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In Blackboard student submissions or “Attempts” are accessed through the Grade Center, rather than through the drop box itself.

  1. To access the Grade Center select “Grade Center” and “Full Grade Center” under the “Control Panel”

Visual representation of Step 1 showing Grade Center-Full Grade Center highlighted


  1. Note: If you are grading an entire class of students, “Needs Grading” can also be a helpful tool for view and marking all of the students who have submitted an assignment or test which requires grading. Students who have submitted an assignment or test which requires marking will show a green explanation mark. This means they “Need Grading”.

Visual representation of Steps 2 and 3 showing green indicator for "needs grading" and the drop down indicator arrow

  1. To access the “attempt” you will need to put you mouse over the green explanation mark which will then display an action button in the same cell.
  2. Each attempt, or unique submission, is displayed. If a students has submitted multiple times to the same assignment or test you will see each listed as an individual attempt. Select an attempt to review it details of the submission.

Visual representation of step 4 showing specific attempt with red underline

  1. In grading you will see each attempt as a separate screen. 
    1. "Save and Exit" (purple button) submits the grade and moves on to the next one
    2. Using the arrows either side of the attempts indicator which is to the right of the Save and Exit button allows navigation between student attempts.
    3. Section 2 is the Student submission section. Review current attempt contains the file that the student has uploaded. Clicking on a file will open/download the file depending on your browser.
    4. Section 3 is the grading section and is visible to the student. The grade for the student is entered in this section. Note: If you do NOT enter a grade none of the feedback or attached files will be returned to the student. This is also where you enter student feedback notes. As long as the Grade Center column for this assignment is visible to students they will see anything entered in the box as soon as a grade is entered and submitted. 
    5. Section 4 are YOUR grading notes and is for your reference only. This section is not visible to students. Any files uploaded in this area will not be seen by students.

Visual representation of 5a to 5e with pointers to the various areas on the screen.

  1. Students will only see grades and feedback for an assignment if the associated Grade Center Column is Visible to Students.

Visual representation of Step 6 showing the difference between the visibility indicator for students toggled to on vs off

  1. To make a column visible, or to hide a column from students click on the column action button (which is ALWAYS to the RIGHT of the title) and select “Show/Hide to Users”. 
  2. DO NOT Select “Hide Column” as you will only be hiding the column from you and the instructors, whereas the students will still be able to see it.

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