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Information Technology

Information Technology

Windows 10 Software Compatibility

List of known software compatibilities and incompatibilities

This page will be updated with unsupported software as we move forward with the migration.

Compatible software

Any software that was on your Windows 7 computer when you last got it imaged is indeed compatible with Windows 10.

Incompatible software or known software issues (with work-arounds)

So far the only other software on campus we have discovered that is not compatible is:

Zoomtext 10:

If this software is required, the vendor does supply Zoomtext 11 which is indeed compatible.


To access Colleague after migrating, users need to use Cortana search (magnifying glass on the taskbar) to find Internet Explorer.

Right-click and pin IE to the taskbar. This should allow them to run and install Silverlight.

Colleague requires Microsoft Silverlight unfortunately, and both Firefox and Chrome no longer support Silverlight and other NPAPI applications.


Microsoft Compatibility Database Search

If you run specific software and are curious as to its compatibility, please visit the site below to search for it:



Note: This page will be continually updated during the course of the upgrade.