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Information Technology

Information Technology

WebSpace Q & A

January 2018: This is a deprecated service (we no longer recommend use of this service)

Using your PC, simply make a web page using your favourite html editor, save it to your H:\public_html\ folder with the filename index.html and you're now on the Web.

Once you put your index.html file in your H:\public_html\ folder, your web page is accessible to everyone on the Internet using the URL http://people.trentu.ca/username. Index.html is the default file that will be presented when someone accesses your web page without specifying any additional file name.

In addition to hosting your Professional Web Page, you can use this service to share public files with colleagues at other institutions, or anywhere on the Internet. This can be used for moving GIS data, large data files and documents, but should not be used for confidential information, unless appropriately encrypted.

  1. Copy the file to your H:\public_html\ folder.
  2. Email your colleague, telling them that the file is available at: http://people.trentu.ca/username/filename.xxx
  • WebSpace is not intended to support departmental web pages.
  • WebSpace supports static web pages and does not support tools such as CGI, or WebForms.
  • WebSpace does not support SSL security or other tools for eCommerce as typically these tools are only needed on departmental web pages.
  • You are responsible to follow two important documents in deciding what to put on your Professional Web Page.
    • WebSpace is part of TrentNet and use of TrentNet is at all times subject to the Trent Computing Code of Ethics, and the use of Internet at Trent is also subject to the ORION Authorized Use Policy.

Like all of your files on TrentNet, WebSpace files are "backed-up" nightly, and securely stored off-site.

FAQ for WebSpace
What is a "Professional Web Page"? The WebSpace service is provided to Faculty, Staff and Students as a tool to further their professional work at Trent University. A professional web page is place for you to publish your research papers, C.V., material for students past or present, presentations you have given at conferences and other material which you need to share publicly with colleagues at other institutions. It is not a personal web site.
Can I post my personal stuff on my WebSpace? Is this my personal soapbox ?

The primary purpose of WebSpace is for the advancement of your professional work at Trent. Clearly, there is some room on a professional web page for a little bit about you, but it would be inappropriate to use it to host a website for your child's hockey team, for example.

You are responsible for what you write in email, and what you post on MyWebSpace; please make wise choices. If you have any doubt on the appropriate use of Internet resources at Trent, please consult your supervisor for guidance. 

I have a personal web page on www.trentu.ca/myname, why would I want to use this new people.trentu.ca service?

In the short term there is no need to change. Once critical mass develops at people.trentu.ca, it would be a disappointment to not have your Professional Web Site amongst your peers' at the people.trentu.ca location.

Longer term, it is likely that Trent will need to evolve our external www.trentu.ca web site as our new branding and marketing strategies are executed. You may find it easier to move your Professional Web Site to people.trentu.ca than to update it to the visual identity/branding requirements of our evolving public web site.

I went to http://people.trentu.ca/username and I couldn't see my web site, why? Replace "username" with YOUR username... that's the first part of your email address before the @ symbol... ie: MyWebSpace is http://people.trentu.ca/randyneals
How do I make a Web Page, what is an index.html file? Here is a web tutorial... http://www.pagetutor.com/pagetutor/makapage/index.html
I have a question, who can I ask? If your question is about general web page development/making a web page, we encourage you to talk to others in your area/department for assistance.


You may be able to get a student to help you, many of our students have developed a web page as part of their secondary school work, others may be learning that skill here at Trent. 

IT is not in a position to provide web development, or graphic arts assistance, but for technical issues you may contact the IT Service Desk at it@trentu.ca.



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