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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 12-012


Joyce C. Lewis fonds. -- 1813-1887; 1970-2012. -- 1.4 m of textual records. -- ca. 1700 slides. -- ca. 4 photographs.


Biography / History

Joyce Clements Lewis (nee Cartwright) was born in Toronto in 1932. She married Peter Lewis in 1957 and they had three children: Julian, Patricia and Christopher. For a number of years the family lived in Peterborough where Peter was employed at Trent University. During her life time, Lewis delivered over 100 papers and published more than 25 articles on the subject of Frances Stewart, a nineteenth-century Irish immigrant to the Peterborough area, and on matters relating to the nineteenth-century social history of Ontario. In 2006 she graduated with a Masters degree from University of Toronto where her research was focused on childhood and nineteenth-century Christmas customs.

Joyce C. Lewis was a supporter of Aldeburgh Connection, the National Ballet Company, the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir, and Trinity College, and was a volunteer with Gibson House, the Grange Committee, the Archives Committee of the Diocese of Toronto, and the Ontario Museum Association. She was also a member of the Canadian Church History Society, the Culinary Historians of Ontario, the Museum of Childhood, the Ontario Historical Society, and others. Locally, Lewis was President of the Peterborough Historical Society and a member of the Friends of the Bata Library at Trent University. Also a supporter of Trent University Archives, she was instrumental in arranging for a significant collection of original Stewart letters to be donated to the Archives by Stewart family members with whom she had met while conducting research. Lewis was also the recipient of the 2012 Ontario Historical Society Carnochan Award. She died in Toronto in 2012. (Taken in part from an Osborne tribute by Sylvia Lassam, 2012).

Scope and Content

Fonds is comprised of biographical information pertaining to Joyce C. Lewis, and research material pertaining to Irish immigrant Frances Stewart and to the nineteenth-century social history of Ontario. Items include correspondence, manuscripts and notes for speeches and articles, notes on various topics, research articles, typescripts and copies of historical letters, copy photographs, and slides. Also included are a number of original historical letters pertaining to the Stewart family and one original photograph of Harriet Beaufort. Unless otherwise noted, the research materials are primarily comprised of reproductions in the form of photocopies. Further Stewart family materials were received in December 2012 and added to Box 6.


Custodial History: Materials were created by and in the custody of Joyce C. Lewis until her death in April 2012; prior to being donated to Trent University Archives in November 2012, they were in the custody of Peter Lewis.

Condition: Excellent; exception: the original nineteenth-century material is fragile and must be handled with care.

Immediate Source: Fonds was acquired from Peter Lewis in 2012.

Restrictions: Research materials which are in photocopy format are not to be reproduced.

For related records see: Frances Stewart fonds.

Original Stewart items which were located in Box 1 Folders 2, 5 and 22 have been removed to the Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 46.

Finding Aid

Box 1

Joyce C. Lewis biographical material


1. Tribute, curriculum vitae, photograph

Frances Stewart research files

2. Stewart family letters (8 original letters, 1813-1851).
NOTE: For preservation purposes, these letters have been encapsulated in mylar and removed to the Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 46.
Original Items List:
a. Harriet Beaufort to Frances Browne (Stewart), 30 October 1813 (transcript to follow)
b. M. Sutton to Frances Stewart, 19 November 1822 (transcript to follow)
c. M. [Sutton], (Clongill Rectory) to Frances Stewart, 20 March 1823 (transcript to follow)
d. [Catherine Kirkpatrick] to Frances Stewart, [1825]; letter is incomplete (transcript to follow)
e. Harriet Beaufort to Frances Stewart, 2 November 1838 (transcript to follow)
f. Harriet Beaufort to Frances Stewart, 23 July 1839 (transcript to follow)
g. Frances Stewart to Mary Wilson, 21 March 1846 (transcript to follow)
h. Harriet Beaufort to Frances Stewart, [24 May] 1851 (transcript to follow)

3. Letter from Jean Shearman, October 1977: also Kirkpatrick-Sutton-Noble-Walker family tree; copies of extracts from journals and letters

4. Letters (photocopies):
- from Francis Beaufort to Harriet Beaufort, 1802-1811 (photocopies from National Library Ireland)
- between Harriet Beaufort and Francis Beaufort, 1817-1827 (photocopies from Huntington Library)

