow all day. Colder at night.

10. Wed. 10. We got the sheep pen finished, all but feed lid, etc. Wintry.

11. Thur. 11. We rigged up the racks & feed lids of sheep pens & scaffolding to finish felting & shingling the henhouse on south side. We got on the felting & 2 rows of shingles but the weather was too rough so we got down the oatsheaves from the old barn & did other chores. Union prayer meeting at night. Mrs. Bremner came down. Snow squalls & sunshine.

12. Fri. 12. December 1884. T.B.S.'s birthday. We tried the shingling but found it very cold work so we cut up a lot of oatsheaves, A.M. & then shingled awhile, P.M. Half a row will finish. Freezing but not stormy.

13. Sat. 13. I went down to Phillip Fuller's with the sow. While the boys finished the shingling we did some chores & threshed peas afternoon. Fine but cloudy. Sow.

14. Sun. 14. S.S. & meeting as usual. (LVI. Isaiah & 1st John III c - [1. v. 2.5]). Mr. Holmes preached afternoon & T.B.S. at night so we had a full day. (Lord do Thou lead us). We got word of a mistake in the advertizing of the Parsonage. Postponed. Wintry.

15. Mon. 15. John drove the children to school & took Mama & baby to stay till afternoon with Aunt Bessie. I split wood etc. and read "Wm. Farel." It is a good book. T. Stokes came & paid $1.00 which squares us. Heavy snow last night. Stormy today.

16. Tue. 16. I went up to T.B.S.s & helped him to butcher 4 pigs. Threshed some peas. Cold & stormy.

17. Wed. 17. John took the sleigh up to A. Malcolm's & got 2 new pins in it. I threshed some more peas & we cleaned them up. I went up to T.B.S.'s & helped him clean up some wheat. 13 bags I am taking to town tomorow. He got 35 bus., 24 lbs. [of] me in the fall. Cloudy & cold. Some more snow.

18. Thur. 18. Mama, John & I went to Barrie with the wheat & a big bundle of straw for Mrs. Wadds. Sold the wheat at 65 c., 32 bus., $20.80 c. John got overcoat & we got some other nicknacks for Christmas. I had a talk with Emily Wadds. She is going as an officer to the Sal'n Army. Aunt Bessie met us in Barrie & came home with us. Very cold & stormy.

19. Fri. 19. We fed the things up & then John & I went up to help T.B.S. to butcher a heifer. It was a very cold job but we got through about 2.30 P.M. The boys went up & fetched Francy home. I did up the chores. Mamas birthday. (Lord ease our load). [Intensely] cold, 22 below zero, A.M.

20. Sat. 20. Did chores, split wood, etc. 28 below zero, A.M.

21. Sun. 21. S.S. & meeting as usual. I staid afternoon with A.R. & Grace. (Christs birth & nativity). T.B.S. at night. (Lord let me hear thy voice plainly.) Snow, not quite so cold.

22. Mon. 22. We got the old stove into the back kitchen & did some other chores. Threshed peas. Snowy.

23. Tue. 23. T.B.S. came down & we butchered the 5 spring pigs. We cut them up after night. Fine winter weather.

24. Wed. 24. I took 1 pig up to corner, half to A.R. & half to J. Kent at 5.75, $5.17. Brought down 3 barrels & finished salting the pork, cutting up the heads. Threshed a few more peas & cleaned them up & bagged 10 oats & peas for chopping. Cold east wind with driving snow.

25. Thur. 25. Christmas day. We did up the chores & then we went up to spend the day with Grandpa and the numerous branches of our family who met there. We went up to Union praise meeting at night. Lord bless thine own work. Fine & sunny but cold.

26. Fri. 26. John & Andrew went to the mill with 11 bags of oats & peas to chop. I went to see Mr. Budd about selling hay. He may take some. I split some wood & did other chores. Boys got home about dark. 23 below zero this A.M. Fine & sunny but cold.

27. Sat. 27 December 1884. The boys helped me on with a load of hay & I took it to Barrie. Sold at $9.00 per ton. (1500 lbs.) ($6.75). Got home in good time, A.M. Thankful I sold so readily. Lord bless the work of our hands. Cold raw east wind. Milder at night.

28. Sun. 28. S.S. & meeting as usual. The S.S. tea meeting was spoken about & decided to have it quiet each paying in money for prizes. I staid afternoon at Mr. Orchards & went to T.B.S.s meeting at night. Thawing rapidly.

29. Mon. 29. We got out potatoes and did other chores, A.M. I cut up oatsheaves, P.M. Still soft.

30. Tue. 30. I went up to the corner to see Burge about pay [or hay]. He has been pressing & shipping to Toronto. He was not at home. I spoke to old Mr. Richardson about getting money but he has none to load for the time I want it. I spoke to Mr. Bremner & he agreed if I could not get it conveniently to let it lie another term. I got home about 11 A.M. Did some chores. Got the horses front shoes sharpened afternoon. Started for Budds mill on business for Grandma R. but found the track too watery. I got my hair cut at night & wrote to Mr. Dixon. Soft, warm & some showers.

31. Wed. 31. I did some chores, cleaned out [W.] C. Went up to School house to elect Trustee & do other business. Got home and went over to Budds Mill to see Moore about a bill he owes Grandma R. He was not home so after waiting to see Mr. Budd, I got home as fast as I could. A number of young folks gathered to practice singing till 9.30 P.M. & then we all went to the Watch meeting in Presbyterian Vestry. Week of prayer next week. (Lord bless). Soft all day, freezing at night. Snow gone.

1885: January

1. Thur. 1st January 1885. The boys went down to Aunt Eliza's to spend the day. I [ ] till about 3 P.M. and then the rest of us went up to the corner to spend the evening with Grandma R. We all got home about 9.30 P.M. & did chores & got to bed. Snow & wintry again, but not much sleighing.

2. Fri. 2 Jan. Uncle Sams birthday. I did some chores & then T.B.S. came along with Grandpa so Mama, baby & I went with them down to spend the day with Sam & Eliza. We got home about 7 P.M. Fine but wintry.

3. Sat. 3. I went up to Isaac Downeys to thresh but the engine was frozen up & hard to start. Did not do much till afternoon. Cold S.W. wind.

4. Sun. 4. 16 years married. (Ebenezer). S.S. & meeting as usual. Aunt Annie & baby came down & went up at night. Good meeting. Cousin Francess is sick with Diptheria. (Good Lord heal) & bless thine own word to young & old. Fine, milder.

5. Mon. 5. At J. Downey's till 3 P.M. Went up after to poll my vote for Councill. Good Union meeting at night. Lord forgive our unfaithfulness & increase our faith & love. Mild & fine.

[Note: At this point in the diary there is 1 page of financial notations for 1884].