Outlook - Resend or Recall an email

Resend or Recall emails sent to recipients

If you sent an email to someone on a different mail Exchange server (such as a personal email or another institution)  and you attempt to recall it before it has cleared Trent's Exchange server you should be successful.

  • It is not possible for Outlook to recall the email, once the email has left one mail server and gone to another mail server..
  • An email can only be deleted or replaced to recipients if they have not previously read the email. Recipients who have read the email will still see the original message, and not the replaced message.


Deletes or replaces an email with an updated version of the email.


  1. From the Outlook client, Open the ‘Sent Items’ folder, to view previously sent emails. Find the email you want to resend or recall, and double click on the email and open it.

Screen shot identifying the Sent Items folder in the left navigation pane for Step 1 instruction

  1. From the email you wish to recall or resend, click on the ‘FILE’ tab at the top of the page.

Screen shot of email box with File tab highlighted for selection per Step 2

  1. From the file tab, click on the ‘Resend or Recall’ button. From the drop down menu, select either ‘Recall This Message…’, if you wish to just recall the email, or ‘Resend This Message’…, should you wish to resend/replace a previously sent email.

Screen shot of Info screen after clicking on File. Shows Resend or Recall option highlighted with dropdown options available

Recall this message…

  1. Select ‘Recall This Message’ .
  2. In the Recall Dialogue box, select either ‘Delete unread copies of this message', or ‘Delete unread copies and replace with a new message’.
  • We recommend that you check the box to receive a message if the recall completes. If this box is not selected, you will not receive a response on recalled mail. 

Screen shot of "Recall This Messiage" dialog box with "Delete Unread Copies" selected and "Tell me if this recall succeeds or fails for each recipient" checked

‘Delete unread copies of this message’,

Outlook will attempt to recall mail from those who have not read the email, as long as they are still on Trent's Exchange server.

Note: You will not be able to recall emails to an individual who forwards their email to a personal email account from their ""@trentu.ca"account.

Delete unread copies of this message and replace with a new message’

  • Compose Mail dialogue box.
  1. Enter in a new message
  2. Click ‘Send’.

Note: Any content in the previous email will appear in the message dialogue box, for you to edit as needed.

Screen shot of "compose message" dialog box which would contain the original message for editing in order to replace if you chose this option


  • Once the message recall process is completed, emails will be sent to all recipients who have read the email noting that a message recall has been attempted (remember, it cannot be recalled from these recipients)

Screen shot of email message recipient who has already read the email being recalled would receive indicating that you as the sender were trying to recall it.

‘Message Recall Failure’ notice (the system is unable to recall the email) 

Screen shot of Message Recall Failure notice sent to the initiator

‘Message recalled successfully’ notice

Screen shot of successful recall message the initiator would receive


Sends the email again, with the option to change recipients or update the email. 'Resend this message' can be used in place of sending confirmation notices of an older email.

Screen shot of the "Message Compose" box which will have the contents of the original email included for resending

  1. Click Resend this Message…’,
  2. In the Message dialogue box, which will include the original mail contents, you have the ability to resend the original email without any changes, or to make changes/update and resend the email.
  • Should you resend the email, the recipient will receive a new email, while still having the original copy of the email received previously.
  1. Once complete, Click ‘Send’.



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