Setup Gmail on Android OS5.0/5.1 Lollipop

  1. Select Application icon Screen shot of Andoid application icon (circle with 8 dots inside) to open a listing of all your Applications.
  2. From the Applications screen, select ‘Settings’

Step 2: Android screen with Settings icon selected

  1. In the Settings Screen, scroll down and select ‘Accounts’.

Screen shot of Android Settings screen with Accounts highlighted (Step 3)

  1. From Accounts, select ‘Add account

Android accounts screen with plus sign 'Add Account' indicated to select

  1. From Add an Account, select ‘Google’. 

Android 'Add Account' screen with Google indicated as the selection (Step 5)

  1. From the Add your account screen, enter your Trent email address and select ‘NEXT >’ at the bottom. 

Android "Add Your Account" screen from which you click "next" to continue to sign in

  1. You will then see the myTrent login screen. Enter your username and password and select ‘login’. 

MyTrent login screen shot

  1. Your phone should then begin trying to connect. 

Android "Checking Info" screen shot

  1. You may be presented with the Google services screen. By Default you can ignore this by unchecking the two boxes and selecting ‘NEXT >’.You should be taken back to the Add an account screen.

Step 9 - Google Services screen with options unchecked

  1. You should now be able to back track to your home screen. You may need to go to applications, but moving forward, your email should now load using the Gmail application. 

Screen shot of Android home screen once setup is completed



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