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Information Technology

Information Technology

Welcome to Windows 10

Links to useful tips and training resources

The links below will aid in your transition to Windows 10. Please take a few quick minutes to review them.

Known Skype for Business Issue - workaround

We are currently in contact with Microsoft Support regarding a Skype for Business login issue.

It presents as an error on first login attempt that says "Can't sign in to Skype for Business - The server is temporarily unavailable..." (see image below)

Skype error

To begin:

  1. Open Outlook and log in to it if you haven't yet.
    1. To locate Outlook, click the Start button, then just start typing 'Outlook' to find Outlook 2016.
  2. After trying Skype only to have it fail, click OK on the error message.
  3. Completely exit Skype by right-clicking and selecting 'exit' on the little Skype icon down by the clock. (see image below)
  4. Open Skype again and this time it should have a password field and log you in successfully.

exit skype


If even that fails, there is a second workaround in place:

Visit s:\everyone\IT\SkypeWorkaround. You will have to open Skype with this shortcut until we resolve the issue. You may run it from this location, or copy it to your desktop to make it more available. We apologize for the inconvenience until such time that this is resolved.

Your files, settings and printers are still in-tact

You will find that your browser bookmarks, Outlook settings, My Documents and other files are all as you left them. As well, your previously installed Trent networked printers are still connected.

Compatible software will remain installed as well.

For security reasons, passwords were not migrated into your new Windows 10 profile. The impact of this is simply that Outlook, Skype and any websites that you had remember your password will ask for your password the first time you open it.

Do not use the new Mail icon on your taskbar

As seen in the picture in the next section below, please unpin the Mail app.

We use Outlook 2016 now so there's no need for that app to be there. You can find Outlook by clicking the Start menu or the magnifying glass and then just start typing 'Outlook'.

Unpinning icons and removing old Desktop shortcuts

You may see icons on your task bar or Start Menu that you do not need. Feel free to right-click and un-pin them.

The same process works for any icons in the new Windows 10 Start Menu that you'd like to remove.

Right-click the item, select 'Unpin from taskbar', or 'Unpin from Start'

If you have any old Office 2013 shortcuts on your desktop, you'll need to delete them as they won't link to their new 2016 counterparts.

Right click and 'unpin' selected icons.

Here I'm removing the Mail app, since we use Outlook for our mail needs here at Trent.

Right click and unpin or uninstall from Start menu

You may unpin items from the new Start menu, or uninstall right from here as well.  Adding software to this menu is as easy as dragging and dropping.

Setting your default Browser 

By default, Windows 10 will set your default browser to Microsoft's new Edge browser.  You may leave it like this, or you can set it back to your personal preference.

1. Click the Start button
2. Click the 'Settings' button 

3. Click the 'Apps' button.

4. Click the Default Apps button.  

5. Click on 'Microsoft Edge' under 'Web browser' and select your preferred browser.

Setting your preferred PDF reader

By default, Windows 10 will set your default PDF viewer to Microsoft's new Edge browser. To change it to your preferred option follow the steps below.

1. Find a PDF file on your computer.

2. Right click and select 'Open with..'. Even if you see the software you want to use on this drop down, don't click it. Instead select 'Choose another app'

3. Select the app of your choice and ensure you click the checkbox to "Always use this app to open PDF files."

Reduce eyestrain with the new Night Light feature

This latest version of Windows 10 comes with a new feature to change the color temperature of your monitor to a warmer setting to reduce eyestrain.

1. Find it by clicking the Start Button, then the 'Settings'  button.
2. Click the System Button

3. You'll see Night Light along the top, you can toggle it and change it's settings.

What is this blank icon on my desktop?!

You may notice a blank white icon on your desktop, and within your file explorer.

It is an unavoidable left-over from removing pieces of our old management software during the upgrade.

Windows 10 Training

Below you will find links to Lynda.com Windows 10 and Office 2016 training videos.
They are rather in depth, however you can always find the relevant bits by selecting sections from the list of contents on the left hand side.

Windows 10 Creators Update Essential Training 2017

Very detailed and up to date module :

Office 2016 and Office 365 New Features

Includes little videos for each piece of Office Software explaining new features :

Office 2016 for Educators

Helpful tips for each piece of Office 2016 software as it pertains to educators :