Access to E-Resources

The Trent University Library spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to make electronic resources available to the Trent community. We also negotiate hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of government and other information on electronic depository for no direct fee.

To acquire this material, the Library signs institutional license agreements with publishers, either on its own or in a consortium with other institutions.

These agreements are legal contracts. They enable us to provide access to full-text electronic journals, electronic books, index and abstract databases, reference tools, and geospatial and statistical resources. These vital resources support the teaching, learning and research needs of the University community in the digital environment.

Legal Agreements and Restrictions

The license agreements require the Library to protect the information contained in these products against unauthorized use. Please be aware of the following conditions when using electronic resources provided by the Library . Your understanding of and compliance with these conditions is essential for ensuring the legal and ethical use of these resources.

Violation of terms of a license agreement can potentially result in the cancellation of the agreement and the withdrawal of access for the entire University.

  • Access to these resources is limited to authorized users. Authorized users constitute currently registered students and currently employed staff and faculty of Trent University. 
    • Under the terms of some license agreements walk-in patrons of the Library are also permitted access, but this access is limited to workstations with no printing.  You can save to your USB drive.
    • Select license agreements allow acces for Alumni, and these are indicated in our A-Z Databases.  Select "All Databases", then limit to the TYPE: "Available to Alumni".
  • Access to these products is available through the University IP address ranges, or from off-campus to authorized users.
  • Authorized users may view, download, copy, print, save, and store for editing or temporary storage only, SINGLE COPIES of individual search results or SINGLE COPIES of individual articles (ie. not entire issues of journals) for personal use, scholarly, educational or scientific research or study, in accordance with Canadian copyright law.
  • Authorized users must not transmit, disseminate or otherwise make the licensed resources available to unauthorized persons or entities, by any means. It is not permitted to use robots or intelligent agents to systematically download or reassemble any portion of the licensed products. You are not permitted to share your login credentials.
  • Commercial use is not permitted.

Licensed access to electronic resources has been negotiated based on a careful assessment of the needs of the Trent community, as well as collection development policies and priorities, technical issues, and budgetary constraints. For some products concurrent access is unlimited, while for others it may be limited to one or more simultaneous users.

Please contact with any questions or concerns about access to electronic resources.