Library Resource Use Policy

Electronic Resources

This policy governs access to electronic resources (e-books, e-journals, databases, etc.) licensed by the Library. It does not govern access to Open Access electronic resources.

User Location

  • Remote access to electronic resources is restricted to users with myTrent accounts.
  • For users without myTrent accounts, access is permitted to some electronic resources within the Library as allowed by license agreements between the Library and the electronic resource providers.

User Group

  • Electronic resources are generally licensed to students, staff, and faculty of Trent University.
  • The Library does not typically acquire electronic resources that would need to be restricted to specific Trent University users, or to specific Trent University departments or programs.
  • For adjunct faculty, visiting scholars, or researchers affiliated with a department of Trent University, a member within the affiliated academic department with authority and/or authorization may request a non-staff myTrent account from University IT to allow access to electronic resources as permitted by our licenses.
  • Some electronic resource licenses extend access to Trent University alumni, and these may be accessed through myTrent.

Physical Resources

Physical resources are books, journals and other materials in the collections of the Library.

  • Physical resources are generally available to be borrowed by students, staff, and faculty of Trent University; Trent University alumni; users with community memberships; and, through resource sharing and reciprocal borrowing agreements, to users of other libraries.
  • Some collections are restricted to in-library use.
  • Access to Special Collections and Archives is by appointment. The use of these materials is governed by archival policies and practices.
  • Most physical resources are available to all users, regardless of affiliation, for in-library use.
  • Community users may purchase a membership to borrow Library physical resources.

Approved by the Librarians' Committee: April 2022