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Information Technology

Information Technology

Windows 10 Upgrade Process

What happens on your scheduled upgrade day?

If you are working on an IT managed computer that is in the compatible list on the previous page (trentu.ca/it/services/windows-10), you will be prompted with a message on your first login of the day. It will describe the process and will offer an opt-in/opt-out option. Opt out is only to be used on computers running instrumentation, or computers running mission critical software that has known Windows 10 compatibility issues. 

You will then be free to work the rest of your day without interruption.  The migration has been scheduled to run over night at this point.

Ensure you leave your computer on and connected to both power and network when leaving for the day. As well close any open applications. We recommend locking the screen, do not sleep or shut down. (Windows Key + L is the shortcut to lock your screen).

Note that sleep has been disabled after this step so don't worry about your computer putting itself to sleep.

Below you have the option of watching skimming through screenshots, or watching a time lapse video of the upgrade process.


Graphical Tour

Screen shots and comments below.


The video moves fast, if you want to take time and read the screens either be prepared to pause, or just scroll back up to the graphical tour above.