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Letter Transcript

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751 George St.

Peterborough, Ont.

Sept. 18, 1964


Dear Mom, Dad, John and Anne,


All I can say right now about Trent is that it is great!!  My room is the best in the building I know, but all the rooms are nice I must admit the meals are very good but there are not tables yet.  One of the residences has no beds and another has no electricity. Our room is fully equipped and I have no complaints.  Classes start on Monday although I take part in a seminar tomorrow.


This evening I went to Rubidge Hall to see “Tiger at Bay” with Hayley Mills & there was also a Dep’t of Travel & Publicity film shown in which I saw shots of Midland, Lakefield and Rev. Whatmough at St. Peter’s on-the-Rock – small world eh?


Last night I was walking down George St. & saw Dr. Gastle – Anne is off to Western tomorrow and she is going into Premeds.


Dean Sadleir is a very nice guy and we are all pulling together very well.  There are four Grove boys here and in the room above there is Morris Switzer who was a year behind me in Lakefield Public School – you know him John.  Another boy was in my cabin at Couchiching.  Today four students (3 boys, 1 girl) arrived from Jamaica, Mauritius, and Nigeria - and several are from the Prairie provinces.  By the way, my roommate is not French, on the contrary – he is English.  Robin Lerprenière is quite a good roommate, conscientious, opinionated, but all in all quite a reasonable guy.


I bought a “Y” membership & a Peterboro Civic library card.  There is a total enrolment of 108 students with 33 girls & 75 boys!!  I have seen Sandy Cord quite often- until I see some others.  We have joint swimming time at the YMCA tomorrow night.


Mr. Pettigrew suggests that I take French only if I intend to do extensive work in Canadian history. In the meantime I shall attend seminars in both subjects (French & philosophy.)


As soon as I receive the $100 from the church I will deposit it here a- and I think I will need it too! I was in to see the bursar after you left, and as I suspected, the form was made out incorrectly; however, you have still paid the amount on your cheque towards my expenses – board instead of tuition. The Leonard bursary can only be used only towards tuition.  Therefore, my tuition is paid in full, and part of my board.  I’ll let you know more details later.


I’ll write again- and I hope you all will do likewise.


With all my love,