Norval Morrisseau Prints in Bata Library

Have you seen the five Norval Morrisseau prints which adorn the main floor of Thomas J. Bata Library? They belong with a leather-bound and boxed limited edition of The Art of Norval Morrisseau by Lister Sinclair and Jack Pollock, Methuen, 1979 which was donated to Trent University by Elizabeth and Hugh Anson-Cartwright.

The edition includes five signed, original prints; these have been framed and hung in the Library to honour the distinguished career of University Archivist Emeritus Bernadine Dodge. Ms. Dodge and the Anson-Cartwrights have had a long association founded on their respective careers in archives and bookselling and these important works provide a stunning aesthetic enhancement to the Library.

photo of Norval Morrisseau prints

The prints are:

  • The Dawn
  • Composition With Loons
  • Shaman and Apprentice
  • Young Gulls Watching
  • Shaman Conjuring Speech