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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 80-017


Canada. Parks Canada Transcripts fonds. -- Photocopied 1980. -- 25 cm of textual records.

Biography / History

Since the initial reservation of the Hot Springs at Banff in 1885, the Canadian Parks Service has grown to encompass more than 30 national parks, more than 70 national historic parks and major sites, and 10 historically significant canal systems. The Canadian Parks Service plans, develops, and operates National Parks and National Historic Parks and Sites. First controlled by the Dominion Lands Branch of the Department of the Interior through its Superintendent of Rocky Mountains Park, Parks became, in 1908, a unit of the Forestry branch and, in 1911, a separate entity known as the Dominion (later National) Parks Branch. From 1918 to 1966, the Canadian Wildlife Service was a unit within the National Parks Branch. In 1973, Parks acquired control of historic canals, previously under the control of several different government departments. In 1979, Parks Canada became part of the Department of the Environment and in 1988 it was renamed the Canadian Parks Service. (Taken from: "Government Archives Division: General Guide Series." Ottawa: National Archives of Canada, 1991.)

Custodial History

The transcripts were created by Daniel Francis for Parks Canada. Photocopies of the transcripts were forwarded by Parks Canada to the Trent University Archives.

Scope and Content

This fonds consists of photocopies of 43 interview transcripts of residents of the Trent Valley area. The interviews were conducted by Daniel Francis under contract, in 1979, to Parks Canada and focus on such themes as transportation, commerce, settlement, tourism, and resource development. They relate to the section of the Trent-Severn waterway stretching from the mouth of the Otonabee River to Bobcaygeon.


Title based on the contents of the fonds.

The copies of the transcripts were donated from Parks Canada via John E. Lewis, Assistant Regional Director.

The original interview transcripts are with Parks Canada, Cornwall, Ontario.

Restrictions: Permission from the interviewees is required to quote from interviews.

Finding aids: Y

Associated material located at the National Archives of Canada (R.G. 84).

Finding Aid

The agreement between the interviewees and Parks Canada does not provide for explicit use by other than Parks Canada staff. Consequently, individuals wishing to quote from the transcripts should seek permission from interviewees on a case by case basis. Addresses are provided to facilitate this.

Box 1


1: Interview with Mrs Eva Hanson, Viamede Hotel, Mt. Julian, Ontario, 12 July 1979. 58 pages.

2: Interview with Mr Donald Fowler, Mt. Julian Hotel, Mt. Julian, Ontario, 12 July 1979. 75 pages.

3: Interview with Stella Grier (Mrs Stella Gould), 400 Friel St., Apt 14, Ottawa, Ontario, 20 July 1979. 64 pages

4: Interview with Mrs. Gladys Fulton, Buckhorn, Ontario, 24 July 1979. 45 pages.

5: Interview with Robert Fulton, Buckhorn, Ontario, 24 July 1979. 36 pages.

6: Interview with James McGrath, 110 Douro St., Apt 310, Peterborough, Ontario, 26 July 1979. 90 pages.

7: Interview with Walter Ziroff, 36 Rolliston St., 27 July 1979. 56 pages.

8: Interview with Samuel Wawrykow, 215 Rogers St., Peterborough, Ontario, 2 August 1979. 54 pages

9: Interview with Hort Nichols, 61 Front St. W., Bobcaygeon, Ontario, 3 August 1979. 42 pages.

10: Interview with Donald Farmer, 18 Pentland Cr., Kanata, Ontario, 10 August 1979. 64 pages.

11: Interview with Alf Featherstone, 2624 Ridgetop Cr., Peterborough, Ontario, 13 August 1979. 58 pages.

12: Interview with Howard Arscott, R.R. #3, Fenelon Falls, Ontario, 14 August 1979. 33 pages.

13: Interview with Len Begg, 565 Kingdon Ave., Peterborough, Ontario, 21 August 1979. 63 pages.

14: Interview with Stan Nichols, 29 Helen St., Bobcaygeon, Ontario, 21 August 1979. 74 pages.

15: Interview with Roy Richardson, Keene, Ontario, 27 August 1979. 44 pages.

16: Interview with Harry Barrett, 464 Bonaccord St., Peterborough, Ontario, 28 August 1979. 38 pages.

17: Interview with V.J. Laplante, 135 Wallis St., Peterborough, Ontario, 28 August 1979. 57 pages.

18: Interview with Ernest Brown, Burleigh, Ontario, 29 August 1979. 77 pages.

19: Interview with Eric Holmes, 157 Queen St., Lakefield, Ontario, 29 August 1979. 49 pages.

20: Interview with Jack Fulton, Buckhorn, Ontario, 11 September 1979. 129 pages.

21: Interview with Russell Graham, 1056 Glendale Dr., Peterborough, Ontario, 12 September 1979. 44 pages.

22: Interview with Clarence McIlmoyle, Crowe's Landing, Ontario, 12 September 1979. 75 pages.

23: Interview with Timothy Crough, 765 Chamberlain St., Peterborough, Ontario, 13 September 1979. 50 pages.

24: Interview with Edward (Ted) Gordon, R.R. #2, Bobcaygeon, Ontario, 20 September 1979. 60 pages.

25: Interview with Ray Parberry 39 Rolliston St., Lakefield, Ontario, 13 September 1979. 92 pages.

26: Interview with Roy Whetung, R.R. #2, Crowe's Landing, Ontario, 19 September 1979. 39 pages.

27: Interview with Fred James, 21 August 1979. 67 Pages

28: Interview with Robert Dixon, Buckhorn, Ontario, 18 September 1979. 53 pages.

29: Interview with George Hawkins, Dummer Road, Warsaw, Ontario, 25 September 1979. 70 pages.

30: Interview with Earl Blewett, Bridgenorth, Ontario, 25 September 1979. 64 pages.

31: Interview with Ray Pomeroy, R.R. #1, Box 11, Gore's Landing, Ontario, 26 September 1979. 72 pages.

32: Interview with Karl Blewett, Bridgenorth, Ontario, 26 September 1979. 64 pages.

33: Interview with Mrs. Frances Rose, 575 River Rd. S., Peterborough, Ontario, 27 September 1979. 41 pages.

34: Interview with George Hogarth, 13 Ermatinger St., Peterborough, Ontario, 19 October 1979. 71 pages.

35: Interview with Donald Cameron, 221 Engleburn Ave., Peterborough, Ontario, 10 October 1979. 66 pages.

36: Interview with Max Coones, 153 Maria St., Peterborough, Ontario, 10 October 1979. 31 pages.

37: Interview with Fred Tobey, 646 Ludgate St., Peterborough, Ontario, 11 October 1979. 58 pages.

38: Interview with Thomas Hatton, 42 Chippewa St., Lakefield, Ontario, 11 October 1979.

39: Interview with Victor Gauthier, 1047 Ashdale Cr., Peterborough, Ontario, 24 October 1979. 55 pages.

40: Interview with Bill Thibodean, 11 Reid St., Bobcaygeon, Ontario, 24 October 1979. 50 pages.

41: Interview with Hilliard Crowe, 94 Bridge St., Lakefield, Ontario, 25 October 1979. 50 pages.

42: Interview with Austin McCue, Curve Lake, Ontario, 25 October 1979. 43 pages.

43: Interview with Harry Morgan, 39 Queen St., Norwood, Ontario, 12 November 1979. 53 pages.