Outlook - Enabling BCC and "From" fields

In Outlook 2013, by default the ‘BCC’ field (or blind carbon copy) and ‘From,’ are disabled in Outlook. Both fields can easily be enabled in the outlook desktop client.
From the Outlook client, select ‘New Email’ on the top left corner, of your outlook client.

Screen shot of New Email highlighted in the Outlook ribbon for selection
From compose a new email, select ‘OPTIONS’ at the top.

Screen shot of Compose dialog box with Options tab highlighted in the Outlook ribbon for selection

From the Options Ribbon, click on the ‘Bcc’, and ‘From’ buttons. When Bcc and From are selected, they will be highlighted in blue.

Screen shot of Bcc and From  highlighted in the Outlook Options ribbon for selection

Once you have clicked on the BCC and From field, you should then see the ‘From’ and ‘Bcc…’ field when composing new email.

Screen shot of Outlook with Bcc and From showing in the Email compose header area

Once From and BCC have been enabled in the outlook client, you should not have to click to re-enable the From and BCC fields.


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