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Information Technology

Information Technology

Technology Guide for Durham Single Projector Room with Extron control

Applies to rooms: Durham TN103, TN112, TN115

The technology in this room supports local presentation and lecture capture with the following equipment:​

  • Local computer (DVD/CD) with TrentNet, Internet (Trent login ID required)
  • Extron control panel for AV control and content switching
  • Laptop adapter cable for VGA  input
  • 1 Video projector, 1 projection Screen
  • WiFi
  • Classroom sound system

Accessibility: If you require assistance with any of the equipment in the room please contact the Information Technology Service Desk by phoning 705 748-1010 or emailing it@trentu.ca

Lectern Components shown below:

  1. AV control panel
  2. Lectern PC
  3. Cubby for laptop adapter cable for VGA with 3.5 mini audio jack and power outlet
  4. Monitor
  5. Telephone for calling technical support at extension 1010, option 4
  6. Keyboard and mouse
  7. Storage drawer

Lectern with available available audio visual components numbered one to seven

Starting a Presentation

To  begin using the room for a presentation, choose your desired input source  such as Lectern PC or Laptop. If presenting from the PC insert your USB memory stick (if desired) and power on the PC(2) in the rack and login with your Trent username and password and open your presentation.  Optionally,  present from a  personal laptop by connecting to the adapter cable in the cubby (3).   Note; Mac users will need to bring the appropriate Apple adapter to connect with the lectern adapter if they do not have an onboard VGA port. Select your  input source by pressing one of the  labelled buttons on the AV control panel (below);  PC or LAPTOP.   Once your presentation is open and ready to share with the class, press DISPLAY ON  on the AV Control panel  to start the projector and lower the screen.

To adjust audio volume during a local presentation, simply turn the VOLUME dial up or down as desired.

Temporarily cancel video projection to the class by pressing  PIC MUTE. Press again to re-enable.


Getting Started with the AV Control  Panel

Press DISPLAY ON to turn video projector and lower the screen.  

 AV control panel with display on off buttons, source select buttons for PC and laptop,  pic mute button and volume dial


System Shutdown

When you are finished using the equipment in the room, log off the lectern  PC and  press DISPLAY OFF on the control panel to turn off the projector and raise the screen.

Also remember to remove personal USB memory sticks and disconnect laptop if used.

 AV control panel with DISPLAY OFF control


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