5. Stewart family letters and notes (10 original items, 1875-1885).
NOTE: For preservation purposes, the originals have been encapsulated in mylar and removed to the Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 46.
Most of the original letters in this folder were sent to Ellen Dunlop (daughter to Frances Stewart) by Ellen's niece, Florence Stewart (daughter of Henry Stewart); folder also includes some transcriptions and photocopies of various items; newspaper clippings.
Original Items List:
a. Flora Stewart to Ellen Dunlop, 15 September 1875 (transcript to follow)
b. Florence Stewart to Ellen Dunlop, 1 January 1876 (transcript to follow)
c. Florence Stewart to Ellen Dunlop, 8 October 1876 (transcript to follow)
d. Florence Stewart to Ellen Dunlop, 6 January 1877 (transcript to follow)
e. Caroline Stewart to Papa [Charles Stewart], 2 December 1877 (transcript to follow)
f. Florence G. Stewart to Ellen Dunlop, 19 August 1879; also letter on same sheet from Caroline Stewart [sister-in-law of Ellen, Henry's wife] to Ellen Dunlop, 7 September [1879] (transcript to follow)
g. [M.S.] Stewart to Herbert [ ], 13 May 1885 (transcript to follow)
h. small hand-drawn map showing properties of W.F. Stewart and E.T. Brown, Pelly Trail, prairie, timber, etc., n.d.
i. Flora G. Stewart to "Aunty" [Ellen Dunlop], n.d. (transcript to follow)
j. note re Daniel Augustus De Beaufort, n.d.(transcript to follow)

6. Bate papers: transcriptions of letters; notes

7. The Anglo-Irish

8. Article for notable Peterborough Women. Notes and typescript relate to the publication Portraits: Peterborough Area Women Past and Present, ed. Gail Corbett, 1975; article "Frances Stewart" by Joyce Lewis

9. Armour family

10. Beaufort, Daniel Augustus

11. Beaufort, Sir Francis: correspondence with Hunting Library

12. Beaufort, Harriet: notes, correspondence, copies re Dialogues on Botany; Bertha's Journal

13. Bellingham, Sydney

14. Stewart, Frances: biographical material; discussion re a published image alleged to be that of Frances (see also Box 1 Folder 39)

15. Friends and acquaintances of Frances Stewart: biographical information; includes Reverend Lloyd Delaney correspondence re publication of Rice Lake history book

16. Relatives of Frances Stewart: biographical information primarily of Frances's children: includes notes re Malone (home of Ellen Dunlop); two photographs of Goodwood (home of Helen Brown), including one with Helen Brown; etc.

17. Books in Stewart family: notes

18. The Book: material related to a possible publication

19. Canada Council: material related to a grant received for study in Ireland, 1975

20. Commonplace book of Frances Stewart: notes

21. Correspondence, 1970-1986, relating to research on Frances Stewart and relations

22. Douro history and settlement: notes, photocopies and transcriptions of letters, information re Auburn (home of Frances Stewart), footnotes regarding items referred to by Frances Stewart, etc.; NOTE: an original linen "Plan shewing part of The Stewart Estate, Peterboro'" (68 cm x 96 cm) plus a hand-drawn partial copy of the plan have been removed to an acid-free map folder and relocated to the Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 46

23. Edgeworth - Beaufort papers: notes

24. Education, Upper Canada: notes

25. Essay: talk to Stewart Reunion, July 5, 1997 (Emigration to Douro)

26. Essay and seminar: In Search of Frances Stewart (prepared for Professor Gordon Roper, n.d.)

27. Essay: Tracking the Shy Goosander - A Study of 'Our Forest Home' (prepared for Professor Gordon Roper, 1971)

28. Essay: A Study of Thomas A. Stewart and His Life in Ireland and Douro, with some consideration of how his wife's background in Ireland affected their attitudes and life in Upper Canada (prepared for Professor Desmond Morton, 1972)

29. Food and housekeeping: notes, menus, etc. relating to nineteenth century life

30. Fothergill, Charles

31. Fragments that Remain by Alec Wilson (a family history): typescript, 1950

32. Genealogical information from Jean Shearman

33. Genealogical material, Wildwood Collection

34. Hall, Margaret (wife of Basil Hall): diary references to the Stewart family

35. Haultain, Arnold

36. Haycock, Arthur

37. History 401 - notes from W.L. Morton, 1972-1973

38. Hutchison, Dr. John; Hutchison House

39. Illustrations, maps, copy photographs; also includes original photograph of Harriet Beaufort (1778-1865); house plans of Auburn, etc. See also Box 1 Folder 14

