Sharing Folders with OneDrive

This document will explain how to share folders from your Trent University OneDrive for Business account on the web.

If you’d like to edit the same document at the same time (and see each others actions in real time) make sure to open the document from the web, then edit in the web as well.

Note: folder sharing only works internally to Trent, or with those that have Microsoft accounts, as accessing the folder requires logging in.

Microsoft How-To page and known issues

From browser, key in the URL 

Use your myTrent credentials (username and password) to sign in. 

Click on the Apps icon Office Apps icon (blue background with 9 white boxes) and Select One Drive from the Apps tiles . 

Screen shot of Apps tiles from which users select OneDrive to navigate to in order to share a folder.

Navigate to the folder you would like to share with your colleague(s).
Click the three little dots next to the folder, then click the ‘SHARE’ button as shown in the image below :

Screen shot of Pictures folder selected in order to share with colleagues

This will provide a dialog box to invite colleagues and provide permission levels along with a personal message.

  1. Type the name(s) of the people you would like to share with. It should auto-find people just by typing their name.
  2. Set the permissions you want to give them
  3. Leave them a message if you like
  4. Click ‘Share’.

This will send an email to those you shared with, and will give them a link to the folder for quick access.

You can now collaborate together within this folder.



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