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Medd family fonds 81-001/12/6 letter 21 June 1821

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Medd family fonds
Accession 81-001 Box 12 Folder 6

Letter: Thomas Medd, England, to his brother Robert Medd, Smith’s Creek (Port Hope), Upper Canada, 21 June 1821. Also, a postscript from “loving father and mother, J. & M. Bletcher” addressed to their son, Joseph Bletcher

Notes regarding the transcription:

In this transcription, most misspellings and grammatical anomalies which occur in the original text have been maintained. Occasionally, commas and periods have been added to assist in clarifying the sentence structure. Square brackets [ ] indicate indecipherable text. The following are examples of symbols which represents a measurement of currency: £ = pounds; ‘s’ = shilling.


June 21st 1821

Dear Brother I send these lines hoping they will find the good health as they leave us at present. My sister Westoby was very bad about Christmas. We thought she would ahave died but she has got into her former state of health again. I have received two letters from the first Written 17th in August. I got it about Christmas last, was written 7th November. I got it about Lady day. Stephen Bletcher got one stuffed with old newspapers. Cost 14£ loosing. Stephen Thompson got one in the same way, cost 18£ loosing. You must not do so no more. I saw Stephen Bletcher just before I wrote and they are all in good health. He talks of coming to Canada but they must not look for him while he come and all. He disires them to write to him. Thomas Arnold seems to be desireous of hearing good news from Canada as here is nothing but poverty and bad times in England. You are very bad in Canada if you are worse than England. Nearly all our neebourhood has been desirious of thy [   ] letter such as Mr Bells Portington, Wm Walker Saltmarsh, Grange Smiths Eastrington, Mr Blanchard and the neigbourhood. In General [cavil].

Page 2 of letter

Howden Corn Market Wheat from 50£ to 56£ per quarter. Oats from 14£ to 17£ per qr. Beans from 32£ to 33£ per quarter. Melting barley from 24£ to 25£ per quarter and so of all the rest of grain. White line - Good samples worth 7£ per stone and some less. Cattle of all kinds very low; the farmer and labourer and tradesmen in general are all poverty struck. Provisions are low and wages are still lower so that the country in general make a heavy complaint. Thomas Arnold seems desireous of coming to Canada if he could hear good news. So when thou write again I would have thou to write us an account of your country exactly as it is, your ways and manners of cultivating your land in every respect, the produce of your soil and your ways of proceeding in every respect. Send us the truth itself. The neibourhood all in general confides in thy letters; I should wish to hear of thou doing well.

Page 3 of letter

Work is very scarce here and badly paid for it. If you can do in a fair way in your country it is more than you can do here. I would have thou to keep thy spirits up and not forget to live in the fear of the Lord.

I am thy wellwishing Brother.

Thomas Medd [Hive]


Dear Childer[n], Thos Medd has given leave to writ a line in his that he his sending to his Brother Robert. I think my Self [such] obligd to him, and I, this will find you all in good health, as all at present I thank God [for], & your mother and me is very desireas of [seeing] [you] in Cananada this summer. But I fear we shall not have the pleasure of doing soon as we wish for, but you may [depend] of us comming if the Lord spares us as soon as posable. We can pray. Excuse me John Westoby [waiting for this]. Pray write to us soon as you can and let us [   ] all you can.

Your loving Father and Mother

J & M Bletcher


Page 4 – address section

To Joseph Bletcher at Fawk and Websters, Smith Creek, township of Hope, or Robert Medd Upper Canada, America