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Medd family fonds 81-001/12/9 letter 29 March 1823

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Medd family fonds
Accession 81-001 Box 12 Folder 9

Letter: Thomas Medd, [England], to his brother Robert Medd, [Cavan, Upper Canada], 29 March 1823.

Notes regarding the transcription:

In this transcription, most misspellings and grammatical anomalies which occur in the original text have been maintained, i.e. “neibour’ for neighbour, ‘loseing’ for losing, etc. Occasionally, commas and periods have been added to assist in clarifying the sentence structure. Long dashes have been added to replicate the dashes used by the writer ‘------’. Square brackets [ ] indicate indecipherable text. The following are examples of symbols which represent measurements of currency: £ = pounds; ‘s’ = shilling; ‘d’ = pence.


Hive March 29th 1823

Dear Brother

I send thou these lines hoping they will find thou in good health as leave us at Present. God be blessed for my brother Westoby excepted. He departed this life March 15th day. My sister is left a widow. I have sent thou some goods from Hull by Captain Minnit ship. Their is half a stone clover seed, a peck of ry grass seed, two pound of Mercury, the best sort found. New [sacks]. Six sets of machine wheels and pinions cranks and plates. Four sets for thou and two sets for John Thompson. I missed getting some flax, wheel irons but ------- thy old neighbour Towler is comeing to America. I will tell him to get some and put in the baggage. I think I have no news more than ordinary. Times are very low. They have fluctuated [a little] just now but they are dropping again.

                                                       £    S      D

Wheat worth about ---------   2    10     0 [  ]

In field oates about ---------   0    19     0 [  ]

Beans about ----------------  1    12     0

And every thing else in proportion. White line about eight or nine shillings for stone. Times are very hard for farmers. They are losing their property and many of them likely to stop without some alteration take place.

Page 2 of letter

And times have been worse till just now. Wheat from forty to about forty five. Oates fourteen or fifteen and beans twenty six of seven till just now. Religion seems to upon the rivive. It may happen thou and one may never meet more on this Earth. But as the Lord liveth and as thy soul liveth live near to God, and I hope we shall meet in Heaven. I hope thou will send me a few lines and let one know if thou has received the goods and how thou is going on. If anything should happen me I shall employ Mr Bell of Portington, as I said before, to do business between me and thou. So thou must look after thy goods. I have paid their freight to Quebec. Towler talks of comeing to your country except he meets with something. By the way, I mean to send a few lines with him. I thought I would send a letter by the packet and thou would be sure to get it. If thou be very needful for anything more thou [must] send me word. I think I have no more to say at present.

 I am thy well wishing brother

Thos Medd