40. Index: references to people and places in Our Forest Home, annotated; chronological list of letters

41. Journalism - early Ontario

42. Kirkpatrick papers

43. Lecture, Peterborough Historical Society, April 1974: Frances Stewart - Expectations and Reality

44. Lecture, Kawartha Conference: The Letters of Frances Stewart, June 1981; also PHS October 1981 and Century Village April 1986

45. Lecture, Cobourg Historical Society, April 1988: Frances Stewart and Cobourg

46. Medicine, health and medical details; includes a copy of The Old Doctor: A Backwoods Sketch by Catharine Parr Traill, edited by Jean Murray Cole, 1985

47. Miscellaneous

48. Moodie, Susanna

49. Need, Thomas

50. Notes made from Our Forest Home

51. Our Forest Home: material relating to publication including typescripts of Arnold Haultain's letters to Ellen Dunlop

52. Pammett papers: notes taken from them

53. Frances Stewart - peripheral research material

54. Peterborough and area

55. From Douro to Dublin (Peterborough Historical Society Occasional Paper); manuscript, correspondence, 1993

56. Public Archives of Canada, 1971

57. Roman Catholics

58. St. Andrew's Church: notes for history

59. St. John's Church: notes for history, including clergymen and diocese

60. St. Peter's Church and priests

Box 2


1. de la Fosse, Frederick M.

2. Hay, Dr. Thomas: typescripts of letters, 1826-1831

3. as above, 1832-1884

4. Stewart, Thomas Alexander

5. Stewart, Thomas Alexander and Robert Reid: copies of land documents from Public Archives of Canada

6. Sources of material on Frances Stewart and related topics: notes and copies of letters

7. This Beggarly Wooden Country: script for a play or reading (parts for Traill, Langton, Moodie, Jameson)

8. Traill, Catharine Parr

9. Trent Canal

10. Stewart family wills and documents

11. Material for Stewart family reunion, August 20-21, 1994

12. Transcriptions of Stewart letters, related correspondence, etc.

Folders 13-42: These folders are comprised of transcriptions of Stewart family letters (1750-1889). Notations by Joyce Lewis are included with many of the transcriptions.

NOTE: See Box 6 for additional Stewart family materials received 6 December 2012.

Nineteenth-Century Social History of Ontario research files

Box 3

Note: The following files include research materials, notes, and typescripts for talks given by Joyce Lewis


1. Birth and child-rearing

2. Maternity wear and baby's clothes

3. Celebrations

4. Charivaris

5. Children

6. Christmas/antiquarianism

7. Christmas research

8. Christmas research: Gibson House (Toronto) in 1851

9. Christmas: Ontario

10. Christmas: sources of information

Box 4


1. Christmas in Canada - Museums

2. Christmas in England

3. Christmas in United States

4. Christmas cards

5. Christmas carols

6. Christmas cartoons

7. Christmas decorations

8. Christmas food

9. Christmas games

10. Christmas - general

11. Christmas - illustrations

12. New Years - Hogmanay

13. Christmas - other countries

14. Christmas presents

15. Christmas - Santa Claus

16. Christmas stockings

17. Christmas talks: transcripts of papers given by Joyce Lewis

Box 5


1. Christmas traditions and music

2. Christmas trees; includes a copy of "The Cultivation of Christmas Trees" by T.S. Eliot, illustrated by David Jones. Ariel Poem. Faber and Faber, 1954

3. Christmas tree - van Riedisel

4. Christmas - Twelfth Night

5. Christmas workshops

6. Cooking

7. High tea

8. Cooking - war time

9. Costume

10. "Daily life in 1837" (transcripts and notes for talks)

11. "Everyday life in 1888" (transcripts and notes for talks)

12. Education; includes a 1979 reproduction of "Regulations, and Course of Education, at Upper Canada College and Royal Grammar School; York, Upper Canada. Established January, 1830. York: Printed by Robert Stanton. 1832." This reproduction includes an introductory letter by R.H. Sadleir, Principal, addressed "To the Boys of the College, December 21, 1979.

