Transferring a Call

Applies to Cisco handset models: 7911 7912

If you want to: Then:
Transfer a call without talking to the transfer recipient ("cold" transfer)
  1. During a connected call, press Trnsfer
  2. Enter the target number.
  3. When you hear the call ringing, press Trnsfer again
Talk to the transfer recipient before transferring a call ("warm" or "consult" transfer)
  1. Press Trnsfer and enter the target number.
  2. Consult with the recipient.
  3. Press Trnsfer again to connect the call.

Otherwise, press the Hold button to return to the original call.

Transfer two current calls to each other ("direct transfer")
  1. Select the first call.
  2. Select the second call.
  3. From one of the selected calls, press More>DirTrfr



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