Bata Library and the Durham GTA Campus Library & Learning Centre are now open to current students, staff, and faculty. For detailed information about the re-opening of the libraries, please see our reopening announcement.

Trent University Library & Archives continues to offer electronic collections and virtual services. Please contact us at to access virtual services and supports. Check for updates regularly on our COVID-19 Alert Page.

Library Coordinators by Department


We are aware that many departments no longer appoint a "Library Coordinator" for selecting library material. If your department is one of these, any course instructor may submit an Acquisitions Request form and the library will make the final decision on purchases.

If your department does have an active Library Coordinator, requests should be sent to them for submission to the library.

Please enter any important information in the Notes field when submitting a request. We use this information to help with our selections. Priority will be given to items that are directly related to course content and research assignments.

The library no longer identifies specific budgets to departments.

For information on acquiring new titles for the library, see Faculty Services: Acquisitions


Each academic department designates a "Library Coordinator" who is authorized to submit monograph requests to the Library. Individual faculty requests for Library acquisitions should be directed to the Library Coordinator for the department and processed according to departmental procedure.

The Library relies on departments to notify us when a coordinator changes (names in bold have been verified for the 2018/19 academic year). Please send updates to

All Trent University Durham programs should contact the Durham Library.

Undergraduate Programs:

  • Ancient History & Classics - Ian Storey
  • Anthropology - Helen Haines
  • Archaeology - Helen Haines
  • Bachelor of Arts & Science - Joanna Freeland
  • Biology - Michael Fox
  • Business Administration - Jaime Morales
  • Canadian Studies - Jonathan Greene
  • Chemistry - Dirk Wallschläger
  • Computing & Information Systems - Bonnie MacKinnon
  • Cultural Studies - Hugh Hodges
  • Economics - Saud Choudhry
  • Education - B Ed - Adrian Ash / James Watson
  • English Literature - Kathryn Chittick
  • Environmental Resource Science/Studies - Stephanie Rutherford
  • Forensic Science - Barry Saville
  • French and Francophone Studies - Sylvie Berard
  • Gender & Women's Studies - Marg Hobbs
  • Geography - Heather Nicol
  • Global Politics - Andreas Pickel
  • History - Jennine Hurl-Eamon
  • Indigenous Studies - Michele Lacombe
  • International Development Studies - Paul Shaffer
  • Journalism - Hugh Elton
  • Mathematics - Kenzu Abdella
  • Media Studies - Liam Mitchell
  • Nursing - Ellen Olsen-Lynch
  • Philosophy - Douglas McDermid
  • Physics & Astronomy - Aaron Slepkov
  • Politics - Jonathan Greene
  • Psychology - James Allen
  • School of the Environment - 
  • Social Work - David Firang
  • Sociology - Sarah Honey
  • Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems - Stephanie Rutherford    

Graduate Programs:

  • Anthropology (MA) - Helen Haines
  • Applied Modelling & Quantitative Methods (MSc/MA) - Brian Patrick
  • Canadian Studies / Indigenous Studies (MA) - Joan Sangster
  • Canadian Studies (PhD) - Joan Sangster
  • Cultural Studies (PhD) - Jonathan Bordo
  • English (MA) - Kathryn Chittick
  • Environmental & Life Sciences (was WEGS) (MSc/PhD) - Lindsay Thackeray
  • History (MA) - David Sheinin
  • Indigenous Studies (PhD) - Paula Sherman
  • Materials Science (MSc) - Rachel Wortis
  • Psychology (MA/MSc) - Deborah Kennett
  • Sustainability Studies (MA) - Asaf Zohar
  • Theory, Culture & Politics (MA) - David Holdsworth