13. Emigration - female

14. Gardening

15. Folk customs

16. Furnishings

17. Health and medicine

18. Housekeeping

19. Marriage

20. Ontario Historical Society "Milestones" workshop, 1992

21. as above. Transcripts and notes for talks "Cradle to Grave"

22. Mourning

23. Nature, landscape, botany

24. Oranges and citrus ("Exotic Oranges" paper)

25. Ovens - Nevis and other

26. Poltergeists and seances

27. Public health and works

28. Puddings - hoe cakes and hasty

29. Religion

30. Slide sources

31. Social life

32. "Surviving the Rigors of Winter"

33. Tea - afternoon and high

34. Temperance and drink: inns and hotels

35. Tourism and travel

36. Toys

37. Workshop ideas and resources

Box 6

Slides ca. 1700 slides

(Note: Images may not be reproduced in any manner without consent of the copyright holder. Box 5 Folder 30 may contain some information regarding image sources).

Slide binder 1

Buildings, commercial and public
Buildings, farm and settlers
Buildings, houses
Business and commerce
Costume and portraits
Daily life
Dancing - balls and parties
Emigration and immigrants
Farm animals
Flowers, wild
Flowers, domestic/garden
Food - citrus
Food - grown
Furnishings and interiors
Games and recreation
Health, sanitation and medicine
Housework and women's occupations
Law and order
Special days
Tourism and recreation
Towns and villages
Travel - cottages
Travel - hotels and inns
Travel - scenic locals
Travel - summer life
Travel - roads
Travel - trains
Travel - water

Slide binder 2: (Costume and Portraits)

Portrait of Lady Robinson with daughter Mary - George Berthon, 1847
Amelia Bloomer, ca. 1851
The Light of the Home, Godey's, 1860
Older Boy in Sailor Suit - Paul Peel, Portrait of a Young Boy, London, Ontario (AGO)
Robinson sisters, 1846
Mrs. Jameson, 1845
W.H. Boulton, 1846
Chemise, Eng., ca. 1860; Crinoline and frame, ca. 1884
Joseph Brant - Berczy
Corset, 1878 & 1880, Abrahamson
Four generations, Alexandria, 1909
Combinations, Eng., ca. 1895; Bustle, Eng., ca. 1884
K.N. Cartwright with Frances S. & Richard L. (20 months), Toronto, 1903
Young Girl - Eliz. English?
Frances Stewart (later years)
Close-up, fabric, short dress - Hutchison House Museum
Maternity short dress - Hutchison House Museum
Advertisement for photographer, ca. 1875
Reverse of advertisement: photo of young man

Slide binder 3: (Birth, Church, Marriage and Death)

Museums, volunteers, etc. (humorous and introductory slides)
Births and babies
Maternity dress
Maternity wear
Medical practice and medicine
Wedding dresses
Church and religion
Mourning clothes
Mourning - funerals
Mourning - gravers and markers
Mourning - general
Mourning - posthumous portraits and memorials

Items received 6 December 2012 from Peter Lewis:

Index cards with names of various Stewart family members and acquaintances (each card includes biographical information)

Our Forest Home: Being Extracts from the Correspondence of the Late Frances Stewart / edited by Eleanor Dunlop, 2nd edition, 1902: personal copy of Joyce Lewis; includes handwritten annotations

Items received 26 November 2013 from Peter Lewis:

"Journal of Mary [Cunningham] Johnston & Her Infant Daughter Annie as kept on Their Journey from Glasgow Scotland to Haldimand Ontario in 1834..."

"Emigration June 1, 1822 - Feb 11, 1823" (a timeline of the Stewart family emigration from Ireland to Canada)

Notebook: notes related to Stewart family research

Items received 27 February 2015 from Peter Lewis:

One binder of New Years and Christmas slides (approximately 550 slides)

One copy of The Celebration of Christmas and the New Year in Mid-Nineteenth Century Ontario: A Survey of Changes in Attitudes and Practises / by Joyce C. Lewis, published in 2014

One digital copy of Joyce Lewis's Masters thesis (located on a memory stick in the Lewis donor file)

Items received 15 May 2020 from Peter Lewis:

Slides (ca. 97) pertaining to Joyce Lewis's research on Frances Stewart: slides include images of locations in Ireland often mentioned in the Stewart letters (i.e. 31 Merrion Street, Reydon Hall, Allanstown, Wilmont, etc.); also images of Frances Stewart; the Auburn, Peterborough homestead; various Peterborough buildings, gravesites of FS and Catharine Parr Traill; the Susanna Moodie cabin; images of a few FS letters; Stewart family members; Harriet Beaufort; Stewart family heirlooms (some now located at Peterborough Museum and Archives)