Text Editor Basics

  1. Collapse/Expand Menu (hides and displays toolbars)
  2. Spell Check
  3. Clear Formatting
  4. Basic Font Formatting Functions
  5. Basic Text Formatiing: Bold, Italics, Underline
  6. Subscript and Superscript
  7. Justification: Left, Center, Right
  8. Direction: Similar to Justification
  9. Text Editor On/Off (toggles off all toolbars)
  10. Formatting Tools: Numbered lists, bulleted lists, indents
  11. Verifies the HTML and formatting for errors
  12. Preview Post
  13. View the HTML behind this post
  14. Launch Equation Editors: WebEQ, MathML
  15. Highlight Text
  16. Insert a Symbol
  17. Changes font colour
  18. Insert a horizontal line/rule
  19. Insert a table
  20. Insert a weblink/URL
  21. Undo last action/Redo the last action
  22. Add Mashup: Allows you to link to YouTube videos, Slideshare or Flickr images
  23. Add media object: Attachment, Image, Video, Audio, Flash/Shockwave


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